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Posted: 11 October 2007 at 8:46pm | IP Logged
AS u all know i am under the mentorship of roja akka for some days now.Roja akka has strictly told me to give a performance before the great CK makkal to prove that she is a able mentor.So here is my 1st

The stage is set.The colourful judges Roja akka,giri & fluid uma take their special seats.The audience r our own CK makkal.Jas,suram,vani take the back seats as they know well that nallu nalla "kadi" panganue.
Meli,Usha,caryn,& other CK makkal take the front seats.

Nallu(mind voice)-intha evil duo kitta pesi uma than nammalai kappathanum.

situation: the TRP of anjali serial has gone the characters of anjali meet the characters of arase to take advice.The great advice marathon starts.This is first directing experience of nallu.

Meli gives a thumbs up sign to nallu.The performance starts.

First our new villain ashok meets the evergreen villain GJ

GJ- vanga vanga ashok nala irrukinkala
Ashok-i came here to take ur advice as my plans back fire on me.
GJ- u shud not jump in to situations personally.I involve my daughter kaveri in everything & i escape.
Ashok-i dont have a daughter.
GJ-then try for one.
Ashok- antha anjali vida matten nan anjali aei anjali.
(runs to find anjali)

Next our navarasa nayakikal selvi & anjali meet.

Anjali-akka i need ur advice.
selvi- in ur face u show the navarasankal like me but i dont know what is the real problem.
Anjali- how to keep that rasam.will u teach me.
Selvi- i have found out what is ur problem. U always carry a small purse u shud carry a hand bag like me always then u will become big business women.
anjali-thanks akka.
ashok arrives there.
Ashok- anjali enaku kaveri madri daughter vennum.
selvi-unnoru kaveriya (faints).
Anjali runs for her life chased by ashok.   

Next our international villain nalathambi & local villain ayyapan meet.

NT- come ayyapa come what do u need.
AY- i need ur advice to become a international figure.
NT- simple use bombs instead of knife.
Ganga (arase one) arrive calling NT
AY gets shocKed.
AY- i have seen beautiful figures in villians places what is this???
Ganga- aei sala nan nalla belly dance adutu nee venna meli ya ketu par
Ay disappears hearing this.

Next our great police PP meets vasanthi

PP-Vasanthi madam i need ur advice to arrest ashok
Before vasanthi cud ans this our eternal lover RR arrives there.
RR- 3 monthssa nee enna pannaenu eppathan theriyudu i will not leave u
PP runs followed by RR.

Next our zoo dad meets evil josiar.

Zoo dad- josiar i am beating that udikai but no       money.What to do?
Josiar- u have sappi figures like ur wife & Daughter with u, if u have super figure like dhanam u can earn money.
ZOO dad- but dhanam is my Dil what will i do.
Chaki arrives josiar i want to save ashok.
Hearing this both disappear.

Next our sundaram meets KK
KK- i am in big trouble i cant help u
SM- then i will help u.To solve ur sons problem u shud act like marrying kutty.
Arase arrives hearing only last 2 words.
Arase- only my hubby has no 2 wifes in this serial u want to do that too i will kill u.
SM runs for life chased by arase(arase arase rap song in the back ground).

Seeing the commotion here CJB & SK (serial directors) arrive.

CJB & SK to nallu - who r u to direct our characters.If u dont stop we will bring Our kollipadai from both the serials.
Nallu is terrified & hides behind caryn & usha
Caryn& usha-dont worry nallu we know well how to take care of these idiots.But we kept our weapons at home as we dont need it here.Nallu is tensed.

Minnal & iddi
    Our pokkiri thambi appears in super man costume & weapons.He gives some to usha & caryn.
Pokiri- yaruda inkae ennoda nallu akkavai meeraturadu???
CJB & Sk r terrified & run for life shouting leave us.
Pokiri- oru tharam modivu pannita enn pecha nane kekka mattan.I will not leave u. He flys after them to teach them a lesson.

