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New FF:a Story of Love new post 03/8 (Page 6)

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Part 11

He came out and look that time suddenly he saw a girl selling some flowers.

And called the girl and said something to her and gave money to her

Leher is sad an dsitting in canteen.

At that time a girl came to he r and gave the flowersand also letter.

And before leher could say something the girl leaves.

Leher open the letter.


Your dress suits u

Your accessiories suits u

The flowers suits u

But only suits u

Are tears

Pls donot flow them..

It causes pain

Smiles suits u a lot

So keep smiling always..

A stranger eagerly wants ur smile

And she smiles unknowingly..

And see this anuraag smiles for his plan..

And mohit taps hm behind

Is everything ok mr anuraag.

And hereplies yes perfectly all right

Part ends

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Then he reaches to the house

And then leher reaches to the house

And meher is ready to change

And suddenly leher overhears a car parking.

She comes down

Meher asks her and she replies

Papa agaye hai.

Leher comes down and opens the door..

And  rahul hugs her

Rahul:leher beta mama kaha hai.

Leher:andar ayee papa aap change ki jiye mein apke liye garam garam paranthas

Prepare karongi aap ke liye

Rahul goes into hi m where leher prepares some fresh praranthas of rahul

And sheputs some food in the oven

And serve hot for rahul.

Rahul remembers kakun..

And she serves him

Ab bateinwoh baaki sab kaha hai.

Mama ne kaha use office mein work hai

Meher is sleeping aur preeti aunty and family went to their aunt 's house wheredadu and dadi went to nani's house

And my lovely daughter for his father right.

Haa papa..

Aap apna khayal nahi rakte aur apka khayal mein rakta hoon.

Accha beta tumhara college kaisa hai koi problem nahi hai na

Bilkul nahi hai papa sab kuch teek hai..aur waise bhi mein rahulpunj ki beti hoon koi problem nahi hogi hay na

And he says good night to leher and leher reaches to the room and she stares at moon

He remembers all the scenes repeat at college

Andn wondering of the behaviour of isshika at college.


And the next day..

Leher and meher getting ready for college

And meantime gayo comes to them

Gayo:beta tum mere ek kam hai beta kuch pooja ki saman hai use lana ha

Meher:dadi..apko nahi lagta hum kuch jyada pooja karte hai..

Leher: teek hai daadi college se atee waqt hum leayenge

Meher:diid what about my shopping I donot go without u diid ap purane jamana ki ahi

Leher:are mein tume saath shopping bhi chalongi toh donot worry.u do shopping and I will buy pooja materials..

And gayo reminds them for pooja

At that time anuraag is set ready for college

Shilpa,stops him.

I know anuraag ur not interested but still pls amake sure u should attend for pooja today

As dadyji want s u be in.

Anuraag says in a filmy way ok bhabs anything for u

And he reaches thecollege

As due to some reasons he cannot meet leher

And finally comes to meet as they leave in the car.

He sees helpless..

Part ends

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At the temple anuraag in his marron sherwani..

He is so not at all interested in pooja

Where he called mohit Is out for some personal work.

At the same time anuraag called preet and he is out from the mandir

Where others are at mandir

Anuraag made a plan to leave the place

He sighed to shilpa

Shilpa came to him

And asked him if he hasproblem

If he had problem then ,devi maa would help her

Anuraag wishpers that devi maa help..that is not possible

It happens to be chamtakar

And he is ready to leave and he reached the car..

At that time car entered into the mandir

And in one car gayo DP and others

Where kids are coming in other car.

Anuraag puts his head down to take his car.

By that  time preeti reminded some pooja items

And gayo replied it is with leher as she brought the items

And naina came down for the car and mehere and sweety came out of the car

And winds blow on and anuraag lifts his head and find leher is coming out of the car..

His eyes are filled with joy.he also saw meher and says hip hip horea

And  at time he sees kali coming towards him by calling him..

He hugs kali and getinto the temple

Leher brings the items and the pooja completes

And leher and meher takes the parikrama

So anuraag drags preet preet doesn't want to come but seeing meher in pink dress he accepts

Leher and meher are going front where preet and anuraag at the behind

And by that time the parikrama  completes leher prays to god and anuraag stands besides her

And the pandit gives blessing sto both at a same timem

Saying happily long life and be together

Leher opens eyes and finds anuraag besides her

Leher prays about her family and always protect her family and her father

Where anuraag

Bhabs is right devi maa u can do chamtkar

I want leher always tobe with me

Pls make leher my life maa I really want leher to be my wife devi maa..

