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Dursleys by Name, Potters by Heart UPDT Chap 15/16 (Page 4)

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Awesome. I feel sorry for Diana and Dudley. Its becoming more interesting now that Wormtail has escaped. One question: Azkaban is still guarded by dementors, right?
Plz continue soon.

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Originally posted by vid_hurry

Awesome. I feel sorry for Diana and Dudley. Its becoming more interesting now that Wormtail has escaped. One question: Azkaban is still guarded by dementors, right?
Plz continue soon.
Thank you!Star
Yes, Azkaban's still guarded by dementors.
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Chapter Nine: Scabbers

Five days later

The past five days had been very hectic in the Potter Household, unfortunately leaving no time for James and Lily to bond with the Dursley children. Diana was alright, and cried less and less everyday. The memory of her parents' betrayal was still freshly imbedded in her mind, and the pain was no lesser than at first, but she told herself that she could do nothing to change the past, and that fortunately for her, her loving Aunt and Uncle took her brother and her in, or else they probably would have been thrown in the orphanage. What would have become of them then? Why didn't Dudley understand that it was their good fortune to be adopted by the Potters? Why was he so bitter to them? Diana couldn't comprehend how her brother felt the Potters, especially Aunt Lily, was the reason Petunia had thrown them out. Diana's reasoning was that although her Aunt Lily was blood related to her mother, she was the only witch in the family, meaning that Petunia didn't have any magical blood. Unless one of her father's family members was magical, there was no way the children could have been magical, unless they were like all other muggle-borns: purely coincidental about their magical blood. Why couldn't Dudley understand that? And even if it was because of Aunt Lily that they were magical, it still meant that their parents never really loved them, because if they truly did, they wouldn't have disowned their children.

Anyway, why was the Potter household hectic for the past five days? It was due to the simple fact that the nasty traitor of the Potters, Peter Pettigrew, had escaped from Azkaban Prison, where Dementors, the most feared magical monsters, guarded it. Also, Pettigrew had been in the most secured prison in all of Azkaban. How had he escaped? How had he managed it? It was a mystery to everyone, and created feelings of fear, anger, and terror among the people of the Wizarding world. As for the Potters, Sirius Black, and Remus Lupin, they were the most angered of all. That stupid useless rat who had once been one of their bestest friends, had not only betrayed them and nearly got them killed, but had the guts to escape from Azkaban.

"When I catch that nasty rat, he will wish he had never been born," growled Sirius, punching the glass coffee table with his fist. It shattered into pieces and with a sigh, Sirius said, "Reparo," restoring the coffee table back to its original look.

James didn't say anything. He hadn't said much since he had hurriedly apparated home with the kids five days ago. Rubbing his temple, he said with frustration, "I just don't know what to do."

"What do you mean?" asked Remus. He had come home two days ago right after he had heard the news.

"Why did he escape? I know, I know, that's a stupid question. Anyone one would want to escape from Azkaban, but Peter's case is different. Inside of Azkaban, he's in danger from the Dementors, but in the outside world, he's in danger from us," remarked James, "Do we go into hiding again?"

"Hiding?" Sirius questioned with a dismayed look, "Not again!" Sirius still remembered that night eight years ago. If he hadn't gone in time…no, he didn't want to think about that again.

"Sirius, what else do we do? We don't know Wormtail's intentions. He was Voldemort's right hand man before, and if Dumbledore's suggestion that Voldemort isn't really dead, but a spirit lost somewhere, then maybe Wormtail wants to somehow find him and bring him back alive and to power, so that Voldy Moldy rewards him or something," suggested James bitterly.

"Hmm, you could be right. Or…I have another theory," said Remus with a thoughtful look.

"What is it?" asked Sirius.

"Wormtail's animagus is a rat," started Remus.

"Yes, we know, smart guy," said James sarcastically. Remus threw a cushion at him and continued.

"Well, how easy would it be to pose as a pet for someone?" said Remus with an unusual look on his face.

James and Sirius took a sharp breath and started throwing the worst curses they could think of about Pettigrew. Remus shushed them.

"You guys, the children still aren't in bed. If Lily heard you cursing, she would skin you guys alive," he said somewhat amusedly.

James sighed again. "Great! Just Great! If Wormtail took either of the paths we just talked about, it will be extremely impossible to find him."

"Nevertheless," said Sirius, "I am not letting that poor excuse of a rat go that easy. I will do anything I can to find him. Remember, my animagus is a dog. I too can pose as a pet sometimes, and I'm going to use that as an advantage! Mark my words, James, as long as I'm alive, nothing will happen to you, Lily, or the children! I promise you!"

