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Manasi_16 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2005 at 4:47am | IP Logged
Hey guys, got this from yahoo grp on KZK. So all cezzane fan, hope u enjoy it
> Transcript of LIVE CHAT with TV host, Cezanne Khan at 12 noon on
> Wednesday, January 19, 2005 in Mumbai
> Cezanne Khan
> TV actor
> "In reality, I am an energetic guy. But portraying Anurag on TV
> calls for a controlled performance. So, it's definitely tough for
> me."
> Kali > Reaching the top certainly wasn't a cakewalk for you. Could
> you share with us your experience of making to the top of the
> TV industry? How did you manage it? What was the struggle period
> like?
> Cezanne Khan > You can't call it a struggle because I think within
> three months of my 'struggling period' I bagged a role in my first
> serial Hasratein . And by god's grace, after that, I did more like
> Palchin , Kaliran and Kasuti Zindagi Kay . I guess there was no
> looking back. I believe in god and that's why I am what I am today.
> Plus, there's the luck factor involved too.
> Kruthi > Hi Cezanne, how are you? Your performance in Kasauti......
> is good ! What are your next ventures?
> Cezanne Khan > Next ventures are going to be coming up in the next
> 3 months. Will definetly let you know as soon as it passes through
> and thanks for the compliment.
> Dolly > Your birth date?
> Cezanne Khan > 28th of Dec.
> Van_ns > Are you married?
> Cezanne Khan > No, I am single.
> Ikjan > Hello Czanne. I watch Kasauti.... only because of you. You
> are so cute, soft spoken with an innocent look in the serial. Are
> you like this in real life?
> Cezanne Khan > I look exactly the way I look on screen, but as far
> as the nature goes I think, like the way you have seen Anurag going
> through ups and downs, so does Cezanne.
> Reena_canada > Hi! Who do you consider to be your good friends on
> the sets of Kasauti ?
> Cezanne Khan > On the sets of Kasuati I am friendly with Urvashi
> Dholakia (Komalika). The rest, I am friendly with every one else.
> best friend is Urvashi.
> Sonika > What would you like to be if you were not an actor?
> Cezanne Khan > I had couple of things in mind. One was, I wanted to
> become a pilot. Second I would have wanted to become a diver.
> Thirdly I wanted to do an MBA and then get into a white-collar job.
> But I am better off as an actor.
> Cool_cezanne > Do you have a girlfriend?
> Cezanne Khan > No, I don't. I am single and ready to mingle.
> Sams_7 > Hi Anu, what's up? You are simply fabulous. Please tell me
> who is your favourite actor, colour and about everything else you
> like?
> Cezanne Khan > My favourite actor is Al Pacino. Favourite colour is
> black and white. Favourite music is Trance. Favourite food is
> chicken. And the most favourite person in the world is my mom.
> Cool_cezanne > Is it true that you are having an affair with
> Geetanjli?
> Cezanne Khan > Please don't believe in such baseless rumours. I am
> very much single.
> Jinni > Even in those three months of struggle did you ever feel
> like giving it all up when things weren't happening? Did you ever
> regret chucking studying MBA and going for the acting career?
> Cezanne Khan > I never regret anything I do in life. That's my
> policy.
> Jigs > Hey, how are you enjoying your walk of fame, having a good
> time, eh?
> Cezanne Khan > Yeah, the walk of fame is amazing but the burden of
> work behind it is equally heavy.
> Gafa > Unusual name you have! What does Cezanne mean and who gave
> you this name?
> Cezanne Khan > Cezanne, the name was given to me by my mother.
> Cezanne was a Russian painter. He was an artist and so am I !
> Cool_cezanne > In real life, will you do the same i.e. give your
> love away?
> Cezanne Khan > Definitely not ! If I love someone, I will stick by
> her.
> Mimi > Hi Cezanne, do you think that you are a good actor ?
> Cezanne Khan > I think I am a good actor and I can get much better
> with time and keep getting better and better. Practice makes a man
> perfect.
> Mouli > You are wonderful as Anurag. You were great in Hasratein ,
> but why did you do a bit role in Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli ?
> Cezanne Khan > That was my starting bit with Balaji Telefilms. And
> it was going to be a parallel track but Ektaa offered me a new
> serial as a lead called Kaliren . So, couldn't keep up with Kabhi
> Sautan Kabhi Saheli .
> Sneha > I want to ask you that will you be shown in KSBKBT again or
> that was just your special appearance?
> Cezanne Khan > Hi Sneha, I am sorry to disappoint you. It was just
> special appearance, which Ektaa wanted me to do. So I don't think
> you will be seeing me in that serial.
> Jaspreet_11 > Hi Cezzane. Why did you leave the 'Good Health Show'
> that you were anchoring on TV?
> Cezanne Khan > I didn't leave the show. The show is over. What you
> must be seeing are the previous episodes.
> lkjan > In your interviews, you have said that you want to work in
> films. Today only sex and Shah Rukh Khan sell at the box-office.
> do you intend to make place for yourself in Bollywood?
> Cezanne Khan > I think If you can make a place with yourself on TV.
> You can definitely, with a lot of hard work, make a place for your
> self in the films too.
> Aliza1 > Hi Cezanne. I am Aliza from Pakistan. Tell me about your
> family.
> Cezanne Khan > I have a very loving mother. I have a great brother.
