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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH 13th March 2009 - Written/Video/ Pic Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update
For 13th March 2009 (Episode 45)

Video/Pic Update - Nipun97

Written Update

Hey Guys..... sorry about the delay...... Still having computer problems...

I'm soooo happy I have got tickets to see Michael Jackson @ London's 02 Arena!!
I might have spent four hours on the phone but it was totally worth it!!

Anyway today's episode was sooooo cute.....
I loved the cute fight between NaKsh. After watching today's episode I can understand
why Naitik agrees to marrying Akshara.
I guess sometimes a bit of Kit Pit isn't a bad thing Wink
Personally I'm an Ash fan... lol mmmh don't like Kat much....

Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....

Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.


'Hi!' says Naitik as he smiles at Akshara. Akshara looks up with a worried expression on her face. She turns and walks away. Naitik follows her. ' Why are you shocked at seeing me here, Did you know I was coming today?' asks Naitik. Akshara shakes her head. Naitik looks concerned and replies,' That means no one told you. Meaning this happened without your consent?'. Akshara nods her head. Naitik looks angry.

Downstairs the ladies are looking at the sari's. Choti invites Reshmi and Varsha to look at the Sari's too. They sit down. Bhabhi Maa and Dadi go and pray. Badi asks Gayatri whether she thinks everything is going well between NaKsh. She reminds Gayatri that Akshara is very shy.  Gayatri tells her not to worry as all they have to do is give them time. Badi shows Gayatri a sari.

Back upstairs. ' I can't believe this! Your family didn't tell you eventhough they made the plan. Oh I get it they didn't tell you because they thought you would say no. Is that right?' asks Naitik. Akshara doesn't say anything. '  Ok in that case I think I should leave,'says Naitik. He turns around and is about to walk out when Akshara stops him. ' No, listen... please don't go. Last time you left angry because you thought I didn't want to talk to you but it wasn't like that, I....', Akshara stops. Naitik smiles.
' So what is wrong?' asks Naitik. Akshara looks up at Naitik. He laughs and explains that he was worried  at the concept of arranged marriages and it felt weird. Akshara agrees. ' Last time you didn't talk. I was soooo confused. I thought that you didn't want to get married and because of family you didn't say anything. It isn't like that is it?' asks Naitik with a worried look on his face. Akshara shakes her head. ' Ok good, I you got worried andd that is why told Maa that I wanted to meet you again. You could just imagine what the family said. They thought that I had gone crazy',explains Naitik and smiles at Akshara. He explains that it was important for him to meet her before he gives an answer. ' I hope you didn't mind?,' asks Naitik. Akshara shakes her head. Naitik expresses that he is happy and he thought that both families would mind specially BM. He explains that they all love him alot. ' I have just noticed that this is exactly like last time. I'm talking away and your not saying anything,' points out Naitik. Akshara explains that she isn't sure what she should say therefore she isn't talking. Naitik laughs. ' That doesn't matter. We will talk about something eles. Do you watch film? Who is your favourite actor?  Ok forget actor but I really like Katrina. She is the prettiest. Don't you think so?' asks Naitik. Akshara disagress. Naitik explains that the world says that Kat is the prettiest. Akshara replies,' The world can say what they want but I still think Aishwarya is the prettier.' Naitik laughs at her answer and agrees she is ok but Kat is better. Akshara explains that Ash is a better actress. ' In films the actress doesn't act. All they do is dance and do a few romantic scenes'. Akshara looks at him and asks whether Hero's are the only people which act.  He asks her whether that is a question. Akshara explains that half the population go to see females and the other males. Naitik asks her whether there is a film people have gone to watch just for the females. Akshara reverses the question back on him. Naitik replies that Chak De! India. ' There wasn't one heroine but 11,'replies Akshara. Naitik agrees but then adds if Kat was in the film it would have got an oscar. Akshara laughs and says in Ash was in the film it would have not only got an oscar but all the other awards too. Naitik asks why they are arguing.' Why don't you admit that Katrina is better than Aishwarya,' asks Naitik as he gets annoyed.

Downstairs Shankari Tai is arguing with the Sari man. Everyone becomes quite and that when they can hear NaKsh arguing upstairs. Dadi looks at Badi. Badi excuses herself to see and Gayatri follows. BM tells that sari man to show her another Sari. They all look worried. 

Back upstairs. ' I have given you so many reasons Why don't you just admit it!', shouts Naitik. Akshara tells him to admit it. Badi stands and watches. Gayatri follows and stands by her. 'Uff I never thought that a girl could argue soo much' explains Naitik. Badi looks worried. ' And what did you think only guys are allowed to give there opinions and not girls,' asks Akshara. Badi tries to stop Akshara. Naitik annoyed replies,' I have never met such a stubborn girl in my life'. Akshara is about to reply when Badi stops her. Akshara looks worried. Badi, Gayatri, Choti, Varsha and Reshmi walk in. Naitik looks at Gayatri and shakes his head. He turns away and looks at Akshara. Akshara looks at him. Everyone stands in silence looking at each other. Babi walks up to Akshara and tells her she need to talk to her. Gayatri looks at Reshmi and nods. Choti, Reshmi and Varsha leave the scene leaving Gayatri and Naitik. 


