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Contract Marriage4[AR]UPD 13/8 Pg148~Note pg 151~

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Hey Guys....Oh my gosh its a Fourth thread NowWink ...HUH....Where it is going....I am Glad that you all Liked my Fanfic.....I am glad that you all liked My writing style too...Thanks for all your support to me......will continue to do my best in here too....My Thanks for all my readers who read my Fanfic and commented on it...Continue to give your Love to the FF...My thanks for all those silent readers too...

 Look at My New FF...I Have  Started:



Defeated by Love~


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credits: Riddhima1

I Hope There are Many More To Come...Party

Enjoy Reading....Hug




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Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

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Here is the part 22....This is the first sorry i could manage only this....I know its not that good....Just wrote it read it....!!!!

Part 22A


Riddhima looked at armaan, He was standing in front of her looking at her closely she sighed looking at him, How much she had missed to be in his vicinity and finally that day had come when she was right here in front of him, and she had said to him her long last desire that she loves him..and the main thing was that he loved her too…she laughed like a teenager she shouted happy to be with him…"Omggg….i just love him…" She was acting like a teenager who had just found that she was in love and her love was also in love with her…She giggled looking at armaan sighing she admired him.


"He is just mine….just mine…I wont let him go now…I just wont…!!!" she told herself determined to not make any mistake this time.


Armaan saw riddhima laughing looking at him, He sighed looking at the glint that appeared in her eyes looking at him. He beamed in joy, "she is beautiful" He whispered looking at her smiling face still mesmerizingly. She was breathtaking..unknowingly he went towards her still in daze looking at her goodly face, she was epitome of beauty.


Riddhima looked at armaan advancing toward her…She frowned looking at him his eyes was wide and he was staring at her…she whispered…"Armaan……????" confused..??? What is he doing..??? why is he coming here…why…?? What is he doing..?? omggg….he saw him nearing to her and lowerin g his face on her, gawking at the sudden appearance of him in front of her, His proximity made her restless, a heavy 'sigh' escaped her mouth, feeling the tingling sensation erupt through her heart. She looked at him intently staring at his eyes getting lost in them…she whispered again….


"Armaan….Tum Kya kar rahe ho….???" She whispered getting lost in his musky cologne.


"Pyaar…." He whispered looking at her still….intently….


"Pyaar…??? Kyun…???" She asked frowning....."Hato alag…mujhe kuch toh hota hai…." Riddhima tried to push him…she was trying her futile attempt to get out of his vicinity..


Armaan looked at her face she was looking scared, He whispered coming close to her ear…"What….??? ALag hato…..??? Kya mein pagal hoon….Kuch karoonga toh kuch hoga naa....??? " He told her  looking at her, then sighed as he saw her laugh the glint in his eyes made him 'sigh'….She was princess……"Riddhima…??? You are looking so beautiful…I so love you….!!!" He whispered and grinned to see her flinch as he kissed her lightly on her ear lobe resting his lips for a moment at her earlobe he savoured her…He enjoyed the reaction he had on her. He was just left memmerised by her today.



"Armaan…." A 'sigh' escaped riddhima mouth again  she was breathless by his torchure…Why is he doing this…??? He is teasing me…why…??? She thought as she felt his lips caressing her nape…She gawked sighing at his killing torchure…she couldn't take it anymore…she just couldn't, she tried desperately to pull him toward her and hug him and she did what she desired. Hugging him tight as if she was crashing him to her feminine body…She was too nave to him…Armaan looked at her face it was all flushed…He grinned looking at her caressing her face and patted her face that she had hidden into his chest…He whispered again…."Riddhima…??? Why are you so red….??? Huh…???"



Riddhima pulled him to her, being not able to take away  his killing torchure, she pulled him hard and hugged him close to her life as if he was going somewhere away from her…She still cant believe it that he was here with her…How can god be so good on me…How…??? She needed him and she got him..she buried her face to her chest feeling her emotions overwhelming and nuzzled closer to him…She heard him wisper and groaned hearing his teasing tone…How can he say that…???


