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FF:Contract Marriage[MayUr]Pt23 pg113 4/8 (Page 6)

Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by AMMY LUVS RIDZ

awesome update.plzzzzzzzz update other ff of mayur.waiting .pm me.Smile

Thanks for the comment i will update it..!!!

Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by blackdaughter

Yeh story jani pehchani si lag rehi hai Rohit baba!!!!!!

lol, nice concpet to apply to Mayur after Premeer!!! Best of luck!!!!!!

Yeah hai jani pehchani se...Armaan-riddhima se Preemeer pe and then ArmaanRiddhima se Mayur pe and sajan pe...
Ar rockzzzz....LOLLOLLOL
Mayur and sajan too..Embarrassed
Premeer..yup..i dont watch them.Shocked

Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by adi_gupta

nice update i m waiting for next update

i will update soon
thanks for commentEmbarrassed

*~*riddhima*~* Groupbie

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hi am riddhima well u r ff is great and i just love it
           plz cont soon
Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

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Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

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Part 3


'At the flight

Nupur searches for her seat in the executive class of the plane, glancing from corner to corner, it wasn't with Riddhima's, her seat was in extreme left with the guy who saved her pray from him just moment ago. she finds her seat but frowns seeing it occupied by some one already..She taps her feet and nudges the mysterious man behind the magazine His face well covered underneath it .."Excuse me this seat is mine 'EX102'"Man lifts his play boy magazine.





"huh'huh'.*****,@@@@@,#####"curses from both the end from Mayank and Nupur'





Mayank boarded the plane after checking through the counter. Going through the entry of the plane he was returning home after long three years….He hadn't returned to india in these three years, not even ones….He was greeted by exquisite site of beautiful Airhostess welcoming the passengers as per there daily routine..Mayank scrutinizes every faces among those beauties fixing his eyes but was interrupted by the ticklish voice. His eyes fix on the lady in her official attire. He eyes her.


Airhostess greets him 'Good morning sir! Welcome to Indian Airlines..We will serve you throughout your journey to Mumbai….May I help you to your seat.."


"Sure…Lady its my pleasure " he replies


He marches the court searching every faces indeed resting on one of the airhostess, smirking he plan on acting his charms on her today..Armaan also got seated in his seat his was extreme left from him..He also sits on his seat..Oops by mistakenly in the neighboring seat' arey waah!.. This seat would be easy for my task…And goes through the magazines from his bags and takes out one of the Play boy Magazine and got immersed in it waiting for takeoff until he was interrupted by some one. He heard her saying something like 'he was sitting in her seat' he feels that he had heard this voice somewhere. He puts the magazine down and gazes at the person totally shocked 'Among all the people it had to be her ...Now how will i tolerate her' He screams in surprise, throwing unpleasant look at her sudden appearance.




Matching him "Tum"


"AAh you stupid tum yaha par bhi aa gaye 'pagi, [email protected]@@@.,,### ...utho mere seat se, yeh mere seat jane kaha kaha se aa jate hai'kahi pe bhi baith jate ho 'Don't u have Eyes'???..Ohh' main toh bhul hi gai..U don't see these useless things with your those mousy Eyes u might be busy with those hostesses……."Nupur glared at Mayank 'astonished with her comments 'Mayank thinks to himself


Who is she'?? 'A Jhansi ki rani' ' always screaming, cursing…."kabhi to aaram se baath kare , na jane kaha se aayi hai  jab se aayi hai mere peeche hi padi hai…He narrows his eyes at her…"Cant she leave away from me..??     


"Kya kaha tumne'' He stared at her glaring…"chuua jaisi aakh…Huh…??? " He huffed looking at her….and blazed at her in anger…"Toh tumhari ankh bhi koi billi se kaam nahi hai…Huh.!! , and why were u screaming?? This is my seat….." He told her beaming…."So I m sitting here...Now you better take ur Antique face away from here…..Missy.." Mayank roars at her equally powered to answer her comments.


