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AR FF : Hum Saath Saath Hain "imp.note=63"28/9 (Page 6)

Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2009 at 7:27am | IP Logged
Part -11

pre recap:(muskaan asks rahul to marry)

Rahul is totally shocked by this sudden action of muskaan he is just out of words

Muskaan: again mujhse shadi karlo

rahul: yeh nahi ho sakta.

muskaan: kyun nahi dekho rahul mainnahi chahati ki agar tumhe kuch hojaye to mujhe tumare bina jeena adhe isseliye

rahul: nahi tume mere begair rehna sikha na hoga agr mujhe kuch hua to tumhe kissi aur se pyar karma hoga muskaan karma hoga

muskaan: yeh nahi ho sakta aur tum hi to kehte ho napyar ek baar hi hota hai

rahul: nahi main galat tha aur mujhse pehle to tum armaan

muskaan: yeh to tumhe bhi pata hai armaan who sirf mera infatuation tha aur one sided love pyar nahi hota rahul main sirf tumse pyar karti hoon aur karti rahoongi

Rahul:main janta huun par tumhe

Muskaan: mujhe sirf ek hi baat pata hai rahul agar tu mujhse shadi karega to thik hai warna (just taking out poison bottle from the bag) main yeh pee lugi tumare begair jene sai to marna hi acha hai
(she was very ahead of rahul as rahul ws coming near she warned her )
aage haan bolo aura age mat barna warna main ye

rahul: nahiiiiii muskaan aisa mat kar pagal ho gayi hai kya

muskaan: mujhe yeh sab nahi sunna rahul sirf haan ya na

gupta house

(armaan is sleeping peacefully with all his tentions out after all he was sleeping in her princess lap how he can be tensed while ridhima is not in mood to sleep she is just admiring him sleeping lokking extreamly handsome, and cute. slowly caressing his hairfrom one hand and other hand armaan is holding tighly)

Padma just entered: who beta

Ridhima: gesturing with her fingers dhere

Padma: are yeh to so Gaya very softly

Ridhima: haan bas abhi abhi needn aayi hai

Padma: par tum kab tak aise rahogi use bed par leta do aur tum guest room main sojao

Ridhima nodding tried to free her hand from armaan hand bt it ws so tighly held that she ws afraid if he wakes up

Ridhima: maa aap chinta mat karo main thik hoon agar abhi hilaya to shayad uth jayega waise bhi itni der baad neend aayi hai

padma: r u sure

ridhima: haan maa aap jao

padma: ok and just closed the dorr and went to sleep

Rahul, muskaan

muskaan is still holding the bottle in her hand and repeating same thing irritated when rahul don't response and just opened the bottle

rahul: nahiiiiiiiiiii pls aisa mat kar jo tu chahati hai waisa hi hoga pls aisa mat kar pls
muskaan: to hum kal subah hi shadi karlenge wada

rahul: wada (just coming clser then and snaching the bottle and throw it away and hugging her )yeh kya kar rahi thi agar kuch ho jata to socha hai kabhi mera kya hoga

muskaan: main bhi to tumhe wahi samjhane ki koshish kar rahi thi rahul agar tumari yaddah chali bhi jayegi to kya hum dono mil kar saath rahenge aur there there sab thik ho jaye ga lekin tu to

rahul: acha baba sorry ab khush kal shadi kar rahe hai

muskaan: haan now she is smiling aur tune kya socha yeh poison hai

rahul: matlab

muskaan: matlab khasi ki dawai ke bottle ke upper poison likne se who poison nahi hojata samjha ghade

Rahul: to yeh sab matak tha to main bhi

Muskaan: puting her fingers in hands who natak nahi tha sirf who bottle poison ki nahi thi agar abhi

rahul: nahi nahi main to bas aise hi mazak kar raha tha hum shadi karenge kal hi ok

muskaan: haan

then they are looking at each other and lost in there world
bc music

tere liye jiyu
tere liye maru
teresang hi rahu
tu har khushi
tu jo saath hai
sab kuch khas hai
tu hai mera khuda
tu bandage

