Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH 24th Apr 09- Written Update

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Hey Guys! Its Payal back with today's update! Big smile So Naitik has started teaching Akshara in today's update but It hasn't started off too well because of Naitik's jealousy. *Sigh* I wish we got a cute scene today, Would have made my weekend, but NO! They just had to start another arguement. Ouch Oh well I guess.
On the positive side... Tomorrows my Bday Big smile YES! lol.
Anyway, today was a 1 hour special so I hope you like the update!


Gayatri mom is trying to wake Naitik up. Bhabhi ma comes and tries to wake Naitik up as well. Akshara at her house Akshara is sleeping while Badi ma and Choti ma are trying to wake her up. Gayatri mom asks Bhabhi ma what will happen now. Bhabhi ma says that she will send Nandini with someone else, let Naitik sleep. At Akshara's house Choti ma tells Badi ma to call Nandini and tell her not to go. Badi ma says that she can't do that. Choti ma says that they will understand, they can meet tomorrow. Badi ma says okay. They leave. Akshara is sleeping.

Dhaniya is working in the kitchen. Gopi daadi comes and scolds Dhaniya because she's taking so long. Badi ma comes and tells Gopi daadi that Akshara isn't waking up so she told Choti ma to call Naitik's house and tell them. Dhaniya looks at Badi ma. Gopi daadi says that badi ma did the right thing. Badi ma smiles and leaves. Dhaniya says to herself "how will Akshara meet her prince?" Dhaniya leaves the kitchen with Gopi Daadi calling after her.

Mohit and Rashmi tell Nandini that Naitik hasn't woken up yet. Nandini tells Rashmi to wake Naitik up, Akshara... Rashmi tells Nandini that Akshara is sleeping at her house too, her mom told her. Nandini shakes her head and smiles. Mohit says that all night they were lost in each others thoughts and now their lost in each other's dreams. Nandini says that their the ones in love and your doing all the poetry. Nandini says that when they wake up hey will regret it, now we will have to do something, now go wake them up!

Dhaniya is shaking Akshara trying to get Akshara to wake up. Akshara mumbles 2 minutes. Dhaniya shakes Akshara again. Dhaniya wonders how she will wake Akshara up. Dhaniya sees the alarm clock. She takes it and puts the time back, it starts ringing and she puts it by Akshara's ear. Akshara wakes up. At Naitik's house Mohit, Rashmi and Nandini are doing the same. Mohit says that Naitik won't wake up, he's sleepy and drunk by love. Daadaji comes. Daadaji asks what happened. Nandini says nothing, they were trying to wake Naitik up. Dadaji says that at this time people usually go to work and this boy's eyes aren't even opening. Daadaji calls Naitik's name a couple of times and Naitik wakes up. Daadaji leaves. Nandini says "this is the limit, don't you want to go see Akshara?"

The women are Akshara's house are done the morning prayers. Badi ma gives prasad to Vish. Akshara comes down ready. Vish says that Akshara should eat breakfast and go to sleep again. Akshara says no its okay. Daadi says that rest is really important. Akshara says that Nandini didi is probably waiting for her. Badi ma tells her that they called and told them. Akshara frowns.

Everyone is sitting and eating. (Missed a part here) Nandini says that they have to think about what they will do now. Nandini says that we can call her at 10am. Everyone agrees. Naitik asks Nandini to talk to his mom. Nandini says that you really have become a Majnu. Gayatri mom comes. Mohit tells Gayatri mom that Rashmi and Nandini are worried about Akshara's studies. Gayatri mom raises her eyebrows and looks at Naitik knowingly. Nandini asks Gayatri mom if they can call Akshara to the library at 10am. Gayatri mom says that if Akshara wants to study she will call. Rashmi says that Akshara is very shy. Gayatri mom smiles knowingly and says she will call later. Mohit brings out his cellphone and hands it to Gayatri mom.

Akshara is studying by the phone waiting anxiously. Daadi is sitting with her and is amused. Vish and Badi ma come. Vish tells Daadi that they are going now. Badi ma says that since Akshara isn't going to collage, he should take Bhola. Vish says okay and is about to leave. the phone rings and Akshara jumps up to get it. She says hello. Gayatri Mom asks Akshara if she will be able to come to the library at 10am if her sleep is complete. Akshara smiles and says yes aunty jee she will be there. Badi ma and Vish look on curiously. Gayatri Mom smiles tells AKshara she wants to hear Akshara call her mom instead of Aunty jee. Akshara blushes and says "jee aunty jee" and stops. Gayatri Mom smiles and says she knows it will take time. They put down the phone. Akshara gathers up her books. Badi ma asks whos phone it was. Akshara explains. Vish says okay.

Gayatri Mom tells The four-some to eat fast and go. Daadaji and Naitik's dad come. Daadaji asks where he's going. Naitik says that he's going to drop Nandini off at collage. Daadaji says that she can go with someone else. Daadaji tells Naitik's dad that he should give Naitik some work to do. Daadaji gives Naitik some work.

