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And Action!Note page 22.

lalala10 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 March 2009 at 11:10am | IP Logged
And Action!


 The Sharma's:

            A middle class family consisting of Dr.Prerna Sharma; a kind, caring , understanding, modern yet modest  single(divorced) mother who is struggling to save her late father's drama institute, Gradient, while working in Sanjeevni at the same time. Her son Armaan; a kind, yet naughty 22 year old brat who is a black and white person,and her daughter, Kripa, who happens to be a 20 year old gorgeous, sweet,kind and quiet girl both are in college, studing medical. Both worry Prerna because as Prerna is friendly and outgoing, both are reserved around other people, especailly Kripa, atleast Armaan can fight back but Kripa cant, so she is the overly-protected one in the family. After 5 pm, the Sharma's can be seen in Gradient, working on new projecs in order to save Adidtya Sharma's (Prerna's dad|) institute.

The Virani's:

            An upper class family where Mihir Virani; a kind and helping person is the head along with his wife Tulsi; who is a kind and sweet lady as well as a perfect wife and mother. The two daughters, Anjali; a sweet, modern and pretty yet annoying 21 year old who loves to play basketball, and Krishna Tulsi; a dreamy, pretty, bubbly and caring 20 year old, who loves to boss people around,  are the center of attention.Both the Sharma's and the Virani's are close as Mihir and Prerna are cousin's living in the same city, Shimla. When the youngsters are gathered togethered, along with Kavya are inseperable. All gather together, organizing plays for Gradient.

The Gupta's:

             With Dr.Shashank Gupta, a caring and loving father and husband yet a strict and disciplined doctor,as the head, the rich family is well known for it's discipline. Padma is a  lovely wife and the nice and caring mother of Shashank's two children: Kavya and Riddhima. A bratty yet sweet 22 year old Kavya is an annoying personality who believes he was born to start phaddah's (meaning fights, gang fights)  is the  elder brother of Riddhima, a sweet, and cute 20 year old angel who knows what is wrong and what is right, probably being the reason why her parents allowed her to study in Mumbai, and who knows how to stand up for what she believes in.Riddhima is currently studing medical in Mumbai where as Kavya is studing medical in Shimla with the youngsters of his close family friends, the Sharmas and the Viranis.

 The Khanna's :

                 Dilip Khanna and Naina Khanna are both understaning and caring parents of Laksh; a 22 year old annoying yet caring flirt who loves to read books and Angad; a 21 year old arrogant flirt with a heart of gold, shown to only his loved ones.  Riddhima is staying with this famous family, and she has become a part of it, so now when she decides that she will continue her studies in Shimla, Dilip and Naina, having found a daughter in her, couldn't bear to be parted so they too move to Shimla.
(couldnt find pics for Dilip and Naina.)
 It's summer vacations for our youngsters and that is why all gang is gathered at Gradient.
Do comment please ..honestly comment ! And ummm dont mind the mistakes.
I'm Mona.

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zainab.A Senior Member

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Posted: 10 March 2009 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
wow!!! amazing cast!!!! cant wait.. plz post soon!!!!!!!
Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 10 March 2009 at 3:47pm | IP Logged
Nice intro.
continue soon.
*angadkripa* Senior Member

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Posted: 10 March 2009 at 3:55pm | IP Logged
great introduction!
can't wait for the first part
continue soon Smile
lalala10 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 March 2009 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
          And Action!!
   Chapter1: Excitement!