"Armaan…???"  she glared…."Mein marrungi…Sudhar jao…." She huffed at him…How can he say that….how…???


"Ohhhh…..toh tum marogi….abhi toh kiss kar rahi thi…Haan….why were you hugging me haan….??? "He asked her again in teasing tone.


"Kya…???, Main tumhe Kiss kar rahi thi…toh tum kya kar rahe the…??? Haan…??? Besharam…" She glared at him holding him by his collar, pulling him to herself close to her lips…



Armaan looked at her mock anger, He just loved to see her like this…He just did that…She was so bubbly….Where did she went…..why…??? He thought, but then smacked himself to let his thoughts go to that way…What am I thinking…??? She might be having some reason….She might be…!!! He looked at her glaring at him holding him….He looked at her trmbling lips so close to his…He just thought of teasing her again, He lowered his lips and touched her trembling lips again teasing her as he observed her flinch and trying to catch his lips…He grinned at her futile attempts….He loved that……



Riddhima felt his lips touch her lips so lightly…She felt a chill run down her spine as she felt his lips. She closed her eyes waiting to feel his lips on her finally….she needed him to kiss her. She gawked as she fell his lips trailing around her lips but not kissing her full…she groaned at her torchuree….she tried to pluck his lips desperately pulling him…and finally caught him in a hard  kiss….relishing him, savouring him she kissed him delighted.



Finally she parted from him and looked at his face just to feel her face become red again..sighing she giggled at his looks and buried herself again into his chest again…He was looking at her with his raised eyebrow…mocking her at her attempt to kiss him…she sighed whispering….."I Love you armaan….."



Hearing her wisper that he hugged her too….and said to her that he loved her too…."I Love you too riddhima…."



Armaan frowned feeling something moist on his chest…He parted her from him and looked at her closely and was shocked to see her crying….He gawked at her…..why is she crying….??? Why…???



Riddhima felt her eyes become moist at his wisper….Yes he loved her…He did….!!! She was not void of her love….He loved her too….Why did he not then….Why….??? Did he loved nikkie…or was it my mistake…my fault…??? How can this be possible….???? He did loved nikkie.then what happened to him…??? She was scared again to loose him…she looked at him ashe parted her, Looking at his face she tried to find that comforting smile….she needed the assurance that he will be her's….He will no0t leave her…He will not…!!!



"Armaan…??? You will not leave me naa….???" She whispered looking at him for her answer…she needed his assurance…she did…!!!she looked at him waiting for him to tell her what she needed to hear.



"Riddhima….i will not leave you…Not now…Never…" He whispered cupping her face….He was shocked to see her eyes moist she was scared to loose him and he understood her…But what did he do..??? It was her who left him…Why did she leave…?? Why is she asking me that….why…??? He thought looking at her, He saw the scared look on her face and sighed looking at her intently, lightly cupping her face he lowered himself on her face and kissed her on her forehead. He needed to assure her now…He could see that she was insecure as he was feeling her body trembling in his hold. He held her and whispered to her that he loved her and he will never leave her. How could he…??



Riddhima heard him wisper to her that he loved her, She was delighted a new hope build in her that was telling her that he was his and he will never leave her…She needed that assurance and she got it. she sighed as she felt his lips on her forehead again, He kissed her on her forehead. She looked at him her eyes brimmed with the tears to see him in tears too….What did happened to us…??? What…??? We love eachother…..why did we separate…???Why…???


She hugged him reasting her head on her chest, she kissed him on his chest and giggled like a teenager again…she was back to him, she needed him…They talked merely and finally she slept peacefully.



