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Ola Amigos,

to the...

Kitani Mohabbat Hai

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Table Of Contents

Post # 1 - Introduction to the Dev Team
Post # 2 - About the show
Post # 3 - Important Links
Post # 4 - Character Sketch
Post # 5 - Updates Archive (Written/Video/Pictures)
Post # 6 - Kahaani Ab Tak
Post # 7 - Member Of The Week
Post # 8 - Discussion Of The Week
Post # 9 - Game Of The Week
Post # 10 - Newsletters
Post # 11 - Fan-Clubs / Chat-Clubs


Kitani Mohabbat Hai Dev Team

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About The Show
Love changes people in the most unbelievable way. How far will love take you? Is it strong enough to take up the challenges? Is it deep enough to survive all conflicts? ^/Kitani Mohabbat Hai^/ answers these questions in more than one way for Arohi and Arjun, the main protagonists of the show. Two completely opposite individuals, who think and behave differently, come together in this powerful and heart-warming love saga. Arohi hails from the picturesque valley of Panchgani and is a vivacious young girl who believes in the power of love, while Arjun is a cool & calm casanova who dislikes women and refuses to believe that ^/someone somewhere is made for you^/. Set against the backdrop of music, Kitani Mohabbat Hai is a passionate story of loving, losing and yet, living… for Arohi, Arjun and their families.

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Character Sketch


Hari Prasad Sharma (Virender Saxena)
Hari Prasad is the ex-principal of Gurukul, the renowned music school.  He is a highly-principled man, owing to which he was forced in to early retirement - as he never agreed to accept bribes.  He is a widower and has 4 living children - an estranged son and 3 daughters (Arohi, Antra and Sur).
Captain Hanish Sharma (DECEASED)
Hanish was Hari Prasad's eldest son who died in an air-crash a few years ago.  He was married to Poorvi.
Poorvi Sharma (Pooja Gor)
Poorvi is Hanish's widow.  She has remained within the Sharma household as a daughter following Hanish's death.
Junior Sharma
Junior Sharma (his name is yet to be disclosed) is Hari Prasad's second son who harbors ill-feelings towards his own father - particularly the high-principles.  He had wanted to go abroad for further study/establish himself, but because Hari Prasad refused to take any bribes, their financial situation never improved to allow him the opportunity.  Junior lives with his wife (Mrs Sharma) in the out-house as paying-guests.
Mrs Junior Sharma
Mrs Sharma is Junior's wife.  She is hostile towards her husband's family.
Arohi Sharma (Kritika Kamra) - Female Protagonist
Arohi is Hari Prasad's eldest of the 3 daughters, who tries to follow her father's high-principles, and is often found arguing with her brother.  She aspires to become a famous singer one day, but owing to her family's financial situation she has currently put the dream on hold; and has begun to work for the RUTHLESS Arjun Punj. 

Antra Sharma (Ashita Kapoor)
Antra is Hari Prasad's second daughter - the wild one of the three sisters.  She hopes to have the 3 M's (money.. mercedes.. mansion), for which she needs a M (man).  Consequently, she is forever wanting to attend lavish parties.
Sur Sharma (Sonam Thakur)

Sur is Hari Prasad's youngest daughter.  She is the quiet one; hoping to be a successful painter one day.
Bua (Suha Shivpuri)
Bua is Hari Prasad's *adopted*-sister.  Her own children are settled abroad, but she has refused to join them; consequently living with Hari Prasad and his 3 daughters, on whom she dotes.   In order to remain self-sufficient, Bua works as a matchmaker.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ^ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


