Tamil Section Celebrates 2nd Anniversary!!!

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Our One and Only Tamil IF Forum will be completing its 2nd Anniversary on  April 5th...!

Our anniversary is an occassion to look back at the good times and also to look ahead to live our dreams together...! we will be celebrating the success of our forum by going "down the memory lane".




Memories'. Memories'.!
Pictures frozen in time
the Smiles, the Glitter, the Flashes
Reminding the path we have trodden...!
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Yes, it all started in 2006. I was a silent onlooker, gazing through the beautiful updates by the inimitable Kasam Se. Then I stumbled across the Tamil Section in IF. There was no turning back'..!!!

 Updating the new Bandham and Surya serials in 2006 was the start. I was amazed by the encouraging posts I received inspiring me to write more. How can I forget aanaa, caryn, dasa1, fluidd, giriadimai,  jeni, jigglypuff726, madhumitha, meli , patraj, rimasen, rojapoo, rooparanganath, Seetharamanath, serial123, suenair,Suram, Uma Shanmugam, usha pooja', Sri, Kavitha, Kasturi, spain, bluegal, neelambari, ziyana,  etc (sorry If I forgot any namesEmbarrassed'

 More and more threads were opened by members. It was too crowded all in one section. We never had a moderator for our section. Simi_1 was a cool Viewbie and was managing our section well. I always approached the GM Sangeeta for any help. She would happily hear my request and do the needful too without any hesitations.

 Sangeeta one day asked me whether I was willing to be a moderator'.? I replied "Yes" loud and clear. From then onwards'.I spent hours and hours communicating with some admin people asking for a separate channel for us. Sree was the main person who played a major role in getting this Tamil Section for us. Endless Pms, emails, msn chats and telephone calls between me and Sree, and finally on the 5th of April 2007 we moved to this new home'and members told.." from a hut to a mansion and we can easily get lost here"

 Within a short time  many dedicated updaters like netra_rama, bluegal, eljay, spain,swash2, kams123, chellamma and many others came forward( too many to name). I would like to thank all the past and present updaters for their time and dedication in maintaining the threads of all the serials with their prompt updates.

 I remember the day when we tried the uploading of "Sun TV" logo on the website ' and creation of separate threads for each of the Tamil serials. Dasa1 rendered me a helping hand in shaping up all the sections. We both had endless discussions regarding the new section. Our incessant interaction with Sree, Vijay, Sangeeta and others have led to the immense growth of the Tamil section and its exposure among viewers. One member had made the banner and few others organized memorable online functions/parties. Our crazy creator Rojapoooo started opening threads after thread writing comedy Kalakkals along with Giriadimai, patraj and me. Kavita ravi started the recipe thread which became so popular.

 Like the mountain stream, though it started small, it started gathering momentum by way of recognition of the portal from the Tamil audience- people started taking keen interest- we started getting new members every week. 

 From being part of the bigger portal, we branched off into a separate channel itself. In order to meet the administrative needs we have introduced our first set of Viewbies dasa1, patraj and meli. Later on our team grew with added viewbies, giriadimai and bluegal and cool viewbie rojapoooo, the latest addition being netra_rama, mathiazhagi, khadambari and jasunap. I am very happy to work with my team members who are very supportive and I take this opportunity to thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

 Some members gave birth ,and some got married

we celebrated those events.

An active member (Vinu) died and we all were there

consoling each other and the family of departed one.

Netra had organized the first IF meet for Malaysian IFians'

which was praised so much here.

 At times we DT members had to handle some trouble makers in our sections
and we got upset sometime with others out of frustration nevertheless we love and understand each other. Uultimately IF has become a second home for most of us''

I had an opportunity to interview the popular stars of Bandham, Deepak and Preethi Srinivasan which were broadcast on our Retero Radio and they are still available in the archives of podcast. Due to our reach and the improving audience rating of Bandham, we saw the joining of stellar members from the TV serial Industry such as Deepak, Kabilan, Preethi,  Guru Baran, Sakshi Siva & Sathish and others who on occasions participated in our online chat and discussions. 

 We have come a long way-while remembering that this is our favourite baby

(you keep on feeding at all hours and get only a smile in return, right?) we promise to keep working while being proud of the fact that we are a force to reckon with for the Tamil TV serial producers.

 Soon our section will have an additional moderator "meli" and two viewbies (nithyamkv  & smlaksh). Advance congratulations to all of them.

 Meli's contribution to our section deserves a special mention. From day 1, meli is seen to be a hard and dedicated member with "cool" poise devoid of any emotional outburst or getting upset while resolving issues in our sections. Such hard work is always appreciated, and is needed for the growth of this channel and I am sure that Meli feels immense satisfaction too. I am sure that you all will show the same support to meli too.