Varsha is studying outside by the hotel. Shaurya is there as well. A waiter comes with drinks. The waiter asks Shaurya if he can ask him a question. Shaurya says yes. The waiter says that they came as a honeymoon couple, but some people say they're just friends, some say they eloped and got married and today they look like teacher and student. What is your relationship?" Shaurya smiles. Shaurya says that their relationship is really strange, even he hasn't understood it. Shaurya gives the waiter some tips on marriage. The waiter chuckles and says he will remember that. The waiter leaves.

Akshara reaches the library. She sees Nandini and goes to her. They hug. Akshara looks around. Nandini says that Naitik can't come (Akshara looks sad) but he will come soon (Akshara's face brightens up), Daadaji gave him some work. Akshara smiles. Nandini says that Akshara should issue some books while she waits and asks Akshara if she can issue a book out for her. Akshara smiles and says yes. Nandini says thanks.

Bhabhi ma, Maharaj jee and Gulabo. They talk about food. Gayatri Mom comes and tells bhabhi ma about Naitik and how Daadaji gave him work laughing.

Naitik and Mohit reach to Akshara's collage. Naitik reviews what he knows about Othello to Mohit while they walk. Akshara is walking in the library. She accidently drops all her books. She goes to pick them up. Naitik and Mohit are walking still reviewing. A guy comes (the pen guy) and starts helping Akshara with her books. Naitik and Mohit reach and Naitik sees the guy helping Akshara with her books. Akshara takes her books and says thank you to the pen guy. Akshara goes to Nandini. Mohit says come on to Naitik. Naitik looks at the pen guy as he walks past. Naitik and Mohit reach Akshara and Nandini. Naitik looks upset and keeps looking at the pen guy. Akshara asks Naitik and Mohit if she's giving them trouble. Mohit says no. Akshara looks at Naitik. Naitik shakes his head and Akshara senses something is wrong. Mohit says that they won't be able to study here. Nandini agrees they wouldn't be able to talk. Naitik says yes,
lets go. They leave.

Akshara, Naitik, Mohit and Nandini go outside in the garden-ish part. Mohit stays with Nandini while Akshara and Naitik sit on the bench together. Mohit starts being annoying and Naitik tells him to shut up. Every time Naitik or Akshara says something. Mohit does something stupid. Naitik scolds Mohit. Nandini tells naitik and Akshara to go sit in the corner where no one can disturb them. They go.

Naitik and Akshara go sit alone together on another bench. Naitik is still upset about the pen guy incedent. Akshara asks what happened, he even scolded Mohit. Naitik blasts at her. Akshara is confused. Akshara asks what he's talking about. Naitik says nothing, leave it. Naitik starts teaching Akshara. Naitik says that he will be Othello and she Destimona. They will have a conversation in Othello and Destimon's perspective. Naitik starts talking about him while talking in Othello's perspective.Shankri Tai is at Akshara's house. They talk about how Akshara has found such a nice boy. Shankri tai says that because she has a good eye. Shankri Tai starts talking about how Naitik is childish. Badi ma is worried but Choti ma says that Naitik is such a good boy and AKshara is a very good girl.Naitik and Akshara are still having a conversation. Akshara says that "you have married me, you haven't bought me" Naitik says that "oh so your argueing, I forgot your really good at it" Akshara is confused and Naitik looks angry and upset.



Pressing the thank you button would make me happy Embarrassed


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by the way, payal25, happy birthday!!!!!
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Happy Early Birthday Payal! Party
Thanks for the awesome update! Smile
It was a nice epi overall. Mohit rocked today, I really loved him! Embarrassed
He was so funny! The scene at the college where he purposely starts snoring is hillarious! LOL
It was cute to see NaKsh oversleep. I hated that Naitik got jealous of that pen guy. I mean he was just helping Akshi pick her papers up. Hopefully, the story of Othello makes him realize his mistake. I want to see them have cute scenes too.
ShaVa's scene was short but nice too. Shaurya looked cute! And what he told the waiter was funny about letting women study first and then getting married. LOL
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yup badly wanted a naksh cute scenes but naitik's jealousy just ruined it all....i hope they don't drag this far and solve the problem soon....the funniest part was when naitik says that they imagine themselves as the characters othello and desdemona....and they naturally playing othello and desdemona rather than naitik-akshara.... naksh getting up late scenes were cute
shaurya was too cute today....i was laughing when he was giving such tips about marriage to the waiter...i felt bad for him.....he came to spent sometime with his wife ends up alone in his own honeymoon.....and mohit cracks me up so was a shirt scenes but very cute scenes
shaurya and mohit scenes were too cute tdy....
naksh scenes were good too but the fight ruin it all my dreams of sweet moments together.....
shankari thayee pissed me off....god knows when this othello and honeymoon track ends....its dragging now...on whole tdays episode Mohit rocks
thanx for the update....

Edited by Mages - 24 April 2009 at 3:59pm
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thanx alot 4 da update n ......

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No Problem and thank you 268143, gain guru and Aisha for the birthday wishes Embarrassed

@Aisha- Yeah Im pretty sure Naitik will realize his mistake. Poor Akshii, Naitik's mad at her because the pen guy helped her pick up her books. *sigh*
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Thank you very much!
Happy Birthday!Have a fantastic birthday and a great great day!
Best Wishes
Love from Vandini...x

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