"Same here," said Remus with an angry look that brought out the fearful wolfish features in him. "Wormtail will pay for what he did; I will make sure of that!"

"Thanks guys," said James, deeply touched, "But don't exclude me. Together, we will catch Wormtail and give him the punishment the Wizengamot forgot to do!"

Then, the three friends did something they hadn't done since their seventh year at Hogwarts, something very childish but memorable. They put their hands in the middle and cried out, "The Marauders…forever!"

They heard a giggle coming from the doorway. It was Lily, in a comfy house robe, and she smile tiredly at them. "I haven't heard that since we graduated."

"Are the kids in bed?" asked James, as she settled herself next to him on the couch.

"Everyone except Dudley," she replied.

"That kid is a handful," Sirius remarked, "I don't know how you guys are going to change him. I really don't. I would have lost my temper long ago."

"I heard James already did, in Diagon Alley," said Lily, looking at James with a frown on her face.

"Lily, the kid was driving me nuts! You have no idea how it feels…having to put up with him for a whole day!" exclaimed James, defending himself.

"Oh James, it takes patience, extreme patience, to win a child's heart, you know that. For heaven's sake, we raised four kids!" said a very exasperated Lily.

"None of our kids were ever like that," said James with a stubborn frown, "Lily, we grounded all of our kids five times in total! Not counting Will."

"I know, I know, but they weren't spoiled like Dudley. It will take a lot of time to undo the damage Petunia and Vernon did, but I know we can do it. I mean, Diana's already won over."

"Diana was never a trouble," James pointed out.

The next day

A 13 year old child, with flaming red hair and freckles all over his face, settled himself under a tree and began to read. Before he opened his book though, he looked at his 11 year old twin brothers, who were playing Quidditch in the yard, with disapproval. "They will be better off employing their time reading," thought Percy Weasley rather pompously, adjusting his reading glasses, which were slipping onto his nose. Just then, a little fat creature with one missing toe, known as a rat to human kind, scurried up to the unknowing boy and sat down next to him, staring at him with big contemplating eyes.

After awhile, Percy Weasley finally noticed the creature and when he saw it, said with concern, "Why, you are injured. Where is your toe?" The creature made a little noise that sounded like it was crying and Percy, whose heart went out to the fat rat, scooped him up and walked inside the house to the kitchen, where his 8 year old baby sister, Ginny, was munching on a muffin, and his mother, Molly, was cleaning up the remains of breakfast.

"Mother, look what I have found," said Percy stiffly. He always talked stiffly. It was just his way. Molly Weasley turned around and gave a startled yelp when she saw the fat rat.

"Percy dear, what in the world is that?" she asked, backing away.

"I found it outside. Oh mother, mayn't I keep it? I promise I will take good care of it," begged Percy.

"Oh…Percy, Percy, I…I can't let you keep… a rat of all things," said Molly nervously, staring at the fat creature with revulsion.

"Please mother, I guarantee you, I will take care of all its expenses myself. I shall never ask you or father for any help. I solemnly promise," begged Percy.

"Oh…alright then," said Molly, who couldn't refuse Percy anything, "But…take it to your room and put it in a cage, please."

"Certainly," said Percy, happily taking his new pet upstairs. He put it in an old cage which had once held his pet hamster, which had died.

"I will name you…Scabbers," said Percy, looking at the rat through his cage. When he went to sleep that night, little did Percy know that he was giving home to one of the most feared and hated killer of the Wizarding World. That night, Scabbers slept peacefully for the first time since eight years, a wicked and self satisfied smile on his face.

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Chapter Ten: No one grounds Dudley Dursley!

The month of July soon turned into August, without any trace of Peter Pettigrew. The past month, the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the ministry had been in chaos, sending people out to find Pettigrew, trying to set things back to order, and answering howlers sent to them by angry parents. They weren't the only ones receiving howlers. The new Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge (who had been elected in a year ago), was at his hair's end opening at least ten howlers every morning and trying to make up excuses for Pettigrew's escape. James, who was the head of the Auror's Office, often spent whole nights in his bureau checking letters sent to Fudge, to see whether or not they held any nasty curses or hexes (most of which did).