 Another person deserving a special mention is the inimitable T Bhaskar who was/is our "Good Samaritan" -always there for us in difficult times. He spent his precious time discussing with some of the members to solve some issues.

 Finally, my sincere and heartfelt thanks to Vijay, Sree, Sangeeta, Jayshree, Indra, Priya Nair, Minnie, and other DT members of IF.

 Buddies, I thank you, for your support, warmth and appreciation. It wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you.

 God Bless India-Forums and all of us.


 Hi friends,

First of all, I would like to wish you all a very happy second anniversary.

 It seems just yesterday that this section started and today its two years old. Time really flies doesn't it??

 Tamil is one language that I cant speak or even comprehend. Even though the topics for discussion here are foreign to me, the members discussing them are not! This very Tamil section has gifted me some great friends, who have always stood by me and have gifted me some very memorable moments. The love and friendliness that I have received from you all, I will always cherish. Lets hope that this bond of friendship always stays strong.

 oday, I would like to thank you all for being such wonderful people. Its members like you who have made the section bright with your valued contributions.Wish you all many more anniversaries and may you continue to have a wonderful time at the Tamil section and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Good Luck and God Bless!!!


I came 2 know abt IF thru my friend,i logged into watch hindi reality shows & updates.......................after one year i guess,i slowly entered into Tamil Section 2 read KKK updates in Non-Sun Tv section & i was warmly welcomed by nallu who is now a very gud friend of mine...............i also came 2 know aish,bg,anju,anu,janak,lilymay & many other ppl.............later i ventured in2 Kollywood Masala & Fun Topics Sections............i got 2 know many more
ppl..........the list is very long............Jas,Nezu,Caryn,Karthi,Roja akka,Sue Chechi,Eljaymaa,Atinamaa,Meli,Nishi,Ditty,jenim,Shri,Paiyya,Prabhu,Hosanna,Giri,rathy,malligai,vani19,vani acca,bharatk & so on.............Ditty & Meli made me become IF's Vadivelu thru SOTW & Jas & Nezu grilled me badly in MOTWCryCryCry which i will never forget in my life.............though i got 2 know many ppl & ppl got 2 know abt me,ennai thurathi thurathi kelvi kettu corner pannanga adhilum indha netra avalukku presava vali varum varai ennai grill pannadhu dhaan innum mosamOuch
Recipe Section in Others Topic is one of my favourite place in Tamil Section wherein Kavitha,Supree,Dp & many IFians contributed wonderful & delicious recipes with Photos of the dishes.........Slowly IF Tamil Section has become a second family & a gr8 addiction 2 me.
I like all the fanfictions & fictions done by giri,nallu,netra & others,.................Infact i got inspired by some of the writers here & dare 2 write one.
I Feel IF's Tamil Section is a gr8 place & I wholeheartedly thank the IF'S ADMIN PPL for creating Tamil Section & allowing us 2 interact in the language we use...........I wish & hope this place will remain Joyful & Memorable 2 all of us.
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A great and awasome place to be. Started my sweet journey here on 31.07.2007. Desperately looking for Bandham updates, land up here Embarrassed. Got to know 2 lovely updaters, the moderator Atina and Viewbie Bluegal. Encourage by them, i started exploring, walking into all sections. Very much was impressed and shock to see detailed updates on every serial that airs on SunTv ShockedShocked. Here i meet another beautiful soul, meli. Stays up late nights Angry and makes me chase her to bed. Sweet angel, very friendly and welcomed me in every sections. Started helping out on updates, my very first offer was on magal Embarrassed and then for bandham,  Time went by and i was on MOTW Angry got to know more lovely members, one who till now bullies me Cry and makes me laugh a lot early mornings LOLLOL Caryn. Through her, got to know another sweet cute Karthi. Walked into Fun Topic and noticed mad RP there LOL with her monday's CK's which i look forward every week LOL Started spamming around IF LOLLOL gain more friends, nallu, ambi, jas, vani The fun time of me and jas urutheraning ambi's mandai ROFL in arathai munnai, the sweet memory of me and nallu sitting online and doing CK's Embarrassed. All of sudden we had problem watching video for bandham at and thats when i got a lovely brother Embarrassed prabu who pratically urutheran and vambalakuran me every day Cry even now.

