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Dare to Love#2(DMG) Special Request on Page 100

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Hey Guys Wow 2nd thread, i though i wud finish this story in 10 chapters or less. As it is i started it just for fun to experiment a bit. Never in my wildest dreams did i think tht one day i wud be opening a second thread for my fanfic. Thanks for all the love and lovely comments tht u guys gave me encouraging me to write. Even though i have been a bit lazy in updating lately, u guys have been patient with me. So thanks for all the love and affection, means a lot to me. Hug Here's the link to the first thread,
Hey ppl, many of u were having problems to read the previous parts of the fanfic, so i have posted them again in this thread on Pages 35 to 37, hope its convenient now, any other problem PM me Tongue
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Part 23



Riddhima entered her house in a daze. She had no idea how she had made the trip from her college to her home, all she could think of was the confrontation with Armaan and the realization that they had broken up. Was it so easy for him????? Could he forget the last four months so quickly and move on?????? Her heart and mind both shouted No and refused to believe it, but he had still gone and did it. He had trusted Sumit over her, had'nt he??? He did'nt even give her a chance to explain herself or listen to what she had to say. Is this the trust that he had in her????? Was their relationship so weak that a guy like Sumit could take advantage of it and break them up so easily??????



Her mind boggled with all the questions and she lay down on her bed with her eyes shut trying to block out all thoughts. But still flashes of Sumit, Armaan and she fighting came back to her, and the harder she tried to forget it, the more it hurt and soon she was sobbing clutching on to her pillow for support.



Meanwhile downstairs Anjali was a bit surprised to find the main door opened. She had just got up from taking a nap and wondered who had come, Atul or Riddhima. Neither one of them was careless to leave the door open. Seeing the time she guessed it to be Riddhima, back from her college. Maybe she had left it open by accident, thinking so Anjali closed the door and went to Riddhima's room.



Anjali was shocked when she saw the state Riddhima was in when she entered the room. "Ridzie" Anjali called out as she walked to the bed and sat down on its edge. Riddhima looked up from her pillow and Anjali's heart went out to her as she saw the tear stained face and red eyes. Riddhima kept her head on her sister's lap taking care not to hurt the slight swell of her stomach. Hoping to gain some relief from her sister's presence Riddhima buried her head further in Anjali's lap and continued to sob while Anjali patted her head soothingly and waited patiently for Riddhima to calm down and tell her what the matter was.



After sometime when Anjali was sure that Riddhima had stopped crying she tentatively called out to her,"Ridzie, what happened?". In response Riddhima just sniffed loudly and pressed her face in Anjali's lap.



Anjali tried again,"Ridzie, please tell me what happened?".



Riddhima refused to budge. It looked like all she wanted to do was cry and be miserable. Anjali became a bit frantic with Riddhima's unresponsiveness. She could not think of anything that would hurt Riddhima so much that she would not even like to speak about it. But Anjali knew she had to make Riddhima talk someway or the other. Talking about problems helps relieve the burden from your heart and solutions can also be found.



"Ouch" Anjali faked a cry and Riddhima immediately looked up in alarm. She touched Anjali's belly to make sure the baby was fine while Anjali smiled at Riddhima's concern and grabbed the oppurtunity to talk to her.



"Ridzie, baby ne abhi mujhe kick kiya, woh keh raha hai, mumma aap maasi ko kyu rula rahe ho?" Anjali said.



Riddhima managed a small smile listening to Anjali and placed a kiss on her belly,"Baby, aapki mumma bahut achi hai, woh kabhi kissi ko rula nahi sakti".



"To phir maasi aap kyu ro rahi ho?" Anjali still continued talking to Riddhima in the same manner hoping that Riddhima would divulge why she was so upset.



"Main nahi ro rahi baby, dekho" Riddhima said wiping her tears and trying to smile.



"Ridzie, you can fool the baby, not the mother" Anjali said and continued,"Now tell me what happened".



Riddhima's face fell when she heard Anjali and she remembered all that had happened a few hours ago. God, did it happen only a few hours back, then why did it feel like a lifetime. Why was she hoping to get up and realize that this was a dream, a very bad dream. Why was she wishing for her phone to ring and Armaan to call her like he always does at this time and tell her that he was joking, that all of this was an act.



Seeing that her sister was still waiting for her, Riddhima took a long breath and in a monotonous tone narrated everything that had occured in college, and when she reached the end she could not help crying and burst into tears remembering that the dream that she had been living with Armaan was shattered. Anjali's eyes widened when she heard Riddhima and enveloping her in a hug tried to soothe her although even she knew that it was hard, because this time words would not work. Words never work when the heart is at stake.



"Sshhh Ridzie, hush, please stop crying now" Anjali rubbed Riddhima's back in an effort to calm her.



" was so easy........hic.........easy for him" Riddhima said hicupping due to all the crying.



"Ridzie, how can you say it was easy for him? Armaan loves you a lot, I know he should have listened to you but the guy only saw what was shown to him, he does not know the whole truth, even he was tricked by Sumit" Anjali reassured her.



"Di, but he broke up with me, and believed that Sumit. He did not even listen to me".



"Ridzie, I know what he did was wrong, but I am sure there must be a reason for all of this. I am sure even he is not happy right now, you have to talk to him".



"No i won't, he was the one who broke up with me, why should I talk to him?" Riddhima said getting angry.



Anjali sighed. If there is something she could not beat, it was her sister's damn ego. Even now, after crying for hours her ego refuses to bow down.



"Ridzie, pyaar main ego ki jagah nahi hai. Don't let your ego come in the way of your and Armaan's happiness" Anjali advised,"Why did you not tell him the truth about Sumit in the first place??? Hell, you did not even tell me that disgusting chap was in your college. I told you that we should have reported him to the police but noooo, you thought that he had had a stupid memory loss. That guy is so smart that he wiggled his way out of the mess 3 years back and today he managed to create a rift between you and Armaan. Don't you think that Armaan should be told all this??? He deserves to know Ridzie, he is your boyfriend and he believes himself to be Sumit's friend".



"Armaan will never believe all of this Di, he did not even want to listen to me".



"Ridzie, ho sakta hain, woh gussa ho, gusse main log stupid stupid baatein keh dete hain, call him up and talk to him, I am sure that she will listen to you".



"Nahi Di, agar usse gussa aa sakta hain, to mujhe bhi aa sakta hain. I don't need him" Riddhima said stubbornly.



"Fine Ridzie, I just don't want you to regret your decision" Anjali gave up and walked out of the room but stopped and said,"And by the way, main Atul ko uss Sumit ke baare main batane waali hoon, and I am gonna make sure that he is suspended forever from the college".



"But Di.........".