The Ck makkal settle down.Usha & caryn keep an eye on all directions.

Nallu is called upon stage.The results time have arrived.
The three judges r on serious discussion.

Nallu is shaking from head to toe & performs a mini dance no.Meli comes on stage & holds nallu's hand for support.

The judges have arrive at the verdict.
The other 2 judges ask roja akka to announce the results.
ROja akka- Nallu we found ur first attempt good.But we want more from u.
     Hope u will understand.Nallu is tensed.

ROja akka gives her evil laugh - but nallu we will give u a prize anyway.
U will have seat for free in all our flights run by me,giri & uma.

The Ck makkal cheer.Camera freezes on nallu's happy face.

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Posted: 20 October 2007 at 3:14am | IP Logged
Latest news from serial & other shows house.

Anjali is given the greatest loosu pattam

Kalaikar TV manada mayilada partha 4 rasikarkal admitted in hospital.
From confirmed authorities the news is they got heart attack after seeing namitha dance.

Arase is recommended for pombala MGR pattam after her great acting in hospital scenes.

Simbu books Jodi No.1 monisha for a bit role in his film.The news can be confirmed after seeing him valungify to her in jodi no.1

Latest statement from babolo-- if they dont allow me to participate as pritivi in jodi no.1 i will participate as ganga

Thols the great gets the greatest disguises award for his super disguises in kolangal

KK doubles as arase as he wanted some screen space.

I assure u the above news as poi & poiya thavira veeru illai

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Posted: 21 October 2007 at 7:11am | IP Logged
          A small sequence lifted from various films enacted by anjali & ashok.We normally see anjali afraid of ashok.Here ashok is afraid of anjali.

First the sequence in V.sekar films.

Ashok alias vadivelu is sight adichufying girls & anjali alias kovai sarala arrives

AKS- enna ethu enna panichutu irrika.
AV- athu vanthu mma unum illa.
Aks-aei en pulughura naan than parthene.
AV- summa
AKS-enna summa vaiya veetu kulla unnai-----
AV- manichu vitira poriya.
AKS- Va solren
Both go inside.Door closes & we hear heavy crying sound of ashok alias vadivelu.

Second sequence from the film london

Ashok alias vadivelu is jollufying one beauty & putting kadalai.Anjali alias baby(nalini) arrives.

AB- dai enna da pannura.
AV- athu onnum illai baby mma evanka ennoda client.
AB- enn unnaku ambila client ta kittakilaiya??
       ennaku unna pathi nalla thariyum.
AV- ayyo babyma nee thapa purichikita.
AB- naan right ta than purichikitan. unna enna pandrain paar.
     anjali alias baby is kicking & beating ashok alias vadivelu nicely & breaks his back.

Third sequence from film parthiban kanavu

Ashok alias vivek is kadai pothufying to some girl on phone & it turns out to be anjail alias devadarchini's office.Anjali alias deva gets the phone from her friend & talks.

AV- enna kannu unnoda kural mari pochu.
AD- nan avaloda friend pesuren
AV-Kural keeka pothea ivalavu kicka irrukae neerula partha?
AD- evening five o clock parkku vangalen
AV- kandipa vareen.

Evening park.

AShok alias vivek is tensed to see anjali alias deva there & runs home to save his life.She also arrive & put nice sudu in the tongue for talking to other girls.
We hear ashok alias vivek screaming.
sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 October 2007 at 4:06am | IP Logged
thanks everybody for liking my ck's & special thanks to Roja akka & giri who have inspired me.

Since our dear anjali does not follow one aim i doubt she has multiple personality disorder like anniyan.Now we can see her dialouge.

Anjali the IAS- naan IAS aganum athukathan naan kalayathaniku kuda exam eludinen,adipatu convocation ponnen

Swish her mind changes    

Anjali the business women- i will become more richer than u ashok & chaki & teach u a lesson . Vaa supriya nama poi business thodankalam.

