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AR FF : Hum Saath Saath Hain "imp.note=63"28/9 (Page 5)

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hello freds,

just wan't to tell u that
thank u a lot for ur wonderful comment
it means a lot for me & mithila (the writter of the story)
so plzz fred comment

& i am also felling bad
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yaa some off them have comment
thanks a lot how have comment

i thought i will share with u this FF & u all will be comment
but there are less comment

so plzz fred i am posting this FF second time on this FF
first time it was posted by the auther.
as u all readed in 1st page .
& the libk is (
that this FF i allready posted
but if u guys will see there are very less comment

so plzz guyss i don't wan't that thing happen agian
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pre recap: [ muskan comes to know about it and get shattered armaan ws terrified by seeing this and went to ridhima]

locker room armaan and ridhima

( seeing that anjali and atul sensed that might be they need some time alone so they went out easily bt r u sure they would not listen them it cannot happen right so they are lisning from outside and more over dr shbankar also joined them)

armaan just donot want to separate her from the hug were still hugging each other

ridhima: kya hua itne khabrae hue kyun ho

armaan: pls abhi kuch mat puucho I just wnt to hug u pls

ridhima: ok and hug him more tightly
(after sometime he separated from the hug and leave her very slowly his eyes were red as if his crying his heart out the sight which he has seen was really painful he just don't want to live ridhima now for one second.)

armaan: holding his hands aaj main tumse wada karta main tumare saath har kadam pe dunga aur kabhie bhi akela chod ke nahi jaonga kabhi bhi nahi pls tum bhi ab se har pal mere saath rahogi life ka kuch bharosa nahi hai pls life main jo bhi ho.

ridhima sensed it something seriously wrong just interrupting

ridhima: mujhe yeh sab pata hai armaan tum hamesha mera saath doge aur hamesha mere saath hi rahoge ab bataon kya hua tum itne dare huyye kyun ho bataon armaan.

armaan: tum kabhie mujhse alag nahi hogi na ridhima.

ridhima: nahi armaan bhagwan chahega phir bhi nahi.

armaan: bhagwan uski wajah se hi to yeh sab ho raha hai sari galti uski hai.

ridhima: kya hua hai armaan.

armaan again hugging her: muskaan ko rahul ke bare main sab pata chal gaya.

ridhima: kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa separating from hug par kaise.

armaan: narrates whole incident and also hw muskaan hs reacted now ridhima started crying.

(atul anjali dr shub were shocked hearing it and they just dont know wt to do.armaan sees them realized now there is no point hiding from them and informed everything)

dr shub: aapko kab pata chala

armaan: teen din pele

shub: aapne humhe batana zarrori nahi samjha I hav not expected u from this and dr ridhima u also

armaan: nahi sir who actually rahul nahi chata tha ki kissiko pata chala who to kasuni jar aha tha par maine use rok liya aur aaj humari sabse bade cancer specialist se time bhi fix tha par muskan ke saath jo hua issiliye hum ja nahi paye

shub: kaunse doc

armaan: dr karan sing grover( sorry guys I am getting used to this name only now a days.)
shub: oh haan know him bahut ache dr hai bahuut talented aur dedicated aaj tak unka koi bhi case unsuceesful nahi raha

Armaan: main janta hun sir par ab unka appointment kaise milega who bahut busy hai aur nextweek wapas forgein ja rahe hai to ab kya huga

shub: oh don't worry dr sasnk gupta unhe achi tarah se jante hai main unse baat karonga aur hum log delay nahi kar sakte yeh humare ek sensior intern usse jada humare rahul ka sawal hai don't worry about that ok
lekin kal subah abhi bahut raat ho chuki hai aap log jayiye dr sansk bhi out of town hai kal aa rahe hai

armaan: bit relaxed ok

(armaan and ridhima chatted whole night on phone as he ws really tensed and only neede her with him every time)

rahul muskaan

muskaan still crying bitterly rahul consoling her now

rahul: pls rona band kar agar tu is tarah se tut jayegi to mera kya hoga haan

muskaan: haan tu to sise baat kar raha hai sob sob jaise main tumare liye kitni important hoon

rahul: haan who to hai

muskaan: jhoot mat bol agar aisa hota to tu mujhe zarror batata kya hua is barre main

rahul: apni haalat dekhi hai issiliye mane nahi bataya are main to yaha se ja raha tha wo armaan.

