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Love Is A Friendship Set To Music[AR] PART12 - 100 (Page 9)

-Crimson- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2009 at 8:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by aarora

hey amazing ff..plzzz PM me whnvr u update..
hey thanxx for the comment n yes i will pm u

zhasan2 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2009 at 9:04pm | IP Logged
just started reading and love it so far! plz cont soon! cant wait!

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-Crimson- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2009 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by zhasan2

just started reading and love it so far! plz cont soon! cant wait!
thanxx for the comment n i will continue soon infact i am goin to update the next part today
love sheela
shalika Goldie

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Posted: 11 May 2009 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
hey nice ff ..........plz do continue soon and do pm me wen u r done

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-Crimson- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2009 at 1:21am | IP Logged

well long time right.i couldnt update because of some my school work.anyway enough of my bak bak.i will continue my bakbak after the is a recap

recap-armaan n ridz are best friends n they met because of their siblings who are atul n anji n since then they talked to eachother everydaythrough everymeans of communication-emails,sms,phonecalls,chatting etc etc but theydid not meet in personas ridz resides in london n armaan in india.anji n atul r  happily married .muski n nikki  r ridzis close friends who also live in london.armaan kept pesterin her to come to india.ridz finally decided to come to india.
"guys i decided that we should go to india".
both the girls just stared at her with open mouths n now their attention was fully on her.
so here is the next part enjoy Smile
                                               PART IV
"what!"said nikki  shocked."r u saying that u wanna go to india".
"wait"said muski."r u sayin that u wanna go to india temporarily u know like a vacation or permanently"said muski with a questioning glance.
nikki just looked at her disbelivingly "does it matter if she wants to go to india permanently or temporarily .the fact that she wants to go to india in the first place really freaks me out.she never wanted to go to india not even for vacation we went but she never came with us"said nikki .
"u r right maybe her head got damaged maybe we should take her to a hospital"said muski gettin all dramatic.
while ridz just rolled her eyes at her friends"she is really lucky that she got such greatfriends'she thought sarcastically.'she just saidsomethin important n they r talking among themselves.god they r so stupid'
"guys"said ridz still no responce n nikki muski r still talkin to each other making comments on ridz."guys i am right here n u r commentin on me while i am right here"
"right"said nikki."sorry"said muski with gulty faces.
"so u were saying"said nikki"
"yes i was saying that we should go to india n not on a vacation...i am thinking of us joining the sanjivani medical college in sis also lives there ....n ur parents also live in mumbai.... n i wanna meet my sis ......n i am sure u wiil be happy to meet ur parents...... its been quite a long time...... n i  wanna meet them too..... n u always said u wanna go back to in mumbai .....u also said that u wanna meet my sis n atul n the whole i was thinkin that now maybe a good time....."ridz kept on blabberin n didnt look at her friends at all n was lookin here n there while muski n nikki were giggling looking at their friend blabbering like that n noticin her fidgeting as ridz was clutchin her duppata in her hands.ridz just stopped talking n gave her friends a nervous glance.
 muski n nikki just burst in to laughter.muski was catchin her stomach n was laughin while nikki just fell on the floor n was laughin.
ridz looked at them angrily" u guys r so mean u could have said something instead u  were laughin like idiots".
"well anybody will laugh if they saw u when u were talkin like that"said nikki.
"ya...ha..ha "said muski still laughing.
"u know what tell me when ur jokes r over n then may be we could talk about this matter"said ridz angrily.
"whats there to talk about, ofcourse we wanna go to india n yes we will join in the sanjivani medical college!what say nikki?" said muski .
"yes ofcourse oooo i am so excited!!"said nikki clasping her hands together n with twinkling eyes looked at her friends"Godd whoever convinced u is a God"said nikki till clasping her hands together.
"well what r we waiting for lets go.TIME TO PACK."shouted muski n ran to her room n nikki ran after her saying"yes u r right "n both shouted"O MY GOD WE ARE GOING TO INDIA"
ridz just laughed at her friends n went  to help them pack thinkin 'this is going to be soo unexpected that i am sure di will faint n even atul not to mention armaan.he must be going to US now ,he did say he was gonna go to US' 
armaan was in a hurry .he is getting late n his mom was pesterin him to eat somethin before he leaves.
"mom  i am not a kid n i am gettin late, i will miss my flight "said armaan exsparatedly.
"u didnt have ur dinner beta eat   roti  n then leave"said divya mallik pateintly while anji n atul were silently giggling watching armaan n divya mallik.armaan just gave them a look n they both stopped giggling.he just kept a piece in his mouth n drank water n took his bagn started to leave.
"by the way gunjan n nupur r comin to mumbai from morena, they r goin to start college this year right , so they r coming to mumbai to see the sanjivani medical college n to spend their holidays with us ofcourse, atually they r going to be living with us till their studies are over"said anji