Badi drags Akshara to her bedroom. Badi asks her why they were arguing and that everyone could hear them downstairs and that she got so worried. She questions Akshara about what happened and asks her whether he did anything wrong. Akshara doesn't reply.

Gayatri explains to Naitik that he was wrong to come to a girls house and argue with her like he did as the family will think wongerly about him. She explains that he shouldn't talk to girls like that. Naitik explaisn that Akshara kept cutting him up and that is why he got angry.

Badi is confused at the fact that the argument was over films. She asks Akshara whether this is a real reason for them to be arguing and that she doesn't what to do with her. Akshara explains that she didn't start it. Badi tells her that it doesn't matter and that she is senible and that she should never shout yet she still did it. Akshara explains that she didn't agree with what he was saying. Badi explains that guys don't like girls who argue with them. Akshara looks upset.

Gayatri expalins that he shouldn't talk to girls like that. Naitik agrees but explains that he is unable to stop an arguement half way. Gayatri reminds him that its not that its that fact that he doesn't like losing in a argument. She tells him that he can argue with his friends all he wants but he shouldn't have done it with Akshara. Gayatri explains that she went through alot of trouble to get BM to agree for a second meeting and it was very difficult.

Badi asks Akshara whether she heard what she said. Akshara asks Badi why she keeps asking her to apologies to Naitik when she did nothing wrong. Akshara questions the fact that it is ok for him as he is a guy and that she can't give her opinion and aks her whether she was wrong. Badi explains that she wasn't wrong. She tells her to forget that she is a girl and he is guy and turns the focus onto the fact that he is a guest in her house. Badi explains that buy apologising she won't become the smaller person.

Gayatri asks Naitik whether if Akshara apologies he will calm down and asks he to speak to her nicely.She leaves to get Akshara. 


Badi tells Akshara to apologies to Naitik and not to think that Akshara hass been taught wrong. Gayatri turns up. Badi tries to explain Akshara's actions but Gayatri tells her its ok and it was only a little argument between the kids. Badi agrees. Gayatri asks whether they should go back down to let them talk again. Badi agrees and turns to Akshara. She tells Akshara to apologies first.

Naitik is standing looking out at the scenary. Badi and Gayatri escort Akshara to Naitik.
Akshara turns back to look at Badi. Badi leaves with Gayatri.

Downstairs Reshmi explains to everyone that they had a little disagreement over something. She highlights the fact that Naitik stubborn; she says that she felt sorry for Akshara 'Bhabhi'. BM tells Reshmi that he is like that only sometimes and all boys are like that espically if he is the only son. Reshmi laughs and saya that the only reason she is saying this is beacuse he is her dearest and that Naitik isn't used to hearing no . Reshmi to Badi explains that he is the only son and he is loved by Gayatri and Bhabhi Maa the most. Everyone smiles. Gayatri explains what ever Reshmi said she correct and that she will treat her future Bahu the same. Badi tells everyone to come and sit down. 

Back upstairs. ' I'm sorry I shouldn't have argued with you,' explains Akshara. Naitik tells her its ok. Akshara asks him not to feel bad. ' Well atleast you smiled,' replies Naitik. Naitik stares at Akshara and asks her whether she has to say something else and tells her to take her time.. Akshara confused asks him what. Naitik replies Sorry. Akshara replies,' It's Ok. No thats ok you don't need to apologies'. Naitik laughs and tells her that he is waiting for her to say sorry again. Akshara replies that she had just said sorry.  ' That was for the argument but she hadn't apologised for the fact that she said Aishwarya is better than Katrina,' replies Naitik. Akshara asks him why she say to say sorry for that. Naitik replies that she was wrong. Akshara tells him that she wasn't wrong and he was arguing. ' We were arguing and it was as clear as water. I was right and yoiu were wrong. I had logic and reason yet you still don't want to apologies!', explains Naitik. Akshara replies that she doesn't feel like she said anything wrong. Naitik explains that he has never seen a girl that argues as much as her and that he feels that they should end the argument now. 'Right?' asks Naitik. Akshara looks up at him. Naitik tells Akshara that he has to leave and that it was nice to meet her. He is about to walk off but stops. ' And I am sorry if unknowingly I upset you in anyway,' apologies Naitik. He looks at Akshara who doesn't reply he turns away and walks off. Akshara stands there alone looking upset. 

The End

Pre Cap

Dhaniya annouces that someone with the last name Singhania is on the phone.
Omi reminds Vish that, that is Naitik's families surname.
Akshara looks worried.


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i guess its a no IF-Rockerz

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wow great epi but the argument was silly
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thank u so much
ur updates r always nice to read..
the is really great.
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thanks a lot for the update
its really gudClap
they argued on actresses funnyLOL
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i like katrina
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acc to me it'll be a yes
wat say?
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Thanks for the update........

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