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well, Armans part was really cute and funny...! Big smile, but we get to know about love aswell, its just like a real life u know Smile, every POV is like a real life, mixed wid so many emotions and reactions and sucha variety of dialogues and twists in just few seconds... wow...!
and the little girls scene... Stern Smile im sorry, i, didnt know, i had no clue about it...., its so, i mean, Zoya i didnt know that the girl was calling his late dad, i read it in a rushed way... and it happened in real... ShockedOuch gulp...
thanks for adding this scene Smile, must have been really difficult for u, and its so finely written, just like another scene, doesnt seem to be something so close to ur family...
oh my...! u deserve all the support of world, Big smile ur putting loads of efforts in this story, its great to see how much patience u have as an online writter, coz if i was in ur place, i wud have given up so much tym before ! (well, i didConfused); i just wish u keep wid ur work and patience Big smileHug
LOLEmbarrassed awww!! i think i wanna be Nia!! yayyyyyy! (i get so excited so soon, lol)

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I am sooo sorry for not updating !!
Well i typed it in my aunts laptop..and now shes taken it to her house!
ill try to update ASAP
sorry sorry sorry!!
@girl_2007: there is a real treat for you!!
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Originally posted by legallyzoya

I am sooo sorry for not updating !!
Well i typed it in my aunts laptop..and now shes taken it to her house!
ill try to update ASAP
sorry sorry sorry!!
@girl_2007: there is a real treat for you!!
wow do u think i get less excited or something... omg
just update!! soon!! Big smileTongue
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Samias Point of view
I parked my car outside Suresh uncles house. When I got out of the car, suddenly I felt nervous, I dint know what I would speak to Sarita aunty. I knew what I had to do, but I dint know what to say. The whole night I thought how we were going to tackle the problem. When I reached the house, I could hear the sound of some programme going on TV. I rang the bell. 'Whose it?' I heard Sarita aunty ask. 'Samia' I said loudly. I saw the keyhole darken, she unlocked the door and opened it.

'Hello aunty' I said hugging her. She patted my back.

'come on in Samia' she said with a smile.

Sonia was wtching Tom and Jerry.

'See Sonia, whose here' Sarita aunty said.

She looked At me with her big brown eyes and gave me a shy smile.

'Come sit..what do you want to have?'  Sarita aunty asked.

'Nothing, I came to speak to you' I said.

She nodded. 'Come to my room' she said. But then the phone rang and she went to answer it.

'So hows my doll?' I asked Sonia.

She gave me another shy smile.

'What are you watching? Tom and Jerry? I love Tom and Jerry' I said trying to start a conversation.

Little kids were always shy to speak at the beginning however well they know the person.

'Me too! Did you watch the episode where Tom-' she started but was cut short when Sarita aunty called me.

'Whoops! Ill be right back'ill talk to you in some time' I said and got up.

She gave me a sad smile.

I walked  to Sarita aunties room.

She was sitting in the corner of her bed. I sat next to her.

'Youre staying alone with Sonia?' I asked her.

'No, my mothers staying with me for a few months' she said.

'Oh good'so what are you going to do now?'

'I have to start working. Luckily Sonia is having holidays now. I have to find a job before her school re-opens'

I nodded.

'Are you sure you don't want anything?' she asked me again.

'Absolutely' I said.

We both kept quiet then. I dint know how to start the topic. She was looking  outside the French windows at the garden.

'Aunty, what about the complaint you gave?' I asked her.

'Uhh well the police are trying to figure out who was behind the murder. But I don't think there is any development' she said.

'Yes, we know. That's because the police are involved with the person who killed Suresh uncle as well' I said.

She kept quiet.

' If we don't do anything now, the murderer is going to get away with it' I continued.

'What do you want to do?' she asked me.

I bit my lower lip. 'I want to hype it' I said.

She looked at me with her eyes now filled with tears.

'Samia I know youre a journalist and everything, but-'

'No No aunty, that's not how I meant it. Ill get loads of news to hype about but this is for Suresh uncle. See if we hype it, make it a big deal, it will be in the news for long. We'll keep doing in depth research and interviews and everything. So the police wont be able to manipulate the reality much.  There are millions of murder cases that have been filed but have reached nowhere. This wont be like any other. Isnt this why United came into existence? We wont breathe in peace until we don't get the pathetic toerag  behind the bars!' I said.

She was looking down, listening to me intently. She wiped the tears from her cheeks.

'What do you want me to do/.'

'I want your permission and support' I said.

She nodded again.

'And aunty..one more thing'

She looked up at me.

'I want you to be brave. For your husband, for your daughter, for yourself and 'for everyone'

She wiped the tears that were flowing  heavily down her cheeks .

I hugged her.  She hugged me back.

'I got to go now, Theres a lot to do' I said with a big smile.

'There is' she agreed.

I walked out of the room, to the main hall.

