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Do Anjaane Ajnabi - AR - NOTE - Pg 147 (Aug 25)

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An Armaan Riddhima Fanfiction

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This FF is dedicated to the sweetest friend in this world, Bani Gupta.

Note: Each and every episode and scene of this Fan Fiction is my copyright.
Anyone, who found copying the idea's or parts, will be kept under severe action.

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Introduction and Character Sketch
A marriage might be an arranged or a love marriage. A marriage is a marriage and should be gone through by everyone.
Here are two such people who are quite workaholic and do enjoy their lives but have never though of their married life.

Armaan Mallik

He is a successful business man. After the retirement of his dad, Jai Mallik, he is the chairmen of The Mallik Empire. He is called the most eligible bachelor and isthe talk of the town.. He is a decent guy and respects women.
He never thought of marriage and all. He loves his family a lot. He lives in Mumbai. He is handsome and girls die for him but  he never showed interest.
He loves kids a lot. He is contended with his life but somthing is lacking.
Whenever his family asks him to get married to a nice girl or talk about love,
he says that it will happen when it has to happen and that day will definately come. His mother, father, brother, bhabhi and his business are the world to him.
Riddhima Gupta

She is a successful Cardiologist and works for Sanjeevani in Mumbai. She occassionally teaches to the 3rd year medical students. She occassionally visits other hospitalsand other branches of Sanjeevani to operate the patients there. She is very sincere and strict.She along with her best friend Muskaan, manages the Interns also.
She also never thought of a happy married life. She has won an award "The Youngest Senior Surgen" from the  World Health Organisation. She is pretty, sweet, charming, intelligent. She is traditional and simultaniously modern. In simple, she is balanced. She loves her family and can do anything for them. She finds her happiness in their happienss.

Shashank Gupta
Father of Riddhima. Rich and Intelligent. Dean of Sanjeevani, Mumbai.
He loves his sweet and cute family a lot.
Padma Shashank Gupta

Wife of Shashank Gupta. A perdiatrition but is not working now. She loves her kids, Riddhima and Rahul a lot.
The Gupta Family is her life and she is living for them.
Jai Mallik
Father Of Armaan. Ex-Chairmen of The Mallik Empire. Kind, Jovial and a loving father. Loves his family too.
Namrata Mallik
Mother of Armaan. Loves her family a lot. Always supports Armaan and Armaan is her pet. He might be Mr. Armaan Mallik for outsiders but he is her Ammy...  She is also a pediatrition but is not practicing because of the increased responcibilities.
Rahul Gupta
A famous music star. Handsome and smart. Brother of Riddhima.
He pampers her and considers her like his daughter. She is the apple of his eye. He calls her baby (Which meant Bachcha in hindi)
He is the fiance of Muskaan. He does not live in Mumbai because of his recordings and job. He stays at Delhi. He calls Riddhima more than 20 times a day. He is very protective about her. He spends more time with her than with muskaan, and since muskaan knows about them since childhood, she behaves understanding.
Muskaan Chhada
A junior doctor in sanjeevani, Mumbai. She is the childhood friend and the best friend of Riddhima.
She is also the fiance of Rahul Gupta. She always admired Riddhima and Rahuls Relationship.
Muskaan, Rahul and Riddhima are best friends since their childhood and even till date.
they hangout together and enjoy themselves when they are free !!
Anjali Mallik
She is the wife of Atul Mallik and loves him a lot. She pampers Armaan and takes care of him a lot. They are like best friends. She has a designer stores all over India.
Atul Mallik

Husband of Anjali Mallik. He manages a wing of The Mallik Empire along with Armaan, his small brother.
Atul and Anjali had a love marriage. Anjali is the daughter of Madhur Mehta
and when they came to a business party, she also accompanied her dad to that place and both of them love each other from the core of their hearts.

I am posting the parts on the 1st page along with the update page inorder to make it convenient for the new readers.

