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FF:Contract Marriage[MayUr]Pt23 pg113 4/8 (Page 2)

Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2009 at 1:16pm | IP Logged


Sun rays were reflecting the crystal blue waters of the Sea, making its way from the hotness of sun and reflecting on water, There were many Couples  holding hands walking along the water merely, some are under the tree sitting there side by side, watching the ocean view. Children are playing with their friends, or parents, some are building sand castles from the fine white smooth sand.



Far away from the waters, sitting on the beach towel lays a lady clad in red summer dress. Her smooth slender legs are showing, and on her left ankle she has butterfly anklets. Her brown color eyes are hidden under her black sunglasses.  The winds are making her dark brown eye fly on to her face, but she was just sitting there looking at the horizon lost in her thoughts'


In the aesthetic city of New york, this girl was Sitting in the sands Aiming at the space....'Alone'....All Alone….Looking for her Life, Which she has Lost somewhere....Every day she comes here for the Least amount of peace that she gets from here.... She Looked at her wrist watch and sighed... 'She has to go Home..... 'Rahul would be coming…She Leaves from there'.






She reached her Apartment in Newyork, standing in her apartment all alone her face was all pale, there isn't any flicker of emotion left other then agony, pain, indeed a deep pain...which was digging a deep hole in her heart, as the time was passing, She was dying a thousand Life without him...But what can she do'??? , she was indeed a epitome of beauty at some time in her life... but the life has played these cruel game with her which had indeed made her lifeless, She is living in Newyork in the same city where it had all been started about 1 year 6 month ago when she met the love of her life in these same city.


She couldn't bring herself to leave THIS PLACE AND GO..It was the place which made her to meet him; she would cherish it for rest of her life, the city which had played the most important part in her life, which has helped her in meeting her love. At that time she wouldn't have even thought that the same stranger she met in this city will give her the best and the worst moment in her life.


Resting her head on her knuckles she thought about those days, she recalled those days. she even laughs with her ever ending heartache....but she also finds solace in those moments of life which had been the best days of her life, those are the only memory, the memory of those 1 year which she spend with him which had been the best moments of her life, which she will cherish with her love she has for him, she doesn't asks for him to ever reciprocate her love, she doesn't even asks him to meet her, but deep down in her heart, there is these desire to meet her love. "The man of her dream"


" Mayank Khanna the business tycoon" It had just three days before she has seen her interview in the Newyork Times, he lives still in India, the heart throb of millions of heart, which resides in her heart but does she even resides in his heart'??? She thought growling she answered herself.."She didn't…." She doesn't knows as she didn't got the answer for this question in these 5 month of agony, Nor did she got it in those 1 Year of marriage



'..Marriage ' some time in her life she had desired worshiped this word ,that she would be married to a man whom she would love from the bottom of her heart , whom she would desire to spent her entire life with in every step, in every happiness, in every pain , who will share her every happy moment , who will share her pain, with whom she will live till- death -do -us -apart relation ship, but now she laughs at that word because it had been just the game the game of a Year of Contract Marriage Proposed by them it wasn't "Till-Death-Do-Us-Apart",  It was a agreement for one year of togetherness.


 "Togetherness?" she frowned…Where they together….????  'Hahaha'….she laughed helpless at her fate. "If it had been then they would have been together in those early days in which they used to despise each other , even shout , even Hate each other……but not Together……there wasn't any connection other than a mere Hatred towards Each other,  which has resulted because of this 1 Year of agreement.  Which they were forced to make between them, to get what they had desired in there life, to Keep what was there from the day the had taken Birth, there right'.



