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~Armaan~#2~AR-FF-Pt30Pg144 NOTEP151(05/06/09) (Page 103)

Make-It-Pop IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 May 2009 at 10:18am | IP Logged
Awww itz kkk!!!!!!!
get well soon hun!

Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 May 2009 at 10:20am | IP Logged
Awww...sweaty Not well..!!!Ermm
We could wait dear, Get well soon and then update it...!!!

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kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2009 at 10:28am | IP Logged
(This part is dedicate to Rohit)

(Angad came back as he said in an hour ot two. He hugged two most important woman in his life and he hugged Armaan too they had become great friend in a short time.)

Angad(he asked Armaan):So when is dad discharging Ridhima?

Armaan:He said in two three hours

(Angad nodded)

Angad:I think we should go as Kripa needs rest

(Armaan and Ridhima nodded understandingly. They had noticed his concern about Kripa, he loves her a lot. After biding good bye. AK went to their home sweet home)

(While Armaan and Ridhima are sitting very close, ridzi is in armaans arm. Her hand is placed on his chest, right on his heart. She can feel that his heart is racing on the same speed as hers. She snuggled in his chest. Armaan is feeling that he is in heaven by having ridzi near him, in his arm. Well to say the truth he can't now too believe his ridhima is fine. He is very very happy to have her in his arms)


(Shashank and Padma met with all the family members, he told them Armaan called them here.)

Anjie(wondered loudly):But why did Ammi called you? and lately he is being hiself which is great but I can't understand why the called you guys and when did he called you?

(Shashank told them)


(Shashank came out from the surgery room and went in his cabin. He pick up his mobile as it rang and it appeared Armaan)

Shashank:Hi Armaan beta kaisai ho?

Armaan:I am fine uncle how are you?

(Shashank was still sad, he still can't accept the fact ridhima has left them)

Shashank(try to behave happy):I am fine

Armaan:Uncle can you come with Padma aunty, here in delhi by tomorrow morning, Ok now I have to go have an important errand to do, bye take care of yourself and aunty's.

(Armaan cut the call even before listening Shashank Answer or his bye. Shashank was left stunned, he has felt happiness in Armaan's tone and he is calling them in such a hurry Shashank is so shocked)


(Before someone inquired more, Rahul's mobile rang, he picked up the phone)


Armaan:Hello Rahul, did uncle and aunty reached home?

Rahul:Yeah but......

Armaan(cut in):Ok do take everybody and come at the address that I will SMS you

(He cut the phone, Rahul was left wondering, Armaan is behaving really strangely, he came out from hid thought as he phone beeped. He opened the message containing the address. He told everybody that Armaan has called them to a restaurant.)

(They were bewildered, they can't understand Armaan, he behaving really not his self, he is behaving really weirdly well expect for Atul who already knew why Armaan Is behaving this way. But they dismissed the thought as they think they will ask him later or maybe going at address given by Armaan will answer their question itself)

(They made their way to the restaurant. They even now too can't digest the fact Armaan firstly called Ridhima's parent here and now he called them here. And that too in hurry)

(They parked their car in the parking of the hotel and went inside the restaurant. When they entered in the hall, they noticed the lights are off)

Rahul:Why are the lights off?

Anjali:I don't know, but most important why did Armaan cal....

(She was interrupted by the light on and spot on a guy whose back was facing them. The guys turned and it was none other than Armaan with his million dollar smile shinning on his lips. He took the mike from the side)

Armaan:Hey guys, I am glad to see you all are here, I have a surprise for you, just wait here

(He went from there and came after few seconds with a girl in his arms, she was wearing red salwar kameez her face was covered with her duppata)

(All were shocked expect Atul who knew who the girl is and the devil girl who was shocked but at same time she was fuming in anger. The others thought maybe there is a girl in Armaan's life, they felt bad well it's true they wanted Armaan to move on but to see someone else on Ridhima's place hurt them)

Evil girl(think in anger:What the hell is he doing?, now who the new Bi*** is in his arms? Did I killed Ridhima so that he can have another girl in his life and this is another girl is me and no one else, I will kill her too, she messed with a wrong person.

