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And Action!Note page 22. (Page 7)

xxxxminixxxx Senior Member

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Posted: 25 March 2009 at 7:21pm | IP Logged
the best
keep continuing thnx

please pm me when have a new part posted up here

lalala10 Senior Member

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Part 6:

The party ended at around midnight. The Khanna's and the Gupta's were in respective rooms, the other 2 families had left for their houses. Kt and Kripa were working on the play, so Kt was staying with the Sharmas. The next day was another rehearsal, so Armaan already prepared a huge amount of Aspirin to take with him. "You never know when you need these things desperately!" He told Prerna when she asked for an explanation.

The next morning was wet, chilly and extremly cold. There was moisture in the air and the clouds covered the sun. After taking a long breath inside her warm car, Anjali Virani parked her car in front of the Sharma's fairy tale 2 story house and switched the engine off. She stepped outside the car and walked towards the gate with Kt's clothes in a small bag. The house was medium, but it was very beautiful. It was painted in brown and white, with clear glass windows on the righ and left of both floors, always covered by curtains. In front of it was their little garden on the left and the center.The garden was bordered with flowers of many colours, and a huge tree on the  extreme left. It's branches covered the window of Prerna's room upstairs. In the extreme right was the entrance gate which led to the house as well as to a small parking space beside it (the gate). Passing by the garden, many memories flooded her mind, the careless laughs, the silly things she and the gang imagined and made up, the cute fights and the magical world they lived in. She suddenly felt sparks flying, fairies roaming, and elves hiding again. She walked over to the tree and pulled the swing a little. The swing tied to the tree was still strong. She smiled. This was Anjali, she had nothing to complian about in life.

She stood on the dark brown doormat and  rang the bell. The next moment she saw her sister standing in front of her with her hair in a braid wearing Kripa's t-shirt and a pajama. It seemed like Kt had just got up because she didnt say anything after "hi". She walked inside and Anjali followed her to enter the comfortable house. That was the thing about their house, the comfort and the simplicity made everything whether inside or out, look elegant yet at the same time magical and informal, everything except for the are where guests had to sit.  Downstairs, in the living room,there were paintings, electronic items, such as a cordless, a plasma tv, a stereo and many other things, with comfy couches, beautiful floor cushions, casual bean bags and a lovely carpet, where as the kitchen was very modern with all type of items used for cooking. The kitchen had total 3 doors, one to enter the kitchen through the living room, the other was the backdoor which led to the garden and the other one was connected to the formal dinning room, which was next to the kitchen. The Dinning room, the living and the kitchen were on the left of the house, where as the right side was occupied with the large sitting area for guests. It was formal, huge, attractive and elegantly designed with paintings, show pieces, vases and other objects. All the rooms, including the guest rooms were on the top floor, along with a flowery terrace. It was complete magic!

Anjali went inside the kitchen,where Kripa and Kt were talking, Armaan was reading the newspaper. It looked as if they had already eaten . "Hello everyone!" Anjali loudly greeted. "I see you guys have finished eating.So let's get going!"
Kt just nodded , snatched the bag from Anjali and went upstairs to change. Since Kripa and Armaan were already dressed, they were left to wait with Anjali.
Anjali: What's wrong with her?
Kripa: She wasn't in a mood to wake up. But Armaan, here, was anxious to reach Gradient, so he woke her up and now what you get is an irritable Kt!
Armaan, smiles cheekily. "Sorry!?!"
Anjali: I don't blame you, she should learn to get up early you know!
After about 5 minutes Kt came down.
Kt: Lets go now!

The 4, were then seated in the car. Kt and Anjali were at the back, where as Armaan was driving and Kripa was seated beside him. In about 15 minutes, they reached Gradient. When they entered the stage room, after parking and greeting all those who passed by, they saw that Kavya, Riddhima, Angad and Laksh were already there. They all greeted each other, except for Kt who just shouted "Hi" angrily as a reply and went to sit on the sofa.
Kavya: Why is she in a bad mood.
Armaan:Never mind that! I'll tell you later! When did you guys arrive?
Kavya: 15 minutes ago.
Armaan: O..sorry to keep you waiting.
Kavya: Just start with the rehearsals alreay!!!
And then started rehearsing. Tulsi had some work to do so the second rehearsal went on without the queen.

Armaan: First lets rehearse the first scene again then we'll get to the next scene! K?
Kavya: K!

Kavya rolled his eyes, as the girls got his heels, while giggling a the same time. He wore them and again rolled his eyes, when he heard almost all except Kripa and Kt laughing. Kripa didnt laugh because she apprecaited the fact that he was going to play a girl just because he wanted to help Prerna, where as Kt didnt laugh because she was in a bad mood.