(now its 7 o clock in morning armaan is awakw and is shocked that he is sleeping whole night in her laps and he didn't even woke har up now ridhima is just leaning to the backside stand of her bed and sleeping. by felling armaan movement she wake up)

armaan: yeh kya mujhe utha deti sari raat aise aur tumara pair bhi to chot aayi thi na

ridhima: justyawing: are ab tum aisi gheri neend main so rahe the ki uthane ka maan hi nahi kiya

armaan: yeh kya pagal pan hai

ridhima: wah jo tumne kal hpspital main kiya dr keerti ke samne bhi mujhe nahi uthara who kyat ha

armaan: who pyar tha

ridhima: tumara pyar pyar mera pyar pagalpan

armaan: are basket tum to gussa hogayi mera matlab tha jsb maine tumhe uthaya to mujhe chot nahi lagi thi ar tumare par main to

ridhima: just getting up from bed mera pair ab thik hai armaan just taking one step her leg again get hurt screams ouch and just began to fall armaan ws there holding her

armaan: haan who to dikh raha hai kitna thk hai again picking her up

ridhima: armaan yeh mera ghar hai

armaan: just putting her in the bed mujhe pata hai par yeh tumara ghar hai isske liye mere liye tumara pyar aur concern kam to nahi hoga na and just went on searching

ridhima:smiling a bit kya dekh rahe ho armaan

armaan: haan balm ya kuch hai pair main laga doon

ridhima: iski zarrorat nahi hai

armaan: then finding the balm zarrorat kaise nahi hai and just carefully holding her legs and massaging it more carefully tum bhi na basket dekho kitna sojan aa gaya hai

meanwhile padma is watching all this and is very happy to see that her daughter gets the best person in this world hw much he loves him just a slight pain of her daughter she he cant bear

padma: tum log uth gaye aajo natta karo gud morning armaan

armaan is too busy in massaging her leg he don't even realize that padma is in the room and moreover talking to him he does not responds

ridhima: armaan maa

after 2 or 3 times ridhima calls

armaan: kya hai ek to itna sojan aagaya hai atum tum mujhe dikh se masaage bhi nahi karne de rahi aur aaj tum hospital nahi aa rahi ho ok its final

ridhima: armaan

armaan: maine kaha na

padma lisning this and smiling

then ridhima realizes no point in telling him he just turn his face towards padma

armaan: as turned ws shocked and stand up woh main who ridhi

padma: pata hai pata hai ab zada bano mat aur nashta karma chalo

armaan: par dr sansk

padma: armaan

armaan: oh sorry dad

padma: haan unhe maine keh ditya ke tum ridhima ke saath ho

they both are shocked and their eyes are wide open

padma: are aise kya dekh rahe ho yaar yehi kaha hai ke tumdono mil k case ke bare main discuss kar rahe ho

armaan: get relieved and just hugging padma thanks maa thanks for everything and is backside ws ridisi he just give her a flying kiss

padma: acha acha ab tumara ho gaya hai to chale

armaa very happy and getting phone call from rahul hwe ws shocked hearing that wt rahul tells him
after the conversation

padma: kya hua

armaan : ws still in shock

ridhima: sensed it muskaan ne rahul ko mana liya

padma: kis liye

ridhima:shadi ke liye

now padma ws also shocked

ridhima: are ab aap logon ko kya hua dekho armaan shadi to unhe karni hi hai to aaj kyun nahi

armaan: par aise

ridhima: bhul gaye tum hi to kehte ho pyar main admi baki sab bhuul jata hai aura b tum hi

