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*^*Meetha Pan Lovers*^* -Invites Onlyy . IMP Pg 1

missing Vmars IF-Sizzlerz
missing Vmars
missing Vmars

Joined: 27 January 2008
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Posted: 06 April 2009 at 2:10am | IP Logged
helllo everybodyyyy...!!!!

wel dis FANCLUB is nooot dedicated to "MEETHA PAN " lovers literally...TongueLOL
dis fanclub is wholely for da yummiest PAN eva...none oder than SAMRAT aka MOHIT from da serial miley jab hum tum...BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing...

i noee da above pic is jus too hawt to handle...Silly..
isn't he sure aisa meetha pan aapne kahin nahin dekha hoga..Day Dreaming

also u all must b wondering na wen already he has dese januable human like names...den y PAAN...TongueLOL...wel all credits to his pyari chulbuli nautanki baaz saali...NUPUR jee..!!Clap

soo now sum rules for dis chat club!
    This thread is for few selective ppl...dis is not specified for all mohit join mohit sehgalz fan club..we already hav dem in da celebrity fan clubs section..Embarrassed...pls i'd again repeat...dis is a chat club for sum selective frens...widout invites nobody shud enter into our discussions..NOBODYY..!!Tongue
    Secondly,dis chat club is jus for hardcore monaya/sajan/mohit/samrat lovers...n yesh also for da nautanki baaz ere...Tongue..basically dis place is jus
    for da people who can do non stop bakwas..LOLLOL
    No KaSu fanatic allowed ere...!!!
    any sorta bashing seen here....wil b immediately reported...Tongue
  • If we see anybody leaking out our conversations ere...elsewhere at da forumz..wil b banned from ere..!!

i think dats all...ConfusedLOL
i neva knew one day da famous rule breaker herself...Cool
wud b making RULES one dayyy...ShockedLOL

da co-owner of dis club wud b ma jaan...kanzoooo !!!!
ma bhootni partner for lifee..Hug

  • OMGG..i missd onto one mosht important n kanzoooo  sumtimes love haunting we r da famous bhootniz at MJHT forumz...Evil dose ppl who r like scared of aatmaz n all dun u dare step in ere...Evil Smile

so come on frenz lets rock dis placee..!!! PartyDancing


Hara hara laal laal,
yeh meeth meetha pan,
gulkand se bhara,
taza taza yeh thanda thanda paan!

Chahe ho mooh ka swad badhana
ya phir man ko thanda karna,
choto se leker badonke liye yeh, rasila rasila paan!

Har khane ki lajjat badhae,
har thali ki shaan badhae,
khane wala dhanya ho jae,
na khane wala pachatae.

Na samajho ise aisa waisa hai yeh meetha paan,
nahi ata sab ke naseeb mein kyunki,
har paan par likha hai khane wale ka naam!

Paan ki na baat karo tum
ismein ataki hai hamari jaan,
yahin hamari duniya hai aan,
baan aur shaan!

Meethe paan ke liye mar mitenge,
ladhenge yudh hazar, paan ke sadake jawa soniyo,
paan se pyar beshumar!

Meethe paan ke bager kya zindagi yaro,
bina saaz ka geet,
wohi hamara sapna wahi hamara meet.

-By Anwaya Big smile

oh my god da most januable pic ever Day Dreaming


PS: guys check out da party notification post Smile


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missing Vmars IF-Sizzlerz
missing Vmars
missing Vmars

Joined: 27 January 2008
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Posted: 06 April 2009 at 2:12am | IP Logged


Rabia (-raboO-)

Kanika (missingVmars)
Riya (MohitSanayaFan)
Preeti (-Preeti-)
Divya (baanie)
Anwaya (anwaya)
Aabha (aabham_monaya)
Sayani (sayani_sajan)
Pragati (-Pragzie-)
Binu (trouble_maker)
Ash (Cute_ash)
Priya (-Priya-)
Kavya (kavya.b)
Jenny (jenny1000)

Rohini (
Anu (*Adorable_Anu*)
Riddhima (Ksdbstjodi)
Gagan (Gaganjot.S)