"No buts Ridzie, I am not letting him go, this time he has gone too far. Neways I am sure he does not have a clean record as it is, Atul will handle everything" saying so Anjali walked out of the room.



Armaan trudged up the stairs and entered his apartment to find it empty. Hardly caring about Rahul's whereabouts he slumped on the sofa and for the first time thought about all that had happened. And as he recounted the day's events, realization struck him. Oh my God, what had he gone and done. He had broken up with Riddhima!!!!!! How could he just give Riddhima such an ultimatum?????? How could he just tell her that they were over????? Over????? They could never be over!!!!!!! His love for her was too strong to go away, ever.



Then why, why had he done it????? Just because she had gone and hit Sumit????? But that was not a very small issue, how could he just stand there and let her insult one of his friends?????? But she had to have a valid reason????? But if she had a problem with Sumit, then she should have come to him. He could have solved it in a better manner, there was no need to pick up a fight with Sumit. And the way Sumit was asking for forgiveness, she hardly cared. But I did'nt even give her a chance to explain herself, she wanted to say something.



Armaan's mind and heart were at war and he felt like wrenching them both out of his body and throwing them away. Atleast then maybe this pain, this huge great pain may go away and he may be at peace. But deep down, deep down in his heart Armaan knew, he knew that he will never be in peace until he sees and talk to Riddhima. At once he picked up the phone to call her and apologize for his behaviour and even give her a chance to explain her actions. But his mind stopped him. Why should he call????? Did she even bother to call and tell him what had happened????? No, she did not. Even though, she was at fault here. Why should he always call her?????



This time he won't. This time, it will have to be her to make the first move and explain herself. He had given her enough chances to be comfortable with Sumit, but still she never relented. Nor did she ever tell him the reason for her weird behaviour. Making up his mind Armaan kept the phone down and laid down on the sofa itself. Trying to block out all Riddhima's thoughts, he shut his eyes and tried to sleep.



Rahul entered the apartment tired to the bone. The day had not been a very promising one, although it had started well but hearing about Armaan and Riddhima's fight and sudden break up from Muskaan had put a damper to his thoughts. For the life of him, he could not understand why his best buddy had gone and destroyed his own happiness with his own hands. Armaan had changed completely after being with Riddhima. The guy who only smiled for a reason changed from to the guy who had a permanent grin on his face and all this was just because of Riddhima.



He found Armaan sleeping on the sofa and sighed. Even in sleep he looked disturbed, and Rahul knew the exact reason for that. Thanks to his gigantic ego, he was sure that Armaan had not tried to call Riddhima up even if he had been dying to talk to her. Why else would the chap be sleeping at 7pm in the evening. Rahul decided to give Armaan sometime before trying to knock sense into him.



Atul switched on the lights in Riddhima's room to find her sleeping clutching on to the teddy he had got her on her last birthday. He just stood near the door and watched Riddhima sleeping. This was his little sister. He had never considered her anything else other than that. Even before he and Anjali had started dating officially, he had taken a liking to her and they had bonded well. She had never been just Anjali's little sister to him, but much more than that. She had unknowingly filled the void in him by being a sibling and loving him as her brother.



He hated seeing her in such pain and distress and no matter how angry he was with this Armaan guy, he still had to set things right just to see her happy again. He knew love was'nt easy, hell, even his and Anjali's love story had'nt been a joy ride. You always had to endure some pain to be happy in love. But it was his job to reduce Riddhima's pain and help her the best way he could. And according to Anjali, this Armaan did love Riddhima a lot. Although he had his doubts on the chap, at the end of the day he wanted Riddhima to be happy. He walked upto her and placed a hand on her head.



Being a light sleeper Riddhima immediately got up and squinted her eyes to make out Atul's form before her,"Jijs???" she muttered sleepily.



"Hey Ridzie, sorry, maine tumhe jaga diya".



"Its ok jijs, did you just get back?".



"Yup, I talked to your Di" Atul mentioned lightly hoping to have a talk with her.



"Oh! She told you?".



Atul nodded in a yes and raised his eyebrows in question. In answer Riddhima shifted to make space for him and soon they both were sitting on her bed, head resting on the headboard.



"So, you really love this guy huh??? Armaan???" Atul started.



Riddhima nodded and then kep her head on Atul's shoulder for support. Atul wrapped his arm around her and continued to talk,"Ridzie, why did you not tell me about this Sumit person???".



"Jijs, it had happened 3 years ago, it did not matter" Riddhima protested.



"It did matter Ridzie, he tried to harm you and moreover he was in your college all this time. Neways, what is done is done. You are not going to college till I take care of him and send him to a completely different planet, away from you, understand" Atul instucted.



"Yes jijs" Riddhima agreed.



"Ridzie, about this guy, I am sure he will come around" Atul said in a softer tone. Riddhima looked up at him in surprise and then gave a small giggle, her first in a long time,"Di told you to tell this, did'nt she?".



Atul gave up the act,"Yes your Di convinced me as usual, otherwise if it was upto me, I would go and hit him black and blue for making my princess cry".



"He is not a bad guy jijs" Riddhima said softly.



"I know Ridzie, he loves you, how can he be bad??? And neways even I have made Anjali cry a few times so I guess all guys are somewhat of a jerk".



Riddhima smiled at him and nodded.



"Things will work out, don't worry. Now go to sleep, sweet dreams" saying so Atul kissed her on the forehead and switching off the lights walked out.



Next Morning..............



Rahul had been trying to talk to Armaan but the latter was very clever at dodging him and his questions. In the end Rahul gave up and hoped that Armaan would let go of his massive ego when he saw Riddhima in the college today. Both of them entered the class to find the seat occupied by Riddhima and Muskaan empty. Looking away Armaan walked to the back of the classroom and sat on a seat which blocked all sights of the girl's seat. Rahul shook his head in desperation and followed him with a frown.



After sometime Muskaan entered the class and even though he tried to stop himself Armaan lifted his gaze to catch a glimpse of Riddhima. But he was surprised that she was not there and craning his head he looked at the class to see if she was elsewhere. But it looked like Riddhima had not come to the college. Dejected he opened his book and started reading a random page.



Rahul did not miss Armaan's actions and it took a lot of his control to not bang his friends head against the table for his stupidity. Thinking of leaving Armaan in his self created misery Rahul got up and went and sat beside Muskaan. Muskaan looked up surprised when she saw Rahul sit beside her and then looked behind to see the disappointed look on Armaan's face.



"Um Rahul, tu jaake Armaan ke saath baith na" Muskaan tried to convince Rahul to sit with him.



"Mujhe uss idiot ke saath nahi baithna, samajhta kya hai khud ko, kissi ko bhi hurt kar sakta hai" Rahul protested.