( muskaan hearing that just hold his colar and said)

muskaan: tu mujhe chod ke ja raha tha mujhe aisa kabhi mat bolna samjha tu mujse door nahi ja sakta samjha tujhe kuch nahi hoga main tuje kuch nahi hone doongi aur armaan bhi hai na who jab bhi kuch thanta hai usse kar ke hi chdta hai smjah tujhe kuch nahi hoga

rahul: dil belane ke kiye acha hai par meri baat samjh muskaan tujhe mere begair jeena sikhna hoga pls ho sakta hai operation ke baad muskaan just put her fingers on lips

muskaan: aage se aisa kuch mat bolne haan tumehe kuch nahi hoga tum aoise nahi ja sakte abhi tak to humari shaddi bhi nahi hui

(rahul wanted to say something bt muskaan not ready to listen so he stps and were again hugging each other as he know now ther is no point in talking to him. they were just together for whole night don't worry dear kuch jada nahi hua)

next day

dr sank cabin at 8 clock

everybody is there

dr snsk: looking at armaan and ridhima aap logon ko pehle bhi bata dena chaiye tha aap ab ok thik hai mujhe lagta hai humhe jada time waist nahi karana chaiyiye main abhi hi unse baat karta hoon and looking his diary for the number

dr armaan:  9800098000

dr sansk: yes

armaan: sir unka no

sank: oh haan aapko yaad hai gud phirse kahiye.

on phone

ksg: hello

sansk: hello main dr snsk sanjevni se

ksg: oh snsk sanjeevni head ha kaho kya baat hai

sank: sir who mujhe rahul ke case ke barre main baat karni thi

ksg: kaun rahul(dr tendency ti\o frget names)

sansk: who jiske liye tumra appintmemet manga tha dr armaan ne

ksg: oh haan who tumor wala par kal unse meetimh thi who nahi aaye

sansnk: haan mujhe pata hai actually kuch problem thi kyat aaj mil sakte hain

ksg: abhi to mijhe ek meeting ke liye jana hai 2 hrs later can u come at 10 o clock

sank: oh thanks ok

dr sansk to interns: meri baat hogayi hai humhe unhone 10 baje bulaya hai par rahul aur muskaan kaha hai

armaan: kal raat jo hua uski wakah se

dr sasnk: oh ok I understand ok dr armaan aap rahul ko bata dijiye aur kyun ki aap ne is case main pehle se research ki hai issiliye aap mere saath chalege rahul ke barre main baat karne dr karan se

dr armaan: ok sir SmileSmile

sank: aur aap sab yaha duty sambhalege main janta hoon aap sab tensed hai par sanjevni mein bhi chaiye no mis professional with personal pls haan muskaan rahul ke saath ja sakti hai

( armaan again became very sad as he just don't want ridhima to be away from him for a sec only )

dr sansk: kya hua dr armaan

dr armaan: who agar dr ridhima bhi

dr sansk: giving stern look dr armaan imdiately put his head down bt shub guessed it as he has seen last night hw much disturbed armaan ws and other also

dr shub: sir jane dijeye na I mean dr anjali aur dr atul hai who sambhal lege pls

dr atul and anjali: yes sir jane dijena hum log sambhal lege

dr sank: r u sure

atul anjali: yes sir

dr sasnk: ok fine par itne saare jan meeting main nahi ja sakte aap logon ko bahar wait karna padegha aap logon se matlab muskaan aur ridhima se hai

dr ridhima and armaan: yes sir( both together)

Everybody started laughing and leave.

