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Zareena IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 August 2008
Posts: 25384

Posted: 26 March 2009 at 10:40pm | IP Logged

Zareena IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 August 2008
Posts: 25384

Zareena IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 August 2008
Posts: 25384

Posted: 27 March 2009 at 9:39am | IP Logged
By Taran Adarsh, March 27, 2009 - 13:59 IST

An interesting thought may not necessarily translate into an interesting screenplay. AA DEKHEN ZARA is a prime example of this statement.

Think about it... A man inherits his grandfather's camera and with the camera comes the ability to see the future. What an idea, Sirji... But AA DEKHEN ZARA is akin to a bottle of soda, which starts off with a lot of energy, but the fizz settles down faster than expected.

AA DEKHEN ZARA had great potential to be a riveting thriller, but halfway through the film, you realize that the writers have run out of ideas. In fact, by the time the film reaches the finale, the viewer is terribly confused [like the writers of this film]. This is one jigsaw puzzle that remains unsolved even after its culmination.

In a nutshell, AA DEKHEN ZARA promises the moon, but what you eventually get in return is merely a mirage.

Ray [Neil Nitin Mukesh], a struggling photographer, has nothing going for him... until he inherits a very special camera from his grandfather which changes his life in a way that he could not have imagined in his wildest dreams.

The power of the camera changes Ray's destiny overnight. His life becomes one big roller coaster ride that takes him from rags to riches and also helps him meet the love of his life, Simi [Bipasha Basu], who is a DJ with a mind of her own. Everything is hunky dory.

As they say with great power comes great responsibility and in Ray's case, also great danger. He must now face up to the dark side of reality and win not only against the evil forces, but also against fate.

Come to think of it, your imagination can run wild with a premise like the one in AA DEKHEN ZARA. But the film runs out of fuel midway.

Director Jehangir Surti has an eye for visuals, but he ought to know that the viewer wants to listen to a good story, told in the most simplistic manner. You ought to be extra careful if you're attempting a suspense thriller. You need to disentangle the knots in such a way that the mystery doesn't remain a mystery in the end. In this case, it still remains a mystery.

15 minutes into the film and you're drawn into Neil's world. You are exhilarated every time he wins a lottery or race. The introduction of the negative force [Rahul Dev] is smartly handled as well. But the plot slackens thereafter.

Let's get specific, the second hour is a problem. The screenplay should've packed some great moments, but the writers seem to take an easy way out. Sample this. While on the run, Neil and Bipasha suddenly break into a dance in a tacky pub. Prior to that they jump from the roof of the hotel and land straight into the pool. The cat and mouse game gets more and more confusing with the finale only adding to the chaos.

Jehangir Surti can't do much since he's saddled with a poor script. Music is the sole saving grace. The songs are youthful and energetic, one of the reasons why AA DEKHEN ZARA has generated tremendous interest. Cinematography is good. The chase and stunts are well canned.

Neil Nitin Mukesh showed great promise in his debut film and you only expect him to climb the ladder in his next release. Sadly, the screenplay doesn't give him that opportunity. Bipasha Basu is alright. She looks great though. Rahul Dev is perfect for the part. Biswajeet [Neil's grandfather] has a tiny role. Sophie Chaudhary adds to the glamour quotient. She doesn't get much scope, frankly. Bobby Vats is okay.

On the whole, AA DEKHEN ZARA had the potential to be an exciting fare, but the post-interval portions prove a deterrent. The fantastic promotion coupled with the popular musical score will ensure ample footfalls in the opening weekend, but the film lacks the stamina to run steadily.


Zareena IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 August 2008
Posts: 25384

Posted: 27 March 2009 at 9:54am | IP Logged

Cast: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Bipasha Basu
Director: Jehangir Surti
Anupama Chopra, Consulting Editor, Films, NDTV

At one point in Aa Dekhen Zara, someone declares "camera plus photo equals future plus daulat." That might be true of the characters in the film, especially of Ray, a wildlife photographer who inherits a camera that can photograph the future. But for us viewers, camera plus photo equals only staggering boredom.

The film, directed and written by debutant Jehangir Surti, begins on a promising note. Ray, played by Neil Nitin Mukesh, is struggling to make ends meet when his grandfather dies, leaving him a non-descript looking camera. But Ray soon discovers that the camera has mysterious powers. It predicts the future, including Ray's impending death.

It's a snazzy concept and for the first twenty minutes or so, Surti builds up the suspense nicely. But then inexplicably, the script written by Shirshak Anand and Shantanu Ray, goes south with a ferocious speed.

Sophie Chaudhary shows up with very few clothes and bee-stung lips that seem to have a life of their own; Rahul Dev starts shooting at anything that moves; and the glorious Bipasha Basu, usually a fitting femme fatale, wears inexplicably unattractive clothes and a glum expression that only lets up when she does a bewildering item number in a Bangkok Bar called, believe it or not, The Cheap Charlie Club.

Aa Dekhen Zara is painfully inconsistent and doesn't stay true to even its own warped logic. At one point, a photograph shows Ray that he will be pursued on a flight by sharp shooter Rahul Dev and yet when Ray spots him, he seems totally surprised.

Neil Mukesh has a strangely inert presence. Even though people are dropping like flies around him, he seems largely unmoved. The lack of chemistry between him and Basu doesn't help the film either.

