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**Incognito Critics** #22!!!!!!!! Note pg.1,pg.25

Ishan. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 November 2007
Posts: 28358

Posted: 03 April 2009 at 3:07am | IP Logged
Clap! 22nd CC !Clap

All of you can chat, criticise & praise any show/movie you want here.Smile Apart from that you can also discuss about dinner, breakfast, luch & whatever else you eat during the day (Poor Joke..I know LOL) Our main focus will still be DMG, although we know the focus keeps shifting, NO compulsion Big smile


~RULES~ (Should be followed under any circumstances)

~ NO discussions about topics made in other sections, neither in a positive way nor in a negative way.
~NO discussions about any other member
~NO bashing of the Mods/Dev. Team Members
~Respect each other and each other's views
~NO usage of abusive language.
~ We will have a COTW & a DOTW too ! Big smile

(COTW = Critic of the week, DOTW = Debate of the week)

[If anyone is found breaking the above rules, that member's name will be deleted off the Member's List immediately without a warning]

A new CC can be opened by any of the members of this CC Big smile

Link to the previous CC:

Anyone who wishes to be a member should PM me.


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Ishan. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 November 2007
Posts: 28358

Posted: 03 April 2009 at 3:08am | IP Logged


1) Huma ( totallyfabulous )

2) Soha ( roxthefox ) - 28th July

3) Neeta ( -Neetz- ) - 22nd June (India)

4) Sayeed (Stingray) (Bangladesh)


5) Aishah (Kashfanatic) - 4th May

6) Dhara ( Kash4eternity ) - 27th April


7) Saira ( KaranShilpa_fan ) - 1st August

8) Rema ( Rema_13 )

9) Noreen ( nowee10 ) - 10th October (U.S.A.)

10) Miloni ( chocogurl ) - 17th November (U.S.A.)


11) Neha ( Love_ya ) - 24th October

12) Ramsha ( ramsha247 )

13) Zainab ( zainab25 ) - 31st January

14) Simi ( -simi-) - 28th June

15) Chandni ( ) - 17th November


16) Jia ( soul_angel ) - 4th March

17) Noorin ( angeldmg16 ) - 16th December (India)

18) Ritu ( rvs04 )

19) Sonia (SuhaniSonia)

20) Richa (Richa1234)

21) Sonia (stellarwind)

22) Mehek ( Mehek22 )

23) Mahima ( cutie_mahima  )

24) Nema (Nema_dmg)

25) Riya ( RiyaK09 )


26) Ishan ( ishan.k ) - 12th September (India)


27) Tara ( tsfme )

28) Sidra ( ardis10 )

 29) Kanika ( missing Vmars )

30) Mitsy ( mits002 ) - 11th March (U.S.A.)

 31) Sonia (x.sonia.x) - 29th July (U.S.A - New York)


32) Parul ( MagicalKash )

 33) Lupin ( lupin01 )



                                                       34) Vaish  (Chocoretto)
                                                       35) Paromita (mysticwater24)

                                                       36) Swetha (bary)
37) Nimisha (Princess..)

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Ishan. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 November 2007
Posts: 28358

Posted: 03 April 2009 at 3:08am | IP Logged


Is The Indian Television Industry going the right way ?

Is a Kiss appropriate on Indian Television Industry ??

Women's potrayel in Hindi Serials ?

Viewers changed : How ? When ? Why ?

Why are Men potrayed to be stronger than women in Hindi Serials ?




Huma aka totallyfabulous

Simi aka -simi-


Zainab aka zainab25

Sayeed aka Stingray


Riya aka Riyak09





Come on in and confess away!
You know you want to.

Every night, members of the IC CC will indulge themselves in dangerous confessions (keeping the rules in mind, of course)! Seen a ghost? Were you the one that caused recession? Do you have a dostana with another member of this CC? Let's hear it!

