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FF: Defeated By Love[AR]~Pt 4 pg18~ *No pm's* 28/4 (Page 18)

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Part 4


Armaan took the file in his hand looking carefully through it, analyzing her case for any flaws. He observed it clearly. A scowl appeared on his forehead as he observed things underlined, he has been analyzing this case for 1 long hour, finally he sighed …….."It is too complicated!!!!" He thought hard,



"She is suffering from 'Partial memory Loss Disorder..' and has been having attacks recently which is causing severe damage to her nervous system… "..Hmm…" He thought his pen in his mouth; a scowl was still visible on his face….."Nice case" He gets up from his desk strolling across the cabin and looks at CT scans that were kept in the file. He frowned seeing them "It's bad…" He whispered to himself. This case needs to be handled carefully.



"She is having attacks too as her brain tissue were damaged badly in the accident she had faced and she is putting lot of stress on her brain thinking about herself." He thought over it for a while, that was obvious; she would definitely do that as she doesn't remembers some events of her life. Smacking himself for his foolishness of not yet looking at her case history, he looked for her case history flipping through the pages but found it missing from there. He frowned…?? 'Where is it..?? It has to be here…!!!'



He looked around the cabin searching for the case history…, as it is really important to know what she had been through but it was missing here. Where is it..?? He searched through the room and finally found it juggled below his chair, he bends down and picks it up giving it a glance he furrows, she has been in this state for about four years now, He flips through pages and his eyes catches something, she was in coma for 2 years after that accident that had ruptured her nervous system….God only knows how she had survived, She had total of 2 attacks till now and she is still facing them, the main reason for it is that she is stressing herself trying to remember who she is….He furrowed. She has forgotten about 6 years of her life…right from the day she was found on the site in blood. When she had came from coma she thought she was in 1999. He grimaced how hard it would be for patients to cope up with themselves.



 Closing the file he sighed thinking what to do..?? He was suddenly feeling restless..Why..?? He didn't know…He just didn't. He was feeling like someone near to him was in trouble and was calling him. He grimaced remembering her. "Where are you Riddhima..?? You promised me that you would come, then why did you deceived me..why you didn't turn up??" He thought a lone tear escaping his eye…her thought leaves him restless…'where was she..??' reaching for his wallet he took out her photo that he always keeps with him, she was his life, He adored her feature caressing her face, her every feature through that piece of image. Feeling extremely dejected he sat on the chair feeling all miserable…"Why…"



Coming back to his senses after sometime, He kept the file aside and looked at the name on the file reading it.."Ritika Modi.." He whispered. Sighing he closed his eyes..Why am I feeling that something is going to happen why..?? Why is my heart beating so wildly…why..?? He thought hearing his heart beat getting restless and wild as if it will pound out of his place, out of his chest. Sighing he closed his eyes again waiting for patient to get ready.


"Sir Patient is out…." He heard ward boy whisper to him, getting up from the desk, sighing he picked up the file and went ahead to see his patient.


Armaan was standing at the door of ICCU looking at the ward boy. He hadn't entered still into the room. He turned the knob opening the door and gaped standing there looking at the girl on the bed of the hospital room.....He was shocked out of his life to see the sight in front of him..He couldn't believe??...He just can't, How can these happen how......???? He had just joined this hospital three days back and he is seeing her now. His heart pounds harder as her pale figure that was lying on the bed got immersed in his head…."What had happened to her..?? What..?? How can god do this to her…?? How..??" He was shaken out of his wits; He just can't believe that the patient that he was going to handle was her.



He was having expression of horror and extreme Shock on his face. He looked at the girl and went ahead toward her, his eyes moist from the relief to find her finally. How much he had missed him..?? His eyes ultimately became moist looking at her laying so lifelessly, her pale body covered with the white satin sheet. He grimaced seeing her. A sigh escaped his mouth.."Riddhima..?".



He felt her flinch and react to his voice. He looked at her admiringly tears flowing freely from his eyes now, he had tried to not cry, He had!! 'But how can he stop them?' He just can't.


 Finally after such a long time he had seen her here that too in this state. She was dying. But he won't let her die now….!!!


