FF: The Uncut Diamond, Ch 27 pg 31, The End

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Dear Friends,

Here I am with my first FF of this forum.  I have written many for KS forum and many of my friends want me to continue writing.  Since KS is over, I thought let me start something with new characters, a new setting etc.  Written a short story based on Jhalak and here I am using the characters of Bandini to write one.  I am not following the actual storyline this time yet.  Another change I have made is that I have changed 'Santo's name to 'Deepabali or Deep'...being a Bengali myself, names are very important.  I must thank my gujju friend Deepa for helping me with the dialogues in Gujarati.  I hope you will like my effort.  I am looking forward to your comments and suggestions to take this ff Tin

Man Mohana Man Mohana
Kanha Sunona Aaa
Tum Bin Paun Kaise Chaina
Tarsu Tumhiko Din Raina

Chodke Apne Kashi Mathura
Chodke Apne Kashi Mathura
Aake Basao More Nain
Tum Bin Paun Kaise Chaina
Tarsu Tumhiko Din Raina

Ek Pal Ujiraya Aaye
Ek Pal Andhiyara Chaye
Maan Kyun Na Dhabraye
Kaise Na Dhabraye
Maan Jo Koi Dhara
Apni Rahon Mein Paaye
Kaun Disha Jaye

Tum Bin Kaun Samjhaye
Tum Bin Kaun Samjhaye

Raas Rachiyan Brindavan Ke
Gokul Ke Basi
Radha Tumhri Daasi
Darshan Ko Hai Pyaasi
Shaam Shalone Nand Lala Krishna Banwari
Tumri Chab Hai Nyari
Mein To Hoon Tan Man Hari
Mein To Hoon Tan Man Hari

Man Mohana Man Mohana Man Mohanaaaaa Man Mohana
Kanha Sunona Aaa
Tum Bin Paun Kaise
Tumko Hi Dekhon Mein
Dekhun Koi Darpan
Bansi Ban Jaungi
In Hooton Ki Ho Jangui
In Sapno Se Jalthal
Hai Mera Maan Agan
Hain Mera Hmmm Hmmm


Madhavrao Solanki stood before 'Lord Krishna' doing arati as the music played at the background, in his small and neat office...other than his large wooden desk and several framed certificates and trophies on the shelf, there was very little to describe about the room.  No desktop, no laptop, the desk was empty except for two three files waiting for him to have a the song ended...Madhav Solanki finished is arati, put the incense stick in the holder, kept it before the lord and turned to take his seat.....

Areh Raj sahab aap, kab aye....maine dhyan nehi diya...he quickly took out his mobile and switched off the music....

Baithiye Baithiye....

The gentleman standing opposite him took a seat....Aapka tabiyat kaise hai Madhobhai....

Tabiyaat ka keya hai, machine hai yeh sharir, chal raha hai, ekdin rukh jayega bus khel khatam....

So toh hai Madhobhai, it is true for all of us...lekin greeze wiz karte hai ki nehi...

Rajbhai kaise baath bolte ho...karna parta hai, baap hu, beti ka shaadi baki hai....kaise na karu...abh batayo kaise ana huwa....

Raj took out a packet, a small one and pushed it across to Madhorao.....while Madho Solanki opened it, he picked up his cell phone lying on the table, asking for his permission, scanned the same and transferred a file to his....putting back madho solanki's phone...and played the song from his cellphone....

Madho Solanki paid very little heed as to what Raj was doing, he had taken out his eye glass and was studying a stone under it....he studied it again and again...concentrating fully on Raj played the song '..

Yeh gana kisne gaya hai Solankiji...without instruments this is sounding so beautiful, aapka ghar ka koi...

Ha meri beti ne, Yeh pathar tumhe kaha se mila Raj....Madho replied without taking away his eyes from the stone

Kaise laga....

Madho Solanki took a deep breath, After many many years I am seeing such a piece...

Me too replied Raj

A masterpiece can be carved out from this.....

I also think so....

Madho Solanki wrapped the piece once more and pushed is across to Raj...Give it to a master cutter to cut it, it is rare piece....

Raj pushed it back to him, that is why I have come here...

