Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Written Update - March 10th 09

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Hey guys! Its Payal back with todays update! Big smile Thank you for the congrats on my badminton win, it meant a lot thanks Embarrassed
Well another 1 hr special todayy Big smileBig smile I'm waiting for Akshara and Naitik's meeting alone! I hope Akshara talks this time.


The episode starts with Varsha talking about collage. Akshara listens and looks sad. She tells Varsha that everyone is trying really hard so I forget everything. Varsha says that even if it is so, you need to try and forget about what happened. And what happened to you? Why are so you making a face? Is it that you liked that boy? Akshara and Varsha giggle and Daadi, Baadi Ma and Choti Ma look on happily.

The scene shifts to Naitik's house. Rashmi (Naitik's sister) comes and asks her mom if they have thought and what Dada Ji and her father said. Are they going to give their answer today? Did you like the girl? Naitik's mom asks if she wants to know the truth. She says that she really liked Akshara and her family. THey are good people and she says that she thinks that Akshara and Naitik will make a very cute couple. A voice comes from behind: "Who are you to decide who Naitik will make a good couple with?" They look back to see Bhabhi Ma. She comes smiling. She teases Naitik's mom and Naitik's mom teases back. They joke with each other. Rashmi shows Bhabhi ma the picture of Akshara. Bhabhi Ma looks at the picture and jokingly says that she isn't that pretty and won't suit Naitik that much. Naitik comes (Oye Hoye! he looks so cute without all that while!! teehee) Naitik takes blessings from Bhabhi Ma. Bhabhi ma asks Naitik if he likes Akshara. Naitik's mom asks as well. Naitik hesitates..

Akshara is upstairs and she is really worried. Varsha comes. She takes Akshara to the teras/balcony. Varsha tells Akshara that since she got married she hasn't gone out with Akshara. Varsha says they will go outside at shop, watch movies.. she stops as Akshara looks sad. Varsha asks whats the matter, does she not want to go watch a Hritik film? Akshara says its doesn't matter as you told them that I don't like watching films. Akshara says she is feeling really bad, why did she lie? Varsha says that she lied because some families don't like it when their daughter-in-laws go out to watch movies. Akshara says thats right but if a girl can't go watch movies after they are married.. then I need to get into the habit right? Varsha says she thought that her mood was better, but if you don't foget these things.. how will you go on? Akshara says that she can't forget the fact that when the boy (Naitik) asked he all those questions, talked to me.. she kept quiet because she was frightened. She turns around and sees that Varsha isn't there. Varsha thinks about what Naitik said about her being so quiet he didn't think she wanted to marry him.

Scene shifts to Naitik's house. Rashmi asks Naitik again if he liked AKshara. Rashmi tells Bhabhi Ma that yesterday Naitik kept staring at Akshara. Bhabhi ma tells Rashmi to stop teasing Naitik and asks Naitik again if he likes Akshara. The question is left as a guy comes jogging and says Hi to Naitik. He takes blessings from Bhabhi ma and Naitik's mom and smacks Rashmi in the head and says "Hi chutki". The guy says that he was jogging its good for your health and thats why he's taking Naitik too. They start to jog away Bhabhi ma calls from behind and asks him what he wants for breakfast, the guy (still don't know who he is but im guesses he's Naitik's friend) teases him because everyone is calling him "Muna". Naitik smacks him friend and leaves. Bhabhi ma looks at the picture of Akshara and smiles.

Akshara is still in the balcony and is looking sad and worried. Varsha comes back with some ice cream. Akshara and Varsha giggle and Varsha feeds her some ice cream.

Naitik and his friend are jogging. They come to a bench and sit down. Naitik's friend starts talking about Naitik's wedding. Naitik tries to switch the subject to office but his friend tells him not to change the subject and that he can not hide anything from him. Naitik's friend says that Naitik's face is saying that he is "clean bowled", he tells Naitik that he knows that Naitik really liked the photo of Akshara. He says that he knows Naitik likes her in person more than the picture.

Akshara and Varsha are laughing. Akshara says that she wishes everything was like before.. they use to go shopping, watches movied, faught.. Varsha says that they use to play with their bride dolls. Akshara starts getting sad again. Akshara says now everything has changed after the talk of marriage. She says that she wishes they were still children. She now understands that marriage in not the game of dolls.

Naitik's friend says that there is something going on in your mind Naitik. Naitik says no, I don't get whats going on. Naitik's friend asks him whats the matter. Naitik tells him about what happened when he went to see Akshara but his friend keeps interupting in the middle. Naitik says that maybe AKshara didn't want to meet me. Naitik's friend tells him that there could be more to that.. at the end he jokes saying that maybe she didn't like your face. Naitik looks sad.

Akshara tells Varsha that maybe Naitik didn't like her. Varsha tells her to forget about it. If Naitik says yes than he is the luckiest and smartest person in the world and if he says no then he is a loser. Akshara asks Varsha if anything will change if Naitik says no. Varsha says that nothing will change. Akshara smiles and says that she has never told her but she is completely lonely without Varsha. Varsha says that she will never leave her alone. They hug.

