Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

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Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil

1 Year Anniversery
Happy Birthday Kis Desh....

When? March 3rd to 8th, 2009
Where?On the Kis Desh Forum
Why? Because Kis Desh is turning 1 year old and it is no more a baby. It has started to grow!
Who is invited? EVERYONE!

Did you know how Kis Desh..or may I say Prem and Heer have affected our lives?

Well, if you didn't there here is an insider, Prem and Heer changed our views on love, passion and obbsession as well as gave us some new vocabulary, such as Phalentine =Valentine, Phamous -Famous etc.

Do you know Premeer obbessed we all have become??

Alot. All those SBS mails...those 'Phandooh's. those Phoments."how can we forget them? Those 'Little things, big things' on every day episodes. Those "Critque's on Kis Desh...? Those 'Paathshala's?' Those MNSTRZ posts? And we would still not say that we are not Kis Desh...or PH obbessed?

Remember our sweet and simple bashings, and those detective cases for bloopers? The name calling such as Dheerilla, Dheerwolfe, Taklu, and those Sonu and Monu? How can we forget?

And today, is the same day that it all started. Today was the day that we let our imaginations run wild and today was the day that we all fell in love, all over again.

And by the way, some of us, I can say I did set a record of watching an Ekta show for a FULL YEAR!

Can you believe it? A full year? and that too and EKTA show!ShockedLOL

Come on, come on, tell me who set a record?

Enough with that, would we like to relieve the story of Kis Desh...once again? To know how it all started?
Summary of Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil

About The Show

This story is about two friends Balraaj Maan and Lalit Juneja who used to stay together in Ambala (Punjab) This story is about their children Heer and Prem who fall in love.
20 years ago, Lalit after loosing his first wife Shipra marries Gayatri and goes to Canada to get settle.Before leaving for Canada Lalit assures Balraj that he will get Prem marry his daughter Heer. Since last 20 years Balraj and his wife Teji along with two daughters are waiting for Lalit to come back and take Heer as their daughter in law.

The Story Of Prem and Heer

"They made us laugh, they made us cry, they made us understand the meaning of love"

As said in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, There are lots of Jodi's on Earth but only some Jodi's see Rab in each other, and Prem and Heer, sometimes referred to as Ram and Sita are one of those jodi's that see Rab in each other. Prem and Heer are someone that define Love. They are someone who share each other's pain, happiness, secrets. The defintion of true love. Prem and Heer have seen loads of Up's and Down's in life, such as seperation, being forced to marry someone else, poverty, obbsession, anger, love but the one thing that stayed same was their love and the fact that Prem and Heer may be 2 bodies but they are still one soul.

Premeer Time Line

Premeer Cross-Connection
Prem and Heer Train Station, Prem saves Heer
Heer sees Prem for the 1st time
Shiv Mandir Scene
Prem and Heer Ring Scene
Heer loses her job and Premeer's 2nd Phandooh
Prem and Heer dream squence -Pheli Pheli Baar Baliye
Prem and Heer O -Re Piya
Prem and Heer Rasta Roko and Misti Dahi Scene
Prem finding Heer at party
Party Continues
Diwali Special
Prem finds Heer unconcious
Suraj Hua Madham/ Premeer rose scene
Heer arrested
Prem drunk in Rain
Prem and Heer jail scene
Prem and Heer back from the police station
Rasta Roko -Ore Piya
Prem and Heer Mask Scene and Dance
Prem's "Heer is mine" speech on June 18th
Prem and Heer New House and Rain
Prem and Heer Soap scene
Prem and Heer Hug
Prem and Kitchen Scene
Prem and Heer Gajara Scene
Prem and Heer Hug -1st July
Prem and Heer Ande Ka Funda
Heer in a short dress for Prem
Prem flirting with Heer at their engagment
Prem and Heer Dance
Prem saves Heer in Rajasthan
Prem puts sindoor in Heer's maang



This message is from me, I would like to tell you about the different changes the forum and show have gone through from being from Page 1 to 760!

The show started of with Heer, and we didn't know where the story was heading and if the story would stick to where it started from and to tell you the truth, I didn't have much trust in KDMHMD either.

Then came Harshad Chopra's entry in March, and I was totally aw'ed by Preet, yes. Preet! Now you all must be thinking, what am I a talking about. I will explain.

I was never a fan of Prem/ Harshad Chopra but after those "Phandooh"s and those "moments" and those "Marathon's", I was totally aw'ed by it! Who wouldn't?

