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AR FF: ~*Woh Lamhe*~ note pg150* (Page 41)

ksasi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2009 at 8:56am | IP Logged
jst read all the parts.
fabulous story.
continue soon.

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freezinme IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 April 2009 at 12:15am | IP Logged
Thank you guyss for liking the promo..ur wait wil be over soon as i wil be updating today itself.

@sasik - welcome to the ff sweety, m glad u liked it. Wil surely pm u my update Big smile

luv yaa
freezinme IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 April 2009 at 12:43am | IP Logged

Precap: Everyone forgot about the marriage took in the temple. Armaan and Riddhima both are busy in their respective hospital work. Padma's suggestion of collaboration with Sanjeevani, to this Ridzi goes there and adores herself in the one side mirror of Armaan's cabin.


Inside the cabin, Armaan, Abhimanyu and Sister Lovely were having their meeting when their eyes got stuck on the beauty standing outside while Armaan still having his eyes on his file. "What a beauty man" Abhi mummed to himself while Sister Lovely shocks to see Ridzi standing there making faces. "O ji.. riddhima ji yahan kya kar rahi hai..lagta hai woh mujhse hi milne aayi hongi". She quickly excused herself from there "Sir ji, mujhe abhi yaad aaya ki ek patient ki dawaai ka time ho gaya hai..main jaun ji unhe dawaai dene??" She looked at Armaan hoping him not getting angry. "Ji Sister Lovely, you may go" said Armaan politely. Again going back to his file "this quotation looks fine for this machinery..what to do think Abhi?" Abhi still having his eyes stuck on the magnificent looks of the lady outside. Armaan looks at him who was not giving any response and finds him lost. He shakes him a little "Abhiii..Abhii.. main tumse baat kar raha hoon" said Armaan but feeling a bit frustrated  as he got disturbed.. "kya haii" he shouted.

Armaan looks at him confused.. "dhyaan kahan hai tera..main tujhse itni important deal discuss kar raha hoon aur tu hai ki dhyaan hi nahi de raha" He again finds him lost and decides to see where he was looking. His eyes followed where Abhimanyu was looking straight to the door and finds Sister Lovely departing outside the door and chatting to a girl who has just faced backwards. He gives a sigh.. "yeh bhi na kabhi nahi sudhrega" He stands up next to him and gives a jerk "Dr. Abhimanyu..yeh kya kar rahe hain aap" he shouted loudly giving a shudder to Abhi and he vigorously looks at Armaan with a fright in his eyes. Looking at this, Armaan gave a loud laugh, hitting on his shoulder, he said "main toh mazaak kar raha hai Abhi..waise tera dhyaan kahan tha" he asked him sweetly. Relaxing a bit Abhi answered "Woh to bas uss hot chick ko dekh raha tha" pointing towards the door.."hmm..toh ab?" Armaan asked him pleasantly "pata nahi… kuch toh baat hai yaar usmein..should I go and ask her out?" asked Abhi to confirm. "ohh… Dr. Abhimanyu Modi ab ladkiyon ko date karne se pehle mujhse poochenge" pulling his leg Armaan smiled. "Very funny" Abhi answered. "Chal ek kaam kar..tu yeh files dekh tab tak main usse pata kar aata hoon" saying this Abhi winked at Armaan giving a very naughty smile. And before Armaan could say anything further Abhi went from there.

Sister Lovely tells Riddhima to come with her to the cafeteria where they can talk easily and Ridzi agrees.

At the caf, both took few sandwiches and a coffee.

L: Riddhima ji..aap yahan sanjeevani mein kaise?

R: Lovely ji, aapko to pata hi hai aaj kal main papa ke sath Starship mein hoon

L: hanji, aapne bataya tha mujhe

Ri: ji.. toh hum log Sanjeevani ke collaborate karne ki soch rahe hain, but we all don't know much about it..isiliye main aapke paas aayi hoon..aap mujhe help karengi na

L: haan haan Riddhima ji yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hai..

Ri: Lovely ji.. aap mujhe bataiye yeh kaisa hospital hai, yahan ke doctors kaise hain?

L: Ji.. Sanjeevani ek bahut hi acha hospital hai, bilkul hi apna.

Ridzi looks at her with a surprise

Ri: apna..matlab.!!

L: Yahan pe sabhi doctors, junior's se le kar owner's tak sab log bahut hi ache hain. Yeh sab dil se sabka treatment karne mein believe karte hain. Yahan tak ki kuch patients ko Dr. Mallik ne U.S. bhi bheja hai unke treatment ke liye on his expense.

Riddhima was over-whelmed listening to this. Her eyes got moist.

Ri: mujhe nahi pata tha..aise doctors abhi bhi exist karte hain.

L: ji Riddhima ji.. yahan ke doctors especially Malliks, unko to sab patients bhagwaan jaise maante hain

Riddhima was touched with this.

Announcement: Sister Lovely, Nurse station pe report keejiye

L: Acha Riddhima ji.. ab mujhe jaana hoga.