 He went ahead to have a proper look at her, he could see her head being bandaged, it hurts him to see her in this state, "but what could he do?? Destiny is playing this game with her…??" He frowned, 'how did she get hurt??' he felt immense desire to touch her, how much he had carved for her??, Only he knew it…!!!



Moving towards her, keeping his constant gaze on her face still, he touched her face trying to capture her image in his brain, he was finding it hard to believe that she was finally in front of him; "I wont let her go now..!!!"………….."I just wont…!!!" He thought determined to not let her go this time. He looked carefully; it hurts him to see her lying so lifeless on the bed, not moving!!!


  Moving his hand to reach her face, he touched her soft delicate skin; It was as smooth as it were 7 years before, he grimaced 'seven years' he had waited….He felt a chill run down his spine as his hand came in contact with her face. He sighed still he could feel the same way as he used to feel with her during his early days, instantly a smiled crept on his face as he thought about those golden day when he was with her, coming back to look at her he lightly caressed her face, tears brimming in his eyes again, but this time it wasn't the tear of helplessness, it wasn't the tear of immense pain, It was tear to happiness.



Feeling the cold sensation on her face, she flinched at his touch, Her heart beginning to raise reacting to his touch. Armaan beamed delighted as he saw her react again, He saw her fingers moving, He smiled looking at her. He heard a whisper.."Armaan…." Tears fell in a pool from Armaan's eyes finally finding its outlet he was desperately trying to hold it back but now he just couldn't let it be there. He was desperately controlling his tears but after listening to her sweet voice, they finally welled out.



Smiling at her, he caressed her face calling her, "Riddhima…?? I am here..Riddhima..??" He called her but she didn't react. He smacked himself for doing that, He should not talk to her, as it would be harmful for her, and she was in semiconscious state. She won't hear him. He admired her again, embedding her every feature deep in his heart. He gasped as he heard someone calling him. Turning back he found himself to be staring into eyes of a man who was around his age limit only.


"Excuse me.....????" Armaan heard him whisper around his back. "Who are you......????" He heard him ask.

"I am a Doctor.....!! "Dr Armaan mallik…" Abhi gasped instantly hearing that name and looked at him strangely thinking something in his mind…"Is he the same man…??" He thought, giving away his thought he heard him continue….'There would be lac's of 'armaan…' he could be one among them…, He dismissed the thought…."i am going to take this case from now..." Armaan told him looking at him…"Who is he..??" What is he doing here..??" He thought looking at the mysterious man in front of him.

"I am mr Abhimanyu…She is my wife Ritika Abhimanyu Modi.." He heard him whisper making him gape in horror as realization struck him.



Armaan looked at abhi wide eyed, not believing it, How can he..?? He just cant…!! He loves her!! How can she marry someone else..?? a lump was formed in his throat as he thought about that mere possibility of her being married, of her being 'not his', He growled 'No…!!!' This cant be true..!! He looked at abhi who was looking at riddhima with such an awe, It hurts him to see someone look at her like this…'Is he telling the truth..??' His eyes roamed and got rested on the file that he was handling, His world fall apart as he saw name that was written on the file …. "I lost her..!!!" a helpless, shocked whisper came from him which was barely audible, it was not a question but a statement from him…his entire body was shaking wildly. He couldn't believe that she could deceive him. He just cant. "My Riddhima won't do this to me" That was a thought of a helpless man.



. He recalled what was written there…"MRs Ritika Modi…" A lone tear escaped his eye…"Riddhima…" He whispered looking away from the guy who was observing him. He wiped his tear with his sleeves; He won't fall apart, Not now at least..!!, getting control of himself he looked back at abhi smiling slightly, He was all worn out from inside, She was his life and she was not his now…!!!


"Are you alright..??" He heard him ask…'Why did he reacted that way??' He thought suspicious….'could it be…??' Neah abhi…?? What would he do here?? He is in India..!!'



