Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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25 Things Preet Is Not Allowed To Do


25. I am not allowed to convince Tannu to ask Bauji where babies come from.

"Okay, you remember what you have to do?"

The five-year-old rolled her eyes. "Yes Mammu."

Preet grinned, "Then go."

Tannu scampered away after shooting him a grin. He watched from his perch on the terrace as she made her way to Bauji, who was walking in the garden. He looked on proudly as she steered Bauji towards the ideal location, where he could see and hear what was occurring, without Bauji seeing him, unless he happened to look up.

"Nanaji," Tannu tilted her head to one side and looked up at her grandfather. She looked innocent in such a pose, and not like the hellion everyone seemed to forget she was. "Where do babies come from?"

The indulgent smile on Bauji's face slipped off as he spluttered, turning red as he tried to scramble for an appropriate answer to give his granddaughter. Preet stuffed his fist into his mouth in order to keep from howling with laughter at the look on his father's face. He slid off the railing, and onto the ground (luckily for him, because his father had looked up at this moment, looking for inspiration). He missed, however, Bauji sending Tannu to KulDi to look for an answer. He did hear Tannu scream for Mama as she ran into the house. He winced, knowing full well that KulDi would figure out who had planted the thought in her child's head.

The scream of "Preet!" in the familiar dulcet tones of his eldest sister served to prove his predictions right.

24. I am not allowed to ask Bauji where babies come from.

"Bauji," Preet began at dinner at night, looking for all the world like butter would not melt in his mouth. His family looked on worriedly, knowing that nothing good could ever come when Preet had that look on his face. "Where do babies come from?"

Bauji narrowed his eyes and glared at his youngest son. "So you were the one who started it."

Preet grinned cheekily in response. "But Bauji, where do babies come from?" he asked again, the grin disappearing so fast it was as though it were never there.

Bauji pushed his chair back, and lunged across at him. Preet ducked, and swerved. Laughing, he ran for his life, Bauji yelling after him as he chased him across the room.

23. I am not allowed to draw out my business proposal using my wife's lipstick.

"Preet," PB began, holding the file with Preet's work in his hand. "What is this?"

"A file," Preet answered, worried for his brother's mental stability.

"I know that, Preet," Prem briefly closed his eyes. "I mean, what is in it?"

"Papers?" Preet was getting really worried about PB. "Files generally hold papers."

Prem rubbed the bridge of his nose, and Preet wondered just what was bothering his brother. As though hearing his silent question, Prem flipped open the file, and dropped it in front of Preet. Harman peered over his shoulder, before quickly ducking down, trying to muffle his sniggers. Preet took a glance at the paper, then glanced back up at PB. "What?" Harman Bhai broke out in guffaws. Prem Bhaiyya looked as though he wanted to hit his head on something. "I don't get it."

"Preet," PB began slowly. "You cannot use Maa's lipstick to create your proposal."

"But I didn't use Maa's lipstick," Preet pointed out. "I used Meher's."

"You are not allowed to use lipstick at all to draw your proposal," Prem clarified.

"Ahh," Preet nodded, looking at the red figures on the papers in front of him. "Okay."

He smiled up at his brother, and Prem could not help but worry even more about what Preet would do.

22. I am not allowed to draw out my business proposals.

"Preet," Prem entered his brother's cabin, Harman following close behind, grinning. "I thought I told you not to draw your proposals?"

Preet looked confusedly at his brother. "No, you said I could not draw them with Meher's lipstick." He paused before amending, "Or any lipstick."

"Well, then now I'm saying don't draw your proposal." Prem closed his eyes briefly, a pained look coming over his face. Harman chuckled as he took the file from Prem's clenched fist and handed it over to Preet. Preet took in the stick figures he had so painstakingly drawn to elaborate his proposal, pouting slightly.

"Just," Prem looked at Preet. "Why can't you do anything normally?"

Preet smirked. "Where's the fun in that?"

21. I am not allowed to send a marriage proposal to another man from Rishab Rampal.

Meher bit her lip to keep from breaking into giggles. She did not need to encourage Preet. (Not that Preet really needed encouraging. Sometimes, she wondered where he came up with these things. Most times though, she did not want to know.)

"Toh aapko iss address se rishta aaya tha?" KulDi asked again.

"Ji," the man in front of them was attractive, but if he knew just who had sent him the letter, he would be angry (though still attractive).