"Rahul, please, abhi jaakar Armaan ke saath baith jao, abhi usse tumhari zaroorat hain, please Rahul, he needs you" Muskaan pleaded.



Rahul looked at Muskaan's pleading face and agreed half heartedly. Muskaan beamed at him and squeezing his hand a bit waved him away. Armaan brightened up when Rahul came and sat next to him. Rahul gave a half smile which soon faded away when he saw Sumit approaching them. He had no idea what had occured between Armaan, Sumit and Riddhima, but the chap was somewhat responsible for their break up and for Rahul it was enough to be hostile towards him.



Indicating one of the guys sitting in the front to take care of Sumit, Rahul distracted Armaan. There was no way that he was letting Sumit come near Armaan before he solved this mystery and get Armaan and Riddhima together again.



3 days passed by and neither did Armaan nor Riddhima let go of their egos and called each other although they were dying to see and speak to each other. Both were waiting for the other person to call first. Atul had managed to get loads of information against Sumit and using his contacts started his mission of getting Sumit kicked out of the college. Muskaan had adopted a neutral approach to the break up and just waited to see who would crack first. Meanwhile Rahul was hopping mad since Armaan seemed adamant not to call Riddhima.



It was a Sunday and Armaan and Rahul were sitting catching up on their studies with the television playing in the background. Suddenly the tunes of a song were heard and Armaan froze.



Kuch khaas hai,

Kuch paas hai,

Kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai,

Kuch duriyan, nazdikiyan,

Kuch hass padi tanhaiyaan,

Kya yeh khumaar hai, kya aitbaar hai,

Shayad yeh pyaar hai,

Haan hai shayad,

Kya yeh bahar hai, kya intezaar hai,

Shayad yeh pyaar hai,

Pyaar hai shayad..




Flashes of him and Riddhima on the beach playing and fighting, in the college, running after each other and teasing while the professor was teaching, in the basketball court, competing with each other and cuddling together came back to him. He fished for the remote in a hurry and switched off the television even as his eyes started to blur due to the tears being formed. Rahul saw Armaan and it hurt him seeing his friend punishing himself like this. Thinking of putting a stop to this, Rahul grabbed the oppurtunity to talk to Armaan.



"Kya hua? Band kyu kar diya? Kitna acha gaana tha, man" Rahul protested even as he got hold of the remote and tried to switch it on. Armaan immediately snatched the remote away and threw it at a distance.



"Kya kar raha hai?????? I wanna listen to it" Rahul shouted.



"I don't like that song Rahul" Armaan said in a tone which meant he wanted no arguments.



"Arre lekin, I like it. Tu mat sunn, mujhe to sunne de" Rahul said and retrieved the remote. Armaan banged his book down in frustration and tried to grab the remote away from Rahul.



"I said I don't want to listen to that song Rahul" Armaan shouted fighting for the remote.



"And I said I want to listen to it" Rahul said trying to keep the remote away from Armaan.



"Rahul please".



"Ek song main aisi kya baat hain??? Why don't you wanna listen to it???" Rahul asked even though he knew the reason.



"Rahul stop arguing with me" Armaan threatened.



"No I won't" Rahul fought back.



"Rahul, I mean it, otherwise I will.......".



"You will what??? Huh??? What will you do??? Break up with me like you broke up with Riddhima???" Rahul shot back. There he had said it. Now Armaan would have to listen to him and regain his senses.



Armaan froze when he heard Riddhima's name. He had avoided talking to Rahul about it for the last three days but now it looked like Rahul would not let go.



"Ab chup kyu ho gaya??? Jis tarah Riddhima ko hurt kiya ussi tarah mujhe bhi hurt karega???".



"I did not hurt her, she hurt me" Armaan retaliated.



"Don't talk rubbish Armaan, you were the one who broke up with her, not she. You hurt her and you better admit it".



"She fought with Sumit".



"So???" Rahul asked bewildered.



"She was hitting Sumit, Rahul" Armaan informed.



"Then that cheapstake must have done something bad, Riddhima does not go hitting boys and you know that. Don't give me silly excuses".



"Woh Sumit ko maar rahi thi without any reason and that poor guy was saying sorry to her".



"Reason??? Tune usse bolne ka mauka diya, you idiot! Uske bolne ke pehle hi tune apna ultimatum suna diya. And for whom??? That Sumit! Woh Sumit ab tere liye Riddhima se zyada important hai??? Haan, tell me???" Rahul questioned.



Armaan had no answers and he stood still absorbing all that Rahul had told him. Rahul continued,"Is Sumit more important to you than Riddhima, Armaan? Do you even know who Sumit is? He is a cheap and disgusting guy, if only you would listen to all the stories that float around in college, you would not even talk to the guy. You will be sorry Armaan, Riddhima is a gem and you yourself have lost her" saying so Rahul walked out of the apartment.



Rahul drove his car at break neck speed not caring about the traffic or rules. This was the first time that he had had such a big fight with Armaan and he was feeling terrible. It was not like they never used to fight but this was more serious and Rahul had never accused or shouted at Armaan like that before. He knew that he had hurt his friend a lot but he had to do something to make him realize his mistake. Bringing the car to a screeching halt he ran up and banged the door to Muskaan's apartment.



Muskaan was a bit surprised seeing Rahul at her doorstep. She thought he would be home trying to talk to Armaan, but seeing his grave expression she decided to let him tell her what the matter was.



Rahul walked inside and sat down on Muskaan's couch still thinking about his fight with Armaan. Muskaan came up to him and sat beside him. Feeling her presence Rahul enveloped her in a tight hug hoping to relieve himself of the aweful feeling. Muskaan hugged him back and waited for him to tell her what the problem was. She guessed that he must have had an argument with Armaan and thats why he was so upset.



"I fought with him Muski, for the first time, I turned my back away from him" Rahul confessed still hugging her.



"Rahul, its ok. Kya hua? Tell me everything, cmon, it will help, trust me" Muskaan reassured him.



Rahul narrated his fight with Armaan and how he had walked out of the apartment in anger not giving Armaan a chance to talk. Muskaan listened patiently patting his hand in reassurance.



"Rahul, don't you think you were a bit harsh on Armaan" Muskaan started.



Rahul was shocked. Out of all people, she was defending Armaan,"Muskaan, how can you say that??? Just look how he behaved with Riddhima and now he is being stubborn and not even calling her up".



"I know Rahul, lekin woh Armaan aur Riddhima ke beech hua hai, tum uske friend hokar usse samjha sakte ho, lekin usse jhagra karna is not an option" Muskaan explained.