Walked into Kasturi home, and was welcomed warmly by patraj Embarrassed another lovely viewbie, Hosanna, Shocked loyal fan of vaathu LOL, Sue Nair, the one n only IF chechi LOL. Had so much of fun and laughter and then came another member Eljay, oh sweet dear Eljay Embarrassed with her witty remarks on the characters LOL. Noticed another sections at Kasturi's tread Shocked TMS... umm Ermm  thought for few days and just sneek in for a preview LOL shock to see only 4 members there... shiva, vani, isaitamil and giriadimai LOL Giri did all she could to make me participate in TMS LOL But i guess the paachai maatai was the sole reason of me particpating there, found a beautiful lovely sister there Embarrassed

Days went on with so much of fun in IF, live is wonderful being here. Meeting everyone here, saying hi and hello's, receiving and replying pm's LOLLOL On April 2008, was offered the post of Viewbie. Happy  Big smile and continued contributing to IF and having so much of fun laughter. All sudden one day decided, why only pm's and phone calls? Lets meet up Shocked Yes, The first and Only IF Meet, on 18.10.2008, Caryn, Karthi, Sue, Hosanna, Vani, Roja and me Embarrassed The first time met was mindblowing and so much fun laughter. Did not end there as it continued more with lunch, dinner, clubbing LOLLOL

Not noticing its been almost 2 years ive been here Shocked and gain so many nick names, naradar, sodapal rani, spammer LOL but the most important thing is the relations ive gained here, sister, brother, friends Embarrassed And as days moves, meet more new friends, aisha, anjali, sangs, savi, sri, brinny, supree, kumar, gurubaran, jagdu, neelambari, nithiya, maha, eclat, nishi, ditty, Nitty and many more Hug

IF has thought me many things ... ive learn lot of things. Being humble, forgiving, kind to others,  light hearted. giving out without expecting nothing in return, independent, responsible, caring .. and the list goes on Embarrassed

I've gain the most valuable relation, a lovely wonderful relation that i had desire since small, the relation that i found here, that person had thought me many things, indeed has became part of my life and family now Embarrassed and stands by me always Embarrassed.  Lost one wonderful listener, vinu Cry who patienly listens to my polambals, and still waiting for one lovely friend Preeth_r, who promised to return back Cry and im still waiting. My very first buddy in IF.

Thank you for your patience,
Thank you for your love
Thank you for taking this walk with me.
I may not be able to tell you anymore
Because the words I want to say
Just won't come out.
But always know that I love every moment being here

and every memories with each of you,
Of this you should have no doubt.
Roja closes her eyes.....relaxes....and goes down
the memory did Roja end up in IF???
A long story actually ...... Sun TV had not entered
Malaysia then.....Metti Oli was a hot mega serial...
First serial to be copied in VCDs.... Roja got hooked
(well she did not know that all megas are drags..then)
The VCD s were delayed and she was looking for a site
where she can get latest updates.....  she ended up
in an Yahoo group fact it should be groups...because
they had separate groups  for every serial !!!! Well, yahoo
was going good and the initial enthusiasm in the mega
serials started dwindling..... Roja along with a few others
started writing a sequel to Metti Oli which was aptly
named as Mutti Vali by a co - sufferer. There is a saying
in Tamil - "Puli vaal pidicha Nair " - well it is actually
a story about a Keralite Nair who bravely caught hold of
the tail of a tiger and could not leave it as he was worried about
the tiger turning around and having him for breakfast/lunch /dinner.
So, Roja was like that Nair - continued with that mega but
found solace in making fun of the whole thing.

Yahoo was getting a bit too crowded and demanding. Two of Roja's
friends suggested moving to IF - Roja thanks Meetioli123 and
Ramesh at this point for bringing her to IF -and so history
was made...yesssss mad Roja entered IF with a bang....

Roja was happy to see fellow sufferers and drowned herself
in the ocean of serials. To keep her sanity
in tact, she started writing CKs. She punished, cajoled,
vented out frustrations, fumed at the way women were made
fools/martyrs/emotional idiots - did every thing that could not be
done in real life - and her Cks helped the co-sufferers
to ease a bit.

Atina and Roja go a long way - they were called as"sambar sadham
panna theriyatha aunties" and so learnt to make that witha  vengeance.
Roja thanks that member - forgot the name ...Rojaaa u are heading
towards Alzheimers .... - After fooling around a bit and becoming
experts in Tanglish, Atina achieved some thing - managed to get
an exclusive Tamil section. The madness caught on like wild
fire and the clan increased by leaps and bounds.

The mega serials became sillier by the day and Roja's ammunition
cupboard started brimming with weapons. Roja kept an eye on that
just so she can use any of them on herself or on the serial
world folks. Atina kept an eye on that just to prevent Roja
from any such act - even appointed a marshal who got thrown away
by Roja later !!

