Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
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KDMHMD Weekend Pathshala:: 23th March-27th March

In-Sanity-Metis IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 March 2009 at 7:18am | IP Logged
I is back! Coz Prem is Back!Hug LOL Nevermind that he is Prem with some kind of Olympic disease which makes him run behind 4 days ki zindagi and stuffSleepy Anyway...

Here is this week ka LessonGeek:

23rd March:

1. What the heck...epi starts with veera know, I think, no; I KNOW the editor HATES USAngry and Veera with DhobhiDead ....Shocked Itne saare kapde! ahh well, who cares..and OMG Veera has spidey senses..kya hearing hain..she heard G mom from patah nahi kitne that I think of it..even G mom has long distance aawaz..both mom and dotty are so talented no? ROFL Veera is fhastShocked Itne jaldi she was half way through washing the clothes...Now I understand! Veera's perfect career choice is Dhobin! Approve

2. Dead What is wrong with G mom..she actually believed Veera's dukhbhari kangaal kahaniDead Being in the vegetable state for months have addled her brains.Dead

3. Lallu's closeupDead did I mention this is one horrible episode?Dead anyway..he has a Prem doing his Dada talk with lallu FB and I almost fell of the couch with boredom.

4. Ooohh...Kuldi and Heer doing kusur-pusur  (meaning whispering lol) about who made Lallu see umm..wrong sense?Sleepy WHYYYYY PREM?! WHYYY are you hellbent on bring that Har-moan into J-Zoo again with his female AnacondaCry Hmm..Heer is suspicious..even I am suspicious..which paratha are they eating..*thinking muh*

5. Prem is apparently stealing big deal..he stole so many heart waise bhiEmbarrassed They are more precious.Embarrassed No? Heer took her Kali Maa avatar and was going to go allAngry on him when Kul di went in the room and the bro-sis due decided to play Injection-Injection.Pinch Did I tell you I am terrified of injections?Confused So ya..I closed my eyes for this sceneLOL But..hmmm..Heer is again suspicious and so am I! Was the injection hygenic or what? Confused

6. DeadLallu again but ahh...Prem is there so *laath maars lallu and stares at Prem*Tongue

7. Haila Preet! Big smile Hug Hmm..he tells Heer Prem kept money instead of is Prem a bad thief or what? ROFL Kuch nahi ho sakta is Indian Robinhood ka.

8. Lallu sent Heer to fetch Prem's that sounds so doggie-ish instruction type no? ROFL Anyway heeriye does and as per her prayers a ball of paper rolls off the coatShocked How convinient....ahh, it's a money order from Surubhi DeviShockedSleepy isiki kami Heer will become 007 Juneja , Heer JunejaPinch AND SHE DID! OUCHOuch

9. Prem is sooo suspicious when Heer decides to leave for Delhi but he is unaware that heeriye can turn into detective Heer too so he is unconcerned. Bad(e) move PremSleepy

10. Dead Eek Veera AGAINOuch This Baap-BetiCry keep scaring meCry ye leh..she called har-moan bhi..3 bandar hamare TV ke andarOuch OH wow...Female Anaconda bhi aayi *sigh* Forget it.Dead

11. Dead
^ Enough said for Veera-Nihaal Ding Dong sceneCry Mujhe bohot sadma lagta is scene se if I had watched it..but I was ismart and I didn't! Approve But I did catch a glimpse of Nihaal pose marring Stern SmileCry

12. Heer reached Delhi and Shocked No Taxi but a car..Kya thaat hain madam ke...she reached the house bhi..usse address kaha se milaShocked and surubhi sharma is Gaurav's mad momma...BIG surpriseShocked No really!