KulDi did not have the information Meher did, so she was confused, and she expressed her confusion rather vocally. The man (he said his name was Aidan Aditya 'call me Aidan') was as confused, if not more.

"There is no R. Rampal here then?"

"R. Rampal?" KulDi repeated. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Why would Rishab Rampal send you a rishta, and from here?"

Aidan's eyes widened. "Rishab?" he squeaked. "You mean, R. Rampal is a man?"

The door was flung open at that time, and said man strolled into the house as though he owned the place. "Toh akal aa gayi tum logoh ko?"

"Kya?" KulDi looked from Aidan to Rampal, and Meher bit her lip. She wondered where Preet was, because, really, this was all his doing. "What do you mean?"

"Tumhari bhai ne phone kiya, kuch kehne ke liye," Rampal gestured around him. "I guess he's realised it's futile to keep from apologising."

"Preet," KulDi muttered darkly. "Usse toh dekh lungi."

"Can someone please tell me what is going on here?" Meher could not help but feel a little sorry for the poor guy. He had been pulled into this mess because of her husband.

Meher was saved from answering when her husband bounded down the stairs and very enthusiastically greeted Rampal. "Preet," she heard Aidan mutter, rolling his eyes. She wondered how Aidan knew her husband, but when Preet turned around and then greeted him with a smirk and a cheerful, "Adi, it's been a long time no?" she knew. And she knew why he had been dragged into the thing.

Aidan folded his arms across his chest. "Who allowed you near the post office? You were banned when we were in Canada! Why'd that change?"

Preet shrugged. "They forgot."

"What?" Rampal looked from one to the other.

"Oh, right, Rishab, meet Adi. He's here to ask for your hand in marriage," Preet hit Rampal's shoulder (harder than necessary). Rampal's face expressed his shock. Aidan gave him the once over, deciding to go along with whatever Preet was doing because he usually had fun helping Preet.

"He's not really my type," Aidan spoke up. "Too smarmy."

Meher snorted. Preet shot her an amused look and winked. Meher's heart sank a bit. He had more planned.

20. I am not allowed in any post office, anywhere in the world.

Bauji had not been amused when he had heard what Preet had done. There had been loads of scolding (and a hug for Aidan, who had been invited to stay with them). Aidan had instigated the Junejas' to reinstall the rule that had kept Preet from inviting the Canadian hockey team from meeting Veera's first boyfriend. It had been installed after Preet had sent Aidan's parents (in Germany) a marriage proposal for the hand in marriage of Aidan, and refusing that, his younger sister Nonee. Granted, while Nonee and Preet had formed a very firm friendship, his parents had not been amused, and Preet had been forbidden to ever send anything by himself.

And now, this rule had been reinstalled due to his marriage proposal from Aidan to Rampal. Preet pouted. One more thing he had to do with Meher's permission only.

19. I am not allowed to lock people into an office together. Or any room.

Preet twirled around in the swivel chair. Pausing, he looked around. He was not dizzy enough. He spun around a few more times. Nodding, he held his head and grinned. That was such a head rush.

"Sir?" The familiar head poked through the door. She had been working for him long enough to know about his eccentricities.

"Yes Bhav?" he chirped brightly. She raised her eyebrows.

"You have a visitor," she informed him drily before opening the door and letting Aidan pass. He saw Aidan smile at her and grinned to himself. Looked like someone had a crush.

Three days later, he had conveniently left his file at the office and asked Aidan to pick it up for him. Of course, he followed and locked both Bhav and Aidan into his office together.

Meher glared at him some three hours after the incident.

"How was I supposed to know that Adi was claustrophobic?" he tried to defend himself.

Her glare intensified. "He's been your friend since your first year in college!"

"Well," he spluttered. "Nonee never said anything!"

Meher rolled her eyes. "You are not allowed to lock anybody into an office." She saw the gleam in his eyes and clarified. "Or any room!"

18. I am not allowed to hire a band to serenade my secretary and claim it was my college friend's idea.

"Bakhuda, tum hi ho," the song filtered through the windows and Preet saw Bhav pause before looking outside. "Har jagah, tumhi ho."

She looked at her boss in confusion. He schooled his features. "Go and see who that is for," he told her.