Its 9 0 clock

Armaan: chalo ridhima humhe rahul aur muskaan ko bhi pick up karna hai

ridhima: haan chalo tumne rahul ko bata do diya hai na

armaan: haan ridhima ab chalo

in car

ridhima: tumhe nahi lagta armaan tum mujhe lekar zada protective ho rahe ho

armaan: matlab

ridhima: kal main samajh sakti thi par aaj bhi papa ko

armaan: kyun tum mere saath nahi rehna chahati

ridhima: chahati hoon armaan par hamesha yeh possible

armaan: aage kuch nahi maine kaha na hamesha matlab hamesha

(this incident has totally changed armaan more concerned about his life and how important ridhima is in her life he think fisrt that bomb incident and now we cannot predict life so he just want his life with her everytime that is ridhima)

rahul house

armaan arrived there they both were waiting out side he picked them up and they all were in car.

mu: armaan tumne baat ki kya hua sab thik ho jayega na

armaan: muskaan hum log abhi ja rahe hai na don't worry sab thik ho jaye ga

ridhima: haan muskan just don't worry sab thik hoga

they reach karan and shrdha cancer hospital

ridhima: karan to unka naam hai yeh shradha kaun hai

armaan: unki wife

ridhima: dekha kitna pyar karte hai ek doore se

armaan: haan mujhe pata hai main bhi tumse utna hi pyar karta hoon shayad usse zada

ridhima: thik hai yeh waqt aaone pe pata lagega

muskaan: are tum log kya apni baat le kar baith agye ander chalo

ar: oh haan sorry

inside hospital sansk ws waiting

dr sasnk : gud peheli baar aap log time pe hai infact before time 9:55

ok muskaan aur ridhima aap log bahar wait kijiye rahul aur armaan mere saath aayege

muskaan: par sir

ridhima: just holding her hand and gesturing no

sansk: yes dr muskaan

muskaan: nothing sir

sansk: I can understand par isse zada log nahi ja sakte I am sorry

ward boy :sir aap logon ko ander bula rahe hai

(inside cabin everybody is having discussion there faced looked tensed ridhima and muskaan trying to figure out from out side they can just see tensed faces.)

recap: (wt dr has said is anthying serios)

plzz commrnt

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Inside the cabin

man with good bright featurures nice physique and good looking man wearing white t-shrt blue pant sitting its dr karan ofcouse going through reports.

dr karan: yeh case bahut serius hai aur agar yeh tumor nikal bhi gaya to inki yaadhash jaa sakti hai

everybody is tensed

dr armaan: soory to interrupted par maine inki case file ache se padhi hai aur kafi research bhi kiya hai mujhe klagta hai phir bhi humare paas 20%chanses hai yeh bilkul thik hojaye aur dr ke liye to ek ummed ki kiran hi kafi hai then showing him his research

dr karan:very intensely going his research work I must say aapne bahut achi tere se case study kiya great job dr armaan I guess hume jald se jald operation karna hoga aur kyun ki armaan aap is case ke barre main itna kuch jante hai to main chata hun ki aap bhi mere saath mujhe assit kare aur meri fees to aap logon ko pata hi hogi

dr armaan: uski chinta aap mat kijiye dr sansk interrupting

dr sansk: kyun ki dr rahul sanjeevani k eek zimmedar dc hai isseliye unka illaz sanjeevni ke fund se hi hoga

dr karan: oh then its ok so kaal 4 baje aap admit ho jayega operation purso subah 11 baje hoga aur isse pehle aapke kuch test bhi hoge I guess unke bare main to aap logon ko pata hai

dr sank,armaan,rahul: yes sir

dr karan: ok then it is final

dr sank: ok we shall leave now thanks

outside muskaan and ridhima ws really tensed

muskaan: just hugging rahul not realizing that she ws in public place and stated crying again seeing this dr armaan,ridhima,sank,left them alone