Ri: thank you Lovely ji..aapne meri sach mein bahut help ki hai.

L: No problems ji

And they both go from there.

Going back to where she came from, Riddhima again passed back Armaan's cabin. This time Armaan wasn't in his files, but was glaring the sight outside. He notices a girl passing from there. He could only see her half face and then his heart beated profoundly. "It may be her, no can she be its not her offcourse.. Stupid Armaan tu kuch bhi sochta rehta hai..its not her.."Armaan's thoughts clashed with themselves when he decides to go out and take some fresh air.

On the other hand, Abhimanyu sees Ridzi going outside Sanjeevani; when he intentionally goes there and bumped in her. All the files in her hand fell down but she manages to balance herself. With the guiltiness she said sorry, may be it was her fault. She bends down to collect her files, when Abhi too helped her saying "Don't was my pleasure". Ridzi felt weird about what is he saying, moving upwards she shouted

Ri: Excuse Me Mr. what do you mean?

Abhi being the naughty guy continued his flirting, taking few hair strands away from her face

Ab: My my.. a girl with so much of attitude.. I am impressed. Mujhe aisi ladkiyan bahut pasand hai.. By the way I am Abhimanyu Modi and you are?

Ridzi gives him the stern looks

Ab: and you are beautiful..Miss.

Ri: tum jaise ladkon ko main ache se jaanti hoon.. stay away from me warna..

She snapped her fingers in front of him due to which he got hurt, none of the girls have ever replied to him like this. He holds on her hand tightly

Ab: achaa.. toh tum mujh jaise ladkon ko ache se jaanti ho na..kyu na main bhi dekh loon tum jaisi ladkiyon mein kitna dumm hota hai

Ridzi in full anger Angry

Ri: haath chodo mera.. how dare you..

She started to sweat when his grip on her hand tightened and find him getting closer to her.

Ab: aur na choda …

Before he could complete his sentence, he got a big punch on his face. He looks at the person who dared to punch him, but it was Armaan. He gets shocked when he sees his best friend hitting him on his face for any unknown girl.

Ridzi was very frightened; she had never got attacked like this before. Then she slowly sees the person who helped her, but it was the most shocking sight for her when she found it was Armaan. He was actually there to protect her. She could not believe her eyes, her past THE ARMAAN is back in her life??..

Whereas Armaan was in his full temper, he cannot see anyone hurt and but to the worst Abhi was hurting no other girl but Riddhima, his love.

Abhi questioned his best friend..

Ab: Armaan.. tune mujhe maara woh bhi iss good for nothing ladki ke liye??

Armaan's temper rose hearing those words. He snatched his hand and stood in front of Ridzi

Ar: (shouted as loudly as possible) Zabaan sambhaal ke Dr. Abhimanyu Modi.. Yeh meri WIFE hai

And to the lord, listening to this Ridzi shivered to her spine. She stared at Armaan, as in after her denial also he considers her as his wife??

So as Abhi was confused Confused

Ab: WIFE??

Forgetting everything, he cooled down and cleared himself

Ab: Armaan.. as per I know you are bachelor. Right?

Realizing of what he just said, Armaan shuddered. He looked at Riddhima, who looked bewildered. Her teary eyes were asking many questions but her lips kept silent. Her shivering told him how much scared she was and gazing back to Abhi

Ar: Mujhe iss baare mein koi baat nahi karni hai.. You may please leave from here.

Armaan said while putting his hands on his head realizing, he again has committed a mistake and hurt her by calling her his wife in front of everyone. He didn't knew how it came out, he even almost forgot about that incident, and he knew Ridzi does not consider him as her husband, then how can this thing came out of his mouth.

The answer to this was - his heart has already accepted her as his wife, his love for life. When in anger, he said what his heart asked him to say, not seeing if he was hitting his best friend, not seeing if was calling her his wife without her approval.

"I am really sorry to what just happened" Armaan said to make her feel better. Ridzi just gazed down to the floor as still she was shivering with fear. Seeing her this state, Armaan asked her with a very concerned voice "Main aapko ghar chod doon" Listening this, she slowly looked upwards with her moist eyes and slowly said "Nahi, I will manage". "Dekhiye mujhe sach mein bahut burra lag raha hai jo aapke sath abhi hua.." with the anger in his eyes "Main Abhi ko kabhi maaf nahi karunga iske liye magar.." Having her so much of concern and care Ridzi over-whelmed. He was ready to fight with anyone who so ever tries to hurt her. Armaan continued seeing her face was getting relaxed "Lekin.. main apne aap ko bhi kabhi maaf nahi kar paunga agar aapko kuch ho gaya toh.. isiliye keh raha hoon..pleaseeee main aapko ghar chod deta hoon" Ridzi heart was melting now, she could feel the pain in his voice for her.

She cannot believe her ears; a person in just the second meeting can make her feel so special. She slowly nodded her head, as she knew that she was very scared and does not have the guts to go back home alone. Armaan smiled, at least she trust him to this extent that she is allowing him to drop her. It was a pleasure for him, the very first time his love is going to sit next to him.