DK Punj (Satyajit Sharma)
DK is a successful businessman, who has returned to Shimla in order to take over the management of Gurukul, and to build a studio on the adjoining land - which can only be possible through Hari Prasad.  His wife (Savita) left him and their only son (Arjun) 16 years ago.
Savita Punj (Neena Gupta)
Savita is DK's estranged wife.  She left him and their only son (Arjun) 16 years ago; and is now a renowned singer.  She was the best friend of Hari Prasad's late wife, and consequently is called  "Badi-Ma" by the Sharma children.  Savita is particularly close to the eldest Sharma daughter, Arohi.
Arjun Punj (Karan Kundra) - Male Protagonist
Arjun is the only son of DK and Savita Punj.  He followed his father's footsteps and joined the world of commerce.  He hates all women - which stems from his bitterness/hatred towards his own mother for leaving him and his dad 16 years ago, for no given reason.  As a result of this TRAIT, all his immediate employees are male - until his father employees Arohi as Arjun's Associate
Arjun is currently in jail and has refused all outside help to free him.  However, a persistent lawyer (Ganga) eventually breaks his resolve and he begins to narrate his story - Arjun and Arohi's love-story.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ^ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Mohan Mitthal (Satyajit Sharma)
Mohan is DK's best-friend and business-partner, who has returned to Shimla with him in order to initiate their next venture.  He is married to Paddy, and they have 4 children - 3 sons and 1 daughter.
Padma (Paddy) Mitthal (Sheeba Chadha)
Paddy is Mohan's wife.  She is EXTREMELY status-conscious and consequently is adamant that ALL 4 of her children marry well.  She is at present encouraging her daughter (Natasha) to pursue Arjun, as he is an only son and heir to his father's business empire.
Salil Mitthal (Shresth Kumar) 

Salil is Mohan and Paddy's eldest son.  He is a singer, initially taught by Hari Prasad at Gurukul.  Consequently he has had a colourful-personal life, which comes to a standstill when he sees Poorvi - falling for her on first sight.
Nikhil Mitthal
Nikhil is Mohan and Paddy's second son.  He is forever getting into trouble - yet manages to keep a series of girlfriends on the go! 
Aman Mitthal

Aman is Mohan and Paddy's third and youngest son.  He is still studying - having just failed his finals.  He is more interested in girls - occasionally giving Salil and Arjun tips!  
Natasha Mitthal
Natasha is Mohan and Paddy's only daughter.  She is a fashion designer, and never short of male attention.  However, her current project is to entice/capture Arjun - the female-hater.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * ^ *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Karan Singh (Hiten Tejwani)

Karan is a renowned Music Director, who currently visited Shimla to judge the singing "Superstar Competition".  He purposely made Arohi lose the competition, in the hope that he would have her sing on his forthcoming album.  He is a good friend of Natasha.

Saloni works in Arjun's ONLY-female department (Accounts) located on the First Floor of a Five Floor office.   She has become a good friend of Arohi; and was recently asked to assist on the Fifth Floor.

Siddharth was employed by Arjun for the same position his dad assigned Arohi - therefore he now has two Associates.  He has been a supportive colleague, however occasionally he has been very vindictive - largely owing to his jealousy/love for Arohi.
Parkash and Another
Parkash and his Partner-in-Crime are Arohi's colleagues - who are forever gossiping!
Ganga Rai (Rakshanda Khan)

Ganga is the adamant lawyer, who has forced Arjun to break his silence and relay his STORY, in the hope that she may be able to free him. 

NOTE - The information will be updated as the show progresses ...

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Updates (Written/Video/Pictures)