Party*Birthdayyz of all da januables*Party

Rohini- 30th july
Divya-16th may
kanzoo-15th sept
Anji- 11th may
abhaa-11th sept
sadia-1st oct
kavya-22nd nov
rabzoo- 1st oct
anu- 20th oct
Riddhima - 30th December

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missing Vmars IF-Sizzlerz
missing Vmars
missing Vmars

Joined: 27 January 2008
Posts: 24733

Posted: 06 April 2009 at 2:15am | IP Logged
Party Notification

MPLs dis calls for a bumbo jumbo hug for all of us ..... v made it 2 our 10th CC in almost record time ( i think Wink) n it cudnt have been possible without all of us here ... us little chatterboxes !!!

v kept dis section alive n kicking wit our incessant chatting n epiosde discussions n on da way 2 dis 10th thread made a few fans as well !!!

so will take dis opportunity 2 thank all our silent fans .... all da MBtians esp G .... da popularity of this CC wudnt have been possible without ur love n admiration !!!

neways MPL party timeParty

PartyDancing tonight v all will party here ... 12 AM onwards IST DancingParty


also januables as a part of the 10th CC celebration a small request 2 all of u ...  i want of of u 2 PM me a small msg for da other Meetha pan lovers ( individual ones offcourse .... da members u wanna write abt  )

so once everyone Pms me .... i will edit it on da first page

n also try Pming me or posting here at da C ur FAV monaya pic abhi tak ka

will edit dat as well

neways guys lets rock dis post as well

Edited by missing Vmars - 06 April 2009 at 2:44am
missing Vmars IF-Sizzlerz
missing Vmars
missing Vmars

Joined: 27 January 2008
Posts: 24733

Posted: 06 April 2009 at 2:17am | IP Logged

ok guys as promised here r da msgs from the MP member for da other members

first up is my msg for all my januables Embarrassed
rabzoo : ok rabzoo is my bhootni partner .... one of da most januable persons i have cum across ... i call her  my januable bhootni !!!
a sweetheart 2 da core .... i cant do without chatting wit her atleast once a day n since v were spamming n messing up da other posts ( n were oh soooo scared of mods ki warning ) v both decided 2 open a CC n i think its not been a bad decision !!!
da only reason am adicted 2 IF is rabzoo n da nautanki v do together ... infact v hav chatted late into da night abt nntg in particluar ... once v spent 2 hours posting AAA dialogues ... haunted other forums together n da TB comment section .dats like our fav haunting ground !!!!
its uncanny how v end up posting almost at da same time n almost da same thing .....  its not funny dat v both decide dat v will not online n study but v sumhow cum online at around da same time n end up staying for hours !!!!!  
luv 2 lots babes n i will always always remember u in my prayers
u r my support system at If HugHugHug
PS: ur msg for me made my cry my bhootni Embarrassed
Saadia  : saadia oh god inke baare mein kya kahen ..... am soo glad she jonied IF n shared her beauriful story wit us .... but even den she was more of a silent member at da forum
am glad rabzoo n meri nautanki inspired her 2 start posting n now i think saadia, rabzoo n meri proper type ki tigri hai ... nautanki karne mein
joh raat ko barah baje ki baad mehfil jamti hai yahan ... its such a power booster for me .... v all r sick , hurt, injured or watever v have 2 have 2 dhaka maro our PCs n lappys into working n cum online !!!!
again i cant do without chatting once a day wit saadia .... almost like an elder sis 2 me ( n da other MPLS )
today i will call u wat rabzoo always calls u saadia baaji Hug
may god bless u n saad bhai wit all da happiness in da world
riya : my januable FS partner .... its funny dat riya n i can never chat at one place  ..... v will b chatting at da FS thread  officially ) n behind da scenes chatting will b either going on at da CC or thru PMs
i luv how shes always dere wit me at da FS thread ... both of us jee jaan se trying fro sum scoops
anjie : ufff benji ki deewani . its impossible dat neone who chats wit her for 5 mins doesnt get 2 knw how crazy she is abt benji
anjie still cant forget da sadiyal si poem u made me write wen i was da SOTW
anu : da youngest member of da CC i believe ... always a pleasure 2 chat wit her
divya : another jaanuble bacha of da forum ... i remember da first time she met rabzoo n me at da TB comment section ... n boy was she impressed wit us ..... itni mahaan hastiyun pehli kabhi dekhi joh nai thi
abhaa : another sweetheart of da forum ... i remember how freaked out u n divya were during ur boards n i dont think ne one of us ( esp rabzoo n me ) made it ne easier for u guys 
abhaaa babes v r sooooooooo NOT sorry for dat  LOL
kavs:  kavs one of da calmest members of da CC
n i feel dat rabzoo n i have done our best 2 freak her out wit our nautanki
binu : da januable bacha of da forum .... again always active at da FS thread n a brilliant siggie maker
ash: i call her my cutie ... da baby of da CC
sayani : our first fan .... yieeeeeee
gagan : shes like da sweetest person i have ever met at IF ...... babaji give her all da shakti 2 sambhalo do do pagal forums
silent fans:  how cud i forget u guys ... after all hamari safalta mein apna bahut bada haath hai
i small msg for u guys ... stop pretening 2 b holier than thou n Get a life Smile
u guys seriously do need  a life considering dat u r reading our bekaar ki posts ROFL
ok now presenting rabzoooo's msg fro her januables