They both stare at each other

And the pandit sees them and again says nice pair.

Leher feels embrased where anuraag smiles looking at her..

Leher leaves with meher.

By that time shilpa bumps with preeti and they says sorry to one another..

And kali comes to hi m and says marron cute

Then anuraag lifts her up and kisses her..

At gives her chocolates..

At the night leher is wondering of the pandit words

And his smiles everything

Meher comes to her

And asks

Meher:kiske khalyon mein koi mere diids.

Leher:blushes kis ki bhi nahi.

Accha batein apko kis type ke life chaiye

Kyon dimak khare rahii oh merea

Chup chap so jayoowo.

Mein bateein aap seedi hai na diids toh ako badmash ayeega..

Mein already badmash hoon isliye mujko toh sida saada ladka miljayega..

Ab sojyooo mere nanimaa..

Neend are rahe muje..

That day Sunday and everyone is at home

Naina is arguing with rahul

Pls rahul they are very important people

And meher comes to them

And try to convince.them

Leher comes and ask

Naina:tumhare papa ko dekho kitne pyarr se un log is party ke liye bola tha

Aur yeh to hi kuch nahi maan raha hai/.

Rahul:beta ur mom want show  off at this time she Is party animal and iam bore of parties

Meher:yes papa she is beatifull,adorable , and good looking so its good bein party..

Rahul:mama ki chamchi

Meher:aur ek aur hai na papa ki chamchi..

Leher:mere pass ek plan hai ..kyon na papa ki chamchi,mama ki chamchi apne

Mama,papa ki saath bahar khana kane chale to kaisa hoga

Mama ko waqt bitanika mokha milega aur papa bore nahi honge kyon ki papa ki chamchi hai na unki saath./

Rahul smiles and says good idea

And all get ready for the dinner.

And at the dinner.

Meher starts comeon diids tell me about your dream person

Leher stop meher .

Phir se shuru hogye

Tappad khayege

Tappad khana pade phir bhi jaan ke rahege..

Teek hai jo ladka mujko apne papa se badkar pyar karne wala

Hona chaiyen

Hey huuu anyone who can love my sister more then my father

/?????she is like shouting

and at the time anuraag replies mein hoon na..

as he is guessing the dumbsharb game where the movie name is mein hoon na

and he sings the song of mein hoon na

all reaches home.

Part ends.


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Anuraag get ready for party.

And everyone sees a old lady smiling at all.

She is malini mehra.she is dadi of anuraag

And she isa famous political personand a social worker.

Prakash and  veera ,all takes blessings and anuraag hugs her andsays dadi..

And they all think of party at the evening..

And at punj house.

Meher and leher are set ready to college and devi comes to them

And devi: today evening my best childhood friend party

I want to take all of u..

Naina:sorry mama I had a case for hearing and rahul gone to pune for business work.preeti and sid are went to their aunt's house amit and sweety also gone with them and DP uncle is also busyu take mama and girls..

And then devi asks leher and she agrees.

Meher says some thing

And but leher stops

Meher diids hame us boring party mein majaa kaise ayeege..bate yehnna

Leher:mein hoon na.

And they are set for party

Isshika and her mother enters into the party

Mehra residence is decorated and all are set ready

And at that time anuraag reminding mohit and preet toleave the party as soon as possible as it is qute boring

At that timeMM comes to the stage

This is a long time I cam e back ..let us enjoy the party.

And somebody taps her behind she turn and finds devi

Aif any others done iam going to kill.but u that is why iam so happy..

And they hugs both..

And at that time she introduces gayo to MM

And MM introduces devi and Gayo to others..

And MM and Devi

MM:miss devi basin let us go at our childhood

Remember we used to have   a challenge

You have one and I have one.

Devi:yes ..

MM:I had a wonderfull one which is a splendid one

And that im going to intoduce u the most handsome hunk of the party is my grandso n

Anuraag mehra.and  anuraag comes to devi and takes her blessings

As he is not interested and pretending to be happy.

Keep on sighing to mohit to leave the place.

Devi:not bad MM your grandson is very handsome in that case u need to see my precious thing which makes all to statue.

I will introduce u to my beatifull natins.of mine

Where are they.

And at that time the lights go off and on and meher and leher enters into the party

Meher rushes inside..

And reaches devi devi introduces her to MM she is the second natin..meher

And meher where is ur sister

Meher:she is coming nani

By that time winds blow and leher enters into the party.

She slowly walks in..

Anuraag talking to jay on phonesees leher drops the phone..

