Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

26th March09- BriefUpdt-NaKshShavaRock

sweet_shagun IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 March 2009 at 6:59pm | IP Logged
Firstly an applogy for the delay had caught up with some urgent work yesterday so couldnt provide update yesterday itself..Please Pardon my mistakes... .The comment in bracket are purely Author based and has been added just for making the update lively..No offense Meant.....An episode wortth a wait to watch lovely from start to end you would love it totally!!

Video Update by Nipun-YRKKH 26th Mar OnL/DownL/Pics *HQ*


Shortcut used
CM-CHoti Maa..OhmKar's Wife



Characters(in Today's Episode)

Naitik Singhania- Male Lead of the show
Akshara Maheswari-Leading lady of the show
Shaurya Maheswari- Akshara's elder brother
Varsha Maheswari-Another lead, Akshara's Best friend ,who later on marries her brother Shourya
Dadi- Akshara's Dadi, eldest person of the family
Rajshri-Akshara's Mother
Vishambhar Maheswari- Akshara's Father
CM- Akshara's chachi
Mohit- Naitik's Best cum childhood friend
Gaytri- Naitik's Mother
Dhaniya-Works at Akshara's house and loves Bhola
Bhola Bhaiya- Who works in Maheswari family and accompanies her  whenever Akshara goes out!!
Dadaji- The eldest of Singhania Family...


26th March 09 -Written  Update(Brief)- NaKsh ShaVa rockTongue
by Shagun

The episode starts with Naitik tells Akshara that the prblm is no one understands what he says except his Mom... and asks her is she understanding what he said... she says yes she does understand  and he smiles...both of them disconnect the phone ... Varsha comes and teases Akshara who blushes more... Naitik on the other hand tells Mohit who asks him what that he did scold AksharaLOLLOL

Varsha asks Akshara to make notes since their exams is day after tomorow...Akshara tells Varsha that its her who makes the notes, Varsha tells her things have changed....she is married now she has to help maa in making food... She asks Akshara to make notes.....

Rashmi is in the hall fiddling with her project work in the hall when her dad and Dadaji come and say what she is doing sitting spreading the pictures...and where is her brother who always helps her Rashmi says dont take his name as he scolded her... Naitik comes and sits and Manaaos his sister saying he wud help her... Rashmi's anger is down and he opens the laptop to help her and the desktop wallpaper has Akshara's face... Naitik puts the blame on Mohit saying "Yeh Mohit Bhi Na" and Rashmi teases him and an embarassed Naitik looks with a sigh of relief that Dadaji and his dad are busy chitchating and didnt c the Screen saver... Naitik Smiles seeing Akshara's Pic!!(very cute scene indeedEmbarrassed)

Varsha comes preparing the food and Shaurya's dress for the next day.........and asks Akshara whether her notes are ready she takes the book only to see Akshara has filled it with Naitik's Name..She takes the book teases Akshara and runs all over the room teasing Akshara and also asks her now to say she isnt in love...but finally handles the book to Akshara...and says she wud prepare her notes no need for Akshara to prepare...and leaves leaving a blushing Akshara stand behind...

Varsha enters the room where Shourya is in ful romantic mood...Varsha tells him she has to prepare notes for herself and Akshara... Shaurya tries to pacify her but she is into exams... he is irritated with Exams, and says wonder where did the romance between them go... and goes to sleep... Both look at each other when the other is not looking... Shaurya moves too and fro in the bed and says what the hell he cant sleep with so much light... then Varsha says she wud go and prepare notes elsewhere switches off the light and goes....Leaving Shaurya behind...(such a sweet couple)

Varsha goes to the terrace to prepare notes... Dadi comes and asks her what happened why she is awake and what she is doing at terrace she explains her she is making notes and light was distracted with light so she came here to prepare her notes....However Dadi asks her to take a shawl as its very cold..Varsha agrees but is bsy preparing notes Dadi says these kids never think of themselves and leaves......(No wonder everyone loves Dadi she is so caring about every1)

The title track of YRKKH is picturized on NaKsh and ShaVa.... Naitik preparing project admiring his wud be wifes pic on the laptop desktop, remembering first encounter with her... Akshara lost in her thoughts and looking at the book and looking outside think of her wud be Hubby dearest...Shaurya takes his wedding pic and admires his wife and remembers his wedding day with her.... Varsha prepares the notes.... (One of the best picturization of songs and scenes you should watch out beautiful simply beautiful)

Shaurya comes in the terrace, and covers her with a shawl and asks Varsha to come back in the room and prepare notes or else she wud get cold ... she denies saying his sleep wud get hamper,  he asks her to fight in the room not in the chilling terrace ,Varsha is bsy preparng notes...says no he says she wont listen to him right... he picks her up in her arms.. Varsha is embarassed she says some1 wud see... he says who Maa Bauji or CM and chachu all are fast asleep he takes her to their room... while coming out from terrace Dadi sees ShaVa at a distance and she has a shawl she smiles....(Such a adorable moment)

Next Day, while Maheshwari  family thinks about the wedding preparations... Shankari Tai comes with the news that The tikka rasm would happen 2mrw.... Vishambhar says if their sambdi picked up this date then fine the rasm would happen the next day only... Rajshri and rest of the family is very happy... Dadi asks Rajshri to calm down everything wud go fine... Shankari leaves saying she has lot to do....