"Yeah I am alright…!!! Let me check her." He told him moving toward her. "could you move out..??its against rule to be in the room when patient are being checked.." He told him, getting back to look at riddhima, "Ritika…" He corrected himself…instantly a thought came to his mind, 'Why did she change her name..? Doesn't she remember her name??' He thought taking her soft hands in his hard one, he sighed as his heart rose…'How will I leave without her?? I just cant..!!" He checked her tears falling again.




Armaan was sitting on his bed, he looked at the locket in his hand caressing her face, he sighed..'How could she do this to me..?" he was feeling like crying. But his heart was not letting him do that. He was having a slender hope that what he is thinking is not true..There could be some mystery. He closed the locket feeling light hearted now; His thoughts went to the day when he had seen her in the same state that he was in at the moment…, that day at "Shiney's Backyard for drunk out's"   



A Smile came to his lips as they curled lopsided, He still remembers all the detail of that day, How can he forget that?? It was the most important day of his life as he had met her and even got separated from that 'Sheela' He chuckled remembering the incident, It was full of fun. He drowned himself to past relieving himself from some pain.




'Night at turning point…'


Armaan looked at sheela, she was standing feet away from him looking at him, there was smile on her face. He looked at her, "Why is she smiling so much??" He thought growling, "What does she thinks?? I am going to propose her?? 'Stupid girl??' " He thought talking with himself he made his mind, I have to do this today.., He looked at her, she was looking at him expectantly. "Awwww..He is going to propose me..!!" she thought and jumped instantly at the thought of the most hot guy of the college proposing her. She looked at him waiting for him. 'come-on armaan remove that hand from pocket now..I want to see that Solitaire ring." She thought to herself.


"Its Over sheela…" He told her looking at her, he was scared somewhat, as he had spended huge amount of time with her and she was looking expectant to him, but what could he do..?? I just cant get that spark that I need, that I am waiting for?


Sheela heard him, her smile left her lips and confusion took over her face, she looked at him strangely "What is he talking about?" she looked at him; he was not looking at her instead looking down. Confused she thought "is he talking about exams…."she asked him…"What over Armaan?? I know that exams are over, its long time that exams got over..and we had even started with classes again…way back…" She told him chuckling at his humor, she was relieved a bit, It was not like she didn't understood what he did tell her, but she cant believe it. "How could anyone??" "is it that simple for him…??" Yes deep down she knew what that ' It's over' was intended to. But she couldn't bring herself in terms with it. She looked at him expectantly dreading the thought that was creeping through her mind. "No he wont do this to me…He Loves me..!!"


Armaan looked at her horrified, "what did she think of herself..?? Doesn't she get a single thing..??" He groaned looking at her.


"Sheela…Its over…We are through with it..What ever shit we had between us…!!" He told her right on her face, and sighed as he saw her gape looking at him horrified. "Why cant these girls take it lightly..?? It is not that hard..Look at me I have done it so many times…!!"


"How can you say that??" She asked blazing at him.


"What how..?? I don't love you now…That's it..It's that simple…!!" He shrugged his shoulder looking at her horrified face. "why can't they just believe it??"


Sheela looked at him her face red with anger…"how could he say that??" she desperately tried to cool herself, she has to be cool so that she could save this from going any further, 'he might be confused..'She thought.


"What do you mean by that Armaan??" she asked him blazing from inside. "How could you say that you don't love me…?" She told giving stress on each word she spoke…."We shared so much with each other…you are just confused" Sheela said and advanced toward him trying to hold him.


Armaan looked at her and shrugged his shoulders 'Why does she want to make it so difficult for me?? Cant she just face it…??'  He thought looking at her, removing her hand that was resting on his shoulder holding him, he moved back from her pushing her, making her move too by the force with which he jerked her hand away, "Yeah I know that we shared so much, but I don't believe that I love you  any more…." He told her and then sighed as he saw her not reacting still…'Holy Crap...' He thought….. 'can't they behave little sanely??'  



 "I mean that we don't connect much now….I doesn't feel that spark that I used to feel some time. You are not that girl for me… I mean I really like you, I adored you at some time but its different now, I don't feel the same way…I really like you, I do but…" as he was saying this he started to move toward her closing the distance, his hands stretched out for her so that he could hug her for one last time and just when he was about to hold her in his arms, she pushed him away and backed off.

