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All About Love #29 (Invite Only) We'l Miss u Suku!

armaanilicious IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 July 2005
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Posted: 09 April 2009 at 6:43am | IP Logged

Sometimes you just have to hold your head high
Try not to cry and learn to say Goodbye

Hello all,

It is all about Love....
Love for Armaan..
Love for Riddhima..
Love for DMG....

This is a Chat Club for ardent DMG fans..
We all are major DMG freaks and live, breath
and think DMG...(ok more of Armaan!! LOL..)

This is a Invite only Chat Thread..
you have to be invited by
a current member of this CC to be a part of this group.

Few things to remember...

*Be respectful of each other..
*No bashing characters.. actors..
*Please be sensitive to other members
when commenting

*No inappropriate comments keeping to the forum rules..

*Please don't discuss Forum matters and members..
*This is a chat thread but all are here with a common
interest DMG.. please keep to that..
(there will be additions that will be made to this list
as and how the members think!)
Core members: Please remind new invited members to read the
rules..its our home..

Regardless of our ages.... we love and respect each other
very much.. that makes us what we are..JB's!!

Now we have to talk about Armaan and Riddhima..
DMG is AR and AR is DMG..
here it is to start our conversations..Enjoy...
But first our first loveee......

Kasu - We will always Love your Love no matter what
Already Missing you
- Jb's

Dear Suku
We JBs are all going to miss u terribly coz u defined Ridz for us...but life is such that we have to take up opportunities when it comes our way in order to grow as a person..n ppl who love u will always support u and stand by u in this!.... so all us KaSu fans are doing just that.... Am wishing u all the best in ur future endeavours... you r young and have a whole life ahead of you to try out new things. Hope u achieve all your dreams...these are my heartfelt wish for you. Nothing less is deserved by you esp after giving us 9 months of pure chemistry with Armaan and redifining the meaning of Love for us.  God bless you in whatever venture u undertake.. . we totally respect ur decision as ur fans and support u in ur quest for success! We will always cherish the memories of Ridz that u r leaving behind..u truly deserve a standing ovation for the extremely hard work you put into ur character despite so many negativities thrown your way.. A totall hats off to u!!....
 Bless and All the best!!..muaaaaaz
Dear Jenny
Welcome to the DMG family. Hopefully you are going to live upto the expectations of all and carry on the fantastic work that Suku did as Ridz. We don't expect anything less. Hope we get to see more of our beloved AR scenes now. Best of luck!
(Credit - Mahez)

(Red : Core Members)
Please donot send out the invites to new member before
asking a core member, if u are not a core member.... thanks guys..
















mrs ksg







Sweet Mermaid






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#1 CC:

(Veena's reply to letters: pg 47)
#10 CC:
(KSG B'day wishes: Pg 149)

Message Box

  Its time to bid farewell to our Dr.Riddhima Sukirti Kandpal

Join in for her farewell bash.....yup instead of sulking we'r gonna celebrate

the amazing 42 weeks she gave us....She made Riddhima what she is today

and we cant thank her  enough for that...from her simplicity to

her mindblowing chemistry we'r  gonna re-live it all over this weekend Heart

send me ur letters by Sunday if possible


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armaanilicious IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 July 2005
Posts: 18922

Posted: 09 April 2009 at 6:44am | IP Logged

Dear Sukirti,
First of all..Thankyou soo much..for playing the role of dr.riddhima ..In such less have undoubtedly...gained alot of fans..not only coz ur a fantastic actor..ur pretty..but also coz we can make out ur a wonderful human being at heart..Thankyou soo much for potraying  the role of dr.riddhima so beautifully..
 i am really gonna miss u alot..and ur chemistry wid karan....but i respect ur decision to move on...and i seriouslyyy wish u get watever u wish for..coz u deserve it..!
Once gonna miss seeing u onscreen ....miss ur cutee bubblyyy nature,ur beatuiful expressions..the way u portrayed the role of dr.riddhima so perfectlyy..and ur chemistry wid karan
Heres wishing u all the very best for ur future....ur very young..and u have a a longg way to go..
Love u..
All the best,

Dear sukirti khandpal,

Firstly i'm very disappointed after listening to the news dat we can't see you anymore as Dr.Ridhima Gupta but later respected ur decision and understood the reason/fact.we really gonna miss you as Dr.Ridhima and the beutiful moments you spent in DMG.i started loving your action ever since you were introduced as Ridhima in SBS.after dat your chemistry wid other co-actors especially Karan made me love you even were awesome in each and every aspect worked tremendously hard for this role at such a tender age.really appreciate your hard work and dat made us love you even gave us very sweet memories in DMG which are unforgettable.Karan and you made an awesome and beutiful onscreen chemisry as Armaan-Ridhima which made us feel dat the charecters are real so dere love.thank you a lotttttt for being Ridhima and made us fall in love wid the charecter Ridhima. we all love you. All the best for your career.