Varsha gives Akshara notes and Akshra is surprised to see that she prepared the notes and she asks her she had to be awake tor preparing notes... Varsha says not her but even Shaurya was awake with her helping her out(CHO CHWEET)...However she asks Akshara not to think about Naitik or anything else and just concenterate on her studies...she says she wont tease Akshara till her exams but concenterate..Varsha and Akshara start studying when Dhaniya comes running  and tells her the news of the Tikka Rasm happening the next day... Akshara's concentration is broken she thinks but its also her exam...Varsha asks her to concenterate and not think about anything else.. Dhaniya says that its Tikka rasm and no need for her to go... only her father and dadu would go and do the rasm and come... Varsha teases Akshara and  Dhaniya blushes and leaves.... episode ends.....


Preview for 27th March 09-Rajshri  tells Akshara to give her paper well and finish it before 11-30am, and come out and Bhola woud bring her to the sasural  as 12 PM is the muhurat of the rasm..Varsha tells Rajshri not to worry that she would make sure Akshara reache on time

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ramas IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 26 March 2009 at 7:08pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the wonderful update, akshra really started loving naitik.
Mages IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 March 2009 at 7:30pm | IP Logged
thanx for the update shagun di....
it was beautifully written with all the details.....
i agree with you was a wonderful episode filled with romance full swing....the picturisation of the YRKKH Title Track on ShaVa and NaKsh was beautiful and meaningful....
one such example is when the song says "Haan Koi Chori Chori Mere Sapnon Mein Aaye Haan Yeh Dil Anjaani Dori Se Baanda Jaaye" it was picturised on NaKsh for their new emotions that have arise in their souls and hearts which is called Love....
then when the lyrics comes to "Vishwaas Ka Hai Ghaathbandhan Jaanmon Ka Yeh Paavan Bandhan"it was picturised on ShaVa which explains their marriage vows for all lifetime
all i could say it was very very very beautiful picturisation only Rajanji could give justice to both couples like just RagVir-Saalekh in Bidaai with same amount of emotions and scenes.....
it was one of the best epsiodes of the show which gives equal amount of importance for both jodis in the show....
NaKsh and ShaVa were so cute....especially ShaVa since NaKsh was on the phone.....i am also dying to see such scenes between NaKsh especially Naitik carries Akshara on his arms and brings her to their room....ahhh its such a freezing moment....
ShaVa was so cute....i can't stop laughing seeing Shaurya turning back and fro and his cute expression looking at Varsha....he is so cute and ShaVa is such a adorable couple....
Kudos to Rajanji and the entire team of YRKKH....thanx to the whole team for giving equal amount importance for both couples in the show ShaVa and NaKsh.....
desi_baby07 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 March 2009 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
Thank you so much for the wonderful update Shagun! Smile
I just loved today's epi to the core! Haii!!! It was such a beautiful epi-- the best one til date! Embarrassed
Rajan sir and the creatives seriously did a fabulous job with the title song picturization on our two beloved jodi's-- ShaVa & NaKsh. Hats off to them! Clap
I'm starting to love ShaVa day by day lolz. They've always been my fave from the very beginning, but their cuteness and understandablility was awesome! I thought Shaurya was actually gonna fall asleep leaving Varsha outside in the cold... but I'm glad he came as a surprise. Loved how he picked her up in his arms. Such a nice scene! Smile
NaKsh are realizing and developing feelings for each other also which is very adorable. Loved the dreaming sequences between the two lovebirds. Lolz & I loved how Naitik felt embarrased at first when Rashmi saw his wallpaper of Akshi.... and then he slowly started to admire it. So cute! Lolz & Akshi was just as cute when she filled her whole paper with Naitik's name. Love makes you do crazy things lolz. LOL
Anyways beautiful epi indeed! Wanna see more epi's like this in the future. Loved that both ShaVa & NaKsh got equal scope, instead of just focusing on one couple. Loved it!
-aisha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 March 2009 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
wow this is the must watch epi
sanw IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 December 2007
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Posted: 27 March 2009 at 2:00am | IP Logged
thanks shagun for the lovely update
I really ,loved today's episode
shava rocked
akshara was lost all the time
varsha was so serious about her studies!!!!!!!!
268143 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 27 March 2009 at 2:43am | IP Logged

thanx alot 4 da update Clap seems like an interestin epi......cnt w8 2 c it Tongue

remixrulz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 March 2009 at 2:45am | IP Logged
thanks shagun for the beautiful update..
absolutely loved today's epi...
the way they focussed on Naksh n Shava was spectacular and the picturisation n concept of the song with both the couples has to be one of my favourite scenes in the serial till now...
the way they portrayed the infactuation n love b4 marriage and the understanding and responsiblity and the love after marriage was sheer brilliance...

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