"Hmmm….." He sighed thinking, "These trip is indeed going to be memorable one lets see what happens next..." He looks at her


"Hey You…??? Shut up..!!!.. What did you say?.. This is your seat ..!!" She asked him glaring at him…showing him her ticket she spoke…" Huh.! cant u even see your boarding pass for the seat number before sitting….This is mine…"


"Oops. . What am I saying….??? She teased him…a smile on her lips…"How will you see it you don't have those normal eyes to see.." He shifted in his seat checking his boarding ticket…Oops she is indeed right this isn't my fact it is the right one the window seat. Mayank looks at her sheepishly...Now what should I do??'I have to sit here, its better to view from here and communicate with those beautiful ladies in these plane..'kuch sooch Mayank Yeh toh manegi nahi andar jane ko 'Jhansi ki rani lagti hai..' pata nahi kab talwar lekar aajaye..aur tujhe kaat dale' Getting the idea to fool her he looks at her with those mischevious eyes..


"Look..Missy can you take this window seat. I cant sit there 'I m having Kidney problem so I have use washroom too occasionally, it would be good for u to take window seat. so can u move in'" he claims her to sit in, instead of requesting


Nupur eyes him with doubt ' Is he trying to fool me..?? but  y..would he..??but anyone cant lie so bluntly about these sensitive thing like his health he might be having the problem Nupur…Quit it 'kuch bhi soochti rehti hai help him and take the seat 'vaise bhi voh tujhe hi help kar raha hai' If you will seat here he will disturb you again and again..she just nods her head at him. Mayank sighs in joy winning in fooling her..haha..I m too Smart, he beams in joy, Nupur goes inside and takes her seat putting the luggage in her lap taking out same novel to read. 


He goes on reading the magazine eying Nupur from the corner of her eyes she was pouting , anger flickering in her eyes ,she has to spend 20 hrs with this jerk now...Will it be more worse '??Shutting her eyes she relaxes as her phobia for the plane Would take off just in few minute and here I m seeing in window seat?? now what will I do ..??i cant see out of the window ..?..Pouting she tries to place her luggage cursing him under her breath'bas aakar baith gaya ..samajtha kya hai apne aap ko'aab aise ho baitha hai'madad bhi nahi kar sakta ..kitna upar hai kaise daalon'she jumps and tries to  put her  luggage in the rack but her luck gives away it doesn't gows..


"May I help you mam'"asks airhostess




"let me have your luggage I will put them it would be convenient to you'" she hands her bag to hostess thanking her in her mind giving the angry look to Mayank seeing him reading Playboy''Chiiii...kaisi kaisi photos dekh raha hai', yeh sab ladke aise hi hote hai'one track mind..she stomps on her foot and takes har seat.


Mayank glances at Nupur pouting to put her luggage in the rack'He wants to help her'!! Really from bottom of his heart...but y should he.? 'she just curses him ..Even if he offers his help she might make a deal out of it to get back at him, so he silently observes her expressions changing at every moment..from Pleasant to confusion to anger to pouting .Mayank hears a sweet voice he glances at the airhostess helping Nupur- the mysterious girl whose name he doesn't knows. Again he eyes her pray he has selected during the entry into plane'. She was the same girl, ''shikar khud hi shikari ke pass aa gaya 'aab aayega maza''  


Air hostess was wearing her cream attire of her company having her identity batch tinkled in it. she had whitish feature her long plane well shaven legs, her figure hugging attire displaying her perfect curves, sensuously which were inviting him, her 36-24-36'  figure was breathtaking .he glances at the batch catching her checking him out 'grinning he advanced toward her, leaning at his seat "Hii...Gorgeous Lady...May I know your good name'"he smiled at her flirtiously protruding his dimples.


"Is there the need of answering it handsome  ...You might have checked it while checking me out..!!" replied the hostees..inviting him with her sultry glances biting her lover lips winking at him..



Omgggg' she is a' Hotty Hotty chick 'yaar look at her those rosy lips they are dying for me..she is inviting yaar..sorry babes Mayank intni jaldi nahi phisalta Mayank traps tha prey'.prey never traps Mayank' ''Kya khoobsoorat bala hai'ekdam hoor..' yaar she is really inviting me driving me crazy but she doesn't know I m Mayank Khanna girls comes after my back ..I don't run after them..he eyes her every perfect curves from her chest to her slender waist and those long legs they were really inviting..