She followed him to his car in the car park, as he opened the door for her she appreciated "this guy has some manners. At least he is not those type of guys who does not know how to behave with ladies, specially like that male chauvinist pig Abhimanyu."

She silently sat on the seat gazing downwards squeezing her files closely. Armaan knew she was feeling uncomfortable, so he resolute to play some music.. "Aaja main hawaaon pe bitha ke le chalu Tu Hi Toh Meri Dost Hai.." Both were sitting in silence, mesmerising the music, when Armaan opted to break the ice. He asked ridzi very pleasantly in a way to tease her "waise..aapko pata to hai na humein kahan jaana hai" She glanced at him with puzzle and realize he offcourse he does not know where she lives, so she is meant to tell him the way. Looking at her perplexing in thoughts Armaan interrupted "nahi nahi..soch lee jiye itni bhi koi jaldi nahi the mean while we can have some ice-creams if you like" Hearing this ridzi amazed and gazed at him, how can anyone be so straight forward in flirting. He was checking her every expression from his eye corner "Nahi nahi.. agar aap nahi chahti to theek hai.. magar aaj garmi bahut hai" he said while gesturing his hand on his neck to show the sweat; . Ridzi realized, yes it was hot but how..then her eyes go to the A/C that was off and the windows were closed, so here is the heat coming from. She immediately turned the A/C on to which Armaan embarrassed. Ridzi had a huge smile on her face knocking out his all flirting in one go "toh armaan..ab bhi garmi lag rahi hai?" she asked notoriously to which her laughter burst.

Armaan was lost in her laughter, "wow..haste hue kitni achi lagti hai" his eyes twinkled with the can be easily seen how madly in love he was in with her. She snapped her finger in front of him "armaan..left from here". He realized he was driving so should just concentrate on that and immediately took left. In their conversation ridzi almost forgot all her fears as a cute smile was residing on her face. Now the ice between them was also melting, they were getting friendly minute by minute.

"Bas bas armaan..yahin par.. mera ghar aa gaya", "Itni jaldiii????" he shockingly responded looking outside at the huge beautiful bungalow but disappointed as they will now be apart from here.. Ridzi laughed at this, she knew he wanted to spend some more time with her but may be it was still early for her to have concern about it. Getting off the car she replied back "thanks Armaan for the lift", seeing his dropping face because of her departure she continued after a pause "mujhe nahi laga tha main tumhe yeh kabhi bolungi but thanks for everything, you stood by me when I needed it the most. Thanks, and I think I will miss.." before completing her sentence she realized what she was about to say and blushingly she ran inside her home leaving Armaan astonished.


Hey guys thanks for your lovely lovely response.
Hope you are happy with the immediate turn I took in the story Embarrassed But I just intended to start their love story track Big smile
Special thanks to Misha, for requesting me to post it soon Tongue..Here you go Misha..this is for u Big smile
PMs will be sent out soon.
Please comment guys, can't wait to read them and know your reactions WinkLOL
luv yaa

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SunainaTM007 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 April 2009 at 1:17am | IP Logged
hey tiya... yipee me first this time...
~reserved~will be back..
*edited* okies m back now...
awesome awesome awesome update.Clap.Clap.Clap loved it tiya...
the convo between armaan n abhi was good...the way armaan was pulling abhi's leg was funny....
and lovely n ridzi convo was gr8 too...m glad ridzi got to know that the mallik's are really good people...
gosh...abhi flirting with riddhima...thats really bad but it has a plus point as well as armaan n riddhima are getting closer to one another...
i loved the possessiveness that armaan showed for riddhima and the way he called her his wife.Embarrassed.Embarrassed. awwww...thats sooooo sweet...
and m really happy that riddhima accepted armaan atleast she would hav second thoughts abt him and fall for him soon as well...and the convo between them in the car was really cute....
and then armaan's expression when riddhima's house came was soo vivid..could soo very imagine the shocked expression....
and then the last line was my fav...awwww..riddhima was on the verge of telling that she is gonna miss him...thats soooooo cute.Embarrassed.Embarrassed.
well...fantastic update...and i m really loving this turn in the story...
waiting for the next part...

Edited by SunainaTM007 - 27 April 2009 at 1:40am
perfectpiscean IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 April 2009 at 1:18am | IP Logged
*reserved =D
frnd.of.frndz Goldie

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Posted: 27 April 2009 at 1:19am | IP Logged
that was a superb part..
Armaan fought with his friend for Ridhhima..
My My.. love can change anyone..
loved it..
hope you update next part soon too..Big smile..LOL..Big smile..


arddima Senior Member

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Posted: 27 April 2009 at 1:29am | IP Logged
WoW awsome yaar plzzzzzzz update  soon and pm me
Robin_M IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 April 2009 at 1:30am | IP Logged
wonderful part tiya! loved the way armaan stood up for her, it was really sweet! and i can see the start of something romantic starting between them! since armaan has already accepted her as his wife and love, i hope she sees it soon too!
looking forward to the next part :)

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