Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH 18th March 2009 - Written/Video/ Pic Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update
For 18th March 2009 (Episode 48)

Video/Pic Update - Nipun97

to add

Written Update
Hey Guys... OMG I have broken my finger...seriously
I slammed it in the car door yesterday...
I have a pink cast around it...soooo cool!!!

Mohit ROCKS!!!!

Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....

Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.


Badi asks Vish about the rituals and Vish nods and walks off. Badi looks worried as she prays.  Raj dials a number. He covers the speaker and turns to Gayatri. He says that he feels that sometimes because of there love for Naitik they become too weak. Vish walks over to the phone and answers. Raj and Vish greet eachother. Vish asks whether everything is ok. Raj laughs and tells him that everything is fine. Vish asks him why he called. Raj explains that it is important as the alliance has joint and asks about the rituals. Vish covers the speaker and tells Badi that he wants to talk about the rituals. Badi gets worried. Vish asks him to continue. Raj explains that there are a few problems. He explains that the rituals will be done to Gayatri's rules as he doesn't do anything before her consent. Raj explains that there is a Guru Ji whom told Gayatri that the shouldn't conduct any rituals for a few days. Vish turns to Badi and explains what Raj had said. She happily nods at the news. Raj asks him if its ok. Vish says that it is fine and that they only have one daughter so rituals will happen on the right days. He explains that he won't plan anything without there consent. Raj tells Vish to give Akshara there Love. They put down the phone.

Raj turns to Gayatri agrees that she managed to get him to lie. He explains that they should be grateful as they believe him. Vish turns Badi and explains that he is happy that they asked for time. Badi thanks god. Raj asks Gayatri why she believes he agreed. He explains that he loves Naitik as much as she does and that is why he agreed. Vish explains that he can't see Akshara upset and that he loves her alot and knows Badi does too. He explains that it is about the rest of her life.

Akshara is pacing around her room. Akshara turns to Varsha and explains that Vish and Badi may hve given her time but she is can't decided. She asks Varsha what she will say when they come and ask her. Varsha tells her to take her time and its about the rest of her life. Varsha tells her that Naitik aint that bad. Akshara explains that she is still confues at the fact that the day before he left in a bad mood and they argued so much and still he said yes.

Mohit explains to Naitik that he is confused at the fact that he agreed to marry Akshara after all the things he had said. Naitik explains there are somethings that he won't understand. Mohit asks him whether he thinks she will say yes. Naitik replies that she will say yes and he just wants to hear it from her.

  Akshara explains to Varsha that she wants hear the reason why Naitik agreed to marry her. Varsha reminds Akshara about how Badi and Dadi had to hide everything from Vish. Akshara explains that she won't agree until she finds out why she agreed and that she need to talk to him.

Naitik explains to Mohit that he needs to talk to Akshara. Mohit asks Naitik whether he has gone crazy and that has he thought what her family will say if he called. He suggests that they may feel and and that they may not let him talk. Naitik wonders how he will get to talk to Akshara. Naitiks asks Mohit what he can do for him. Mohit tells Naitik that he need sometime to think. He asks whether he has Vish's number. Naitik asks him whether he wants to get him killed. Mohit agrees that its a bad idea and ask who elses lives in the house.

Shaurya enters Akshara room holding the phone. He asks Varsha whether her Bua has a son and tells her that they want to talk to her. Shaurya confused asks her what cousins are these that he hasn't met and passes the phone to Varsha. Mohit tells Varsha that he is Naitiks friend and tells her not to cut the line. Varsha looks confused. She looks and Shaurya and Akshara and then smiles and asks him how he is. She smiles and Shaurya and he leaves. Varsha turns to Akshara and tells her that its Naitik's friend. Varsha asks him why he called and asks him why he lied. Mohit explains that he had no other way and that Naitik wants to talk to Akshara. Mohit explains that Varsha is the only one that could do this. Varsha hands the phone to Akshara. Akshara says Hello. Naitik smiles and says Hello. They both stand in silences. Naitik explains that she must have heard that he has agreed to the alliance but it's not a whole yes. He explains that he has learnt that she doesn't agree straight away and that she argues well. Naitik explains that since that day he has wondered whether her answer is a yes. Akshara stands in silences. Varsha reminds Akshara that she need to ask Naitik something. Akshara turns to Naitik and tells her that she need to ask him something. She explains that she doesn't understand why he agreed to marry her and that after the other day when he was angry at her she thought it would be a no. Naitik explains that he wasn't angry at her. Akshara explains that she thought he thought that she argued alot and that she was horrible. Naitik explains that he didn't think that and that he actually really liked her and since then he has been thinking about her. Akshara cuts the phone. Confused, Varsha asks her why she Cut the line.