 The sun distributed it's light everywhere, making it a refreshing scene for the eyes, the sound of the birds singing was beautiful and the smell of the oak and the sand after the rain was intoxicating. Dr. Prerna Sharma thanked god for everything. She turned towards the kitchen. As she saw her beautiful daughter cooking breakfast, and and her lazy son sleeping with his head and all his weight on the round table, she knew she couldn't have asked for more. Kripa wouldn't let her work especailly during her summer vacations, and Armaan would always protect her from every harm, physically or mentally, and both had already healed up her wounds from the past , and she knew they too had some wounds, that were yet to be filled. Dismissig all thoughts, she picked up the letters and the daily paper which Armaan had taken out from the mail box and whacked Armaan's head causing him to wake up.
 "Morning ma!" Armaan beamed. "Good morning!" she replied. She repeated loudly, this time to greet Kripa. The tiny voice which replied her, was annoying. "Good Morning!" Kripa, then repeated , this time with a high tone. Prerna smiled.
 Taking the glass of milk she had just filled, she sat on the table beside Armaan. Kripa placed the breakfast and joined them.
  Pr: So what are the plans for today?
 She asked as she started eating.
 Ar: We are working on a new play.
 Pr: Ahan.
 Kr: But first we have to go to the airport.. Riddhima is coming.
 Pr: Ah! Yes! What time do we go to greet her?
 Kr: 5:30 pm.
 Ar: You can , go with Dr. Gupta or Mama (Mihir), cuz I dont think we'll have space in the car with the whole gang and Kavya jumping.
 Prerna laughed.
 Pr: If you dont want me to go, you know you can always be honest. (She pretended to hit him).
 Ar: No! Seriously, he's been calling every 30 minutes.
 Pr: Ok! I'll see. But I have to go to work right now. K kids take care.
 She kissed both of them and ran out of the house. Soon after, both of them left for Kavya's house.
 Ar: You know..? I was wondering.... is Riddhima really important to you?
 Kr: Yes, of course, she's one of my best friends.
 Ar: So that is why you showered today?
 Kr: I shower everyday.
 Ar: So you put on perfume today?
 Kr: Oo
         -    !!!!
 Ar: Cuz you dont smell.
 Kr: Zip it  and drive.
 Ar: and drive, drive, drive. I love that song.
Kr: That's shut up and drive.
Ar: will you let me drive??

 Where as in the Gupta house the scenario was different. Dr. Shashank had for the hospital, leaving Padma and Kavya alone. Kavya out of excitement was being very clumsy. He had twiced spilled jiuce over him and broken Padma's favourite vase. Soon the whole gang had arrived.
Padma: Thank god you guys are here! He has been giving me a headache since 6 in the morining.
Kripa: You are not the only.
Kt: Yup.. has been calling us morning.
Kripa: Us too!
Kt: Ahan...  since 7 in the morning.
Armaan: Since 6 in the morning.
Armaan spoke with pride.

