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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH 11th March 2009 - Written/Video/ Pic Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update
For 11th March 2009 (Episode 43)

Written Update
Hey Guys...
I have to say the conversation between Naitik and Bhabhi Maa was sooo
cute....I'm soooo glad that NaKsh will be meeting
for the second time tomorrow.....
Fingers crossed she actually says something ..... otherwise like Naitik will really
believe that Akshara is deaf..... hehe.

Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....
Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.


Shaurya is sitting on his bed doing some work on his laptop. Varsha walks in and tells him that he will never change as she begins to pick up the clothes Shaurya has left around the room. ' These boys why can't they look after themselves? They either need there mothers or there wives...',says Varsha as she reaches over to pick something up. Shaurya grabs her hand and pulls her down to him. ' If I want my wife to look after me whats wrong with that?', asks Varsha as he moves closer, he leans in but Varsha tells him that, that is enough romance for today. Varsha stands up and tells Shaurya that she needs him to do talk to him. Shaurya tells Varsha that he thinks that she has become boring and that she is always telling him to do things. ' You don't have time for me. We were better off before. We used to meet a few times but that time was ours.....' Shaurya pauses he turns to Varsha. ' Varsha I have a great idea.... Tomorrow is sunday.Why don't we go out? Just you and me', asks Shaurya. Varsha explains to Shaurya that everyone will ask. Shaurya tells her to tell everyone that she is going to her mothers house and then they will meet. Sharya laughs at the fact that they used to hide from Saleka aunty but now they have to hide from Badi Maa. Varsha feels bad for lying but Shaurya explains that they are lying for each other and that they aren't doing anything wrong. Varsha asks whether it was right for them to have met up like that before there wedding. Shaurya replies,' What was wrong with that? Now look if we hadn't met then how would we got to know eachother?And if we didn't know eachother how would have we got married?  And how would have you know that I was the idiot you were meant to marry and how I was meant to know that I would be happy to put up with your jokes,'. He pauses and looks at Varsha who is smiling. He asks her whether she is going to trap him with what he had just said.

Bhabhi Maa sits on her bed.(To her self) ' They try and trap me in there words. Does Bhabhi Maa have a magic wand that she will spin and everything will be ok? First they don't tell Bhabhi Maa anything and they do whatever they want. The took such a big step not thinking about what's ahead or behind and they called the girls side.  And now they are asking me to do something. What should I do?' . Bhabhi Maa is interrupted by Naitik's entry. He sits down and tries to hug her. He asks her how she is. BM stands up and asks him whether he is going to grow up. Naitik stands up and tells her that he can't be seprated from her. BM taps him on the shoulder and tells him that he is lying. Naitik tells her that she knows he doesn't lie. BM starts laughing with Naitik. She walks over to the cupboard and takes out a box. BM walks over and tells Naitik to eat it as she puts the food (what looks like a ladoo of some sort) in his mouth. She reminisces about when Naitik was younger and used to steal the food. They laugh. ' You'll always be my little boy but it seem like my little boy is growing up. After all everyone is looking for a bride for you,' laughs BM. BM explains to Naitik that she will look for a bride for him and she has already explained it to his mother. Naitik replies,' That is exactly what I had came here to talk to you about. Tell you the truth I don't trust my mother's taste. But I do trust you. After all it's about the rest of my life and what if i end up with the wrong girl? I will be stuck for life'. BM tells him that he will find him a diamond. ' Tell me, you know they girl you went to meet yesterday?....' Naitik cuts in and says she was ok but nothing special. Unconvinced BM walks over to her box and takes out a picture of Akshara.