Armaan was pleased to find that she was out of danger now, He looked at her. she was sleeping in her bed peacefully, Her solitude figure lay on the bed, admiring her he smiled she was his now..!!!.., finally they were now together, He admired her figure carefully, She was looking like a princess, His princess, He thought how can she look so good..??? She just got back from her death bed just a moment before, still she looks so fresh..He looked at the peaceful smile crafted on her face sighing, He could keep looking at her like this for decades, finally getting hold of himself he went toward her sleeping figure. He could see the immence relief that was shown on her face, Her face brimming with happiness, A sigh escapes his mouth looking at her, admiring her he lowered his face on her and gave her a sweet wet kiss on her forehead resting his lips on her forehead for a minute. He could relish this moment for lifetime with her, He could do anything to spent his life with her, Chersihing the moment he caressed her cheeks lightly and moved her tendrils falling on her forehead, moving them and tugging it to  back of her ear. Giving her a last look he left the place thinking about the numerous questions that was erupting through his mind. He needed to talk with her..!!!






Kripa was standing at the window of her cabin, She was thinking about those days…The days which they had  cherished, Sighing she smacked herself to think about those days. Why cant she for get that…why…??? It only gives her pain…The memories which she used to cherish at some time was now giving her nothing but a endless pain…She groaned looking at her wedding ring in her hand..It had been more tham two years she had left him for good but still she couldn't bring herself to remove that metallic ring..That ring which meant world to her, but now it was just a metallic ring..She looked at the ring and rolled it in her fingers unknowingly she immersed herself into that painful night that had changed her life in an instant, a lone helpless tear escaped her eyes making its way from her cheeks to land on her ring. She immersed herself to think about that horrible night.



"Kripa and Angad"


Kripa and Angad met eachother during their internship days and they really got along well, They became friend in no time, being working withother for most of the time of the day they usually did spend quality time with eachother, which led into developing some closeness, some attraction among them, developing the feeling of comfort with eachother, which led to developing strong feelings for eachother which in turn developed some desire to be with eachother, soon it all turned to be confusing, they were not aware of their feelings,They were confused, soon it  started from endless sleepless nights, Thinking about eachother, dreaming about eachtoher, which led them be in Head over heels in Love with each other, making them to realise that they loved eachother. During their final year of internship they both got married peacefully to spend their life with eachother. Everything was going well, really well until Mishti entered their life. They both were happily married but heir proffesion and fate played their part to make them aloof, They didn't gave quality time to each other which they needed to give , which let them be little apart from eachother. Ontop of that was Mishti..who developed misunderstandings among them.


Angad was a leading surgeon of those days and Kripa was a leading gynaic. They both were ambitious for their life, They wanted to achieve fame, They wanted selfrespect,They wanted Success from their life, They wanted to achieve what they didn't had, which led them to draft apart from eachother and closer to their profession…closer to their Desire…What could we call that…??? What…??? Fate…??? Destiny…??? Foolishness…??? What made them apart..??? What was it..??? Their Fate..?? or their Lack of time to their Relationship…??? Or they them selves..??



They both knew that they were not spending time with eachother, but the desire to achieve something in their life and made them to fool themselves that they are not doing anything wrong. They knew that they had to spend time, they had to give space to their Married life to talk about them, They knew that they were getting drafted away from eachother, but they didn't pain attention to it. Soon  misti joined Angad as his assistant and  started working with him, She was sweet bubbly girl who was devoid of Love in her life, She was always despiced by everyone, She never got love she desired, Her parent died at early stage of her life when she was just 7. She stayed in asylum and studied really hard to become a doctor and now here she was to achieve what she desired in her life. She wanted to be a doctor as she had seen that it is too hard to loose a life that concerns with you…so she wanted to protect those sole life. Working with Angad she was wooed by his personality which attracted her towards him in no time, soon her Love carved Heart started to develop an unknown trap towards him..and found herself to be in Love with him. She knew that he was married…She knew..But still she can't prevent her restless heart for falling for him. She fell for him deeply.


Angad liked Misti a lot she was a bubbly kind of girl, He treated her like his friend, They really felt comfortable with eachother, They bonded with eachother really well. Angad was getting drifted from kripa more and more, Their busy schedule made imposible for them to take care for eachother, He did missed her literally and in past few days this had started to irritate him too…They were not giving the time they needed…They needed to take this relationship properly…What made them do this…???? Was it the tender age at which they got married…???? Was…It…????