"woww n u r tellin me this now why didnt u tell me this before"said armaan.he loved gunjan n nupur very much they r his cousins but they r his sisters after all n he is very protective of them n atul was protective of gunjan n nupur.he also loves them very much.anji met gunjan n nupur a lot of times n she loves them just as she loves ridz.they r like her own sisters.
"they just called me this morning n armaan sir sleep n now he is getting late"said anji rollin her eyes .
"damn "said armaan looking at his watch "when will they arrive here"
"tomarrow mornin they must be at the railway station now"said anji lookin at the watch.
"armaan....bro"said atul.
"what is it champ"said armaan exasparatedly.
" ur flight...its getting late..."said atul
"damnit"said armaan n ran to his car n said"bye" n got inside while his mom was sayin him to be careful.
 armaan said"mom i am not a kid n this is not the first time i am goin abroad alone n i have to  meet rahul n abhi at the bye..."said armaan n drove off to the airport.
divya mallik just shook her head at her sons behaviour
at the railway station .a girl wearin a white salwar suit was sitting on a bench n eas readi n booke.she wore glasses n she looked quite simple just then a girl wearing a green salwar suit came n sat beside her n snatched the book from her hands.they both
were eighteen years old.
"di give me my book back"said gunjan
"gunjan u r readin a book in the ralway station too"
"gunjan we r goin to mumbai!!.mumbai!!...gunjan!!...mumbai!!"shouted nupur n everyone near her looked at her as if she was a mad person
"sorry"said nupur n continued talkin in low voice.
"gunjan we r goin to meet armaan bhai n atul bhai n anji bhabi n divya chachi n chachu...." n she kept on blabberin but gunjan was still sad
nupur stopped talkin n looked at her sister n understood her pain she also felt sad to leave morena n all her friends here n everyone she knew .she is goin to miss them n most of all their father but she decided to think positively.if they go to mumbai they can learn new things n they can learn how to live independently.n she wants to  study in the sanjivani medical college n she really wants to meet armaan n atul
"gunjan u should not be sad n going to mumbai is good for both of us"said nupur lookin at gunjan.
"i know di i am just goin to miss papa n all the teachers...
"i know but u should not be upset  otherwise papa will feel sad it is not easy for him as well to send us to mumbai ..we should study hard gunjan n make papa proud ...u told me that remember"said nupur
"you r right di n i am excited to meet armaan bhai n atul bhai n anji bhabi too"
"ooo i am excited we r goin to mumbai"shouted nupur again n the people nearby her gave her angry glances
"right sorry"said nupur with an aplogetic face n gunjan laughed n nupur started laughing too.they both stopped laughing n hugged each other
"now u should laugh like that. u dont look good when u r sad" said nupur n  gunjan smiled
"even though we are fraternal twins we are soo different right gunjan n i am elder than u by 10 minutes"said nupur
"u r right di even though we r twins we r different but at the same time time we havea lot in common"said gunjan.
"u r right"said nupur n gunjan smiled just then their father called n they went to meet him .. he told them to take care n they both hugged him.....gunjan had tears in her eyes
"beti dont cry n nupur beti take care of gunjan"said their father.
"sure papa n u dont have to tell me that "said nupur n their father laughed .they both hugged him again n went to train.nupur hugged gunjan n gunjan smiled.both thinkin about their new journey.
2 days later
at the airport,nikki n muski n ridz came out of the plane n went to collect their luggage
while takin their bags .
" o my god i cant belive it we are here" said muski n suddenly she looked at a guy n said " that guy  is so hot. u know what i cant wait to see more hot guys".
both nikki n ridz groned .
"muski stop it i have had enough of u droolin over hot guys"
said nikki.
"yes muski plsss stop i want some peace"said ridz n muski pouted
"well i am sorry but u have to admit he was hot n handsome"both nikki n ridz shook their heads thinking that she will never change.they came outside n looked at the bright sun .
"we are her we are in india "said nikki excitedly.
"yes we are here in mumbai"said muski almost jumping
.ridz just looked at her surroundings, tears came in to her eyes .its been a long time since  she was here .she did come to india before when her parents were alive but when they passed away she didnt come to  india the past 2 years she didnt come to india at she is here, she is in india.
she heard muski n nikki say "we r in india "
ridz looked at them n said  "yes girls  we r home..... " .
muski n nikki looked at her n nodded n said "yes we r home........ .
ridz smiled n all the three held each other hands
rids said again"we r home..............
done have fun n do comment let me know what u think.i didnt include mayank n samrat n benji n dia n uday n rahul n abhi entry coz the part was quite long . i will try to include in the next part .sooooo ridz n nikki n muski r in india.i couldnt update because of school work .i will update the next part soon.
 well i expect a lot of comments
love sheela

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susha11 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 May 2009 at 1:46am | IP Logged
me firstPartyParty
i just loved nikki's and muskaan's reactionROFLROFL
it was toooooooooooooooo good
thanks a ton for the pm

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Posted: 12 May 2009 at 1:53am | IP Logged
Loved it continue soon

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komal793 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 May 2009 at 2:37am | IP Logged
hey sheela,
wonderful part.
loved it.
pls continue soon.
awww... u forget 2 pm me.Cry
but no prob.
pm me the next time u update.

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