Atina did another brilliant thing - Roja as a normal member was a
force to reckon and so Atina decided to saddle the horse - made
Roja a viewbie - " IF COC ellam theriyum illiya?? Ozhunga irukkanum,
ok??" Roja gritted her teeth and obeyed. Till date she has no clue
as to why she plays boom boom maadu to Atina's music...however,
she became a viewbie but her attack on serials and their silly
portrayals continued in the form of CKs.

Originally she was just Rojapoo - only 2 Os - one fine day, she
lost her original ID
( she is trying to find out the culprit.
Guess someone who was mad at her .....possibly from the serial
world??? - Roja will see one hand when that culprit is caught..
Atina, do u hear??? )
She panicked...rolled on the lounge floor
... did all the drama.... but never got around to getting it.
Well, Roja being Roja decided to take revenge - added 2 more
Os and became Rojapoooo - any one who says in for

Once Aanandam got over Roja had had enough. The serials indulge
in demeaning women and kids, abuse children big time and do
all undesirable acts - far far away from reality.
She wanted to retire and said her bye byes to all who cared to
listen. She lived in la la land for almost 10 days and suddenly,
just out of habit went in to the VB section. She was shocked to see that
all had become totally sane and objective !!! Roja can not stand
sanity in any form..she needed a mad crowd around her ... always
wants to make people run in circles .... serenity?? peace??
oh No..never. well she decided to get back ...Atina was happy..
"habba maddie is all will
attack her, my back is

Well madness  is it or notEmbarrassed

 Best wishes from Bhandham team to India-Forums on their 2nd anniversary.
This was possible only because of the hard working members, hats off to
all the members.
The comments posted in this forum are really extraordinary and help the producer, director, writer and the whole team to
rectify their errors.
In the coming years I wish many more will join  and make
this forum a more remarkable one.
Good luck and Best wishes!


Congratulations on your second anniversary of the IF-Tamil section.

 I landed here in IF because of my interaction with Atina. When I became a member, I was a bachelor, then married and this June I am going to be a father*. Not only had I grown up along with IF in the last two years, but also so much progress has happened in both lives. I am starting my own production unit and shortly you will be all seeing serials made by us. I will keep you informed of the progress.

 I take this opportunity to thank you Atina since I am able to see and feel myself the appreciation among my fans. Thanks for your continuous support.

 I was thrilled to give interview in 2007 to Atina who is liked by the whole Bandham team ' Apart from Atina, I had a chance to meet Bluegal in Singapore when I visited Singapore. Thanks to all the updaters like atina, dasa1, spain, bluegal and other new updaters.

 Once again I congratulate Atina for your promotion as Channel moderator and to IF for celebrating the Second Anniversary.

  I and my wife Shivaranjani request you all to pray for the safe delivery of our baby. Pl suggest if possible, some good Sanskrit names (both for boy and girl).



            I of course remember you atina and all the postings you made in india-forum.I am waiting for my story to start in kalyanam before i start posting messages again in india-forum.
my IF id is deepak_dinesh.congratulations on the splendid work you and the rest of the team have done in IF.keep up the good work and i will write again regularly.


Its an accident I found IF.  When I was in training two years back  I had some time and  was just surfing for serial forums. Unbelievable I have landed in IF.

I did receive very warm welcome by the co members/ colleagues. 
IF has covering mostly all serials up to date and adding relevant pictures to make it very attractive.  For the last 2 years IF has become almost  full of resources for any serials data base of our community.

The present moderator Atina has did her job in short time to make the IF more functional and professional.
Atina did arrange not only  interviews with serial actress/actors  but made them to join the team.   She is very dedicative and enthusiastic.
Atina  will continue to do everything possible to maintain the IF beome number #1 in the serial fields

