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Lost Love2[AR]!~Pt 16 p53 UPD 20/7 (Page 12)

Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2009 at 7:44am | IP Logged
will reply to you all afterwards....!!!

Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 24 November 2008
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Posted: 26 April 2009 at 7:46am | IP Logged

!~*Part 12 Lost Love*~!






He heard doorbell ring, in his dazed state he went to open it, there was overeffect of alcohol on him and his pent out misery was making things harder for him. He opened the door finally gasping as he saw her and felt his heart just skip a beat at the sight of her, he felt his heart do a summersault.........'there she is',…………… She was standing there in front of him rain still falling heavily, Yes it was raining…….He looked at her she was shaking due to coldness, She stodd there almost hugging her partially soaked figure tightly not looking at him, Her eyes downcast.......





Armaan saw her, she was wearing red saree that made his heart 'sigh'. "How wont it..??"  it was his favorite color and it did miracle on him as he saw it on her, She was looking breathtaking in that saree, She was perfect. He admired her, It did fit her well enhancing her beauty to the fullest, He looked at her in daze sighing as if that color was made only for her.  seeing her in saree for the first time, he just couldn't take his eyes off her delicate figure, he was feeling on the top of the world........He just kept staring at her, not believing what he saw,........even though, he didn't wanted her to come here, so that he would not have to face her, He was disgusted and seeing her made him feel even more sick, Yes he didn't wanted to see her here,but somewhere in his heart he adored her sight in front of his eyes, he was pleased to see her here finally, she was the gilr he was waiting for since ages........






He felt disgusted with himself seeing here here. The main reason to send money before she would come to take it was that 'may be', 'just may be' after getting money she won't turn up here. Yes that was why he had sent money before she would come to take it, so that he wouldn't have to face her, but she still came here after getting money too, just to be loyal with me......and 'what did I do…?? I broke her…??' He growled.




  Her crying image blinked in front of his eyes making him restless telling him that he was the sole reason of her pain, He growled sick at himself.... "How could I even have thought of hurting her, she is so innocent, so naive?........still staring at her red tear stricken face, he felt like someone has just ripped his heart off his chest, disgusted by himself he moved his eyes off her as her eyes met with his which were questioning something to him, he couldn't look into her eyes it made him hate himself, to loathe himself.





Riddhima heard the door click open, the first thing that caught her eyes was his wounded hand......."what happened to him?? did he get hurt??......why didn't he change himself yet??......" that was the first chain of thoughts passing through her mind…."what could she do..?? She had tried to kill herself, but deep down she still had that same heart that at some time did had some feelings for him if it was not love….She groaned hitting herself to think about him, "why the hell am I caring like a typical Indian wife??...why am I caring for him so much…?" she thought......" How could I even think of him after what he did to me..?? Did I forget for what I am standing here…??"  noticing his heated yet intense eyes on her, gently hugging herself, she lowered her gaze, feeling awkward and all vulnerable in front of this man, that was going to unleash her today, she tried to cover her body to prevent herself from his eyes, but then something came to her mind…."Why was she here…?? , she instantly lowered her head even more, why am I covering myself…?? I am here for him, to give pleasure to him and he won't get pleasure like this…........"





Armaan looked at riddhima and frowned seeing her still looking down, "why is she looking down?? she crying???" He thought for a sec, and then on the impulse he smacked himself…......




"of course she would do so..!!! What did I thought..?? Will she be laughing after what I did to her…she will be waiting for me…she will run into my arms…Huh..??" She cursed himself for numerous time. Looking at her he sighed, "She is crying here all because of me, I had caused her all pain ......"




He looked at her, feeling really terrible for her, "what she may be going through…??" He thought looking at her downcast face, Moving a little giving her a little space to enter he waited for her, he was feeling like killing himself for what he did, on top of that, he was angry at her too, "Why is she so loyal…why is she here…?? She shouldn't have came"…feeling obnoxious seeing her cry because of him, he growled feeling like yelling at her to get lost from here, in front of his eyes. Her sheer presence was killing him from inside, he was not able to silence the thunder storm that was erupting inside him, Building inside him........He knew why he had done all that to her, he knew that he was being attracted towards her and that feeling of attraction has lead him to do this to her........before things get too far he wanted to save her from his desirable passion that was growing inside him........he had never felt like this for anyone....closing his eyes, he turned his face down in order to interrupt his own overpowering emotion, at the same time, clenching his fist inside his pocket, He sighed trying to control his nerves that were on high. He was really excited to see her here and that too in this state which made his heart flip a beat. He was disturbed from his job of staring at her due to Rosy's voice.