And staring at her

She is white anarkali beautfull like white flower pure.he forgot the world

She came to nani

Devi:so, MM this is my wonderfull gift from god my beautifull big grand daughter leher.

Leher take blessing from MM

And MM likes leher at first glance

And she smiles at her..

Meantime anuraag see this and he cannot belive his eyes.

By that time isshika reaches to the place.

And she says o meher

Isshika :urgrand daughters of mrs devi basin right

Meher:not only that we ar edaughters of business tycoon mr rahul punj and famous lawyer naina punj also..and she quits

By that time shilpa sees anuraag staring at leher.all the times and laughing//////

And at that time suddenly leher bumps with kali and kali fallsa

Leher lifts her and asks are u ok beta kahi chotnahi ayee

Kali replies ima fine.

By that time anuraag comes to them and asks hai anuraag mehra

And leher introduces as leher rahul punj.

Some flowers fall on leher as she is standing at the wall

Andsome falls into her hair..

She smiles anuraag.

And meantime preet wants to talk to meher

But he fails.

And meher calls diidschalediids nani aur dadi hamara intezar kar rahe hai.

And she leaves with meher

They are set into the car.

As she sees for anuraag

He comes behind from mm and says bye to leher..

And she also saysbye

Reaches house.

Leher still thinking of anuraag

And meher says MR anuraag mehra not bad diids.

And leher blushes..

And at the house isshika is worried.

His mom asks why.

Mom:mehra residence is controlled by MM .as even prakash mehra also listens to her.

I thought leher is a normal girl mom but she is grad daughter of devi basin.

Mom:yes betabut be carfull dono t put ur self into danger beta


Part ends

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Anuraag reaches his room.

He sees to the moon

And says good night..

And leher comes to the room..

Meher also comes she already changed.

Where she sees leher is in her party wear

And she is remembering the incidents at party

And she is thinking why ek ehasaas dil mein jag ute.anjaana se itna beichainee

At that time diids I know u love u rdress but don't u think it is need to be changed.

And leher turns to meher and goes inside and changes the dress..

Diid ke mann mein kuch toh hay

Par bateein nahi rahe

Mein pata lagauunigi,,,,,,,,jaldi.

And she suddenly asks MR anuraag Mehra "

Nice name right

And leher acts as sleepy and blushes.

And close her eyes

At the morning anuraag opens eyes and finds leher with smily face and teatray in her hand.sighing..he unknowingly touches the hand and suddenly some voice shouts anuraag babuand it is male voice and turn to be govind.

The servant, and he asks what wrong choote babu sab kuch teek hai na.

And the background song.

All time he sees leher

Ho ho ho..
Tu hi ehsason mein,
Tu hi jazbaton mein,
Tu hi lamhaton mein,
Tu hi din raaton mein..

He goes to bathroom he sees leher smiling at her

At the work outs, and he takes his clothesfrom the cupboard and imagines she istaking his dress.

Bakhuda tumhi ho,
Har jagah tumhi ho,
Haan mein dekhua jahan jab,
Uss jagah tumhi ho,
Yeh jahan tumhi ho,
Wo jahan tumhi ho,
Iss zameen se falak ke,
Darmiyaann..tumhi ho,
Tum hi ho, beshumaar,
Tum hi ho..
Tum hi ho, mujh mein haan,
Tum hi ho..Tum hi ho..

And so on.

He cames down for the breakfast and sees leher is serving the sandwitch and with huge smile he takes the sandwich and it turns tobe shilpa smiling at him..and all starts asking question..and asks for the reason..and at a time shilpa taps from behind..and asks for reason he confuses.

Shilpa:are u ok mere devarjiiI find some difference in you..

Anuraag:fiiinee bhabs im thinking of play..

Bhabs:play..what 's play anuraag.

Anuraag: nothing bhabs mohit is playing role of romeo and im writing for it..

Then mohit enters there and shilpa confess him about play then mohit is completely confused

He sees at anuraag sighs he understand that anuraag had made him bakra another time and he sets up the matter by saying that he is playing the role of romeo and his Juliet is not finalized yet.

Then they reaches the college.

And that day anuraag tries to meet leher but fails

And leher also sees for anuraag but she also fails

Then anuraag returns home sadly

And he is seeing at the moon..

And at the time he didn't observe that shilpa is at the door seeing athim

She came near to anuraag .

Shilpa:there is something wrong with my lover play boy anuraag is in thoughts

And kaun hai who kush naseebi jiski khayalayon mein mera devar jii kudh ko bhool gaye hai

Anuraag:kuch nahi bhabs and what are u doing here

U supposed tobe with ur darling husband right.