"What do you mean by you can't connect…?? Don't you feel for me..??" she asked blazing at him, "or is it that you have found someone else to warm your Bed…HUH…?? Are you in love with some one else?" she asked him glaring then laughed, 'whom am I kidding…?? You never Love anyone…!! You just play with them.'

Armaan heard her tell that, He was mortified…"It was not always about S** and playing with their feelings, he is looking for that special girl who could make him go mad, there are many thing that make a relationship and break it…'S** is not the priority…or is it..??' He thought and then chuckled….She is just so cheap….He growled, 'she just doesn't understand….do her? She needs a piece of mind…'



"Its not like that Sheela…" He tried to reason with her. He didn't want to explode at her, he knew that it could be hard for her.


Sheela stopped him from telling any further, and glared at him asking,
"Do you love some one else, Armaan….answer me damn-it?" He heard her ask again. 



He thought to himself growling, "Girls…They are just impossible. Can't they take things lightly…?? I am telling her that I don't love her now, does that mean that I have to love someone else…???" He growled at her mentality…This is what he hates about girls the most…They just cant take things normally….."Is it necessary that you love some one or the other at every point of time?"


Keeping control over his rising temper he told her, "Sheela!! I know this is difficult for you, as you were involved with the most eligible guy of the college and I really did had a great time with you for this long days, you were totally awesome, very entertaining, we had good chemistry, but I don't feel same baby. We cant keep our self being involved with the past issues "we both are past now…Its over…ALL OVER!!!" , at times in life it's important to move on. You can't hold on to the past forever. And I do love…." He couldn't continue it further as he felt himself being rocked out of the world by her, he traveled depth of heaven and was brought back to earth as she slapped him hard.




"Don't….Don't you dare to say that you Love…That word sounds so cheap from your mouth!!!!" She blazed in anger and looked at armaan who was standing still in shock his palm resting on his cheek. He was looking horrified as if he would wake up in night haunted about those hands tearing his face like a punching bag. But the punishment had just begun.  There was many more to come.



"Don't you dare touch me…?? You scoundrel, Creep, Ba******"  She blazed at him in anger.



Armaan looked at her horrified, one thing that leaves him off guard was women in anger, looking at her with his hands on his cheek that was still red with that blow he received, He looked at her, his ears still ringing with  echoes of her slap. "What did you thought…?? You could do anything??" She groaned "You were cheating behind my back, weren't you?" She asked him in accusing tone.


 "Who is that Girl?? Tell me..!! i will kill that witch?" She asked him advancing toward him, she grabbed him by collar and pulled him toward herself glaring…., "What did you thought?? You would have fun with me and then Ditch me?? and I won't do anything??" she looked at him glaring…."You men are all the same, little scoundrels; Rascals always want one thing with a girl. Just S**. You take advantage of a girl whom you lay your eyes on and then not even hesitating to take her to your bed and then you would cheat on her too going with the next one….."



She left him and turned back. Armaan looked at her praying for his safety that she would go now as she was looking real angry….He was hoping she would walk off now. Instead she turned right in front of his face she stood with her eyes all blazing in anger and her hands pounded in fist, she poked her fist into his chest and spoke again. "Well, if you think I am going to cry or sulk over you that you left me, then you are mistaken Honey…as I am sheela" she told in her sugary voice, it was indeed a teasing tone, as if she was applying butter on his wounds then she would burn him alive….He heard her….."You are breaking up with me…?? Huh…?? Then hear me, I am done up with you and your Shits. I have never seen a more insensitive scum bag in my entire life so I am done with you, Through with you….," she turned to walk away, Armaan sighed relaxed a bit….but gasped as he saw her turn again and come right in front of his face and speak to him in blazing anger her voice roaring high……, fully concentrated on his face she spoke loud…, "WE ARE OOOVEEEERRRRRRRRR!". She spoke and hits him hard on his stomach and pounds her feet on his feet. Armaan cried in pain….his foot paining….