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It is a new day, a new beginning and a pleasant morning. We can see a BMW on the empty road of Andheri.
It is maintaining its speed limit. The man in the car now gets a phone call.
He lifts the phone.
Man: Hello.
Person on the other side: Hello Armaan. Kaha ho tum yaar. My flight is already landed. Where are you ?
Armaan: Sorry Atul bhai. Bhabhi ko bhi sorry kehna. I am coming. Sorry Bhai. I got up late today.
Atul: Chup ho jao yaar. Agar koi office ke urgent kaam hai toh you will get up early aur agar bhai aur bhabhi ko pick up karna hai toh you will always be late. Huh..
Armaan: Maine sorry kaha na bahi.. I am coming..
Atul: Ok bye..
The journey is fine for sometime but as he approaches the near by lane to the airport,
he finds a girl running on the road
for her ball and a lorry approaching from the either side.
The lorry was comming from the opposite direction from a high speed and Armaan
at that particular moment thought only about the small and cute kid.
He accelerated and made his car as a shield for the girl
protecting her, but inturn injured himself.
A part of the car is crushed and it is all the lorry drivers fault.
The lorry driver was drunk. He moved away after hitting
inorder to keep himself away from the legal formallities.
The girl was shocked at the site and ran into her home and started
shouting for her family members to come outside.
Atul here in the airpot has been waiting for
Armaan since ages and called him again.
Armaan, who is unable to move, just pressed the accept button and accepted the call.
We can only hear the murmering of Armaan..
Since Armaan is not on the phone,
he can not hear anything from the other side.
Armaan: Ac.. A.. Acci.. Accident...
Atul: Armaan.. Armaan are you fine.. Tum theek toh ho na.. Armaan.. Kya accident...
Armaan is not in a position to speak anymore.. the phone is still in the on position...
Sanjeevani, Mumbai.
We can see the ICU. Armaan is admitted there. Atul, Anjali (Wife of Atul), Jai and Namrata also come as Atul tells them.
They are all waiting in the corridor of the ICU looking at their loving Armaan. They have been informed that one of the best cardio cum neurologist is now free and is in sanjeevani attending the general cases.
Jai is adviced by the other senior surgens that she is the best and consulting and requesting her to take up this case would be benefitial for them as she has handeled 100's of cases like these.
As Jai Mallik approaches the Cabin of the doctor, he sees the board outside that reads,
Dr. Riddhima Shashank Gupta
Cardio and Neuro Senior Surgen.
He knocks the door with high hopes craving to have the help of such a busy doctor. He is having high expectations.
Namrata, even though is a doctor, is scattered to see his son in the ICU and is sitting infront of the ICU like a statue.
Riddhima, who is busy in looking into her files, after listening to the knock, does not even see who it is.
Riddhima: Come in.
Jai: Hello Dr. Gupta.
Riddhima looks up and sees an elderly person who has entered and stands up respecting his age and gives him a gentle smile.
Riddhima: Please take your seat sir.
Jai: Thank you doctor. I am Mr. Jai Mallik...
Riddhima: Ohh.. Mallik Empires... I guess I am right..
Jai: Ji haan. I am the ex-chairman of the empire. Now my son is running everything.
Riddhima: Oh thats really great. How can I help you sir ?
Jai: Woh actually doctor, mera beta yahan par admitted hai. Accedint hua hai. Aur yahan par mujhe pata chal gaya hai ki aap best hai iss tarah ki cases handle karne mein. They also told that you will be free and will not be taking any cases from outside hospitals for a while. If you dont mind.. Please.. Mere beta ko bachayiye.. Please..
Riddhima: Are aap aise maat mat keejiye. Agar aap ko pata nahi hai toh mein Mr. Armaan Mallik ke hi case file pad rahi hoon. It will be a pleasure for me to take up this case and I promise you he will be fine. But he needs a bed rest for a span of around 2 or 3 weeks.
Jai: Thank you so much Riddhima ji.. Mein aap ke yeh sahay kabhi bhool nahi paoonga. Thank you so much.
Riddhima: Yeh mera farz hai sir. Aur haan please mujhe Riddhima ji mat bulayiye. Sirf riddhima theek hai. Mein umar mein aapse bohot chhoti hoon. Sirf Riddhima kahiye. Please..
Jai: Theek hai riddhima.. Tum bhi mujhe ab se uncle kahogi.. Okay..
Riddhima: Ok uncle.. Aur haan... Agar aap ko kuch chahiye toh please hesitate mat keejiye. Call me right away and I will help you in any way you want.
Jai: Thank you so much beta. Ab mera man shaat hai. I will definately call you if I require assistance...
Saying that, Jai Mallik walks out of Riddhima's cabin leaving Riddhima struck with her thoughts.
riddhima here is full of thoughts...
"Maine kabhi.. Mere kissi ke patient ko personal attention nahi diya..
Kabhi bhi kissi ko yeh baat nahi nola ki Mujhe sirf riddhima kahiye... Mujhe yeh acchanak ho kya gaya hai..
I even dont know Mr. Jai.. And I was talking to him like I have known him.. Maine abhi taq mere jo bhi patients hai, mein unke families se patients ko check karne se pehle
kabhi bhi yeh nahi kaha hai ki ~ Mujh par bharosa keejiye kuch nahi hoga ~ Why am I over reacting and so confident
about this case ?"
snapped ot of her thoughts, she things again...
'Kya yaar mein bhi na.. Mein unke age ko respect kar rahi thi bass.. Aur sirf uss keliye kya kya sochne lagi thi..
Dr. Riddhima Shashank Gupta.. Tum ne jo kiya.. Uss mein koi galat nahi hai.. Tum sirf respect de rahi thi.
you are normal.. Okay.. No go ahead and check the patient... " She hits her head playfully and
goes to the ICU room where Armaan is there...
she finds Jai Mallik along with Namrata, Atul and Anjali sitting there... out side...
as she approaches, jai stands and asks her whether she is going to check Armaan...
Jai speaks," Riddhima beta.. Kya tum abhi armaan ko check karne waali ho ?"
Riddhima smiles at his eagerness.. She knows what is going through him ridht now...
'Ji haan uncle.. Mein abhi Armaan ko check karne waali hoon. Aur check karne ke baad, aap ko poore case
ke baare mein zaroor bataoongi.. Okay..."
She has comforted Jai again with her assuring talk... Where as Atul and Anjali are shocked to their wits
to see Riddhima calling Mr. Jai as uncle.. And Jai calling her Riddhima beta... They had heard about
Riddhima a little but never knew that this kind of bonding will be taking place..
Riddhima sees Namrata's tear stained face and moves to her invoulantirily..
For some or the other reson, she did not like to see Namrata in that state...
she sits beside her and places her hand on her hands...
" Aunty.. Mera naam Riddhima hai.. Mein aap ke beta Armaan ki attending doctor hoon..
mein aap ko poora bharosa deti hoon ki aap ke beta jald hi jald theek ho jaayega..
aap please aisa royiye mat. Uncle aur pareshan hojayenge..
i promise you aunty. Armaan will be fit and fine.." Says Riddhima...
Namrata, after listening to her words is completely fine and is waiting for her son to respond..
Every one is happy as well as shocked to see Namrata so determined.
riddhima again speaks, "Mein abhi andhar jaake patient ko check karti hoon. And I will tell the necessary medications"
Inbetween, Muskaan enters..
Muskaan speaks, "Dr. Riddhima, here is the full file of Mr. Armaan Mallik. I was handling this case before.
Since you have asked for the latest reports, I have got them done."
(Even though Riddhima and Muskaan are best friends, they act professionally during their work time.)
Riddhima smiles at her. "Thank you Dr. Chhada. And I will be taking care of this patient from now.
and since i have given you the duty in ICU today, I am going to change your duty.
Please accompany Dr. Ritika Modi in the General Ward. I would like to have all the reports of the general ward by evening.
muskaan speaks, "Yes mam. They will be done"
all this conversation is witnessed by the Malliks.
Riddhima then walks into the ICU and starts checking Armaan...
Here outside, Malliks are really confused.. They have heard a lot about this doctor. They even heard that she will never spare even a small mistake. They have seen her mingle with them like a family member. They have just seen a glimpse of hard riddhima who is strict with her junior surgens. And as the scene changed, she warmly assured Namrata and asked her to call Only Riddhima.."
Jai exclaims, "She is really very good at heart. He tells Anjali Atul and Namrata about what has
happend in her cabin and how she warmly welcomed him with a pleasant smile."
namrata also agrees and now they are all having a good impression about Riddhima..