rahul: muskaan rona band kara dc ne kaha sab thik ho jayega

muskaan : separating from hug: tu thik keh raha hai na sach sach bat sab thik ho jayega nay a aise hi

rahul: are nahi baba sab thik hoga tu himaat rakh

muskaan:feels he is hiding something so she straight away wents to dr karan cabin without knocking the door just opening it who thik to ho jayega na

dr karan: wt nonsesnse is this aap bina appointment kai yaha kaise

muskaan: again who thik to ho jayega na

dr karan this time sees rahul also there and muskan body is shaking and her voice is also craking by seeing this his tembor loosses and he makes her sit and offer glass of water muskaan dint take it

muskaan: aapne mere sawal ka jawab nahi diya

dr karan: oh dekhiye hm apni puri koshish karege

muskaan: just holding his colaar kya kaha koshish karege kya matlab hai iska

rahul: just trying control her chod muskaan unka collar chod aur mere saath chal

Muskaan: rahul yeh aisa kaise keh sakte hai kaise koshish karege

rahul: mujh par aur bhagwan pe bharosa rakh kuch nahi hoga mujhe ab chal yaha se telling sorry to doc

(muskaan was crying bitterly rahul ws consoling her whole the way bt in vain so he decided to drop her to ridhima house so that she can be taken care as he had some work pending in hospital which he want to complete with in today. after many tries he tried to convince muskaan to stay there.)


ridhima was walking in the corridor suddenly her feet trumble and she falls on the other side armaan coming just watch it and really got worried just screamed ridhimaaaaaaaaa loudly and rush towards her

armaan: really worried tum thik hona tumhe kuch hua to nahi r u ok

ridhima: kuch nahi hua armaan thodi si moch aayi hai thik ho jayega

armaan: tum mujhe dikhao tumari aadat hai hamesha ignore karneki just taking is feet in his hand and caressing it not realizing everybody ws seeing it

ridhima: armaan main thik hun sab dekh rahe hai

armaan not interested in wt she says he just saw ward boy there and shouted dekh kya rahe ho jaldi se spray lao jao

wb: yes sir ws shocked too see armaan shouting like that
after 5 minutes wb comes he gives armaan the spray he spray it and then lift ridhima in his arms and take him to his cabin bed ridhima ws just shocked by this act bt don't tell anthing that time.

in cabin

armaan: tum yehi aaram karo tumari duties mai kar doonga

ridhima: armaan iski koi zarrorat nahi hai main thik hoon waise bhi tumhe kal operation ke liye jana hai tumhe uski tayeyari karni chaiye.

armaan: maine kaha na tum yaha se nahi hilogi matlab nahi

ridhima: armaan yeh sab kya hai

armaan: kya hai matlab

ridhima: itna pyaar sahi nahi hai armaan agar

armaan: nahi aage kuch mat kaho tum hi to kehti ho ki main tumhe kuch nahi hone doonga

ridhima: main janti hoon armaan par tum yeh bhul gaye the.

armaan: kya

ridhima: haan armaan tum jis tarah mujhe kuch nahi hone doge waise hi mukjhe vishvas hai rahul ko bhi kuch nahi hoga tum use bhi kuch nahi hone doge

armaan: aisa hoga na

ridhima: bilkul armaan tum kabhi galat ho hi nahi sakte

armaan: tum janti hoona bachpan se har rishte ne mujhe dhokha diya hai chai who mere parents ho ya koi aur main kabhi riston par vishwas hi nahi kar paya par tumne mujhe aisas dilaya ki rishein kya hote hai tum ek achi beti,behen, dost ,aura b ek achi girlfriend.