She nodded, making her way outside. Rushing to the abandoned cubicle, he peeked out the window and saw her asking the singer who had sent them. They gave her an answer that had supreme confusion play on her face before launching back into the song.

She smiled slightly before shaking herself. It may be her favourite song, but why would anyone send a band to serenade her?

Stalking back to her cubicle, she dialled for Meher and point-blank asked her why the Junejas' guest had sent her a band. Meher shrugged, before realising that Bhav could not see her. "I'll go ask him."

"Do that," Bhav frowned, twirling the wire around her finger. "He may be cute, but I don't know the guy!" She paused. "I mean," she stuttered. "Oh you know what I mean!"

Meher laughed. "Be back in a bit."

When Meher came back on the line, she informed Bhav that Aidan had not sent any band to serenade her. "But I think I know who did," Meher continued drily. "Don't worry, it won't happen again."

Preet was confronted by his wife when he reached home, and was told that he was not allowed to serenade anybody by sending a band after them.

"Except for me."

17. I am not allowed to match-make my secretary and my college friend.

Meher felt like strangling her husband. "That is not how you go about match-making people! Locking them into rooms? Serenading them? Not good Preet!"

"Then what do I do?" Preet asked, leaning forward.

Meher opened her mouth as if to answer before pausing. She shook her head. "No, no, no, no, no. You are not dragging me into this. Nuh-uh."

Preet pouted, getting ready for work. He plotted throughout the day, and as he planned, at exactly 6.30pm, Bhavna Vasnani received a call informing her that she had won a dinner at the most sought after restaurant that night.

He called Meher and told her about the reservations he had made for dinner that night. She was suspicious but he managed to evade her questions. When she spotted Bhav entering the same restaurant, she shot her husband an annoyed look. He shrugged.

"You cannot match-make them," she hissed.

"But," he tried to interject.


Preet never did find out what happened that night.

16. I am not allowed to get Nonee to match-make her brother with my secretary.

Meher stormed into the room she shared with her husband and stood in front of him, her hands on her hips. Preet tried to act innocent, but it was hard when his wife was glaring at him like she wanted to throttle him.

"You told Nonee?" Meher's voice was completely calm, scarily so.

Preet winced slightly. "No?"

"Really?" Meher arched an eyebrow, a move she had perfected many years ago. "Then why is she downstairs?"

Preet brightened. "Nonee's here?" To himself, he added, "That was fast."

Meher tapped her foot impatiently. "I want answers Preet," she informed the man.

"Well, how would I know what Nonee is doing here?" Preet slipped away from her death glare and out the door, calling over his shoulder. "We should ask her!"

Preet raced down the hall and stairs, away from his wife. He knew he would not be able to keep from divulging details if she continued to glare at him like that and so, he ran to his best friend.

"NONEE!" She giggled as he picked her up and spun her. The younger girl had been his partner-in-crime for many years, but it had been awhile since they had met.

"You idiot, you got married, and you didn't invite me!" she scolded once she had gotten him to put her down and let go of her. He held his ears, though his eyes twinkled playfully.

Meher folded her arms behind Preet, knowing that they were up to something. Nonee grinned at her unrepentantly. Meher muttered something under her breath, along the lines of "I'm not a part of this. Let it all blow up in their faces."

Nonee watched her leave, a pensive look on her pretty features. "She's not very happy with the plotting is she?"

"Nope," Preet responded cheerfully. "But that's never stopped us before has it?"

Nonee grinned at that. "Too true."

A couple of days later, Nonee strode into the mansion calmly, water trailing behind her. Preet gaped at the girl, who looked completely unruffled despite the fact that she was soaked head to toe.

"What happened?"

Nonee lifted her chin slightly. "I'm going to go change. I'm cold," she walked past her friend. Pausing, she added, "I think we should stop with the plotting now Preet."

Nonee never told anyone (outside of the people who had been present) what happened on that day.

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15. I am not allowed to call my pregnant sister-in-law fat.

"Bhabhi, aap itna kyun kha rahi ho?"
Preet furrowed his brows as Heer attacked the paranthas before her with a ferocity that scared him.

"Kyun?" Heer paused, eyes widening at her dewar. She dropped the spoonful of yogurt she had been spooning onto her plate and patted herself down. She blinked tremulously a few times. "Main moti lag rahi hoon?" She turned to her husband. "I'm fat na? You won't love me anymore!" She began to wail and Prem hastily tried to pacify her.

