Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH 27th Feb 2009 - Written/Video/ Pic Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Update
For 27th Feb2009 (Episode 35)

Video/Pic Update - Nipun97

Written Update
Hey Guys.... Well today as many of you may already know there was a 1Hr special episode.
I was so nervous when Shankari Tai arrived but Thank God she asked for forgiveness.
OMG it was so cute that Badi gave Varsha the key's to the house.
I have to say that eventhough it was an hour special it didn't feel like anything happened in the whole o the episode. I don't know maybe it's me but I was hoping for something more.
Sorry for any mistakes and Please do tell me if I have made any....Anyway I hope you enjoy the update.


Akshara asks Dadi whether that was right. Dadi explains that all these traditions and rituals have been passed down from one generation to another. And what Saleka did was perfectly fine acording to traditions but this tradition is wrong. Being the brides parents doesn't mean that you should have to forget your
principles. Akshara replies that she won't let her parents go through that and asks whether the brides parents have respect. Dadi explains that they do have respect and values and that a daughter can make sure that it is obtained. Dadi tells Akshara to go and sit in the puja. The both walk over and sit down. Whilst everyone is praying Akshara is thinking. After the puja Badi gives Bola boxes of lado to take to people. Dadi asks Varsha if her mother liked the sari's. Varsha replies that Saleka had sent her something. Varsha opens a box and taked out a neklace. Varsha  explains that people say that by wearing the necklace it reduces Blood pressure. Dadi looks lovingly at the neklace and tells Varsha to thank her mother. Shankari Tai calls out bahu. Badi and Choti look shocked.

 ST walks in and greets everyone. Dhaniya wispers to Gopi that she wasn't expecting ST to show her face. They all look at ST. Choti asks Badi who invited ST and reminds her about what happened last time.  Badi looks upset. Dadi greets Shankari Tai and tells her that the puja had finished. ST explains that she was shocked when she wasn't invited to the Puja. Dadi asks her why she is here. ST replies that they called her that's why she came. Dadi looks over at Choti and Badi. ST explains that in the morning Bola arrived at her house and told her that she has been called to come. Akshara and Varsha look confused. Vish walks in and reveals that he called ST. Everyone looks confused. Vish walks over and greets her and asks her how she is.


ST asks Vish why she had called her she explains that she would have come running straight away but because of what happened last time she was scared therfore she didn't come. Vish smiles and tells her that he still wanted to call her. ST replies that she was scared because she had said to much last time and that she full of shame. ST asks Vish to forgive her. Vish nods. She says she is ready to do anything they want as long as he forgives her. ST reveals that it was good the Rishta didn't happen with Rituraj because his family asks for a big dahhej and asks him to forgive him for that aswel. Vish tells her that she has forgiven her and she hopes that this time she will find a better match. Akshara looks at Varsha. She explains that she doesn't want to be rejected by another person. Vish explains that he wants her to find a family that don't after hearing two words break the Rishta. ST explains that she still feels ashamed about what happened last time. Vish looks at Dadi. Vish replies that mistakes are made by all humans. He explains to her that her ties with the family are old and  that sometimes you have to forgive what you own say. ST looks up at Vish and tells him that she is speechless as he is so great. ST looks at Badi and tells her that she is speechless. ST walks over to Akshara and explains that after what her father did she feels ashamed for all the horrible things she said to Akshara. To everyone ST says that she is happy at the fact that they accept her as one of there own. She walks over to Badi and tells her not to worry as she will find Akshara a better groom woth two days. Fnally she walks over to Dhaniya and asks her whether she is going to offer her Parshad. Dhaniya laughs and gives her the whole box. ST walks off.

Badi walks over to Vish and asks him why after alkl she had said to him did her forgive her and  that she has never seen him do that before. Dadi explains that today ST has fallen short infornt of Vish and that she will know think 100 times before saying anything about the women in the family. Vish replies that after all they need help to find Akshara a grrom and that from now on he will respect the In-laws and the matchmaker.Badi smiles and looks at Akshara. Vish walks over to Akshara . He touches her head and says it was there fault that she didn't see how amazing Akshara really is and that this time he is sure that this time the alliance will be sucessful. He asks Akshara if that is so.

In the morning Akshara is pacing in her bedroom when Dhaniya walks in with tea. Dhaniya asks her why she is wake so soon, she laughs at the fact that usually she has to wake her up. Dhaniya aks Akshara whats wrong as she notices that Akshara's eyes are red. Akshara tells her there is nothing worng. Dhaniya tells Akshara that she understands and that she is just a maid and not her friend.
 Akshara tells her that it isn't like that and asks her why she said that. Dhaniya asks again what is wrong. Akshara explains that she is very scared at the fact that teh boys side will reject her again and that she can't see Vish go though that again. Dhaniya reassures her that she is attractive and smart and she won't get rejected. Akshara explains regardless off that she doesn't know what people like. Dhaniya laughs and replies if she knew what the Boy's side like she would have been married to Bola along time ago. Dhaniya suggests that she she asks Varsha afterall first she won over Shaurya and now the whole family. Akshara agrees. Dhaniya tells her to drink the tea and everything will be ok.

In ShaVa's room, Badi present Varsha with some keys and tells her that this is her first gift from her. Akshara smiles as she watches. Badi tells Varsha that the house key's have always been given to the eldest daughter in law and that when Dadi gave them to her she told her that they aren't just key's there are a responsablity. Badi tells Varsha that a house isn't a home without a family and that there are many things that she need to learn to how to win the key to everyones hearts. And as she understands this she will understand everything.


