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FF:Contract Marriage[MayUr]Pt23 pg113 4/8 (Page 5)

Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 April 2009 at 8:49am | IP Logged
okies i am going to update part 2 now

cute mayur Senior Member
cute mayur
cute mayur

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Posted: 17 April 2009 at 9:23am | IP Logged
really nice the way you write this!!! you've got really really good writing skills:]
contiue soon!!!:) thnxx for the pm!!
zoe xx
Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 24 November 2008
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Posted: 17 April 2009 at 9:25am | IP Logged

Part 2


Nupur eyed the man in front of him murderously as if she would kill him at sight if she could do that, the man who was Mayank himself-for her just a mere stranger just now, but little did she knew that he would be her life in future'..shutting her large mouth gazing into his hazel eyes, those eyes in which she can drown herself at any moment, Standing in front of her was Mayank the Greek god himself with his well build 6'2" figure with well build chest looked utterly suave and handsome in a black shirt and those Baggy jeans. A diamond-studded silver lined watch adorned his manly wrist. His long dark hair waving in the direction of wind was brushed back for the sleek looking as a perfect hunk ready for hunting'



"'.OMGGGG ' ..Nupur see him came the vice from her heart who is desiring him as her dream man look at those eyes of him those are the most beautiful one you have ever seen..his face the handsome whitish feature little stubble in his well build perfectly lined jaw 'those lips'….


'Aaaahhh' .She sighed.  "I am dying to catch them with mine…" a thought came from herself…She gaped at her thought….''Haaaaooooww What was that..???" She thought gaping still.


" Shut up" her brain intervened in between shutting up her heart's desires to feel him. "What is there in him….haa..???" that u r eyeing him so much ..his jaws are nothing compared to James Bond…!! She growled. "Those chest its nothing'his abs its just six packs….just six'…'Even Aamir has 'Eight ' packs in Gajani I had seen him in movie few days back u cant fool me…Her brain replied to her desires of thgeir heart.


"Why are you drooling over him? He is the same man who collided with you, because of whom u fell…" She growled…"Yours dress got spoiled and you are checking him out..huh.??'..'o crap Nupurrr' 'u r just Impossible live a life  for sometime" She growled… , Nupur looked at him he is indeed a Greek god but she isn't ready to acknowledge it putting her thoughts behind her red removing them from her brain and heart she looks at him with a 'U R Gone' look "


Mayank eyed the girl who collided with him just now.. she was murmuring some thing but he wasn't able to hear her as he was busy in observing her plus how will he be able to, as the organ which might help him to hear what she was saying is covered by the headset of his new silver screen IPod' in which he was hearing his latest favorite hits of Enquire .she was indeed beautiful, those chocolate brown eyes which are eying him with confusion having clouds of emotion in them. He observes her emotion changing with every moment. She seems in deep thoughts he thinks why is she confused'?? Her figure was just perfect as any other chick with whom he  goes out with but she wasn't those types they were beauty chicks, one night fun type chicks...she seems to be some '.bhenji's of 90's '.Naaaah!' Not my type…!!! He huffed…!!!



He looked at her frowning but there is some thing in her which was forcing him towards her..her face was epitome displaying utter  pure innocence her cheeks with slight makeup…."Ahh...!! Those Blush ' [oops what are u doing MAYANK ?...'tu iss ladki ko iss tarah kyun dekh raha hai..']….or was it Anger ' ??? But she looked vibrantly pretty in those 'salwar kameez' she was wearing, which he used to hate. "Why do they cover every beauty  aspect of the girl..huh ''kuch bhi dekhta hi nahi hai'!! Humpar kuch toh kripa karo yaar'!!.'her hair were plane silky those jasmine fragrance were making his senses go wild..he was developing some uneasy feeling which he choose to ruthlessly discard suddenly some voice broke him from his task. He looked away from her and got up not bothering to give her any helping hand looking for the source of the voice.


"Abey yaar tu wahah neeche kya kar raha hai'haan..?? What are you up to.?..main tujhe kabse bula raha hoon you are not listening to me at all…aise toh hamari Flight bhi choot jayegi yaar'.we will miss our flight jaldi chal " Mayank glared at Mayank eying him sheepishly.



Armaan looked at Mayank scowling at his accusing glares which he is flaring at him again and again. This wasn't among the best days for Armaan right from the morning he is getting those accusing glares of his little Brother, and answered "Arey yaar mein toh aa hi raha tha jaldi jaldi par na jaane yeh pagal ladki kaha se beech mein aa gayi'mujhe dhakka dekar gira diya...You know Naa ! 'These girls…' He sighed….They just go flat over me, just taking any mere chances they get to go over me, she might be one among them trying to impress me..This girls naa' they just can't resist me..yaar !!"Replied Mayank with a deadly smirk on his face He looks at Nupur challenging her with his looks and grinned pouting at Armaan.