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Kahaani Ab Tak

Week of January 19th-January 22
A lawyer, Ganga Rai, makes her 16th attempt to speak with a prisoner who has refused all outside help.  Her perseverance strikes a chord with the prisoner - Arjun Punj; who begins to narrate his story to her ...
Approximately 2 years ago, he had arrived in Shimla, the town where he met Arohi.  Arohi and her family are introduced, that is - her father, Hari Prasad, and her 3 sisters, Poorvi, Antra and Sur.  Arohi aspires to become a singer, and is about to participate in a reality singing contest - the 'Singing Superstar'.  Poorvi and Antra accompany her to the competition, but she misses her train, consequently losing her place in the contest.  A disappointed Arohi arrives home to learn that her father has been 'demoted' from his position as Principal of Gurukul, the country's leading music school, to a mere Board Member.  However, Hari Prasad is consoled by a letter from the school's new owner, DK Punj, who requests a meeting with him ahead of taking charge of the school.  Later that night, Arohi sees a person (Arjun) from a distance saving a puppy's life; and is highly impressed by this small gesture. 
Arjun's friend, Salil, arrives at Arohi's house the next morning, to meet with his old mentor, Hari Prasad.  However, he meets with Poorvi instead - and is totally smitten by her.  Arohi's aunt (Bua) arrives, informing the girls that the industrialists, Mitthal and Punj, have returned to Shimla with their families, which include 4 unmarried sons.  Arohi and Hari Prasad are kept waiting for 8 hours before DK sees them.  DK offers Hari Prasad to sing at their parties, including the one they are hosting that evening; but Hari Prasad refuses.  DK silently vows to break Hari Prasad's resolve.  Antra is annoyed that her father has refused the Punj/Mitthal's party invite; and is persuaded by her bhabhi to defy her father's decision and attend the party.
Week of January 26- January 29
Antara is on her way to the Punj/Mitthal party, when she is involved in an unscathed accident with Nikhil's (Mitthal's son) car.  Arohi's neighbour, Sundar, sees the accident and heads to inform her.  Poorvi and Arohi arrive at the party in search of Antra; where Arohi comes across a very 'arrogant' Arjun.   Hari Prasad learns of the accident from Sur and arrives at the Punj/Mitthal residence with the police.  Padma (aka Paddy) Mitthal attempts to shift the blame on to Antra, and in the process belittles Hari Prasad.  DK capitalises on the situation by 'appearing' to support Hari Prasad, consequently winning his admiration.
Siddharth (DK's driver's son) arrives at Arohi's house, informing her that his dad has been arrested in an attempt to protect the Mitthal son; and so pleads with Arohi to withdraw her complaint.  Arohi and Antra arrive at the police station, only to learn that Arjun has accused Antra of theft.  Arohi is furious and in a heated argument with Arjun, she slaps him.  Nonetheless, DK prevents Antra from being arrested.  On returning home, they realise that Hari Prasad is very ill; and so Arohi heads out to fetch the doctor, but is met with difficulties owing to a snowstorm.  Arjun's driver helps her reach the doctor's residence; however on learning the reason why his driver arrived late to collect him, Arjun instructs his driver to return and assist the 'girl' and her father.  Arohi notices Arjun's scarf and realises that the car belongs to the same person who nursed the puppy; and once again is impressed. 
Poorvi continues to mistake Salil as a plumber - and in an attempt to resolve all misunderstandings, he offers his company card and assures her that he will recommend her for the vacant position.  However, Poorvi decides to send Arohi, as she has better qualifications.  On arrival for her interview, Arohi realises that the office belongs to the 'arrogant' Arjun; who consequently attempts to throw her out.  Arohi is met by DK in the corridor, and he instantly appoints her, much to Arjun's annoyance - and the two (Arjohi) vow to make the other's life a living hell.   
Week of February 2-February 5
Arohi's brother seeks her assistance in securing a position within the Punj/Mitthal's company; but she refuses.  At work, Arjun has instructed security to check Arohi's bag on arrival and departure - she feels insulted, but cooperates with the guard nonetheless.  Arjun continues to torture Arohi by setting her demeaning tasks; however, she accepts and undertakes them with grace.
Salil arrives at Arohi's house to speak with Poorvi, but she continues to mistake him as a plumber, until she comes across one of Arohi's company brochures and realises that he is one of the Mitthal sons.  She slaps Salil for lying; leaving him determined to prove his love for her. 
Paddy calls her daughter, Natasha, and tries to convince her to pursue Arjun - the sole heir of the Punj Empire. 
At work, Arohi hears someone whistling her song; and goes in search of the sound.  She wrongly assumes that Siddharth is the person she saw that night nursing the puppy.  Arohi's view of Arjun worsens when she overhears part of his conversation with an old employee, who is forced to take leave so as to undergo treatment, but at the company's expense.  DK gifts Arjun a new car, which Arohi drives into that same day!  Arohi's punishment involves a salary reduction and overtime.  That evening, whilst still at work, there is a power-cut, and in a panic Arohi accidently hugs Arjun.  Hari begins to sing at an out-of-town restaurant, where his daughter-in-law (Malika) spots him.