Meher hit the back of her husband's head discretely. "By God Preet, don't you know any better?"

Preet hid his amusement on the matter, and rubbed the back of his head. "Do you have to be so violent?"

Meher narrowed her eyes at her significant other. "Yes, because my husband is an idiot."

"It was an innocent question!"
he protested.

"She's pregnant!" Meher shot back. "You should know by now how emotional pregnant women can be! You learnt this when KulDi was pregnant."

Preet nodded, wincing in remembrance at the screams and crashes that had been frequent during his elder sister's pregnancies. Come to think of it, there had been a lot of tears then as well.

Pregnant woman were scary, Preet decided.

14. I am not allowed to call my sister fat.

Veera shrieked. Nihaal tried valiantly to calm his irate wife down.

"Nonee agrees, don't you?"
Preet continued, seemingly unaware of his younger sister glaring at him, boring holes into his skull. Nonee gave him a look that told him not to involve her in this. "You look like you've gained some weight. Maybe you should watch what you eat?"

Veera stalked up to her brother and snarled, "I am not fat."

"Of course not,"
Preet soothed. Meher dropped her head into her hands, knowing Preet was getting a kick out of this. "But if you're not careful, you will be, just like Maa."

Jaws dropped and Preet stiffened, just realising what he had said. Veera smirked smugly. She did not need to do anything now.

Preet screamed bloody murder as his mother dragged him by the ear to his room before she proceeded to ground him.

13. I am not allowed to call my wife fat.

"Meher, you're not pregnant are you?"
Preet looked up at his wife from his position on their bed.

"What?" Meher was flabbergasted. "No! Why would you say that?"

Preet shrugged. "Bas, thodi moti lag rahi thi, so I thought," he trailed off.

His wife's eyes narrowed. "Moti?" she repeated.

"Haan, thodi," Preet admitted. "It's not a bad thing, but I thought I'd mention it."

Meher picked up a pillow and flung it straight at her husband's face. He yelled in surprise.

"Preet," she said sweetly. "Bhag."

12. I am not allowed to call any woman fat.

"But I don't get it,"
Preet complained to Nonee as they strolled down the street. "What's wrong with being honest? I thought women liked honesty!"

"Not about this,"
Nonee cried, exasperated. "You don't tell someone they're fat. End of story."

"But what if they ask?"
Preet continued. He gestured to a couple of girls walking ahead of them. "Like say, I mentioned to her that those jeans made her look big, when she asked. Why would she get annoyed with me still?"

Said girl had overheard Preet's offhand comment and had looked down at herself in horror. Her friend tried to calm her down, but it was to no avail.

"Shifali," her friend called out as Shifali spun on her heel and walked back towards Preet and Nonee. "Don't! Shifs!"

Shifali got into Preet's face. "These jeans," she spat. "make me look fabulous."

Preet squeaked. "Okay."

Shifali nodded, and turned back to her friend, who looked as though she did not know where she wanted to hide. "Chalo, Zahra."

Preet swallowed. "I will never call someone fat again," he vowed.

11. I am not allowed to pay someone to be the other woman in Nonee's relationship.

"Chuck, darling,"
the woman cried, draping herself around Nonee's rich angrez boyfriend. Said boyfriend looked equal parts intrigued and exasperated. Nonee just looked pissed off. Preet hid his smirk.

"Where have you been?" the woman continued, playing with Chuck's hair. Chuck looked at her dispassionately, having taken in Nonee's fury.

"I'm sorry, have we met before?" he drawled.

The woman flushed angrily. "Met?" she repeated, before the annoyance cleared from her face and she grinned charmingly. "You could say that." She raised an eyebrow. "But if you have forgotten, we could get," she trailed a finger down his chest, "reacquainted."

Chuck carefully disentangled the lady's arms from himself. "Or you could leave before I file a restraining order."

The woman took a step back. "I'll leave then," she glared at Nonee, who had possessively gripped her boyfriend's arm. She shot what she thought was a seductive look to Chuck. "You can find me at the bar of the hotel, if you want anything."

The second she was out of sight Nonee whirled around to face Chuck. "Why in the hell was Vanessa Abrams propositioning you?"

"Nonee, sweetheart, I'm Chuck Bass,"
he smirked. Nonee hit him on the chest and he winced.