Now standing in the balcony of her two bedroom flat of her apartment in the city of Newyork , she gazes at those stars in the sky those clouds in the sky, those heavenly bodies, that god 'which had send her in these world' When does the pain stop, or will it always be a part of her life ,a part of her, like a physical scar that will never quite abolish, that will never fade? To forget is not possible but is it too much to hope that she may at least find a measure of peace. Will she regret those magical weeks for the rest of her life? She asked herself bitterly. And then placing a hand on her gently rounded stomach, she thought, how can she..??? When out that something so magical came her way. No, she will learn to remember the love, even if it was all hers. And she will start afresh. And helpless to withstand the pull of memories, she allowed herself to relive that time, The time like today she was sitting there on that beach'.



She The Nupur Kapoor'who was at one time 'Nupur Mayank Khanna'..




"1 Year and Six Month Ago"



Sun rays were reflecting the crystal blue waters of the Sea and there where Lots of couples .Couples were holding hands walking along the bank of the water, Some were sitting along the banks,  some where sitting on the Rocks whereas some were under the tree sitting there in arms of one-other watching the oceanic view watching the sun setting, Glooming the serene atmosphere across the Bank...Cold waves were swaying across the ocean'...Children were playing with their friends, or parents, some are building sand castles from the fine white smooth sand.



Far away from the waters, sitting on the beach towel lays a lady clad in her Red track suit….Her summer Jogging dress, she has Jogged and came here to enjoy the atmosphere here. Her smooth slender legs were showing, and on her left ankle she has silver pearl studded anklets. Her brown colored eyes were hidden under her black sunglasses. The sea breeze were making her dark brown hair to rock in the air and Fall on to her face, She was often distracted by her hairs but she was busy in listening and moving her Legs and dancing  to the beats of the music playing on her i-pod tapping her legs waving her hands.



She was busy in her task, Enjoying the cold Breeze...Her thoughts were distracted when a Ball comes and hits her lightly on the head from the back....She jerks and then she switches her i-pod music off, and Glares she would just kill the person who had disturbed her. she turned and looked and was Delighted to see the Sight in front of her, There was a cute little girl dressed in a pink Fairy tale like Dress, around the age of five with her Hazel eyes and curly hair and with her was a Cute Little Poodle playing with her. She heard..


"Boww………..Wowww'" She sighed crooking her nose she was delighted that was sooo cutteee Doggy'.


"Hey Dear what is your Name'"


She moves towards her and holds her with her hands..She was looking scared, She sighed thinking "Why is she scared..??" She holds her and Kisses her on her Forehead and pinches her cheek after nuzzling her cheek making her to giggle as she relaxed sensing that she shouldn't be afraid with this girl whom she just hit.


In her childish voice sweet voice, the girl says "My name is Liya'" She looked at the girl, her voice was so sweet she frowned on her pronunciation

"Liya….??? Or is it Riya'' She looks at her and tells her admonishingly


"Hey cuttie..Pie……Your name is Riya naa" The girl looks at the lady in front of her she was Liking her she smiled'.


"Yes'Riiiiiya'." She confirmed Childishly cutting her tounghe'


" I am solly miss for hitting you. My baby "Minz" throwed it at you'" She looked at her baby poodle and told her'.


"Can i  Pwease Get my ball peeease'" She pouted extending her hands at her and told her in her childish tone. She gets up from her Place and takes the ball and moves towards her again and hands her the ball chuckling at her she was indeed to cuteee'


"Here you go, cueetie". She gives the child a smile, which makes the girls face break into smile.


She beams in joy seeing the ball as she gave it to her. She looked at the Lady and thanked her in her voice'"Taankkks'"


"Can I play with you and your Minz…….'Plsssss'."


The girl looks at her requesting and agrees, The lady and small child went and played near the water. Suddenly the small kid is distracted by her thoughts, when she sees something behind the lady in red.
Her green eyes are filled with excitement and she points behind the lady in red, and says in her child voice "AUntttiieee…..Plss I wanaa to go there….Plsss'."


"Plss…. take me" The small child scream again, Lady turned around and Looked at what the Child was looking at and screaming, she turns around. She puts her right hand to move her dark brown hair across from her face. When she removes her hair, she blinks her eyes at the sight in front of her eyes.


