Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH 13th Apr 09 - Written Update

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VIDEO UPDATE : CLICK HERE (by -nipun97-)

Hey guys! Happy Late-Easter to everyone!
I'm off from school today so I was able to update early Big smile
Hope you like it!


Badi ma comes into Akshara's room to find her sleeping with a a books all around her and one in her arms. Badi Ma carefully takes a book from her and gathers the rest. Badi Ma goes as sets them aside and comes back to Akshara. She tucks Akshara in and leaves looking back at Akshara sleeping. Badi Ma smiles and leaves.

All the women are downstairs. Badi Ma comes. Choti ma asks Badi Ma where Akshara is and if she's not coming down for breakfast today. Badi Ma says that she's sleeping. Gopi Dadi asks if she's okay. Badi ma says yes, but she spent all night studying So I let her sleep in. Daadi says that Akshara has a few more days of freedom, its good to let her live it. She smiles. Dhaniya goes to gather the dishes from breakfast. Badi Ma says that she is worried that Akshara will get sick if she keeps studying like this, Varsha isn't here either. Daadi tells Badi ma not to worry, its good that she is working so hard. Choti Ma, Daadi and Gopi dadi tease Badi ma and than laugh. Choti ma says not to worry. Badi ma smiles.

At Naitik's house everyone is eating breakfast. Naitik is reading something and is engrossed in it. Naitik's mom sees this. She whispers to Bhabhi ma that she's waiting for her bahu to come into this house, only she will be able to make Naitik understand. Bhabhi ma chuckles. Naitik's mom says that she can't do this, how many times will she have to warm his food for him? Bhabhi ma tells Naitik that his favorite breakfast is here, eat up. Naitik says in 2 minutes. Rashmi says "Another 2 minutes?" Naitik's dad asks if what he's reading is so important. Dadaji tells him that he is insulting the food, close the book. Naitik does. He closes the book and puts it to the side. The title faces up (Don't know what is says, sorry). Naitik's mom sees this and smiles. Naitik opens the book again and places it down so he can eat and read. Dadaji sees this and scolds Naitik. he says that today's generation do not understand anything. He gets up from the table and leaves. Naitik's dad says "see what happens when you do something when your not suppost to?" He also gets up and leaves from the table. Naitik's mom starts to scold him to but Bhabhi ma tells her not to since everyone is getting mad at him for little things these days. She grabs Naitik's moms hand and they leave.

Only Mohit, Naitik and Rashmi are left at the breakfast table. Mohit takes Naitik's book while he's not looking at checks the title. Mohit turns it around and shows it to Rashmi then hands it to her. Naitik sees this and says "Rashmi!" Rashmi flips through the book grinning. Rashmi and Mohit tease Naitik. Mohit tells Rashmi that Naitik will read and then teach Akshara. Rashmi says "Dada and literature, wow, that wasn't even your subject and now your going to teach Akshara?" Naitik says "no, im just helping." Mohit teases "yes just helping" Naitik says "Im just  making notes" Mohit says "Love filled" Rashmi grins. Naitik says "the poor girl's exams are coming" Rashmi says "poor girl? What about me? When my exams were coming you didn't teach me no matter how much I begged" Naitik says "Is that so? Then who made your whole project for you? And instead of helping me you guys are taunting me. I can't even meet her, teaching is far away and you guys are joking?" Mohit says "so now we have to unite two people in love and.. I can get a PHD in that. I have so many ideas, I could even write a book on it" He laughs. Naitik s says "leave all that, just think of ways so we can meet, fast!" Rashmi and Mohit look at each other smiling and nod.

Varsha and Shaurya are in their room. Varsha is sleeping and Shaurya just came in. Shaurya goes to Varsha and looks at her smiling. Shaurya says "love changes someone so much, you see Varsha, this is the new start of our love story" Shaurya gets up and leaves. Varsha hears the closing of the door and calls out to Shaurya. She gets up and looks around. She gets out of bed and looks for Shaurya. She checks the bathroom but he isn't there. She goes out into the balcony and checks outside the window. Varsha is worried. She sees that his shoes aren't there as isn't his suitcase. Varsha has tears in her eyes. She wonders where Shaurya is and what she should do.