Here outside, Malliks are really confused.. They have heard a lot about this doctor. They even heard that she will never spare even a small mistake. They have seen her mingle with them like a family member. They have just seen a glimpse of hard riddhima who is strict with her junior surgens. And as the
scene changed, she warmly assured Namrata and asked them to call Only Riddhima.."
Jai exclaims, "She is really very good at heart. He tells Anjali Atul and Namrata about what has
happend in her cabin and how she warmly welcomed him with a pleasant smile."
Namrata also agrees and now they are all having a good impression about Riddhima..
They have never seen such a nice girl like her. She is intelligent, having good name in the society,
known for her strictness and, they personally have seen her affection towards them just now.
Riddhima is still checking Armaan and is also lost in her thought about what made her to behave like a family member with Malliks.
Soon, she is distracted by the nurse calling her.
Nurse Says, " Mam, yeh Mr. Mallik ke reports hai. Abhi aaye hai mam."
Riddhima," Thanks sister. Aap jaayiye. Aaj mein night duty karoongi since I am handling this case. "
Nurse, "Thank you mam."
Riddhima, "You welcome"
3 days pass like this. Riddhima has become like a close family member of Malliks.

Riddhima used to spend all of her time with Armaan and Malliks because she is also on a holiday and is free and is not having any cases.
Namrata used to get lunch and dinner to the hospital and they all have it together...
Armaan is recovering day by day due to Riddhima's care but still is in an unconcious state.
He is now shifted to Delux ICU Room. Everyone is waiting for Armaan to come into his senses..
Everyone is sitting in the dinning area having dinner.
Riddhima is now a very good and to be frank one of the best friends of Atul and Anjali.
She was sharing something regarding her family when she hears the glass break...
All of them notice that it was from the bed.. and they will immediately rush there...
Armaan has finally got the senses and was trying to grab the nearby glass...
Everyone was happy and did not notice that he was thirsty.. He was asking for water with his expressions as he was very weak and  Riddhima understood that. She then got to his side and took the glass.. She supported his back with his hand and made him sit alright.
She then made him drink the water slowly.. He did not miss to notice her.. It has been a long time since he got his senses back.
But since he was very tired and was lacking the strength, he gently turned himself. There, he found his family giggling and chatting with her. He did listen to a little of their convo
But his position did not let him flexible.
 It took time for him to realise that there was some new person.

He gulped the water slowly
After having the water, riddhima moved back and makes him lie down.
All the family members have a small chat with him and they move out since they were asked to because there should not
be any disturbance to Armaan as he is getting well just now.
There is now only Riddhima, Armaan and Duty Nurse left in the room.
Riddhima also advices all of the Malliks to go to home and take some rest for tonight and then come back since
they have never had any rest since Armaan was admitted and all the Malliks instantly agreed to her
as they had faith in her that she wll take better care of armaan as compared to them since she is a doctor and caring friend also.
Armaan is looking around his surroundings while Riddhima is checking some file.
As he sees her, his heart skips a beat. He never came across such a condition till now.
He doesnt know much about girls but whom ever girl he had met till now in their business meetings used loads and loads of makeup and they try to look beautiful. She was not even
having any glimpse of makeup and is looking like an angel.
He thinks, "May be this is called as natural beauty. I had seen many girls but never felt for anyone of them. I never even had the idea of talking or being friends of them.
But this girl is driving me crazy. Her rosy lips, flawless milky white skin, and silky hair.. She is not wearing any heavy jewellery except for a watch and her
dressing style is also extremely decent.
Her eyes and smile are the first things I recognised."
He again thinks, "Oh my god armaan. What are you thinking. So cheap of you armaan."
He again gets a confusion, " According to the rapport she shares with my family, she is calling Bhai and Bhabz as Bhaiyya and bhabhi. She might be our family friend, but I have never met her.
She is also reading some hospital file. Is she a doctor ?"
His thoughts are distracted by the duty nurse, 'Mam.."
Riddhima Speaks, " Yeah sister."
Sister, "Mam, my son is not well. I can not do todays duty mam. I will have to attend him. If you dont mind. Can I have a leave ? Agar aap ko kuch kaam hai toh mein ruk jaoongi.
Riddhima thinks for a while and says, "Aap jaayiye sister. Mein sambhaal loongi. Take care of  your son. Agar uske tabhyat kal bhi theek nahi hui toh please aap kal bhi holiday apply kejiye. Ok."
Sister, "Thank you mam."
Armaan again thinks, "Oh.. So, she is my doctor. God her voice was so serene. God armaan.. what has happened to you. Why are you thiking like this ?"
Riddhima goes to the bed and places the file on the side table.
She makes comfortable in the chair beside Armaan's bed and starts talking.
Armaan is looking at her admiring her while she is talking.
"Woh.. Armaan, mein aap ke attending doctor hoon. I am Dr. Riddhima. Dr. Riddhima Gupta."
'ab aapke tabhyat kaisi hai ? Mein aap ke paas hi rahoongi. Agar aap ko kuch chahiye toh please mujht
Armaan," Thanks Doctor. For the care." I will definately ask if I require something"
Riddhima,"Its my duty"