'Hey doll, I got to go now, Ill come some other time when I am free okay? We'llhave fun' I promised.

She smiled at me. But I knew she was looking forward for some company.

All of a sudden I felt really bad for ditching her.

'Hey do you wanna go for ice-cream?' I asked her.

'Yes!' she said jumping from the sofa, then she looked at her mother.

Sarita aunty shook her head and said 'She has work'

'I don't deny that'but theres always time for ice-cream!' I said.

Sarita aunty smiled at Sonia. Sonia grinned and ran to me.

'You can join us too' I told Sarita aunty.

'No, I have a lot of work to do'' she said.

I dint push it. 'Okay' I said and I helped Sonia put on her shoes.


Armaans point of view

Nia and Neals house.
'Okay so basically we are going to organize a global warming awareness program'  Amel said after Uncle John explained everything to us.  She was listening intently to Uncle while he spoke at the same time doodled in her book. I was hardly paying attention to uncle, my eyes followed every loop and ever curve she drew, until Nia kicked me and I tried listening to uncle.

Focus Armaan.


'Exactly' he said.

'So what exactly are we gonna do?' Rahil asked.

'That's up to you'll'lets see,how creative you'll can get' Uncle said.

'Umm what about cleaning the beach?' Nia suggested.

'Eww No' Rahil said.

Nia glared at him.

'Actually that's a good idea' Uncle said and Nia grinned.

'Clean the beach? Serious? And we are not even going to get paid for it' Rahil said.

Amel chuckled. I looked at her again. She had a perfect smile: white teeth,  dimples'.urrgh. Stop it Armaan. Focus.

Uncle John laughed and said 'Ahh money..We'll collect fine from everyone who litters the place, we will be mighty rich' .

Rahil rolled his eyes.  'we don't have that authority you know!'

'So? Like they know'we'll make fake badges, everyone's dimwit'  Uncle said and laughed again.

God! Help me.

Stupid jokes.

Then Uncle continued in a serious note 'See Sundays atleast one forth of Mangalore's population is in the beach. So on a Sunday we go with a couple of other students, all dressed alike with banners and everything and collect the paper plates and bottles and everything that is now adorning our beach''  Uncle said.

'That's sure to get everyone's attention' I added.

Uncle nodded and continued 'Yes and that way people will also come to know  about your organization'.

'Yeah but only that wont be enough' Neal added.

'Yeah maybe we can have this 2 week program or something. After the beach cleaning thing you'll can do something else' Uncle said.

'We can make newspaper bags and give them to supermarkets' Amel suggested.

'Yeah! And we can make posters saying 'No plastics' or something' I added.

'And then we can go from house to house collecting the plastic bags and selling seeds' Neal said.

'Seeds? Neal?' You siblings lost it today?' Rahil asked rolling his eyes.

'You don understand, we have to grow more trees and stop using things that effect the environment in a negative way! Plastics are non-bio  degradable we cant afford to use them'  Neal said.

Uncle John nodded and said 'He is right Rahil. What do you wanna do ? organize a rock concert?'

Rahils face lit up 'Yeah and the money we collect we can use it for some nobel cause and keep a bit for ourselves'  he said.

'I rolled my eyes  'Yeah okay! Im sure evanescence will perform for free if we ask them' I said sarcastically.

'We'll see that later, when your organization becomes bigger Rahil..Now to start with, lets keep it a bit simple please?' Uncle said.

Rahil sighed and mumbled a okay.

'Okay fine then 2 weeks from now we go to the beach on a Sunday, get all the attention we can. Then on Monday we divide ourselves and go to different areas selling and doing whatever. On Friday, we will collect all the bio-degradable things that we collected and give it to the recycling centre. But we need many students for these. So get your friends to Eden club this Thursday , we'll have a meeting and you gusy can start with your work' Uncle said.

'Yeah and lets ask Samia di to put it in the newspaper as well'  I suggested.

'Yeah publicity!' Amel said.

'Okay, Amel and Armaan you guys speak to her, she is pretty busy these days so do a write up and give it to her' uncle said. Amel looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and Nia kicked me hard from underneath the table.

I cursed her under my breath.

'Armaan you have become so abusive these days...i like it' Uncle john joked.

'Nia influence' I said.

Nia kicked me again.

'Freak' I muttered loudly.

'Okay you gusy fight later, I have to go. Im in a hurry. So you gusy know what to do right?Call all your friends. Atleast get 150 of them in total. Eden club, Thursday, 7 oh clock! And Armaan don't leave Nia'youre the man!' He said winking at me.

'Don worry about that' I told him.

Uncle got up to leave 'And if you have any problem or any questions you know my number..dont call me! Ask me on Thursdays. Little dirty prats' he said and left.

I laughed and got up.

'Armaan?' I heard Amel call.

'Yeah?' I asked turning around in a milli-second.

'When do we do the write-up?' she asked.

'Anytime' I muttered.