ridhima: now having tears in her eyes ab mujhe rulao mat ok aur tum bhi bahut ache dost ho aur mujhe pura bharosa hai ki ek ache pati banoge khaskar jistereh se mera khyal rakh rahe ho

armaan:thanks and giving her a tight hug pls hamesha mere saath yuhi rehna tumare beghar main s oh shit dr sasnk ne bulaya hai par haan tum yaha se nahi hilogi ok

ridhima: par

armaan: maine kaha na matlab keh diya

then goes off

ridhima: yeh bhi na

shashank cabin

dr armaan: may I come in

sansk: yes armaan come sit

armaan: aapne bulaya

sansk: yes aur ha mujhe bhi aap par bharosa hai

armaan: jee sir

sasnk: aap aur ridhima jab bateein kar rahe hai to maine sun liya armaan tum bahut ache dost bhi hoon aur ek doctor bhi khaskar ke jis tarah se tumne rahul ke case pe research kiya hai I am impressed aap sach main bahut ache doctor hai all the best.

dr armaan: thank you sir

armaan: can I go now

sansk: yes no one minute

dr sansk: sorry aap ke bare main bilkul galat tha main khush hoon ki meri beti ne aapko apna jeewan saathi chuna aapne jis tarah aaj uska khyal raha I mean

armaan: iski koi zarrorat nahi hai sir who mere liye kya hai who main aapko explain bhi nahi kar sakta

dr sansk: I know waise ab aap hospital ke bahar mujhe papa keh sakte hai

armaan: ws thrilled ok papa I mean sir thanks

armaan rushes to his cabin to see ridhima and share all this bt ridhima ws not there atul and anjali waiting

atul'anjali: maine suna tum dr ko assist karoge gud

armaan: not interested basket I mean ridhima kaha hai

anjali: kabhi to use akela chod diya karo armaan

armaan: tumhe pata nahi use chot lagi hai

anjali: pata hai par who thik thi to dr kirti ne

armaan: not listning anymore yeh Hitler bhi na and rush to find her

atul anjie: armaan baat to suna

atul: so weet mera bhai meri hone waali saali ko kitna pyar karta hai

anjie: wt saali

atul: mera matlab

anjie: oh wt ever

meanwhile armaan ws finding everywhere ridhima bt he found rahul sitting in fire escape very distressed

armaan: kya hua aise kyun batha hai

rahul: muskaan jis tarah se behave kar rahi hai agar mujhe

armaan: maine kaha na kuch nahi hoga tumhe mujh par vishwas nahi hai kya

rahul: hai par

armaan: par war kuch nahi

rahul: thik hai par operation se pehle main aaj raat muskaan koe saath rehna chata huun kuch aisa karna chata hoon jise who kabhi bhi na bhul paye mere liye yeh karega

armaan: yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai tu phikar mat kar aaj ki raat muskaan kabhi bhul nahi payegi.

meanwhile ridhima hearing all that suddenly her foot trumble and ws just falling and armaan hold her

armaan: kaha than a waha se mat hilna phir kyun gayi waha

ridhima: who dr kirti

armaan: bol nahi sakti thi ki meri tabeeyat thik nahi hai

ridhima: acah baba sorry kam se kam rahul ke samne to mat danto

armaan: galti ki hai to saza milegi hi

ridhima: who kya

armaan: again lifting her on his arms

ridhima: yeh kya kar rahe ho

armaan: tumari saza yeh hai kit um ab ghar jaaogi aur muskaan ko ready karogi.