Naitik is sitting alone in the garden. Naitik's mom comes and asks whats the matter. She asks if Mohit left. (SO THATS HIS NAME!! lol) Naitik says yes. His mom starts talking to him about food but Naitik is in thought. His mom notices this and asks him if he is okay. Naitik snaps out of it and says yes. He asks what she said. Naitik's mom asks her whats the matter, she tells him that she asked if he wants Caree. Naitik says yes. his mom tells him that he usually argues about food, what happened today? She tells him to tell her what happend. Naitik says nothing. His mom says fine don't tell me, but I have to ask you something else. She tells Naitik that everyone likes Akshara but we want to know what you think.

Naitik's mom asked him what happened. There is something that is bothering him. Naitik says that maybe Akshara doesn't like me. Naitik says that thats not true.. tells her that Akshara didn't talk to him, she says nothing. He aks her what if Akshara is being forced into marriage or she doesn't like me. Naitik's mom says that it is also a posibility that she was frightened. Naitik says that he doesn't think that was the case. Naitik's mom explains to him that Akshara was probably scared... Naitik says that even if that is so, he and can't say yes or no.. he says that he will have to meet her one more time so he can find out. Can't they have one more meeting? Naitik says please. his mom says that she will try but she can't give any promises. Naitik smiles.

Shankri Tai comes. Dhaniya goes and tells Baadi Ma and the rest of the women. Baadi ma gets scared and nervous about the answer. Daadi tells her that what happened.. happened.. you can not change it, now lets go see what Shankri Tai has to say. The women go downstairs.

They greet each other. Shankri Tai says that the boy (Naitik) wants to meet Akshara and that too alone. Everyone is shocked. Baadi Ma says, alone? Shankri Tai Naitik really wants to meet Akshara once alone. Baadi Ma says she doesn't know what to say. Shankri Tai says that Naitik's family said that they will not take offense if they declaine the meeting, they too have a daughter. Daadi tells Shankri Tai that they agree. Baadi Ma says what if something bad happens? Daadi says don't worry. Daadi says that they will meet in our house. Shankri Tai leaves. Daadi tells Choti and Baadi ma not to worry. There is no problem if the boy wants to get to know Akshara. Baadi ma says that they didn't ask anyone, she doesn't think that Akshara or Vish will agree, what will happen when Vish finds out?

Choti Ma says that Vish will find out sooner or later and we are not doing it seceretly. Baadi ma says that she is right. Vish, Shaurya and Omi Kaka come back from office. They sit down. They drink water and Omi kaka and Shaurya leave. Vish says that he thinks that they are going to fast with Akshara. She was so scared. They shouldn't have sent Akshara off with the boy alone. He has decided that they will not do that again. Vish gets up, he says that weither they get a yes or a no, they will not make Akshara do something that she doesn't want to do. He leaves. Baadi ma is worried, she wonders what she will tell Naitik's family.

Bhabhi ma is scolding Naitik's mom because she asked Akshara's family for a secret meeting. She leaves. Rashmi asks her mom what will happen now, what will Dada Ji say. Naitik's mom is worried. Naitik comes. He asks his mom what happened, you look worried. Naitik's mom says that Bhabhi ma is angry, she thinks that Dada Ji will be very angry. Naitik's mom says that it is her fault. Not only Bhabhi ma will handle everything.

Daadi tells Varsha about the meeting. Varsha asks if Akshara knows. Daadi says no she must not find out or she will be very frightened and will talk to her father. Varsha asks what will happen when Vish finds out? Daadi says she doesn't know. She says something like this happened in your wedding as well, but Vish accepted. Don't worry Vish will have to know that a girl and boy have the right to choose their life partners. Daadi says that if she has to hide something for Akshara's happy future then she will. Varsha paises Daadi for her mighty thoughs. Daadi laughs. Varsha says that Vish and AKshara don't know.. so how will the meeting take place? Daadi says that Akshara was the one who faught for your wedding not its your turn. Varsha says but how will she do it?


Shaurya and Varsha are in their room. Shaurya asks Varsha what is wrong with her, she wants him to let Akshara meet Naitik alone Without Vish knowing?? Varsha says that this too happened in our wedding, it was right then, now what? Shaurya says that was different. Varsha says that it is not and they should give AKshara a chance. Varsha asks him to try and understand. Shaurya says No you try and understand.

Pressing the thank you button or commenting would make me happy Embarrassed


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thx a buch
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that you for the update. i really like the detail you provided.
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Thanx for the awesome update Payal! And I forgot to congratulate you yesterday on your wins... Congrats hun! Clap
Still have to watch the epi.. but it sounds nice. I wonder what will happen if Vish does find out. 
I'm loving Dadi and Varsha... they rock!
Thanx again hun!
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No Problems guys and thank you Embarrassed
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Payal thankoooooooooooooooooos for this awesome update ! You go into sooooooooo much detail and so I know everything thats happened without even watching the episode = )

However , I have a suggestion : If you put this code : [NOCOPY] at the end of the update , it'll make your updates totally copy-proof .... so no copy-pasting them onto other websites !

Love , Shreya
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^^ oh cool! thank you! Big smile
and no problem Embarrassed
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thanks a lot for the awesom updateClap
hope aksara - naitik meeting goes on well now

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