However, things did have to go on in life, and as the month of August came to an end, Lily took Harry, Anne, Will, Emma, Dudley, and Diana to Oakvale Primary, to be enrolled for the coming year. For Emma and Will, this was going to be their first year in a muggle school, although they were already six. You see, unlike us muggles, 92 of wizards are home schooled the basics of education, because many pureblood and half-blood parents don't believe in sending their kids to school, since they will be going to Hogwarts in the future and don't really need a muggle education. However, when Harry had been born nine years ago, when James had casually remarked who to choose to be Harry's future home-school teacher, Lily had put her foot down and strongly said that Harry and any future children would be going to a muggle school until they got their Hogwarts letter. It would be a good experience before Hogwarts. And…just what if any of their children turned out to be squibs?

"I never went to a muggle school when I was young, and I turned out just fine," James had remarked.

"You didn't know what a telephone was until fourth year, and even then, you called it a 'fellytone'!" Lily had argued back.

"You don't need to know about a telephone to succeed in life, Lils!" James had stated, rolling his eyes. Lily, who had just give birth to Harry a month ago, and so therefore was prone to emotional outbursts, had burst into tears and exclaimed how James probably thought her and her childhood useless, because she had gone to a muggle school before Hogwarts. It had taken James exactly three hours to assure her that he most definitely did not think her or her childhood useless. In the end, he had finally given in and agreed to send Harry and any other future children to a muggle school, but only at the age of six and no sooner.

"Year 1 is a waste of time," James had said. Even Lily had agreed that what was taught in that class could easily be taught at home.

So now, Lily, along with the six children, got into the blue Mercedes Benz and drove the six miles to the village of Oakvale, which was a neighboring town to Godric's Hollow. Harry and Anne had gone to Oakvale Primary School for three years, and liked it, although they did get in trouble when they did "strange" things, which Lily and James had to explain away as "magic tricks" they had learned at home. For the coming school year, Harry and Dudley would be in their Year 5, Anne and Diana in Year 4, and Will and Emma in Year 2.

Mrs. Maywood, the headmistress of Oakvale Primary, was a very nice middle-aged lady who had been head of the school for 15 years. She led Lily into her office and said, "How was your vacation, Mrs. Potter? I hope it was well."

"Very well, thank you," said Lily politely, "Along with Harry and Anne, I want to enroll my two youngest children and my niece and nephew this year."

"Of course," said Mrs. Maywood, beckoning Lily to take a seat in front of her desk. "Are you the permanent guardian of…"

"Dudley and Diana Dursley," said Lily, "And yes, James and I are their permanent guardians."

"Very well then, I'll just give you these papers to fill out, and when you're done, you can pick up their uniforms."

While Lily worked on the forms, the kids chattered together in the spacious office. Anne, sensing Diana's nervousness, took her under her wing and talked about her friends and how Diana would fit in instantly. "This school's awesome!" she exclaimed, "The teachers are all so nice, and during lunch time, we're allowed to eat outside if we want to."

Soon, Diana's nervousness abated and she shyly told Anne about her old school and her old friends, whom she would miss terribly.

Meanwhile, Harry, who thought back to the day in Diagon Alley, tried to lessen Dudley's cold exterior.

"So, do you play football?" he asked.

"No," replied Dudley.

"Who were your friends back…you know, uh…ho, I mean, Privet Drive?" asked Harry, who had almost said home. His parents had told him and his siblings never to refer to Privet Drive as the Dursley children's' home, because it would only make it harder for them to view the Potter Manor as home.

"Piers Polkiss," said Dudley hesitantly, wondering whether to continue or not. "And Dennis Malcolm, and Gordon MacDermot."

"That's nice…" said Harry, as he didn't know any of these people. When he looked over at Dudley, he was surprised to see him looking very miserable and…helpless. Ever since Dudley had come to the Potter Manor, he had looked angry or intimidating, but never sad. Of course, Harry knew he was probably sad inside, but it didn't seem as if Dudley was the kind of person to show such sensitive feelings, and all of a sudden, he looked as if he was about to burst into tears any moment.

"Uh, Dudley?" called Harry slowly, "Are you alright?"

"What?" snapped Dudley, quickly brushing away the tears that were about to fall. He was livid that Harry had seen them. "I'm fine! Mind your own business!"

"Fine then!" said Harry angrily, "It's not wrong to show your feelings around others, Dudley, especially those you're going to live with, and I'm sick and tired of your attitude and also trying to be nice to you!"

"I never asked you to be nice to me! Why don't you all just leave me alone!" snapped Dudley, so loud this time that Mrs. Maywood, Lily, and the rest of the children looked up in surprise. Mrs. Maywood emitted a small, "Oh my!"

