Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH 3rd March 2009 - Written/Video/ Pic Update

.x. Simran .x. Goldie
.x. Simran .x.
.x. Simran .x.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update
For 3rd March 2009 (Episode 37)

Video/Pic Update - Nipun97

Written Update
Hey Guys.... Filling in for Payal today as she is abit busy...
Thank God Akshara was feeling better today..
OMG totally loved the sock scene between ShaVa....
Shaurya is sooo cute whe he is angry.  Can't wait for tomorrows episode!!

Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....

Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.


Badi reminds Vish that all girls have to go through this. Vish hopes that in due to these problems he doesn't lose his daughter. Badi looks shocked at what Vish had said. Vish explains that she can see Akshara has become ill as she keeps thinking about what the boy's family would think. He goes on to say that the doctor was correct to say that she has fallen ill because she is under alot of stress and that they should forget about the wedding for a few days. Badi agrees then in about to suggest but Vish puts his foot down and tells her that there is always next year and that a wedding can take place later on aswel. Vish begs Badi to forget until Akshara gets better.

In the morning ST is sitting in the living room. Gopi Dadi serves her food and drink. St asks why it is taking Badi so long. Gopi explains that Akshara had fallen ill and Badi stayed up looking after her. ST suggests that she could have caught someones evil eye. Gopi tells ST not to worry and the doctor had been and said she will get better soon. Badi walks down the stairs. ST gets up and walks over to her and greets her. ST asks Badi about Akshara. Badi explains that Akshara had a fever and its about to tell her why when she decides not to tell ST and tells her that the doctor said she will be better in 2 days. ST tells Badi that she is grateful as she had given her word to the boys side and they had arranged to meet Akshara on Holi. Badi tells her that it that it isn't possible and that Holi is tomorrow. ST explains that Akshara is just ill and she will be better soon. ST suggests that the society may think that Akshara doen't want to get married and she reminds her of Rituraj. ST agrees that Akshara may be young but as she gets older it will become more difficult. Badi tells her that they are only asking for 2 days. ST firmly tells Badi that she put her nose on the line eventhough many queationed the alliance which broke and that peole are ready to find fault in Akshara and that this alliance won't come again. ST leaves.

Badi stands there watching ST leave. Choti arrives and tells Badi that Akshara is getting better and Dadi has told her to do a Tulsi Puja. In the courtyard Varsha, Choti and Badi are standing by the Tulsi plant. Dadi arrives and tells Badi that Akshara is fine. Badi prays to the Tulsi plant and thanks it. Varsha sorts out her Palua so it is covering her head. Dadi aks Varsha whats wrong. Varsha replies nothing. Dadi laughs at the fact that Varsha isn't used to it yet. Dadi says that she loves that fact about Varsha and that she blushes whenever anyone speakes and she applies alot of Kumkum to her forehead just like a newly wed bride. Varsha sorts out her pulua Dadi asks Badi whether Varsha is able to take care of her palua and it looks like she is being punished. Dadi laughs about the fact that they have got used to the fact that they had to remain covered at all times and had to sleep wearing the jewerly and bangles. She goes on further to talk about how time has changed and that there is no need for these things. Dadi suggests that maybe they should allow Varsha to be different. Badi agrees but says she will have to ask Vish. As she finishes her sentence Vish arrives and asks Badi what did she need to ask him. Dadi walks over to Vish and tells him about the conversation and asks him whether it is needed for Varsha to have a palua on her head. Vish looks over to and replies that he has explained many times that they have brought Varsha into this family as a daughter and not as a daughter-in-law therefore she has all the same rights as Akshara. Then he explains that it has been ages since they had attended college and if they have a poor attendance then the won't be able to take the exam. Badi walks over and as he says that there is no rush in getting Akshara married Badi's face drops. Vish tells Badi to put a tikka on his head as he needs to go to work. Badi applies the tikka and Vish leaves.
Dadi walks over to Varsha and asks her if she really thought that they would stop her for studying and that her In-Laws are happy for her too. Dadi and Varsha leave to check on Akshara. Choti notices that Badi si upset and asks her what is wrong. Badi tells her that ST had come and was talking about the new alliance. Choti hopes that Badi said no. But Badi replies she didn't say yes but she was unable to say no. Badi explains that sooner or later she will get married. Choti tells her that Akshara is ill and won't want to see a guy. Choti suggests that they try and find out  what Akshara really wants.


Badi tries to make Akshara eat but Akshara refuses. Badi tells her that she won't be able to take her meds unless she eats. Varsha feeds Akshara the soup. Badi hands Akshara the tablets and Akshara takes them. Both Varsha and Akshara tells Akshara that she is looking much better. Varsha suggest that Akshara comes with her to sit outside. Dadi tells her to go and that it will be good for her. The slowly get her up and take her to the balcony where Shaurya is reading the newspaper. Dadi tells Shaurya to sit Akshara down on the swing and leaves.  Shaurya goes to grab Akshara when his hand touches Varsha's. They both look at each other and Akshara looks at both at them. They sit Akshara down. Varsha treis to catch Shaurya's eye which she does but Shaurya looks away. He is walks of but as he is leaving he walks into Varsha. They both look at each other. Varsha smiles but Shaurya looks away and tells Akshara to talk to Varsha as she is getting late for the office. Shaurya walks off. Akshara asks Varsha whether Shaurya is still annoyed. Varsha tries to explain but Akshara reminds her of what ST had said. Varsha replies that some may see it as a fight but some will see it as a Kit-Pit. She tells Akshara to sit there as she tries to go and make up with Shaurya.