armaan: are nahi nahi mujhe unki shadi se koi problem nahi hai who to bas main un hi acahnak suna to acha thik hai abhi mujhe rahul ne court main bulaya hai 10 baje main maul main bulaya hai magalsutra aur ring lne ke liye aur shadi 2 baje hai phir usse admit bhi to hona hai 4 bajeghar jake tayar hota huun aur 9:30 ko tum bhi ready rehna main tumhe pick up karluna tumhe to pata hai court marriage ke liye do witness ki zarrorat hoti hai

ridhima: lekin itni jaldi unhe kaise mil gaya court main to line lagi rehti hai na

armaan: are rahul ka koi dost hai acah main baad main milta hoon be ready

while muskaan and rahul were arranging other necessary things garland, sindoor etc

armaan and ridhima

armaan is waiting sharp at 9: 30 at front of her door

armaan:as she comes out of the door he rushes holds her hand tumara leg thik to haina tum chal to paungi na

ridhima: haan thik hai aur tum to ho hi jab dekho haath pakad lete ho ya phir uhta lete ho

armaan : smiling and thenquicly open the door and make her sit carefully and close the door

armaan: quickly com sfrom next door and got inside ridhima trying to fasten the seat belt

armaan: coming lao main karta huun and fasten it

ridhima: ab itni bhi bimar nahi hoon armaan

armaan: haan haan pata hai aur yeh tumare haat main kya hai

ridhima carried allo ke parathe for him wrao in foil
ye allo ke parathe tumare liye main janti hoon tumhne subah se kuch nahi kahaya hoga

armaan; oh basket par main abhi kaise kanunga car chala raha huun na

ridhima: uske liye main hoon

(while armaan ws driving the car ridhima ws feedind him with the parathas

then at shop they bye the ring and mangal sutra armaan had not left for once her hand while walking and always forces her to sits where ever getiing place.)

2 pm at court

(rahul and muskaan have signed in the registrar office and get married and then for sometime they both were left alsone srtctly told by armaan to come at 4 to the hospital)

karan shradha cancer hospital

(rahul got admitted all the test have been done and the reports were ok now only the opration has to be done tomm at 11 whole night muskaan ws sitting with rahul and armaan and ridhima were together while armaan ws studing for the case and ridhima relaxing him in between)

next 11pm. 0'clock

(armaan and karan were inside the operation theatot doing surgery and other were outside muskaan has not eaten any thing for the morning although she had been force bt not eaten anything she ws just stiiing in form of ganesh ji idol in hospital and ridhima ws there with her all the time suddelnly the red light goes off and armaan and karan come out)

plzz comment

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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2009 at 7:35am | IP Logged
Part -12

Pre recap:
(lights goes off armaan comes out is tensed bt still some how happy and ridhima is relaxed by seeing his face as she very well know him bt muskaan not as she saw light goes off she just ran off from the mandir and instantly hugs armaan)

armaan got confused to calm her or not he looks at ridhima and she gives her a look from her eyes to console her armaan at once hugs her and said

armaan: muskaan khabrao mat operation successful hua hai bas humhe sirf wait karma hoga uske hosh aane tak

muskaan: hearing it just separating from the hug tumara matlab kya hai armaan

armaan: are are tention mat lo tumhe to pata hi hoga na operation ke baad hosh main nahi aane tak pata nahi chal sakta ki koi side effect hua hai ya nahi

muskaan: agar kuch

ridhima: sab thik hoga muskaan abhi tak sab thi hua hai na to baad main bhi sab acaha hi hoga tu chalo aur kuch kha lo
tumne subah se kuch nahi khaya

muskaan: nahi jab tak hosh nahi aata tab tak main kuch nahi kahungi

ridhima: aise nahi karte tum janti ho na nahi khane se tumari halat kharab ho jati hai aur agar rahul ko pata chala to

anajali interrupting: ridhima thik keh rahi hai muskaan chalo caf main chalet hai

just the dr karan comes

karan: armaan gud job I must say aapne yeh case bahut achese se handle kiya hai

armaan: thanks

karan: aap mere saath aaye mujhe aap se baat karni hai

armaan: sure sir telling ridhima to meet him in fire escape after sometime.