Best of everything to you as you expand your services in the years ahead




Memories down the lane
I joined IF in year 2007.  I was looking for Selvi updates and I landed in two websites one of which IF.  I joined both the websites and was marking down the pros and cons of both websites.
Finally IF won my interests for various reasons, and I gave up the other website and stuck with IF for last 2 years.
When I joined, Simi_1 was the Cool Viewbie (or was she a moderator).  Anyway, whatever she was, she gave me a warm welcome.  Then later, I met up with Pat, Dasa, Loka, Meli, Atina, Serial123, Roja, Sue, Jasunap, Kavitha and others.  These are some of the people I met initially
Then there was Sri and not knowing he is a young chap, I sort of bullied him.  (sorry again Sri).  Sri was very active that his post ran up to 7000 points in matter of few months. Amazing.    He had his own shop of 'Avatar' and signatures.  Once he started attaching all this in his posts, then everyone started to do it.  He left for a while and then came back coz he missed us as much as we missed him.  He came back twice and matter of months, his posts ran higher than anyone of us.
Giri and Kams123 joined IF at the same time and they gave a big Blast in Anandham. After they joined the Forum was more lively and more participation in all the threads.  They were full of laughter and real wicked. Seriayana Galatta.    I remember all these, coz they are also one of the reason, I gave up the other site.  Hahahaha''' Forum was boring initially and there was not much of discussion and usually just the basics only.  Credit should go to them for the thread came alive.  Then time for Kams to leave.  She could not participate because she started to work and now the latest we heard, she is married and settled in US.  Even though Kams123 has left, it did not stop Giri from giving us her galatta and this was joined by Roja who made everyone laugh with giddiness.  I know I really did!!! 
Then there was Bonheur, Jiggs, Chellamah, Ditty, Bluegal, Kutty Simbha,  Supree, Tamilselvi, Usha, Shalinikanth, Netra, Ambi, Fluidd, Vinu, Nallu, Madhu, Jagdu, Vsur, Aralyn,  Eljay, Hosanna,  and many more. (If I have left some names off, it was not intentional.  Sorry. )  Few of these people have become my very good friends.  We PM each other from time to time.  Some came and went.  Some stayed on. Some come occasionally because of their commitment.  Some did not like it, and some did. Some got banned and some got warning.
We had good moments and we had bad moments.  Some got nicknamed (remember this gals'. Sambarsatham maami)  and some left in huff.  Some stated this is home away from home.  I cannot speak for others, but for me, I had good time here, frustration time, bad time, loss time etc.  But weighing between good and bad, the good times were more than the bad.  It is a life experience.  Be it in internet or life itself.
 Announcement were made in the Forum.  Some of the good news were,   Rhodes gave birth to baby boy, Netra's giving birth to Kaesh, Kams got married, Fluidd got married, promotion of some to Viewbies and Coolbies.   Some of the bad news were demise of Vinuthsari.  Poor Vinu, she is one bubbly and jovial person who made us laugh with her logic. Kavitha's mum passing away.  This resulted in Kavitha leaving IF for good due to personal reasons.  Kavitha's recipes were simply best.  We, not only celebrated our birthdays here, but celebrated our buddies' children's birthday here, like Pat's and Supree's.  We also came to know about these children's talents, like Supree's daughter in baking.  

I even managed to convince my sister to join this forum instead of other forum.  Nobody knew we were sisters.  Infact we did not know each other's ID.  Until one day Meli found out. Hahahaha''. Then we found out PMs are going around to others to be careful of us.  Hahahaha''. That was a good one.  We are nice people you know.  Until you cross us.  Ask anybody who knows us.  We are force to reckon with.  

The best of all I saw, the changes that happened in IF.  How much Tamil Section has improved.   Tamil Section has more space, there were changes to the format, things became more structured, we could access IF with a greater speed.  When I joined, it is about serial only.  Later, it extended to Fun Topics, Other Topics and Kollywood Masala.  Under these topics, we exchanged ideas like recipe, general knowledge, jokes, Kalakkals, Avatar shops, MOTW, SOTW, about Kollywood, movies, interviews with Chinna Tirai etc. etc. We are even having crew members from serials joining us like Satish, Preethi, Gurubaran and others.   I could go on and on.    
All the changes and achievements were made possible by one person only and that the credit should go to none other than to our Channel Moderator Atina.  I know some Viewbies had a helping hand but I know for sure, she had worked hard day and night until early hours of morning to achieve where Tamil Section is today.  Thanks Atina.
Special mention to Vijay and T. Baskhar for giving space and freedom to Tamil Section.
Congratulations and Happy 2nd Birthday to India Forum.  May you grow to better heights.


 It took me a year to discover the tamil section in I-F. I joined I-F in May 2006(under a different username). I was soo much into the Zee TV serial Kasamh se, and to be honest, I hadn't watched a single Tamil movie until then. . I hardly knew anything about Tamil cinema around the time. That was around the time , lol, Surya and Jyotika got married, and I was suddenly drawn to them. As soon as I was done with my 10th standard exams, I set out to watch more Tamil movies, and by the end of my 3 month long vacation, I had watched a hell lot of Tamil movies, sometimes giving even my fav Mal movies a miss.  I began sesrching all search engines for more info abt them, and by June, I think I came across the Kollywood discussion thread in Other Topics. My first post was abt Surya, I think. And Leena was my first Tamil friend.EmbarrassedI dunno where she disappeared to, but am missing her!!!!!Confused

 Until then, I-F was just a place for me to share my craze for my fav shows. I wasn't personal friend of any member.That is how I've always been, see. Am not somebody who dies for friendship, I like it best when I'm in the company of myself. But the Tamil section gave me sooo many. First Leena, then meli, then Serial 123. It was around the time that I realized that the section wasn't a very active one, nd I set forward to make things better. I opened the MOTW thread, making Leena the first MOTW. That pissed off a few, I know because Leena had been MOTW before!!! Caryn, do you remember?LOL Soon, she became my friend.

