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wow....what a writer are indeed Satish...
I enjoyed reading all of them.....YOU should write books and publish them too.......buddy.....
Good job....

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                                                  LOST SOULS

In todays fast developing cities, space is at a premium and to aquire land lot of deals are done the wrong way and tragedies follow those actions.People who move into new houses or flats hardly have a moment to know or understand the history of the place there house or apartment complex has been built on.Sometimes dark deeds leave behind traces which wait for justice to be done.For in some instances the wait is eternal yet for some the repurcussions are swift and justice brutal.


Mommy,mommy screams a young voice and shalini wakes up startled and rushes to the next bedroom which belongs to her five year old son raghu.Running in she sees her son sitting in the bed completely drenched in sweat and with a terrified look on his face.Taking him in her arms she asks him,baby what happened to which raghu points and says those children are not leaving me alone and they keep calling me to play with them.Shalini looks around and finding no one around looks curiously at her son and asks,raghu are you all right.Anyway don't worry,you must have had a nightmare or a bad dream.It is common because it has been only one week since we moved in to this house and it will take some time to get used to it.
                                                      Next day after both her husband and son have left  shalini walks around cleaning at the same time admiring her house and thanks their family stars for getting the house at such a throwaway price.the only thing that saddened her was that it was about an hour's distance from the city and made shiva's commuting to office and home a painful thing.As she is cleaning raghu's room she gets a whiff of something burning and wondering if some light fuse had gone or she had left something to cook in the kitchen she rushes out but finds nothing in the oven or on the stove.Thinking she is behaving like her son she laughs to herself and goes about doing her daily turns to afternoon and slowly slips into twilight time.Raghu comes running into the house and flinging his bags in every corner and goes to  switch on his playstation.slowly time drifts and night falls on the house.Both shalini and shiva are awakened by raghus voice and se him standing with his teddy bear.wondering if he is hurt they ask him what happened.raghu replies,i am not able to sleep in my room for there is too much disturbance and those kids keep staring at me.Not understanding what he meant shalini asks him to sleep with them and tucks him close to her.
                                                                  Safe in his mothers arms and his dad close by raghu tries to close his eyes but is soon disturbed and he spends the night wide eyed and staring into the dark.Next day shalini wakes up with the noises of raghu screaming and laughing.Wondering what was going on shalini comes to raghu's room and sees him throwing a ball to someone and saying catch,catch it .The ball drops to the floor and comes to a halt at shalini's feet and seeing her raghu comes running and says,mum these boys are really sweet and nice.i am not scared of them anymore for they were not frightening  but just wanted to play with me and my toys.Checking raghu's forehead to see if he was running fever she finds his brow cool to the touch and not knowing how to react comes to her husband and tells him of what is happening.They decide that they would take him to a doctor and get a checkup done.They go to a nearby hospital and the doctor informs him that raghu is perfectly okay and there was nothing to be worried about.
                                                Later in the evening when shalini leaves raghu with shiva and is about to drive out to the supermarket to pick up some provisions,raghu comes and says he also wants to come with her for he needs to buy something for his friends.By now used to his imaginary friends shalini seats him and places the seatbelt around him.Driving with raghu in th backseat shalini's thought are filled with what could be going on hers son's mind.Meanwhile raghu is pointing to places passing by on the road and telling somebody what those places were.Reaching the supermarket and going inside raghu rushes towards the ice cream parlour and keeps pointing to the different flavour.The place is not very crowded but the few people who are shopping there throw vague glances at raghu but don't take him seriously since he is a kid.Raghu comes upto shalini and says i want you to buy two cups of chocalate,two cups of strawberry and then turning back as if  talking to someone to make sure what they want he turns back and says and two chocobars.Shalini not knowing how to react to her son's demands decides to buy them but just then the air around turns really cold.Wondering what was going on she finds raghu missing and fearing for his safety she searches for him.She finds him in a corner staring at a man who is shopping for some medicines.Just as she goes towards her son,raghu screams at the man,murderer,why did you hurt my friends.The man not understanding puzzled by what was happening moves threateningly towards raghu but by that time shalini intervenes and apologises for her son's strange behaviour.She tells him that raghu has been behaving strangely since they moved into their new house.The man a very tough and dangerous looking fellow looks glaringly at raghu and then softens his expression and asks shalini where they were staying.When shalini mentions their address the man's expression changes to something of fear and horror but manages to smile and wishing shalini the  best of luck in their new house leaves but not before throwing a strange look at raghu.