love from,


Dear Sukirti,

 2nd June 2008 will always be a special day for me because that was the day you entered my favourite show as our Dr Riddhima... A character I'd never liked earlier... a character which always irritated me...But from the second you made your entry, I felt myself warming up to the character instantly. The warmth you exude and your natural talent made me take a sudden liking to Armaan's Basket! At first I was confused whether I would be able to accept you in the role, because it's very easy to become used to seeing particular faces as the face of a character and it becomes difficult to move on and imagine another face.....but you made that task which seemed so difficult at first, become so easy! In the 42 weeks worth of episodes where you portrayed Dr Riddhima, you defined the character for me... You've become my most favourite actress from the small screen, without any doubt, and just generally one of my favourite actresses in the world!

 You've proved your immense talent through the way you've perfectly executed all types of scenes as it comedy, romance or more dramatic or emotional sequences, you've excelled in each type! You're a very talented actress, a beautiful girl and your forthright yet sweet personality is also so endearing!

 Today, as I try to prepare myself to accept a new face in the character who's name instantly reminds me of only one face ' yours.... it's seeming really difficult.... The most difficult part of it is trying to imagine how another actress will complement KSG as well as you made the most beautiful pairing with him ' be it because both your looks complemented each other or because you were one actress who's talent could genuinely match up to his! I'm really going to miss looking forward to seeing you brighten my TV screen every day.....but life is about moving on and life is about accepting changes so I'm learning to cope with this. Hence, I won't cry over this because I respect your decision, and I pray that this decision of yours works in favour of your career.... You're very young, and you've already achieved an incredible amount in such a short span of time... And from here you will only go from strength to strength. Best of luck for your future projects and my prayers and good wishes will always be with you.  I can't wait to see more of you (be it on the big screen or small screen) because I know you're going to ROCK!

 Thank you for giving us so many beautiful memories as Dr Riddhima, thank you for making me love the character, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything.....You seriously bought a smile to my face and to my heart more times than I could count....In the past 10 months, you've truly been like sunshine for me! Your warm and contagious smile, your incredible talent, your inspiring personality.... Like I said earlier, 2nd June will always be one extremely cherished date in my diary!

 This is not a goodbye...because I know we're going to see you rock our screens once more and believe me you, we can't wait.... WE LOVE YOU SUKU!

Lots of love, keep smiling & God bless you!!!

--Manpreet Bhandal (Preeti_285)

Dear Sukriti ,

Thanks a lot for being our Riddhima for those glorious 9 months !!!!!! I never really liked Riddhima's character until you came along...when you were introduced in the show, that is when I started loving Riddhima's character. You brought new dimensions to this character while still maintaining the sweetness and the innocence of the character and portrayed an amazing chemistry with Karan. Thankyou for giving us the Golden and inforgettable memories in term of scenes with Karan. I'm gonna miss you soo much . We will never forget you. You were something exceptional. Everyhting about you as Riddhima made me love riddhima more and more.  I will never forget your sweet "acchha?" and the naughty expression you used to make while saying that.  You have made a really special place in my Heart. That place is just for you. Even though, maybe, we will never see you in DMG but you will be in my Heart for always.You surely re-defined Riddhima for me and made me fall in lvoe with Riddhima all over again. Thankyou for doing complete justice to Riddhima's role and thankyou for entering our life by playing Riddhima's character.

I really wish that you didn't have to leave, but I do respect your decision. Hope you shine in everything you do and we get the chance to see you again soon! Truely from bottom heart I wish u "ALL THE BEST" for your future- hope u're life full of fun & a really happy one.

 Love you forever and will never forget you! You will always have a special place in my heart. Promise!


Dear Sukirti,

Its been already 9 months now that we've been watching you almost daily on our screens as Dr. Riddhima! Needless to say you have become part of our life, routine, and above all, our heart! I don't know about the former ones, but you'll always remain in that one organ we call the heart. Its been a sheer pleasure watching you play Dr. Riddhima over these nine months and it'll no doubt be difficult, especially in the beginning to see someone else take that avatar. We'll manage yes, but its quite another thing that we'll never stop loving you....

Just want to thank you for all that you've been, for all that you've done. I started watching DMG around the time you were already there, so for me, you've always been THE only Dr. Riddhima. Which is no doubt going to make it all the more difficult to accept someone else. We have alwaya loved AR for the rocking and most beautiful pair they made onscreen, but during the last few months, we have grown to love you for your individuality, the essence of freshness you gave to that one character which became a household name. In short, for the evolution we saw in Dr. Shashank's daughter, Dr. Anjali's sister, Dr. Atul's friend or Dr. Armaan girlfriend. The sincerity with which you played the role never stopped to amaze us, and we love you because of that!

