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And Action!Note page 22. (Page 4)

lalala10 Senior Member

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Posted: 15 March 2009 at 12:03am | IP Logged

@ sugalangad_rock.=Thanks. Glad you liked it.

@ nehasfan.=No problem. Thank you.
@ bradford3.= I will. Thanks for reading.
@ *angadkripa*.= Thank you. I will ASAP!
@ 26javey26.= I will ASAP! Thanks alot.
@Angad-Kripa#1.= Thank you. Glad u like the characters. Sure I'll PM you when I update.
Thanks alot everyone for reading and commenting! Please continue doing so, reading and commenting , that is. (it's a request!)

lalala10 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 March 2009 at 4:36am | IP Logged

Part 4:-
A new opinion!

  Kripa and Anjali were helping Armaan and Kavya out in the party. Kripa and Anjali were busy in the kitchen while Armaan and Kavya, were checking the decorations, lights and the making sure there was parking space for everyone. Where as Riddhima and Kt were busy bossing little kids around.

 By the time everyone was done with their tasks, the Gupta's huge hall, was filled with guest. Everyone was being introduced to the Khanna's and vice versa. Armaan and Kavya were bored, sitting on the stairs that led to the rooms. Soon Anjali passed, without noticing them, looking angrily towards her self phone which was held up in the air by one of her hands.
 Anjali: Stupid, dumb cell pone!!
Armaan and Kavya chuckled. Anjali looked at them frowned, wrinkled her nose and then straightening her face, walked upto them.
 Anjali: Are you guys going to help or just sit their taking wierd noises out of your throats??
She handed her cell phone to Kavya.
 Kavya: Probably a signal problem.
 Anjali: Oh! So ??
 Armaan: Go outside!?!
 Anjali was about to say something when Kt, Riddhima, and Kripa came upto them.
 Kt: Ssup people??
 Kavya: Anjali's cell phone isnt working.
 Kt: Let me see that.
 She snatched Anjali's beautiful cell phone from Kavya's hand.
 She inspected it from every angle. "Hmmm" Then she started holding it high in the air in search for a signal.
 Armaan: Is this their family pose??
 Kavya: I have no idea! But it would be fun if I saw Mihir uncle waving his cell phone in the air like crazy.
 Kripa: Hey! That was rude.
 Armaan and Kavya apologized.
 Armaan: It's just that we are bored.
 Kt: So you go around talking rudely.
 Anjali: Ok! They said they were sorry.
 Kt sighs and sits on a step below Kavya.
 Kt: Sorry! It's just that I'm bored too.
 Kavya: I thought you were bossing kids around!
 Kt: Boring! These kids actually do as I say!
 Armaan: Where's the fun in that right?(Armaan rolls his eyes)
 Kt: Absolutley!
 Meanwhile, Naina had found both Angad and Laksh flirting with girls. In Mumbai her efforst to dicsipline them had failed but she wouldn't  let them flirt in Shimla! Oh, no! So she took Laksh and Angad to the gang, and told her sons to be nice and stick with these "mannered" kids!
 Riddhima giggled. Laksh imitated her while Angad rolled his eyes.
 In no time, Anjali and Kripa were chattering away, Riddhima was bugging Angad, Laksh and Kavya were talking, while Armaan and Kt were playing cricket together on Armaan's cell phone.

Soon enough time passed and food was served. Everyone started eating. The gang, Laksh and Angad were  sitting on the stairs, eating the delicious food. Armaan, Kripa and Anjali were sitting on the step above Kt, Kavya and Angad. Laksh and Riddhima were sitting on the step below Kt, Kavya and Angad.