Nupur looks at Mayank 'what a flirt' he doesn't leaves any chances he gets now I have to face him for these 20 hrs of flight 'Who know what more I would get to see..Look at him he is drooling over her with his mouth open..i m urging to tell him to close his mouse otherwise these mosquitoes will make there 3 bedroom flat in his mouth..,he is just Disgusting '"chii'Disgusting.."she speaks with a look of total disgust in her face.



"'Huh..!! What's your problem missy….??? Why are you keeping your those precious eyes on me all the time cant you concentrate on yourself for a change?? Let me enjoy…." He huffed at her glaring…."If U are jealous  then don't be…!!! you are not of my class.." Mayank takes his eyes of her prey 'and rolled his eyes' answers Nupur growling at her ending with a smirk on his face saying I Got u'!!!!



Oooof..!!!!. .He is just impossible 'full of himself'



"Hey..!! I am not eying you'.,it was you who was drolling over that wicked hostess..Why would I look at you I have a class mister in which you didn't qualify..just so simple'don't put too much pressure on ur will burst open.." Nupur grins at Mayank answering him..



Nupur ties her seat belt as asked by the pilot and closes her eyes tightly shut, She prays…..'Plss God save me I don't want to die in these plane  why does it takes off..yaar..i get that dizzy feeling in me ..i like to puke suddenly Plane jerks and runs on the runway. Nupur jerks in her seat praying to the god to save her '..Hey Bhagwaan main marna nahi chahti abhi to merri shadi bhi nahi hui hai..mujhe bacha le ..mujhe mera sapna poora karna hai..Kapoor industries ko lead karna hai..plsss god save me.'.plane jerks and takes off' and we hear '.



  "AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh''stop it ,..plss…..stop it… me ...this monster will kill me..!! I don't want to die ....plsss stop these monster, o crap I am in the air ..plsss put me down


"'AAAahhhhhh'" she screams and clutches Mayanks arms tightly roaring at the top of her lungs burying her head in his chest from the side..catching him for saving her life..Mayank looks at her mortified''Arey yeh to ajeeb hai sedhe chipak gayi..pehle to gira di thi aab chipak rahi hai'Chipkili'!!'



'.Arrey kya ho gaya saanu '??kya iss munde neh toonu maara kaa'?jabarjasti karraha hai kya tujhse ..?? ohh mundiye aankha toh khola ..kuch toh bolo..[What happened to u..??did this man hit u..?? is he forcing u ..?? say something]"speaks a sardar with a long mustache in his Punjabi accent eyeing Mayank with suspicion and looking at Nupur  having her head buried in his chest and Mayank 's hands on her shoulder hugging her tight..



"ohh..kuch naahi papagi ..aap baith jayegi…Ei toh meri lugai hai..jara sa daar gai hai..plane main safar karne si darti hai'[ohh..Nothing man..u take ur seat..she is my wife'she is just afraid from travelling in plane..] "Mayank answers eying the sardar ready to murder him..'Arey baapre yeh sab to mujhe hi dekh rahe hai..tu pitega Mayank..u r gone..looking for sweep survival claiming her to be his wife.



Nupur feels calm burying her face in his chest in his protective embrace..She forgets her surrounding..She forgets that she is in plane, she forgets that it is taking off, and she is afraid of it...she gets the feeling that nothing will happen to her in his embrace..He will protect her from every thing, even if this plane crashes.  She feels secured in his embrace….Her heart sighs in content taking in his musky cologne..Captivating her senses the smell of his aftershave and cologne were playing havoc to her senses..There tender heartbeat unknowingly to both of them..Exchanges there warmth..She heard some one screaming near her ears..Disturbing her from her trivial state...she gets up from her position from his embrace her face flushed, feeling hot, her face catches the pink blush as she blushes deeply.. she ses a big sardar eying her closely'



"ooye tuada shauhar keh raha hai kit tanno darr gainda..[your husband is saying that you were afraid ]" Nupur eyes him not understanding his accent..


''I was saying that your husband was saying that you were afraid of flight ..thats why yu shouted ..Is it true..??"..another lady -wife of the sardar asks Nupur looking murderously at Mayank


"what ??...Husband..???.. Huh..woh kaha se aaya ???.'i was a single virgin when I woke up...then how did this happen'huh..'' I m not marrid ..i m single ..deadly single..Who is my husband.??.from where did he came'and who told you this.." Nupur questions the lady with astonished look on her face not believing someone had the urge to claim her as his wife totally mortified by the outburst of the lady.