"Well, Chuck Bass," she seethed. "You can go back to Vanessa then tonight. I'm sure her company would be more desirable."

Chuck stood stunned for a second as his girlfriend stalked off, before sauntering after her. Preet silently congratulated himself on a job well done.

It is safe to say he was very much disappointed when half-an-hour later Nonee returned on the arm of Chuck Bass, giggling at something he had said. Meher twisted his ear slightly and told him that he was not allowed to hire a girl to try and break his best friend's relationship.

10. I am not allowed to pay someone to be the other man in Nonee's relationship.

"What on Earth?"
Chuck Bass had never been as stunned in his life as he was in that moment. "Nathaniel, what has gotten into you?"

Nate smirked at his lifelong best friend. "I was bored, got a call, and figured, what the heck."

"So you decided to insinuate that we were having a relationship, in front of my girlfriend?"
Chuck asked incredulously.


The brunette shook his head. "You really need to get laid."

It was at this inopportune moment that Nonee re-entered the room and heard Nate's reply of "Are you offering?"

She looked at the closeness between the two men, let out an unintelligible growl and turned around and exited the room. And walked in on her so-called best friend congratulating himself on a flawless plan.

Preet had to apologise to Chuck, grovel before Nonee and promise never to interfere with her relationship again. On the bright side, he made a new friend in Nate Archibald.

9. I am not allowed to go on a coffee-drinking spree with Nate.

Preet cried. Nate continued, "This is the sound of settling."

Their audience joined them with, "Pa-pa! Pa-pa!"

"I don't know the rest,"
Preet commented frankly after a silence that was threatening to become awkward.

Nate giggled uncontrollably. "Neither do I!"

"Maybe the two of you have had enough,"
the waitress that approached their table said slowly.

"You have a pretty smile," Nate grinned at the girl, who flushed darkly. Preet smiled at the love.

"Ah, the love," he said. The girl coloured again and turned and fled.

Nate pouted at her departure. "What did you do that for?"

"You know her name,"
Preet shrugged. "Plus she'll give us more coffee."

Nate tilted his head. "What's her name?"

"It was on her nametag,"
Preet made a face. "Meera, it said."

"Why speak Yoda, do you?"
Nate smirked. At Preet's confusion, he just shook his head. "Nevermind."

Preet called the waitress back. She exchanged a glance with the other waitress before cautiously making her way over. "More coffee please?"

"I don't think that's such a good idea,"
Meera hedged.

"Pretty name, pretty smile, pretty girl," Nate sighed, smiling up at Meera.

She blushed again. "I'll go get your coffee." She hurried away. Her friend approached the table and placed a paper in front of Nate.

"You're not Meera," he complained.

The girl raised an eyebrow. "No, I'm not. And you're cute, but not my type. More hers anyway. Which is why I'm giving you her number."

"Did you have coffee?"
Preet wondered. The girl spoke fast.

"I wish," she slumped slightly. "Meera doesn't let me drink on the job."

Preet pouted sympathetically. "That sucks."

"Radz, what are you doing?"
Meera poured Preet and Nate more coffee. While Preet gulped it down, burning his mouth in the process, Nate continued to stare at Meera, besotted.

"Complaining about the lack of caffeine I've been consuming. It's not good for me, this deprivation."

"Stop using big words and get back to work,"
the other girl ordered. The bell above the door chimed, and Meera shook her head when she caught sight of who had entered. "That will be the last cup of coffee you're getting today."

"And I'm going to be monitoring the amount of coffee you intake from now on,"
Meher scolded. Preet groaned.

Nate smirked and pocketed the paper Radz had kept on the paper. He would be making a call that night. He whistled happily, skipping to the tune as he trailed behind a sulking Preet and an annoyed Meher.

8. I am not allowed to encourage old aunties to hit on PB.

It was Kul Di's anniversary party, and everybody was busy. Heer Bhabhi was sitting in a corner, with Maa and a whole bunch of Maa's friends, all of them cooing over Bhabhi's baby bump. Harman Bhai was (much to Preet's shock) flirting successfully with Ashlesha. (And really, no one had seen that coming.) Bauji was having an exuberant conversation with someone or the other while Kiran Jiju was romancing KulDi shamelessly. Nihaal and Veera were missing, and Preet made a face at that, not even wanting to know where they were or what they were up to.