Naitik stands there talking into the phone and then he realises the line is dead. Mohit laughs so that is why you are Fida over Akshara. Naitik asks him why she cut the line. Mohit suggest that it might has cutted and that he should call her back. Naitik explains that he feel that she may have not liked it. Mohit takes the phone and is about to call back when Naitik tells him that the one that cut the call should call back.
 Mohit replies that if he continues like that they will never get to talk and suggest that she may have blushed after hearing what he had said. Varsha asks Akshara why she cut the call and is about to call him back when Akshara tell her not to. As she says that the phone rings. Varsha puts it on loud speaker. Mohit asks whether it is Akshara. Varsha replies that it is her and asks him what Naitik said to make Akshara nervous. Mohit explians that he said what he has wanted to say for ages. He explains that Naitik is Fida over Akshara and that he is waiting for yes.  He asks whether Akshara has said yes. Varsha asks Akshara. Akshara smiles and then covers her face. Varsha explins that it is a yes. Varsha puts down the phone. Mohit looks upset. He turns to Naitik and very quietly replies that it is a yes. Naitik looks upset. Mohit shouts that it is a YES. Naitik smiles and they both hug. Varsha and Akshara hug.

Vish is sitting in the living room. Badi congratulates him as Akshara has agreed. Everyone hugs eachother. Shaurya is about to hug Varsha and then looks at everyone. He feeds Varsha some ladoo. Badi tells Dadi again that Akshara said yes. Dadi explains that now they have to make preperations after all she is the mother of the bride and that she needs to make sure that she gets everything right. Badi tells Dadi that she will need her help after all it is her first time. Choti tells her that they will all help. Vish tells Badi to call the Pundit Ji as they need to fix days and see when it will be best to do the rituals. 


The pundit sits and makes calculations. Datta Ji asks him which date will be best. The pundit explains that any date will be ok. Bhabhi Maa asks Gayatri if everything is ok. Gayatri tells her that everything is fine. The pundit suggests a date and asks everyone if its ok. Gayatri explains that the date is too near and that they have a lot to do. Raj asks whether there is another date. Reshmi, Naitik and Mohit arrive. Reshmi tells Gayatri that Akshara has agreed. Raj tells him that the week following will be fine. Datta asks him whether there is a problem. Gayatri explains that the 30th will be fine. Raj agrees and that there is no other good date. Pundit is about suggest one but Raj says that the date is fine.

Badi kisses Akshara on the forehead and tells her that she hopes that Akshara will always smile like that. Badi calls Varsha over. Badi explains that Varsha is very lucky for the family and since she has come into the family only good things have happened.

The End

Pre Cap
Reshmi explians that Naitik has been waiting for ages.
Varsha tells Akshara that she thinks she should go.
' Its sooo Romantic.....'   

Pressing the thank you button or commenting would make me as happy as Payal!!!


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Thanks a lot
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Thanks a lot
Well cute episode today
Can't wait to watch it..Thank You...x
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thank u so much for this beautiful update dearSmile
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thank you waiting to watch this cute episode thanks
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omg this is sooo exciting!!!!!! i have to watch the ep. thanks for the update :D
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Thanks bunches for the awesome update Simmie! Smile
Sorry to hear about your finger hun, hope it gets better.
Today's epi was very nice indeed.
Naitik and Akshi were cute. I'm so happy that Naitik expressed his feelings to Akshi, very adorable. Lolz and Akshi was very cute when she blushed. I'm glad she's not confused about him anymore. Big smile
Mohit & Varsha make awesome cupids! They're such great best friends! Love both of them! Tongue
And the little cute ShaVa moment was cute too! Lolz it was sweet when they were about to hug and the way Shaurya fed Varsha on the sly. Too cute! Embarrassed
Can't wait for tommorrow! It'll be great to see NaKsh spend some quality time together before they get married.
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i love this show... its soo cute =P

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