Armaan was strolling around the secluded road, he was little disturbed with what he had just faced some time back, He was humiliated by that sheela?. From that time he was drowning himself with Vodka's and beer's and here now he was walking on this secluded street of Mumbai at night late around 12:45 Am. His eyes suddenly caught look of something fishy. He stopped in his track to look what it could be?? It was late night.



Armaan edged toward the other corner of the street, He had left his bike at 'Hangshen Drunkyard'. He was nearing the spot that was catching his eyes, reaching there he gasped seeing someone lying there totally worn out. From the feature of the person he could easily make out that she was a lady in her twenties, slim, extremely fare, he could make it out from her hands that he could see and her figure. He narrowed his eyes at her, He wanted to know who it was?? Moving closer still he turned her up and was shocked to see who it was, a instant smile came to his lips looking at her, She was looking damn beautiful now too.



She was Riddhima….!! The Riddhima Gupta…?? 'The most beautiful girl of the college, as they all say…??'


"But what is she doing here??" He thought and then sighed telling god could he had given him a better moment to meet her and say hi. He neared his face to hers and looked at her goodly charming face, She was glowing in moonlight. There was an evitable spark on her face, he could easily make out that she was drunk, totally washed out. But even in that drunk state she was looking heavenly beautiful, mesmerizing, a huge gush of wind blew on them as a truck passed them making her hairs blew up in air landing on her face and his too….He sighed feeling those silky strands touching his face ever so lightly, He inhaled the sweet jasmine aroma of her fresh cold, silky hair, They were so silky and mesmerizing that he didn't wanted to free himself from that embrace of her hair, brushing off the hairs on his own face he looked at her, her face covered with the strands of hair too…, He gave in to the desire to feel those hair and even clear his view of her face, moving his hands closer to her perfect face, he brushed her hair off her face, He gasped at the sight of her, for the first time he had got a Proper look of her face, they were never been so close to each other, she always used to maintain her distance from him, looking at her serene face he could make out that she was heavenly beauty, God had made her so perfect. He sighed feeling restless, his heart was pounding hard, he looked at her, her eye was half open, and there was an amazing serenity in her eyes that just by looking into that eyes of her he could make out that she was completely nave at heart, he frowned as he saw dried tears resting on her eyelids, it pained him, he flinched, "Why was she crying…?? She is drunk too…?? She was Dating that guy Rahul naa??" he thought…. 'What is she doing here?? She doesn't look like that type of girl who would drink. He could see pain reflecting in her eyes, He groaned, "How could world be so cruel with this innocent lady that they could rob her off her simplicity, which was her only weapon. He looked deep in her eyes getting lost in their depth and serenity, but that simplicity was now only reflected in her eyes so that any man could be haunted by just the very thought of looking into those eyes. Her face which was so beautiful was now looking pale and sullen as he got view of that pain, but still in her worn out and disheveled state there was that glow in her face, she was looking radiant still.



She was so simple in appearance, she was natural beauty. If she wouldn't have been with that creep Rahul then he would have definitely being the person resting in his heart, He chuckled "Who am I kidding????" He had tried to get her, Yes get her, and to win her, but it didn't had any effect on her. She had despised him.



Looking at her face he was mesmerized, there wasn't a hint of makeup applied on her face, there was no doubt that she looked much more beautiful without make up than she did with that worthless junks.  ' He just cant understand why these girls applies makeup??' He chuckled then remembering something…it made him laugh, 'What about sheela without Makeup?? She would look as "witch" if she would remove that loads of make up she does. Coming out of the thought, he moved his hands closer to her face, to touch her soft cheeks, it were so smooth, he caressed them slightly making his heart flip. He could have been in the same state doing the same thing for ages as he felt so much at bliss by just his hands on her cheeks.



He was finding it difficult to move his eyes off her, his eyes caught hold of her lips, they were the perfect ones, well shaped, curled and the color of a light shade pink, in the chilling days of winter they were still dried. He had a urge to kiss her and wet her lips but he controlled and made himself to look away before he did anything to her.


He called her…."Riddhima….??" he sighed after observing her for several minutes as she didn't budge. He called again this time stroking her…"Riddhima…Get up…??" She didn't move still….The effect of vodka was making him restless and she was also on high so it was really difficult for him to wake her up. "What should I do??" he thought. He got a wicked idea but at next instant he cursed himself for even having that thought.



