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ennadhu Atina,,,neenga use wigs aa....??? appo that long straight hair i saw was wig aa????ShockedShocked

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Originally posted by rojapoooo

Roja bows to Aish - ipdi oru kaalathaal azhiyaatha Kaviyam mathiri yaana  paatai translate
panna vaichiye amma..un kulam vazhga, kotram vahgaEmbarrassed
Awwww EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...... Roja Akka, intha songeee Kaalathaal azhiyaatha Kaaviyam nnaaa...... Vani akka pottathu LOLLOL...... but akka you did a fantastic job ROFL....... too bad i couldn't put up nakka mukka song since someone AngryEmbarrassed made me do it ....LOLLOL 
Originally posted by meli

 nakka mukka yakka.....aala vidunga saaamiyoooooooo....aata kadichu maatakadichu kadasela yennaiyevaa LOL
Why on the heck use Simbu  Dandanakka on each of this songs....AngryAngryAngry is that his fathers trademark or what....?OuchAngryLOL

Hey dandan sister danakkan sister
Hey dandan sister cousin N sister tongue tongue tongue
ada paavi..... dandan sister punji beash beash...ROFL..... nee thamizha killadhi thaandaa....ROFLROFL ....super macheeee.......

Innaila irunthu, you're the dandan sister or danakkan sister ok vaa LOL

BTW, Vani, Eclat, Hamzi sis, Vani akka..... for your information, our danakkan sister is on spring holiday.........sooo grilllllllllllllll her folks...........LOLLOLLOL
@ Atinamma...... vanthuteengala....... ClapClap...
ok next set will be up soon.....

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Originally posted by aisha_muka1984

My next set of question - to Nezu akka and Ambi's dismay will NOT be a song translation LOLLOLLOL sadly, i used up my stock of songs too soon LOLLOL.... Nezu akka, actually i got special permisson to put up those songs LOLLOL.... whoever it is Vaazhga vazhamudan Tongue

yeva ava gave u special permission? Angry
This is for all the DTz Tongue.  Say a few words about these people:
Atina maa - Cry shock to know she uses wig Wink, responsible, hardworking. ippo wig odhu answer pannurangala illa wig illamala nu theriyalai Confused
Meli - iva irukaralai Angry ivalodhe idea taan indha balikadhu AngryAngry mavaleh USA porai yaa.. kaiyilei sikkina, ambe taandhi nee AngryAngry nonggi yedhukara aisha nammalai ippo Cry
Roja Akka - ROFL avanga peer kethalai sirupu taan varadhu.. avanga first time meet pannarapa.. naan shock ayithen ShockedShockedShocked vichuk vichuk nu she made her entrance looking for the big door in chilli's to bang ROFLROFLROFL
Jasnup - smart, intelligent, matured... Winkappadhinu sollamathen.. summa ore kutty warning kudhuthen we gona be balikadhu nu .. alle escape ayitha ShockedAngryAngry varatham messenger vekke Angry 
Netra - Embarrassed oh indha ponna, ronbha cute, charming, pretty, smart, and the list goes on EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Ambi ROFLROFL ivala partha podhum, yennake sirupa sirupa varadhu, nangal rendhu peer taan kastha patte song translate panninom CryCry pavam inggai yum nondhu noodles agurom.. Cry messenger laiyum appadhitaan.. yellam andh prabu seiyal AngryAngry 
Nallu - quite, cute, romantic Wink nalla karpamai's EmbarrassedEmbarrassedcorrect time lai, system crash .. nee escape mamaeee LOL
Blue gal - responsible, fun, caring, appo appo bayangaramana looty adhipangal
Giri - ROFLROFL very jovial person and i love her nakkal comments, very understanding, knows what runs in my mind Wink caring, friendly. Nakkal nayandhi ku stock neriya vaichiruka AngryLOL 
Pat - pavam, she almost goin to mental stage with vaathu.. so hugs for her Embarrassed

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Originally posted by kadhambari