hello hello all ma januables....*BUMBO JUMBO JHAPPI*...for all...!!!

OMGGGG...we've managed to complete 10 threads of absolute pagalpanti..n retardness...
staying up late late nites...n irritating da MBTz n oder sukku sukku followers...
doing loads of nautanki ere n dere....hayeeeeeeeeeee kya memories ban gai hain yahan
aap sab k saath by goddd....!!!!


ohhh wel its really tough to write bout da few ppl who mean very important to ur a veryy short span of start off wid i'l start writing bout ma bhootni first of all....!!!Tongue

  • kanzoooooo jee....aar aapke abare main tho jitna kahuun kam haii...i seriously can go on saying loads n loads of stuff for youu ma bhootni partner...lets see kab tak i can write for you nooow... Embarrassed

yar i think its been jus 4-5mths since da two of us hav got so much addicted to eachoderr....
i seriously donot rememba da dayy where we startedd to jell up....since da very first dayy...i think da bhootniz kneww dat we're like da same ppl buh wid different names....buh i think tum mera aur zara sa sudhrofyed version hoo...i stil need to get better... LOLLOL
everyday at IF wid u has been a new treat eachtimee....da day both of us met at da MJHT forums...since den...everyday both of us hav cum up wid a brand new thingg.....all credits to our januable bhootni bhejas...dat can neva stop workin togetherr.... Wink

i seriously dun rememba da one time wen we got bored in eachoders companyyy....agar hamare mood off bho hote the...tho oen of us always managed to cheer up da second person..... Smile
am sooooooo lucky to hav such a januable caringg bhootni BIG SISTA like youu....seriously in da last few really used to you nooow....i dun think i can actually live widout talking to you atleast once a dayy...
kanzooo i dunno wat makes me say each n everything to youu....b it sumthin personal or sum studies related prob...i noe u'l always help me in watever matter am a lil screwed uppp...!!!

really cant thank u enuf for ur januable support thruout dese last few mths....lub u to bits kanzooooooo...!!!
jus one thing dun eva changee...u're da beshtt...n u rock da way u r....i want ma bhootni partner to stay like dis forevaa.....!!!...n yesh dun eva forget ur lil bhootni matter whereva life takes us in future...i PROMISE youu dat i wil neva leave ur peecha noooowww...!!!

i hope  dint get a lil tooo over emo....wel dats mee...wen it cums to da few ppl i love n adore in ma lifee....

always stay dere for me like u've always been....i love you alooooooooooooooootttt....!!!!!