(Armaan took the duppata off from her face. All were shocked in a good way well expect Atul and the devil girl. They just can't believe their eyes. They can't believe their ridhima is alive and stading in front of them, they all had tears of joy excpect one girl who had crocodile tears. Atul too was having tears of joy.)

(Armaan took Ridhima toward all the family, who were left stunned. All were thinking like they are seeing a dream a sweet dream, where they got back their Ridhima)

(Armaan and Ridhima were in front Shashank and Padma.)


(He was still uncertain, he thought that it's just an hallucination, imagination. But he knew it was reality when she nodded and hugged Shashank. Shashank hugged her daughter back, he was sobbing even Ridhima too, all the other were also crying seeing Ridhima back . Padma too hugged them. They all were overjoyed)

(Rahul, Muskaan, Anjali and Atul hugged her together like they used to do from their childood. Armaan was so happy to see them happy. He remembered his and Ridhima's talk)


(While Armaan and Ridhima are sitting very close, ridzi is in armaans armaan. Her hand is placed on his chest, right on his heart. She can feel that his heart is racing on the same speed as hers. She snuggled in his chest. Armaan is feeling that he is in heaven by having ridzi near him, in his arm. Well to say the truth he can't now too believe his ridhima is fine. He is very very happy to have her in his arms)

Ridhima:Armaan, I can't remember anyone expect you, why?

(she tilted her head to see his face. He reassuringly kissed on her forehead and looked in her eyes, she too looked in his eyes)

Armaan:Don't worry you will remember everything, do you trust me?

(she instantly nodded without hesitation, Armaan smiled)

Armaan:How about I show you our family member's photos, actually that's a good idea

(he took out his mobile and show her the snap of Anjali, Atul, Rahul, Muskaan, Armaan, Ridhima, Sapna and Amit, It was a couple photo )

Armaan:she is Anjali (as he points at anjali), he is Atul, he is rahul and she is Muskaan and the question about these two persons, I think you know who they are. Neither I need have to tell you about you or neither about myself. Ok she is Sapna and the guy next to her is Amit

(he kissed on her cheek, she slightly blushed)

Armaan:Even after loosing your memory you love me (he said cheekily) and you also blushed the same way at my touch.

(she blushed even more, her eyes fell again on this photo and she remembers

sap:Yes, I really enjoy and I met a guy too

rid:what's his name?


ang:is he hot?

sap nods and blush



(rahul sees at ridzi, she is angry now)

rahul:hey honey sorry, I know u wanted me to complete my studies in delhi but sorry na, I was missing both of u


ang:don't need to be embarrassed i am ur di i know everything (wink at her which make ridzi shocked) u can tell me everything and plus the think u should tell me u didn't i knew them from rahul, why u don't tell me the conversation of armaan and his friend?

ridzi:di i didn't wanted to make ur first day worse and it's ok i didn't get those comments first time but di i saw lots of changes in armaan

(he too joins them then atul comes)

atul:hey guys why u r hugging each other

(they broke apart)

rah:why we come in mumbai?

atul:of course to make realize to the idiot (he saw at ridzi she was angry) oh sorry to make realize to jiju his mistake

(they all laugh then atul too joins them ridzi doesn't say a word to atul, to ask him why he doesn't tell her if he already knew it, becoz she knew rahul forbade them)


rah:guys I forgot

muskaan:u forgot me chimpazee (rahul is taken aback) did u found someone else

rah:muski u r calling me chimpazee

muskaan:to kiya baloun, u forgot me after coming here

rahul:no muski, i just forgot to told them about u, otherwise i miss u everytime with every single breath, I love u


ridzi(still blushing with a smile):actually dad I told ammi about the engagement and he said....

shashank(impatiently):and he said?

ridzi:He said yes

shashank:that's a very good news ridzi

(her father hugged her, angie too and her mom hugged her too)


(ridzi(panicked):yeh break kyon nahi lag rahi

(she tried again and again but all in vain. Her car loose the control and she was near a bridge near water.)

ridzi:pls baghwan jee, help me

(by now she had tears in her eyes, she is remembering Armaan, she is afraid. Her car bang again barrier and her car fell in the sea)

(Ridhima came out from her thought as Armaan called her name. He noticed she was panting and breathing very heavily)

Ridhima(still panting):Hmmm?