Swish her mind changes    

Anjali the jhansi rani- ashok nee ellam oru manushan.Naan on kuda vala matain, i will never come back to ur house because u killed my mother.

Swish her mind changes    

Anjali the pathi veerathai- ashok i want to live with u because it was my dead mothers wish,whatever torture u do i will tolerate even if u plan the rape of
my sis i will save u.

after all this change of personality she becomes a mental atlast & the personality changes take place in a jiffy

Anjali the mental- naan IAS ayi business women ayi ashok kotta valunthu valama poi jailuku poven

Latest news- CJ basker admitted in hospital after he was detected as a mental along with anjali
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Posted: 27 October 2007 at 12:51am | IP Logged
Evargal eppadi annal?????

Some of the famous villains in our tamil serials r pissed of after seeing the fame that the heroines get so they all decide for a make over so they can all get the fame. The result is as follows.( ashok,athi,GJ)
( the below dialouges of ashoki,athithi & jayadevi r men's view of women)

Ashoki- make over has be done but i dont      feel comfortable what to do??

Athithi- intha get up kota ennaku nallathan irruku

Jayadevi-innema neraya ponnuka kota
             payamindri palakallam      

Now these three make over heroines meet

Ashoki- namma pompalaya make over anna neeram oruthara koda kannala

Athithi arrives
Ashoki- iva nalla sevapa irrikalae iva ketta pesi pappom, hi dear how do you


Athithi- mind voice( iva yaaru karrupa azhikama sari pesi vaipom)
                            hi i am fine, i am athithi u r?

AShoki- i am ashoki maya mill owner.

Athithi- i am from construction business

Ashoki- o high class i like that very much

Jayadevi arrives

Jayadevi- hi cuty cutes, i am jayadevi u r?

The other two get irritated but they also introduce themselves

Ashoki- what r u doing?

JD- i was doing oil business but now just out of jail.

AShoki - i shud have gone there but just escape.

Athithi- me too.

Let us all go somewhere instead of standing here & talking.

They all decide to go to beach first.

When they r walking itself every man there is eyeing them from head to toe.
They feel uncomfortable.

Ashoki - pommpalaika neemadiya yiruka edamma illaiya???

They decide & go to park, amusement parks,hotels & all places but the situation is same every where. So they get tired & decide to go to AShoki's house as no body is there.

So they catch a call taxi.The call taxi driver turns out to be a ruffin& calls his goonda friends to kidnap this beautiful ladies. They scream for help.

Arase background song

Arase enters & fights the baddies & saves them.

Arase- pommbalaya marina matum podadu pommbalykaluku undana dilum Thairiyamum vennum.

Arase exit

Ashoki,athithi & jaya devi(chorus)- pombalaya irrukiradu ivalavu   kastamnu theriyama pochu namma ambalaya maridalam

They all decide to be kind to women folk.

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Posted: 29 October 2007 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
Some of our famous tamil heroes see the latest episodes of anjali & their reaction is as follows

ullaka nayagan kamal- a aa   aaaaaaaaaaaaa ennala thankamudiyala this is more torture than my experiment films .Bring that director to me i will teach him a lesson in indian style.

Super star rajni- etho anjalinu latha sonanka.parthen. thankamudiyala.Bring that director to me. Nan avanae parathu parathu adikanum.

Ultimate star ajith- edhu uru karupu sarithiram. Ultimate torture.Mudhala citizena mari avana kadathuven(Cj). Aparam avan citizenship podunkuven.He does not deserve to be in india

Elaya thalapathi vijay- Sangeetha romba upset etha partha pirakhu. Evana thirupatchila ellaraiyum silenta mudicha madirimudichida vendiyadhuthan

Vikram - this is more torture than my art films i will not leave that director.Shankar sir karuda puranatha kodunka ethuku dandani ennanu papam

Satyaraj - ennama kannu idhalam oru seriala itha eppadi than pakurankalo.Inntha directora seri panna naan palaya villaina mara vendi varum pola irrukae

Vijaykanth- idhu ellam oru serialnu edukiran parunka anntha directora kondu vanka naan avanai left leg chevithula vachu right legkala solati solathi adikanum

Purachi thalaivar MGR- thayakavum thankaiyakavum madika vendiya penkal medhu ivalavu kodumaikala antha eyakunara enn thai thaduthalum veden. thaikulankelai kavalai vendam unkalai naan kapartuven.