Not making sure she is imagining takes her red glares off and puts it on top of her head.


Oh my god, her mouth is wide open, her Dark brown eyes are big.


Galloping along the water on a Speed Boat, there is a guy whose was looking like a Greek God', The Guy was coming closer as he does his stunts in the water with the speed boat', she can get a glimpse of him. His jet black hair is moving through the winds as he rides through water. The closer he was moving to her she was getting better glimpse of him. Too her from the distance he looks like a Greek god that has come from heaven on earth. He is the modern prince charming Topless on the Speed Jet……


"Awwww…..So Hot" She thought looking at him, his eyes were covered by the black glasses. As he comes closer she can see the view of his strong body, she can see the glimpse of his masculine chest, Her eyes were not leaving the man on the Bank. Her thoughts were distracted when she feels the tug on her hand. She looked down at the small girl; she bends down at the same level as the child. "Auntie…..I want to Seat on that boooatyyyy……plsss….i want…to….with him…..Plsss'".  She giggled looking at it.


Girls mother comes there and takes her with her. She smiled at her giving sorry Look and then Looked at the guy admiring him still.


The guy on the Speed Boat comes near the bank, she looked at him. He Stopped the boat near the bank and gives wide smile to the children's playing there where he stopped, he gets out of the boat. She Looks at him "He was too Handsome" she feels her heart Pounding in her mouth. He comes toward her, the closer he gets the better glimpse she can get of his broad chest and she was getting hot, Embarrassed she Blushed and again looked at him Strangely, She wasn't getting perfect look his face wasn't visible fully he was wearing his Glasses which were covering his eyes and her upper Face. She can't see him. "How does his Face Looks'??"


She doesn't realize that she was staring at him for five minute or more. Her thoughts were broken when someone tapped on her shoulder..


"So are you done checking him out Miss?"


The lady in red looks at her sister who caught her Looking like a statue, and her mouth is wide open, and staring at her Friend, her cheeks are flushed from her comments.


she comes closer, and whispers in her hair " Hey Nupur...!!!! .Close your mouth, we don't want flies to get into them, now do we?..." She chuckled invading her sense, she somehow manage to closes her mouth.


She looks up and meets her looks. Embarrassed "How can she say that???"


Looking away from her she spoke "Hmm I wasn't checking him out..Diii…What do you think…?? Kya mein kisi ko istarah dekhti hooon…." She tells her..


The girl tilts her head and laughs. She comes closer and stands next to her, so there is an inch gap between them.


"Did you Liked him!!!! haan " She asked her….she was enjoying this…Her little sister was checking someone out for the first time..She would never leave it…She looked at the source of attraction….."He is Handsome naa….Looking utterly sexy without his shirt….Bare…."Half Naked..Hun" ???" Her comments made her cheeks turn deep shades of red. The girl looked at the other girl she was embarrassed.


Her sister Riddhima looks at her, she wonders "which color is the darkest?? The color of your cheeks, or the color of your dress."


"Shut-up Riddhima'" She blushes again.


"What shut up..??? Look at you…?? You are all red like a tomato….!!!" Riddhima teased Nupur. She was enjoying this…!!!



"dddiiiiii…..Meine kaha naa….??? I was not checking him out….!!! "She told Riddhima her hands on her hips..glaring….!!!



"So you finished checking him out…??? Now come on we are getting Late we have to go to college and get every thing done we have to leave tomorrow….You remember naaa…Comeon'" Riddhima takes her to there Dorm and they went to college'


The Guy None other then Mayank Khanna....He was busy with children's he hadn't seen her....It was there first meeting but both were strangers to eachother…!!!




"Next Day"





Her Alarm rang trying to wake her up, but she was sleeping...She was indeed looking like a Sleeping beauty...the flicker of day light that was breaking its way into the room through the curtains marking the beginning of Dawn…., The morning light falls on her face trying to wake her up, But she still Didn't wake up..."How will she????"………………She is the great "Nupur Kapoor……" The Final year MBA student of the New York university who had just finished her studies, ready for steeping into the marketing world full of challenges, full of opportunity.