Armaan was taking the advantage of sitting with Anjali and Kripa. He would take huge pieces of chicken in his mouth, and eat loudly with his mouth open! Anjali, who was in the middle was trying to poke her fork through his face, but was invain as Kripa was holding her tightly. What annoyed her the most was even while she was trying to harm him, he ate like she wasn't even there!! Finally, giving up, Anjali put her fork down, and turned to Kripa.
 Anjali: You just have to prove that your brother is more important than your friend??
 Kripa: I just have to save you from Princi's schemes to get you into trouble.
Armaan sat up straight and looked around.
 Armaan: Principle Arjun?? Who invited him??
 Kavya: Mom.
 Kt: He's coming here.
 Princi:Hello there!
 Gang: Hello sir!
 Princi: I see we'll have new students the next year. Glad you are already getting along.
 Kavya: Yes sir!
 Princi: I see your party is going well.
 Kavya: Thank you!
 Princi: Well, I'm in a hurry! I have to go! Please do me a favour and tell your dad, it was an emergency. And that I said good bye.
 Kavya: Yes, of course, Sir!
 Princi: Thank you! Ok kids! See you in a month or so!!
 Gang: Bye!
 Princi: Bye kids!
As Principle walked away, the gang gave a sigh of relief.

Kavya carried the yummy vanilla cake, towards the huge table, with other desserts on it. He thought he heard Anjali call him, so he turned to and saw that Anjali had fallen on the ground. In an efforst to go and help her stand before anyone noticed her, he let go of the cake, and ran towards her. When he helped her get up , it was then that he noticed his sister covered in white vanilla cream, giving him a muderous look!

Riddhima was really mad! This was the most embarrassing moment of her life! She could feel eyes watching her! She heard laughter. She turned around to see Armaan laughing his head off! She walked upto him and gave him a sarcastically sweet smile.
Riddhima: What is it that you find so funny?
Armaan: The fact that you look like a strawberry sundae!
Riddhima wiped a little piece of cream from her face and stroked it on Armaan's nose!
Riddhima: Your dress NOW suits your personality, CLOWN!!
Armaan got angry and stepped forward.
Armaan: You will so pay!!
With that he walked away, as Riddhima walked way in the opposite direction to clean herself. She was so angry at Armaan. What an idiot! She thought.
Ok! A new part! Hope you like it and please do comment!!
Don't mind the short update and the mistakes. Thanks!

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plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soon plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
26javey IF-Sizzlerz

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great part
cont soon
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Originally posted by nehasfan

awesum part......

Thank you.

Originally posted by bradford3

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soon plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I will ASAP.

Originally posted by 26javey26

great part
cont soon

Thank you! I will ASAP!!
Radhika Shah IF-Rockerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Great part!!!!!!!!!!
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Part 5:

Laksh was on the dance floor with Kt. He had been impressed by her behaviour, but also knew that she hadn't really noticed him that much. On the dance floor the hip hop song, was catchy and Kt was moving and swaying with her girl friends. He felt like, for the first time in his life, that someone ignored him despite his good looks.

Angad being the person, he was, was busy on the dance floor with a new partner every 7 minutes. It was his and his brother's luck, that their mom wasn't around. After dancing with nearly all the girls on the dance floor, he made his way into the kitchen. There he saw a medium heighted girl standing with her petite back towards him. Her structure seemed so fragile, that he thought it would break if he touched it. Her light brown hair was justfully settled, complementing her back. Angad took a step forward, unstably, unlocking his heart. The wind blew and moon was as bright as ever, as if it was all planned. Her hair was now carried by the wind and was now in it's own unique style.While the wind blew her hair, Angad managed to get a glimpse of her long and graceful neck. The hooke of her golden chain against her creamy skin, created a wonderous view for Angad.

Angad didnt know what to say or do. He would totally embarrass himself if he asked her to turn around, but he was, then again eager, to set his eyes on her face.  It was as if he had only a few more moments left to live, and what he wanted the most was to capture her face in every single cell of his body. Fortunately, before he could do or say anything, the beauty turned gracefully, with her bright duppata, making the air that was blended with her fresh and sweet fragnance hit him directly. He closed his eyes to let it sink into his heart.When he opened his eyes, he found himself  gazing into two light brown eyes, that gave him a chill down the spine yet sparked a fire in his heart and soul. She moved her thin arm alittle high from it's previous position,making her bangles sing melodies to Angad ears. Her delicate fingers settled a silky, straight strand, that was menacingly playing with her extra-ordinary fair and smooth skin, teasing Angad so much that it made his hands itch. It was only when she stopped walking and noticed him, that he realized it was Kripa.