"He told us ..the one sitting beside u..??..!!  then why were you screaming was he molesting you 'you were asking for help.."asks the confused lady


Nupur looks at Mayank.."you ..!!! What is ur Problem ?? You are following me like a bad luck from the airport ..First you collide with me, then you fight with me..then You seat in my seat exchanging yours ..telling lies that u have kidney problem..what did u thought..i wont get your trick..then u r wrong..and now you have a nerve of claiming yourself as my husband..huh..!!" Nupur glares at Mayank hovering over him mortifies by his claim.. how dare he..!!


"Hey ..Shut up..!! I didn't cliam myself as your husband ..I claimed you to be my wife…' smirks Mayank'.. you got that..because you were sitting with me and shouting, screaming to help, to save, by hugging me tightly'If you wanted to hug me you could have told me..i could have given you a chance ..why to play these trick'and for u to be my wife ..that I did on instance I didn't thought anything they were hovering over me ready to kill me .thinking that I am doing some thing to a monster like you ..what could I do..I knew u cant resist me..haan..but have some patience Lady!!"    Mayank answers her boiling in rage ..she is blaming me ' can she..!!?? here she hugs me and lands me in trouble and that pounces on me' great 'this girl is just great..!!..Ending with a cheeky grin on her place for hugging him..I liked that feeling of her soft breath against my chest those tendrils lying carelessly on her face..those silky hairs of her..jasmine fragrance..which were drowning his senses wild..But he ignores these feeling.



Nupur laughs embarrassed being caught redhandedly by him..but she didn't hug him purposely 'but he will not listen to me 'he is full of himself..A Rich Bratt."Oops sorry auntie he wasn't doing anything, woh..I am scared of planes so I shouted.."Nupur replies sheepishly wiping the sweat from her forehead.


"Sorry Mister for shouting at you ..It was my fault.."


Mayank grins at her embarrassed expressionand nods sheepishly.."Its.okk.."


"we are fighting from point we came and we didn't know our names ..haha..By the way I am Mayank Khaana" putting his hands forward for shake


"I m Nupur" shaking his hand


"you are going to India"


"yes "replies Nupur uninterestedly in the conversation with the man . Mayank sighs and puts his magazine down and takes out the tech quest reading it .


They continue reading and ordered there meals and enjoyed it.


"Would you like some drink sir..?"


"Yaa..A Red wine.." Mayank answered her smiling.


"what would you like mam.."


"A orange juice.."


She gives there drinks and Mayank in bored reading the magazine'suddenly he gets and idea..hahah..gotcha..!!


Nupur takes her orange juice and take a single sip..when Mayank asks fro the time.."Miss Nupur can I know what's the time please.."


Nupur eyes him suspicious;ly and tilts her hand containing her juice spilling over her. .Mayank laughs at her catching her stomach..laughing honderously..Nupur redded in anger...


"You ..!! I will not leave .you .."she smaks him behind his head poking her fist in his seat and leaves fro changing her dress cursing him loudly.




"Two injured Birds Injured in Love.."   


Here Riddhima and Armaan were enjoying their company introducing themselves to each other. They have gotten together quite easily.., enjoying each others company to the fullest. Armaan was indeed a happy go lucky kind of guy. he was totally mesmerized by this girl. her chirpiness, her beauty, the glitter in her eyes when she laughs leaved him spellbounded.


"so you are too going to india ..haan.." asks  Armaan grinning at Riddhima 'He liked her from the first instance when he laid his eye on her in the airport.. how she was helping her friend, those eyes were captivating him, he was left aghast with her expression which she was giving to her friend..


"Yes..We are returning there finally. we completed our studies so there is no point living here..what about you..?? you also sais the same thing??" Riddhima smiles at his question and answers..splashing her eye lashes giving him her


"I am also going to my home. We also came for our PG here.. Now returning back to my bros weeding "


"Who was the other man with you, fighting with my friend.."she asks


Armaan looks at her and then laughs answering "woh.."He was my brother Mayank...He is just like that only..Full of himself..!!"She is quite interesting girl..yaar! not like the other girls whom I met 'she is different' why am I feeling attracted towards her, her silky long hairs are inviting me to drown in them to nuzzle my face in them...Those lovely soft lips were like petals to him..'Sambha Armaan aapne aap ko..ek ladki hi toh hai..'