Akshara is sleeping. Her (Shaurya's) cellphone rings. Is Varsha. Varsha tells Akshara that she can't find Shaurya and she doesn't know what to do. Akshara says not to worry, he's probably somewhere there. He might have gone for a walk. Varsha says no, his stuff isn't here either. Akshara tells Varsha not to worry and asks Varsha if anything happened between them. Varsha says no.. she was upset with him yesterday, maybe thats why.. Akshara says to ask the reception. Varsha is teary, she says okay and tells Akshara not to tell anyone at home. Akshara says okay and tells her to call back. Varsha puts down the phone and goes towards the door and pulls it open. One of the workers at the hotel is there with a big bouquet of roses in his arms, he says this is for you. Varsha wonders who there are from. She takes the card and reads it. Its from Shaurya, its a romantic poem. She takes the flowers and puts them aside. She closes the door. Theres a knock on the door, she opens it and its Shaurya. Varsha runs into his arm and says what kind of joke is this, early in the morning? Shaurya says "excuse me ma'am? What are you doing. Hi, my name is Shaurya, Shaurya Mehashwari"

Shaurya says "I'm living in the room beside yours, sorry I disturbed you, you.. Varsha Agarwal right? My phone isn't working so I was wondering if I could use yours, if you don't mind." Varsha steps to the side. Shaurya goes to the phone and calls someone.

Akshara is pacing in her room. Her phone rings and she picks it up. Its Shaurya. Shaurya says "how are you little sister?" Akshara says "Im good but where were you?!" Shaurya says "The phone wasn't working in his room so he had to use the other phone." Shaurya tells Akshara his number. Akshara is confused. Shaurya says that he is fine, by the way she is talking to her from Varsha Agarwal's room, she's a nice girl she let me use her phone, take care, bye" he puts down the phone Akshara is confused. Shaurya says thank you and says he will leave now. He starts to go and Varsha calls "Shaurya!" Shaurya turns and says "Yes, Shaurya, Shaurya Maheshwari, you will remember my name right?" He extends his hand. He pulls is back and says thank you, he leaves.

Akshara calls Varsha. She asks Varsha whats wrong with Shaurya. Varsha tells her what happened. The studying, the books, the shifting of rooms. Akshara says "Awh how romantic" Varsha says "what romantic?" They giggle and they put down the phone. Varsha says to herself "Falling in love with you again? Try it, Mr. Shaurya Mehashwari"

Naitik is pacing in his room. Mohit and Rashmi are there again. Mohit starts reciting the K3G poem "Aag ka Deriya hai aur doob ke jaana hai" Rashmi rolls her eyes. Mohit says that we will find a way for you to meet. Mohit says "IDEA! Lets tell Rashmi to invite Akshara to see a movie!" Rashmi says "what if her mom comes too?" Naitik says "Any other idea?" Rashmi says "What if I take her shopping?" Mohit says "yes, so her whole family comes along?" Mohit says "What if we go to her house? Wearing a burkha?" Rashmi and Mohit giggle. Rashmi says "Just imagine, you two in a burkha." Naitik says "ENOUGH! she's probably waiting and you two are joking" Mohit says that they will make them meet.

Akshara is on her bed laughing. She says to herself "your such a dramabaz Shaurya dadu. When two people are in love these are the things they do. Will you do things like that for me Naitik? You talk very big saying that you will teach me." Dhaniya comes and sees Akshara talking to herself. Dhaniya teases Akshara. Akshara blushes. Dhaniya says that Badi Ma told her to come and see if Akshara was awake and to bring tea. She gives Akshara the tea and Akshara wonders what time it is. Dhaniya says its 11am and leaves.

Naitik says tells Rashmi and Mohit that its already 11am, did you even think of a good idea?! Mohit says that making them meet is easy. He takes out his phone and dials. Badi Ma picks up the phone. Mohit passes the phone to Rashmi and tells her to talk. Badi Ma says hello again. Rashmi says "hello, hi aunty, Im Bhavna, surname pankar." Badi Ma says "okay, yes bhavna?" Rashmi says "Im Akshara's friend" Badi ma says "Oh okay, would you like to speak to Akshara?" Rashmi says "yes... NO!" Badi ma is confused. Rashmi says "I needed to talk to you" Badi ma says "to me? yes?" Rashm says "Me and Akshara are taking exams together. I'm going to collage today, I think Akshara should come to collage today, the proffesor has called all the students to give them tips" Badi ma says "but isn't the break from studies on right now?" Rashmi doesn't know what to say.


Akshara and Badi ma are talking. Akshara says "Bhavna? I don't have any Bhavna in my class." Badi Ma says "she was talking about some notes" Akshara is confused. Akshara says "But I didn't take notes from anyone other than Varsha.. Maybe you had some mis-understanding" Badi ma is confused.

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thank you...
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thnxxx a lot:)
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Thanks for the update....
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thanx alot 4 da update Clap

da idea of goin in a burkha mayb thy shud try it LOL

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show is so boring these days nothng is happening
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Thanks a lot.... gr8 help
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thanks :) :)

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