"Woh.. Armaan, mein aap ke attending doctor hoon. I am Dr. Riddhima. Dr. Riddhima Gupta."
Armaan nods his head meaning that he is listening.
'ab aapke tabhyat kaisi hai ? Mein aap ke paas hi rahoongi. Agar aap ko kuch chahiye toh please mujhe batayiye"
Armaan," Thanks Doctor. For the care." I will definately ask if I require something"
Riddhima,"Its my duty"
Armaan gives a cheeky smile while Riddhima moves to the other side of his bed. She takes an injection and Armaan who is not moving
her eyes from her leaves a sudden gasp.
Riddhima," Kya kua ? Kahi dard toh nahi ho rahi hai"
Armaan," Woh. kuch nahi.. Sach kahoon toh I hate injections. Kya iss injection ko koi alternative tablet hai ?"
Riddhima smiles, "Mr. Armaan Mallik, yeh injection lena zaroori hai. Abhi aap kuch mat boliye. Please
Mujh pe bharosa keejiye. You will not have any pain promise. Please..."
She requests in a pleading manner that Armaan keeps quite and does not say any word...
She sits on the bes where there will be little place and puts his shirt's shoulder a little up.
As she is very close, Armaan almost has lost his senses. He had never let any girl
come close to him. If anyone tries to impress him, he used to give an
expression of I AM NOT INTERESTED !!
But today, even though Riddhima is really close, he is reacting very much and is having butterflies in his stomach.
Riddhima rubs some spirit on his arm..
Armaan whispers in her ears, "Kya is injection ke wajah se dard hoga ?"
Riddhima," Jahan taq mein jaanti hoon, mein bohot saare patients ko injections lagati hoon aur abhi taq
kissi ne yeh complaint nahi kiya ki its paining doc !!"
Armaan, "Then I am in safe hands !"
he winks at her.
He was shocked at himself because he was behaving really very free with her.
As Riddhima inserted the injection, he holded Riddhima's shoulder with his other hand.
As she removed it, she just pressed the cotton with spirit on his arm and held it that way..
Riddhima spoke to Armaan who was closing his eyes and clutching her shoulder...
"Did you get any pain ?"
Armaan come to senses and realises that injection has been done. He immediately releases his grip on her shoulders and she also shifted
to the chair beside the bed.
Armaan, "You know what Riddhima, I did not feel any pain nor I am feeling it now."
Riddhima," I told you na.."
Armaan is addressing her as "Riddhima" and she has not complined. He called her like that only.
Riddhima was also feeling very strange with her behavious with armaan and his family.
She spoke, "Ab aap so jaayiye. Aur mein yahan par hi rahoongi. Agar aapko kuch chahiye toh, Just give me a call."
Armaan," Sure. And one more thing. Just "Tum" and 'Armaan' is fine. I am not that old you know.
She smiled at his comment," Okay."
Good Night, "Riddhima says"
Armaan," Good Night"
Armaan sees her reading a magazine sitting on the couch that is facing him and he drifts to sleep.
" Armaan !!! Armaan !!! Utho !!! " Voices Riddhima...
She is sitting beside the bed and is asking Armaan to wake up, who is lost in his nice dreamy sleep.
She starts caressing his hair and cheeks.. Slightly pinching his nose...
Riddhima says," Armaan. Aaj sunday hai lekin aaj hum ne plan kiya tha ki we will clean the house" "Please utho na jaan"
Armaan pulls her onto him that she is not top of him...
Armaan says in a sleepy voice, "Sone do na jaan. Abhi kya jaldi hai. Tum bhi so jao na..."
Riddhima," Armaan please. mujhe jaane do na. bohot kaam hai. Mujhe tumhare liye brekfast bhi banana hai "
Armaan pulls her into a tighter hug, " Mujhe bhook nahi lag rahi hai " "Aaj sunday hai aur office bhi nahi hai. Apne patni ke saath
waqt bitane ki poori haq hai mere paas" "Kaam toh hum kabhi bhi kar sakte hai."
Riddhima gives up as there is no point in arguing with him...
Since she is in no hurry in cleaning up the house now, she gets romantic and cranky..
She starts ruffling his hair in a romantic and seducing manner...
She kisses his forehead which makes him awake..
he is now crazy. He starts planting kisses all over her face and is in an extremely romantic mood.
He slowly started removing her saree and she is also aroused.
she continues kissing him on his eyes and gives him a bite on his ear which makes him gasp a little louder.
He comes out of his sleep all of a sudden. He realises that it was all a dream about him and Riddhima
enjoying their married life...
He is sweatting like hell. Almost shocked at the kind of dream he faced...
He never had a dream like that..
He never even had thought of something like that. He is really confused.
As he opens his eyes, he finds Riddhima sleeping on the couch in a comfortable position along with her magazine.
Some of her hair is falling on her face disturbing her sleep.