 And then when I was made MOTW, I think that was when I got to meet Sue chechi and Hosanna. Such lovely ladies!!! Hosana posed some real tough Qs, and she even shared it with her students. AngryLOL

 Kabee was the next one'I wanted many siggies, and that was when I came around the Siggy shop, and WOW, Kabee did SUCH grt jobs with the siggies. And she became a CLOSE friend. Where are you, dear??? No replies to the PM!!!Cry

 And then, after some time, the SOTW came around, and If I remember right, it was meli's brainwave. I loved the idea, and errr'I don't remember who the first SOTW was, but tht got me to know more members better. I remember how, after Karthika was made SOTW, Caryn once forgot to log off and Karthika made a post in her name and sent me a PM regarding it and I asked her 'but WHO is your sister???' LOL!!!!Seriosuly, I had no idea until then, sorry!!! And soon, Karthi was in my friend's list.Tongue

 I remember Jasunap used to send me PMs regarding her choices of SOTW, and once she asked me to make Ambi to next one and I asked her 'who???' and she said 'Ambi, Kadhambari..she's a new entrant''and soon Ambi became a close friend. Embarrassed

 Did Netra come in b4 or after that?? Before, yeah. Lol, this non-stop talker caught my attention with her first post I saw. And she was soo caring all the time. A real gem!!!TongueTongue

 I seriously love reading the chat thread. I've never been much of a 'talker', though, a speaker I am., so would rather stay out of it, or else you'll get to know how boring I am. But he way you guys interact with each other amazes me!!!ClapClap

And then meli opened a birthday thread for me without fail'seriously I had never expected that. And it was just soo sweet of you all to wish me!!I normally forget birthdays(tsk tsk!Meli's knows very well about that!), so I knew I didn't deserve all the good wishes, but was really touched with all the wishes!TongueEmbarrassed

 We celebrate birthdays , we celebrate each other's achievements, I think ours is the only section which does all that. The rest of them are all matter-centric. That makes us special, I guess. I hope to take forward out friendship, for years to comeTongueSmileSmile'with all probability, U'll all get personal invitations for my marriageLOL(Caryn, I changed my mind!!)

   God made the world with a heart full of love,
Then He looked down from Heaven above,

And saw that we all need a helping hand,
Someone to share with, who'll understand.

He made special people to see us through
The glad times and the sad times, too;

A person on whom we can always depend,
Someone we can call a friend.

God made friends so we'll carry a part
Of His perfect love in all our hearts.


I stumbled upon IF when i wanted to know about Naga's serial ending ..N then slowly i started reading the various forums as it was interesting to discuss abt them and also the never ending opparis and illogical things tht were portrayed in serial... All the Ifians were very friendly and this got me glued..It was great to discuss our opinion and slowly i started updating serials and discussing earnestly abt them..It was a good platform to express my thoughts and views abt the various things that were being depicted in these serials...

IF kept me busy and  I used to log in to chk if some1 had commented abt my post..n slowly i had become addicted to it..It is on the whole a pleaure to be a part of IFTongue

I wish all the members hearty Congratulations on completing 2 years...Its a great job!!!!


There was never a quorum
 needed to enjoy the Indian forum
and meet a variety of people
so talented and amiable
Songs puzzles quizzes
submitted by whizzes
jokes stories kalakkals
contributed by makkals
Reviews discussions humor
penned with and without murmer
wishes tributes eulogies
to honour the dead and the living
Who can forget the Indian Forum?
Even Rojapooo returned
The loyals are etched
Sojurners move on
Happy anniversary  IF
A happy companion to the lonely
A challenge to the versatile
May you live on to brighten
the days of our lives!

Hi everybody!

Wow, this is so unbelievable that it has been two years here on India Forums. My experience here has been wonderful. All the people I've met here are just as wonderful. I am very happy that I have found this site on Google search and that I joined here. My presence here has been great and I've learned a lot of new things and it has been a very good experience. I want to appreciate and thank the people who have been doing updates for us on dramas and other gossips; you guys are doing a great job and I am looking forward to reading more of your updates. I would also like to congrats our moderator (Atina), who has been working hard to keep this Tamil section running. Hats off to all India-forums Tamil section development team; you guys are simply superb. Without all of you, this day would not have been possible! I would also like to take this moment to thank each and every one of you who has given me comments on my siggys', and those who have given me feedback on how to improve my creations. As well, when I joined this forum, there were only a few Tamil people present here, but today it has grown steadily. Tamil section has become widespread with more active members. I am looking forward to more on this forum and looking for a lot of new experiences. This Tamil section has reached its height and hoping for it to reach higher heights.
With this note, I would like to wish all of you a very HAPPY 2nd YEAR ANNIVERSARY!