  • sadia baji
    ohh wel aap tho hamari CC ki shaan sure everybody ere luks upto u for guidance n seriouslyy sadia bajii..i rememba u used to enjoy mine n kanzoooz posts sooo muchhh...i neva thought dat we'l all get so close in so less timee...seriouslyyy u're like ma elder sista...n OMGG ur lovestory tho is like ma ideal real life lovestory..n i so want something similar happening wimme tooo in future.....
    i wud say da same for youu...u ju stay like dat foreva...i love u aloooot...n reallyy in future i really wud want to meet thinking of catching up wid u after exmz...before u leave for ur sasural....n yeshhh hooow can i forget dat staying wimme n kanzoo...evn u hav becum a great biig nautanki soo liking dis new shade of urs sadia bajiii..u're really da jan of our cc...dun eva changee...we all love u sooo muchhh...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • kavya and anu

ohh wel da lil dynamites of our cc....seriouslyy if u guys wudnt hav been wid us thruout our pagalpanti at n kanzooo wud hav neva been so motivated...u guys r like our support system at IF....u guys r indeed ma januables.....n evn i wud stayy HAMARA YEH DOSTANA kabhi na tuute...n ok noow dun take da DOSTANA thing da oder wayy...i mean it in da literal sense....TongueLOLLOL

  • sayani and aabha

hmm yet anoder two janauble of our CC..n like everybody ere...da support system for me n kanzoooo.... :)
always readyy to protect urr MPLz .....always supporting ur u guys from da bottom of ma heart reallyy n yar jus stay like dat n kanzooo wil always b needing u guys at IF....u're all like our lil FAMILYY here.....Embarrassed

  • anwaya

da benji loverr...haye haye aapke baare mein main kya kahuun...u're like our rockstar yar....ur shayiri n all adds mroe spice to our CC...n OMGG really sumtimes evn u can create records wid ur crazinesss...seriouslyy u're as adowable as benji...n yet again da jaan of our CC... :)

guys if i hav missed out on anybodyy am kinda in hurry coz if i DONOT pm  da next 2 mins...she'l kil me as am horribly late...n shez gonna get really mad at mee....

buh guys mera ek belief hai kuch kehne se koi farak nahin parta rishton main...our heart noe wat we guys mean to eachoder nooow...STAY LIKE DIS FOREVAAA...n lets try to keep our friendshipp for yrs.....IF pe ek itihaas bana k i hav seen aloot of times..nobody can stay ere day everybody gets busy wid dere lives...buh GUYS uss life kaa ab ek bahaut imp hissa aap log bhi ban gae ho mere liye...n noow really i jus cant think of losing anybodyyy ere....Embarrassed

lets try n complete hundreds of such threadss.... Wink

MPLz rock forevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

luv ya alllllllllllll.......Hug

n ohh yesh yesh hoooow cud i forget to thank our selent naughty fans...who jus love spying our clubb/....realllyy guys tum logon ki wajah se tho BY god IF pe hamara aur ziada naam horaha hai...jus b dere alwaysss....Embarrassed...buh a lil distant from da REPORT BUTTON...TongueLOL...we promise to keep u guys entertaind for life...Wink...n special mention of G...hayee by god tumne tho meri aur kanzoo ki nautanki ko IF wide acclaim dilwa dia hai....u're da besht jee....keep spyingg...WinkLOLLOL
ok aab baari aati hai saadia ki
Kanz: our januable lawyerHug-one of the persons to make me fall in love with IF and then this CCBig smile. you and rabo together have made each day of my life full of laughter, smiles and fun despite stayin away from my hubby n I ll b thankful to both of you for thatHug. I love the way you keep mingling the law and ur craziness for monaya/sajanLOL. Always khao jaan of PD and SBS for our januable sajan/monaya and its largely coz of u that we get to see the januable moments of our beloved jodiClap



Rabo: the inventor of januable- n ultra januable herselfHugHug! Mohit ki deewaniEmbarrassed…I'd say the same bout u as I said for kanzz above for makin me survive without my hubby n lessen the distant-relationship-syndrome..lolzEmbarrassedWink. u n kanzz together and we have the craziest nautanki ever-the reason for my addiction to IFEmbarrassed. Keep rocking!Hug


Anjie (anwaya)…benji ki deewaniBig smileLOL!!! Love ur avis girl and ur KJ, MM, KK and hakuna matata greetings..thori der ko aati ho but hamain muskurahat dekar jati hoWinkEmbarrassedHug