                                                              Returning to their home shalini tells shiva what had happened at the shop and says she is really worried at raghu's behaviour.Late in the night she wakes up raghu playing in the garden and peeping from the window she sees him walking on a branch.Freezing in fear she watches as raghu does the impossible and walks the length of the branch which should have been physically impossible for a boy his age to do without an adults help.Totally scared she watches raghu jumping up and down in joy screaming once more,once more.Not able to watch the scene anymore she goes down to the garden where she sees a ball flying by itself,a cycle riding without anyone driving it.Nervously she calls for her son and gathering him she rushes back to the room and puts him to sleep holding him tight.

                                               Next day morning with all three of them sitting at the dining table,shiva and shalini question raghu about what was happening and who he had been talking to and playing with the past few days.Raghu cheerfully says,dont worry dad my friends are really sweet and that their names were raju,mala,shekar,lata and kumar.Both shiva and shalini look at each other and ask raghu why he was not introducing his friends to them.Raghu turns around and talks for sometime and then turniing back says with a serious expression that they were wary of adults because they might hurt them.He went on to say that his friends had been lonely for nearly 20 years and were happy to play with him.Not knowing what to do shiva starts to ask around and finds out that the place where their house was now built had originally housed an orphanage for children,but then about twenty years back a fire had broken and had burnt the place down and in the process five children were burnt to death.

                                               Still confused and a bit worried about their son raghu they decide that if things were going to go on the same way then they would sell the place and move to some other location.Tired all three fall into a deep sleep with shiva and sahlini holding raghu between them.At about two in the morning,raghu wakes them up hurriedly and tells shiva and shalini that the bad men have come back to kill them and point to the window.Hurriedly shiva gets up and slowly tip toes to the window to see what was happening outisde their house at this time of the night.He sees a vehicle parked and a man gets out from it and shalini recognises him from the supermarket and tells shiva about it.just when shiva is about to pick up the phone to call the police,it goes dead.Hurriedly he treis his mobile but strangely no signal.Raghu come up and says dad don't worry everything will be fine for my friends are going to help us.The bedroom opens by itself and then shuts by itself.All three stare and then look out the window to see what was going to happen.The gate opens without anyone near it and shuts itself on its own.
                                                              The man who got out of the vehicle is talking to another person,you think i am going to let a kid ruin my life and name i have earned in the society.i have killed before to become rich and i am goiing to kill agian to protect what i have worked so hard to earn.Saying this he gets out of the vehicle and opens the boot and brings out a few cans filled with petrol.The petrol cans lift and are emptied on the man and his vehicle.the person who came with him seeing this strange happenings flees fearing for his life.Not knowing what was happening to him the man looks around to see who had poured petrol on him when a matchstick lights up and seeing it the man realises that something bad was going to happen.He turns to run when something trips and he falls to the ground.Gathering strength he climbs into the vehicle but realises the vehicle won't start.The remaining cans of petrol lift from the ground and are poured onto the vehicle.By now desperate the man tries to open the vehicle doors but it is locked shut and it catches fire.The man screams in agony and dies an agonising death.Watching all this in horror shivaa and shalini turn when their bedroom door opens and he sees five children come in.They come to raghu and touch him tenderly then like a morning mist they slowly start to vanish.Gentle words could be heard saying bye raghu bye..

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Wow!  That was an excellent story!  You had me spellbound.  Great writing, Satish!  Keep up the good work.
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Anybody who read the whole story, does Raghu really exist? Did Shalini and Shiva really see him? Raghu seemed to have esp and the predictions were right.