Badi notices Akshara standing at the door and tells her to walk in. Badi tells her that they forgot about the Moo Dekhia and thats why she has invited all the neighbours to see Varsha. And tells Akshara to get Varsha ready well as she wants everyone to see how beautiful Varsha really is.  Badi laughs and leaves. Akshara tells her that she will get Varsha ready really well. Varsha shows Akshara sets and asks her whether she should wear them, Akshara tells her that it doesn't matter what she wears as she will look beautiful . Akshara asks her about the secret behind how she is able to win over everyone.  Varsha explains that there is no secret infact that she is lucky as she found an amazing family and that she has Shaurya by her side. Varsha sits back down. Akshara tells her thart she will find out. Downstairs the women are arriving for the Moo Dekhai. One of the ladies tell Badi that she is very lucky to have got Varsha. Dadi smiles. Dadi explains that she is very lucky. As she says this ST arrives and greets everyobne. A lady laughs that ST arrives. Choti laughs at the fact that the nosy foolows ST where ever she goes. Dadi tells ST that she didn't like her remark about the statues of the Saas Bahu changing as her Bahu's are both very good and asks her whether a saas can't be a mother aswel. ST replies if a Saas becomes a Mother then who will the Bahu talk about with her friends. They all laugh.

Akshara brings Varsha down the stairs as she has her face covered. Badi explains to ST that her daughters have arrived but if she still wants to see her Bahu she won't find any faults in her. Akshara looks lovingly at her mother. A lady compliments ST for find a beautiful Bahu but she should look for a groom for Akshara. Akshara blushes. SRT tells her that if she can find an amazing Bahu like Varsha lthen she will find a prince for Akshara. Gopi suggests that it is about time that she showed everyone Varsha. Badi sits Varsha down on the sofa.The women one by one come and give Varsha a gift and lift up the dupatta and look at Varsha's face. Each one says how beautiful Varsha is.  Akshara looks at Varsha and takes notes as she remembers what Dhaniya had said before. Akshara says something which grabs ST attention. ST asks her what she had said and asks her whether she speaks to hersel. Akshara tells her it was nothing. ST tells Badi that today she will eat at there house and she will eat the food Varsha makes. Badi tells her that she is welcome. ST looks at Akshara as she  stares at Varsha.

After Badi and Varsha are making food in the kitchen as ST sits and eats. Dhaniya offers her another but ST tells her she ca't eat anymore or she will pass out. Dhaniya tells her that there are still more food to eat. ST notices Akshara sitting alone.


Dhaniya washes ST hands. ST asks her why Akshara looks very lost today. Dhaniya asks her whst it is to her.  ST tells her it is important for her to know as a Bachelor is coming to see her in two days and she doesn't want to present Akshara when she looks like that. She tlls Dhaniya to call Akshara over. Dhaniya walks over and tells her that ST has called. ST lays out boards on the ground. Akshara and Dhaniya walk over. Varsha asks her what that is.  ST tells her that she has learnt all from this board and it is the secret behind her sucess. Badi aks her what it shows her. ST asks her why she is laughing. ST reveals that she can tell the future by using this board. Badi laughs and asks her whether she has becoma a Joshi too. ST explains that the dice reveal the furture and asks Badi whether she want to be told about the future. Badi tells her that she has already got married and that she should show the girls how it works and walks off. ST asks Akshara whether she wants to find out. Before she can answere Dhaniya tells ST to read her future. ST agrees as she looks at a nervous Akshara. Dhaniya asks the board where the one she walks with will become hers.  ST hands her the dice and tell her to roll. Dhaniya rolls. ST does some calculations and tells her that if she wins his heart then they will be together for 7 lifetimes but if she doesn't win his heart she will remain single. Dhaniya suggest that they asks the board whether Shaurya and Varsha will always remain this happy. Varsha rolls the dice. ST reaveals that they will be together for seven lifetimes and people will think they are the reincarnation of Ram and Sita. Varsha blushed. ST asks Akshara whether she wants to ask anything. Akshara replies she doesn't know what to ask. Dhanuya tells her to ask abot what they were talking about in the morning. Dhaniya asks ST to ask the board whether the Rishta that has come for Akshara will be the right one. Akshara rolls the dice in there hand but doesn't throw. Varsha and Dhaniya tell her to throw yet Akshara still doesn't. ST explains that everything that is going to happen has been already pre- destinated and that by rolling the dice that lines on you hands won't fade and what ever falls is up to her. Akshara throws the dice and looks worried. ST starts to do some calculations. ST tells her that dice say that it will be a yes. Akshara still looks upset. The rest laugh and then Dhaniya tells her that she wants to ask something eles. ST tells her that once is enough. ST leaves.

The End

Pre Cap

On the Terrace, Akshara asks Dhaniya whether what St had read will actually happen. Dhaniya tells her that she shouldn't listen to everything ST says and that she should hurry up and come downstairs. 


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Thank you so much Simmie! Big smile
I can't wait for Naitik's entry next week!! Im so excited!! IF-Rockerz

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not too much in todays epi but thanx any ways
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Thanx for the awesome update Simmie! Smile
I liked the epi... just happy that all the rhona-dhona is gone... and happy times seem to be ahead.
I'm glad Shankari Tai apologized to Vish.. and he forgave her.
And I'm finally happy that they did the mooh-dikhai for Varsha.
Can't wait for next week also... Naitik's entry! Big smile
Thanks again hun.
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thnx 4 d upd.........
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thank u.
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Thanks for the update..just started watching the serial now,I am glad so far there is no usual saas bahu stuff and no negative character also.Hope it stays that way

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