Week of February 9-February 12
Arohi is instructed to find a series of books from the library, where she sprains her ankle, and consequently is nursed by Arjun.  Outside the restaurant, Hari Prasad saves Malika and her friends from a troublesome gang; and in return she agrees to keep quiet about his 'new' job.  Salil tries to speak with Poorvi but she refuses to speak with him.  In the office, Arohi hears someone crying, and on investigation, she finds a disorientated Saloni (an employee from another department/floor) in the storeroom; and catches sight of the abuser (Vikas).  Arohi vows to seek justice for Saloni, while Vikas attempts to threaten/discourage her.
In an attempt to prove his love, Salil decides to ask Hari Prasad for Poorvi's hand-in-marriage.  Mohan and Paddy Mitthal are horrified to learn of their son's decision, but DK sees this as the opportunity that will allow him to control Hari Prasad, and obtain his signatures for some charity-land.  He encourages the Mitthals to support Salil's decision for now, and once the signatures are obtained, the engagement can be broken off.
Arohi informs Arjun of the wrongdoing - but he refuses to believe her, consequently firing Saloni and promoting Vikas.  Undeterred, Arohi decides to 'catch' Vikas out at his own game, and agrees to meet him at his house after work.  However, Vikas outsmarts her, by having hidden their colleagues in the next room to witness Arohi's characterless-manners.  Arjun also appears, and whilst it seems that he has fired Arohi, he has in fact dismissed Vikas!  Arjun plays CCTV footage, which shows Vikas leaving the storeroom; and reveals to his staff that a series of cameras were installed recently on their floor, so as to keep check of Arohi.
DK, Mohan and his wife arrive at Hari Prasad's residence, with Salil's proposal.  The Sharmas are shocked to learn that the Mitthals have selected Poorvi - who is in fact Hari Prasad's widowed daughter-in-law.  To mark Arjun's birthday, his employees leave a cake for him in his office; Arjun assumes it's from Arohi and following an argument, he throws the cake away, only for it to land on Arohi's face!
Week of February 16-February 19
Arjun decides to see DK's birthday gift - their old home.  Whilst recollecting old memories; his mom, Savita, appears behind him; but he refuses to acknowledge her.  Arjun heads to a bar, where he begins to drink heavily.  Back at the office, Arohi is urgently requiring Arjun's signatures in order to finalise a deal; but is unable to reach him on his mobile.  Eventually she sets out to find him, and does so outside the bar.
Arohi drives Arjun home, who in his drunken state reveals detail of his personal life - particularly his mom.
The following morning, Arjun sees his employees smiling, and wrongly assumes that Arohi has 'gossiped' of his past.  He violently confronts Arohi; but is interrupted by Siddharth and some other employees, who inform him that they have secured the deal, and his signatures are required.  Arjun looks guiltily at Arohi.  Eventually he summons her back in to his cabin, but is unable to apologise.  Arohi asks him to smile in return for her efforts securing the deal, but Arjun fails miserably.  Salil informs Arjun of his marriage-proposal, and Arjun mistakes it being for Arohi.  Therefore, he purposely keeps her busy so as to prevent her from meeting Salil; which they eventually do - discussing Poorvi!
Week of February 23-February 26
Hari tries to console Poorvi; whilst Salil attempts to share his excitement about marrying the girl he loves with Arjun, who unknowingly becomes upset and annoyed by it all.  Salil meets Poorvi and asks if she is happy with their future relationship, she responds in the negative, but Salil is overjoyed by her honesty, and assures her that his love alone will be enough to cover her personal share too.  Arohi relays her office incidents to her Badi-Ma - who is in fact Arjun's mom, Savita. 
Arjun attempts to dissuade both Salil and Arohi out of the pending marriage, but all efforts go in vain because of his misunderstanding over the REAL couple!  Badi-Ma sends Hari Prasad a note informing him that as part of her contribution, she has taken care of all the arrangements for Poorvi's engagement - including their outfits.  At the engagement party, Arjun continues to mistake Arohi as Salil's fiancee; and eventually shares his emotional dilemma with DK who advises him to listen to ignore the heart and follow the mind.  Throughout this time, he is followed by a smitten older 'aunty', and in an attempt to hide away, he ends up in Arohi's bedroom.  Mischievously, Arohi allows the aunty to enter the room and seek her 'love' out; Arjun who is hiding behind a curtain, pulls Arohi in.  Arohi struggles to free herself, and in the meanwhile the aunty finds them in a supposedly compromising position, and so decides to abandon her quest.  As Arohi storms out, Arjun accidentally rips her duppatta - making her panic, as she has no other decent dress to wear for her sister's engagement.  Arjun realises his mistake and leaves all smiles, much to Arohi's annoyance. 

NOTE - The information will be updated in FULL shortly ...

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