I live in the US.  Couple of years ago, my mother-in-law visited us to help us out with caring for our first son.  We had subscribed SUN TV for her benefit.  It is at that time she got us hooked on to some of the tamil serials like Kolangal and Anandham.  After she left, we unsubscribed SUN TV as we don't get much time to watch.  But since we were hooked on to the serials, we were curious to know how the stories were progressing.  Thanks to India forum, we have been able to catch up on the stories although we don't have to spend so much time watching the serials.

    IF is a great place.  Folks here are so friendly.  We don't just share the stories, but also personal feelings.  If any of the members have an issue, everyone comes together to help as best as we can.  As time progressed, we grew as a family. 

    I benefited a lot from the recipies section.  Thanks to this section, I am now a better cook.  Kavita and the others have been a great inspiration to me. 

     I used to visit the forum every few hours, especially to get a break from a stressful day at work.  Unfortunately, work caught up and I don't get much time to visit or participate in the forum these days.  Also, some of the serials have become incredibly boring and long that I have stopped visiting them.  But I will never stop visiting the forum itself. 

    Thanks to Atina for all the hard work she is putting in to run this.  Good job and good luck for continued growth and success. 


Hmm Down the memory lane is one of the difficult topics for me as all my friends know I have Random Access Memory ( RAM). I have been with IF for few years now, but never realized that their is a Tamil section. I am/ was more into Hindi serials and show.

 I never really thought Tamil serials were any good. Every time i switched on SunTV somebody would be crying I never really thought much about the Tamil section. One fine day I was switching  between channels when Meena (actress) caught my attention. It was interesting and shocking as for once the heroine was not crying ( at least the epi I watched, lets not talk about what happened later ). When checking the update for I think it was a K show... i was scrolling down to find Sun TV icon I was excited....I went inside and Voila there was Lakshmi serial .....

 Then disaster struck my life in the name of Melissa AngryEmbarrassed...........then there was no looking back... .............Here i am not so proficient in Tamil and not so keen in watching Tamil shows... but still welcomed with warmth. I just realized she not knowing Hindi that much watching k shows like me... and the common things between us we are suckers of Love......... .Embarrassed

It is through her I came to know all you beautiful ppl . Saw Tamil section in different light. Weather it is Roja akka's awesome updates or kavitha akka's recipes . Our my own personal obsessions , you guys have been a great support help me go through good and bad times. It is this wonderful section that has given me great friends who in spite of not being physically with me are always there for me helping me fight every fight and encourage me in one way or the other .

My participation on IF began with a simple search for updates on the Tamil serial, Arase. Soon I discovered a vibrant community with many friendly, generous souls who were always up for discussion on the merits of this and various other issues. These discussions were often infused with humor and witty banter. But the most wonderful thing about this forum is the real sense of community - something rare in an online forum. Everything from birthday wishes to condolence messages, people offering to fill in for regular updaters when they are otherwise indisposed ... as I said earlier, friendly and generous. May this spirit continue to be at the core of this forum for many years to come. Happy anniversary!

Cute doll angel 
I sincerely wish second Happy B'day to India Forum - Tamil
sectionsI had an excellent opportunity to interact with many unknown people whom turned out to be my very good friends soon. In the Fun section Roja akka has conducted bridal shower for me twice before my wedding. Almost everyone came to know about myself and became very close friends. Even though I could not find time to come to IF now-a-days I think about everyone (Rojapoo, Giriadimai, eljay, nallu, jasunap, Kavitha Ravi, Supree, Atina, Caryn, Meli, Vani, Sue chechi, Niti, Usha, Tamilselvi, Ho, Pokkiri thambi, Suram, One and Only Vinu and Netra) almost daily and I do have contacts with many of them even today. Giri and Nallu attended my wedding too. I am really grateful to god to have given me very good friends before knowing their name and personal identity.

Tamil section is more like a family and I feel this is the only place in the world constructed with pure love of many people through out the world in the name of language Tamil. There is no place for jealousy and cunningness in this section. On this occasion I wish all active and in-active members good luck and I sincerely wish to have a touch base with all my good friends in IF through out my life span.

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Cannot believe its been 2 years since we have opened our thread for tamil serials, tamil gossips and tamil galatta. Wow! I joined IF back in 2006 since, I was an avid fan of MO (Lovely serial! Shame other serials cannot maintain this).