She is sleeping like a small kid who has no worries. She looked so sweet and serene.
She is also having a cute frown on her face because of the hair that is disturbing her.
He is feeling like bliss to see her first after waking up in the morning.
He remembers his dream and blushes...
He thinks for long time. Whether he is in love with Riddhima or what ?
He never had any feelings for anyone. He had met with many international models for advertising his company.
All of them drooled on his handsomeness but he never behaved like that with them.
He always dealt them in a professional manner.
He never spoke to any of his employees nor friends in a personal way like he behaves
with his family members.
He then recollects all the things and finally desided that he is in love with her...
The word LOVE made him thrilled. He wanted to express to her how much he loved her.
He never dreamt of his dream girl.
He never had an idea of getting married.
But now, when he looked at the qualities of this girl, Riddhima, he is completely fida on her.
She is well educated, goal oriented and successful just like him.
She is also beautiful, pretty and kind towards the people.
He recently saw her behaviour with a small duty nurse. The way she behaved with her.
He also saw her bonding with his family and the way she mixed up with everyone.
She is also strict with her interns. He also listened to her convo with muskaan, her junior. She was extremely strict but was never rude. She was thinking from
others point of view also and is giving her interns the duties.
She was not having any negativw points.
He has heard his brother, who believes in love, talk about love at first sight.
Whenever Atul talks about love at first sight, Armaan always blurted that it is not love and is lust and love does not exist in such kind of relations.
He always told that things will happen when the right
time comes and he is feeling that the right time has now come.
He never waited for his Ms. Perfect nor never had some expectations like
she should be like this, like that and all.
He was all concentrated on his career but now Riddhima has made an entry into his heart.
He finally realised that he is in love with Riddhima at the first sight.
He thinks, "This is not lust. This is true love. I feel complete with her. I am forgetting my whole world.
I am very free with her. I Love Her !! Yes Riddhima !! I Love You !! I Love You from the bottom of my heart"
He wanted to go and caress her hair but he is unable to get up as he is tired and also got leg fractured.
He had his leg fractured and a small wound on his head.
But the wounds are not that serious and can be cured without surgery.
He kept staring at her like that only. He wanted to take her in his arms and tell her what all he felt about her. He wanted to be open with her. He wanted to ask her whether she loves him too.
But he thought that he will first make her as his best friend and then propose. He is just waiting for his family members to come so that he can tell to them. He always shared everything with them and wants to share this also with them. He is thinking how happy his mother would be.
Because she always asked him to get a choti bahu to the house and make the Mallik family complete.
Armaan thinks, "Dont worry mom. Your wait is complete now. You met your choti bahu even before I did. I am definately sure that you are going to like her.
But I will have to know more about her. About her likes. I should
also tell her my likes and all. I will definately do that and for her, I am ready to change myself if possible. God, please keep us together. Please !!
Aaj taq maine aapse kuch nahi maanga. Lekin ab mujhe riddhima chahiye. He is murmuring to himself when Riddhima patted on his shoulder.
Riddhima," Armaan.. Tum theek toh ho na ? Apne aap se aise kya baat kar rahe ho ?"
Armaan, " Woh.. Kuch nahi. Bass kuch soch raha tha. Acha, tum toh yahan par hi thi na. I think you need some rest."
Riddima sits on the chair beside his bed and speaks
" Well, I have had enough rest. That is fine with me."
Actually, "Mein abhi ek mahiney ke liye holiday mein hoon.
But when uncle requested me to take up the case and since I was free, I am staying here."
Armaan wanted to clear, "Toh tum mom, dad to pehle se hi jaanti thi ?"
Riddhima," No no. Mein unse hospital mein hi mili thi. They are really sweet. Even Atul and Anjali"
Armaan," Yeah they are the sweetest."
Riddhima," Looks like you are far better than yesterday"
Armaan," Yeah very fine. I am happy too."
Riddhima," Good "
Suddenly someone barges into the hospital room.
Armaan jerks due to the sudden enterance while riddhima turns towards the door instantly.
We can see a small boy who came into the room running with Sister Lovely behind him.