The rehearsal for the first scene went smooth, except when Kt said , while glaring at Laksh who was taken aback,that she (being, the royal servant, who the Royal couple give command to call the Princess.) didnt like being commanded. She was in a bad mood, so for the rehearsal only Laksh had to speak a new line: "Can you please call the Princess." After looking at him for 30 seconds, she replied "OK!" and then went backstage(they don't show the Maid calling the Princess). Laksh shook his head. Very soon Kavya entered, with Riddhima holding him, as he was still not able to walk with heels. Soon Armaan was reading out the second scene to everyone, where as Kavya was walking with "his" heels on and Kripa was helping him. Both of them had already read the scene.

Armaan: The second scene, takes place in the Princess' room. The Princess enters her room after her parents inform her of the Prince, when she hears the Maid singing, who is unaware of that the Princess is present. Then she realizes that she can't marry without love. But then the Royal Advisor of the King, comes and tells her that there has been a change and the Prince will be here by the evening, instead of reaching the Palace tommorrow. The play will then show the Princess and her assistance talking. After they are done with their talk, the scene will end and Scene 3 will be of the the day the Prince arrives. All of you have your dailouges. You can look at them for this scene but do rehearse them when ever you get time. The sofa can be the bed, and (he drags a line) this side will be the room, and this side will be the Princess' terrace connected to the room and this line is the door.Untill, the stage is set,you have to co-operate people.Ok..Lets start.

Armaan: And Action!!!

Kavya again comes with Riddhima beside him, and Kripa (the assistant) behind them. Kt(maid) was standing where the terrace was supposed to be and Kavya (Princess) had just entered the room. Kt had her back towards Kavya. Kt just stood there. Kripa,Armaan, and Anjali signalled her to sing. She opened her mouth and with a really dumb and bored expression sang "My heart will go on" with not a single expression in her voice and all in a the same tone!!! Everyone was quiet. Armaan, Riddhima, and Kavya were just blankly staring at Kt, Kripa was biting her lower lip with one hand on her hip, and Anjali, Angad and Laksh were giggling.
Kavya moved forward, but Riddhima didn't move with him this time.
Kavya: Kt (he paused then spoke again)(as if he is very worried about Kt) we understand that you aren't in a mood to sing but please tr-
Before he could continune he fell, as he took a careless, step without looking. He looked upwards at the roof and murmured"Damn!" . He got up, with Riddhima's help, to see everyone smiling goofily. He looked around once again and threw his hands in the air!
Kavya: Yeah, yeah! You guys, you can laugh it off!
And with that everyone laughed not too much, but still they wanted to laugh so they did! Laksh looked at Kt laughing silently. As soon as she saw him looking at her smiling like an fool, she wrinkled her nose and looked away with a serious expression on her face.

Riddhima: Kt, come on, please try na yaar!
Anjal: Besides, Armaan did say he was sorry.
Riddhima glared at Armaan. Before Armaan could say anything, she looked back at Kt.
Riddhima: Don't spoil your day because of Him, the meanie's not worth it.
Kt smiled. Angad and Laksh looked at each other and shrugged. Kavya, Anjali and Kripa looked at Riddhima and back at Armaan, constantly, but to there surprise Armaan wasn't angry, he was instead, smirking as if he was enjoying it and like he was impressed. Riddhima was red with anger when she saw his reaction.
Kavya quickly stepped forward.
Kavya: OK! Lets do it again!

This time Kt sang and Kavya acted very nicely, ignoring someone's chuckles. He with the help of Riddhima, stepped forward, and acted to be deeply touched by the song. The maid (kt) continued to sing, untill her work was done.She turned around surprised to the Princess(Kavya)
Kt: Greeting your highness!(looks at the dialouges) I'm done with my work, if there is anything else I can do.
Kavya(with a squeaky voice): Nah! You can go and do me a favour and tell everyone no to disturb us.
Kt: Yes, your highness!
With that she leaves, and the Princess(Kavya) sits, (with Riddhima's help).
Kavya: Do you believe in love?
Kripa: Yes your highness.
Kavya: We are alone, Floria. You can take my name! Why DO you believe in love?
Kripa: Isabella, love is everywhere; love is for your parents, your children, your relatives, your friends, your soulmate, your work, and living beings too. Even the most ambitious and evil man, brings himself the title for the love of money, fame,sucess, or what ever he wants.(She pauses, and looks up at the Princess) Don't get me wrong but why do you ask??
Kavya: Floria, you are more than an assistant to me. You are a friend and your advise is always the most valuable to me! You know that in my family, love isn't the most important of factors, when talking about marraiges. And, I too, have never taken love seriously. But, now I am starting to realize that all the movies I have seen, the songs I have heard, all the poems and novels I read, all colours I have seen, all the emotions I have felt are all incomplete without love. (Princess,i.e. Kavya turns around andkeeps his hnd on Kripa's shoulders'). And marraige is the most important decision of anyone's life, how can I possible risk it??
Before the assiatnce could say anything, there is a knock (Armaan takles the sound of his mouth).
Kavya leaves Kripa's shoulder and straightens up.
Kavya: I had told everyone that I wasn't to be disturbed.
Voice: It's the King's order your highness, other wise, who dare to go against your wish.
Kavya: (sighs and rolls his eyes) Enter!
Angad comes in( stands near Kavya)
Angad(the King's advisor): Greeting, your highness! Forgive me for disturbing you but, the King wants you to know that Prince Alexander, will arrive by 7 pm, today. That is all you highness!
Kavya: Ok!
Angad:Anything else I can do?
Kavya: No.
Angad bows and leaves the room.
Kripa: Before deciding, I think you should meet Prince Alexander and see if any sparks fly.
Kavya: You are right!