'Ill talk to Mia and ill let you know Okay?' she said.

I nodded.

She smiled at me .

I smiled back but she already turned around to speak to Nia.

I sighed. I cant have proper conversation with her, lets see how I work with her.



Amels Point of view

'Armaan?' I called.

He turned around quickly and asked 'Yeah?'

'When do we do the write-up?' I asked him.

'Anytime' He said.

Very helpful.

But I smiled anyways and said 'Ill talk to Mia and let you know?'

He nodded. I smiled and turned to speak to Nia.

'Oooh so you guys will be working together huh?how romantic!' Nia whispered.

I pinched her arms.

She laughed.

'Come lets go for a coffee or something?' She asked me.

'Nope, sorry am going for the literature classes' I said.

'So boring!' she said making a bored face.

'What to do, im so boring so I like boring things. And im going now Bye!' I said.

'Hey Armaan also goes to the same classes na?' Nia asked like she dint already know.

'yes' I said, hoping she wouldn't say anything that would make me embarrass.

'Oh, so your going together?'  she asked with a fake-innocent smile.

I glared at her, then turned to Armaan 'I don't know'you need a ride Armaan?' I asked.

He shook his head. 'Ill manage' he said.

'How are you going?' Nia asked him.

'Auto' he said.

 'Are you brave enough?' I asked him with a playful smile.

He grinned and said 'Pepper spray'.

Nias jaw dropped.

'What?'  Armaan asked her.

'Nothing, your screwed' she said.

I looked at her.

'You come back from your classes Armaan'wait!'  she said.

Armaan rolled his eyes and went out to catch a auto.

'Bye guys' I told everyone and left.

Only Nia and Neal said Bye. Rahil was still pissed off about something and blabbering something to Neal, which Neal was hardly listening to.

I walked out of their beautiful house and got into my car.

'Where to?' Bombaka asked me.

Bombaka was my driver. Well his name was something else, but everyone called him Bombaka.

'Classes' I said.

We drove to my literature class, and I found a familiar head in the auto front of my car.

' Which road am I supposed to take?' he asked me.

'Just follow the auto' I told him.


 Armaans point of view

Through the rareview mirror, I saw her car .

I smiled by myself.

The rikshaw halted right outside the building. I got out and paid  the rikshaw driver.  I asked him to come back to the same place after an hour to pick me up again. 

I heard Amels car halt behind the auto. I turned towards her and smiled at her.

Her driver glared at me. He always scared me. He looked like a bouncer. Tall, muscular, big-built but old.

I quickly turned my gaze and walked towards the door.

I heard her footsteps behind me but I dint turn around.

I quickly found my seat and sat down next to Dave, my new friend.

'Sup Bro?' he asked.

'Nothing…you look sleepy' I commented.

'yeah got up half hour back'  he said stifling back a yawn.

' Lucky, I have to get up early even during holidays' I said.

'loser' he said.

'Shut up I don't have an option' I said.

'Why?' he asked me.

'Because I had a meeting..' wow I sound so boring.

He laughed 'Meeting…what are you thirty?'

'Not that type..well anyways other days I get up early cause I go to play tennis…' I said.

He yawned for a reply.

Just then Mrs. Archana Nair entered.

'Morning class' she said, smiling at us brightly.

'Morning ma'am…' we all chanted back.

'Okay I read through all of your  assignments and you guys are really good, But I daresay theres never enough to learn..you'll have a long way to go. I have selected two best papers, and that is Simrans and Armaans' she said.

My Paper?  Wow.

' Way to go man…well im happy she dint throw my assignment  atleast'' Dave said.

The only reason Dave joined these classes were because his mother forced him too. He had to select between violin or Literature.he chose Literature. When I asked him why literature he was like 'Violin is for girls and anyways I can just google some articles and copy it down' he said.

'You mean Plagiarism?' I asked.

'No. I don't do things which I don't know what they are called'' he said.

Armaan liked this the best about him. He wasn't like the others in his class: boring and competitive. Unlike   Amel ofcourse.

'Wow congrats' Amel said.

I looked back and said thankyou.

'So im going to put these two pieces of work up on the bulletin board so that all of you can see it' Mrs Naik said.

Ohh crap!

Amel will find out.

that i have a crush on her. 
                                                   *    *      *  
Amels POV

I was hoping that she would select my piece of work, even though I was pretty sure that mine wasn't as good as the others.  Ma'am  called me after class and as I walked to her desk I heard Simran tell Armaan 'Aww Armaan, that's so sweet!' I couldn't help but laugh.

Simran found her perfect guy.

When I reached Mrs Naiks  Table, she motioned me to sit down.

' Sweetheart, you know Samia Baigh right?' she asked me.

'yes ma'am' I said.

'Well I was wondering if she could be the guest lecturer for the next weeks class, since the person who was supposed to take up classes for you will not be able to make it' She said.