Armaan(concerned):What happened?

(Ridhima tilted her head and looked at him with a smile)

Ridhima:Thanks Armaan because of you I remember everything, thanks

(He smiled he was glad to know she remembered everything but angry as she said him thanks)

Armaan(in romanctic tone):Did anyone say thanks to themselves

(Ridhima shook her head and hugged him)


(Armaan looked at them and smiled, they still were hugging her, they weren't able to believe it. They were so happy)

(Rahul said looking at Armaan, he was really emotional at this moment)

Rahul:Armaan, you were always right, Ridzi was alive your believe was true. It's your love who brought her back to you.

(Rahul hugged Armaan tightly. Armaan hugged him back. Armaan sighed happily thinking all were over the moon seeing ridhima here even he was in the same category, he too can't believe that Ridhima is there)

(By then Angad, Kripa. Shubankar too have to come but he will be late as he had an surgery. Everybody greeted them as Angad introduced Kripa to them. Angad hugged Ridhima)

Angad:So Ridhima how are you feeling to have your family back?

Ridhima:I am feeling really really happy but (she made a sad face) I am sad as I will have to leave you guys.

Armaan:Ridhima don't worry, I will take you here whenever you want and then they too came meet you whenver they want, so no need to be said jaan

(Ridhima blushed. Everybody expect Armaan and Atul looked questioningly when Angad hugges Ridhima and Ridhima said that she will have to leave them)

Rahul:Ridhima did you know them

(She nodded and then Armaan told them how they saved her and took her their home. How they easily accept her in their house, family and hearts. All were very emotional)

Shashank:Angad and Kripa, If it weren't you then Ridhima wouldn't be with us, thank you

Kripa:Uncle, koi apne se bhi thanks kehta hai kiya?

(Shashank shook his head and hugged her and Angad like a father. Armaan changed the topic to bring out everyone to he emotional atmophere)

Armaan:Ok Ok, enough of emotional stuff, how about some fun

(everybody smiled well as usual the devil girl who was fuming in anger it was like she will explose in a minute but she is great actress, she didn't let appear it on her face.)

Hey guys,
As u know I am not well and I wrote it and I think this part was the worst part I ever wrote, I think I create a great mess, I felt I didn't describe their emotion as I wanted.
Well do leave your comment, good or bad, all most welcome.
U can give me suggestion if u want any improvement in this part, well I think this part needs lots of improvement.
Anyways I will PM everybody later as I have no strength in me to do it, so please bear with me.
Have a good day.

PS:I was meant to write this on the first place but my head wasn't at place yesterday. So I was saying This part is a for Rohit as his birthday is in three days and secondly to my little sister whose birthday is on 4th may mean today.

Love you all<333

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Rohit86 IF-Rockerz

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First thing first Sorry for being late. 'Yup....**' Taking my sorry back...No sorry's no thanks!!TongueWink
That was great part dear, she met with her family, that was sweet.
I Hope that girl doesn't do something now...!!! Glad that she remembers.
Loved all their cute bondings.
Really nice part. Loved their belief they have in eachother.

Thank you for dedicating it to me...!!!

Love ya Loads


Edited by Rohit86 - 09 May 2009 at 11:17am
spln IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 May 2009 at 10:54am | IP Logged
hey kashish... so shes got her memory back and they have all met... :) nice part, update soon...

ps: take care of your health hun...


Xiahtic-5 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 May 2009 at 10:55am | IP Logged
Hey Kashish,
nice part yaar finally she met her family,
who is this devil girl hm,
i loved it everybit of it i was superb amazing,
dipu Goldie

Joined: 22 March 2009
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Posted: 03 May 2009 at 11:12am | IP Logged


good update yaar....

liked it...

and most imp take care of yourself.....

and update whenever u feel better.....

Make-It-Pop IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 May 2009 at 11:12am | IP Logged
Awww yay!!!!
she got her memory back...
nd now she reunited wid ehr family.. so cute...
I seriously loved the part...
Nd every1 was crying after seeing her... so sweet...
Great part Kashish.... it's not bad at all..
bahh whoz dis evil girllAngryAngryAngry 
hope she dont come between AR!!!!!!!!!
plzzz cont. soon hun!!!!!!
Luv SAZ!

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