24th March:

1. Open with Heer and G's mad momma..THANK GOD! If Veera hoti toh mein sach mein Vuicide karti which means making Veera commit suicide Approve ROFL Yaar which person takes a stranger inside their home and removes photo's of their son Pinch

2. Shocked Heer! Detective se Chor ban gayi ROFL Hmmm...apparently Gaurav is dead and Prem is Prem and blah blah...I am shocked! Such an UNEXPECTED THING!Shocked KYA TWIST HAIN!Clap DID not see it coming!Shocked

3. HeerOuch crying..Bechari..and JugniSleepy dancing and babbling... as usual for her JugnaSleepy BTw, is anyone worried about Premeer's privacy? I am..this Jugni is a suspicious character I tell you...hamesha unhe hi taakte rehti hainConfused

4. We are back to J-ZooSleepy and some stranger are cookingLOL and J-Zoo praani's are in the hall with Kuldi pul baanding of Preet for hiring the cooks..but nono, it's Prem who hired them..Ahh shoo sweet. Preet makes fun of Lallu ROFL and Lallu runs behind him to beat himAngryLOL *sigh* Ok..I actually like Preet teasing and lallu running behind him like a dedh footiya baby godzilla. So liked this part.

5. Heer is back in J-Zoo too.LOL Ok..who else adored the "Bhabhi Bhabhi Welcome Back." Hug Preet! My Chokku Pokku.

6. Hmm..Prem's eyes swung to hersEmbarrassed but I no likes the weird expression. HMPH.

7. It's time to eat! And man..are the J-Zoo praani's hungry or what? ROFL Heer though has only eyes for PremEmbarrassed whoSleepy is concentrating on food. ROFL

8. The moon is shaking *blinks* ROFL Jugni! see what your dance made Chanda mama do!AngryLOL

9. Maya has a Cocktail partySleepy seee? COCKTAIL BUt not food! Har-moan ne J-Zoo ki tarah hi kanjoos family se rishta joda hain..I bet they too don't give their guests any food ROFL

10. Preet and Kiran sends Prem to umm dominate HeerErmm Prem is so apologetic when he enters the room ROFL HOW can he not see her changed attitude yaar...Hmmm..Prem no wants to see Heer change clothes...hmmmm..baddhu normal che ne?(That's Gujrati for: everything's normal no?") ROFL he infruriated or what? ROFL Is it wrong of me to enjoy it so much? ROFL

11. Heer making him tie her doriEmbarrassed This Heeriye is ismart...she is subtely telling him that she is accepting im as her HUSBAND...and then infruriates him more by saying he looks like Prem so everything is hunky dory and he should wear Prem's fav suit ROFL wow, prem looks murderous.Embarrassed I found even THAT cuteConfusedLOL

25th March:

1. Dead Veera and Nihaal again...this couple make us BehaalDead she is cribbingSleepy as usual about jewellery and money and stuff. Ya ya Aage bado.Sleepy

2. Preet, Kiran and Lallu waiting for their wifey's...and Preet the naughty teasing MeherLOL I adore this guy ROFL

3. Maya's House is the place where Prem's so called award ceremoney happened ROFL and RR announced Heer's and his engagement ROFL Maya's taklu dad is not only kanjoos but also ismart for renting out his house ka hall ROFL

4. Dead Gargoyle (Maya and Veera coz they are both hideous inside out)  jodi is making plans against the ghar ki REAL beti's...Sleepy as long as I get Premeer together..I DONT CARE ROFL I just hope G mom uses her brain and sees throught the tingu GFN troublemaker.

5. Preet flirting with some random girlSleepy pagal ladka...he so enjoys jealous Meher..Meher should make him jealous too! Meher! Go dore daalo on some random guy! Ok, not really ROFL

6. Cocktail party mein turban? Ummmm....uhhh...huhhhh...ehhhh...Nevermind..Pinch

7. Hmmm..turbans are good..did I tell you? It made Premeer go somewhere ALONE Embarrassed

8. Shocked Besharam aunty! she straight away asked Heer about getting preggers...aunty get a LIFE! andShocked Heer ROFL saying it will be soon....Embarrassed Ya Prem looksConfused  and I look

9. Leh G mom Heeriye is being very Besharam but I LIKES IT! Prem looks ShockedOuchConfused Prem! ROFL "How is it possible?!" ROFL ROFL Wow I like this teasing Heer.