Divya: one of my januable bachasHug(ok im the eldest one here-sound like a mumLOL)…always willing to jump into TB articles for commentsLOL. N have to thank u for all the lovely food items you bring to the CCWinkLOL



Aabha: another of my januable sa bacha hereHugHug…usually troubled by electricityEmbarrassed. And another food lover lolzLOL. Gradually getting into the game of nautankiSmile. To b honest, divya n aabha mujhe cute n cuddly babies ki tarhan lagte hain-for some reasonHugEmbarrassed



Binu: our creative Canadian MPLHug, sneakin into IF and CC from her computer classes lolzLOLLOL! Love ur januable si siggies girl. And always ready to lend support to MPL's whether it's FS or TB article-har jaga hard um tayyarEmbarrassedWink


Riya: another of our januable MPL from USHug (wow we are truly international clubLOL). Riya I would have to credit you as well for khaoing PD's dimagh at FS threadEmbarrassed. U n kanzz together leave PD with no option but to listen to youBig smile. N MBTians ki band bajane main bhi aap hamara bohat saath deti hoClap



Kavya: ok first, m gonna really miss you for an entire monthCryCry…usually wen I come to CC n its kinda spooky with no one around, kavya s the first person I findBig smile. Despite her college schedules and exams stuff, she  manages to make it here at CC even if for a little while –usually goin all crazy with our pagalpanti around hereLOL. come bak soon girl!Hug


Anu, riddhima, rohini, sayani, and the rest: m just beginning to know you better! But whatever I have come to know so far, you all are adorably januableHugHug



It's really difficult for me to send msgs to each one individually coz all of the members here are close to my heartEmbarrassed! Rabo, kanzz thanks for makin this CC coz because of it I found such januable friends who I would not want to lose nytime in my lifeHugHugEmbarrassed. Although I will become less active in a month's time or so, yet you all hold a special place in my heart, so much so that after saad, you guys occupy this tiny heartEmbarrassed so a bumbo jumbo hug to you all!!! Hug





ok guys dis post was getting 2 heavy now baaki ki msgs in da next post Smile

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missing Vmars IF-Sizzlerz
missing Vmars
missing Vmars

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Posted: 06 April 2009 at 2:20am | IP Logged

okies here is part II

sabse pehle baari hai benji ki deewani ki

Rabia (-raboO-) : rabo the bhootani! yeh nahi hoti to januable kahan se ata!

Kanika (missingVmars): bhabhijeee! mera taka bhi bhidawado!

Sadia(snaz81): chweet as her name! always online whenevr i cum!

Anwaya (anwaya): what to say abt me?
Aabha (aabham_monaya): this gal is always online when i cum! din bhar yahi hoti ho?
Sayani (sayani_sajan): sayoo u dnt knw how i m happy to find u on IF too!

Binu (trouble_maker):baah binu ur not at all trouble maker!
Ash (Cute_ash): lil cute sam ki lilcute fan! best luck!

Kavya (kavya.b): hope to see u more! we hvnt chatted lyk long! me being offline every tym!
Jenny (jenny1000) : FS ki founder thnk u!
Rohini ( app ki siggy sabse best!
Anu (*Adorable_Anu*): simply adorable! name does suits u!

Gagan (Gaganjot.S): jo bade bade 2 forum sambhale use kya kahe?


now i will post mohit ki neighbouring sehar mein rekne wali divya ki msges
who btw came a dazzler ..... so congrats babes

kanika aka kanzoo- a nautankibaaz....girl nobody can beat u n rabzoo  in student to da core...u can actually put up a fightLOL...but watever little i kno of u...i sumhow kno u got a heart of goldSmile...n after i met u  i realized i'm not da only chatterbox in this worldLOLu rock!!!

rabia aka rabzoo-another nautankibaaz...u n kanzoo...da partners in crimeLOLda first thing dat cums to my mind is dat u r try n remember wen u were forgivingLOLvery friendly....n childlike!!!
is forum ki jaan ho tum!!

