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MJHT Member Discussion - *Only Invites*

-Gaganjot- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 18 March 2006
Posts: 36943

Posted: 20 April 2009 at 11:23am | IP Logged

Hello MJHT Members,

Please share your concerns.... 

Why do members feel the need to go bash other members in Chat club?

Why do members create code words to discuss other members and make fun of them?

*Please general members this post is made for a specific reason and for certain members. I would appreciate if others do not reply here.

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kavya.b IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 September 2008
Posts: 29218

Posted: 20 April 2009 at 11:43am | IP Logged
hi frndz
i'm happy that post is opened on this subject

i dont think there will b any fights or differences between us till we respect every memeber n actor also

as we have 2 main leads n fewq more imp characters in the show
we ppl will b of different tastes

one may like sajan , other may like mayur some other may l;ike dia or uday or ranvijay

but  all of them combinedly make MJHT not a single character or single pair makes it out

it'll b very difficult 2 creatives 2 balance everyone, after all it is only a 30 min show
n the amin thing is that not only sajan n mayur r MJHT characters
each n everyone  is an integral part of it including our dear chinnu
we should keep in mind that melisi (miss aha) left the show
there were reasons saying that she is not getting good scren space

so the production n creative team will have their own problem
they have 2 balanec everyone's character
like in 2day's epi almost all of them were covered only few characers were not covered

so we had less of sajan nmayur also
we cant complain on this bcoz it was a truli balanced epi

in my personal view i think if we try 2 enjoy every character atleast 2 leads in the show
we'll have less problems
we may like one more then the other but the thing is we can like both the pead pairs atlest

sry guys if anyone is hurted
but these r few of my views i wanted 2 tell

SahiPakdeHai. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 May 2008
Posts: 29762

Posted: 20 April 2009 at 11:44am | IP Logged
Hello everyone..

1st of all thanku very much gagan di 4making this thread :)

it was really needed..
Ok,we all know there r 6 main leads & also some other carecters in MJHT  ..But we all v our own favourites among all of them..Its not a crime if u/i v a fav..coz  its our choice ..

But many of us take things so seriously at a time,which start hurting  other feelings..
We start bashing,useing totally bad language 4 the actor or actress or d jodi,we didnt like..or even 4their fans..

Starting 4m d main forum: Everyday we get to see lods of fights happening b2in SG & MN fans..Y this fight? d fight start,bcoz we get to see less of our fav couple in that epi/epis..Untill we r getting our fav couple scene,we r like very good baccha but when we dont get to see what we wanna see, we start showing our real faces..

For god sake,when ppl 'll understand that its not d actors fault that they r given more screen space than d other..its bcoz at dat moment the story needs dem..So y we start bashing other groups fans & d other jodi?

Next : Ppl behave totally good n all in d main forum but in the CC section we get to see all pplz real faces..
Like in the forum, i saw 1 member saying..guyz stop bashing..dont compare..but in CC section dat same ppl bashing like anything to her non fav..

& what kind of words they r using?
Lame,cant act,Tinghu-macchar,boaring n what notTongueThey r useing those words here as well which r not allowed to use here on IF..but who cares?Sabko toh apni entertainment se maatlab haiEmbarrassed

I read many post here,which r bashfull:
Samrat cant act..
Ghunjan -Buddhi girl,cant move her hand properly,takes an age to do that..
SG fans-Funny girls,they r just like der favourite couples..
RV-wanna be macchar ......
Sajan- fans invention- abt d Januable word,,
sajan song-waste of time..
These 2 r maha bore,y creatives wasting d time on them
etc..etc..etc..n even we

Regularly we get toi read many things abt this..

MN r only worth watching others r waste of timeTongueIn MJHT there r 80% waste of time ..

ok i can understand u'v ur own fav & they r worth 4u..but what is d point of bash d other carecters? Arent they doing hardwork as much as ur favs doing?What is der fault if they r given more screen space than u fav at a time..? This department belongs to creatives not to d actors,right? So y we bash our non-favs?what's d point of bashing here?Cant we just discuss our favourite in peace?I dont think its really that hard to do..

I really dont know how many of u guyz know dis but at 1st when i saw MJHT's 1st promo.. i claim myself as a MN fanEmbarrassedIt was just bcoz i saw Rati & Arjun in other shows B4,but later on i truned into a sajan fan.. may be its bcoz i saw something in them which touched me,,Smile

But 4that i never said or used a singel bad word abt Rati n Arjun or MN.. yeah i remember long back i post an reply in a topic where i said Mayank was behaving like a arrogent,,LOLLOLLolz i remember 1 member bashed me like hell,though i never saw her B4 that post or nerver saw her after that postLOLWinkbut i didnt react much..Anyways but that word i used only keeping dat time Mayank's behaivious.. i never said..Oh he's is a rude guy n all..Smile

But 4some ppl things r totally different.. They r like..
I dont like,i dont like..
I dont like thats y i bashed dem or said them boaring who r u to point out this?Tongue

Why yaa.. if u dont like any1..simple..SIMPLY DONT TALK ABOUT THEM,,Y TO BASHED (sorry 4writting in caps)
& if u r really interested to talking about ur non-favs..cant u discuss dem wid ur friend in manners?