"Kya ussi ki shadi ho rahi hai.."


 "Nahi" Armaan answers quickly, flabbergasted at her question...woh toh mere big bro ki' ho rahi hai"


"waise..!! we are also going for wedding of my friends sister..she is also getting married.."Riddhima sighs meaningfully..'Arey bada hi sona munda hai..ekdam machoman lag raha hai ''hai yaar..Kash yeh mera hota..'..Riddhima was also feeling attracted towards him..'Hai these broad well build chest, they were captivating her sences..Accidently there hands brushes..a chill runs down through her spine..his manly jaws were properly inclined giving him serene his hansome  face.


"what a coincidence..aap bhi shadi par hi jaa rahe hai..Kya pata hamari manzil ek hi ho'"Armaan replies excitedly.


There conversation goes on, they were happily mingled in each other.. when Riddhima hears a scream...'Yeh Nupur kyun chilla rahi hai.??. she turns back tosee whats  going on some lady and a man was screaming at someone in front of there seat..that is Nupur's seat'but where is she..she just shouted now' then she sees her hugging a man ..Indeed it was Mayank'she smirks..her mind doing overtime 'interesting..very interesting ..!! iski khabar leni padegi ..ghar jakar..'..ohho…they started fighting again'inka kuch nahi hoga..!!..she engages in her conversation with Armaan instead paying attention to her mad friend.





At night time.'"A beautifull Treat"


Nupur is reading her novel'leaning into her seat her heat resting on the back of the seat slightly tilted toward right..'A love story..' she was engorsed in it..She yawns!!  Feeling sleepy...slowly her eyes closes and she drowses off..Into her dreamland. Mayank was also busy in reding his tech quest keeping an eye on her prey who was constently making passes at him..she was eying him flirtatiously..He makes at note --tommorow he would be having  fun with her..he leans on his seat streaching his soldier..Suddenly he feels something heavy on his soldier..He turns and gets lost at the captivated sight of the beauty..yes it was Nupur .,..She was leaning against his soldier putting her head on his broad shouldier frame ..Getting the cossy support she snuggles into him coming more she will submerege in him.. Cathing his arm as her lips curved in a blissful smile...her hot breath touching his face giving him tingling sensation ,he becomes hot at such close proximity.



Mayank was frozen, captivated by her innoscent beauty .the calmness on her face was enhancing her charm..suddenly he feels the urge to move those tendrils lying on her face disturbing her sleeps, as she stirs slight in her seat..moving more closer to him..snugling.. little frown appears on her forehead because of those tendrills ..he is having deep urge to push them behind her ear which he he touches her a cheer runs down his spine..Captivating him..those lips of her were inviting him'but he controlled himself against these urge he repeats in his mind'she is sleeping Mayank..dont do it..!! Don't look at her she is the same lady..she will not leave you ..'Jhansi ki Rani hai'' in the dazed state he pulls down the armrest and snuggles into her hugging her from a contended smile appears on his face..and he too drowses into dreamworld..she was indeed a captivating beauty..



Morning races falls in the faces of Mayank disturbing his best sleep of his life..he stirs, suddenly he hears voice of pilot announcing the arrival ..plane was just landing in Mumbai..his home.. waking him up..seeing his position he smiles slightly embarrassed, he ruffles his hair combing his hand through it..and pushes her hair back to her ear, her face was too close to her..she was looking divine while sleeping..a sleeping beauty..her lips were parted ..Suddenly she wets her lips and stirs, Mayank has a deep urge to feel those lips of her'to capture them in his manly lips, how will it taste ..and her innocent act of wetting her lips drives him crazy a sudden urge of passionate lust passes through him and he gives in  and leaning slightly in his seat towards her he puts his lips on her catching her lips in the deep sensuous  KISS. He kissed her, his sleeping beauty.  




The end


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wow.  great part, supherb writing, excellent work *CLAPS*, update soon cant wait for the next part.............
i read the mayur part only and its beautifully writtenClapClap

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yup..?? You want it now...!!!
i can post i want to catch up with the sajan fic and then do it simultaneously both..!!!

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