Prem and Heer, and jodi made in heaven and the two actors that were actually living our fantasy! Pyaar Toh Hona Hi ThaWink

I remember Sana(Natasshafan) posting that KDMHMD had completed 100 pages in a span of 2 months, but I had to correct her on that one, KDMHMD had made it to 200 pages for 2 monthsLOL, I can still remember that dayLOL

God, I miss Sana and Shruti di!Cry

I don't know, but I think I have been the only member that had seen the forum's up, and downs. The one that had been loved,LOL, seeing the 'little bashings' I had let through, ain't it?LOL and the one that had to be the gundi here. But for one thing, I was glad that I had members like you supporting me. HugHugHugIf it weren't for your support, I wouldn't have made it through. I remember members telling me for sticking through with KDMHMD in its bad moments, but I stuck to KDMHMD because believed in our family. I believed that no matter what happened, we would still be together and that is what happened. KDMHMD went through it's up's and downs and we didn't loose hope and finally, EK had to give in to those hopes and unity that we all shared. Thank you members!HugHug

And trust me, if it weren't for you guys, we would have never made it to pg 760 or even gotten our Harshad Chopra back!HugHug


Kahani Ab Tak

The show starts of with a young Heer talking to Mahi and Meet who are running away in order to get married. Heer says that she is only meant for Prem and Prem is only meant for her.

14 years later -

Lalit feels very lonely in Canada, misses Balraj and wants Prem Heer's marriage to take place.

Heer and her sister Meher are shown to have a very fun life while we come to meet various characters such as Heer's mom(Teji), dad(Balraaj), chachi(Daljeet), chacha(Balwant). Daljeet, or we can call DJ comes home with Meher's alliance from the city but Teji feels comfortable and says Heer is elder so she shall get married first. Balraaj is in thoughts of how 14 years earlier he had handed Lalit the money to go to Canada and work hard and how they had promised to get thier son and daughter married when Lalit came back and reflects on his decission. Balraaj, not wanting to wait no more calls Canada where he than takes to his someone who he considers Lalit and the "Lalit" tells Balraj that he didnt't do any promise with his friend and he doesn't even know him. Balraj heartbroken and thinks Lalit has forgotten his friendship and lost his original place. On the other hand, Lalit and his wife Gayatri are remembering Balraaj while doing a pooja. In anger, Balraaj fixes Heer's marriage with Manmeet and Heer cries saying which Prem she waited for all that while didn't come.

In Canada a football match is going on India v/s Canada. Prem, Harman, Preet are shown playing for the India team and they end up winning.At home, Prem -Preet have a nice brotherly moment, and Gayatri talks to Prem about how he got hurt on purpose cuz he knew that Preet would never play cuz of his stubornness which would lead to your dad feeling bad. Gaytri carries on, saying that she is afraid, that whoever Prem marries, or loves, he will keep loving but dont say a peep about it. Preet is shown listening.

We see Heer is really heartbroken and questioning God again and again and we see Manmeet's evil intentions.Lalit tells Prem all about Prem -Heers relationship when they were young and his and Balraj's dosti, and how Balraj had helped him. Preet comes to Prem and says they are going to India, and what about Prems dreams about marriying the one he loves, and Prem answers that maybe the girl he is going to marry will be his life partner.

At the party, Heer sees Jugni, a Bhanjaran, and knows that Bhanj is a lady that dances in her loved ones memory, in pain. Heer starts dancing in India & Prem starts to dance in Canada. When Jugni comes to give Manmeet & Heer ashirwad, Manmeet gets scared & is sweating, and Jugni says, she danced, she danced till late night in "His"(Manmeet's) wedding. Heer doesnt get it, and Jugni goes to Heer, and says, that her sindoor, will be the colour red, red as in blood, which leaves Heer shocked.

Balraj & Teji are worried that Manmeet's family is asking for property, and come to Manmeet's house, and there come to know that it was Dajeet, and his brother who were there, behind all this, and that they backstabed them. BT are heartbroken, and are on their way back home, while Balraj remembers Lalit. The bus that they are travelling in meets and accident, and falls of a cliff, everyone else survies except Balraj & Teji. A guy, tries to save BT, but BT stay back, and Teji tells him to take care of their daughters. While dying Balraj says "Lalit please take care of my daughters" Lalit on the other hand, feels something is not right and with his whole family comes to India and is quite happy, when he hears about Balraj & Tejis death from someone, and he shocked. Heer & Meher on the other hand, are also feeling bad, and cry their heart out.