'Ill ask her and let you know Ma'am, but im not sure if she can make it. She's been very busy these days'

'yes, yes I know…I keep seeing her on TV…smart girl she is…very smart!' Ma'am said.

' and very brave too' I said.

She smiled at me for a reply.

'Okay ma'am ill get going then ..' I said and got up to leave but then  she said :

'Amel  I likedwhat you wrote. But then it seemed like you were describing someone you dint know…Simran, you should read what she wrote..what selection of words, very good...And Armaan has also  written very well. There are students who stringed the words in a very beautiful manner, but they dint seem the ..i dunno, the charm Armaans work had. It seemed like he knew the person very well…very natural and fresh style of writing….But im sure you will do better next time' She said.

I promised her I would do better next time and got left the class. Outside the class I Saw a few students reading the Simran and Armaans assignments.

I made way through the small crowd and read Armaans first.

Ma'am was right. He dint use any big words or anything, but there was a charm.

And I guess what was the most different thing about his work was that, he somehow managed to reflect the girls personality along with her outward appearance. And I know it sounds silly, but I envied that girl.

'Wow Armaan…that was like awesome!' I said turning towards him.

He smiled turning slightly red.

'So whose that girl? Shit, shes really lucky'

'Lucky?' he asked me puzzled.

'I mean wow, she seems gorgeous and like a wonderful person as well..and looks like you really liked her.  I wish someone would write something like that about me as well'

He just  stared at me for a few seconds and then his face broke into a smile.

'So who is she?' I asked him again.

'Well I don't know…I saw her in Italy…in the umm Airport'

'Ohh. Dang! Shes an Italian? No wonder..haha, anyways your bad shes a Italian' I said.

'Did you read my work?' Simran asked me.

'Umm no…I was about o read it..' I said.

'Ohhh Okay, temme how you liked it Okay?' She said.

'Sure' I said and turned back to the bulletin board to read her piece of work.


Rahils point of view

'I re-checked the email I wrote about the weird global warming thingy and sent it to all my friends in my address book.

I don't know how much of a hit it would be. And everyone seems to have lost their sanity.

Seeds. Seriously.Neil is crazy.

Nia the only sane person in our group has also gone mad. Suddenly she is all girly-girly cooing over how cute it was the way Armaan liked Amel.

Armaan was I don't know mad. Amel would not fall for him. There were so many girls who would be more than happy to go out with him, but yeah Armaans in love. Right.

Amel.  Yeah beautyQueen. Miss perfect.

And it was so cold outside.
Holidays are so boring.
nothing to do.
I don't know why im getting so pissed off. And I know im simply getting annoyed with my friends. IUm just searching for reasons to yell at everyone.

One thing good about the global warming crap was that I would be out most of the time….Mom bad dad could fight all they wanted. At least I wouldn't be their audience now.

I was so bored I dint know what do.

Boring. Boring. Boring.

Annoyed. Annyoyed annoyed.

My computer beeped. There was a IM from Delroy.

Dello238: oye!

Rahil007 : I bet 1000 bucks, ull lose a soccer match against  me.

Dello238: 1000 bucks…bring it on Man!

Rahil007: Nehru Maidan. 5 MINS.

Dello238: dude, its raining!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rahil238: whole point.

Dello238: just the 2 oh us?

Rahil007 : You can get your teddybear if you want for moral support.

Dello238: terminated.

Rahil007 is now offline.

Neals point of view.

'What are you doing since morning?' Mom asked me.

'Filling applications…' I replied.

'Beta, fill any one. Im sure you will get in…' she said.

'I don wanna take risk' I said.

'Dude, you topped in the state. Loosen up Okay'' Nia said.

I snorted for a reply.

' What are you doing online?' I asked her.

'nuffin' she muttered.

I turned to look at the laptop screen.

'Whoaaa are you actually checking out colleges?'  I asked her.

She rolled her eyes.

'yes, I have a life too you know…I want to get into a good college too' she said.

I laughed. She smacked me.

'Why are you so depressedthese days?' Mom asked me again, like she dint know.

No more faade.

'Because mother dear, I wont be able to go to the college I have been dreaming of going since 2 years'' I said.

She bit her lowerlip. 'But you can get into any college with your marks''

'Yes ma…but not that college. They select only 27 students. And im not selected even with these marks' I said.

'But your intelligent' she argued.

'But I don't have money or infleunce' I said.

Mom looked hurt.

Whoops. I hurt her feelings.

Mom went inside muttering a sorry.

'Why Is she sorry?' I asked Nia.

'Because she couldn't earn you the money or influence you want' Nia told me angrily.










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Amazing :)
Reserveddd! Tongue

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Hey! I just started reading it and i think it's awesome!

Will reply when read it full!

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Rahils point of view.

The only sound in Nehru maidan was the rain water hitting the ground, the heavy breeze that made my whole body numb   and the sound of Delroys and my heavy breathing.

For five minutes we sat quietly in the ground getting  drenched wet in the rain, too tired to utter a word.