10. Heer is pehenaying Pagdi and talking about her Prem againLOL ah-ha..he finally asked the question that had been revolving in his head ever since Heer said "I will change are my husband" ..but *sigh* can you even THINK that Heer only loves your faceOuch, though have to admit, it's a mighty awesome faceEmbarrassed

11. Prem crying like his heart is breaking...ummm..which it did...Pinch Isn't this the guy who gave Heer a To Do List on marrying, having kids with someone else and stuff?AngryOuch But still, Prem crying breaks my heart too...Prem Hug

26th March:

1. Wow..Kuldi can danceShocked I thought Meher and Preet were good dancers but Kul Di takes the prize!Clap

2. WHAT?!Dead why is there a woman crawling all over the party floor singing Premeer's song on random couples! Seriously MayHam! (MayaHarman... It rhymes with Mayhem no? ROFL I thought it was perfect when Ru di called them that...LOL)Dead Veera scene too with G mom but I ignored it Dancing

3. Prem is here Dancing and he is transformed from heartbroken to burning angry..Ok he is still heartbroken but right now anger is ruling him...I always noticed that anger is the best counter attack for heartbreak..interesting no?

4. Heer dancing with Kiran and Kuldi with Prem and ShockedEmbarrassed Premeer's hipsTongue almost touchedEmbarrassed

5. That Jugni and Jugna ki Beti is still crying on the floor when people are trying to danceConfusedLOL

6. Ahh..bliss! Finally Kiran and Kuldi turned Premeer towards each other and pushed them closeee..Embarrassed Jiyo tum dono..but J-Zoo se durPinch

7. Hmmm, hmm, hmm, Prem is still angry! LOL Haiiiii angry Prem Day Dreaming

8. I skipped Lallu-Harman torture chatDead I is ishmart Approve *Pats my back*

9. Wow...I LIKED Preet shielding Meher from that female anaconda Approve Good Boy Preet Hug

10. Premeer alone in a car LOL Prem doesn't look too thrilled ROFL and here goes Heer flirting and hinting about having a baby again ROFL I loved how Prem said "Kaisi wahiyaad batein kar rahi ho tum" ROFL mein song bhi baja toh purane zamane ka..I think these editors know we call Premeer a 27469595867BC couple ROFL isiliye they put on old songs when they are alone.

11. Oho...Prem complaining to Dheer#2 clone bacha..VIKAS ROFL Ok..the kid is adorable but whenever I see him mujhe Dheer#2 ki yaad aati hainCry MNSTRZ miss him you know..we missed him so much one day that we changed our display pics in MSN to Dheer#2 ROFL All our contacts got quite a shock seeing his googly eyes staring at them ROFL

12. So Prem is bugged about Heer liking Gaurav coz he has the same face as Prem ROFL Amazing..he is jealous of HIMSELF ROFL ROFL These guys are such weird creatures I tell you. ROFL But Vikas gave dhoka to Prem ROFL and Prem no longer has his support ROFL Kaha Bhagke jaoge Prem Evil Smile Oh...apparently bacho ke kamre mein ROFL

13. G mom acting retartedDead..somehow I still have some belief in her so maybe this is one of her freaky weird plan to bring out Veera's truth, like she did with Prem during Ganapati Utsav, remember? She clutched Prem's face and made him look like a fish remember?AngrySleepyLOL So let's see..but I am not holding my breath.

27th March:

1. My TV screen froze so I missed the first 3-4 minsOuch but I guess it was Kuldi poking Prem to leave ROFL Prem looked so suspicious ROFL and his suspicions are right coz there is Heer looking all smug Approve BTW what happened to the other kids ROFL I only see Vikas there..Where is my Tanu and....Keshav(?)Ermm

Honestly? It's hard to comment on this epi coz it was so powerful and action packed..and no I don't only mean the slap..though I think it was justified. I LOVED this epi...Big smileClapStar butAngry what's up with Prem having a disease
These people CALL THEMSELF CREATIVES?!Angry It better be a hoax planted by RR or someoneAngry and IF Prem DOES have a disease then plz this and USE the Ambala property Heer has! She can sell it for money and use it for his ilaajAngry Make him fit and fine jaldi Censored

Wow..this is ultra longggggggggggggg!!!!!!!! So Milano's, Pies and Brownies for all! Hug


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OGX2010 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 March 2009 at 7:27am | IP Logged
ahaaa Look whose back in Action with the pathshalasCool
-svetalana- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 March 2009 at 7:35am | IP Logged
oh my teacher is back after long long break.I can say hadtaal [strike].But i so missed this pathshala.I never missed my actual college lectures as i really missed it.Welcome back teacher.
In-Sanity-Metis IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 March 2009 at 8:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -sidrah-

ahaaa Look whose back in Action with the pathshalasCool

Tongue Kaun? Kaun? ROFL
In-Sanity-Metis IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 March 2009 at 8:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Intellienough

oh my teacher is back after long long break.I can say hadtaal [strike].But i so missed this pathshala.I never missed my actual college lectures as i really missed it.Welcome back teacher.