They hardly met in home due to their busy schedule making it too bad for them…Angad was feeling really low now a days and he was missing her badly, This was not only with angad…The samewas happening with kripa too…It was like there was some invisible barrier built around them which made it difficult for them to understand eachother more….They started to mistrust eachother…They thought that the other person was ignoring them…Yes that was what they had thought….She thought that angad was ignoring her, which made her restless, but she didn't brought herself to talk to him which made matter more worst as it made her to think many things. They had started to Loose trust in their married life.


Kripa was feeling so restless as it had been about month she had talked with angad…Heck She had sen him sleeping only…They hardly talked as Angad usually comes home late due to his surgeries and by the time he reaches home Kripa used to be in  sound sleep many a times, due to the Tiring day she  had just spent and by the time he uses to  wakes up, Kripa used to already leave. So it was like they ony saw eachother in their sleep.


Few weeks passed like this and it was impossible for kripa to take it now, She had crossed her limits to avoid everthing that was coming to her mind…She had heard some thing about Angad and his Assiatant…Yes she had…and that had made matter worst. She was insecure for their marriage, she went to meet angad at office that day, She was missing him badly, She wanted to talk to him, She wanted to say many a things to him. She was trying to fall back to bring her married life back to track…She had realized that they were not giving time to eachother and she needed to give time to him…and he also has to give it to her..Enough was enough..


Kripa entered Angad's cabin and was shocked to see angad and Kripa talking standing so close to eachother. She looked at them care fully and the fact that she was finding hard to absorb was that she was scared , She was getting scared to loose him. She looked at them, They were too busy to notice her…She saw something suddenly which made her eyes wide…aghast she started at him…??? What is he doing…???? She saw her kiss him…as she laid her lips on him, It made her flinch…She paled standing there looking at him as she saw misti pulling him close to her and his hands made its way to her waist and he pulled her close, shocked to core to see angad pulling her close to himself and hug her and then kiss her with so much passion that it was hard for her to take it but she didn't knew what made her cry…She saw her eyes getting moist instantly…Tears welled up in her eyes looking at them getting so close…She looked at angad as he ruffled misti's hair and kissed her ahrd again making his way to her face and dropping wet kisses all over her face trailing down to her cheeks kissing her neck and her cheekbone, She flinched looking at him as she heard Misti moan His name so passionately which reminded her that He was his…She looked at them her eyes welled with tears flowing freely She heard angad Groaning in passion…She closed her eyes. It made her heart split to look at them like this…She couldn't take it…She gawked in horror as he saw him pulling her dress of her shoulder, She died thousand death crying tellingherself that this is not happening…."No…..Stop…." She whispered which got lost in their groans…She looked at them as He made his way to her heaved bossm and kiss her in the hollow bossom…She drowned herself in her misery, her grief…She could nt atke it….He was gone….He betrayed her….He did….She looked at him for the last time as he pushed the door hard to lock it down as she drowned into darkness feeling her head go loose as she felt dissy and collapsed right there.


We hear angad groan….."Kripa I Love you….I Love you kripa….!!!"




"Awww he is too cute…My angel…..My love……!!!!!" He had came her to take him to Riddhima….!!!! He was premature baby and so was kept in incubator…..!!!!!


Armaan was standing in front of the child room he was looking at the Angel, He smiled looking at him. He saw him giggling as he opened his eyes to look at the person who enetered just now, Resting his small eyes on the man in front of himself, He though who is it…???" Armaan observed the baby, a tear escaped his eyes unknowingly He was his…He was his own…!!! He raised his hands and touched his tiny hands, as his hands touched his tiny one He gawked feeling the tiny hand ebncircling his huge ones…He smiled through his tears He was his child….He was a father now…Yes he was….He looked carefully at him His tiny hands encircling his, He caressed them feeling content to hold his hands, to touch his blood. He was his blood who he didn't knew that ever existed….He had missed so much of him…He couldn't forget that she had lied to him after she came back that he was sahil's child….His thoughts went to that day….How hurt he had felt when he came to know that She was carrying sahils's child , He had dided thousand death that time….Why did she do that…??? Why…???



