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Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin 24/01/05 Update

Daisy Senior Member

Joined: 07 August 2004
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Posted: 24 January 2005 at 11:02am | IP Logged
Once again, a very very exciting episode. Smile


We continue with the last scene. Armaan repeats, "I love you Jassi...I love you..". Jassi is drawn closer and closer to him..till they dissolve into each other's arms into an embrace..She gives herself away..Both are closing their eyes and feeling the warmth of the intimacy.. (It was a very romantic hug, way better than the one at Raj's.) Armaan looks so much in love..very natural. Suddenly Jassi opens her eyes and realizes where she is..in whose arms..She is shocked at her own weakness. She pulls herself away..Armaan is telling her that he wants to spend his entire life with her. Jassi frees herself from his grasp and says that she has to leave and starts walking. Armaan tells her, "Wait..you can't go now..I want to be with you..spend more time with you..I want to tell you so many things..you can't go now." Jassi approaches a taxi. Armaan runs after her. He looks at her and tells her that he can again tell her that he loves her..he can look into her eyes and say that he really really loves her..Jassi says that no..she has to go. Armaan tells her that she is driving him insane now..how can she leave him like this and go? He asks her what is his mistake after all..he has always taken care of her feelings, never in the least hurt her, then why is she treating him like this? He repeats that he wants to be with her..She sharply tells him that she does not want to spend even a second with him. She gets into the taxi and leaves. Armaan runs after the taxi like a mad man, shouting to stop.

After the taxi leaves, Armaan is still on the same street, realizing what has just happened. The words "I love you Jassi" echo in his ears.
Jassi is sitting in the taxi. She keeps remembering the same words and the sincere look on his face, his words that he can say the same to her looking into her eyes..She says to herself that all this was again false..she says that Armaan Sir you said it just for your selfish motives..for the board meeting and to save your company.
At the same time we are shown Armaan staring at the street pensively.
Back in the taxi, Jassi says that Armaan Sir, you have got into the habit of speaking lies and faking things..Now even if you shout before the whole world that you love me, I cannot believe you..Armaan Sir you will repent that one day you told Jasmeet Walia that you love her...

Armaan enters his apartment looking like a ghost. His coat his hanging over his back, his hair all ruffled and he's looking totally lost. A voice says "Armaan..". He looks up at the mirror...His own conscience is speaking to him (Armaan's image is very well-dressed and fresh, whereas our Armaan looks like he's come from a flood affected region.)
Conscience: Armaan....
Armaan: Uh..(surprised)
Conscience: Just now you told Jasmeet Walia that you love her..
Armaan: Yes..
Conscience: Tell me, do you really love her?
Armaan: (shocked)No..No..
Conscience: No? Then why were you telling her again and again that you love her? Or is it that you have gone a little mad? The conscience smiles.
Armaan: No..It's just that I am frustrated and worried..worried about Gulmohar..that's the reason I said that to her..
Conscience: Worried? Worried for Gulmohur or worried that Jassi will leave you..(smiling slyly) for that Nandu ?
Armaan: No.. No..
Conscience: What no, Armaan ? (sternly) Do you really love Jassi?
Armaan:(shouting hysterically and waving his hands): NO NO NO.!!!!.....that's NOT true..NO!!!!

The image in the mirror disappears. Armaan looks white. He sits down on his bed, his hands clutched together, looking very scared..scared of his own self. He looks like a child, hugging himself, trying to hide himself from the world...

(That was the best scene according to me..Apurva couldn't have done it better. Clap Clap )