As for the poem "promised gold" to me is perceived as an ending to every fairy tale. Almost every one whom I've known in life found none in the end. They worked hard all their lives, and died poor.

It worked out in the case of this lady at work. Her brother suffered from cancer for years and was a cripple who she took care of. One day, she said she was going to a play with her ex and when she came back her brother had pulled the plug. There were lots of accusations against her, specially because of the inheritance.
Months later now, after a cruise in New Zealand, she's a fresh person. With that promised gold.
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                        quantum theory and the law of energy

ashes to ashes and dust to dust so the famous quote goes
but stop,think and ponder deep about it
if it dosen't come to you do what i do
or what i did when i was in kutralam for shooting
8 pm in the night and the scene was going on
my shot was going to take time so i lit up a smoke and was strolling around
away from the lights and glares of people
in silence mind blank i didnt' realise i had walked quite a bit from the scene
more or less pitch dark i looked up at the night sky and just kept looking at it
cloudless moonless night the stars swarmed the entire sky
i wondered what is going on out there and who is looking back at me right now
i felt the earth spinning a small speck in the universe around the sun
and the sun spinning around our milky way galaxy
and our milky way galaxy spinning to its own rythms
they say when big stars explode they die in a event called supernova
they shed their elements into the neighbourhood
what are those elements and what are those elements in me
if i am buried i will decompose and finally break down into simple chemicals
if i am buried i will turn into ash and some of it will be dispersed in the sea
so in the end i end up however into the bowels of the earth
billions of miles away stars spin,stars explode
but here on earth i spin to my rhythm
but still connected to the same essence
is this what they call the cosmic connection
or is it true that we are all remnants of cosmic dust
connected in theories buried deep in quantum physics
do you remember when they call lord shiva the cosmic dancer
well are we all dancing to the tunes of this cosmic connection
ultimately everything turns into basic chemicals
and follows the universal rule
energy is never lost it is just transferred
my mails my words my pain my grief
which i have been transferring through the net reaching out to all of you
so let me dance to this strange rhythm of life
how do i end this writing,how do i end this life
just by simply saying love is the answer
love solves everything


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Dear Satish,


Your expressions make me think a lot about our lives

And I read the above post of your with

Passion and vehemence in my heart and

Tears in my eyes..


Especially the following lines.

"well are we all dancing to the tunes of this cosmic connection
ultimately everything turns into basic chemicals
and follows the universal rule"

I completely agree with this theory of yours.


Just by taking a short break from your busy shooting spot'

You poured out this much? A..m.a...z....i...n\....g..!!!

You ended with these lines..............

"how do i end this writing, how do I end this life
just by simply saying love is the answer
love solves everything"


Once again well expressed................

And I really wish that you will meet the

Best person on earth to be your life partner

To carve up her life with you until the end

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                                  one and a half foot man

went up to the station to pick up my mate
as usual the trains were running late
enquired but nobody could accurately tell
while bandicoots were running around like soldiers from hell
deep breath,folded hands back leant against the wall
took time and blanked out for things to ponder
and what lies in my life'e yonder
thought about my wife and the years of coming to the station
and my finances which i was desperately trying to ration
wondered if i was doing good by her and
pondered how much more further
then saw this newly married couple
 the man was carrying all the luggages without any trouble
his one leg was normal
but the other was five inches shorter and very abnormal
he stooped low with each step
but never was there any mis-step
with a large smile in his face
he hopped and vanished without a trace
finally the train crawled into the station
shedules,delays and without any such notion
then came wife into my view
and i asked how are you
then picked up all her luggages and with a straight back
made my way with thoughts of one and a half foot man
his leg might have been small
but his heart and soul were big and tall
promised myself i would be that man
and love my wife as much as i can

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Originally posted by deepak_dinesh

one and a half foot man
promised myself i would be that man
and love my wife as much as i can
I am sure you will Satish.....
Good luck...BTW have you started searching already?

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