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Hey.....I am in a mood of singing to day and the result is....

  ( The following pictures are actually a fighting scene in Bandham...Selva is chasing Ganga ....)

Ennamma Ganga sowkiyama.....

amaanda Selva sowkiyame...


Engitta modadhe...naan villathee villanada

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Those who are reading all the pages here can defenitely understand  this interview. This will continue....and who knows you will be the out....ha ha ha!!!!

Interviewer : Anita Kuppuswamy   Interviewee : Kams_123



Inga vaanga… unga peru enna?

Kams…..enakku ACD na romba pudikkum

Appuram vere enna ellam pudikkum?

Sambar…intha ....sambar irukkulla….athu pudikum…apuram rasam kooda pudikkum....

Inge paarunga….yen summa thirumbi thirumbi


Andha….ACD paiyan varaanaanu paarkaren..

Sari….neenga yen Ipadi angel maathiri vanthu


Athuva….appathaan appadiye mount road meleye..parandhu parandhu ACD…ye......... thedalam… seydu....thedi...kaalu valikkuthu....

Unga hobby ellam enna?

oosipona Priyaa..... Thayir vadaiye vachu…rats ellam........kollarathu…….

Ungalukku yare pidikkathu?

Enakku Atina…ve pidikkave .....pidikkathu…

Yen …appadi?

Pinne enna …intha ACD paiyan inge varuvaan

appadeenu solli……solli....summa ellarukkum kadule ...Poo  sutharaanga …..enakku anandamave.....illa….because...naanum

ku...KG poyduven. 



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Malarum Mottum -2


Those who are reading all the pages here can defenitely understand  this interview. This will continue....and who knows you will be the out....ha ha ha!!!!


Interviewer : Anitha Kuppuswamy

Interviewee : dasa 1


dasa is dressed as Veera Paandiya Kattabomman





Vaanga…Vaanga…Unga peru enna?

dasa 1….enakku IF le ellarayum pudikkum. Ennoda wife...kku kooda ellaaraiyum pudikkum

Appadiyaa….sari neenga en ippadi vesham pottu irukareenga?

Appathane…antha sivaji sir maadiri vasanam pesa mudiyum…athu…


Sari…enge vasam pesunga..paakalam?

Ithu vandu….enga IF team le yaaraachum

Thondaravu seythaa pesara vasanam….antha Sivaji sir

Ha ha ha

Kams…pattu….rojapooo…giri …usha…caryn..simi

Ivargal ellam enna maathiri thool kilapugiraargal

Enru theriyuma….unakku?

Updates malazahi pozhigirathu

PMs vanthu Vizhaikirathu ..Unakken

koduppathu IF…il idam…Engaloodu updates seithaaya? . Picture ….ellam…upload saithaaya?  video posting seythaaya?

Ingu konji vilayaadum em kula pengalukku sabaash pottaya? Alladu engaludan vandu saaambaar saadam vaithaya…?

Yaarai koopitai aunty enru….?

Etharku ketkirai thanks….

Dasa….dasa…konjam irunga…neenga niraiya

Aangila vaarthai ellam pesareenga

Naama ellarum thamil aaluga illaya

Athanele tamil thaan pesanum,…enna?

mmmmm sari…nanri…vanakkam.

Vazhga valamudan…. 


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Breaking News




India Forum Tamil section il irundu ACD paithiyamaana Kams enbavar  is leaving Chennai and going to the land of farmers and periya gownder. She will not be able to visit IF often as before.




Ithar ...kaaga ..India Forum members have arranged some Kondatam function as a farewell party to Kams. Kams avar veettil irundu purapattathu mudal ella nigalchigalum.....…itho …. ungalu…… naangal vazhangugirom.

Music……..drums…….chanting of some mandrams…..going on....( can you all hear??)

In kams house everyone is sitting in the hall for a small prayer.

Gurkkal says it is the best time for Kams to leave to the IF Conventional centre.(IFCC)




Atina brings her Kuppai vandi and picks up Kams….

Oops……Atina drives off without knowing dasa is running behind the vandi. ( he wants a ride to reach IFCC)




When Kams gets down from Kuppai Vandi all the IF members perform welcome Pashpaanjali

Kams feels so touched and they all go inside and get seated.





Next performance is a group dance by Giri, meli, pat, usha, caryn, aanaa, simi, Leena and serial 123

Since Kams like songs so much …giri has arranged a music kacheri……



A monoact by dasa…comes next…...he is trying to show how other members will feel after Kams leaves…..( a lot of stage technology comes in hand here…..snow flakes pour……a huge yak's cut out comes and lands on the stage….) following this he acts out how all the member will be looking for kams next visit here.



Finale dance is done by ( in order from left to right) Atina, dasa & rojapoo

Kams was asked to give a speech….but she is not able to deliver the speech at all….she is in tears….



At last she says Thanks and leaves. She goes by a brand new Kuppai Vandi made by pat and giri for atina.




Intha kams news oru siriya vilambara idai lellaiku pin thodarum.......

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Last day Of Kams with IFians


Kams has finished packing. Roja reminds her to take the story written by Giri " Kaakka, Nari, Paatti & Vadai story". Kams takes it and just browse it .She becomes very touched. Especially when she reads the following  lines.………

 "Vaaya thirandu Kaakka paada......

Vadayum keezhe vizhunthuduchaan....

Vizhuntha…thai…nariyum..kavi kichaan…

Vaayile pottu mennukichaan"



She tells everyone and goes to the nearby lake and sits there.

In another part of the same lake Rathy and Pravish are talking about Kams.