Nupur's mouth remained wide open hearing his cheeky reply..she plans to lessen his ego which he is boosting at  her. she glared at him 'Kya kaha tumne' these girls cant resist u' they are floored by you..."Are u some type of Alien from other planet that they cant take there eye off u...??...Lagte toh Bandar jaise hoon..monkey ,Hippo.. .she curses him..['mujhese panga le raha tha..'].."


Mayank reddened in anger matching his shirt color ready to blast at her'


How dare she insult him like that..?? Mayank Khanna hoon mein,,,...'Mayank jiske piche ladkiyaan bhagti hai..'


" What!!...How dare you say that?'chipkali..bhenji.."replies Mayank growling at her in anger.


Just around the corner Riddhima was busy in eying Armaan ...she was indeed checking him out'….She had seen many huy but there was something in him that was making her to look at him….OHHH…He is Hot…He looks so Handsome….." Riddhima murmurs to herself admiring the looks of Armaan, she was floored by him, by his looks..If looks could kill Armaan is doing just that she looks into his deep eyes, well build chest, Armaan looked deadly handsome in his 3 piece suit he was wearing his professional attire enhanced his well lined jaws hugging his manly body just perfectly.


Riddhima looks at Nupur with a pout she seems to be in his ready to blast mood which Riddhima knows really well as she is experienced in those department around her. Nupur glares at Mayank for his accusing look.."Ahhhey Mister! What do you think you are saying haa..??It wasn't me who collided with you.. it was you who indeed deliberately collided with me.."


"Hey Bhenji'I know you are acting hard to play but you should apologies to me full running into me.."replies Mayank smirking at her



She was just astounded by his reply .what does he think of himself? 'Kuch bhi bole jaa raha hai..ek bigda hua rahizjada lagta hai'' A jerk complete jerk'" A Scum sucking  'Bottom Dwelling 'Pig headed-Jerk.." here she fell because of him and he is flirting with her accusing her , Blaming her .. yeh mujhe  pehchanta nahi hai..i m Nupur .. Nupur never backs out, she glares and answers "Tum samajhte kya ho apne aap ko Ek aamir bap ki bigdi hui ayya boole jaa rahe hoo..Ek toh khud takrate ho..mera poora kapda kharab kardiya..upar se u thrown ur cake on my face 'Yuckk it stinks'!!..Why had God has given you those 2 eyes'?? Haan ..!! to see the object in the front so that you don't collide with them..but you men are all the same just eying those cheeky blondes passing around..Jerk Rich Bratts,,,,'Mr-know-it-all-Bottom-Dwelling 'scum bag -Sukker-Pig- headed- jerk ' "


Oops he might have heard my thought s I spoke it'


" Hey u'?? Don't call that' I  m the man The.." Mayank advances towards her with his eyes raedy to kill'


Riddhima looks at Nupur she is indeed going overboard' mujhe hi  kuch karna padega ' or else they will just kill eachother' Riddhima runs to Nupur asking her to stop the fight but she shoots some deadly glares at Mayank ready to pounce on him..Mayank also ready to kill her his temper on high they both advances toward each other but at right time Riddhima and Armaan stops the fight.






Announcement for the flight roars through the speakers at the airport catching the attention of the four people they leave there fight both Nupur and Mayank backs out.."Tum bach gaye warna aaj tum bach kar nahi ja pate yaha se"Nupur shouts at Mayank who just smirks and leave toward the checking counter


"'Nupur kya kar rahi thi yaar'control yourself galti ho jati hai kissi se uspe marne maarne  pe kyun aa jati hai tu' Look at your self come lets clean in the washroom change this dress..its spoiled" Riddhima guided a flaming Nupur to the washroom




'Mayank- Armaan at checking counter'


"what were u doing yaar first you collide with him and instead of apologizing then you blame herself for colliding'great yaar..pagal hai kya Bhooli bhali ladkiyoon ki pareshan karta rehta hai'."   Armaan asks Mayank while guiding him to the checkin counter


"Hehe that's me MAYANK should know I never apologize to a girl like her'a total Bhenji types' "



"Hey! If you didn't apologized' uska maajaak toh mat udah…don't make fun of her! she wasn't that bad yaar, she was indeed beautiful 'tabhi toh tu use ghoor raha tha' mein babes awaaj de raha tha. But you were too busy in checking her out..waise what were u eying .."


Mayank smiles inwardly remembering her innocence beauty indeed she was 'Beautifull' Naaahh….??? tune suna nahi ussne kya kaha 'Pig-headed' bottom 'sukking' kya pata kya kya bol rahi thi…I m not remembering it also..'


"What beautiful..yaar!! usse kai aachi ladyaan mere aage peeche rehti hai..rooj"


Armaan sighs inwardly he will be the same always..'Kabhi zindigi tujhse sab cheezoon ka hisab maangegi Mayank sudharja kya pata kal kya hoga' Noone knows yaar…" He huffed looking at her. Behave yourself..!!! Running after women daily….dancing going to pubs, drinking till late change it yaar" requests Armaan with his earnest look at his Big brother Mayank soon to be the CEO of Khanna Industries after completing his PG from one of the renowned institute of newyork in business management…he was going to achieve his long-lasting dream of taking over his company and reaching it to those higher the giants..He can do anything for these dream..