"Who is there Armaan baba…??" Rosy asked coming toward the door to look who was there. She saw the same lady that he had brought one day, that day when he was changing her clothes. She looked at her earnestly…She was looking beautiful. She thought what is she doing here..??" she looked at armaan turning toward him who just didn't dare to look at her, He was disgusted, he couldn't face her not now…He could see she was asking him something and he knew what that was, why was she here…?? Yes that was what she wanted to know and that was what he couldn't tell her. He lowered his eyes.




Ms Rosy sighed. She could see that he was not making any eye contact with her and she could make out by this that thing were not looking good, She prayed looking back at Riddhima who was still on the door…"I Hope he wont does anything bad to her, She is not like those girls…she would break…!!!" She left from there blessing riddhima in her mind not before telling to armaan.





"Beta….It's raining outside and I have to go home early, Nidha isn't well do you want me to send someone to look after the guest for the night?" she asked him looking at him... feeling bad for the lady, he assured her, "No, it's alright Deda!!.....thanks for your concern.......I think she will be fine, she is not the guest......don't take care of your daughter and I will take care of her.......and do let me know if there is any emergency and if you need my help........."......smiling at the Armaan, she replied, "Of course I will let you know my dear!.......I know I can always count on you"......




She came back bringing towel with her..."Here is the towel should clean yourself before you catch cold…and what is the connection with you and rain…?? Last time he brought you here, you were wet and that time it was raining too and now also you are wet and its raining....??" She asked riddhima looking at her.





Riddhima heard her say that, She was there when he brought me here…?? She thought…."Even I done know….Antie…." She answered her, the old lady…bringing herself to answer her, yes it was hard for her to behave like this when there was storm erupting inside her.





"Take this…and clean you……" Interrupting her, Riddhima assured the woman with a half smile, "No, it's ok thanks antie I wont need them…..i am fine….!!"......Mrs. Rosy patted her cheek, affectionately "as you wish beta.........I will leave now.....hope to see you in the morning" she smiled at riddhima and left the room after closing the door behind her......





Riddhima looked at her departing figure, she felt as if she was her mother, she felt a touch of motherhood......she had never seen her mother......and if destiny becomes cruel then she will never be able to see her father again too, She grimaced tears starting to brim in her eyes, not wanting him to see those tears and make fun of her again, she went to the window and silently weeped ........Her face was all red due to crying, she wanted to cry and let her misery be washed out but it was not happening, as if the rain and tears were competing against each other to not let themselves fall weak in front of other, she drowned in stream as none of them decided to stop.......even though the heavy rain was drenching her upper part of the body, she decided not to move from there as she wanted her tears to be washed away by the rain, her misery were also like this never ending rain just drowning her with each moment.




"Are you alright Riddhima….???" She heard him tell her. She growled why is he behaving like this…?? There is no need to act….she thought….





She was surprised to witness this Armaan, who was different from that arrogant, insane, professional, Jerk Armaan that he was….'Who was the real one….?? She thought…..Hearing her question made her Laugh loud….What did he mean…?? How could I be alright when he had asked me to spend this night with him….how…?? Is he making fun of me by asking that….??? She growled.





Armaan gaped as soon as he asked that question…"what did I do…?? Was that even a question to ask…??"





"How could she be well…." He tried to calm himself down, closing his eyes he looked at her godly face that appeared instantly in front of his eyes, but she wasn't smiling here, she was sitting in the corner crying, He frowned why was she crying…?? he felt something in his heart, it was unbearable pain that was erupting seeing her so helpless and vulnerable…..He felt his heart rip apart as if someone dear to him was in deep pain.......unable to control himself, he felt this sudden urge to check up on her and saw that she was looking at him her face all striken with tears, gone all red. He gaped looking at her state. She was crying again… …Why did I cause her so much pain…why….???





He observed her she was all wet and he knew that she would catch cold if she would stand here like this for any moment now…He immediately left the room looking for something to give to her. He didn't wanted to do anything horrible to her, seeing her standing like that in front of his eyes was atlast making him go weak and he couldn't afford to let himself go weak in front of her.