Rathy says "Hope kams will give that letter (to be given to ACD) to one of us and not to Roja. Ok…Pravish come let us go to the temple and pray for that.



They go to the nearby temple and buy some flowers from Giri. They go inside to pray.




Rathy prays" kadavule…kadavule….antha letter….en kaikku vara maathiri senjiru….not to Roja or to Pravish"

Pravish prays," kadavule…kadavule….antha letter….en kaikku vara maathiri senjiru….not to Roja or to Rathy"



Atina and Dasa are discussing about the farewell party #2. Dasa says they still need 3 more dancers. Atina asks him not to worry and looks around. Meantime Rathy and Pravish walk out of the temple.



Atina comes there and says hi to both Rathy and Pravish. She asks them to join with others for the farewell party #2. They both becomes so happy and they follow atina happily.

Atina takes quick lessons to Rathy, Pravish and others in the temple itself. She got special permission from the gurukal by sending number of PMs.




Now they are set and ready to go. Atina goes away with everyone. There is only two hours left for the Farewell function #2. Pravish requests Atina for a solo song. Atina says OK.

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Kams Send off Party- Final

This time we arranged a Benz car for Kams. She deserves it. But one small problem….in the same India Forums conventional Centre ( IFCC) there is another Government program goes on.

Anyway when kams gets down she is surprised to see all the police etc. In fact she feels good about this and she thinks," I know Atina is a little influential…but I never knew she is thiiiis influential" Program starts. Giri lights up the lamp.


Today, there is no time to waste since she has to reach the airport after this function. So the next event takes place. It is by Roja Akka…a villupaattu. It is followed by a Pravish's solo song. OMG…both Roja and Pravish can really sing….


Kams's cell rings. She gets excited..thinking that it is from ACD anna. But when she picks is some wrong number. By this time next event has started which is a group dance by Meli, Madhu and Patraj followed by another dance by Rathy, pravish and other members dance.



Kams is not able to concentrate…she is thinking about the future supply of sambar saatham and Vadai…in periya gownder's ooru.



Atina and caryn notice this Kam's sad face and they both go to her and promise to her that they both will send a lot of PMs to the Panchayathu President. So that he will arrange for the constant supply of the sambar and vadai for her. Kams feels relieved.


Finale dance and a solo song is done by Peechi paati. She dances for " Marainthu irunthu paarkum marmam enna"

She sings," engitte modade….."




Serial comes and reads her thanks giving speech…..Serial looks very happy...thinking all the goodies her husband is going to bring from India. Simi comes and tells (get out....but very politelky and sweetly) Kams that it is time to go for her from the IF…( temporarily)



The Benz we arranged for Kams....has gone. This due to the driver was forced to watch our program  especially peechi paati's dance. So we don't have any other option but Kuppai Vandi with which Atina is very familiar. Atina picks up Kams and sped away. All the other IFians split into two groups. Because Kams forgot to tell whether she is flying or going by Train. One gropu moves towards the Railway station and the other to the Airport.




Those who went to the airport are the lucky ones..



Kams has gone.......and imagine the after effects among the IFians......

Thodarum....with after effects...

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Send off party #1 to our own giriadimai


First I thought of opening a new thread, But I realized that it will start dancing between first and second page so I decided to do it here.



It is decided by most of the members to have the celebration in our own Lala Land. The group charted a plane and a boat. Everyone is so exicited. Dasa has come back from his tiring trip with some thoat infection. However he is also joining here.



Atina gives the welcome speech and  Giri comes to the stage with  Dasa and Sri (BK) She says she feels very sad that she has to be inactive in IF for a two months period. Finally she very lovingly invites all the IF members to visit her in Chennai.



Caryn comes to the stage and says all the good things Giri told. " onna rendaa…….sollikitte polam…..about Giri's poo sutrals…Evlo poo sutrals….Evlo poo sutrals….



athu mattuma….recipe page le namakku vayir aara samaichu pottanga…Now I feel sad…very sad that she is taking off. ( she becomes sad, silent and still….and trying to control her tears)


Next is Kavitha's turn. But as we all know KAvitha...she is so scared to go on to the stage. Some how Pat and Meli convince her and send her onto the stage and they both quickly run to pray to God to keep Kavitha on the stage until she finishes her part.





Here comes Kavitha….kutty……She is so scared. It was very difficult for rhodes and others to push her to the stage. Finally she stopped crying and came to the stage. (Still she is looking nervous) She starts," athu vandu….athu vandu….I love Giri and all the other members. Thanks you for enjoying all my recipes. I am a very emotional person….I feel sad that Giri is leaving for two months…..( At this point tears start rolling on her cheeks…she keeps wiping the tears) Seeing this Pat and Meli ( who have just come back from the temple) come up to the stage and give her some glass jelly and chocolate cheese cake etc. Now Kavitha is back to normal. She continues her talk and finally concludes by telling, we all love you Giri.



Next comes dasa and satnds on the stage. He is full of energy now after recovering frtom his throat infection. He starts his speech," onna….renda….naala…..anjaa…..evlo irukku to talk about our Giri. Thanks for all your poo sutrals and for your reciepes.




I would like to dedicate this solo singing and dancing performance to Giri Thangachi. ( He starts singing yammaadee….aathaadee……aracha maavai arappoma….)





Suddenly he stops and says," Ok…once again let me thanks you Giri Thangachi…..( at this point some music comes which is a cue to him to leave the stage) Dasa….says," Ok….Ok….I got it…I am going to be out from here…..ok…bye"




Giri's Farewell vizaha thodarum......

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