Mayank ignores the daily lecture of his bro instead asks about his other bro cum buddy Purab "Yaar what about Purab 'Did he Called you ?...Did You informed him we are coming back  tomorrow .. Did he came back from Delhi..??.'Conference par gaya tha naa..'   "Question Mayank with grim look on his face



Armaan gives him a quizzical look calculating his move once again his tactics of ignoring his subject so cleverly nevertheless he sighs and replies"Yeah man Bro Did called he was asking about the flight timings  ...he is also coming tomorrow .usne bola voh hume receive karlega mom toh preparations mein busy hai..Aakhir bhai ka sapna joh poora karna hai..."Laughs Mayank grinning at him and replys to hium…"Kya yaar ye Purab ko bhi kaya ho gaya khud hi apne per par kulhadi mar raha hai...Why did he wants to get married so soon...he should enjoy his bachelorhood just like me'!!! To the Foolest..!! " they proceeds to the waiting area





'Bizarre at the washroom'


Riddhima straiten her dress cursing in her mind.."Yaar Nupur.!!.Why were you fighting with that macho man!' He was Greek god yaar...uska doost bhi bahut handsome tha.. "


"Greek god my foot !! Ullu ka pattha lag raha tha'"


"If he was 'Ullu ka pattha' then why were u drooling over him yaar'ek toh voh tujse takraya' got a chance to touch his muscular body " Nupur cuts him out…"Riddhima shut up'!! I wasn't checking him out ..Haan'Chaal aab.. "



Nupur emerges from the washroom with the fresh glow back on her face 'the face fool of life..they also go towards the checking counters for checking in trailing along with Riddhima giggling..




Nupur picks up his cell phone "Hello Diiii'How are u..?"


Voice comes on the other end of the phone" I m perfectly fine Nupur..We all are waiting for you Dearly Plss'come soon yaar..yaha par kitna kam hai ..aur tu hai kia sirf do din pehle aa rahi hai ..maine tujhe pehle hi kaha tha ki tujhe jaldi aana higa par tut oh tu hai'.I am missing you Riddhimai'my little sister"


"Dii..I m missing you too 'I wasn't able to come early dii'you knew it naa'my last termly final exams were on..i couldn't leave it..but I m coming now atlast back to my family for ever'Hows Mum Dii'??"asks Nupur wiping the mists from her eyes due to the moistness from the overwhelming had been tuff for her to be away from her family for 3 years of her course..From her dii..Who is indeed her life, her best buddy..!


"Did u board the flight Nupur"Asks the voice


"No dii'just checked in" answers Nupur. Nupur hears the voice of her mother calling her dii..'Dia beta jaldi neeche aao...Bahut kaam hai..aur who ladki bhi abhi tak aayi nahi..usse kaha tha jaldi aana aise shadi ke mauke par kya koi istarah se late aata hai.."mom mein aabhi aayi Nupur se phone par hoon.."her mom padma nudges Dia coming upstairs in her room to give her the phone .


"How are u my Shoona...plss come soon Dia will collect you from the airport.." padma asks to Nupur taking over the phone from Dia who scowls.."I m fine mom missing u too much I will reach tomorrow by 10 am 'bye mom my boarding announcement has been made.."Nupur sighs shutting the phone eyeing Riddhima who smiles earnestly at her guiding through the boarding gate..



'At the flight


Nupur searches for her seat in the executive class of the plane glancing from corner to corner, it wasn't with Riddhima.. her was in extreme left with the guy who saved her pray from him just moment ago.she finds her seat but frowns seeing it occupied by some one already..she taps her feet and nudges the mysterious man behind the magazine His face well covered underneath it .."Excuse me this seat is mine 'EX102'"Man lifts his play boy magazine .





"huh'huh'.*****,@@@@@,#####"curses from both the end from Mayank and Nupur'



Stay tuned for the next update ..

A Treat in the Flight with Two Monsters



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Let-It-Go IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2009 at 10:37am | IP Logged
awesum yaar
tooooooooooo gud
and abt the new FF..its better u update sum parts of it
ur defeated one is also there,.....waitng for it

Joined: 08 September 2008
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Posted: 17 April 2009 at 10:54am | IP Logged
awesome update.plzzzzzzzz update other ff of mayur.waiting .pm me.Smile
blackdaughter IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 April 2009 at 5:18pm | IP Logged

Yeh story jani pehchani si lag rehi hai Rohit baba!!!!!!

lol, nice concpet to apply to Mayur after Premeer!!! Best of luck!!!!!!
adi_gupta IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 April 2009 at 10:06pm | IP Logged
nice update i m waiting for next update
Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 April 2009 at 2:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ruchimayur

awesum yaar
tooooooooooo gud
and abt the new FF..its better u update sum parts of it
ur defeated one is also there,.....waitng for it

Thanks for the comment..i am really glad that you liked itBig smile
yup..i will update later..!!!

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