After what seemed like ten minutes 'I won' I said grinning

He was breathing heavily and hence he rolled his eyes for a reply.  

He got up to leave. 'Dude lets go..' he finally said.

I picked up my ball that was lying next to me  and started walking towards the compound wall.

'There isn't a auto rickshaw in sight, bad rains…What do we do now?' He asked.

'We'll find one... .' I said.

I jumped over the compound wall and looked out for rickshaws.

 He was right, there was hardly any traffic in the road.

Mangalore was a small place with a small population so the traffic was never a problem.

And when it was raining so heavily, people  preferred to stay indoors.

There were hardly any autos in sight And the few autos which did pass by were already occupied/

After 5 minutes one rickshaw finally stopped, when he looked at us he said he dint want to spoil his enw seats and just drove away. Loser.

'Awesome' I muttered angrily.

'What was I thinking? You called me to play football in this rain and I came..!' Delroy hissed.

I ignored him.

'Did you at least bring your phone?' he asked me.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

I dug my hands deep inside the pockets of my shorts and got my phone out.

It was switched off, I tried turning it on, but nothing happened.

II pressed the key harder.

Delroy laughed 'your frikkin expensive phone is ruined…'

I let out a low moan.

And then I heard someone honk right behind us, I turned around to see a familiar black audi.

'Dude your dad…thank God!' Delroy said sounding relieved.

Oh amazing! My dad.

He honked again.

I clenched my fist. I will not get angry today.

I will not lose my temper.

I will behave myself.

I walked to his car, Delroy followed me.

'Rahil…what are you doing?' My dad asked me not really shocked to see me drenched wet standing in the middle of the road with a old football and a friend who got worried about every little thing.

'We were playing football' I said.

'In this rain?' He asked me his eyebrows raised.

I nodded. He started getting impatient.

It wasn't my fault that I was impatient. Blame the genes!

''Get in'' he told me.

I sat in the passenger seat and Delroy sat behind us.

''Where do you stay son?'' dad asked Delroy.

''Hampankatta….opposite the bus stop uncle'' he said.

Dad nodded. No one spoke until we reached Delroys house.

Delroy said Bye and thanks and everything and left.

I could feel dad looking at me every other minute but I just stared outside my window.

Finally dad stopped the car and said 'Change and come fast…am waiting' he said.

I dint even realize that we reached home. I looked at him 'Waiting?' I asked him.

'Yes Rahil we are having lunch together today' he said.

Wow lunch with dad,I don't know after how many months, but I know this is noit going to be pleasant.

The last time we had a pleasant lunch was when I was 8 I guess.

'It's okay moms made lunch for me ill heat it up' I said.

'Rahil please 'he said. He wasn't begging, it was a order.

I nodded curtly and entered my house.

My nanny MarieAnne Aunty who was watching TV got up when she saw me enter and said:

 ' Aww Rayee, you so wet baba, go dry yourself fasht. U catch cold no otherwise. I warm your lunch' she said sounding all tensed.

Marie aunty has been taking care of me since I was born.   she is a nice lady but sometimes I do get pissed off and yell at her. Actually most of the time I'm angry I yell at her, but she doesn't say anything back.

'Aunty I'm having lunch with dad today' I said walking to my room

'With sir?' she asked  sounding surprised and  following me .

I rolled my eyes.

 'Even though my parents hate each other I have only one dad..So yeah your sir' I said angrily.

She gasped at my words but then asked after a few seconds 'When baba?'

'NOW' I said

'Now?' she asked all shocked. 'He is coming to pick you baba?'

'He is outside' I said and slammed the door on her face.

'Whatt? Why you not tell me?' I heard her ask exasperated outside my room and then I heard her run outside.

I then went for a shower. The hot water was calming my nerves and I don't know how long I stood under the shower closing my eyes and trying to block every thought, until…..


In moaned. 

'Coming' I said.

I got dressed in 5 minutes but I sat in my bed for another 10 minutes.

My head was aching badly.

Aunty was yelling for the past 15 minutes, then I was afraid she might lose her voice so I opened the door and headed out.

'Rahil please behave' she told me holding my hands.

I closed my eyes and nodded.

My dad was sitting at the porch reading the newspaper.

When he saw me come he sighed loudly .

'Ahhh Rahil finally you came….I thought that maybe you assumed that we were having lunch tomorrow' he said.

I dint reply.

'What took you so long Rahil? Do you have a spa in there? I waited for like half an hour'


'Dad Ive been waiting to have lunch with you for the last decade' I said looking right  into his eyes 'And half an hour seems to bother you so much?' I asked him.

He turned red and I felt Auntie Marie grasp my hand tightly.

'You promised' aunty said.

'Let's go' dad said and I followed him.

Poor aunty.  I hope the anxiousness won't harm her …at least until I come back.



Nias's point of view

'  Mili come on yaar don't be sucha bore' I told Amel.