Nadikar thilagam Sivaji- ayoo amma amma ennala thanka mudiyalayae amma ivvalavu kodimaya annatha eyakunara vida kudathu adi pinnanum

They all search the director to teach him a lesson

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Posted: 10 December 2007 at 4:36am | IP Logged
From the makers of new alaipayudhe &GG yet another new film.
                            Nallu films

               UMANA SUMMAVA
                         - nobody can stop her

CAST- Uma,meli,nallu,caryn,jas,preethi,vinu,netra&
              of course Mr.Uma.

Friday release in IF theatre dont miss it
sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 December 2007 at 12:40am | IP Logged
I have thut how it will be if heroine acts in a pacca tamil hero film.So

Nallu films presents

                           - nobody can stop her

CAST- Uma,meli,nallu,caryn,jas,preethi,vinu,netra&
              of course Mr.Uma.

One beautiful girl stylisly dressed is running.Only her back side is shown.Then she jumps from the top of the mountain in to aruvi.

Cut -song
Megam karukudhu minnal adikudu........(kushi)

The girl is none other ,our sweet uma only & she is joined by meli,nallu,caryn,jas,preethi,vinu,netra in dance.(super dance , very good compared to
tamil films standard)

They r studying in IF college,in chennai & have come to spent the holidays.

Orayai rendu panitu,they all return to college.One day when they go out for shopping they find girls from SS college teasing them.In the gang Mr. Uma,their football
coach is also present but he is trying to control the girls.But the teasing goes beyond limit & ends in discussion who is superior.

Uma gets tensed very much & challenges them for a game of football where it can be proved who is better .Challenge is accepted.

Jas is tensed so much & starts her kelvi kannaikal.Uma says pls jas support me dont make me tensed.Caryn says we will see what will happen.

Cut ,song- mella eri varom odhuki nillu.......(chennai-28)

So all the girls get ready for practice session.Hard practice is going on.Mr.uma is seeing the practice session from distance & takes a vow that he will help uma no matter what.The reason is simple he is madly in love with uma.

Cut ,song- Vasantha mullai pola vanthu adidum venpura.....(pokkiri)(duet song)

Tension increases in SS camp.They r planning to do anything to win the match.Mr.uma hears this & runs to save uma. Uma falls in love at this point.

Cut,song-Munbai va en anbae va.........(jillunu oru kathal)(duet song)

Match date is nearing.Lots of tension in air.Nallu is missing practice sessions.Practice vanthalum cannot play properly.Uma is tensed again.Nallu gets nice archanai from team mates & starts practicing regularly.

The great D day
Match starts.Mr.uma is in audience cheering uma.
SS first score a goal.But meli sees a chance & bingo goal.Again SS score.But our netra gives a padiladi.Tension, tension everywhere.Whoever gets a goal now wins as only 2 minutes is left.

Cut,song- arjunaru villu,harischandran sollu, ivaloda dillu poikadhu(ghilli,featuring uma)

Uma scores a goal at the nick of the moment.
IF Girls win atlast.SS girls accept their defeat.

Mr.uma comes running in to the field & lifts uma in air.Now the girls come to know the love matter of uma.They r very happy for her.Nallu,preethi,netra & meli start whispering sweet nothings in uma's ears.Vinu wants to know what they r doing & joins in otufying uma.

Screen freezes on Uma's vekathal sivantha face & happy face of Mr.uma with 100 watts smile who is standing near by.

Ragasiyamai Ragasiyamai punaiskaithal porul ennavo.....(dum dum dum) in background

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