 'Buzzzzzzz'..Again it rang . These time she Stirs a little just to settle again and pulled the comforter over her face to restrict the light coming in the room to disturb her sleep, she doesn't wakes up. She moves her hands out of the convertible and just taps the alarm and throws it shut so it doesn't rings again'.


"Haahhah''.'Thats Nupur'






".Nupur dearrrrrr………….."


"Wake up yaaar, didn't u remember we have to go back today to India.."  shouts Riddhima making her way into the room and looked at Nupur still sleeping there….She was the little sister but sometimes she has to behave like elder one…


''Let me sleep Riddhima….Aaj Sunday hai…Hamara college nahi hai…..You know it naa….!!! Just for just 2 min's more''' murmurs Nupur in her disturbed sleepy state


"Wake up Now Nupur…." Riddhima shouts her hands on her hips looking at sleeping Nupur….She would kill her if she doesn't wakes up…They would miss the flight, she looked at the clock shocked…..she nudges Nupur but she didn't woke up…..!!!! How will she…???



"Nupur darling!! Wake now or I will kick ur Butt"…..shouts Riddhima….She knew she had to wake her up soon….


"Hmmmmm………….." Nupur murmurs….



".oopssss" Riddhima waits for few seconds more the kicks Nupur straight off from the bed, her butt hits the ground ……………….."aaaaahhhh" A helpless cry escapes her mouth as her butt hits the ground…paining, she cries in pain scratching her butt. Her hand on her Hips she gazes at Riddhima who knows that she is in trouble……as Freshly woken Nupur  in Bad mood invites trouble'.



"Run Riddhima……."aaab tu bhaag nahi to yeh tujhe maardalegi'" "she will not leave you now last time she left you after 4 kicks, but this  time she will definitely kill you, If u like to live then run for your life" she talks to herself and starts running for her life. Right behind her Nupur chases her to take her revenge as she again disturbed her from sleep…..she was having her favourate dream the dream of her soul mate who was with her sweeping her off her feet'she was just to see his face and this Girl….Riddhima wakes her up…..".she has to pay for it now'.??? She has to'???"


"Nupuri ……..Stop……Plsss….Stooooppppp……Leave me, Plssss…….. hahaha" she giggles holding her stomach….." .plsss …….'hahaha "  Riddhima laughs in pain and humor as Nupur tickles her.


"Now get ready soon or else 'Diii' will again cal……She had called already 5 times " speaks Riddhima nudging her towards bathroom to get shower and get ready'    





In other part of the same city a boy is sleeping in his bed in the luxurious apartment flat, his flat which has the half nudes posters of girls….girls from every planet scattered along the wall..He is the "Mayank Khanna......" The Heart throb..


Well toned body, six packed broad chest for which any girl will die to touch an utterly handsome heir of Khannas


"Mayank buddy wake up yaar, we have to leave soon…." Armaan looked at his big brother Mayank who was still sleeping. He sighed groaning…."Wake up man….Mum had called thrice to confirm already that we are coming or not…..wake up yaar…..u came at 3 Am in night along with that bitch suzi…."she is blonde yaar….. 'sudharja Mayank.." 


That's Mayank Khanna the hunk. He was a party boy animal….'A Brattt' who plays with every different girl in every week. Mayank stirs and wakes up his broad frame for which girls drools, his well chiseled toned chest deep drown brown hazel eyes in which one can drown.


 "Haan Yaar maa ko lagta hai ki we will not come she thinks that like last time also we will skip coming'" says Mayank waking up and going to bathroom..