Caf area

Everybody is sitting and trying to convine muskaan to eat something but muskaan is not ready to have anything only bt only cup of coffee

Fire escape

(armaan was sitting in the fire escape with eyes moist he was really very tensed from the last week bt just not able to show anybody as he was the only one who is boosting up them bt now as operation is successful he was really thinking of the past and thinking if operation wounldt have been successful hw he would have face muskaan and ridhima who trusted him more than his life just then ridhima entered but armaan did not realize as he ws so engrossed in his thoughts just then ridhima comes sit besides armaan slipping her hands into his hands armaan seeing her just hug him tightly. ridhima understood wt he ws going through and hugs him instantly and let him be there for some time in her arms where he can shed his tears and fears and relax after so much tention and anxiety when armaan feels some how better then ridhima still hugging)

ridhima: kuch kha lo armaan subah se kuch nahi khaya main kuch lati hoon separating from the hug

armaan: nahi pls mujhe chod ke mat jao pls I need u here pls main baad main kha loonga pls

ridhima: acaha baba main yehi hoon ab meri taraf dekho kya hua mera sheru itna darta bhi hai mujhe pata nahi tha
trying to make atmosphere normal

armaan: haan haan udhalo mazak tumhe pata hai na tumare samne aake main tut jata huun apne sare raaz khol deta huun isseliye tum mujhese aise baat kar rahi ho haina still not separating from hug.

ridhima: main mazak nahi udhai rahi hun acha thik hai ab mujhe chodo aur suno mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai

armaan: who to tum aise hi keh sakti ho uske liye chodne ki kya zarrorat hai

ridhima: maa ne kaha hai who kal panditji ko bula ke humari shadi kid t fix karwa dgi

armaan instantly separating from hug and now smiling with tears sach keh rahi hoon na ab us pandit ne zada der kin a to main usse kinap karake humare phere laga donga

rihima: acha pehela ladka dekha hai jisse apni azadi se zada barbadi pasand hai

armaan: are tumara saath ho to main haste haste barbad ho jaun

ridhima: acha sach main

armaan: now coming closer haan sach main and giving her a kiss and anoucement come dr armaan jald se jald icu main pahuchye as soon as he listen again woory can be sceen in his face and lot of questions is rahul ok

ridhima: just giving hi kiss on forehead chinta mat karo sab thik hoga
ab chale


anjali,atul,muskan everybody is standing and seeing rahul as he has comes to senses and rahul is just looking everybody and smiled

rahul: kya hua tum log mujhe aise kyun dekh rahe ho main thik hoon muskaan

muskaan: hearing that instantly hugs him and started crying

rahul: meeee meeeeeeeeeee

muskaan: soory tu thik haina

armaan: bilkul thik hai zada mat bol rahul u needs rest

rahul: just tryng to say thaks

armaan: iski zarrorat nahi hai yeh mera pharz hai aur hu dost bhi hai now take rest.

plzz comment

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 16 April 2009 at 4:00pm | IP Logged
Great parts!!!!
Make-It-Pop IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 21 November 2008
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Posted: 16 April 2009 at 4:09pm | IP Logged
Aww amazign partz hun...
AR nd RM r to cute...
komal793 Senior Member

Joined: 12 August 2008
Posts: 946

Posted: 16 April 2009 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
awesome parts.
pls continue soon and do pm me.
Arpita.Madan Senior Member

Joined: 07 March 2009
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Posted: 17 April 2009 at 3:38am | IP Logged
*sigh* i love the way you show armaan and ridhima's swweeeeet......i love this FF!!
ruky786 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 August 2006
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Posted: 18 April 2009 at 2:15am | IP Logged
YAY RAHUL IS FINE aww armaan ridhima scenes so romantic
Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

Joined: 22 May 2007
Posts: 13357

Posted: 19 April 2009 at 2:50am | IP Logged
Hey please continue soon!
i really can't wait for the next part!!!

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