I still remember that balcony scene where Armaan was leaving the house and you were crying. Before, during most episodes, I always cried when Armaan cried, or when the both of you cried together, but on that particular day, you both were crying again, but for once I felt my tears falling out only when you cried, when you made those signs when you showed Riddhima's pain flawlessly. That day, I knew, that we've had the chance of watching one of the finest actresses TV serials could have had. You touched our hearts with that emotional scene, and that I feel, will be a part of DMG I won't ever manage to forget!....

We know your reasons for leaving the show were justified. That's why we are neither angry nor repressive. We know the plot was going nowhere and we hope sincerely that your exit makes the creatives ponder on it all! We would like to wish you all the best for the future, and here's hoping to see you very soon in another serial, show or why not movie! Wherever you are, whatever you do, always remember there are some fans out there who'll always be behind you, because they have grown to love you for the person you are, and the marvellous actress you portray in your characters. Will miss you very much and take care....

A great fan of yours,

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armaanilicious IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 July 2005
Posts: 18922

Posted: 09 April 2009 at 6:44am | IP Logged

Dear Suku,

Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors! You were and will forever remain my Riddhima…The first day you entered the serial, I tried to adjust myself to a new face…and in no time, you managed to capture my heart with your portrayal of Riddhima.  For me, you redefined the character of Riddhima and brought this glow to her that wasn't there before! Everything from the way you expressed your emotions to the way you presented yourself was outstanding!  Your emotional scenes wherein you had to cry within the boundaries of your character were too good and were extremely natural! Your scenes with Armaan ( Karan) were too good and the chemistry could totally be seen! : )EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

The past two-three weeks where we barely got a glimpse of you in the episode were hard! We really missed seeing you in the episodes and when the Kabbadi match happened, you don't know how much we were relieved to see you!!! It was as if we started breathing again…LOL….Now, not seeing you in the episodes are gonna be hard since we all were SO closely attached to you as our Riddhima, but as loyal fans we are ready to support you in whatever you wish to pursue in life…Isn't this what fans are supposed to do right? We will always support you with anything you do in life and we wish you ALL THE BEST! Your amazing chemistry with Karan will be missed!!

Best wishes for a new phase in life….

Love, Anita

Dear Sukirti,

First of all congrats on portraying the character Riddhima so beautifully. What ever anyone may say I think you made me like Riddhima. The way you cried,smiled,  expressed was awesome..You are going to be missed very much on DMG. But as true fans we would respect your decision and wish the best for you always !!! We r looking forward to see you on screen very soon...I know stepping into the shoes of another actress who played Riddhima before and was appreciated by a section of the fans is not easy....Kudos to you for taking up the task and succeeding in it...I know a section of the fans made your life miserable...But peace to them and good luck to you....

All the very best for your future projects !!!!


Good Luck and We'll miss u Sukeerti.....Hug

Dear Sukeerti.....Its really sad to write this letter for you...Initially ur decision of quittin DMG did hurt me a lot...But as i know...its ur decison and i respect it....Jus wanted to Thnk you for everything...For playing Riddhima so so well....For makin me fall in love with ur character......For making me relate to the character...Which i never ever did before you took over the role...You were Fab as Riddhima...I mean an actress like sucha young age that too...I felt awed by you...Ur seriously one of the bestest things that happened to the Indian Television...Thnk u so so much for working so hard for us and taking Riddhima's character to new heights....and for giving us the sizzling and irrepacable KaSu chemistry....I loveeeed KaSu.....and m going to miss u so so so much :-( Wish you all the very best for everything in future....Ur an awesome actor and i wish u get all the heights in ur career..Coz you deserve it all....I have Accepted Jennifer but all said and done...U were  MY Riddhima :-) Truly.....And no one can play the role as well and as naturally as you did......Best of Luckk Sukeerti..We love you and are always with you in everything!Hug

Loads and Loads of Love

To Miss Sukirti Khandpal,

You will be greatly missed by all specially me, one of your biggest fans. You are one of the most talent people I have ever seen.Im glad that the production house had chose the right person to play Dr Riddhima.At first when I found you will be essaying the role of Dr Riddhima, I was not really pleased as it was hard for me to accept. I doubt you will be able to do justice to the role or even act well. However all those doubts were lessened when I saw a small video clip of your performance in Jersey No 10.Honestly I was impressed. You were really good. First of all I must say my doubts of you acting well was erased off and I think you will surely win us slowly surely. Seriously you convince in just a few minutes of watching your video clip. You were really good.