"What made her to that??? What….??? Why did she lied to him…???'


There was endless questions going through his mind, His restless mind. He tried really hard to figure it out…to find some reason for her disappearance….Why did she leave me…??? Why…??? Why did she do this…??? Shje loved me…??? He though…Yes she did…she had just accepted it and he didn't deny that….He knew what she was feeling for him, then why did she lie…??? Why…??? How could she do this…??? He was dying there and she was going to0 marry sahil…??? What does he mean to her…??? Why was he mayying him when she loved me…??? Why…??? He was getting mad thinking about that numerous question…That endless lines of question that was rowing through his mind….His restless mind…Making him restless….Why….??? He wispered finally feeling dejected to be fooled by her…feeling cheated he cried…..why did she od this…??? Why…??? Crying he knelled down looking at the little puddle of joy….He whispered….""Papa missed you dear….He did….Why did mumma do this baby,…why….???" He sighed looking at him and fall down broken and cried his heart out….


  "Why did you lied riddhima….why…???"


 "Why did you lied to me Riddhima…..why…..??? He was my child…..??? Why did you lied……??? You even Loved me and I was waiting for you for these 1 year crying for you, balling over you thinking why did you leave me…??? and you left me…..How can you do that…..???? Huh…..???? I was dying in coma because of you and you were enjoying there with that sahil……" He thought to himself looking at the baby …the puddle of joy….He plucked his arm, his tiny arm in his hands and left the room with him holding him in his arm looking at him…He will not leave away from him now….He had missed so many moments of him…He had missed his first Kick…He had missed him move for the first time….He had missed the joy that he could have felt when she would have told that she was pregnant…He missed her to be in his arm….How can he forget all that….how…??? She left him stranded for her…., in pool of tears he went out of the room…!!


"How can I forget that….how…??? how will I forgive her….How…???" He left from there.




"Angad Plss leave me....!!!!" Kripa Glared at angad he was holding her by her shoulder pressing her body tightly to his manly body making her flinch at his torchure, Kripa looked everywhere except his eyes, trying really hard not to look into his eyes, She didn't wanted dot look at it…she didn't…as it complained to him….it did….she sighed closing her eyes restless.."Why is he doing this...??? He did that to me…He had relationship with that mishit….He betrayed me….I cant forgive him I just cant…"

Angad looked at her..."I won't leave you kripa...Please listen to me... Plssss look at me kripa…..Why are you doing this??.....plsss tell me something….?? What happened to us...?? What happened to we....?? Why are we not together Kripa....?? what did happen I told you that it was a mistake kripa….I Didn't mean toi do that….i just didn't?" Angad asked looking into her eyes, not letting her look away. helplessly he looked at her pleading her to forgive him….He didn't meant to do that….But what could he do…???? What…..??? She was also at fault here….she was….??? Why did she made herself aloof from me…??? Why….???  She didn't had time for me…He was desperately asking her to hear him…She never let him say anything…Never….., Kripa looked into his eyes hearing him...."You are asking me angad....what happened to us….??? What did I do….???!!!!" She sighed, "You should know that....Why we are not together....It was you who made us apart....You Betrayed me.....It was you….She told him….!!!!"

Angad looked helpless at her, Why can't she understand me...Why....??? I said sorry...."I Love her Damn-it...."

He tighted the hold...."I wont leave her today she has to answer me.....!!!!"


"Kripa….Plssss,…listen to me once….Plsss…." He asked her desperately…looking for some positive reply…..


"What should I listen Angad…..??? What…..??? Why did you do this to me….why….??? Why angad….??? What was my fault…that you betrayed me……why……??? " She cried helplessly, looking at him….."No I wont….Not this time….." She glared at him…and ran off crying in pool of tears…..