He slapped lightly on her face to wake her but there was no moment from her, she would have drunk for first time, So after a few seconds of reluctantly trying to wake her up by slapping her slowly, He thought of acting on his idea as it was only the way to wake her up this time. He looked at her serene face and without thinking twice he rocked his warm Lips on her cold ones. He beamed as he kissed her and she did react to by catching his lips too, she was damn good kisser, He could make it out from the way she was kissing him. Her lips caught his in an impulse of his action catching him off guard he didn't expect her to kiss back but she did, might be due to the effect of alcohol and before he could even think of leaving her she was kissing him back with more passion. Their lips were caught in embrace as it collided with each other and moved with unison, it did every movement that anyone could even think of, feeling the wave of passion hit him he pulled her closer on impulse by catching her from her waist and almost hugged her kissing harder, she landed right on top of him as he collided with rock flat surface beneath him taking her with him. A chill tingled through his spine. Somewhere at the back of his head a voice told him to stop, that this was totally out of place and completely indecent. But then my lips didn't want to move. They were unwilling to part from hers and her lips seem to be enjoying this as much as his. But finally he was thinking of parting from her right at that moment she parted his lips and kissed him hard catching him off guard totally as a fresh wave of passion hits him. He desperately tried to get on her top, but soon he found her lips leave his. He frowned and opened his eyes to look into the most captivating eyes of the girl Riddhima.


"You?? Ba*****  What do you think you were doing??" She asked blazing at him.



Armaan looked at her still mesmerized and answered in dazed state cheekily…."Nothing sweaty, just Kissing you….!!!"



Riddhima gawked hearing him, she couldn't believe that he could do that..?? 'He kissed me..??' she thought looking open mouthed at him in streak horror. She looked at him anger blazing through her eyes. 'How could he do that??'


"How dare you kiss me You moron…??" she blazed in anger at him. Here eyes all red.


"How could you go on kissing any girl like this?? If a girl is alone then it doesn't mean that you could do anything you desire to her, it doesn't mean that you have a right on her??" she blazed in anger at him.


Armaan gaped, "what is she telling??' it was more then enough he could tolerate that. He was helping her here and she was accusing him of kissing her. 'I was just waking her up.'  He thought looking at her offended.


"Hey Miss Listen!!, stop you crap right there!! I didn't have any urge to kiss you!! Why would i?? I am Armaan mallik…!! I was just moving from here and I found you lying here worn out, so I thought of helping you, as a fellow colleague in the college and you are accusing me of kissing you?? I tried to wake you but you didn't get up, so it just happened… " He told mortified.



She looked at him little embarrassed, but gaining control of herself she answered him back, "I don't care who you are mr mallik…as you call yourself…but if you found me lying here didn't mean that I am available to you?? Does it mean that if a girl is alone then anyone can lay his hand on her, She becomes your property? Does she come with a tag that says that you could try your hands on her?? 'As of you are concerned Mr Armaan mallik?'  she looked cheekily at him, "You will never be in my list…try as many times you can, you might have forgotten all the incident when you had tried to 'woo' me but the result was same and it will be the same…' She blazed at him.


Armaan looked mortified, He couldn't believe that she could tell all this, why is she so angry?? He thought, then chuckled telling himself, 'what would he do if I will kiss her??' He laughed.


'And yeah!! What were you telling me? You were helping me??' she asked him glaring still, if she got a chance she would kill him right away, She just didn't liked him and didn't wanted to face him today…not this day at least, she did had enough for the day, It was the worst day of her life, her eyes instantly became moist remembering the incident of the day. She didn't want to remember it. She was completely worn out, devastated. It was like she just loathed him. She looked at him with anger still in her eyes and blazed at him again not letting herself get cooled. "How was you planning to help me??" she asked him.


"I was…." Armaan tried to answer her but she was really angry and worked up with pent up emotions that was brimming in her making her go wild at him. She didn't let him explain anything, she continued shutting him off…"How did you plan to help me?? By Kissing me??" she asked glaring.