Riddhima looked at him departing from the door, she frowned, "Where did he go…?? He had asked me to spend a night with him then why is he not making any move to me…??" she thought. She heard a Loud thunderstorm and gasped horrified as she saw lights being gone, startled at the sudden darkness surrounded in the room she gaped horrified, she was scared of darkness, that was one thing that she hated the most and was scared of, She flinched hearing the thunderstorm, then looking at the direction of the door, hoping to see if someone would come to her resque, she was damn scared. She was feeling really lonely now…It was her badluck that every one she loved always left her. "will his dad do the same..??" she had always been afraid of loneliness and at this moment she desperately wanted someone but to her dismay, there wasn't anyone here except that beast himself who was one of the cause of her pain, She felt really horrible as she was dead scared of darkness that was flooded in the room.






She was not even scared to face him as she was of darkness and thunderstorm. Drowning in her misery she found herself sobbing from heart.....but this time, the tears rolled down from her face out of fear........she wanted to cry her heart out but found herself powerless to do so due to the different circumstances that were surrounding her at this moment, she was totally wornout.......she silently pleaded her late mother to send an angel to share her pain, to share her little grief…why was god doing this to her, why??





She cried hard at her helpless state, she will loose her only thing that she had, Her self respect…it was too hard for her to bear this thunderstorm that was building inside her, She prayed again this time to ask god for take her away from this cruel world…She didn't wanted to leave here, She didn't.......gently hugging herself, she made her way to the bed still sobbing uncontrolably........then helplessly broke down emmersing in her agony, her grief, hiding her face in her palms she uncontrollably sobbed.....all she was hoping for a warm shoulder to cry on.......She wanted that desperately…She wanted someone…she cried her heart out…







Armaan came back and looked at her crying lying on the bed, He sighed feeling sick at him again. He was the sole cause for her state…only if he would have not said that to her, she woulnt have been crying this much. He looked at her tear striken face, How he wished he could fight those every single drop of tears coming out of her heart, He knew that she was crying through her heart as his heart was also aching looking at her therelike that panting and breathing heavily ....... how he wished he could hold her into his arms forever and console her, protect her from all the black evils ........ how he wished he could shower her with happiness and LOVE.......he didn't know whatever he was feeling could refer to love or not.......but all he wanted to do was take her into his arms and love her until all the pains apologize to her for even thinking of hurting her till she her till she forgets all about her sorrows.......Love her till she drowns her all misery to his love, Love her till he reaches all the heights, Love her till she smiles and love her till she Loves him too….





He wanted to relieve her of all the pain she was going through, but he growled as he was the one who was giving her all the pain, He looked at her incapable of bearing her state, Armaan quietly went up to Riddhima........then gently sitting beside her, he reluctantly rocked her through bed and held her shoulder to comfort her.......feeling the sudden warmth on her shoulder, without thinking twice she throwed herself on him and hid her face into his chest, mistaking 'The Beast himself'  of being 'her angel' whom she was asking for god to sent for her, She buried her face deep in his chest crying loudly and hugging him tightly. She drowned all her emotions on him crying uncontrollably.






Armaan was completely taken aback by her instant act he couldn't hold his sentiment as he firmly held her close to his heart while gently caressed her head.......he let her cry to her content assuming this to be the last time she would ever see those tears in her eyes, he would never let her cry ever again. He loves her and he would not let her even shed a single tear from her eyes.





He held her in his embrace for a moment and then hugged her tight feeling overwhelmed with emotions that were brimming within him, He hugged her as if there was no any tomorrow, just by hugging her he felt a feeling of being in bliss, as if he was just waiting to be getting captivated in her arms, all his hardfeeling against his life got  faded away from his heart. He looked at her and raised her face so that he could look at her face.





Riddhima nuzzled herself to the warmth that she was getting from him, Thanking the one above for giving her the angle that she was asking for, she held herself close to him as if feeling the soothing warmth of devotion ..... somewhat calmed, she picked up her red face to look up at him........unable to believe herself. Riddhima stared at the person in front of her, she was thinking of him as her angel and he was the beast himself who was looking at her intently, she was there to sacrifice herself to him, to that beast whom she adored once. She flinched as she felt his fingers touch her face, she felt another flow of her tears down her cheeks helplessly, and she was drowning herself in front of him. Sitting on her spot like a lifeless statue, she kept on admiring his intense and passionate glance at her, his eyes was full of L..??? What was there...?? She didnt knew...?? She sacrificed herself.