"Muskaan, woh idiot uss, uss bewakoof Sumit ki wajah se Riddhima ke saath jhagra kar raha hai, can you believe it?".



"Rahul, tum hi to kehte ho ki Armaan really supports all his friends. Uske friends uski life hain, he does not want to hurt anyone of them".



"Isliye Riddhima ko hurt karega" Rahul said still not giving up.



Muskaan smiled seeing the anger on Rahul's face. Somehow the whole situation made her want to laugh. Rahul was defending her best friend while she was defending his. If it would have been any other couple they would have taken sides and fought with each other but instead they were trying to get their best friens to gather sense and make up.



"You know, its weird. Tum Ridzie ko support kar rahe ho aur main Armaan ko, tumhe nahi lagta yeh thora sa ajeeb hai" Muskaan said giggling a bit.



Rahul frowned when he heard Muskaan giggling in such a serious situation but when he saw her face he could'nt stop his own smile. He loved this about Muskaan, she would fight with him on the most stupid matters but here she was giggling at their weird and unique ways. Not once had she tried to bite his head off because of Armaan, instead she was trying to support him and see it from Armaan's perspective. But what if Armaan's perspective was wrong??? Somehow Rahul had this feeling that this time it was Armaan who was at fault and not Riddhima, and no matter what he would get to the end of this. There was no way he was going to let his friend be miserable and sad all his life.

    Part 23, finally. Updated on Sunday as promised, well in some countries its still Sunday guys Wink. This part has everybody's reaction to the break up, and although many of u might find a few's reaction weird I hope i have explained it in my best way possible. I know it has no AR, but the next part will have AR coming face to face after the break up. Now I hope this part is long enough (rapi, u listening) and I hope u enjoy it. And oh thanks a lot to those who did not call me Ekta, and to those who did, i hope this part wud change ur minds Expecting loads of comments, good or bad, any doubt or problem, do PM me Thanks Mini Big smile

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Part 24


Rahul and Muskaan were cuddled together on the sofa when Rahul suddenly asked,"I should'nt have fought with him, right???".



Muskaan was a bit surprised at the suddenness of the question. She looked up to see Rahul watch her in anxiety waiting for her reply, she shook her head in yes and looking at Rahul's sad face added,"But you are his best friend, so you have the right of fighting with him, no matter what".



Rahul felt much better after listening to her. Even though she did not like the idea of his fighting with Armaan, she was still consoling him and trying to make him feel better. "Thanks Muski" Rahul mumbled as he hugged her tighter to himself.



"Anytime mister" Muskaan teased as Rahul placed a light kiss on her cheek.



"So, what should we do??? I mean kaise unn dono ko ek saath ek hi jagah par laaye, so that they can talk to each other. Riddhima to college bhi nahi aa rahi, warna wahan unn dono ko kisi tarah ek saath kamre main band kar dete, phir to baat karni hi parti" Rahul said with an evil smirk.



"Rahul!!! Hum unn dono ko force nahi kar sakte, they have to go to each other on their own" Muskaan reprimanded.



"Tab to shayad kabhi baat nahi karenge, Armaan and his stupid ego, mara jaa raha hain, lekin phone utha ke usse baat nahi karega, idiot" Rahul muttered irritably.



"Even Riddhima, you know what??? Madam ne apna phone permanently switched off kar diya hain, taaki she is not tempted to call Armaan, I tell you, I just hate it when Riddhima gets into one of her stubborn phases" Muskaan said exasperatedly.



"Acha hain, waise bhi galti Armaan ki hain".



"Offho Rahul, stop blaming the poor guy. I know ki usse Riddhima se baat karni chahiye thi par you know na that Armaan is a bit sensitive when it comes to his friends. Ek mahine pehle bhi unn dono main issi baat ko lekar jhagra hua tha" Muskaan said as she remembered her talk with Armaan a month back.



"Kya matlab???" Rahul asked perplexed.



Muskaan recounted her talk with Armaan after his little disagreement with Riddhima a month back. Surprised at the knowledge even Rahul told her about his and Riddhima's small chat.



"So it means that Sumit is somewhat involved, and you were right" Muskaan concluded.



"I knew it, I just knew that chap was bad news" Rahul said angrily.



"Oh Puhlease Rahul, you were just jealous of him coz he went around saying that Armaan was his best friend".



"But he is not, Armaan is only my best friend" Rahul insisted.



"Yes baba" Muskaan rolled her eyes at Rahul's possesiveness.



"But then what did they fight about??? Armaan already knew that Sumit had feelings for Riddhima, then what happened???" Muskaan wondered.



Before Rahul could give his analysis regarding Armaan and Riddhima's fight, Muskaan's cell beeped. Muskaan reached for her phone and opened it,"Ridzie ka message hain, wants me to come over".



Rahul nodded and got up from their comfortable position,"Want a lift" he offered.



"No, you go back home, and don't fight with Armaan" Muskaan warned.



Rahul just shrugged his shoulders in response to Muskaan's warning as she locked her apartment and then kissing her goodbye went off. Meanwhile Muskaan hailed a cab to take her to Riddhima's house.



Rahul was in deep thought as he drove the car back home. It was amazing how a few hours with Muskaan could clear his mind and calm him down while at the sametime she was the only woman who was capable of bringing his angriest avatar to life. This is what he loved about his relationship with Muskaan, no matter how much they fought with each other, underneath all those fights there was a much deeper love and understanding that united them together.



She was right, he should not force Armaan to go and talk to Riddhima, but let him realize it himself. He just prayed that common sense would prevail to Armaan soon. All he wanted was his best buddy to be happy, something which he truly deserved. Thinking all this he entered their apartment only to find Armaan locked up in his room. Rahul sighed, maybe he deserved it. After all he had been mean to Armaan, what did he hope that Armaan would just forget everything and come and hug him.



In his room Armaan heard the faint click of the main door and knew that Rahul had returned. He was not sure if he wanted to go and face his best friend after the showdown they had had. All this time he had thought about what Rahul had said and for the first time evaluated his actions. It was true, he had not given Riddhima a chance to explain herself, he had just assumed what he wanted to. He knew that she had reservations against Sumit from day one but still he lost his temper and shouted at her. Moreover he knew that Riddhima was a girl who never hurt people unless provoked.



And since the last three days he had been waiting for her to come and apologize. He had not even called her and only he knew how aweful it felt not to hear her voice or see her for so many days. He picked up his cell like he had done countless times in the last three days and pressed speed dial 3 but disconnected it immediately just like he had been doing earlier. But today for the first time alongwith the anger came a tinge of guilt, guilt of not listening to the person who mattered the world to him.