It is Gappu shouting, "Riddhima Didi" "Riddhima Didi"
He runs and hugs riddhima and then hides behind her.
Riddhima asks, "Kya hua Sister lovely."
Lovely says, "Yeh gappu dawa nahi le raha hai aur injections bhi nahi aur upar se ward mein doosre bachchon ko tang kar raha hai aur isne minni ko chocolates diya hai."
Gappu shouts from behind, "Jhooti"
Riddhima says, "Cool down gappu"
She turns to Sister lovely and says," Sister Lovely, yeh injection mujhe deejiye. Aur aap jaayiye. Gappu ke paas mein hoon na."
Sister lovely hands the injection and leaves.
Riddhima turns to gappu and speaks while Armaan is observing.
Riddhima says, "Toh Mr. Gappu ji, aap ward mein kya kar rahe the ? Hun ?"
Gappu fiddles with his shirt and finally speaks, "Woh mujhe dawa ke taste acchi nahi lag rahi hai aur injection se dard hogi na. issiliye maine mana kiya."
Riddhima again asks pouting, "Aur minni ko chocolates kyun diya ?" "Tumhe pata hai na, ki agar woh chocolates khayegi, wo bimaar pad jaayegi" "Maine pehle bhi tumhe warn ki thi na.."
Gappu says,"She asked me.. Aur mein usse bohot pyaar karta hoon. Uske baal, uske aankhen, uske naazook haath..."
Armaan opens his mouth wide thinking that Gappu is quite better than him in realising his love. (lol)
Riddhima says." Shut up gappu" "Bakwaas band karo" "Aur abhi tumhe yeh waali injection lagana hi hoga. Got it ?"