Y to use dis CC section 4 out brust ir frustation.. I can understand when u r getting ur Favs.less scenes,its ovious to be frustated but y to put them out on other jodi or on their fans? Im again repeating is dis dat couple's or der fans fault that ur fav r not getting much screen space? They r there 4act & we r here 4 enjoying them not to take other fans frustation or bashing comments about ourself & our favourites..

Now a days,wid Actors/carecters/jodi bashing,1 thing also has start that's member bashing..I read just 1day back lol(its on myselfLOL)That 2member finding my topic unlogical & which doesnt makes any was all abt my lil observation or u say cut our other confusion..but ppl makes fun of it by saying -*What an entertainment factor i brought in MJHT forum today,chaloi was getting hell bore,it gave me a good laugh*

Guyz laughing is really good,but laughing on a member..ahh! may its totally right to u guyz.EmbarrassedI was just trying to let every1 know that what u guyz were thinking that was wrong but d main thing was something different.. but as i said when it comes to ur fav,u guyz can think any kind of illusion as truth..Embarrassed

Regarding FS thread-Well,i dont go much in this thread..but sometime i visit..& i wanan say this thread is 4 both SG & MN fans,so it would be better who visit & share views wid each other in this thread,be cool,be clam n share..Dont quarrel..

At last( Oh god ) plz this time mods also posted this topic just 4us,so plz stop bashing..DONT bash ur non-favs anywhere,be it in CC section,in MJHT forum section or anywhere else..just keep 1thing in mind..if a person say bad things abt ur favs & that hurt u..just like dat when u bash other favs,they felt the same..
So dont be rude to any member or make fun of them or their favourites..B4 doing that keep urself in their place & think if u were in their place & some1 else doing what u r doing,what would u feel !..

Live in peace & let live others in peace..
If u dont enjoy others,instead of useing hursh words abt them,y not talk to abt ur favourites..
If u v a any issue,instead of saying other stuffs boaring (In MJHT) y not says all of them to PD(creatives) who is der to listen..

Its d high time that we all should understand d fact that every carecter who r their in MJHT no matter he/she is ur fav or not,they complete MJHT & respect other members feeling & also d actor/actresses hard word..If u cant appriciate their hardwork,then u'v no right to insult them..
U enjoy ur fav's in peace & let other enjoy their favs in peace..

Ahh!Finally i'v said whatever i'd to say..
Thanku Gagan diHug

* plese everybody dont repeat ur past work again n again..*

Love & regards..

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Joined: 08 September 2008
Posts: 5221

Posted: 20 April 2009 at 11:59am | IP Logged
i think gagan didi ,people should not oppose other's ideas in future thread .if they don't like they should not discourage the idea.

-Gaganjot- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 18 March 2006
Posts: 36943

Posted: 20 April 2009 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
Firstly, I will be very frank.
I do not like to talk in circles.
I have recieved several compaints against members in "Meetha Pan CC" and "Not so Obsessed MJHT Fan CC"
I am not going to name anyone... but do you think the other person will stop bashing if you do not stop?
Where do members draw the line between constructive critisicm and bashing?
Thank you Kavya, Piya, AMMY LUVS RIDZ
Will reply in detail to your post...

Edited by Gaganjot.S - 20 April 2009 at 12:09pm
petticoat IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 19 October 2006
Posts: 31655

Posted: 20 April 2009 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
there is always the option of pming your anger at somebody or using it in such a way that it is not visible to everybody or atleast an open forum!
Bashing is personal option we cannot restrict a person not to bash!I do not bash or insult anyone in an OPEN forum and I would expect other people to give me the same courtesy:)

there are situations wherein my names have been brought up in a circle where i am not in friends with unnecessarily when i am not online and when i am online. they seem to take offense when pointed yesterday.

I mean there are other shows with 2 couples where the forum has been pretty peaceful. I would love mjht forum to be peaceful!

If anybody has issues with me you are free to point out!

If somebody has issues with me..feel free to share..
and about me criticizing samrat in any place.. let me point out i have always criticized mayank worse than I criticize samrat ... I just say what I feel...:)
GamesOfLife IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 February 2009
Posts: 16917

Posted: 20 April 2009 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Salam ... thanks mods for this post ..

this post is for every individual who reads it ....

@ I think future thread scenes  post is for all .
 therefore over there only endorsement should be allowed and no personal idea contradiction should be there .

@  if   v  disagree v  should hold  r silence   and don't as a collective group try to go against  someone's post .

@ We should   collectively try to  endorse a person's idea ... not to  hurt someones post ...

 and  then  leave it for pd to decide ..

 if that person  ideas  r  not suitable it will not be selected ... however if it is suitable  due to collective negativity against it  it may be dropped .. and this is wrong ....... voice should be raised together for  the right cause and not for the wrong one...

 therefore for once . I request mods to take actions against those who go collectively  and deliberately go against some one's  post ....

 groups should be made not to bash some ideas but to encourage some one's  theme..

 I request bashing of one idea should not be allowed...... for anyone ... including me ....

GamesOfLife IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 February 2009
Posts: 16917

Posted: 20 April 2009 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by AMMY LUVS RIDZ

i think gagan didi ,people should not oppose other's ideas in future thread .if they don't like they should not discourage the idea.

 yes  exactly my point ...

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