Billu is shouting at Amrit that the papaya has not been peeled properly. Jassi comes but Billu still looks unhappy with her. She greets him but he only asks her if she told Armaan Suri abt the car. Jassi tells him that she did, & he was very happy about it. She says that he has given her the permission to use Kohinoor's money the way she likes. She says that Armaan Sir trusts her and she trusts Nandu. Jassi is searching her file frantically for something. On asking, she says she can't find Kohinoor's chequeboook and cash. Billu says that she just said she trusts Nandu, didn't she?
Nandu is out, honking the Mercedez like crazy. Billu yells at him to shut up. Nandu comes and wishes everyone a good morning.. He teases Billu about something and Billu chides him to talk to him properly. Nandu cracks a joke that Billu's mood looks bad, is it bcoz he has not had food? Amrit says she'll get breakfast for Nandu. Nandu takes Jassi aside and asks her if she taught Armaan a lesson. Jassi asks him abt the chequeboook and cash first. He tells her that like a good manager, he is carrying it in his pocket. Jassi looks relieved. She tells him that she was thinking of treating the gang somewhere and that they can add that to Kohinoor's budget. Nandu suggests she take them to Santa Marina (the same place he was with Pari the previous night) .He says that the place is great..you pay sooo much and you get sooo little. Jassi asks him suspiciously how he knows abt it. He looks guilty and fibs that he heard about it on Business News Channel. LOL Jassi asks how's it possible to hear abt Santa Marina on a news channel ? Nandu says he has really heard abt it there.


Pari is telling Mallika what a lovely date she had the previous night. She doesn't realize that the gang is just behind them. She describes how 'he' took her out in his posh car, to a great restaurent..where there was lovely music and great food. She says that after all she's used to visiting such luxurious places..Mallika realizes that gang enjoying this and she tells Pari that they don't need to talk abt it here, they can go to her cabin. Pari frowns & follows.


Armaan is sitting with a card in hand, pen in mouth thinking of words.
Raj comes and whacks him on the back. He asks him if Jassi has come back on 'line', if not..he tells him, she soon will. Armaan makes a face and says that she hasn't completely. Raj asks him where he had taken her, to their decided place he hopes. Armaan says no..he took her to the "Octaviour" that too on her demand. Raj looks shocked.. He repeats " the "Octaviour" ? Which is the hottest nightclub in town, which the coolest people visit? "
He says that after getting that car, Jassi seems to have changed radically. He asks Armaan that in which avtaar he went there..false beard? moustache? or wig? Did anyone recognize you?
Armaan approaches the stress ball and says painfully that every possible person he knew was there...Shruti, Tanaz..the whole world was there yesterday, he grinds his teeth The whole world..except Mr.Rebero about whom he had lied to Mallika that he was meeting... (sorry, but is this the same Armaan as yesterday????)


Mallika is speaking on her cell with the girl who had met Armaan in the " Octaviour". She is telling Mallika that she met Armaan and that he was with someone.Mallika says that it must be Mr.Rebero.The girl says no...that it looked like some down-market low class bespectacled girl. Mallika looks relieved and says that oh..she was his assistant. The girl says that "assistant?" It looked like there was some other special relationship between them..
Mallika looks faintly worried.


Raj is asking Armaan if he spoke to her about the raise. Armaan tells him that he did, he even told her that he had absolutely no problem with the car, but how she said that she had kept aside money from Kohinoor's budget and got the car for Nandu.
Raj looks worried and cautions Armaan..this Nandu-Bandhu is wasting Armaan's father's money. Armaan further tells how she called Nandu from his cell and then left him alone and went. He has a very egoistic expression and repeats that she left HIM and went.
Raj says that what a face, and check the 'nakhre' of this girl. He says that if he was there in Armaan's place, he would have strangled her. He dramatically tells Armaan to leave it...then he immediately says "no..don't leave it..we need her for the balance sheets..."
Armaan looks choleric.


Armaan enters Jassi's cabin. He look at at the empty chair, keeps the card on her table and says "for you Jassi" .He comes out and Jassi enters. She apologises for being late. He puts on that innocent killer look and says that's no problem Jassi..I only hope you reached home safely yesterday. She nods and goes into her cabin. He follows. She reads the card, something sweet (sorry i forgot the words). She looks at him and says that it's good...as always..he writes quite well. Armaan says that he does not want her comments on his good handwriting, he wants to know what happened yesterday. She 's quiet. He says that he felt yesterday, that his life is incomplete without her..he 's alone without her..he asks her if didn't she feel the same ? Jassi doesn't say anything. He bends close to her and asks her again. He says that can't they atleast be friends like before..when she used to share everything with him ?
The phone rings. Jassi tries to pick it up..He swiftly puts his own hand over hers.."don't pick up", he says with intensity..(Ooooh..that was good) She says uncomfortably that it is on the direct line..he says he doesn't care..he wants her answer first. She says 'yes' and picks up the phone. She hands it over to him, saying it's his father.
Armaan comes to reality. We are shown only Armaan's side of the conversation. He asks his dad that "ok..are u coming tomorrow? The marriage preparations? Er..........."
Jassi gets up and goes..Armaan leaves the phone and tries to stop her. She says she's out and asks him to finish the call. Armaan continues..he says "yes the preparations for the borad meeting are going fine..yes I know the wedding is 2 days after the meeting..you can take the detalis from Mallika." He finishes the call, shakes his head and..u guessed right says "DAMN!!".