Armaan's head reeled with all the thoughts and he opened his door to find Rahul watching Charlie Chaplin on the television. He just stood at the door watching Rahul who had a serious expression on his face as he watched the scenes flashed beofre his eyes. Rahul turned to look at Armaan and smiled slightly. Armaan walked upto the sofa and sat down to watch the series alongwith Rahul. Soon both of them were laughing loudly at the antics and mishaps of Charlie Chaplin and as both friends turned to look at each other, they were glad that they had not let a fight break their bond. They had overcome their differences like they had done in the past.



Muskaan found Riddhima flipping the pages of a magazine lazily,"Hey, whats up???".



Riddhima looked up to find Muskaan smiling at her,"Nothing, I am just bored".



"I know, so when can you come to college???".



"Pata nahi, whenever jijs says yes then only".



"Lekin why are you not coming to the college???".



"Its nothing Muskaan, just forget it".



Muskaan sighed. She knew it had something to do with the breakup but only if Riddhima would confide in her. It was not like Atul jijs to stop her from going somewhere, specially not college. Giving up she started a random topic but noticed that Riddhima's attention was hardly on her. She had a faraway look on her face and Muskaan knew what she was thinking about.



Muskaan hesitated a bit but then spoke up,"He..........he is ok".



Riddhima was a bit startled when she heard Muskaan. She turned her face to ask whom but stopped when she saw the look on Muskaan's face. Who was she kidding??? Muskaan knew her inside out, did she really think that she could hide her feelings from her best friend. She turned her face away as she felt tears glisten her eyes. The only thing that bothered her was that he had not called. It had been three days but still there were no calls from him. True she kept her mobile switched off but she always checked once in a day for his missed calls, but they were none.



Riddhima hugged Muskaan as she fought to keep her tears at bay while Muskaan tried to pacify her as best as she could. Muskaan then tried to divert Riddhima's attention by telling her funny incidents which occured in the college in her absence and soon Riddhima was laughing loudly listening to Muskaan's stories. Mission Successful, Muskaan bid Riddhima farewell and prayed that they would get back together soon.



Atul walked in Riddhima's room sleepily. He had two surgeries and then ofcourse he was handling the Sumit case. Even though he was one of the top surgeons in Sanjivani, he was not used to using his post or authority for his personal benefit. And even today if it were upto him, he would have tried to avoid this way but then he could not let Sumit anywhere near Riddhima.



"Ridzie, going to sleep?" Atul asked as he saw her lying on her bed reading a book.



Riddhima looked up and saw the sleepy look on his face,"Should'nt it be I am going to sleep, jijs" and added,"You look tired".



"I am, I just have to talk to you".






"I got that chap suspended" Atul informed.



"Oh!" was all that Riddhima could say. She did not know whether she should be dancing in joy at the fact that Sumit was out of her life forever or sad that Armaan would maybe misinterpret even this action of hers.



"You can go to college from tomorrow, it will be his last day".



Riddhima looked up when she heard Atul, go to college!!!!!!! But that would mean seeing Armaan. That was the one thing she had been able to avoid for all these days, how would she face him??? Should she acknowledge him, fight with him or be rude to him. She did not know, she had no clue as to how she should behave once she sees him and moreover she was not sure if she could control herself infront of him.



She had kept all her feelings regarding him bottled up inside but she knew all her self control would vanish once she sees him. Atul looked at Riddhima deep in thought and knew what was bothering her. Walking upto her, he placed his hand on her shoulder and said soothingly,"Hey, no matter what your decision is, remember me and Anjie are always there with you, ok".



Riddhima nodded her head in a yes as Atul kissed her on the head and wishing her good night went to sleep. She had to be strong, she was not going to give in. She had been able to avoid him for so many days, she had not called him no matter what. It was his fault, and he was going to make the first move. She would not go to him. Yes, she can face him. Feeling determined Riddhima tried to sleep hoping her plan works tomorrow.



Riddhima stood in her driveway waiting for Muskaan to pick her up. It felt weird not going to college with Armaan. Ever since they had been together they had come and gone in his car.No matter how hard she protested he always managed to convinve her to be with him. No!!!!! She was not going to think about him. Did'nt she promise herself that. She was going to block out all his thoughts from her mind. But it was easier said than done.



Luckily for Riddhima Muskaan arrived just then. One look at Riddhima's pale face and swollen eyes and Muskaan knew that yesterday had been another night of sleeplessness and lots of twisting and turning. Choosing not to comment Muskaan greeted Riddhima and drove off to the college.



After sometime both Riddhima and Muskaan stood outside the college gates. While Riddhima was in deep thought, Muskaan was waiting for Riddhima to compose herself and be prepared. She knew this was not gonna be easy for Riddhima, moreover Armaan had no idea that Riddhima was coming back today. She had messaged Rahul last night about Riddhima's return but he had chose not to inform Armaan.



On the other hand Armaan and Rahul had arrived early and were waiting in the classroom for the bell to ring. Rahul kept looking towards the door waiting for Riddhima to enter. He was dying to see Armaan's reaction on seeing her. He had purposely not told Armaan about her arrival coz he did not want Armaan to be prepared, instead he wanted him to be surprised and hoped that on seeing Riddhima, Armaan's stubborn resolve would break down.



Just then a peon entered their classroom,"The principal is calling Sumit Kapoor" he announced and left.



A bit surprised Sumit got up and headed towards the cabin while Armaan and Rahul exchanged glances and wondered why he was being called all of a sudden. Before they could start discussing Riddhima entered the class keeping her gaze steady on the floor while Muskaan followed her a few steps behind.



Armaan froze. Riddhima!!!!!!!! Riddhima had come to college today. OMG he was seeing her after days............well 3 days. But still it felt like a lifetime. He kept staring at her as she walked upto a bench and sat down. Had she lost weight???????? She looked thin. And why was her face so pale and white???????? Was she sick????????? Is that why she was not coming to the college??????? And what was the matter with her eyes?????? Why were they so red and swollen????????



"Cough!" Riddhima suppressed a cough as she opened her books and sat down to read. But still the sound reached Armaan even though he was sitting far behind. He watched her each and every action. She was coughing. Did she have fever??????? Why the hell had Muskaan not told him?????? Maybe thats why she had not called him. Oh God, what kind of a guy he was, the love of his life was miserable and he had been behaving like a stupid jerk. Cursing himself Armaan got up to go to Riddhima but had to sit down when he saw the professor entering.



All through the lecture Armaan's gaze was fixed on Riddhima. How could he be cruel???????? He loved her, more than he had loved anybody. And moreover he was loved by her. A feeling that he was not used to. Riddhima loved him and made him feel special. And what had he done, gone and hurt her. For what???????? Hell, he could not even remember a reason, maybe coz there was no reason.