(still she ws on his arma and walking to the corridor of hospital.
suddenly dr keerti passes by don't worry guys is baar usne use giraya nahi)

dr keerti: shayad yeh hospital hai

armaan: aur dr ridhima patient

keerti: wt

armaan: yes actually ridhima ko chalne main problem ho rahi thi issliye main use ghar chdne jar aha tha

keerti: aapne inhe uthaya kyun hai
armaan: maan kaha na chal nahi pa rahi kya aap inhe chuti de sakti hai

keerti ws just shocked as to see armaan ws lifting ridhima in front of dr her only said yes

armaan: thanks mam

ridhima: yeh kya tha

armaan: kya tha ka kya matlab

ridhima: tumne dr keerti ke samne

armaan: tum meri hone wali biwi ho aur mujhe nahi lagta maine kuch galat kiya.

gupta house

muskaan ws really worried moving here to there padma trying to console her bt in vain

padma: muskaan thodi der aaram kar le sab thik ho jayega

muskaan: par kaise then just pretending to sleep

padma: tum aaram karo main aati hoon

muskaan to her self: nahi rahul ko kuch ho gaya to rahul ke bager mera kya hoga mujhe usse baat karni hai pata nahi opration ke baad usse main yaad rahu bhi ya nahi nahi mujhe usse kehna hoga ki mujhse shadi karle taki operation ke baad main use yaad raho bhi nahi to bhi hum ek saath to rahe ge haan mujhe usse baat karni hi hogi.

precap: (rahul muskaan dt muskaan tell him to marry her)

plzz comment

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pre recap: (ridhima got hurt and armaan drop him home muskaan terrified)

gupta house

ridhima has just reached home and seen muskaan terrified

ridhima: muskaan kuch nahi hoga itni tention mat le mujhe bhagwan par aur armaan par bharosa use kuch nahi hoga

muskaan: agar who mujhe operation ke baad bhul gaya to nahi yeh nahi ho sakta mujhe usse baat karni hogi

ridhima kaisi baat

muskaan: shaadi ki

ridhima: kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tum pagal to nahi ho gayi shadi yaar
muskaan started crying: agar who operation ke baad bhul gaya to nahi mujhe usse shadi operation ke pehle hi karni hogi taki who operation ke baad bhul bhi jaye to bhi main uske saath reh saku

ridhima: tu janti hai tu kya bol rahi hai aur rahul nahi manega

muskaan: are manega kaise nahi usse manna hi hoga kisi bhi haal par bs main sirf usse ek baar akele main mil luun

ridhima: haan who ho sakta hai

muskaan: kaise

ridhima: zada sawal mat pooch aur bata rahul ko kaunsa color pasand hai

muskaan: par kyun

ridhima: maine kaha na

muskaan: blue colour

ridhima: wo blue thik hai tu yehi ruk

ridhima bring out a beautiful blue colour suit yeh pehen ke dekh tumhe fit aaega ya nahi kyun ki main thodi

muskaan:smiling a bit ab mijhe bataegi yeh kya ho raha hai

ridhima: haan baba tu change kar phir hum log make up karte hai

muskaan: now realizing she got hurt in her leg are yeh kya hua leg main

ridhima: kuch nahi thodi mocha a gayi just the padma comes

padma: ridhima beta armaan bata raha tha pair main moch aai hai kya hua kaise hua

ridhima:maa main bilkul thik hun yeh armaan ko janti hi ho na choti si baat par pareshan ho jata hai

padma: thik to hai na aur yeh kya kahi ja rahi ho

ridhima: main nahi muskaan ja rahi hai

padma: kaha

ridhima: who sab main baad main batuga aap abhi jao

padma: par beta

ridhima: maaaaaaaaaaaa

padma: acha baba

muskaan: mujhe to bata

ridhima: rahul tijhe surprice de raha hai tu shayad waha usse baat kar paye

muskaan: haan yeh sahi hai main aaj baat karke hi rahungi

ridhima: acha ab tayar hoja ok

muskaan: haan thik hai

armaan and rahul

armaan: teri dt ki puri planning ho gayi hai rederveu restaurant

rahul: kya par who to menga hai na

armaan: tu uski chinta mat kar aaj ka din muskaan kabhi nahi bhulegi

rahul: main aaj usse baat kar ke hi rahunga agar mujhe kuch hua to use kisi aur ke saath rehna hi hoga

armaan: kaisi baat keh raha hai aaj ke din tu usse yeh sab kahega

rahul: aur koi option hai

armaan: tujhe kuch nahi hoga aage teri marzi main kuch nahi kahunga
rahul: thanks thanks for everything and they hug each other.