"Right man…..Mum hi galat hai….Haan….Last time Diwali mein mom ne hume bulaya tha…Did you remember….??? How would you….??? Tum un ladkiyoon ko bhulega toh yaad aayega naa…..But you if you will get your free time from your daily routine then only you will hear her….you were busy with that chick Rossy…. That Good for nothing Slut….He glared at him as he saw him coming out washing his face…Freshing up…..Do you know….?? she sleeps with every coming man yaar what did you find in her...Get a life yaa….This time mom will not leave you  " shouts Armaan leaving room ready to leave..


Armaan Khanna'..Yeah he is Khanna Industries……Mayank 's little brother…His partner in his crime they had completed there business degree ready to go back to india'













"Nupur come fast yaar" Riddhima looks at Nupur she was walking so slowly…." Hurry up yaar or else we will miss our flight …..Damn come quick.."      

Shouts Riddhima to Nupur trailing behind her, They were getting late.


Nupur runs but collides with a well toned physical barrier...indeed...


"CRasssssshhhhhhhh......".The chest of some one..


she falls down hitting her butt to the ground, closing her eyes cursing the person who collided with her she prayed for her life. The coffee which he was holding in his hands spreads on her dress as it spills on her from the contact…They both fall down….spoiling her dress….The cake in his other hand lands straight in his face coloring, savoring it with them….."hahaha" A sight to watch


Nupur pushes him and roars'."O CRAP...DAMN...  You Stupid person cant you see and walk spoiled my entire dress... Now what will I do  '???....indeed I was already late for the flight running for my life and you are roaming as if u own these place ...hahah...." she spats...


"You...!!!! You collide with me....cant you see anyone in front of you or were you too busy in eyeing those blondes, chicks with those short skirts try to see if u might get some thing to see underneath ... that you weren't able to  see me'.???? Haa'.??? She curses more'*******,########.........You all men are same just cant keep there damn eyes off these sultry chicks. Now get up and get lost'.."



 Nupuri shouts seeing her dress without eying him, without noticing whom she collided with, only finding herself she turned and looked at  him and got lost in those hazel deep brown eyes of the mysterious man.


Drowning deep in the feeling, The tingling sensation running in her spine down her body drooling over the man whom she cursed now her mouth wide open'. jaws fell to the ground, her heart dancing.


The man none other than The "MAYANK KHANNA...." THE HUNK'...Lying there with a deadly smirk on his face eying the lady ready to pounce on her with killing eye..'.Non other then our own 'Nupur Kapoor'.......




Hey Guys so here was the part 1...DO read it and plsss...Leave comment....It would help me to know my flaws...DO comment....any criticism are welcomed....!!!!

Silent reader's Thank you tab at least...If you not comment...!!!

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FiiLza Senior Member

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Posted: 16 April 2009 at 1:18pm | IP Logged
hey nice 1 Rohit...can u continue wid defeated in luv tooo
i also really liked tht 1
Tonguethnx for pmin me agn
u rock and so as ur FFssssss
Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2009 at 1:20pm | IP Logged
yeah i will continue that one too...But updates would take time for that. i dont have ready parts, when i would update for Ar then i will update here.
roshaa IF-Dazzler

Jokes Banner Contest Winner
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Posted: 16 April 2009 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
wow !!! amaZing concept !!
love this f-f !!
continue soon !
.Neha. Goldie

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Posted: 16 April 2009 at 8:19pm | IP Logged

hey rohit you are a blessed writer and on this line MISINTERPRETING, MISUNDERSTANDING, EGOISTIC ARE MEN' i so agree with you

please continue soon

Edited by soneha - 16 April 2009 at 8:21pm
Bollywood_chic IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2009 at 9:00pm | IP Logged
Heyy ROhit.. nice new ff.. do ocnt soon xxSonia
Let-It-Go IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2009 at 11:52pm | IP Logged
thanx yaar

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Posted: 17 April 2009 at 1:46am | IP Logged
awesome yaar.plzzzzzzzzz continue soon.update any of ur will be treat for us.LOLpm meEmbarrassed

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