Riddhima fidgeted in her seat as she felt Armaan's gaze on her. She knew that he was looking at her and so avoided looking up, in fear that she may come face to face with him. She wished he would not look at her coz they way he looks always makes her heart melt. It makes her feel special and wanted. Trying to ignore his gaze Riddhima shifted her attention towards the professor who was speaking and waited for the class to get over.



As soon as the bell rang, Riddhima left her books and ran out of the class, along the corridor until she reached a store room. Without a single thought Armaan dashed after her as Rahul and Muskaan watched their retreating backs hoping that things would work out and keeping their fingers crossed.



Armaan followed Riddhima and stopped outside the store room wondering whether to go in or not and what to say to her. Taking a deep breath he opened the door a little when he heard muffled sobs and stopped. Riddhima was crying!!!!!! Armaan closed his eyes as he felt his eyes moisten too. He could never see her upset or crying. It broke him. He peeped in and saw Riddhima huddled on the floor hands on her face, sobbing badly.



In that one instant Armaan hated himself. He despised that he was the reason for Riddhima's tears. He had promised that he would always be there with her, but today he was the one making her cry. To think that Riddhima Gupta, such a strong girl was reduced to crying and that also because of him made him angry at himself. She did not deserve this, she only deserved love and happiness. Why was he such a fool??????? Why did he hurt her??????



Gory Teri Aankhen Khay

Raat Bher Soi Nehi

Chanda Dhekhe Chupke Kahi

Aor Tare Jante Hai Sabhi

Ke Kisne Dil Lelia

Kisko Dil De Dia

Ye Dil Ka Legana Koi Janta Nehi


Dil Me Teri Yade Basi Hai Tu Samjhga Nahi Aasssss

Mera Kuch Nehi

Kyo Akhiya Chupau

Kyo Tujhe Ko Satau

Dil Tode Ke Tera Main Kya pau

Bol Piya -Bol Piya -Bol Piya

Ke Main Raat Bhar Soi Nehi

Chanda Ne Bhi Dekha Nehi

Aor Taro Ko Ye Malum Nehi

Ke Mene Tujhe Dil Diya

Tera Dil Le Lia

Mera Tuhi Hai Bahana

Kyo Manta Nehi


Aate Jate Mosam Jese Lagte Thae Sabhi Aasssssssss

Hamne Bhi To Manga Rabe se Apna Bhi Koi

Dunia se Bachau

Palko Main Chupau

Dil Jit Ke Tera Sabko Batau

Sun Gori -Sun Gori -Sun Gori Sun Gori -Sun Gori Sun

Gori Teri Aankhen Khay

Janeanjane Me Khai

Chanda Ne Bhi Dekha Nehi

Taro Ne bhi Jana Nehi

Ke Tune Mujhe Dil Dia Mera Dil Le Lia

Bol Piya -Bol Piya Bol

Sajan Teri Bate Badi

Mera Jene Ka Bhana Koi Aor Nehi

Gori Teri Aankhen Khay

Gori Teri Aankhen Khay Raat Bhar Soi Nehi

Chanda Ne Bhi Dekha Nehi

Aor Tare Jante Hai Sabhi

Ke Kisne Dil De Dia Kisko Dil De Dia Ye Dil Ka Legana Koi Janta Nahi



Riddhima sobbed as she sat on the floor in the dusty store room. She could not do this. No matter what she told herself she could not bring herself to be normal infront of Armaan. Heck, she could'nt even be in one class with him. How was she going to be with him for the rest of the year. She missed him, she missed him so bad that it hurt her. She wanted things to be right. She wanted him to come and just hold her and tell her that he was there. She wanted him, she wanted her Armaan back.



She looked up when she heard the sound of a door opening and there standing before her was Armaan. He just looked at her and took in her appearance without saying a word. The tears still streaming down her cheeks and some stuck on her eyelids waiting to fall. Before she could say anything he crossed the distance between them in a two giant leaps and grabbing her hugged her tightly.



Riddhima froze as she felt Armaan's arms go round her and pull her to him. She felt his arms tighten round her waist and his face buried in her hair as he clung to her. And then the dam broke. She clasped her hands around his neck as she cried her heart out. All the pain and misery that she had kept bottled up inside her all these days came out as tears poured down her face. She hugged him tighter wanting to assure herself that he was infact there with her, and all of this was not a dream.



Armaan soothed her and rubbed her back as she cried in his arms. He knew that she had to cry and take this out before it hurt her more, so he let her cry. He waited patiently as she cried her last tear still clinging to him. Then when she was sure that she had stopped and he could feel her heavy breaths, he whispered in her ears,"I am sorry my love".



Riddhima whimpered as she heard him and buried her face in his neck feeling his fragrance surround her. "I love you" Armaan whispered again and tried to break apart. But Riddhima did not relent and instead tightened her hold. She still needed assurance and relief, and she was getting it in his arms only.



Finally after sometime Riddhima moved a little back and said in a soft voice,"Don't ever do that again".



"Never again, I promise" Armaan assured as he lifted her face and kissed her deeply. Riddhima kissed him back happy to be with him and feel him around her again. When they broke apart after sometime, Armaan looked at her and said softly,"You know whenever I kiss you, I know you are all mine".

Part 24, i am not so sure how it is coz i have not proof read it so it may have many mistakes, pls do tell me and i will try to correct them. Also i dont think it is as good as the first part tht i had written but i have tried to write it just like the previous one to the best of my knowledge. Another thing, the length, many ppl may be peeved by the shortness of this part but guys this is the best i cud do, i think i may have deleted some portions coz the first one was much longer but pls bear with me i will try to make sure tht the same mistake does not happen again. Lastly it is almost 4 AM now, so tht means tht i have tried to write this part as quickly as possible, if its a bit boring, then i am truly sorry, will try to make the next one exciting.
And oh Rapi, even i want to write a RM scene, its just tht i have no ideas, but i think i may have one, will penn it down and if i like it then i will share it with u guys. May post the RM moment on Tuesday. Do comment guys
Thanks Mini Big smile

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Part 25
They were still in an embrace with Riddhima's head on his chest as Armaan rubbed her back in a soothing manner. Riddhima could stay like this forever. It felt so good. Finally everything was all right. Armaan was with her and Sumit was gone. Sumit..........she still had to tell him everything about her. Hiiiiiiiiiii, i am backkkk, missed me???Hug Oof you again, I thought you had died.Angry And miss being in my Armaan's arms??? No ways.Embarrassed Then where the hell were you these last few days???Confused Aww looks like somebody missed me. I was in the Bahamas.Wink Bahamas???Shocked Yup, don't you know, its the perfect holiday spot.Big smile You were on a holiday???Shocked Like duh!!! You know I take off whenever you get all in your crying and weeping mood. But now that you are happy, I am back again.Tongue So you mean to get rid of you I have to keep on crying??? Ya I guess......hey why are you asking this??? Nothing I was just thinking that I...........