Shilpa:my darling husband  is with his first wife

Anuraag:first wife no bhabs ur wrong my brother is a very typical ram.

Shilpa:no anuraag first wife means office .

Anyways when u get married then u will

Be leave your wife and be with ur first wife

In  a teasing mood

Anuraag:no bhabs I won't leave my beautifull  wife for anything.

Shilpa:beatifull, wife,not bad anuraag who is she

Anuraag:confused.bhabs..u know ur devar is handsome hunk so naturally any beautifull wife be na

Shilpa:ya let me guess..i think I know the beatifullface at mandir

Anuraag fumes

Shilpa:that pink dress

And anuraag got it as meher and he got angry

Very bad taste bhabs even kali had that it is not pink it is marron..

Shilpa:ya marron , sweet innocent,smily beautifull face in which my lover boy keep on staring at her

By forgetting the sourroundings also it is mandir.and before devi maa idol.

And her name starts with leher..


That is the beautifull name where my devarji uttering sweetly by hugging his pillow

At morning

Bhabs.ur greatthen he explained all the things happened at first time at van,at college everything

Shilpa:ya I like dleher, bcause I saw her before

At mandir when one strange lady falled from stairs

And leher came forward lifted her up gave water..

And even dropped for her hospital too

That day I want to meet but cannot but when I want to meet at mandir again I missed her.

And it is wonderfull choiceit is very good if leher become smy devaraninow I will tell this news to your bhai.

Anuraag:nobhabs do n't create problem s for me

Let me do my own please

Shilpa:ok all the bestanuraag.

Part ends

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Part 16

Leher gets ready for college.and he sees leher and pehli nasha background songfamale version

And she had washed her hair some water tickles on her face and she is looking gorgeous ..and meher sees her

meher:diids, you are gorgeous anyone sees u becomes statue and starts staring at u

leher:stop non-sense and get ready for college..

and leher is busy in getting ready.

At that time gayo and naina is discussing very


And naina meantime busy in convincing rahul

But rahul says no

Naina:pl  s rahul it is very important and we know that is our family tradition and it is good for her

Rahul:no one is more important than that ..

So pls naina do not try to convince me

In that matter

And rahul goes into the room.

He sees kakun 's photograph.

And he remembers the incident

Kakun mein ne promise kiya tha ke mein leher

Ka khayal bahut samaal ke rakha hai

Mein kabhi bhi..bhagwaan , kudali in par vishwaas

Nahi kiya hay.lekin us jyothish ne kaha tha

Ke mein mere sab se pyari cheese ko paani se katra tha us din mein seriously nahi liya tha par agle din leher paani mein accidently gir gaye us ko respiratory problem ayee thi

Us din  se mein leher ko kabi paani ki pass bhi nahi liye itne farm house aur ghar hone ki

Baad bhi ek bhi mein swimming pool nahi

Aur naina chahtein hai mein leher ko who pooja karoon who mandir paani ke kareeb hai..

Aur mein

Naina comes to gayo and says im going to do pooja

Manglongi jo duwa leher ke liye aur meher ko be saath mei n nahi legayenge..kyonki meher apne

Diids ke bina kahi bhi nahi jayeegi.

Aur she calls leher and asks her to prepare pooja thali.,

And asks meher to do sobut meher looks so surprisingly.

Leher prepares both the thalis and give it to naina..

And they leave for college

Update ends

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Leher reaches the college her eyes are looking for anuraag..also looking for her

Leher reaches to his class.

Leher is with two girls

And one is mahi and other is nimmy..

And at that anuraag is worried ..

As he cannot see leher

And he wants to meet but fails due to sweety and meher with her..

And at that time chinnu comes to them

He has some papers in hand ..

He bumps with anuraag and anuraag was so high see the papers and suddenly jumps.

As that papers ar einvitation of fresher's party

Anuraag smiles and leaves with mohit..

Mohit was confused.

And he reaches the prinicipal..

As he convince him that his plan to organize the party with the help of juniors .so that it could

Strengthens the  relationship between seniors and


Principal appreciates them,,,,,,,,

Anuraag smiles and he takes the list and he classifies.and he divides all the classroom in batchesand preet feels happy as he sees

Meher in the list..

Where anuraag smiles for the section name

As it belongs to leher..

Leher is in class and reading some books.