saadia di-a sweetheart!!!!mjht's gr8est fan....afterall who downloads mjht's episodes wen they r in malaysiaLOLsaadia di u r da most mature januable here....calm wen everybody's dyin to fight da...u kno who!...a very warm person...i'm sure ppl  alwayz get nice vibes wen they r around u...!

anwaya aka anjie-don't kno u much...but watever little i kno of u...u adore benjie...u can never stop praising him,can u???LOL..n u r a lot of fun!!!

abha-where do i start frm??lol...ok...monaya rule ur world....just thank ur stars... u didn't write KJ in ur maths paperLOLan extremely jovial person....ur arms r alwayz wide open for dat bout u!
a gr8 friend...n a lot of fun...i'm glad to have met u!

binu-shahid fanatic!...a fun-loving person...alwayz ready for bakwaas..LOLanother person i treasure...very sweet n friendly(u deserved dat awardWink)

kavya-hopelessly addicted to IF...i've never seen an engineering student like u...i thought they were supposed to study all day longLOL...but i love chatting wid u...lamenting bout my studiesLOL...very friendly...n at da same time very mature(even u deserved dat award u gotWink)

anu-a very bubbly girl....alwayz pepped up....da dostana actually cracked me up!

rohini-da baccha of this cc!!!...all i have to say to u is dat u'll b gettin u alot of advice frm me thruout da year...on how to crack da boardsLOL....n chill a little....u don't have to work hard right frm da's wishing u lots of luckThumbs Up

sayani-haven't talked wid u much...but watever little chat i've had wid u...u were very sweet!!!

A common message to all da MPLs....i love u guyz loadsHugHugHugmy day is incomplete widout chatting wid u ppl...i mean it!


now its abhaa ki baari


dis is d best place u can hang out!!Winkits not even 2 months i have joined IF and i hav got such gr8 frnds.lyk kanzoo,rabzoo,divs,saadia didi,kavs,sayani,anjie,riya,ash..i am really srry if i hav missed out ne1EmbarrassedEmbarrassedi have had loads of fun here!!!Tonguecan neva 4get dis place and u pple...thanku kanzoo,rabzoo 4 makin dis wonderful place!!Smile

rabzoo....she is sweetest and bubbliest frnd i hav in IF!!SmileSmilebhootni no.1....kanzoo's and rabzoo's jokes crack me up!!can neva get off dem!!ROFLluv u rabzoo!!!Hugshe was d one who came up wid d mosht beautiful word.."JANUABLE"Embarrassedthank u rabzoo!!!SmileSmile of my closest frnds i have hereEmbarrassedi can neva forget u and rabzoo!!!!i still remember d nautanki me and divs did durin d KJ maniaROFLROFLROFLtat was d tym our 10th boards were goin on and we were lyk if dis is state den we wub b riting KJ in maths paper and equations on sajanROFLROFLROFLand if we even smile d invigilator wud thnk we r total gon caseROFLand d eng classes i took frm DMG forum and shared wid kanzoo was ultmate!!!i can neva 4get kanzoo's rabzoo's idea of cat was jus donon ka bahut accha future haiBig smileBig smileand d last hillarious topic was me teasin kanzoo wid harmanOuchi am srry kanzooLOLLOLand kanzoo's shaadiROFLROFLROFLi best one dated!!

divs..wat 2 say bout her..she is besht buddyEmbarrassedEmbarrassedi hav no words 4 her!!!!!can neva 4get u divs!!Hugd nautanki we've done..uff!!!!!especially durring our boardsLOLluv u!!!

saadia didi...wat 2 say bout fav sis.....EmbarrassedEmbarrassedeven hav no words for u.....u r d best sis in d whole world!!!!!!!!luv u!! Hug

so guys dat concludes da msges ... will edit if sumone Pms me


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-raboO- IF-Sizzlerz

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heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy MPLz...congo on da tenth thread...DancingParty
kanzoo dear..meetha panz pic missing from da first post...Stern SmileOuch
missing Vmars IF-Sizzlerz
missing Vmars
missing Vmars

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Posted: 06 April 2009 at 2:22am | IP Logged

Partycongo on da 10th thread guys Party

wil edit it real soooooon

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