Armaan waved a red signal on Riddhima's train of thoughts when he backed away from the hug but still holding on to her asked seriously,"Riddhima, can you please tell me everything now, we have to talk".



Riddhima looked at his anxious face waiting for her response. I should tell him everything, right??? Yes yes yes. Don't delay it any longer missy. He will believe me right??? Hellooooo, he is holding you and kissing you without knowing the truth, this is Armaan, he loves us like crazy, ofcourse he will believe. Now start talking, and don't miss anything.



And Riddhima did just that. She told Armaan everything. From the incident between her and Sumit three years ago to the final showdown in the college a few days back. Riddhima felt light as she told Armaan, as if a weight that she never knew she was carrying had been removed. Armaan's expressions turned from shocked to guilty to anger and then finally settled on a sombre one. As Riddhima finished speaking she looked up to see Armaan's reaction but was a bit surprised when she found him staring at vacant space with absolutely no expression on his face.



"Armaan" she called out tentatively wondering if he was mad or angry or whether he believed her at all.



Armaan gave no response except backing away from her and turning his back while in deep thought. Riddhima panicked for a second wondering if he did not believe her until Armaan's voice said to her very seriously,"Wait for me, I will be back" and saying so he walked out the door while Riddhima just stood there stunned not understanding what was happening. After a few moments when Riddhima came out of her reverie she followed Armaan outside calling out to him but he merely shouted later and kept on walking.



Riddhima was highly confused now. Was he angry??? Well then why did he ask her to wait for him??? Did he not believe her??? But then he would have counter attacked her or something not just walked out of there like that. She tried to follow Armaan but he was already way ahead of her and even when she ran she could not catch up with him and soon lost him after following for a few corridors.



Riddhima walked back in class still wondering what had suddenly happened to Armaan. She replayed the whole scene again but ended up getting even more confused than she already was. She had no clue about Armaan's actions and moreover his sudden disappearance. Rahul and Muskaan sat in the class thinking about Armaan and Riddhima when they spotted Riddhima entering.



"Ridzie" Muskaan called out while Rahul looked around for Armaan. Oh no, I hope they did not fight again, thought Rahul as Riddhima came and sat next to them.



"Riddhima, kya hua??? Where's Armaan???" Rahul asked as soon as she sat down.



"He went somewhere" Riddhima answered trying to figure out the reply herself.



"Went somewhere???" Rahul asked puzzled and then asked hesitantly,"You guys did not fight again, I hope".



"No, we made up and then I told him everything but he just took off" Riddhima replied as puzzled as Rahul and Muskaan.



Meanwhile Armaan drove his car as Riddhima's explanation continued to cloud his mind and the anger that he had managed to surpress infront of her came out as he banged the steering wheel and drove faster. Reaching his destination he came out and rang the bell.



"Armaan???" Sumit asked as soon as he opened the door.






Sumit lay on the ground with Armaan towering over him. He touched his nose where Armaan had just hit him but even before he could register the blood Armaan picked him up and punched him in the stomach.



"Aaah........Armaan...........what" Sumit managed as he lay on the ground clutching his stomach.



Armaan merely picked him up as if he carried no weight and continued to kick and punch him,"How dare you Sumit, how dare you touch Riddhima".



"Armaan...........please listen" Sumit begged.



Armaan picked him up from his collar and shook him,"No you listen Sumit, you come near Riddhima and I will kill you, I swear" saying so he flinged him on the ground and went away leaving Sumit on the ground moaning in pain.



"What do you mean went away??? Ok tell me from the beginning, what happened between you guys" Rahul asked trying to solve the mystery behing Armaan's sudden disappearance.



"I told you Rahul, he asked me I told him and then he said wait for me and then just went away" Riddhima said exasperated.



"What did you tell him???" Muskaan asked trying to throw light on why they had broken up in the first place.



"Ummm.............I........."Riddhima hesitated.



"Its ok Riddhima, if you don't want to tell us then don't"Rahul assured seeing her hesitation.



Riddhima looked at Rahul and Muskaan nodding in an understanding way and realized that they deserved to know the truth as much as Armaan did. After all even they were somewhat a part of this whole fiasco and she could trust them. They would never tell it to anybody else. Making up her mind she said,"Umm no guys, actually I don't wanna talk here, can we go someplace".



Rahul and Muskaan smiled listening to Riddhima. They were glad that she had decided to share it with them. "Sure lets go to the library" Rahul suggested.



"But what about the lecture" Riddhima asked.



Muskaan rolled her eyes,"Oh God Ridzie, tune teen din classes miss kiye hai, ek aur kal legi to kuch nahi ho jayega".



Giving up Riddhima went to the library with them and told them what she had told Armaan. Rahul and Muskaan's eyes widened when they heard about Sumit and felt disgusted that they had known such a chap.



"Oh my goodness, Ridzie, tune mujhe bhi nahi............"Muskaan started but was interrupted by Rahul who looked as if he had solved the mystery.



"Oh no, oh no no no. Man, we have to stop him, hume usse rokna hoga, shit" Rahul muttered as he got up to go but was stopped by Muskaan.



"Where do you think you are going mister??? Aur hume kisse rokna hoga???" Muskaan asked suspiciously.



"Armaan ko, before he k..............." Rahul stopped when he saw Riddhima and Muskaan infront of him.



"Tumhe pata hai Armaan kaha gaya hai???" Riddhima asked turning to Rahul.



"Ummm na...I mean haan, mujhe pata hai"Rahul admitted knowing his lie would be caught.



"Well where is he???" Riddhima asked impatiently wondering why he did not tell himself.



"Aaah..........I can't tell you" Rahul answered shocking Riddhima and Muskaan.



"What" they shouted.



"Yes I am not telling you girls anything, now let me go".



"But Rahul.........." Riddhima persisted.



"No Riddhima you are not gonna get anything out of me" Rahul stubbornly refused and continued to walk away.



"Ridzie, let me handle this" Muskaan said confidently as she followed Rahul.



"Oye Rahul ke bachche, tu mujhe bata raha hai ki ek lagau" Muskaan called out loudly.



The librarian beat Rahul in responding to Muskaan's call,"Miss Chadha, may I remind you that you are in a library, kindly lower your volume and also improve your language" saying so she went away shaking her head disapprovingly and muttering under her breath.