At that time nimmy comes and fumes

And she is totally shaken

And she is sobbing

You know what is happening

We are going to meet the most handsome of this


And somebody informs that he is coming

Leher looks confused and he sees to the place

Where first mohit enters leher turns her face

And at that time anuraag enters.

Leher felt shocked looking at him.

Anuraag smiles and comes to the place.

And nimmy and other girls are breathless

He introduces himself and informs that they are going to organize fresher's party and there need to be work together..and he rules out the details

And comes down to meet all the others..

Leher totally state of confusion to meet him

Or notand at that time anuraag comes to her

And she comes to wish him..he is totally smiling at her

And he instructs to all about the work meantimehe is looking at leher..

By that time isshika is  completely angry and she is wondering about anuraagand what is his team

As she know she is not in that team..

At that time preet is working along with meher.

And meher is worrying about leher..

And at that time nimmy is talking to anuraag

Anuraagmeantime looking for leher..

Leher is helping in decorating some flowers..

At that time leher isready to put flowers at the walland it is so heightand she asks nimmy to help her to do so..but nimmy fumes at her saying

That she is not going to do if she slips and she do not want to miss the party.

Leher takes the flowers and she climbs the ladder and she puts her leg and suddenly legs slips and she is above to fell on the groundat that time

Onto everyone 's surprise leher close her eyes of shock.anuraag holds her in his arms.

And she opens her eyes and finds that anuraag holding her and looking to her eyes and saying she


is safe in his hands remembering)rahul holding kakun in his arms)

Background songisshik se bad kar kya dil

Mien hai.

isshik se bad kar kya dil

Mien hai.

Part ends.

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Part 18

Mohit see this and says to himself(what ta timing)

Isshika and meher also comes

And sees the scene

Nimmy and mahi are all staring at them.

Anuraag puts her down..

And she moves from there.

Nimmy comes to them.

And then she says hi to him

He is least bothered afterwards something flashes in his mind, he calls and take her number and give his to her

She is totally top of world

At that time mohit looks confused and he asks anuraag he says he had a plan and it is going to be executed tomorrow

And anuraag keep on staring at her

And all reaches home.

Leher sees at moon.

So anuraag also sees at moon

He talks something over phone..

And he goes to sleep.

Next morning anuraag opens his eyes

He finds something on his desk.

He opens and finds CD pack.

He remembers the incidents..

On that day he saw leher at shopping mall

He followed her..

She onto audio shop where she had asked for some collection and the shop boy remind her favourite

He also overhears the conversation..and

He get the pack for leher.

And on smile in his face he said to himself

Get ready for surprise miss leher..

He got a phone from nimmy

Where he says to her that he has surprise for him and he want to be secret as rumors are lot at college.

She listens to that and she agrees for his plan..

Meantime anuraag is waiting for leher..

Nimmy is so exicited and reached college she is well dressed.and she got a call from niyati madam regarding play and she is selected for the roleshe is happy.and at that time she received call from anuraag

She confused and she called leher for help

And informed to be at a place ,,,,,,,,,,and should follow the instructions on the sms of her phone

And in few minutes leher got SMS from the phone

To come to a room..

As leher entered into the is fully decorated and a very beautifull gift is waiting for her and open to find the CD pack and also a cute teddy bear ..she is totally confusedbut she take the items and returned to the class room..

Leher and meher reached the carridor

And suddenly a mask person attacked .

And anuraag, mohit all looked breathless.

The mask person put knife on the neck of leher

Mask person:give me ur life baby

Leher:ok I will.

At that time anuraag is ready to jump on the person..

At that time leher if u really want to take

U can other wise u may loose the battle girl.

And u know there will not be any second chance

And my loved ones never..

Mask person:how can I take the life it is always

With me palright

And the person removes the mask

And the person removed the jacket

And she turned to be simmon..

Daughter of tanu and rohit..

And very close friend of leher..

And she hugged meher ..and sweety

And at that time she smiled and

Mohit is staring at her..

And a background song

Jaana mera janam tu, aur mein hun teri jaane jaan
Aisa boloon waisi mein lagti hun kahan
Tujhe dil de doon mein, aaja tera dil le lun mein
Aisi waisi baatein mujhe aati hai kahan
Kya hoon ek raaz hun, baby bindaas hoon
Sach itni khaas hun, koi mujhsa hai khan ( Stanza 2)
Sing it
Hey ya, ladki hun ya bala
Sing it
Hey ya, sing 's'for soniya
Hey ya, dil chahe jo piya
Sing it
Hey ya, sing s for soniya

Hey ya, sing s for soniya

Soniya, soniya, soniya.

Part ends

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