at night 10

rahul and muskaan

(the restaurant ws whole booked only for them rahul and muskaan muskaan ws really looking beautiful with pinkdress and light make upand rahul looks dasing in black restaurant ws decorated with candles)

muskaan: yeh kya hua hai tujhe rahu hotel rendeveu aur woh bhi pura book kar liya tum to bahut kanjjoz the

rahul: kanzzos aur main

muskaan: haan haan tu aur kaun

rahul: yaar tabhi to keh raha hu mujhe

muskaan: just putting her fingers on lips aaj keh diya aage se nahi

rahul: muskaan

muskaan : pls they were just looking in each other eyes and were lost

suddenly waiter comes mam khana

rahul and muskaan: got distracted oh haan idhar rakh do

they were having dineer without saying anything as rahul sensed it that it could be dangerous if he says now

armaan and ridhima at 11

armaan is really nervouse abt the opration and ws not able to sleep he desperately missing ridhima wants her to be with him on phone

armaan: kya kar rahi ho ridhima aur tumara pair kaisa hai

ridhima: main sone ja rahi thi aur mera pair thik hai armaan aura b tum bhi so jao parso operation karna hai aur kal tayeyari bhi karni ha hai na chalo bye

armaan: ruko ruko plsssssssssssssss mujhe neend nahi aah rahi basket plsssssssss

ridhima: armaan tum subah sekaam par lage ho right sone ki koshish to karo

armaan: kash tum mere paas hoti to main tumare lap main sar rakhke so jata itni achi neend aati

ridhima: armaan zada romantic hone ki zarrorat nahi hai ok main phone rakh rahi hoon bye tc love u

armaan: suno suno ok ridhima already has cut the phone line ridhima I miss u so much aur tum ho ki

padma ws standing hearing this conversation

ridhima: are maa aap kab aayi

padma: bas abhi abhi jab tum armaan se baat kar rahi thi bahut miss karta hai na who tumhe

ridhima: who pagal hai maa aur abhi rahul ko leke waise bhi pareshan hai

padma: pagal nahi ridhima dewana hai are tujhe to khush hona chahiye ki who tujhse itna pyar karta hai

ridhima: janti hoon maa par woh aaj kal bahut dara rahta rahul ko dekh kar use yeh lagne laga hai kahi hum dono ke saath bhi kuch aisa hua to isseliye bahut insecure ho gaya hai.

padma: main smajhsakti hoon shayad usne bachpan se har rishta khya hai issliye shayad thoda

ridima: shayad aap sahi keh rahi hai

padma: chinta mat kar agar rahul ke saath yeh sab nahi hota to 2 oct tak shadi ho jati par agle mahine bhi acha din hai main sabse baat karoni ek baar sab thik ho jaye jo ki main janti hoon ho jayega aura b to sasnk ko bhi tera armaan pasand aane laga hai

ridhima: blushing maa aap bhi

padma: acha ab so ja

just then bell ring

padma: itni raat ko kaun aaya main dekhti hoon

ridhima: in minds kahi armaan to nahi nahi nahi who kaise aa sakta hai who bhi darwaje se nahi aa bhi sakta hai pchle wale raste mein kaam jo chal raha hai yeh bhi na iska koi bharosa nahi just then nahi abhi abhi to ghar se phone kar raha tha phir yaha kaise main bhi pagal hoon
at door yes it ws armaan as he saw padma aunty

armaan just hugging her aapki bahut yaad aah rahi thi maa isseliye aa gaya is waqt

padma: haan haan agar pechle main construction chal raha hai to maa ki yaad to aaege hi na pipe se chad ke to nahi aa sakte kyun