 Heer and Meher come to Ludhiana and DJ plans a "fake" letter and a story saying how Balraj, Teji AND Heer died in an accident and how Balraj wanted DJ's daughter Ashlesha to get married to Prem if anything happened to Heer. Ashlesha is shown to have more interest in Preet than Prem. When Heer -Meher come to Ludhiana, DJ tries her best to make none of the Juneja's see Heer and Meher. Heer knows the Juneja's are staying at DJ's house and goes to Shiv Mandir where she pours her heart out. Prem follows her and feels connected with Heer, some how. On Prem-Ashlesha's engagement day, DJ steals Heer's ring and gets Ashlesha to put it on Prem. At night Heer tries getting the ring from Prem but Prem comes in time to see Heer's face and this is where Prem-Heer get fully engaged seeing Heer puts her ring in Prem's finger by herself.

Heer finds a job in Prem's hotel as a waitress where some of Ashlesha's friends misbehave with her and Heer gives them a tight slap. Heer is fired from the job where Heer than meets Prem and gives him a lecture abotu her self respect and hounour and Prem hires her back. Prem sees this and encourages Heer to give the guy another slap. As times pass, Premeer are madly in love and Gayatri knows it. One day, at a party Lalit announces the wedding of Prem-Ash and Manmeet -Heer(Who he thinks is a farmer's daughter who has the same name as Balraj's Heer). At the haldi ceremony Prem finds out Manmeet is mentally unstable and that it is Manmeet's twin Prashant who is fooling Heer. As planned by Gayatri, DJ finds a letter written by Gayatri stating how Prem was her step-son hense reffering to breaking Prem-Ash wedding.Daljeet accuses Gayathri of not loving Kulraj and Prem as they are not her offspring. They are all tensed incase Prem hears any of this drama, but he does and walks off in tears. Gayathri goes off to find him, which is by a lake Gayahri asks him to forgive her and Prem breaks down saying he does not care about the letter, his depressed only because Gayathri did not speak in her defense. Gayahtri realizes Prem is right she gives a speech about her motherhood towards Prem. Daljeet apologizes and Prem announces he is still prepared to marry Ash.

Heer is drugged by her manager and left in a hotel room. Fortunately Preet stops Sameer from entering the hotel, while Prem somehow ends up in the room in which Heer is unconscious a moment is shown between the two, which a hidden security camera has captured.Heer wakes up and is in shock to see Prem in the room with her, but he explains, a knock is heard and its Manmeet. Prem convinces Here to hide while he deals with Manmeet. Heer ends up in the place where the contrusction work is going on while Prem asks Gayahtri if he could tak the hotel in his name when Harman refuses saying it is not right. The police find out about an illegal prostitution racket and suspect Heer which she agrees to and is taken to prison where Prem comes to meet her and they share a little moment. Prashant is the real mastermind behind this all and doesn't leave any way of not making Prem jealous. While playing a game DJ uses her dirty tricks to get Heer to dance with an old man but luckily Prem saves her getting Premeer to dance. Prem tries his best to bring the truth of Manmeet and Prashant being 2 different people but is unsuccessful. Slowly Heer comes to know Prem was right and is tells Vishaka everything and is ended up being locked in a room by Vishaka who we than find out is Prashant's wife and DJ's daughter. Nihaal wakes up thinking about BT and takes the pouch with Manmeet and his wife picture and shows it to Prem.

At Prem's wedding, he is feeling bad about no one believing him and as the marriage is about to take place he gets up and says he loves Heer and confesses how he always loved Heer, no matter what. Whatever he is doing today is for Lalit but he'd never be happy with Ash. Than DJ angry with Prem's confession brings Heer out of the room and tries to throw her onto the floor but ends up throwing Heer towards Prem making Premeer hug. There Lalit tells Prem to get out of the house and does his shradh. Premeer along with Meher leave home and Preet vows to bring Prem back. Premeer have cute chawal moments where both Premeer start working telling nothing to each other. There Prem proposes to Heer and they both get engaged.