Gappu," Lekin didi.. Please... He makes a puppy face."

Riddhima turns towards Armaan.

And says to Gappu," Theek hai. Rehne do. Achcha, idhar aao aur inse milo. Yeh mera friend Armaan hai. Aur Armaan, yeh hai gappu. Sanjeevani ke sabse naughty kid hai."

Armaan is happy because Riddhima mentioned him as her friend.

Gappu and Armaan shake hands and Armaan asks sweetnothings to Gappu and he answers them. In such a short span of time, Gappu liked Armaan a lot and since Armaan also likes th company of kids, both of them turned to be good friends and liked each other.

Riddhima looks at them smiling. Armaan was so sute when he was talking to Gappu and she will also be thinking the same.

Then she speaks to Armaan, "Achcha Armaan tum batao.. Kal maine tumhe injection lagyi thi na. Kya tumhe dard hua ?"

Armaan nods in a no and says, "Not at all"

Riddhima," Toh gappu, dekho, agar tumhare dost Armaan ne mere saath injection lagaya hai toh kyun na tum bhi..."

Gappu says, "Please didi.. Mujhe bohot dar lagega."

Riddhima," Please gappu. Mere liye. Please.. Chalo. Hum pichle baar ke tarah movie dekhenge. What say ?"

Gappu is amazed and let it all in a one go, "Sach didi. As you say. Mujhe abhi injection lagana hai"
Armaan also liked the way riddhima pleased gappu with out forcing him.
Gappu says again, "Lekin iss baar hum Armaan bhaiyya ko bhi lee jaayenge movie pe. Armaan bhaiyya.. Aap mere aur riddhima did ke saath aayenge na ?"
As Armaan got the opportunity to know more about Riddhima, he nodded in a yes and Riddhima also said ok.

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shonaveer IF-Sizzlerz

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reserved for further updates
will update soon

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yayy !!
m first to comment
thank u so much for the pm
this is a very nice concept
nice story line
please continue soon
and please do add me to the pm list !

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any idea abt when u r gonna post next part ??

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Originally posted by shilpa-darling

yayy !!
m first to comment
thank u so much for the pm
this is a very nice concept
nice story line
please continue soon
and please do add me to the pm list !
thank you soooo much for the comment
i am glad that you liked the concept...
i will be posting it on every wednesday !!
Deepu :)

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