armaa: separating from hug thinking chori pakdi gayi: nahi maa sach main aap ki hi

padma: haan haan bas jada maska mat maar teri ridhima apne kamre main hai ja lekin

armaan: kya maa mujhpar bharosa nahi hai

padma: holding ears agar nahi hota to apni beti tere hawale aise soupti ab jaa

armaan: lekin

padma: dr sansk so rahe hai main unse kuch nahi kahungi

armaan: hugging her u r the best mom in this world

ridhima room

ridhima talking to the photo of armaan while watching it

ridhima: aise kya dekh rahe ho mujhe pata hai tumhe kya chahye kiss haina then giving it kiss yeh lo khush gud night sweety

armaan: coming inside: oye hoye mujhse lucky to yeh photo hai jisse tum kiss to karti ho par mujhe to hug bhi nahi mila peechle 5 ghante se

ridhima: shocked seeing him first shocked hw can photo speak then seeing
 armaan armaan tummmmmmmm yahaaaaaaaaaa

armaan: are basket chilao mat dady jag jayege

ridhima: par tumne maa se kya kaha

armaan: siiting on the bed just beside her holding his hands maa ke saath maine setting kar le

ridima: acha kya

armaan: just coming forward as to kiss her
ridhima push him tum yaha kaise abhi to phone pe baat kar rahe the

armaan: are baba main tumare ghar ke neeche hi tha

ridhima: tum na

armaan: ab pls yaar yeh sab chodo mujhe sach main rahul ke baree main soch soch kar neend nahi aa rahi thi issiliye socha ki

ridhima: acha baba kuch peuge coffee lau

armaan: nahi pas tum mere paas baithi raho aur tumara leg kaisa hai wapan dawai lagai

ridhima: bilkul thik hai aur dawai ki zarrorat nahi hai ab aao pointing on her lap kaha than a yaha sona hai so jao

armaan: just sleeping on her laps and holding her hands and looking into her eyes

ridhima: caressing his hair mujhe khurna band karo aur sone ki koshish karo armaan

armaan: nahi mujhe tumhe dekhna hai

ridima: dekhne ke liye puri umar pardi hai armaan ab agar tum soye nahi

armaan: acha baba par tum

ridhima: tum meri chinta mat karo

armaan: par tumara leg

ridhima: armaan

armaan: acah bada par ek kiss to

ridhima: armaaaaaaaaaan in stern voice

armaan: acha acha aaj force nahi karuga maa se wada jo kya hai.

(then just sleeping .ridhima thought he has slept and imaging how cute he is looking sleeping she just kiss his forehead)

armaan: again opening his eyes: oye yeh kya kar rahi ho maa ka wada todna ka irada hai kya

ridhima: tum abhi tak soye nahi

armaan: haan haan sota huun waise bhi tumhe meri phto aur mujhe soteh hue dekh kar hi pyar aata hai kyun

ridhima: armaan ab agar aur kuch kaha na

armaan: ok ok so raha huun

rahul and muskaan

they were dancing hugging tighly each other. muskaan is really haapy she will not forget this foreeverin her life just then it strike her for wt she came here

muskaan: ek baat kahu

rahul: haan

muskaan: mujhse shadi karo

rahul just separating from hug : kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

prerecap: ( will rahul agree and operation of rahul)

plzz comment

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 14 April 2009 at 12:33pm | IP Logged
Great parts!!!!!!
ridzi830 Goldie

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Posted: 15 April 2009 at 7:13am | IP Logged
hey ridzzz
  fab ff..pls add me to ur pm list.....
Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2009 at 7:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Radhika Shah

Great parts!!!!!!

heyy radhika,
thanks for comment
it means lot  for us.

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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2009 at 7:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ridzi830

hey ridzzz
  fab ff..pls add me to ur pm list.....

heyy dear,
thanks for comment
it means lot  for us.
i will surly add u.

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