Shaurya is throwing all the clothes on the floor as he searches through the cupboard. He calls out to Badi and asks her where his socks are. Varsha walks in and tells him if he needs socks he shouldn't have called Badi and should have asked her. Shaurya still annoyed tells Varsha that he can fnd them himself and turns away. Varsha walks up to the cupbaord and pulls out a pair of socks. She aks him how long this anger will last. Shaurya snatches the socks off her and walks over to the bed and puts on his socks. Varsha laughs at Shaurya and tells him to listen. Shaurya asks her what and tells her that she should talk quickerly and that he is he is getting late. He tells her that all the jobs he has done today have turned upside down. Varsha laughs and tells him tha she can see that as he has put on his socks the wrong way round. Shaurya pulls off the sock and hurts his heel. Varsha laughs. Sahurya puts on his socks quickly and gets up. Varsha stand in his way and tells him that he is forgetting something. He aks her what. He explains that he is getting late. Varsha teases him and tells him he has fogotten something important and tells him she isn't speaking rubbish. Shaurya shouts that everything she says is rubbish. Varsha apologies and walks off.


She walks off slowly. Shaurya walks over to her and apologies and that he. He stops and turn her around and notices she is crying. Shaurya tells Varsha that he didn't want to upset her. He explains that he is still upset at the fact that he went to so much effort to get her tickets and when he gets home to find out his wife doesn't have time for and because of that he got upset. Varsha replies that she couldn't tell Badi and Dadi she wanted to go to the cinema and that she couldn't help them. She asks him whether he understands her. He holds her hands and tells her that she does understand her but he feels that  he doesn't have any importance to her and that the family mean more to her than he does. Varsha explains that she is here for him and that its because of him she is apart of his family. Varsha reminds him that he told her that she need to be a good Bahu so that no one can say anything to Shaurya. Shaurya tries to explain he understands. But Varsha replies that whenever she tries he feels like she is ignoring him and asks him what to do and whether she should keep hiom happy or them? Varsha cries and Sharya hugs her and aplogies and explains that she is mean to be there for her. He tells her to look at him in the eyes. Varsha smiles. Shaurya explains that he is a idiot and it his fault. He cheekily asks what he has forgotten. Varsha walks over to the chest of darwas and gets Shaurya watch. She tells him that he always forgets. Shaurya tells her that she is fogetting something today aswel. He reaches over and kisses Varsha on the cheek and asks her whether they should go and cheer up Varsha.

ShaVa walk towards Akshara with laughing but as Akshara looks up Shaurya moves his arm off Varsha shoulder.  Shaurya laughs at the fact that Akshara doesn't look ill and suggests that she did that all so that everyone could serve her. Akshara and Varsha laugh. Shaurya tells Akshara that as soon as she gets well he will take them to the movies and will take them shopping. He asks whether that is what girls like. Varsha laughs and tells him that she is pleased he is remembering the things she likes. Shaurya laughs and tells her that he has to after all she has come into his life as the high command. Varsha tells Shaurya to leave. He walks off but she stops him and tells him stop. She walks over to him and tells him to come home as it is Holi. Shaurya leaves. Akshara explains to Varsha she is suprised that she was able to do that.
Varsha explains that she knows all to well how to control Shaurya and it isn't the first time he has got mad at her. She tells Akshara that she needed to make ST words true and so it happened. Varsha goes on to say that if you want something by heart wyou will get it and asks her whether she understands. Akshara smiles.

The End

Pre Cap

Akshara explains to Badi that she is ready to meet the bachelor.


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Thanx a lot
I guess Naitik will enter tomorrow IF-Rockerz

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thaNK U
sanw IF-Sizzlerz

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thanks for the lovely update loved the way shava made up
& waiting to see naitik soon now
afreen_786 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 March 2009 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
awww shava roxxxx
..priya.. Goldie

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great update...thanxx
desi_baby07 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2009 at 2:09am | IP Logged
Thanks for the awesome update Simmie! Big smile
Very nice epi! Loved it! Smile
Aww the sock scene was very cute and lolz I agree-- Shaurya does look very adorable when he's angry. Lolz I was getting mad at him when he burst out at Varsha... but I totally loved the make up scene. They are so cute! That hug was awesome! Embarrassed
Dadi is awesome as always... and Vish was great today too! I'm glad he's thinking a bit modernly too.
Now hopefully Naitik enters soon. I'm glad Akshi is better and has agreed to see the boy. That's the spirit! Clap
Thanks again hun!
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Very good episode indeed.......

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