Madho gave a sad smile....I am sorry I cannot take on this job, to be truthful I do not have such master cutters, the work we do is most run of the mill, stones are given to us with deadline, people do not understand that these are piece of art, and art cannot be created within deadlines....

I am giving this stone to you Madhobhai not to your workshop.  I still have faith on the master cutter who is sitting in front of me....

Tum mujhe de rahe ho?

There is nobody else in the room...

Madho Solanki picked up the stone once again...Raj I am honoured lekin aajkal haath kapta hai...I do not do it for my daughter even....

Your daughter has got a beautiful voice, have you ever thought that she can have a career in music...

Madho Solanki became thoughtful, I know she has a beautiful voice but you need contacts in such fields, mai heera katta hu, I do not know anybody from the musical world....

Nowadays there are lot of competitions are being held, she can participate in one of those....

Madho Solanki nodded his head I wish she would, filhaal we are concerned about her marriage....

Madhobhai, keya umar hai apki beti ki.....if you do not mind

22 years....

22 years, she can atleast pursue her career for next 5 years and then settle down....

Raj, keya chhupao tumse, my wife has died many years ago as you know, my son Hiten is married but my daughter does not get on very well with Gauri, Hiten's wife.....abh mai kuch bolta nehi hu, though I know, so it is better Deep gets settled down mere rehte rehte....and Deep also wants to beta is her engagement card...we are having a small function on the 18th.....10 days from now...incase you are in town will be delighted to have you with us....Madhobhai extends a card...

Theek hai Madho Bhai, I will try and come and if by then this diamond is ready, I will take it....

You still want me to do the job?

Yes without doubt, that is why I have come all the way from Mumbai....

Madhobhai reluctantly picked up the stone have anything specific in your mind....

No nothing specific, you are the artist, I am only the connoisseur, you create I buy....

Here I am being commissioned, Madho Solanki smiled...Raj pressed his hand, nodded his head and left the room.....

Madho Solanki watched him leave, a tall lean man, he walked out smartly from his room, wearing his formals....Raj Mahiyavanshi was a young man of around 35 years who was known in the industry for his business acumen, kept a low profile and worked hard....Madho Solanki wished his son Hiten atleast had some of it....

Thinking about his son, he looked at his watch and then picked up the intercom....

After few rings Hiten picked up...

Yeah...he answers....

Jai Sri Krishna beta, aap padhare ho....

Kaha jayunga Papa, ana toh idhar hi hai...

Keya kar rahe ho? 

Errrr, actually thora internet me bazaar ka hal dekh raha tha....

Madho Solanki nodded his his time there was no internet and he still knew the condition of the market, today he still does not use one and is better informed than Hiten....

OK beta once you are through, take a round in the workshop and see the deliveries take place on time, I am busy the whole day and would not like to be disturbed...

Doing what papa?

Raj  aya tha aur ek kaam dekar gaya.....he disconnected the line before Hiten could question anything else...getting up he closed the door from inside, switched on the busy sign and opened his draw to take out the tools...once set switched  off the mobile and took out the cd player, switched it on, as his daughter sang, he inspected the stone....


Deepabali stood in the line looking at her watch from time to time, still no sign of Shekhar.....mai a raha hu  in 5 minutes he had said but that was 20 minutes ago and the line is moving fast, if he does not come in time, another chance will be gone......Deepabali took out her mobile once again.....

Agaya agaya...he came at last.....

Itna der kaha the......

Shekhar smiled, kaisa hai...he asked.....showing his hair....

You coloured your hair....

Yeah streaks....isn't it nice

You were at the parlour?  This is height Shekhu, how can you do that...I mean sitting in the A.C with your hair wet, you know you catch cold easily aur audition ke time....

Relax Deepu, I am ok, had  hot coffee in regular intervals, after I got my first salary I should also celebrate a bit na.....

Yes I know but there are so many other things to be looked into....

Deepu you worry too much, see I am now earning, maybe I will get my promotion too do well in career but then you know my real love lies in music, here I am standing once again in the queue for audition of Indian Idol, your father knows so many people in Mumbai, kisiko agar bolte toh....

See Shekhu my father knows very few people in Mumbai, and those he knows are all related to diamond trade, bahut mushkil se papa has told Hetal's father for your job...