Originally posted by aisha_muka1984

Third Bali Aadu is.....
Vadivelu...... also known as Ambi

Ennamma kannu soukiyama?  November latter part still remember you varukking me on IF....AngryEmbarrassed....athanaala intha chance vida porathilla Wink.... here is something special for you da chellom

F: Appan panna thappula aatha petha vethala
velanchirukkuda, velanchu nanaijirukkuda

                           Sin of my father i was born 2 my mother standing b4 u,Grown up & standing tall b4 u.......
                                                            M: Adi unna solli thappilla, vayasu pennu mappula
                                                            manchirukkeadi, manchu kaanchirukkeadi
                           Finding Fault with u useless,y've fallen prey 2 yothful desires,Falling prey 2 it,you're crossing limits..........                        

F: Hey cycle azhavu kathukko, ullaga azhavu otthukko
Enna veana vechukko, etthanaiyo pethukko

                                        Learn a fistful,And rule the world...Have me...bore any number of kids 4m me......
                                                   M: Munn azhaga kaatikko, pinn azhaga vetikko
                                                   Onnum veanam othikko, athanaiyum pothikko
                                         Embrace the frontal beuty,Cut the back beauty.......i dun want anything of u....Stay away 4m me.............

F: Idupporam macham kaataava
Naan appurama micham kaattava ...
HEY!! Naan idupporam macham kaataava
Machan appurama micham kaattava ?

                                            Shall i show u the mole on my hip......Later on........hey shall i show u the mole on my hip...........later on dear ............Sin of my father......

(Ada Appan panna thappula ..... )

F: Koiya- koiya- koiya- koiya- paathu paduma
vazla paddu kannu paddu vempi viduma

                                                 Have they started eyeing the guavas....will the looks ripen it......?
                                                         M: Koiya- koiya- koiya- koiya- kothikirava
                                                         Koiya veathai koiya veathai sikikiduma
                                                   Shall i take a bite of guavas?....Will the seed get struck?

F: Hey eacha, ella vecha unk okka mokkada
Hey eacha, ella vecha unk okka mokkada

                                                      My desire is lemon fresh........bloody fool! My desire is lemon fresh....bloody fool! 
                                                                                                                                                                Shall i show u the mole on my hip..........Later on.........Shall i show u the mole on my hip.........later on dear...

M: Ennk okka makka.......... Bloody Fool AishaAngry


Magalae ini unnai edhachum translation panna solli paarthen,magalae unakku irukku kacheri,su abba ippove kannai kattudhey idhungaloda innum ethanai naal poradanumoOuch
Hahahahah.... well done Ambi... summa kalakitte.... ClapLOLLOL. I can't stop laughing  LOL
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Originally posted by smlaksh

My set of Questions to all DT's ....
1. What was your favorite childhood television program?
Mickey mouse & Donald Duck, EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
2. What is usually your first thought when you wake up?
my laptop ROFL
3. Ever wish you were born the opposite sex? If so, why?
Nup, i love what i am right now honey Embarrassed
4. Name one thing not many people know about you ..
maha Angry kolupa, yedhuku ippo indha kelvi... AngryAngry sollamthen TongueEmbarrassed 
5. Tell a joke which you think would make us ROFL ...
Not sure if this wud make u laugh.. but here we go Embarrassed
This woman rushed to see her doctor, looking very much worried and all strung out. She rattles off: "Doctor, take a look at me. When I woke up this morning, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my hair all wiry and frazzled up, my skin was all wrinkled and pasty, my eyes were bloodshot and bugging out, and I had this corpse-like look on my face! What's WRONG with me, Doctor!?"