Gang is dicussing that they must find out with whom Pari had gone out. Jassi says what's the need to get so inquisitive? Bindiya says that she can't control her curiosity any longer and that sh's going to call the restaurent and ask.The rest follow.

Armaan is now speaking to his mom. He tells her to take the details abt the wedding preparations from Mallika. He looks troubled after the call and Jassi enters. She asks him if there is any problem .He says that yes, there is..about the board meeting and like always she is the only one who can help him out. He says that she needs to prepare the false balancesheets. He looks at her pleadingly and says she'll do it, won't she?
She remains quiet. He says desperately that she had said she'll do it..
Jassi sasy that right, he had also said many things..he had told her yesterday night again that he loves her..Armaan tries to tell her that they are different things..She cuts him short and says that loving someone and marrying someone else...that's not fair, is it? She says that she'll prepare the false balancesheets...........but on one condition.............
He has to cancel the wedding with Mallika..

Armaan looks like a thunderbolt has struck him. (amazing expressions again).
The words are heard in he background "You'll repent Armaan Sir........that you had said you loved Jasmeet Walia".

Do watch the episode.

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loveneha_r Goldie

Joined: 19 August 2004
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Posted: 24 January 2005 at 11:10am | IP Logged
WOW!!! thanks daisy!!!
jprasad IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 October 2004
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Posted: 24 January 2005 at 11:10am | IP Logged
I am sitting here jumping up and down!!!! I have surely gotta catch
tonight's episode!!!!!!!

thanks Daisy!!!!!!
loveneha_r Goldie

Joined: 19 August 2004
Posts: 1552

Posted: 24 January 2005 at 11:15am | IP Logged
That conversation with Raj.....was he trying to hide his true feelings from Raj???? or is he fooling JassiConfused
cutereems IF-Dazzler

Joined: 19 October 2004
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Posted: 24 January 2005 at 11:16am | IP Logged

WOW awesome episodeClapClap......and update was also awesomeClapClap.

What will be Armaan's reaction now??? what will he do know......... he is in dilemma now.

Jassi tune to kamaal kar diya.

I am eager to watch the episode...hope i get to watch repeat telecastCry

Swati08 Groupbie

Joined: 09 December 2004
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Posted: 24 January 2005 at 11:18am | IP Logged

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!.  thankx for the update.Smile

Paheli Senior Member

Joined: 08 November 2004
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Posted: 24 January 2005 at 11:19am | IP Logged

Wow!!! Great episode with even greater update! Thanks, Daisy, for providing us such great details.


I am glad (or else it would have been too painful) that the beginning was not one of Jassi's dreams, and it actually happened. Can't wait to see the episode!!

Also, can't wait for Armaan to realize his true love and do something about it with his parents and Mallika!
Daisy Senior Member

Joined: 07 August 2004
Posts: 974

Posted: 24 January 2005 at 11:25am | IP Logged
Armaan is battling with himself at present. In front of Raj, he tries to be the insensitive, callous Armaan, but when he's alone, his conscience doesn't spare him. Oh that scene at his place in front of the mirror.....you should have seen him, my heart went out.......

And no...the first scene wasn't a dream Paheli.It was very much true and was awesome..that hug was very very necessary to show that Jassi is still very much in love with Armaan......try hard as she may she can't resist him...I'm glad they showed it.The chemistry between them......too good. Clap

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