'But am tired' Amel replied.

'Tired? What did you do?' I yelled into the phone.

' Well ive been thinking a lot…' She said.

'Thinking! Like we don't do that at all…'

'aaarrghhh Nia …your sucha pest!'  she said irritated.

'I know that! So see you in half hour' I said and dropped the phone before she could reply.

'What are you annoying her about now Nia?' Mom asked.

I jumped into the plushy sofa and said 'Nothing…I was asking her to come with me for the fest'.

'Asking? Yeah I heard how you ask…your turning into a rebel!'  Mom said sitting next to me.

I leaned forward towards the table to reach out for the remote control.

'Turning into a rebel Mom? She already is one!' Neal said.

I just snorted for a reply.

'No beta seriously…you're a girl. Learn to behave like one…you're like a…a boy!' she said.

I stared at her for 10 seconds and then shook my head, irritated.


Neal was laughing, so I turned towards him and said in a casual tone 'If your son acts likes a  girl…I have to be the guy mom' with a grin.

He stopped laughing and glared at me.

I smirked.  Even mom chuckled.  But then she said 'Niaaa…don't say that'.

Trring! Trring! The phone rang.

'Neallllllll pick up the phone' I said lazily.

He threw the chord-less phone at my head.

'Ouch' I said and picked up the phone.

'Lo?'  I said speaking into the phone.

' Nia?' I heard a familiar voice speak.

'Arrrmaaaannnn meri jaaaan?' I said in a very squeaky, girly voice.

'Don't speak like that weirdo'

'You have any problem?' I asked him in the same voice.

'Yes that voice irritates me' he said.

'So? Your head irritates me…Did I ask u to chop it off?' I asked and laughed at my own joke.

My mother hit me slowly on my back.

'Hahaha sooo funny I can't even laugh' he said sarcastically.

'I know…so why did you call? Jaldhi bol..time nahi hain mere paas' I said.

'Your coming to the fest today?' he asked me.

I grinned.

'Yes and guess whose coming with me..' I said excitedly.

'Who?' he asked me.

I shot a glance at my mom who was pretending to read a magazine but was listening to everything I was saying.

' the obvious!' I said trying to speak in code language.

'The obvious?' he asked me puzzled.

'Aaargh what do I annoy you all the time about…more like who' I said.

'What are you talking about nia? Are you drunk?' he asked me

'God. Catch the flow would you..?!' I told him getting irritated.

'oh someone's around?' he asked me.

'Yes. Finally my little doofus you understand!'

' Ahh…okay..errmm  so whose coming?' he asked me.

'Don't think I don't know that you don't know. Loser' I muttered angrily.

He laughed . 'I thought I told you Nia, I don't care about Amel anymore'

'You dint tell me and anyways who told you I was talking about Amel?' I asked him giggling.

My mom looked at me , one eyebrows raised.

'rmmm…who told you tell me first..Amel doesn't have that book' I said making up some lie not even listening to what he was speaking.

'Nia…chuck it. One question. You coming right?' he asked me.

'YES' I said.

' what time?'

'In 20 minutes' I said.

'Okay then come fast…is Neal coming too?' he asked me

'yes Armaan Neal is coming too, ill see you in 20 minutes…I have to band-bajaawfy your life as well..really looking forward to meet you' I said and dropped the call.

'Niaa…' mom started.

'Yes mom, im turning into a rebel. I should not talk to a boy like that and I should not say things like im band-bajaawfying their lives…but you know what Neal is right I am a rebel. I am going to band-bajaawfy Armaans life and I am going to speak to Armaan like that..God save me!' I said walking out of the room.



Amels Point of view

My whole wardrobe was messed up. I couldn't find a single proper dress I could wear.

I picked out a yellow dress and tried it on, it somehow looked bad on me.

Aaarghh. I sat down in my bed and threw the blue t-shirt in the floor, My Persian cat Laila looked at me curiously, sitting safely on top of my computer.

 I heard the door open and I saw my mother enter.

'Amel look at your room..its sucha mess! Clean it right away'  she said picking up a novel fallen in the floor.

'After I come back ma' I said lazily.

'What have you done to your cupboard?' she asked me.

'I'm just trying to find a nice  dress' I said.

'nice dress? Yeah you have Halloween costumes in there…stop being so fastidious' she said getting irritated.

I rolledmy eyes. 'I mean I don have a single decent dress to wear' I said.

'No single decent dress to wear? Whats all that then?' she asked me pointing at the wardrobe.

She picked out a white t-shirt and a brown corduroy three fourth skirt and gave it to me.

'That dress makes me look fat' I said.

She sighed and picked up another white salwar.

'im going for a fest not for some pooja' I said.

'Who said salwars should be worn only for poojas  Amel?' she asked me clearly irritated.

I dint reply.

For the next 10 minutes she showed me about another 15 dresses I could wear and I finally settled down for a orange simple kurta and a pair of old numero uno jeans.