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Ishan. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 November 2007
Posts: 28358

Posted: 03 April 2009 at 3:09am | IP Logged

If you haven't already done so, please:

 Fill out the Slambook

Check out Riya and Roxy's Fashion parade:

Link to the 10th CC -

Jingle all the way! (9th CC craziness + official jingle for the CC!
Thoray say alag hain thoray khiske say hain hum
jee chahe jo bhi critique karatay hain hum
praise karaen ya thumbs down daen
acche yaa buray jo bhi hain aisay hi hain hum
rok sako to rok lo, rok sako to rok lo
rok sako to rok loooooo

upar wala jab bananay baitha tha humaen
shaid zayada humor bhar diya aur cynicism bhi diya humaen
dil banaya bara sa bhar di craziness
bola jao criticize karo saari nonsense

Thore say alag hain thoray khiske say hain hum
jee chahe jo bhi critique karatay hain hum
praise karaen ya thumbs down daen
acche yaa buray jo bhi hain aisay hi hain hum
rok sako to rok lo, rok sako to rok lo
rok sako to rok loooooo

hum say zayda kyun is CC ki dosron ko fikr
reporting pming sab karaye lekin bay asar
freedom humari jaib mein hai dikhla do inhaen
hum saray members hain united batla do inhaen

Thore say alag hain thoray khiske say hain hum
jee chahe jo bhi critique karatay hain hum
praise karaen ya thumbs down daen
acche yaa buray jo bhi hain aisay hi hain hum
rok sako to rok lo, rok sako to rok lo
rok sako to rok loooooo

20th CC and messages from the critics:

Messages from our Critics ! Big smile

Sonia ( x.sonia.x )

blah blah blah. we r so good at blahing away at all hours of the day nd nite. never a dull moment on IF as long as all the members of IC r around. we hav been thru so many ups nd downs in the past 3 months but hav stuck together strong nd wit an even larger posse than b4. i luv bein here nd learnin new things about every1 everyday. i would never hav thought i would meet such good nd decent ppl online. i just wish i wasnt so addicted.

i would like to dedicate this toast to 20+ more threads of IC. let us continue to be strong nd honest until some1 literally bans us or kicks us off IF. Big smile   cheers.

with luv,


Lupin ( lupin01 )

currently i joined the CC but its the best CC ever:
"If you want a place in the sun, you'll have to leave the shade of this CC cuz each of us has different talents, different dreams and different destinations, yet we all have the power to make a new tomorrow because no one here ordinary we all r extraordinary "

Love ya


Parul ( MagicalKaSh )

Well I joined this club when it was on its 13th thread .Neeta pmed me and thats how I even came to know about this awesome section and from then on it has been my second home.The way this place helps me put all my anxiety at bay and have a gala time is unbelievable! The way we giggle,the way we fight,the way we tease is all unique and are some unforgettable moments.I am not very good in expressing emotion but I just want to say one thing  I love all of you and you are my family!Smile