> I am sorry to say but I don't have a father. It's just the three of
> us in the immediate family. We all stay together in Mumbai.
> Manya > How did you think about becoming an actor?
> Cezanne Khan > I was modelling for about eight years. Suddenly,
> before enrolling for an MBA course I joined a theatre group and
> that's when the acting bug hit me.
> Jaspreet_11 > Did you don't think that Ekta Kapoor is unfair to
> Anurag because she always punishes him. Bajaj is a villain first.
> Cezanne Khan > I don't think Ektaa is unfair with anything. She's
> created my character. So, she knows exactly what she's doing.
> Sonika > What about openings in Bollywood??
> Cezanne Khan > I am getting a couple of offers. As soon as some
> project is feasible, and the time frame is maintained, I will
> definitely do a film.
> Jaspreet_11 > You are very handsome. I think you are the most
> handsome person in the world. Do you plan to marry?
> Cezanne Khan > Hopefully, there will be some girl for me. One day I
> will definitely get married, if the right person comes along.
> Priya_at > Hi, you look really good. What would you be if you were
> not actor? Who is your inspiration?
> Cezanne Khan > I don't think anybody has inspired me. It just
> happened to me. I would have done my MBA and working on a white-
> collar job.
> Jaspreet_11 > Please tell me about your forthcoming serials and
> films. I always wait for your entry in serials.
> Cezanne Khan > Jaspreet I will definitely let you know in 2-3
> months, can't disclose now.
> Sneha > I heard that in real life Aparna is your wife. Is that
> Cezanne Khan > Of course not ! I am single and she is just a
> Mimi > Why is your role getting weak in Kasuti Zindagi Kay ?
> Cezanne Khan > I wouldn't say it's getting weak because I am there
> in very frame. In fact I am getting more sympathy rather than
> weakening.
> Manya > Hi, Cezanne, I am from Mumbai. And I am a huge fan of your.
> I love your character as Anurag Basu in Kasauti...
> Cezanne Khan > Hi Manya, thanks a lot for appreciating me. I hope
> hear from you a lot more.
> Sonali56 > What sort of girl would turn you on? And who would be
> your dream date?
> Cezanne Khan > I think simplicity turns me on. My dream date would
> be Catherine Zeta Jones.
> Aliza1 > Cezanne, tell me your ID?
> Cezanne Khan > What do you mean by ID?
> Mouli > Are you going to grey your hair for the KZK leap?
> Cezanne Khan > No, there won't be any greying of hair.
> Manya > Have you signed any more Ektaa Kapoor soaps?
> Cezanne Khan > No, not as yet.
> Ikjan > What do you think about the competition you are getting
> other TV actors?
> Cezanne Khan > Competition is present in every field. And it's
> always healthy because it makes you grow and work harder.
> Manya > How is your relationship with Shweta Tiwari in real life?
> Cezanne Khan > We are very professional.
> Sonika > How long is Kasuatii... going to last?
> Cezanne Khan > I hope for another two years at least.
> Prerna_at > We have heard that your schedule is very hectic. How do
> you manage to take time out for your personal life?
> Cezanne Khan > I actually don't have time for my personal life
> because I am working for at least 16 hrs in a day. I guess that's
> the way I like it because then at least I get to talk to fans like
> you.
> Ikjan > When will we see you in shows different from the regular
> Saas-Bahu saga?
> Cezanne Khan > I am not in Saas-Bahu saga. As far KZK goes, it's a
> love story of Anurag and Prerna.
> Aliza1 > ID means Email address ......
> Cezanne Khan > I don't have an email id, I am so sorry. I don't
> to time to go on the net.
> Mouli > In real life are you very energetic? If yes then playing
> Anurag is much tougher or easier?
> Cezanne Khan > In real life I am over energetic guy. Playing
> on TV calls for a very controlled performance. So, it is definitely
> tough for me.
> Margaret > You are so handsome. I am crazy about you !
> Cezanne Khan > Thank you so much Margaret. Please make sure that
> watch all my forthcoming projects.
> Ikjan > When did you first experience stardom?
> Cezanne Khan > I experienced stardom when I started shooting for
> Kasauti.....
> Sapna > Cezanne, can you tell me about your educational background?
> Cezanne Khan > I am a B.com graduate.
> Manya > How did you get bitten by the acting bug? Is it in your
> genes?
> Cezanne Khan > I wouldn't say that it is in my genes, but it just
> lies in my fate.
> Ikjan > Where are you originally from?
> Cezanne Khan > I am born and brought up in Mumbai.
> Mouli > Cezanne, when are we going to see you doing a comedy?
> Cezanne Khan > Can't answer that. Let me get a comedy project and I
> will definitely prove myself.
> Ikjan > I read on a Bollywood website that you are doing a film
> called "Bad Boys" being produced by Jatin Kumar and directed by
> Vicky Kumar. Is it true?
> Cezanne Khan > No, it's definitely not true.
> Manya > What do you prefer - television or films? It is said that
> guys have a more hectic day than film guys.
> Cezanne Khan > Definetly television guys have to do more work than
> what people in films do. But I would want to do a film.
> Kali > So what is it next-- once your TV roles dry up? Future
> Cezanne Khan > Future plans are more roles in TV and films.
> Sign Off Message > Try, try and you will definitely succeed because
> even the word impossible has, I am possible in it. Love, Cezanne.