......Armaan looked at riddhima, she was looking beautiful as little sunlight was falling over her face glowing it in darkness that was surrounded in the room, He was feeling as if a huge burden was taken away from his heart, He was feeling as if she would forgive him for what he did to if a part of her immaculate heart had transferred into him as soon as he felt her heartbeat close to his and heard the rhythmic beat of both the hearts simultaneously........He looked intently moving the tendrils that were falling on her face to back of her ear, for the first time in his life, he was feeling a sense of purity, Never in his life he had felt so beautiful, so blissful........ He cupped her face in between his hands looking at her earnestly, he placed a soft kiss on her forehead then trailing down her face with soft kisses he wiped her tears away as he saw her crying 'it was paining him too...'........touched by his gesture of concerns, she closed her eyes, letting him take over her heart and ....... surprisingly her soul as the process. They drowned together in that embrace.






Riddhima woked up in the morning, there was smile on her face, 'why was it..??' she was feeling overwhelmed at his gesture, the way he did handle her with so care...she looked for him by her side just to be left shocked......He had already left her??? ...... what else she could expect from him??.....He would be here and tell her that how much he loves her...?? He did what he wanted..!! She told herself...She was just a Slut for him....Just a slut...!!!


.what did she expect after spending a night with her, he would even bother to see her face for a second??........'How could I even think of him loving me???.......How could I be such a stupid???'.......all heart broken, she ran out of the Mansion, crying, promising herself not to see his face ever again........





She stood there shocked seeing the only Hope of her Life being gone and left her alone in this cruel world. Shifting herself on His chest She cried for loss of her father. He left him too…"What would she do now…??" She lost her everything…

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Rohit yaar! I don;t think that was enough . lolz.. jus kidin mate .. ii was guna say wow! Armaan is in love and Riddima and rain what a connection .. Plz cont soon

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susha11 Senior Member

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wow yaar rohit
the part was awesome yaarClap
i am really  feeling bad for ridz
she lost everythingCry
oh god now i have to wait for 20 daysShocked
too long manLOLLOL
any way i will wait
because i love ur ff yaar

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cutie_shalzy Goldie

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wow yaar how cn u manage 3-4 ff  in ur busy schedule cnt wait waiitng
Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

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up comment...Pms later..when i will get time.
shonaveer IF-Sizzlerz

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sorry for such an extremely late comment..

having exams.. so, reserved !! Tongue
Coming to the part, it was fantabulous !!
Please do continue as soon as possible !!!
Waiting for the next part to come !!!
You are doing an amazing job !!!
Poor riddhima lost her dad Dead
Continue soon
and u did an amazing job !!

Edited by loyal-kashian - 08 May 2009 at 7:50am
cutie_shalzy Goldie

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awwwwwwwww rohit yaar main kya kahu u alwys do this alwys lft us speechless it ws jst emotionless prt specially yaar tlks kum or thoughts ke sath zyada ghumte hai hehehe alwys tlk in their thoughts wowwwwwwww but thts why i lv ur ff soooooooooo much truthless seriously yaar so much passion in their luv ar wntd to tke all her pain away how romantic the way u hv describe their emotions nd their thoughts jst beautifull yaar it ws beautifully u hv potrait lvd it ech n evry bit of it Smilesad fr ridz her fathr also lft her awwwwwwwwwwwwCrynd ar also not der wth her side but whre did he gone oh god yaar thts why she lft him nd he ws suffering frm all pain he gave her i ws also crying yaar ridz cried her heartouCryt nd ar cnt saw her in tht state nd gv herluv wow how romanticTongueTongueTonguelvd it sooo much yaar cnt wait fr d nxt prt but hv to wait yaar plzzzzz ab contract marriage bhi update kardo tom mon ya tues plz i know ur vry busy nd appreciate it but plz yaar its been long time since readed ur tht ff plz i am dying to read tht tooooooooo plz try to cont it soooon as possible..........thnks
thnks fr d pm
luv yachna


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