I know he did, I am grateful to him lekin abhi market down hai and you know to get good job you need some sort of recommendation, I will work hard I promise you though you know my first love no my second love is music after you my first love....

Deepabali smiled, Of course I know and now here we are for the audition, she held Shekhar's hand tightly remember the words shall we do a quick rehearsal ....


As he got up in the car, he played the song once again, a beautiful rendition of the song sung without instruments with full the car drove to his next destination, he took out his laptop, transferred the song and mailed it.....


Shekhar came out of the audition room, he stood with his arms open, Deepabali shrieked and ran into them...


You know what Farah Khan said, you look like a star, I would love to cast you in my movies'.Shekhar exclaimed'.

Shekhu don't get diverted, first lets make a mark  and then we take the call one by one'.

Hmm strieking my hair was a good decision'.

Bekar me paisa kharcha kiya tumne, Indian Idol has people to groom the contestants

Farah ki nazaar me toh a giya'.

Now concentrate on the music only, Deepabali ordered pav bhaaji and coffee' Shekar gobbled down the food, she tried to reach her father, his mobile was constantly switched off, keya baath hai, what is he upto, she dialled her brother's no'..

Where is Papa, she asked as soon as he answered'.

Busy, kisi kaam pe'keya baath hai, you sound excited'.

I will get back to you later, bye bhaiya'Deep disconnected the phone'.

You should have told him that I got through'.

I will inform papa first'..

Do as you please, but I know the old man will not be very excited to hear the news'..

Deepabali sipped her coffee, yes he is right.  Her mother died in an accident when she was about 10 years old, after that she has been very close to her father.  Her brother elder to her by 7 years was always busy with his friends, she hated when he ridiculed her about her insecurities and then he suddenly got married to Gauri, who behaved as if she knew everything under the sun'.

Deepabali had very selected friends, she did not mix around much, was an introverted girl who took time to get out of her shell.  Her father was her best friend.  Madho Solanki always insisted that Deepabali does continue with her music.  In her music class she met Shekhar, while she was introverted, Shekhar  extroverted, he was a good singer but lacked in discipline, easily got diverted in other things.  They have been learning together for 4/5 years but were not close due to Deepabali's nature.  Last year Shekhar asked her to help him to prepare, he wanted to participate in the various competitions being held by different national channels, Deepabali could not say no.  Slowly their friendship deepened, while Deepabali was overwhelmed to have such a good friend for the first time in her life, her father did not like Shekhar.  He had his reservations, he thought Shekhar was a gold digger which Deepabali for the first time begged to differ with her father.  He was a happy go lucky boy but definitely not a gold digger, he is concerned about her and proclaims his love for her all the time.


Raj Mahiyavanshi excused himself from the meeting to answer the call, ha bolo Pinakin'.

Sir where did you get the 'heera' '.

Raj smiled, I have not got it still Pinakin but yes I am on the prowl

When you are on the prowl, I know boss you will be successful, I am yet to see Raj Mahiyavanshi failing '.

Hmmm, maska mar rahe ho, anyway Pinakin did you get hold of Subho to hear her'

Ji ha, I am now standing outside Subho's office, he said he does not remember when last he heard such a sweet voice'.

Okay Pinakin, just ask Subho to keep some patience, soon he will hear more of her'


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Great start Tiny .. ok so Santo is Deepabali and DM is just Raj ... ok cool
no problem and you seem to have erased the age and generation difference between them too - fantastic!

Thanks for starting this FF, I am hooked on ..
Looking forward to more ..
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saving...will be back soon tinny..even tough i havnt seen bandini im sure ur ff wud be fab
Big smile
very intersting continue soon tinny..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Welcome to the forum Teenu ,

You might as well give a try to Bandini .. it's good!
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hey tin
that was a gr88 start
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cont soon
even i have never seen bandini
but really love ur writing
so will read this whole FF
plzzzzz cont soon
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Hey Tin,
Thanks for starting a new one....!!!
Now we have something to look fwd to every night... :)
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hey tinny good yaar ......DM is yes raj ....nice                                                                                and yes welcome teenu ......u enjoy this foum
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Welcome Jeenal and Nema ..
all thanks to Tin !

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