Jia ( soul_angel )
I Truly believe our CC is the most R-O-C-K-I-N-G place on IF With some of the most Bindaas people Around..I mean we can say anything whatever we want to say about any thing whether one person dosent like it no problemo cause nobody minds here nobody takes it on thier heart if we r saying anything about thier favourites..Which only happens in our CC..
I have had the most wonderful time in this CC..Being here is soooo Much F-U-N i met lots of people here which i totally Adore now and i m thankful to this CC for that i m glad i met these people i m gonna say something to everyone which i met in this CC..
Roxy...I love her band bajaoing Attitude that she have this foxy totally Roxy..Thumbs Up i love her straight foward attitude but at the same time she is really a nice person...Embarrassed
Chanduuuu...She is sooooo sweeet..She is my Karate partner Wink N we can Kick butts together Wink..This girl can hardly be rude to anyone..She is our Chweeet Critic..She Criticize Magar Pyaar se..LOL I totally Adore her i m sooo glad i met her cause i love her..Heart
Zeebooo...Our Bindaas babes Approvei love her because of her Aisi tasi Attitude..She is a role model to me in the sense how can we Take one situation which is totally against us n make it work in our favor she knows how to zip peoples mouth Thumbs Upn evertime she posts i feel like giving a high five to her..Even my sis says she is one rocking babes..I totally loooooove this person..Embarrassed
Simi...Ahhhhh U wanna Laugh meet this person people  ApproveMakes this CC alive everytime she comes..She dosent knows it cause i havent told her yet that even when i m sad her posts can make me cheer up everytime..At the same time when she is funny she is totally a hooney at the same time..i love u for the way u are..ApproveThumbs Up
Riyo...I love the name she gaved to me Jizzers one of my fav names i have ever got..On the first day when we met i was like  totally i hate Suku n all knwing that she is a suku fan but she was sooo coool wid it i fell in love wid her at that moment..She is the spice girl of this CC Winkshe tells us all the gossips widout a spice our CC can never be complete..So ya i love her too..Approve
Huma..The fashion parade girl...She is also one of our very bindaas babes n she is wayy to cooool..She knows how to make her point very well..I laos love this person for her band bajaoing attitude she is really Rocking as well..And after saying that i will say she is a totall sweetheart at the sametime..ApproveHeart
Sayeed..We both love paranormal stuff we can go on n on about the Ghosts ..We both love Aloos LOL...And we can eat all the food present around Fo Sho..Approve He is really a Cooooool n Caring GuyCool
Sonia...I would really love to call her Soniyo..I havent interacted wid her much but Whatevr i know about her is taht she is totally a darling and a sweetheart..I dont know why this girl loves to be sickLOL i hope that u never ever become ill again..  She is a RM fan Like me..She is really an extremely Sweet person..Embarrassed
Richa...I felt an instant connection wid her Just in her first meeting....She is such a sweeetheart..A real Honey Pie..She loves Twilight n edward like me..And she tried to stop everyone from  commenting anything negative about them which i found sooooo Chweeeet....
Neha..I just came to know her yesterday even though she is really yooung she is totally funny n she is an extremely intelligent kid..And she is a Shona..Embarrassed
Sonia(the stella one)I really dont know her much but i really find her witty n funny...And i think she is reallly a good freind n a friendly person..Embarrassed
Rest of u who is the member of this CC n i havent named means that i knowed u before coming to this CC n u already know how much i love u like Liz,Dharu,Miloni,Mahi,Sairo,Lupu,Nori,Norr n offcourse TD n everyone else..

Wid everyone of u all my experience was just Wonderfull ill cheerish it forever..Love all of u n Liz i love u 10000000 times more for creating this CC..MuaaahhhHugCant thank u enough..
My experience in this CC is memorable n is locked n my memories forever..
Jia Heart


Sayeed ( stingray )

Some famous dude said, "A Journey is best measured in friends rather than miles." Here at ICCC, We've made new friends, and we've traveled many miles together. So, let's carry on and keep on rocking  Thumbs Up


Huma ( totallyfabulous )

I have enjoyed this CC so much that I cant even explain.  I have made many friends which I would've never known if it wasn't for this CC.  I love everyone here from our Masoom critics to our NOT SO Masoom critics.  I have been part of this CC since its very first edition and I enjoy so many things here:  COTW (grilling the COTW is so much fun),  doing ridiculous poetry and songs for this CC had my stomach hurting,  criticizing each and every show/movie/actor that we come across is our speciality (and I must add we are all very generous), and last but not the least speaking in shorthand is so much fun cuz  v lub 2 mke fun of our fraaands.  Thanx to everyone for keeping this CC and its maddness alive.  HeartHug




Miloni ( chocogurl )

This CC is one of the BESTTT places on IF!!! Every single member in this CC absolutely ROCKS!!! Everyone here is soo chilled and relaxed, and I truly love that!! I lovee how it's such a madhouse at times like we are making songs for this CC, and sometimes we are all so relaxed and are talking about movies and different shows!! Seriously now I can't think of IF without this WONDERFUL CC! I lovee being here!!! I have made some veryy nice friends in this CC!! It's just sooo amazing how fast we have gotten from the 1st CC to the 20th CC in such a short time span, to be precise we started our 1st CC on Feb 13, 2009 and we started our 20th CC on March 30, 2009, thats just WOW and AMAZING!! I hope we reach our 100th CC veryy soon!! Love this CC and all members in this CC are just amazing people!! A big jhappi to everyoneHug

Chandni ( )

yayyy! 20!!!!! congratulations to everyone for rambling so well and plentyTongue This CC has definitly come a long way, and we;ve had some great times here, whether it be staying up half the nite watching the oscars and yellling about the results, or singing songs til morning. ive made so many friends here and i love you guys sooooo muchSmileSmile here's to everyones favorite section on IF....and i mean EVERYONEBig smileLOLWink
Dhara ( Kash4eternity )
This CC means a lot to me I enjoyed each & every bit of here in this CC I made soo many friends here and they are so special to me now. you guys are best Special Mention:

~ Love our Masoom Critics Mahi, Neha, & Rimizie they are innocent but watch out they will prove you they can be inocent but yet teekhi mirchis so they ain't that innocent lolLOLLOL but i love them and adore them.Embarrassed

~Besites i knew already: Neetz, Chandz, Mils, Norr sis, Noori, Jia, TD, Rimzie, Mahi, Neha, Aishu, Saira you guys are my lovely Kashinas and Shonas rehna tu hain jaisa tu thoda sa dard tu thoda sukun love you muwahhsHeart very thankful that you guys have been always there for me and supported me no matter whatever situation was.Embarrassed

~Riyo, Zainu, Sims, Huma, Roxy, Sayeed, Ishan , Two Sonia lol both RM fan , Richa although i didn't meet you first and never interacted that much but now i have and you are totally surprise packages and make us laugh a lot and very Smart and Wity love you all glad i found you guys.Hug

Sorry If i have missed anyone all of you mean to me a lot thanks you neetz for this CC. this calls for celebration cheersPartyCool

Neha ( Love_ya )
Congo to all members and I hope that we soon will be celebrating our 100 th CC


Ishan (ishan.k)

Hey Guys congrats on the 20th CC !!!
I just dont believe that we are progressing so soon !!!
We had started this sweet journey just a few days back and now its the best place on IF for me.
All the members of this I CCC just rock. They are great critics, have a great sense of Humour and are a bit mad too LOL.
Cheerz guys for completing 20 successful CC's and I hope that we reach the 100th CC soon

Sonia (SuhaniSonia)

Hey guys!! I haven't been on IF all that long and I joined for RM and DMG in October last year. I made so many friends and then got myself into some trouble and lost a few along the way. But in the process of losing the few, I found you guys and haven't turned to look back since. This CC may be invite only but it is the most open and comfortable place on IF. You can totally be yourself and share anything from your daily life experiences to any entertainment piece. There is always someone here that you can relate to and someone who can relate to you. I have had some real rough times recently and I would like to thank everyone here for their love and support. I am sorry I am not here as often as I would like to be but I hope to return soon and at full force. I would especially like to thank Neeta for making this CC and getting everyone together. Love everyone here with all my heart!! Hug  And miss everyone so much!!



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Ishan. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 November 2007
Posts: 28358

Posted: 03 April 2009 at 3:17am | IP Logged

~ Incognito Critics Siggies Corner~


Siggy for members of Incognito Critics:



A Siggy for the sparse population of male species on 'Incognito Critics', This is also a way of encouragement to boys to Join this CC Big smile

[Credit -- Sayeed]

[All Boys - It is mandatory to use this siggy while you are a part of this CC]


Siggy for the 'Masoon' Critics, namely Neha & Mahima ! This has been made specially for our 'Nanhe-Munhe' Critics ! LOL


[Credit to Sayeed for making this siggy]

A Great Siggy made by Ishan !


Our applausable criticism even inspired Sayeed (Stingray) to make two very thoughtful siggies!

Here are the two wonderful siggies


(inspired from Januable)


(inspired from Sauce waala laal) Wink

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Ishan. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 12 November 2007
Posts: 28358

Posted: 03 April 2009 at 3:37am | IP Logged

Originally posted by totallyfabulous

Hi to everyone who is here. 

NOTE: Everyone Plz Read
I have an idea and I want all of you to work on it.  I think we should have Incognito Critics Awards and for that FIRST I want all CC members to come up with interesting award titles.  you can post ur ideas here but you MUST pm any ideas that u come up with.  Once we are done with compiling the titles of the awards, I will list them on the first page of our CC and then you can PM me your votes. 

So guys if you have any ideas about different award categories then
    them to Huma Smile

Edited by ishan.k - 03 April 2009 at 3:52am
-simi- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 January 2007
Posts: 14315

Posted: 03 April 2009 at 11:48am | IP Logged
hello? congo on 22nd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
x.sonia.x IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 August 2008
Posts: 14836

Posted: 03 April 2009 at 11:49am | IP Logged
whoop whoop 22

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