The doctor looks her over for a couple of minutes, then calmly says: "Well, I can tell you that there ain't nothing wrong with your eyesight...."  LOLLOLWink

6. Which is your favorite genre of movies ? (Comedy/ Romance / Suspense / Action / Horror / Others specify) ..
Comedy, Romance, Suspense, Horror Embarrassed
7. Which is your most cherished childhood memory?
my birthdays Embarrassed
8. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
Bungee Jumping at Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia Embarrassed 164 feet into the air Smile
9. What is your taste in music?
umnm depends on my mood hun Embarrassed
10. What personality traits do you dislike in other people?
when they know they did something wrong, they refuse to admit that Angry
Will come back with next set soon Wink ...
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Posted: 06 April 2009 at 6:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kadhambari

Originally posted by Vani19

Aish chellam superb da... ROFL ROFLROFL.
Varuga varuga to all the MOTWs.. I want the answers from all of you. LOL.DancingVani chellam i thot u're a gud gal & a sweet galLOLLOL Naan still nalla pillai thaan but Atina ma unggal ella thalaiyaiyum enggal kaiyil kudutha pinne ennal en innocent nai control panna mudiyalai LOLLOLLOL
1. Do you do dance crazy when no one is looking?Hehe,enn husband office'ku kilambinadhum oru kuthaatam pottutu dhaan naan matha velaiye paarpenEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed so naan thaniya irundhaa aatam'ndra perula nalla gudhipenLOLLOL

2. Do you like to sing in the shower?ofcourse,enaa thanni sathathula sruthi thappanaalum vezhiyula theriyadhunu oru nambikai dhaanWink.. me too me too

3. Whats your favorite colour?Black

4. Do you like baths or showers?Showers

5. Do you blow dry your hair? or just let it dry on its own, or towel dry?it depends,when im vetty i will let it dry on its own,when im having little work i will do towel dry......when im really heading sumwhere i will blow dry it.

6. At the beach would you rather play in the sand, or play in the water?i like 2 play in the water 1st then next in sand.

7. Do you think people should eat the fish they catch, or just let them go?im a vegetarian,so i prefer let them go.

8. Do you like cruly hair or stright hair?my hair is little curly....i like straight hair...ikkaraiku akkarai pachai dhaane eppavume!! very true Big smile

9. Whats your favorite kind of drink?Fresh Fruit Juices & Lassis.

10. Whats your favorite book?any romantic booksTongue me too me too

11. Do you eat junk food everyday?nope

12. What is the one, single food that you would never give up? curd rice

13. Whats your favorite movie?Kaakha Kaakha

14 . What was your favorite toy as a kid choppu samaangal

15. Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap?shampoo

16. Wet the toothbrush or brush dry with the toothpaste?wetty wetty dhaan.

17. Have you ever gambled at a casino?Oh yeah......but only in slot machines & roulette........ennai thara tharanu enn husband casino vittu vezhiya izhuthuttu pora varaikum i gambledLOL

18. Have you thrown up in a car?idhuvaraikum illai,inimaeConfused

19. Do you scream on roller coasters?ofcourse i do

20.Where did you go on your first airplane ride?i came 4m chennai 2 S'pore.

21.Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?my mom
22. Last thing you bought?i bought a pair of cotton pants 4 this summer.

23. Last person you argued with?vera yaaru enn veetukarara dhaan irukkumBig smile

24. Do you put butter before putting the peanut butter on?i dun like peanut butter.
25. One place you could travel right now?Nezu sponsor'la Langkawi travel panna poren soonEmbarrassedWinkLOL awww... so sweet honeymoon thaneEmbarrassed
Well done ambi.. Clap
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Where are the rest of the DT's?  Atina, it won't be fair to rest of you if there is no answer from Pat, Giri, Jaz, Bluegal, etc.
Brilliant questions and answers.
My question (ithu warm thaan) to all the DT's.  You are having special guests to you house for dinner.  You need to impress these guests coz your future is at a stake because of global economy downturn.  You will be cooking some special dishes.  Give us a set of menu list and the recipe to go with it.  You need to have a starter, appertizer, main course and dessert.
You are not allowed to use salt and sugar.  But remember you food has to be tasty.  What special ingredients you will put instead of salt and sugar.
You know some guests would not like chicken or meat.  So you have alternative meat ingredients - snake meat, cockroach, scorpion, monkey's brain or any exotic meat.  You have to prepare your dish based on these  ingredients only.
Those who are veggies have no option but to prepare these dish as your life depend on it.  Your menu list should be international cuisine.
Now go ahead and prepare the list and the menu to go with it.
Vani, Elcat, Aishu and others - let's give marks for the most creative (and I mean creative) menu. 