It was safe to say, that with everyone occupied - Meher had managed to get the kids to behave only because she promised to tell them a story - Preet was bored. Actually, scratch that. He was beyond bored.

And now? His eyes gleamed a little, and Aidan sighed a little when he saw this, retreating to a corner (and dragging Bhav with him, but no one needed to know that). Preet had a plan.

Five minutes later, Prem was surrounded by a whole bunch of old women from the neighbourhood, all reaching out to touch him. He yelped a little when he felt something brush his butt. Eyes wide, he looked down at the aunties.

"Toh, Prem," one bat her heavily mascara-ed eyes. "tum toh bohut fit lag rahe ho." She squeezed his bicep, and Prem panicked. Seriously, what was up with the aunties today? Where was his wife? Where was his mother?

"Ravjot Aunty," he stammered, "thank you?"

"Oi hoi, Ravz, yeh toh sharma raha hai,"
another winked at him. "Kyun Prem, inna laal kyun ho gaye ho?"

he squeaked. He cleared his throat and hastily added. "Woh, Heer mujhe bula rahi hai Asma Aunty, main bas," he gestured vaguely to one side and, evading their grabby hands, escaped.

Preet howled with silent laughter from where he stood, tears streaming down his face. He did not notice Prem spot him and narrow his eyes. He did not notice his PB change his course, realisation dawning on him. And he definitely did not notice PB stop in front of him, arms crossed.

What he did notice was the sound of a throat clearing. He looked up at the stern look on PB's face, and the raised eyebrow.

Abruptly, he stopped laughing.

"No," was all Prem said.

Preet pouted.

7. I am not allowed to encourage young girls to hit on PB.

When Prem found himself surrounded by a handful of young girls he recognised as his neice's classmates, he sighed.

"Uncle," little Rinki tilted her head slightly and pursued her lips. Prem had to admit that she looked adorable doing that, and that she would grow up to be a heartbreaker. But this was pass awkward and borderline creepy now. "aap bilkul," she stretched the word, cheeky smile gracing her face, "John Abraham ki tarah lagte ho."

Kimmie chimed, echoed by the other girls. He shook his head as Shabo added that John was hot, and Maddy giggled. Really, Preet sent children to hit on him? Children?

Shooing them off, easily enough, since they all adored Heer and could not wait for the new baby to be born, he went stalking off to tell his brother off again.

6. I am not allowed to hit on PB.

Preet tapped his fingers against his glass for a couple of seconds. It was fun seeing PB get so flustered, but PB had gone to Meher to get her to stop him, so now Preet was bored. Again.

He straightened as a thought entered his mind. Scanning the large crowded room for his older brother, he stood up and made his way over to where PB was taking a breather, away from people. A small smirk played on his lips when he saw how close PB was standing to some of the neighbourhood gossips.

"Jaan," he drawled, hooking an arm through PB's, "tu yahaan par hai?"

He heard a choke come from behind him and had to fight to keep his chuckles at bay. Prem simply looked at him in shock.

"Main kabse tumhara wait kar raha tha," he sidled closer to PB. PB, on the other hand, was struggling to get his arm back.

"Preet, chod mujhe."

"Par jaanu,"
Preet ducked his head next to Prem's, and Prem jerked back.

"No, Preet," his brother sighed. "Just, no."

5. Or HB.

When Preet settled himself into a chair next to Heer, an arm draped casually over the back of her chair, flowery praises flowing out of his mouth, Maa turned to him and raised an eyebrow.

He fought the urge to pout. Heer moved slightly to face him as he leant back in his chair and crossed his arms across his chest.

She pat him on the cheek a couple of times and soothed him with, "It's ok Preet, I'm sure you will find someone else to hit on."

4. Or anyone other than Meher.

Each family member and friend he approached simply shook their heads as he tried to unsettle them or get them to play along with his admittedly extremely cheesy attempts at flirting. Not even Nate was willing to play along, trailing behind the barista he had managed to snag a date with.

He came across his wife at one point, and she simply smirked with him. Giving in to the childish urge, he stuck his toungue out at her.

"Kyun jaanu," she purred, "koi mila nahi?"

He spluttered as it dawned on him just why everyone had so easily turned him away. Meher threw back her head and positively cackled as she walked away. Preet looked on after her.

"I love my wife."