 My experience here has been totally amazing although I have not been an avid participant nowadays (I do try to visit the forums from time to time). All the hardwork must be given to Atina and Dev team as they have worked this hard for its success. The people here especially the tamil sections are amazing, friendly and a joy and delight to interact with.  I was usually dubbed the Queen of Punishments due to my bizzare punishments in fact, I aint not like that in reality 'LOL'.

 During my time at IF i have done serials, written 3 stories (one complete story and 2 incomplete) and hopefully this summer i will write more juicy stories. Definately, will produce more punishments to keep you laughing and lose 150 calories per hour.

 I wish IF to become more successful and have numerous members during the coming years. God bless! On its 2nd b-day!

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Today being April 5th 2009.... many days, months and years have passed since October 22nd 2005, the day I began my journey in what has become my second home.  Time flew by, yet the memories remain fresh in the mind!  It all began when my friend and I surfed the net for Kavyanjali updates  a Hindi serial aired on Star plus which we had access to then.  Yet our craze for the show made us follow the updates in advance prior to watching the episodes.  In the initial days I was a silent member and I made my series of first posts with the onset of KAA  another serial.  After all, I was an ardent fan of Iqbal Khan ' who played the lead in the show. 

All this while, I was not aware of the existence of a Tamil Section on IF, until the day I received an invitation from Atina via a PM to join the bandham serial discussion and read the updates.  Out of curiosity, I ended up on what is currently my home sweet home.  I was amazed to see many discussions going on about the serials I watched on a daily basis on Sun Tv.  Yet I remained silent without much participation.  After all, I could not come over the fear of interacting with fellow members. 

It was the last episode of Penn Serial that I posted my first ever update, since many had technical difficulties in watching the episode.  To my surprise, many of the active members, including Atina, Dasa, Caryn, Kavitha, Kasturi, Leena, Pat, Uma, Simi, Sri, Usha and etc., appreciated and warmly welcomed me there.  This marked the beginning of building my network on IFTongue

Thus far I have updated many serials including Penn, Anjali, Lakshmi, Arase and Kolangal.  To my luck, many of the serials ended yet to my dismay, Kolangal seems to be a never ending sagaAngryLOLCry 

Tamil Section got it's first moderator, who was none other than Atina.Clap  Our section started to gradually grow, and soon after, Atina's sincerity and hard work had paid off ' when we got our home, IF Tamil Section on 5th of April, 2007.  Concurrently, it came as a big surprise when Atina sent me a PM offering a promotion to VB' I was honored and in total shockShocked Embarrassed 

Dasa, Pat, Serial, Sri and I were selected as the first batch of viewbies on Tamil Section.  It was indeed a heavy task initially, since we had lots to accomplish before we could move to our new home.  With a help of a few members like Roopa and Usha, we DTs, managed to archive many years of updates for each Tamil Serial.  In the meantime, Dasa and Atina worked day and night to improvise things and make this initiative a success.  Despite the hectic workload time to time, it was one of the best times ever.Big smile  We stood by and supported each other to make it a smooth ride for all, not to forget the love and support of our loving members.  As our section grew, three more members, Roja Akka, Giri Akka, and Bluegal, became Viewbies, and the latest addition to the Dev. Team includes Ambi di, Nezu sis, Jas, and NalzTongue

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of our updating team for their time and effort in providing us with such lovely fast updates in the past, present and the futureClapClapClap  I would also like to thank Isai Bro from for making it possible for the updaters to view live stream and post the updates fairly quickly ClapClapClap Thanks a bunch for doing this favor, Bro!!!Star

Last but not the least, I would like to thank each and every member for their continuous trust, support, and encouragement and wish to obtain the same in the future.Big smile 

Congratulations to our dearest Channel Moderator, Development Team members, and the members on the Second Anniversary of IF Tamil Section.  God Bless you all! 

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IF Tamil Development Team

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usha_pooja IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 April 2009 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
wow excellent work guys......happy 2nd b-day....good to hear everyones post.
_Manpreet_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 April 2009 at 2:34pm | IP Logged
Congratz Everyone StarClapClap...Happy 2nd Anniversary!!!

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gakyi Newbie

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Posted: 02 April 2009 at 5:03pm | IP Logged
congrats guys

CG_SRI Groupbie

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Posted: 02 April 2009 at 7:23pm | IP Logged
Happy anniversary guys. I recently joined this forum and after seeing this Iam really happy that joined it even though little late.. Congrats team!!!Clap
arwax IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 April 2009 at 7:26pm | IP Logged

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eclat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 April 2009 at 7:27pm | IP Logged
Congratulations and a very happy 2nd anniversary !

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eljay IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 April 2009 at 7:44pm | IP Logged
Happy 2nd anniversary, Tamil section!  May you keep growing in strength, as the years go by, and keep giving us all fun and entertainment.

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