Kripa gave him a smile, and was about to say something when Padma came in the kitchen.
Padma: Angad? What are you doin here??
Angad: I was- I.
Padma: (laughs) Never mind. Naina's looking for you anxiously, you see whats up with her, huh?
She turns towards Kripa.
Padma: And you, Miss Sharma, I think you can relax now, everything is going perfectly fine! Come on lets go! Shashank wont join us for a dance untill you are there. Come quickly.
She walked out, as Kripa gave Angad another smile, which he surprising replied to by smiling back, and walked out following Padma. Angad walked towards the table in a trance. The shiny spoon reflected the light of the tube light in his eyes. He suddenly remembered who he was and moved his stare in the direction of the door Kripa had walked out from. He suddenly grew scared,angry  and restless. He didn't like the fact of a girl hypnotising him. It was always his part to play, he was always the one TO hypnotise. He, after scolding himself, decided that she was just like any other person, more specifically, like any other girl, and that he wouldn't treat her any different. He seemed very satisfied by his decision and now was back as his old self, Angad Khanna, the handsome and arrogant flirt. He walked out of the kitchen, and into the party hall joining his mother.

Armaan, glanced at Riddhima, who was staring at him angrily. He looked away and a I-am-not-enjoying-this smile played on his lips. He really didnt care about any of this. He knew it was his fault for laughing and he was about to apologize but then it was too late, the cake was already on his nose. He decided to let it just go as Riddhima had just returned. But more over, he was glad that the girl he thought of as a beautiful angel was not as innocent as she looks and that she was pretty normal.

Kavya and Anjali were on the dancefloor, together. They weren't touching or slow dancing, because the song was  trendy , but they were talking and dancing together.
Kavya: How come you are slipping so much these days?
Anjali: I guess I just dont pay attention.
Kavya: Why? Where is does your mind wander of to?
He said nudging her and pointing in the direction of Ronak Awasti.
Anjali frowned and made a face at Kavya.
Kavya: Oh! Come on! He is you know...kind of into you.
Anjali: He's just not my type.
Kavya suddenly felt anxious. He had been talking to her like a friend but now he looked directly in her eye and asked, "who is your type?".
Anjali: Your dad!
Kavya felt his eyes popping out!!
Anjali: No! No, sorry! I meant my dream guy should be like him.
Kavya: Ok!
They glanced over at Shashank and laughed!

Kt and Laksh were so busy dancing, that they didnt know that they were right behind eachother. While dancing, Laksh, stepped a little backward and bumped into Kt. Kt turned around, waiting to give a hard time to the criminal. She saw Laksh and then cooled down.She smiled at him.
Kt: Aap! Arre, dekh ke dance karne chahiye na aapko!
Laksh: Sorry! I am not really a good dancer specailly with these fast songs.
Laksh lied.
Kt:Waise aap ka naam kya bataya tha Riddzi ne?
Laksh: Laksh.
Kt: Han!Laksh! Chaliye, main aap ke saath dance karti hoon. Ok? Phir aap mujhe follow karna theek hai?
Laksh thanked god in his heart.
Laksh: Ok.
Right then the atmosphere of the dancefloor changed as the song changed into a slow, romantic one.
Kt: Oh! Never mind maybe later.
Laksh: No! I - I mean why?
Kt: I um... well, lol, I wanted to help you with fast moves.
Laksh: But we can dance right?
He gave her one of his famous smile, that charmed everyone, even his dad!
Kt: Ok!
Laksh placed on of his hand on her waist, as Kt gave her hand in his other hand and placed her other free hand on his shoulder, and they both moved with the music.
Laksh felt himslef drowning in her chocolate brown eyes. Kt , had felt his stare and thought she was blushing like crazy but in reality her cheeks went slighty pink, however Laksh thought it was blush on.
Ok! Please do comment! I hope you all like it! Don't mind the mis

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awesum part....

ak scene was cute...

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