'You don't dress up at all…wear some bangles or earrings' she said.

'Mom, you know me…' I said.

I liked to dress up, but only when I was in a mood. Normally I dint even wear earrings!

Mom kept saying that I should learn how to dress.

So then anyways to satisfy her I wore some colorful glass bangles that went well with my multi colored pashmina.

I pulled my hair with a help of a banana clip and wore a little diamond stud.

'Happy?' I asked twirling around.

She nodded.

I could feel her eyes follow me as I went around my room picking my mobile phone and my wallet.

'What mom?' I asked her, putting them into my bag.

'Be careful Amel…don't talk to any boys' she said.

I sighed.

And she continued ' Its very easy for a girl's name to get spoilt especially in a small city like Mangalore' .

I sat down next to her in the bed and said 'Mom you know I don't speak to strangers and you also know that I don't fall into such shit…trust me' I said softly.

'I know Amel, I trust you. Its just that you're so beautiful…it's obvious that there will be guys hitting in you, you have to be careful..even if a girl doesn't do anything,  its very easy for her name to get spoilt.

'Don't worry mom, I'm going to a fest organized by a convent school so that they can raise money to help the flood victims, it isn't some random school fete' I said wearing my cream patent pumps.

She nodded.

'Okay im going, bye….' I said looking at my reflection in the mirror for the last time.

'What time will you be back?' she asked me.

'By 6 I suppose..anyways Nia and everyones gonna be with me' I said.

'Okay…ask Mustafa uncle to drop you and tell him to wait till 6…' she said.

'No need ill come by a rick..why should he wait till 6?' I asked walking out of my room to the main hall.

' let him wait. Come back with him only' she said following me out.

The door bell rang then and within a second Nia entered my house.

'Hey aunty' she said smiling at my mother.

'Bye mom' I said pulling her out.

I went and sat in the silver Honda city parked right outside the porch. Nia followed me.

''Where to?' Mustafa uncle, my driver asked me.

' In balmatta that club is there na…over there' I said.

'Wow Amel you look goooooood'   Nia told me grinning.

'Thanks Nia…your looking gor-jee-yes as always' I said smiling at her.

'gaali kyon dethe ho?' Nia asked me pretending to be  insulted. I laughed.

'sorry..what do you want to hear? That your looking handsome? ' I joked.

She hit me hard and I laughed.

'Hey where's Neal?' I askd.

'He is coming with Armaan…they are making a poster of that global warming thingy so that they can put it up in the feast' she said.

'Armaans coming?' I asked her before I could stop myself.

Her eyes glistened with excitement 'YES' she said.

'Do you like him?' she asked me getting all excited.

I moaned.

Luckily we reached the place that time.

The place was crowded with people, chatting happily and playing games and shopping.

There were many stalls put up and there were posters of the flood victims everywhere, with real sad pictures that makes your heart melt, asking for donations.

As we walked inside the club suddenly my irritated mood seemed to transform into  a more excited one.

I loves these fests! The smnell of the chats, popcorns, golas, the colorful stalls, the happy chattering of the people…it was all so happy!

 I spotted a skinny guy with spiky hair wearing a ripped blue jeans and a metallica t-shirt sitting in the corner of the club chatting to other guys and laughing at some joke.

'Ohhh crap' I muttered looking in another direction.

'What happened?' Nia asked me.

'Lakshya' I said.

'where?' she asked me looking around wildly.

I pinched her hand 'don't be so obvious….there in front' I said.

'Yabaaaaaaaa Mili….he looks so gandha! And look he has lost so much of weight…I bet girls would love to have a figure like his' she said and cracked up.

I laughed with her.

'Hey Nia..hey Amel' I heard a husky voice say.

We turned around to see my old classmate Saira, smiling at me.

'Heyyy Sai, whats up?' nia asked grinning at her.

' Sooo good to see you guys!' she said with a big smile.

'Same here…so whats your percentage' I asked  her with a  big smile.

'65% …moms pissed off, dads surprised I managed to get even so much' she said and laughed.

'congrats..which college?' Nia asked her.

'I dunno most probably alloy…hey I gotta go now, my cousins waiting..see ya later' she said.

'Bye…hey wait, where do we buy the coupons?' I asked her.

'Right there ahead' she said and walked off.

We walked to the coupons stall, which was where Lakshya was sitting with his friends.

'Look down don't look at him' nia muttered as we tried to make our way through the crowd.

'Ahem ahem!' I heard Lakshya cough when we reached the coupons stall.

I looked in the opposite direction.

He cough again. I took out my phone and started checking my inbox.

'Ahem ahem!' he coughed again.

Nia was digging inside her wallet.

'Ahem ahem ahem…' he coughed loudly, catching everyone's attention there.

Finally Nia turned towards him looking very irritated and said 'dude, you already lost your brains…if you cough like that you'll lose your lungs too' .