3. I am not allowed to call myself a superhero and save people.

Nobody should have been surprised when Preet decided to jump out of his room wearing a cape and what looked like one of his father's old hats on his head and declare himself Supermegaawesomefoxyhot Man, saviour of small children and cuddly animals. Except for cats because they scratched.

He was allowed to carry on as he was for a few days, mostly because he stayed out of everyone's way and they had no complaints from the neighbours. Then they got a call from the lady who lived across the street.

Meher knew she really should not laugh. She knew that, and she was trying not to. But it was such an utterly ridiculous situation, and only her husband would find himself in such a situation.

Preet, looking extremely sheepish, and knowing full well what was coming, was stuck up a tree, the kite he had been helping take down lying on the ground.

2. I am not allowed to encourage anyone else to do the same.

Preet's desire to be a superhero was quashed, but that did not mean his love for them had subsided. So when Tannu and Vikaas and Rohan were spotted around the house playing at superheros (one was Queen T, one was calling himself BhootBuster and the last had settled on Snatch, and Veera should really not be allowed to let the kids watch televsion with her anymore), no one batted an eye. When they were joined by their friends, the household smiled indulgently and played along.

When the kids' parents came over to complain about the fact that their children never took their costumes off and were convinced they were actually superheroes, something had to be done. Preet refused to talk to anybody for a week after they forbade him from playing superheroes with the children. The three children joined him in the silent treatment towards the rest of the family.

1. I am absolutely and completely not allowed in the kitchen. Not to make toast. Or tea. (Not even to get water.)

Catastrophe struck each time any of the men stepped into the kitchen. This was a well-known fact in the Juneja household. Still, the men continued attempting to prove that they were capable of cooking, or at least making tea.

However, this was taking things too far. The first time, Preet had attempted to make food for his wife, he had managed to burn his hand and overturn the entire kitchen. The second time, he had been making tea for himself, not wanting to disturb Meher's rest. He had broken his foot, and the door. Harman was still the only one who knew how he had managed that. He had tried making toast for the kids' once. The toaster blew up. The kids' thought it was hilarious.

But this, Meher considered the house from where she stood next to Maa, this was insane, she decided as she watched the firefighters' put out the blaze that had spread throughout the left wing of the house.

"What were you even doing?" Veera asked increduously of her older brother.

Preet looked mournfully at his family.

"I was only getting a glass of water!"

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indiandoll89 IF-Addictz

Joined: 15 January 2006
Posts: 52770

Posted: 29 January 2012 at 11:46pm | IP Logged

Okay so I still remember the first time you sent me a snippet of it. I was so excited to read how you'd continue and what all the different rules would be :P

Tannu is adorable and Preet is even more adorable, but I mean really he needs to ask where babies come from? :P

Honestly Preet, writing a business proposal in lipstick, that'd be so smudged and all =)) Oh so one day I've decided I want to write someone a letter and seal it with a kiss, not sure why I had to share that =/

Stick figures =)) Preet's awesome dude. But I'm with him there, I can't draw to save my life =)) Oh wow a marriage proposal to a guy from Rishab, this is PRICELESS =)) Poor Adi *grins* It's bad that I find it totally amusing isn't it? But I mean who wouldn't =))

Oh and dude the post office rule is one of my favourites, like seriously it's so awesome =)) Ohh question, where in the world did you get all these absolutely inane yet ridiculously awesome ideas for the rules? :D

He locked Bhav and Adi in the office =)) I can't even =)) He's awesomeee. Awww I wanna be serenaded. Wait you already wrote me being serenaded =)) ignore mee

Using Nonee to help him match-make is utter brilliance ;P Oh wow Preet, calling ANYONE fat is the worst thing in the world, good going there ;P

Okay reading about Chuck makes me sad right now, so I'm not going to comment because...:( *cries* But seriously Nate *glares* idiot :P

Coffee-drinking sprees are amazing. You and I have got to do that one day okay? Okay :P We'd be totally high dudeee and hehe he thinks I have a pretty smile, he's not so bad himself <3 *blushes* (except not really but it's fun to type Big smile)

Nice job giving him my number, you're an awesome friend ;P Using Asma and Ravz as aunties =)) I don't even have an appropriate response to that =)) Honestly it just made me giggle when I read it late that night ;P

And Rinki, Kimmu, Shabo and Maddy as kids? That was so cuuutee <3 Honestly they sounded adorableee =)) *squishes them*