Awwww Hug Wait a minuteConfused Hadtaal? Against me?Confused Or the Pathshala?Confused

Missed you all too Hug
Jyotix IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 March 2009 at 8:28am | IP Logged
Nice Pathshala and I loved friday's episode and please creative no disease track, bring premeer back.
huzie12 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 March 2009 at 8:31am | IP Logged
WOW. that was just WOWClapBig smileLOL Prem is jealous of himselfROFLROFLthat was the bestLOLLOL

this pathshaala was A++++++Big smileBig smile keep insulting Veera,MayHam(loved that tooLOLLOL) and Lallu, and it will rock moreBig smileLOL
-Bee- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 March 2009 at 8:34am | IP Logged
Yea!!!! DancingPathshala's back!!! Can you tell I missed them?
I'm so glad our teacher came back with Prem. Looking at the story, with Veera-Maya-Harman-Nihaal and the 'new' Gmom, I have a feeling we might need these pathshalas in the next few weeks. I don't trust this creative team to be kind enough to give us Premeer filled epis like Friday....
First things first, you will be proud to know I've been doing my homework, because whenever MayHam (thanks Raksha Di for the name) or Veera-Nihaal (need a name for them that is as disgusting as they are) appear on screem some very Pathashala-like gaalis errupt in my head. *looking lost* Actually, I'm not entirely sure where they come from, but that seems to be my automatic reaction.
Okay, coming to the Pathshala:
I just have to say that at one point I really thought the creatives wanted the show to end. I mean, why ELSE would they start epis with Veera or Maya. People would take one look, and change the channel. The thing that had me on the floor laughing was Gmom calling Veera 'Veeru'. From what angle does Vitchface look like a "veeru'?!?!?! That's an insult to Dharmendra for God's sake!!!!
I closed my eyes for the Veera-Nihaal scene. I saw one sec, and then turned up my headphones on full voume. I needed to see the Heer scene after that, so I just sat through 5 min with my eyes closed. Of course, I had to open them again, when my dad wondered Nihaal doesn't know how to take a bath, if there's soap on the floor! My mom and dad definitely think I'm crazy for watching this show Cry(Heer's 'seduction' on Friday didn't help things). Anyway, then I simply watched the rest of the scene with 'ande ka funda' playing in my ipod. Do you know how amusing that scene becomes when u've got someone singing 'ye nahin pyaare koi maamooli banda' in the bg?!
G's crazy mom has no manners whatsoever... A guest comes asking for your son, and you not only let them in your house, but instead of chai-paani you give them.... photos! Not that Heer is such a good guest either... LOL
First of all, when I saw that woman sining Premeer's song, for a second I thought it was Jugni with a MAJOR makeover. Now, as some people have suggested, I know it's just her daughter. Okay, I want to exactly what the creatives were thinking when they started Prem-Heer's song on random couples?!?!?!?! I also want to know why noone paid attention to the lyrics. There's one line that clearly says "Heer nu kaul bulale Ranjhna... vasiya Prem tu des jin vich, meinu vi us des bulale". Noone else thought it was a coincidence that she's singing about a Heer and Prem. How many Prem-Heer jodis do these people know. Or were they so busy giving their thumkas that they don't notice anything else?!?!
About 27th March - I have to say I agreed with you. I feel both Heer and Prem were justified in their actions, and I saw Prem-Heer-are-one, because noone else could have driven them to this extent, than each other. Now if ONLY the creatives gave us more epis filled with only Prem-Heer.... *sigh* Why do I have a feeling that there's going to be an overdose of other characters next week, just for this treat on Friday. *double sigh*
Anyway, I have to go and study now...*taking brownies and milano cookies* I wonder if I can study chemistry with a sugar high?!

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