Soon Padma was busy in the kitchen and the gang was in Kavya's room.
 Kavya: Ok! So yeah..she's coming.
Armaan: Yeah..we know.
Kavya: Yeah... so? what do I get her?
Armaan: Why you asking me?
Kavya: Not you! God..shut up Armaan!
Armaan: Oh you make me!
Kavya: You asked for it!
Kavya grabbed Armaan's hair, who in return, starting punching him. Kavya too punched Armaan and that was enough to shut Armaan up for a while. All this while the girls were screaming crazy. Kavya and Armaan looked at the girls as if they were aliens.
Sooner or later when the atmosphere was calm, Kavya again asked what he should get for Riddhima.
 Anjali: I know!
 Kt: What?
 Anjali (gives an evil smile): why don't we go shopping??
 Kt: Perfect!
 Kt stood up and dragged Kavya by his hand.
 Kt: Follow me!!!
 She announced and marched towards the car.
 She opened the door of the driver's seat.
 Kt: Ok! Kavya get in!
 But once she saw his expressionm, she was forced to make an addition.
 Kt: Please? She said cheekily.
 After a lot of stopping and tossing, they finally came to a shop where every one fought.
 Armaan: I'm telling you she would love this Key chain.
 Kt: Key Chain?? She's not a kid..or an immature! This photo frame would be perfect.
 Anjali: No, this perfume would be perfect!!
 Kripa: I'm thinking this bracelet.
 Poor Kavya, was confused. In the end after a lot of trouble, they all decided to give her what each wanted to give except for Kavya who was still stuck. He saw a fragile wind chime and decided to go for it. Kavya knew that Padma had already bought gits for the Khanna's so he didnt bother.
 It was 4:55 and the whole seated in the car.
 Kavya: Make sure you have three extra seats and make sure you guys dont get them all dirty!!
 Kt: Yeah yeah!! she rolled her eyes! She had been getting a lecture by Tulsi too, about behaving in front of them.
 Armaan somehow forced Kavya tolet him drive.
 On 5:45 pm all the Virani's, Sharma's and Gupta's were inside the air port but still no sign of the Khanna's or Riddhima.
While all the fathers had gone to check if there was any problem. The mothers and the youngsters were anxiously waiting and searching through the crowd.
 Armaan was too searching even though he had no clue where to search. The wind blew and he heard the sound of an anklet above all. He turned to face the direction from where it came and was shocked to see the most beautiful girl he had ever seen!!
"Riddhima!?!?!?!" He gasped.
 Everyone turned to look in the direction and then as everyone rushed past him to get to Riddhima, he came back to reality.
 It wasn't like Riddhima hadn't noticed him, she had in fact felt butterflies, when that handsome stranger spoke her name.
 But when everyone was surronding her, it was then thats she recognized him. Armaan? She thought. But was soon distracted by her freinds and family.
 After she greeted her family, turned towards her friends. She knew that when she saw a girl smiling widely, infront of the whole gang, like she was the head, and Tulsi beside her (so she doesnt misbehaves) that she was looking at Kt! She hugged her and knew that the pretty, tall and tomboyish looking girly girl was Anjali. She hugged her too. She also knew that the quiet girl who was smilimg , with big innocent eyes was Kripa. She hugged Kripa too. Kripa and Riddhima had a strange bond. They never freared being parted because they trusted each other to keep in contact, but when they met there was no stop to their tears. When they parted, Armaaan moved over and wiped Kripa's tears and Kavya put an arm around them.
Kavya: Oh yeah! And this is Armaan.
Armaan: Hello!
He tried to be normal.
Riddhima: Hello!
That as all they said.

 While the youngsters were busy with each other the grown ups were greeting the Khanna's. They were so busy with Riddhima that they, only noticed Angad and Laksh in the car.
 While Armaan was driving with Kripa beside him and all the others seated at the back, the introduction was starting.
 Riddhima: Ok! The bossy one is Kt. Oww!
She shrieked as Kt hit her arm. Laksh chuckled and thought it was impressive as Riddhima was supposed to be bossy. If Kt is bossier than Riddhima, then she must be something.He thought.
Riddhima: The normal one is Anjali. Trust me the only normal one in our gang.Dont get a heart attack when I say they are sisters.
Anjali and Kt looked at each other and smiled.
Riddhima: You guys already know Kavya.... my brother.And..ummm...
Kavya: The one in front is Armaan! My buddy!
Armaan, glanced at the rear view mirror and nodded looking at the boys.
Riddhima: And the quiet one in front is Kripa , Armaan's sister.
 Kripa turned and smiled at the boys, shocking Angad to the core with her beauty.
Riddhima: Ok, gang! The one in blue is Laksh and the one in black is Angad!
Both boys smirked.
Gang: Hi!!
Ok! Do commment honestly . And dont mind the mistakes. Hope you like it.

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lalala10 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 March 2009 at 1:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zainab.A

wow!!! amazing cast!!!! cant wait.. plz post soon!!!!!!!

Thanks. Hope you like the first part.

Originally posted by Radhika Shah

Nice intro.
continue soon.

Thank you.

Originally posted by *angadkripa*

great introduction!
can't wait for the first part
continue soon Smile

Thanks alot. I posted the first part. Hope you like it.
love_KYPH IF-Dazzler

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awesum ff....
plz cont n send me a pm if u can....
bradford3 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 March 2009 at 4:36am | IP Logged
plz continue soon its really gud

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