But really, Preet hitting on PB, not gonna lie, I absolutely loved it =)) It had me laughing outloud :P

But the last one, will remain the best. I mean really who does that for a glass of water? Only Preet Big smile

Awesome awesome shot Radzie <3 And of course, congratulations are in order for reaching your 50th! HugHug Here's hoping for another 50 ;P

Love you,


P.S. I got Shifali to read it earlier today! Big smile

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rainydays. IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
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Posted: 30 January 2012 at 1:08am | IP Logged
I died laughingROFL

My live reactions which you seemed to enjoy:

I read the first line and i love it alreadyROFL
Omg Radz it's so funnyROFL Lipstick?

I can't stop laughing ROFL I need a moment to calm down. This will take a while

21. I am not allowed to send a marriage proposal to another man from Rishab Rampal.

Banned from the post office ROFL Aidan had instigated the Junejas' to reinstall the rule that had kept Preet from inviting the Canadian hockey team from meeting Veera's first boyfriend. ROFL

18. I am not allowed to hire a band to serenade my secretary and claim it was my college friend's idea.

Poor Preet. Ttoo many rules *shakes head* ROFL

15. I am not allowed to call my pregnant sister-in-law fat.
Omg no wayROFL I can already imagine how that turned outROFL

"Of course not," Preet soothed. Meher dropped her head into her hands, knowing Preet was getting a kick out of this. "But if you're not careful, you will be, just like Maa."

11. I am not allowed to pay someone to be the other woman in Nonee's relationship.
Why would he do that in the first placeROFLROFLROFL

8. I am not allowed to encourage old aunties to hit on PB.
OmgROFL Nooo! why is that a ruleROFL Harman with AshStern Smile Wait wthStern Smile Ravjot aunty? Why am I an aunty Stern Smile

Really, Preet sent children to hit on him? Children? OmgROFL Why is he so awesomeROFL

6. I am not allowed to hit on PB.
whatStern SmileROFLROFL

Nobody should have been surprised when Preet decided to jump out of his room wearing a cape and what looked like one of his father's old hats on his head and declare himself Supermegaawesomefoxyhot Man,

But this, Meher considered the house from where she stood next to Maa, this was insane, she decided as she watched the firefighters' put out the blaze that had spread throughout the left wing of the house.

"What were you even doing?" Veera asked increduously of her older brother.

Preet looked mournfully at his family.

"I was only getting a glass of water!"
...HowStern Smile

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2012 at 3:52am | IP Logged
You probably don't know me, I'm NikitaBig smile. Joined this forum some time back.
I've read all the Meet OS's and FF's by you and your friends- they are simply excellent! And your 50th OS is no exception- too hilarious! Excellent concept and writing and I totally enjoyed it.
Keep them coming!

Edited by nikitagmc - 30 January 2012 at 3:58am

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-Fatima- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 January 2012 at 6:53am | IP Logged
me me me 'll edit asap & urgh my like button isn't working

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curledup IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 January 2012 at 1:40pm | IP Logged
hahahahahahaha I just can't stop

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shabo24 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2012 at 6:00pm | IP Logged

48: I looove PreMee! Love them! LOVE THEM Lurrrve them. ok, I think you get my point. You write them so well. I haven't read a shot in SO long or at least it feels like it but this one just reminded me of all the STUFF we used to spit out like what, two summers ok? Woah. I old. But yeah, I thought this song suited the characters perfectly. How many times exactly are we going to have engagements/sangeets/weddings?

49: This one calls for a continuation! Does he remember her? omg maybe he's still the original and she died in a freak accident and once they "meet" again, HE can die. *mind exploding* ahem. I loved it!

50: Preet is like the perfect character to write "25" or "50" shots on. siiigh. I miss him. And our fangirling moments. AHA PREET'S MANDIR. *dead* k on to the shooot,

I laughed so hard. Considering I'm on like 4 hours of sleep, that is quite a feat so congratulations. :P I can't even PICK one part I loved the most but I have to say, when Ravs and Asma were the aunties, I was in splits. & the fat sequence, that joke never gets old! Everyone always writes it so differently.

Thanks for writing all of these di! HugGreat way to relax for a bit and now I'm all yaad-ing the summer times. :P Hours wasted on IF? nbd. :P

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