Muskaan's anger increased after the librarian's reprimand and muttering a few choicest curses to the lady she turned her attention back to Rahul. Walking upto him she dragged him by the collar outside the library and started shouting,"Idiot tere wajhe se mujhe usse daant pari, ab tu mujhe batata hai ki main maroon".



"Muskaan kya kar rahi hai, hum college main hain, sab hume dekhenge, chor" Rahul said trying to free himself.



"To phir mujhe chup chap bata ki Armaan kaha hai" Muskaan threatened.



"Muskaan main abhi nahi bata sakta, baad main bataunga, abhi mujhe jaane de" Rahul requested.



"Nahi, mujhe abhi jaana hain" Muskaan persisted.



"Muskaan!!!!!!!" Rahul warned.



"Rahul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Muskaan shouted.



"Guys!!!!!!" Riddhima shouted seeing both of them wrestle,"Stop it both of you now". Muskaan let go of Rahul and stepped back as Rahul adjusted his collar.



"Fine Rahul, do whatever you guys want, don't tell us where Armaan is, I am tired, I am going home, if you find that friend of yours then tell him that he was the one who wanted to talk, instead he ran away, so he owes me a talk" saying so Riddhima walked away and Muskaan giving a dirty look to Rahul followed her.



Rahul sighed with relief and then called Armaan hoping that his whereabouts about Armaan were wrong. Armaan picked up the phone after a few rings.



Armaan: (a bit angrily) Haan Rahul bol.



Rahul: (understanding where he went) Hey Armaan, ummm tu kahaan hain.



Armaan: College aa raha hoon.



Rahul: (thinking itne gusse main) Uhhh Armaan tu college mat aa.



Armaan: (confused) Kyu??? Riddhima mera wait kar rahi hai.



Rahul: Oh woh actually ghar chali gayi hai, usse kuch kaam tha.



Armaan: Oh, to ab main kaha jau.



Rahul: What do you mean kaha jau, ghar aa, baat karte hain ok.



Armaan: (half heartidly) Theek hai.



Armaan reached home and saw Rahul flipping the channels on the television. One look at Armaan's face and Rahul knew that his guess had been right. Armaan had indeed gone to Sumit and picked up a fight with him. Armaan threw his shoes in a corner and slumped on the sofa with a frown. Rahul decided to intiate the conversation.



"Hey man, why the long face" Rahul said jokingly. Getting no response from Armaan he became serious and said,"Armaan, aaj to teri aur Riddhima ki baat hui na, you should be happy".



"Khaak happy, I feel like hitting myself, you won't believe what an idiot I have been" Armaan mumbled.



"Actually I do know what an idiot you have been, Riddhima told me everything today" Rahul confessed.



"Everything??? As in everything between her and that pest Sumit" Armaan asked.



"Yes, she told me and Muskaan when you suddenly walked out on her after her explanation" Rahul said and asked keeping his fingers crossed,"By the way I do hope that Sumit is still breathing".



Armaan just gave a look to Rahul who waited for his answer,"Yes he is, don't worry although I felt like killing him there and then for the way he behaved with Riddhima, but I cannot guarantee that he will continue breathing if he comes near Riddhima ever again".



"Good, now that thats settled, what are you doing here?" Rahul asked lightly.



"What do you mean what I am doing here? You are the one who called me? And this is my house too, where else should I be?" Armaan asked getting slightly irritated.



"Riddhima ke pass, she's waiting for you" Rahul suggested.



Armaan became depressed when Riddhima's name was mentioned and he recalled how badly he had behaved with her although she was nowhere at fault,"Main usse kya kahoon yaar, I treated her so badly, maine uski ek baat nahi suni, ulta usse danta".



"Oh cmon Armaan, tujhe usse baat karni paregi, pata hai she got scared ki kahin tu usse phir se to gussa nahi hogaya" Armaan looked up when he heard Rahul and realized that the abrupt way in which he had left must have looked as if he did not believe her.



"So I should go to her" Armaan asked still not sure.



"Yes you moron, its high time you both talk to each other before me and Muskaan strangle you" Rahul said frustrated.



Armaan looked at Rahul sheepishly. For the first time in the last few days he realized that his fight with Riddhima must have been tough on Rahul and Muskaan too, afterall Rahul was his best friend and Muskaan was Riddhima's. Although he knew that Rahul could handle Muskaan and his relationship with her he hoped that they had not fought due to him and Riddhima.



"Rahul, man I hope you and Muskaan.........I mean you are both ok" Armaan asked.



"Well Muskaan did have a fight with her maid and my back has been paining a lot these days but otherwise all's well" Rahul answered happily as Armaan looked at him surprised.



"Rahul I meant............" Armaan clarified but was cut off.



"I know what you meant Armaan, I was just kidding, ya me and Muskaan are fine infact you should really thank her, if it wasn't for her we would probably have had our 27th fight".



"28th" Armaan corrected.



"No its 27th" Rahul argued.



"Dude, remember the time you fought when I was not calling Riddhima three days back" Armaan reminded.



"Oh cmon Armaan, we did not hit each other".



"So a fight means only if we wrestle".






"Ok cool" Armaan said hi fiving Rahul and picking up his car keys to go see Riddhima.



Armaan stood at Riddhima's door step for the past 5 minutes unable to pick up the courage to ring the bell. Ok cmon dude, you can do this. This is not so hard, just lift your hand and ring the bell. Thats it, cmon you can do it. Don't think. Armaan lifted his hand towards the bell but took it back. Nooooo don't stop, do it trust me. Even Rahul says she wants to see you. And then she hugged you and even kissed you, cmon she is definitely not angry with you, but if you don't see her soon, she most certainly will be. Now just close your eyes and ring the bell.



Armaan took a deep breath and then keeping one hand on his eyes he lifted the other one and rang the bell. After a few minutes Anjali opened the door and to her surprise found Armaan standing before her with his hands over his eyes. When Armaan heard the sound of the door opening he immediately removed his hand from his eyes and then stood dumbstruck seeing Anjali before him.



"Hi Armaan" Anjali greeted.



"Uhhh...........I..............woh" Armaan stammered.



"Huh, you know something, I must remember to thank Mr. Khurana" Anjali said seeing Armaan with a thoughtful expression.

    Part 25 managed it atlast, thanks to everybody for being so understanding and for all those lovely PMs. Really helped me recover faster, I am still not completely fit although I can move a bit but I can start remaining active in IF again Big smile. Now I hope all the Sumit haters are happy as I have found a permanent solution to him, also in this part I tried to show the difference between Armaan and Atul as they handled the same situation of Sumit, even Atul could go and bash him like Armaan did, but he is a lot more mature and so he used the tactful way. I am not saying that Armaan did something wrong, I just wanted to bring out this point infront of you guys. Hope u like it Thanks Mini Big smile

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