Edited by Caryn - 06 April 2009 at 6:04pm
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Originally posted by netra_rama

Originally posted by aisha_muka1984

aisha kooka makka AngryAngryAngry mavalai kaiyilai matthuneh ..ambe taandi nee AngryAngryAngryAngry

Oororam puliya maram ulupeevittaa salasalakkum (2)
townside tamrind tree will dance if you shake

Naan pirantha mathuraiyilla aalukkalu naataamayee (2)
my birth place madurai everyone is a gangleader

Koodunamey koodunamey kootuvandhi kaazha poola (2)
joing together joining together like a bull

Maatunamey maatunamey naarapaya kaiyumeela (2)
 have to catch have to catch dirty boy

Niruththungadhi Eei niruththungadhi niruththungurenley
stopit stop it hey ladies stop it how dare you sing

Paadungadeena enna nakkala?
ask to sing what joking?

Eei... Nee vaa.... Nee ingavaa.... Ellaam varusayaa nillu
hey come & stand in a line

Nalla iduppa vallachu nelichu aadanum enna...
 shake up ur hip like ragasiya ROFLROFLROFL

Yoov ingapaaruyaa kandavaakula kaiyavatchiyinaa
dear see here sum1 touch my hippu

Onnaku mariyaathai illai aama...
 will not get respect anymore

Inga paarya vekkaththa.... Eee aaduraa
hey see her shyness

Naadarinja azhagigala nee enga sodhi
world known dancers are our partners

Ungala kattikava vatchukkava sollipudungadhi
lemme know who wants 2 marry me or keep me

Kathiripoo ravikka pootta china payingili (2)
purple colored blouse potta small parrotu

Onna quaterukku oorugaaya thottukkavaadhi (2)
shall i keep u sidedish 4 my beeru

Kutthunna ippadhi thaan kuththanum
punch like this punching bagpunch like this punching bag

Aazhillatha kaatukkulla payalee
no man's forestLOL

Ravusu pannum chinnath thambhi
u naughty boy LOL

Night ellam aatam pottu
,my legs are paining dancing overnite

Ennaku kaalu rendhum nookuthada (2) 
 my legu both painingTongue

Ada raavellam aatam poottu onnakku
shh night full dancing you

Kaalu rendhum ippo nonthaalenna
now legu both paining u complaining

Intha paruvamulla paiyangitta neeyum
this teenage boys dont you dare to act

Paruvamulla paiyangitta naanum
Paasaangam pannavillai
i didnt act infront of audoloscent boys

Paasaangam pannureynnu neeyum arivu kettu peesaathadaa
you dont talk like a idiot

Neeyum arivu kettu peesaathadaa
dun talk like a fool

Adi maadhi meela maadhi vetchu maarazhavu jannal vetchu
build ur house with a window

Appadhi poodu sithappu
put like that uncle

Etti etti paarthaalum arumai pondaati nee thaandhi 
even if u see u hidden you are my wife

Aahaa aahaa aahaa 

Adi kaatharuththa moozhi onney kattuveendhi thaali (2) 

Ada intha paattu padikkaathadha eenakku vetkam aaguthadha 
dun sing this song daa,i feel shy

Aama aama aamaoiiiii 

Posakketta payaley onnaku
u useless guy

Ponndaatiyum ketkuthaadha
need wife vaa?

Nethiyiley.... Aei....


Nethiyile pottuvetchu neli pera selai katti (2)
forehead put pottu and tie saree

Mathiyaana veyilukkulla oththa vezhiyila aahaa (2)
afternoon hotsun very bright

Nee manasu veruththu poora kaaranam ennakum theriyala (2)
your heart sad reason i don't know

Aasa kaati moosam seyira aambhala neenga (2)
show love and cheat people you

Ongala arinchirunthu nambhurathu eppadhi naanga (2)
how can we trust u after knowing u
aisha, i have to admit, i had a great time in this ROFL me attai, prabu and ambi still laughing and laughing ROFL 
Me too Neths, cant stop laughing... ROFLROFLROFL

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