Premeer and the Juneja's go to a dargah where while a big wind comes, Lalit sees Heer's locket with a Balraj-Teji picture and remembers Heer and his Balraj's Heer and how DJ and Balwant lied to him. Heer is blown away by the wind and Prem goes in search for her. Prem finds her at a river bank and is than taken to the hospital where he finds out Heer had lost her memory but she is just acting to bring Lalit-Prem closer not knowing Lalit knows she is Balraj's Heer. At Premeer's wedding Juneja's trick DJ into believeing Preet-Ash are getting married and Heer decieds to leave home.
Prem stops Heer from leaving at the train station and everyone comes to know the truth about Heer being Balraj-Teji's daughter. There we see Veera having a rough atttitude towards Heer and how Veera likes Rishabh Rampal, a hard core enemy of the Juneja's. Heer tries to prove RR is playing with Veera a numerous times but ends up failing everytime. On Premeer's wedding day, we see a bomb blast, and Prem meeting new people and going to save some people from the blast and ending up "dead".
The next 3 weeks are shown of sorrow and Prem's death, flashbacks etc, and Premeer flashbacks. Heer is heartbroken but doesn't want it to effect Veera-RR wedding. There Nihaal comes saying how he used to own a some company but someone betrayed him and took over his shares and gives Heer a number to call. Heer calls that number and sees RR picking the phone up. Heer stops RR and Veera's wedding and instead, Nihaal and Veera get married. As days past, Heer becomes the 'Son of the Family'. Harman runs away on the day of his wedding with Meher and instead, Preet takes his place and gets married to Meher. Taken by surprise, Ashlesha and Daljeet turn evil and make the Juneja's thier servants.
RR is really ticked off and he blackmails Heer saying that if she does as he says, he promises to give Heer back the property that he stole. RR and Heer go to Rajasthan where he forces Heer to get engaged to her. Heer unable to bare that fact tries to commit suicide but fails and is saved by who she thinks is Prem. Prem was shown then. RR makes Heer forget that as a dream and Heer does so and gets engaged to RR. RR then tells Heer to act bad infront of the family and Heer does so. The family is disgusted. "The guy" who Heer saw in Rajasthan was actually Gaurav Sharma who had the face of Prem. Gaurav and Heer don't get off to a good start and eventually, Gaurav meets Gayatri and Heer sees Gaurav. She tells Preet about what she saw and tells him that she will get married to RR and if Gaurav is HER Prem, then he will stop the wedding and if he doesn't, then she will stay as Prem's widow for ever.
On the day of the wedding, Prem reaches the Juneja house where he watches the DVD of him dying and is seen by the other Juneja's who are happy. He then stops the wedding and puts sindoor in Heer's maang. Heer and the rest of the family is happy. Prem and Heer have thier cute moments and later, we find out that Prem is actually Gaurav who is putting out a false act of 'Prem' for money. Gaurav is being payed by RR. Gaurav and Heer come to Mumbai and some keeps SMSing Gaurav telling him that they know what he is doing and later, it is revealed that that person is none other then Heer.
RR is arrested. Heer tells Gaurav that she knows he is Gaurav and that she wants him to act as Prem Juneja until Gayatri recovers and for that, she will pay Gaurav.
This was the Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil Timeline.
Please stay in tune for more fun activities and contests coming up for the Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil Anniversary celebrations coming up!
Please contact Khushix or *Shifali* if you have any questions about the celebrations.
~KDMHMD Dev Team

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Woooow...beautiful post Shiffs bacha!!!!!!Hug

I am simply bowled over by it!!!!

I am all eyes now...can;t wait to see what else is coming up...Day Dreaming

JCluvs srk Goldie
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beautiful post....prem and heer truly touched our lives....
-kavita- IF-Dazzler

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Amazing Post Shifali....Great WorkClap
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WOW thanks for your hard work.
munam_13 IF-Dazzler

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amazing work shifali.... :)
shabs_89 IF-Dazzler

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i reli like this post's amazing how i hav reli gotten myself attached to a show like this....Premeer and KDMHMD and's kinda weird to be here.....even tho i wasnt here since the 1st day.....i hav reli enjoyed watchin this show....and too see/watch it from the first day without knowing this forum existed is weird too.....but i reli enjoy it here....and still enjoy watching the show everyday....jus like i used to be excited to watch it last year since the 3rd March as well.....

=) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KDMHMD's cast and crew!!!

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Amazing post Shifali di! Clap

*sigh* What a year huh? Pity it couldn't have ended on a better note....ahh well...we can keep our fingers crossed naa? The fact that this show lasted a year with viewers is an accomplishment on its own. LOL

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