Neals Point of view

Rahil was laughing so hard, that the table was shaking.

Irritated I looked up at him 'Kya?' I asked .

But he was laughing so hard he couldn't even breath.

Armaan was laughing loudly as well, his face turned pink.

I got up from my bed at once and walked towards the computer table, where the two of them were sitting since the past 20 minutes designing a poster.

I looked at the screen and I burst out laughing at well.

After 10 minutes, when we recovered from our fit of laughter, I pulled a chair and sat next to Armaan.

' Kiska kaam hain yeh?' I asked them.

'Joint work' Rahil said and started laughing again.

 'Oh crap! Its late' Rahil said staring at the clock that hung in the wall.

'Yeah chalo lets go' Armaan said getting up.

'dude but the poster?' I asked them.

'Ready na' Armaan said showing me the print out of the poster and we started laughing again.

' Your serious about that poster?' I asked him totally shocked.

'Yeah!people will love it'  Rahil said.

'Edaa hain kya?, I thought that poster was a spoof or something'  I said.

' chill maadi, everyone will love the poster!' Armaan said.

Rahil picked up the posters and walked outside the room.

'Neal come' Armaan said following him.

God. What psychopath friends ive got.

If they don't care, why should i? its gonna be fun!


Rahils Point of view

People say im a very good artist, but I never thought of myself very talented, I painted because I loved colors.

But today I realized im a artist in a  true sense. A artists isn't the one who can paint, an artist is the one who has a creative mind and can express himself in any form ethat is through music, painting, words etc.

And today I realized another talent that had actually been within me but I never got a opportunity to work on it. Im great at making posters. I swear I can get into advertising and really bloom.

There was some fest going on organized by the nuns for some noble cause, and we were going there. I was all ready and everything when Armaan got  a brain wave. He said that we could make posters about the global warming thingy and attract peoples attention so that they will participate in it.

I dint want to do it at first, since their whole''global warming awareness program' itself sounded stupid to me, but then I had no choice. 2 months of summer vactions I had to do something.

So, well Neal was lying down on the bed listening to the songs playing on his ipod. Seriously, he has been in his own world lately. Armaan was going through the net trying to get some nice pictures and stuff and I  was  bored so I turned on his laptop and I was trying to morph his picture using adobe photoshop. I told him If I put his morphed picture in the poster it would definitely get a lot of attention. And That's when I got a brain wave! I opened a new page and started typing abusive words in red huge fonts. Armaan saw that and started laughing, apparently he understood what my whole idea was. So well basically half the page was covered with such abusive words that would keep you stunned for a while. And then in a nice, neat, black font I wrote :

 That's what you are. Our earth is dying and what are you doing about it?  Nothing. Infact your just making things worse. Prove yourself useful, join us in saving the planet. And For more details contact Rahil , Armaan and Neal and I typed our numbers in next to our names. It was awesome. Even Neal liked it, but he thought we were just joking about and it and we were not really putting up the posters!

 As if!

It would be a shame to my talent if I dint show it off.

Well anyways Neal dint argue much either.

But then, when we were leaving Armaans house I accidently bumped in Samia who was entering his house and the flyers fell down. Samia picked up a flyer asking us what it was about. When she read it, her eyes widened with shock. Her cheeks even turned pink! And the three of us started laughing like maniacs while Samia stared at us with her arms crossed , glaring at us.

Then she said I couldn't put it up. We argued with her saying that we dint do anything wrong and that it was very creative.

She said maybe I could put it up in bars but not in a  fest organized by nuns.

She had a point, but we dint agree anyways. So she blackmailed us saying that she will show the flyers to our parents, so we had no option but to design a  new one quickly. We used the same plan of writing something that would grab everyones attention , but we kept in subtle and we gave in more details about the program. Samia actually waited till we were done with it and then she carried on with her work.


They are so immature and silly and unsporting and nave.

Well anyways after all that we rushed to the fete, we were already late and we were pretty sure Nia would yell at us. So we decided that if Nia comes and speaks to us or yells at us we will pretend like we cant hear her. Ofcourse that will annoy her more. Well, that's the whole point!

So, we go to the fete and everything. Armaan went to ask the nuns permission and Neal and I were searching for Nia and Amel. And well, they  were near the coupon counter yelling at a group of guys whose face had turned bright pink.

That's when Neal and I decided that we wouldn't annoy Nia more.  It looked like that those guys were about to cry.


Girls I say!

Pooj@ IF-Dazzler

Joined: 10 February 2009
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Posted: 30 October 2009 at 12:28am | IP Logged

Excellent update!

Loved IT!

Especially Rahil's !dea! I mean, yeah, he can go into advertising and bloooooooooooooooooooom!

But yeah, the idea, was a bit ummmm, which made it exceptionally hilarious!

Another point is that, yeah, I wont be able to put up such a poster! M a girl!

Sorry cant resist!

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