Turning red, Lily said politely, "I'm sorry, uh…children, why don't you all wait outside for me!" The six kids opened the door and sat on the benches outside of the office. Dudley, who was the last one out, slammed the door shut, and Mrs. Maywood looked surprised again. A flushed Lily quietly explained to her about Dudley and Diana's parents, obviously leaving out the part about their magical powers.

"That's why James and I are their guardians now," finished Lily, "And we would really appreciate it, Mrs. Maywood, if you will pardon Dudley's behavior today, and when the school year starts. Diana's an angel. It's like she was born already grown up, but Dudley will be a handful. I have a feeling he's quite a good person inside, but until that good personality comes out…"

"Don't you worry a bit, Mrs. Potter, we'll try our best to make Dudley feel comfortable while he's here. Perhaps being around more children his age will make a difference," said Mrs. Maywood kindly.

"I hope," said Lily, quickly finishing filling out the forms and then turning them in to Mrs. Maywood.

Outside of the office, Lily led the kids to the back of the school, where the uniforms were sold. For boys, it was long grey or black trousers and shorts, white button down shirt, dark green jumper or sweater, and shiny black shoes. For girls, it was the same thing, except they could wear the school skirts or dresses if they wanted. After 45 min, Lily paid the lady and took the children home, where she talked to Dudley about his behavior that day. Of course, Dudley tuned out her long lecture, thinking that since his mother, Petunia, had never scolded him before, and he had turned out "alright", Aunt Lily's lectures were of no importance to him.

"Dudley, did you listen to one thing I said?" she asked, quite irritated now.

"Yea whatever," replied Dudley, with an "I don't care" expression.

Lily, worn out from both his behavior and the trip to Oakvale, had to ground him for his behavior, because she knew that it would take both love and a strict manner to change Dudley.

"You will eat your dinner up here today. Mindy will bring it," said Lily. Dudley shrugged. He didn't care, since he didn't like eating with everyone else anyway. "And," continued Lily, "You will not be allowed to read your comics for two days." Saying so, Lily waved her wand, exclaiming, "Accio Comic Books!" and Dudley's treasured comic books flew to her outstretched hand.

"That's not fair!" exclaimed Dudley with outrage. "Those are mine, and you have no right to take them! Give them back!"

"As you are under our guardianship, I do have the right," said Lily calmly, "And as I have said already, you will get them back after two days." Saying so, Lily walked out of the room, but not before remarking casually, "and don't try to look for them. They will be hidden by magic."

Outside of the room, she sighed. Lily felt terrible for grounding Dudley, as she hated grounding anyone. Even her own children were rarely grounded, unless of course, they were extremely disobedient. But in this case, Dudley needed grounding, or else he would never learn to be respectful in public. Petunia probably never gave out punishments to her children, deduced Lily, reprimanding Petunia under her breath. What a terrible mother!

Meanwhile, Dudley, swearing at his aunt terribly under his breath, kicked the door in anger, which of course gave his toe pain. Now he was more than certain that his aunt and uncle hated him. I mean, who grounded children just because they misbehaved? His mother had always told their neighbors that being strict with children and restricting them from what they wanted was not good for their growth. That's why she was always extremely lenient with her kids. Now, all of a sudden, Aunt Lily had just grounded him, and expected him to be a good little boy after that? No way! Now, more than ever, Dudley was going to be bad, and he was going to show the Potters and their stupid angelic kids just what being a Dursley meant, and his cowardly sister could be all saintly if she wanted!

"I hate it here!" Dudley shouted out loud, "I hate this stupid place!" Yelling so, he flung himself on his bed and cried his heart out. He wanted to be back home, his real home, where his parents loved him, because of course, they did, didn't they? How could they not love him? It just wasn't possible. Maybe, now that they had been separated from their children for nearly two months, they missed them and loved them again.

"That's it," thought Dudley suddenly, "Mum and Dad probably want us back, but they don't know how to get here. I'll just find a way to go back home myself, and everything will be like it was before. They love me. I know they do. They just have to. I'm their first born child. They love me…don't they?"

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LalithaJanaki, u write so well!! this fanfic is awesome!!

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Originally posted by winnerasha

LalithaJanaki, u write so well!! this fanfic is awesome!!

Thank you winnerasha!EmbarrassedStar
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It was superb. I hope Dudley doesn't run away. Plz continue soon.
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Awesome! This part was really well written and suspensful. Please update soon! =)

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