cutereems IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 January 2005 at 9:55am | IP Logged
Thanx Manasi! Eventhough i am Ronit fan i enjoyed the chat transcript.
Ninelives IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 January 2005 at 11:20am | IP Logged
i am a ronit fan but i enjoyed reading it....thanks
envious_eyes Senior Member

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Posted: 24 January 2005 at 8:38pm | IP Logged

thnx..it was damn cool!


galactic4_1000 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 January 2005 at 4:51am | IP Logged

ohk ohk ohk....i grudgingly agree that the interview was not bad!!!Confused

That's the biggest compliment i can give Cezzanne!TongueLOL

Manasi_16 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 November 2004
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Posted: 25 January 2005 at 4:58am | IP Logged
Yaar he speaks well. I've heard his interview once or twice, even there he mentioned that he is exactly opp to Anurag's character(Thank God, imagine being like Anu in real lifeEmbarrassed)
galactic4_1000 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 January 2005 at 10:30am | IP Logged

I know!! I think if anyone was born as Anu in real life...he would kill himself ASAP!!


Agar din main bhi tare dikhte, toh woh subah shaam tootte tare hi dekhta rehta....aur ek ke baad ek mannatein mangta rehta!!! I think even God must be majorly bugged with him!! 

I think Anurag's fav song is:

"Yeh taara, woh taara , har taara

 Dekhe jise bhi lage pyaara

 Yeh sab saath mein, jo hai raat mein,

  Toh jagmagaaya aasman saara(kash zameen par hote toh mein khud unhe tod deta!!!)!!!"



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