 ' Have a look, Have a look at how her nose is like a Pakora and her eyes are really small. And her face. Have you seen such a bad jodi', asks Naitik. BM asks Naitik where he saw her properly. Naitik asks her what she is talking about. ' Her face is pretty and her nose is ok. She isn't 20 but I would give her 19. There isn't a lot of difference. I think you two would look great together', explains BM. Naitik tells her that he doesn't think so. BM asks him why and if there is anything missing in her. ' Missing? I think that she is deaf', replies Naitik. BM looks shocked. Naitik explains,' I tried to talk to her but she didn't say anthing'. BM smiles and suggests whether she had done this because she was feeling shy and that everyone was look at him. Maa and Reshmi enter. Naitik explains that Maa had said that to him but she disagreed to him meeting her again. BM tells Naitik that she will make sure that he sees her again. BM stands up and explians to Maa that  she wants NaKsh to meet and then warns Reshmi that no one will stop them. Naitik smiles and tells BM that she will have to go with her.

Back in ShaVa's bedroom. ' What are you saying Varsha? What has happened to you? Your saying that I should allow Akshara to meet that Guy alone? And that without Vish's consent?', questions Shaurya. Varsha explains that they used to meet without there parents consent and that was ok. Shaurya tells her that was different. ' Why was that different? We used to meet to understand eachother. Don't you think that we should give Akshara a chance to get to know Naitik. Please Shaurya please try to understand', explains Varsha. Shaurya once again says that it was different as they had known each other because she was Akshara friend and if people had seen them they would have assumed that he was just her friends brother. He explains that Naitik and Akshara are strangers and if people see them together they will think all kinds of things and if the alliance breaks people will talk about Akshara. Shaurya tells her that Vish won't give consent. Varsha attempts again. Shaurya replies,' There is no point arguing. Have you spoken to Akshara? I bet she wasn't prepared. You know that she would get terrified if she had to meet a stranger'. Varsha looks away.

In Akshara's room; Akshara and Anshuman are doing homework sitting on the bed.
Akshara explains to Anshuman that the work is really easy. ' You might think it's easy but after reading it again and again and again I have become dizzy', explains Anshuman. Akshara begins to explain the homework to him when Dadi walks in. Dadi tells Akshara that she needs to talk to her. Anshu explains that Akshara is trying to help him with his home work and that he has a test on monday. Dadi gives in and tells him that she will sit down next to him. Akshara begins to explain the terms; 'Should I?', 'May I?' and 'I will?'. As Akshara is explain this to Anshu dadi's expressions change as it looks like she was debating whether she should do something. Anshu looks confused and says he didn't get it. Akshara tells him that she will explain again. Anshu stops her and tells her that he will get a book and a pen so she can write down the information instead so he can read it at leisure. Anshu leave. Akshara laughs at the fact that he doesn't understand anything. Dadi explains that even elderly people don't understand the things been said and they debate with the question and because of the questions they forget about things. ' These are the things I was going to explain to you,' explains Dadi. Dadi laughs and leaves. Akshara sits on her bed repeating the words; Should I?, Will I? and May I?.


In the morning Akshara and Anshu sit on the swing in the courtyard. Akshara is annoyed that they he still has learnt it. Dadi explains that Naitik's family had called and they said it would be good for NaKsh to meet. ' Where? How? I don't understand', explains Badi. Dadi asks Varsha whether she has spoken to Shaurya. Varsha explains that she had and that Shaurya got angry instead and that they shouldn't without telling Vish. They all looked worried. Meanwhile Akshara is telling Anshu for using 'Should I' instead of 'I Will'. Dadi agrees with what Akshara is saying and that it would be good for NaKsh to meet. Badi asks whether they should ask Vish. Dadi explains that they have tooken the right step. Varsha asks Dadi what will they do. Dadi tells her to wait as she thinks. As she stands there thinking the Sari Man turns up. Dadi invites him in and ask him why he had come so early. He tells that he had gone to banaras and brought loads of Sari's and asks whether he should come tomorrow. Badi explains that they have alot of work to do. ' And that is why you should bring them around today,' explains Dadi. The sari man walks off. Badi asks how it is possible. Dadi explains that they will call around all the women and some 'guests'. Varsha nods as she understands. But Badi asks again. Varsha and Dadi smile. Akshara explains to Anshu that it means that 'I will do it'. They both smile as Anshu understood.