However you surprise me and make me fall in love with you as Dr Riddhima and also as Sukirti Khandpal when I saw your performance of imitating the small girl, Navneeta.I must applaud your performance there. Hats Off. I was just simply spellbound. I totally become your fan there. You started making a place in my heart, in everyone's heart with your acting, with your simplicity, your cuteness. I must say you like a Barbie doll to me at times.=)

Initially I thought the shows run because of Karan Singh Grover and also because of Armaan-Riddhima scenes and other couple scenes too. How wrong was I when I saw minimal scenes of you in few weeks of DMG episodes.You were hardly seen. Everyone was getting worried sick including me. At that moment I felt that the show does not only runs by KSG but also by you. Everybody miss you so much when you were not even there. I felt you have already created a niche for yourself there. I was looking forward to you even more.

However when I heard about you exiting from DMG, I was really upset. My IF friends can vouch me for that. However as much upset I am, I was equally glad for this decision of yours. I was really angry as you were not given enough footage to showcase your talent and also the bashing. You are an immensely talented girl. I can assure you will achieve even greater heights of success if you take the right roles and right scripts.Insha-Allah you will as you deserve every bit of success. I can really go on praising you as you deserve every bit of the compliment. You earn it! To me you have given full justice to the role and I really thank you for entertaining us these 42 weeks as Riddhima and giving us tons of wonderful memories of you and DMG while you were there.A big thank you.
You will not be forgotten but will be greatly missed. We love you as Dr Riddhima and looking forward to your new shows and also maybe seeing you making a debut in Bollywood.rocking the silverscreen.Insha-Allah.=)
Zafirah, Singapore

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islandgirl007 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 07 November 2007
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Posted: 09 April 2009 at 6:50am | IP Logged
Dear Sukku,

We will miss you...Good luck to you in life and come back soooooooooooon to rock our screens once again !!!!


Girls lets be who we are and welcome Jen..Its not her fault she is Riddhima..

Oh God Karu that pic....Uff this girl cud act and how !!! Karu I love the celebrate the 42 weeks she gave us...Awesome...JB's ROCK!!!!!!!!

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anitamalik IF-Stunnerz

Saraswatichandra Banner Contest Winner
Joined: 26 February 2008
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Posted: 09 April 2009 at 6:54am | IP Logged
Congrats on our 29th!
I'm loving the idea of farewell bash!
Ishaqzaadi IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 03 January 2007
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Posted: 09 April 2009 at 6:55am | IP Logged
Originally posted by angel77

Sometimes you just have to hold your head high
Try not to cry and learn to say Goodbye

Wow.....That really made me cry......

Thank you SO MUCH for dedicating this one to Suku, Kariz! Hug Awesome idea of JB letters for Suku....and perfect what u said...that why cry...We have such amazing memories, Suku's given us so much & that'll always be special to us!

She's our Basket & our Soniyo!EmbarrassedBig smile

But we're going to welcome Jennifer into our DMG Family because she is also going to work hard and we respect that and we thank her for takng on the role. Lets pray that she lives upto all those high standards Suku has setEmbarrassed

I'll send my proper letter for Suku soon...but for now...

Dear Jenny,
Thank you for taking on the role which is so special to us & which Suku has made so beautiful. Please live upto the expectations. We have a lot of hope from you... and we're quite sure you wont let us down.
- Lots of love & best wishes! x

Dear Suku,
We can never thank you enough for all the wonderful memories you've given us... You're an amazing actress and have achieved so much at such a young age...We're sure there's only higher heights to reach for you so best of luck...We look forward to seeing you rock our screens (big screen, small screen, whichevr u decide!)...We love you lots... Thank you for making us love Riddhima and thank you for making our days full of happiness & sunshinee...You'll always be our sunshine! Embarrassed
- Wishing you all the best...An we'll truly miss you from the bottom of our hearts! x

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Meghzz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2009 at 6:55am | IP Logged
Thnks KarizHug
D first pic n ur write makes meUnhappym gna miss her so so much!Will send u d letters by Sunday: )Love the ideaaaaa!
Dearest Sukeerti...Loved u as Riddhima...Thnku for givin us such beautiful moments in those 10 months! U'l always be My Riddhima <33333!Wish u all the best for ur life ahead! Wish to see u soon :)
Much love always...
Dearest Jennifer..Welcome you wid all my heart:)Guduckk to you and i knw u'll do an awesome job!and win our hearts too:)
Best wishes:)

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OM_Peace IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2009 at 7:01am | IP Logged
Oh God..   the first text about holding head high and the pic had me in goosebumps.... I'm going to miss Suku so much.. her characterization was perfect for Ridzi...
Will send out letters but in the mean time
Dearest Suku,
   We will sorely miss you as our Ridzi. You redifined that cgharacter and made it somnething that i can empthasize with. Thank you so much for doing that. Best of luck for all future endeavours. with all your acting capabilities I'm sure will go far. Its a given. Have fun always in whatever you do.

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