Armaan: Mind blowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kripa and Kavya give eachother a high five.
 Armaan: Now let's move forward to scene three! OK.. so-. Oh no!! We forgot the Prince Alexander!! Who will play Alexander!!
That caused the whole gang to talk nonstop!
Armaan: Ahh! Enough! First calm down and then we'll all think.
Everyone calmed down.
Kavya: Any ideas.
Kt: We can hold an audition!
Armaan: That will take alot of time.
Kripa:Hey! You remember Prithvi?
Kt and Anjali looked at each other.
Kt: You mean the one with baby plants growing on his head?
Kripa (laughs): Yeah and they are his "spikes"!
Anjali: They weren't anything near spikes, anyways we remember him.
Kripa: He's a friend and maybe if I ask him, he could play the role. He's pretty good at it!
Armaan's over-protectiveness rose!
Armaan: No way! Not that freak!!
Anjali: That's rude!
Armaan: Oh please! Have you even talked to him??? He smiles at every single thing, even if he doesn't understands it!!
Anjali: Well, that means he has manners.
Kavya felt as if someone punched him in the stomach.
Kavya: Well, we call it being a freak!!
Riddhima: Ok , guys chill!! If he really is that good, why dont we ask him to join the play??
Kt: Yeah! Besides it's more about helping Gradient than anything else!
All looked at Armaan.
Armaan: Fine! But no girl talks to him, except for the one with the wierd nose(Riddhima), she can do what ever she likes.
With that he turned his back at them and starting reading the script.
Where as, Riddhima was very angry. Not that she didn't like her nose, but Armaan was really annoying! Unaware to all, she had already thought of "the perfect revange"!!

Everyone was rehearsing, where as Kripa was finding Prithvi's number. She was so busy looking through the directory and the student's guide, that she didnt notice Angad come. As soon as Angad saw her, he stopped and sweared under his breath. The mnore she tried to ignore her, the more she caught his attention. The more he tried to run away, the more closer they would get. And now the gorgeous creature was sitting near his bag, when he needed his stuff.  He went near her and picked his bag, giving her almost a heart attack.

He couldn't help but laugh at her scared expressions. "That wasn't funny" Kripa voiced a little shyly yet with hints of annoyance in her tone. Angad laughed again. "Did you find his number yet?" He said sitting down where his bag was previously kept. "It's not in the student's guide. Now I'm searching through the directory for , AHA! Richand Bose! His dad!" She beamed at Angad. Angad, remembered he had to stay away from her. So he raised his eyebrows, nodded, got up and walked away. Leaving a confused Kripa, staring at his back.

Please do comment! Don't mind the mistakes, please! I hope you like it and and if you dont please feel free to comment and suggest!
Thank you!

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lalala10 Senior Member

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Posted: 26 March 2009 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
@ deeya123: Thank you so much!
@ xxxxminixxxx: Thank you so much!! I continued, Hope you like the new part.
26javey IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 March 2009 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
great part
cont soon
lalala10 Senior Member

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@ 26javey26: Thank you, glad you liked it! I will ASAP!
AngelsHeaven IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 March 2009 at 12:05am | IP Logged
nice part... loved it....
the play is so much fun....
angad wants to stay away from Kripa... lets see what happens????
but is Prithvi going 2 b an idiot like atul inDMG????
continue soon
lalala10 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 March 2009 at 1:17am | IP Logged
@ sugalangad_rock: Thank so much. Lol! Not really, the boys just dont like Prithvi, his introduction will tell that he is a sweet and mannered gentleman!
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awesum part.....
cont soon....

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