Angad looked at her departing figure….Why cant she believe me….why….??? I has to tell her …I have to…."



Plsss.....DO leave comment...Your comment means alot....It is short part but i could manage that much only.....i will post next part as i will finish it.....Silent readers plsss....leave comment.......Atleast Press Thank you tab.............!!!!!!

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Here is the promo for the Past....May be it will come in next part...Enjoy till then....!!!!!

Riddhima was sitting in her bridal attire just alongside armaan...She was scared...Damn scared...!!!!

"What am i doing...???" she thought looking at arman, who was looking as scared as her. she sighed..."God save us...!!!"

"Are we doing right....???"


Riddhima looked at minnie and anjali horrified...."Where are they taking me...What the F*** is happening here...???"

"Diii....'Whats Going on...will some boody tell me...???' Where are you taking me...???" Riddhima asked Anjali she was Clad in her bridal attire, She had been married to armaan just few minutes before and she was brought to her house Mallik house.

"What....??? Are you mad riddhima...How can you ask that question...???"



"What...?? I am just asking where you are taking me...??? What wrong in asking that...??" Yeh log pagal hai kya...??? she thought.

"Riddhima its your first night... dear...We are taking you to Armaan's room..." Anjali told riddhima in teasing way...It was her "suhagraat..." oopsiee...LOLLOLWink

Riddhima looked horrified at them, Her eyes wide open in shock... as the realization struck her...They were taking her to his room...."O crap...??? What is happening...I wont go..." She growled horrified and looked at them both frantically.

"Dii....??? What are you saying....??? I dont want to go...?? He will eat me alive....!!!" Riddhima told them both looking at them with scared, frantic look on her face which instantly turned into pleading look as she observed them both grinning at her...!!!!

"Awww....So my sissy is scared...??? Huh...???"

Scared....??? F*** What scared...??? I am horrified...What will he do with me...??? Omggg....i didnt thought about this...omggg....this isn't done....No...He will eat me up...Ohhno....Heck even i will not be able to resist him...What is happening to me...Crap....I will not let him do anything...??

"Enjoy dear.....We will wake you up soon....DO take your time....!!!!"


Armaan entered the room, Helpless "What the f**k is happening here...???" why is she in my room....Why are they pushing me...We arent proper husband and wife....Its just ga...."  Armaan stopped dead in his track as his eyes caught look of riddhima sitting on the middle of bed in bridal attire....He just stared at her...."She is breathtaking....What will i do now...??? I hardly controled myself in front of all of them...When we were dancing...."She is looking like a princess today...My princess...." He frowned and then laughed sighing...."Armaan tu pagal ho raha hai....Tu uske nare mein soch raha hai....???"


Armaan sat close to Riddhima on the bed. He raised his hands to open her "Ghungat..." She was cald and sitting there like a new bride...!!!

Armaan gawked horrified at the sudden change of event he looking horrified at Riddhima....."What is she doing.....???"Wink

Riddhima glared at armaan turning him down holding a Knife in her hand...pocking it into his chest her hands on his chest, Her half body on his Well tonned one..."Dont.....Dont ever think of touching me...??? What did you though haan....???"Angry

"Mein ek Abbla nari hun....??? Kuch nahi bolungi.....??? "s she sighed dramatically pocking her knife still at him scaring him....she will kill him...!!!LOL

"What the F*** is she doing....???"



Do comment guyss...??? How is it....??? Haan....!!!

Many more is there.....!!!!!!

      Enjoy.....for the time with this....!!!!!

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reserved for pm list...edited one...!!!!
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congrats on the new threadClap.
4th thread OMG you truely rock. Thumbs Up
by the way i am the first one to wish u on this new threadLOL

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Hey Rohit Congrats on the new thread.. Well waiting for the update..
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YAY! congrat on the new thread yaar!!!Clap
You Turely deserve it!
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wow what a promo. this is one of the best promos.Big smileBig smile
ridhima scared armaan with a knife on their first nightROFL\
it wil be fun to read this. i hope u update soon

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