Armaan was mortified to core now. She has crossed her limits now. But in middle he had seen her lost in thoughts. That had caught him off guard…why was she so sad?? Did anything happen?? Why was she drinking?? Did she?? Did she break up?? Did she?? He thought looking at her, he had seen her fight with herself but his act was disturbed by her constant blabbering or cursing, it was as if she would not leave him today…He looked at her offended now…"Enough was Enough" She is going on accusing me?? Yeah I kissed her but that was just to wake her up..Nothing else…What did she think of me?? I don't take advantage of people…He thought…She needs to learn that.



"Hey Riddhima? Just cut the crap…if my memory allows me to remember, then you kissed me too…?? Why did you do that??" He asked her cheekily. "And as of my chance is concerned then no one..!! I mean absolutely no one can resist Armaan mallik." He beamed…"Look at you, you only proved that by kissing me. I was going to leave you but you found that kiss so hot that you couldn't control yourself and kissed me that hard." He asked looking at her as she was now looking embarrassed.

"Why did I kiss him??" She thought, Yes I had kissed but why? A voice came from inside her, "You were drunk Riddhima…You weren't in your senses." 



"I was not in my senses, I was drunk…" She answered him


Armaan heard her, "So I was also drunk…" Armaan answered back.


Riddhima looked mortified "What if he was drunk?? That doesn't mean he could kiss me? He is the one who kissed me, and I was not in my senses so I kissed him back…." She justified herself .


"So if you were drunk then it doesn't mean that you have gotten a license to kiss me, to think of me as your property….what were you planning to do??" she asked glaring…"if he was drunk then what?? That ba***** kiss me??" she looked offended, not at all pleased.



Armaan gaped hearing her, what does she thinks…?? I am not that cheap?? What does she think of me?? We are in same college? Doesn't she have little faith in me? He was mortified to core now, she had crossed all her limits. She was acting as if he was some jerk who picked up drunken women and then will sleep around with them? He had a little bit of self respect left too and she was playing with that. All girl are same…they never listen to you.



" Listen Riddhima…??? I wasn't planning to pick you up and take you to some motel and sleep with you, if that's what you are thinking and making a point here. I am not that cheap…!!! I was just trying to help you, just trying to wake you up…. If you want to you can believe me or you can go to hell. I don't care. Do anything you want." This made her loose her cool. Riddhima looked at him, What does he think??



Armaan saw her expression harden, he growled..."now what??" He heard her blaze.



"So you were trying to wake me up…?? Huh?? By kissing me?? Or you couldn't resist to taste my lips…you couldn't control your Bloody Hormones…you were trying to taste my lips to see how it would feel, would it be better then those numerous girls that you have laid your lips on…so did you thought that was the only way to wake me up…?? 'To kiss me??' or give me mouth to mouth or tongue to tongue which you were doing." She asked glaring in anger.



For a moment Armaan thought to just tell her that he was thinking exactly that, but he controlled himself.


"Listen Armaan…clean and clear…It didn't mean that if I break up with rahul then you have a chance with me? Just stay away from me!! Don't try your cheap ways on me; keep your cheap tricks to yourself." She blazed and left armaan behind shocked. "She broke with him…?? She was in so much Love…!!"


"Beeep** Beeep"



Armaan came out of his thought a smile still brimming on his face, it didn't left his face yet, yes he was crying when he was lost into memories, but it always makes him smile when ever he thinks about her. She is like that. His mind diverted to the pager that had ringed and disturbed him from his thoughts, "what a night that was??" He still remembers that Kiss, Its Taste and even her, how he had faced her after kissing her. Reaching for her pager he checked it and read…."Ritika got conscious…." He smiled, she is going to be fine now…then with a grim look on her face he looked at nothingness as a thought of losing her was beginning to haunt him again. He sighed getting ready to leave and left the house for hospital.



I have read about some of the scene in this Part in other Fic written by Farid. SO credit for some scene idea goes to him, Do read and comment guys....!!!! But i havent copied it written it by my own....had reffered but...i just loved that scene!!!LOLLOLWink

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ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Clap

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