At Naitiks house Bhabhi Maa is doing the puja when Gayatri comes running to tell her that Rajshri called and explains that the Sari man is coming and that they should bring Naitik with them. She explains that Vish and Omi won't be there so NaKsh will be able to talk freely. BM tells Gayatri to call them back and say that they will be there in the afternoon.


At Akshara's house. Vish, Shaurya and Omi are sitting in the living room doing some office work. Dadi, Varsha and Badi walk in. Dadi looks at Vish working and asks him whether it is necessary for him to work on his day off and that he should go out. She suggest that they go to the mandhir to pray after all Shaurya did just get married.  Vish explains that the women usually do those things. Omi ask Dadi and Badi why they are trying to get them out the house.
Back at Naitiks house. BM and Daddu Ji are blessing the hosue. Dadda Ji tells BM that he doen't feel like going today as there is some problems with the office work and he wanted to sort them out at home. BM looks nervous.

Back at Akshara's house. Vish agrees to going to the mandhir but says that he will go if everyone does.

Back at Naitik's house. BM asks him that he has never done this before.Daddu explains that he needs to sort it out. BM suggest that his money is more important than religion. Daddu agrees and says that he will go. BM looks happy.

Back at Akshara's house.  Badi explains that the Sari man and some of the ladies where going to come with him. Vish smiles and suggests that they should have explained that first and that is why they want them to go out. Vish stands up and tells Shaurya that they will go to the mandhir today because no one will asks them if them want to eat.  Omi agrees that it has been ages since they have gone out. Shaurya sits looking at the floor. Vish asks him what is wrong. Omi explains that he has just got married to Varsha and the fact that they Sari man is coming has ruined his plans with Varsha. Shaurya smiles. Vish tells Omi to tell Bhola to get the car out. They leave.

 Akshara is sitting on her bed when Dadi walks in hold a tray. Dadi shows Akshara that she has brought her Mutta ki Chaat. Akshara begins to eat. Akshara is happy at the fatc that Dadi loves her alot. Dadi explains that she is happy at the fact that they final had a daughter born in the family after 3 generations. Dadi explains that they were all waiting for her arrival and when she was born Vish was sooo happy he gave sweets to everyone. Akshara explains that sometimes she feels that she is lucky as she has got so much love from everyone. Dadi explains she is just like  Vish's frineds Daughter. She tells the story of Vish's friends. She explains that he is the father of three sons but he is praying for a daughter. And Dadi explains that she believe that this will be the time.

The End




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Beautifully written Update dear!!

Loved the episode.. I guess it was a continuation of an extended family just like when YRKKH started they did an extention wid Bidaai!! Howeveer the episode was awsome!!


LiveLoveLaugh5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 March 2009 at 2:11pm | IP Logged
thanks for the update was awesome!!..
Malajiji IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 March 2009 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the update.
Varsha-01 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 March 2009 at 2:16pm | IP Logged
Thanks a lot...........
kamats Groupbie

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Posted: 11 March 2009 at 4:02pm | IP Logged
thankyou for the update!
desi_baby07 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 March 2009 at 8:56pm | IP Logged

Awesome update Simmie! Smile

Today's epi was really very nice. The Bhabhi Ma & Naitik scene was awesome! I loved how Naitik indirectly convinced her to meet Akshi without getting his mother in trouble. So sweet of him. He's truly a charmer!  Embarrassed

And I totally love the meeting idea of having Naitik come over with his mom and Bhabh Ma to look at saris and stuff. Smart Idea Dadi!
Can't wait for the meeting now! Hopefully Akshi will say something this time.
Thanks again hun!
sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 March 2009 at 9:26pm | IP Logged
thanks for the wonderful updateClap

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