Surti tries to impart a sense of urgency by giving us a count down to the climax but by then you are beyond caring. What could have been a fun popcorn movie is a thriller without thrills. See it if you must.


Zareena IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 August 2008
Posts: 25384

Posted: 27 March 2009 at 4:09pm | IP Logged
Neil Nitin Mukesh talks about his co-star and their upcoming movie 'Aa Dekhen Zara'

Polite, effervescent and a thorough gentleman. Neil Nitin Mukesh's off-screen persona is a complete antithesis of his on screen image of a brooding Machiavellian schemer in his debut film.

What's surprising is the ease with which he pulled the feat convincingly in 'Johnny Gaddaar' despite having a chocolate hero look.

Even his second film, the soon-to-release 'Aa Dekhen Zara', which is a sci-fi thriller with Bipasha Basu, has him playing a tough guy.

Neil flashes that enchanting half-smile. "Yeah, you are right. Even Bips told me that. When we were shooting the title number, after the very first line got over, 'Aa Dekhen…', she turned to me and said 'Neil you look so very different. How polite and calm you look in real, but when you're doing the tough scenes you look the toughest'. I was happy about her comment as she really meant it. I have the blessings of the almighty, I must say. I'm a child at heart actually," says Neil face aglow recalling the compliment.

Acting with such a hot actress like Bipasha Basu, and getting such nice comments from her, did Neil never get attracted to her? "While shooting I was so involved with the character I was doing that at one point of time I did wish that Bipasha was my real girlfriend," chuckles Neil.

And that means he would've had no qualms doing those steamy scenes with Bips in the movie, we ask. "Well, I was very comfortable doing the hot scenes with Bipasha. It is our job to perform our role well," is his clipped reply.

The comfort level could also be because Bips is a very good friend of Neil, and so are the film's director and producer, Jehangir Surti and Vicky Rajani respectively.

"Yes, we are friends and that's how this project got conceptualised. I know Jehangir from the time we were kids. He always wanted to do a film together. And here we are all set to bang the theatres soon," says the actor who has also taken a liking to photography thanks to his role of a photo journalist in the film.

"I learnt quite a few techniques and finer details of photography as I prepared for my role. It is always good to be learning in the bargain," Neil smiles.

Well, the path seems strewn with more smiles as the association with his friends is proving to be more than beneficial for the one-film-old actor. For he will not only be seen as the lead actor, but is also being heard in the title track of 'Aa Dekhen Zara' that he has sung for in the film.

Neil says that he likes to get totally involved in his projects and this song happened by chance. "Actually it just happened all of a sudden," explains Neil when we rib him about his 'high level of involvement' that fetched him a song.

"I wanted the number in true R.D. Burman style and I was simply humming the original song when Vicky and Jehangir heard it. And they liked it so much that they coaxed me into singing. I then made my dad (Nitin Mukesh) hear the tune and he gave me the green signal," he adds.

Music of course runs in his genes given the family of singers he comes from.

"I haven't seen my grandfather (Mukesh), but I respect him a lot. If he were alive he would have been the happiest person on earth to see me at this stage today. In fact, I'm dedicating this song to my grandparents," says he.

While it was Motilal, a popular actor of his times, who mentored Mukesh, Neil gives all the credit of his success to his father, Nitin. "My father is my mentor. Hence I use his full name in my name as a mark of gratitude. I can never forget how he has brought us up. He wanted to become a director, but he could not fulfil his wish. Though I'm sure he will be able to fulfil his wish sometime in the near future," he hopes.

Though Neil belongs to an illustrious family, life's not been a bed of roses for him. In fact it has been quite a struggle.

"I remember how my father used to sing on stage for a paltry sum to make both ends meet. And with that money he had to look after us and also get his sisters married. It was my neighbours who fed us. When I was just 13, I was summoned by my father who very softly told me 'Beta I cannot make you an actor. You will have to earn in order to support the family and yourself'. I was so touched by his words that I decided to work my way up. I joined Kunal Kohli as an assistant director for 'Mujhse Dosti Karoge' in 2001. It was in 2004 that my father presented me a Maruti Zen as he was always worried about my travelling in crowded trains. I'm grateful to the support my father extended me. Whatever has been possible is only because of him," says Neil, talking about his father's influence in his life.

Nevertheless, he agrees that being Mukesh's grandson did help him gain an easy access to the industry. "I was entertained by the bigwigs of the industry only because I was Mukesh's grandson," he says.

Talking about his first film, 'Johnny Gaddaar', Neil says that it was no cakewalk to make the film. "I still remember how we struggled to get our film 'Johnny Gaddaar' to the theatres. No one knows how even I have run from pillar to post to get the project completed. It took almost two years to finish the film as it got shelved for six months for want of finances. But if the script is strong then the film has to do well. 'Johnny Gaddaar' got a lot of critical acclaim.

"'Aa Dekhen Zara' too has an excellent script and should do well," says a confident Neil, who has a few more interesting projects up his sleeve like 'New York' that will also see him share screen space with John Abraham. When asked if he is not apprehensive of John hogging all the limelight, Neil's pretty chilled about it. "There is no competition between John Abraham and I. He will be doing his job I'll be doing mine. In fact, Bips, John and I are thick pals," he clarifies.

While Bipasha is already taken, there have been a lot of whispers about Neil dating a certain airhostess. While he agrees that the girl is not from the industry, he refuses to give any further details. "I don't think there's any need for me to talk more about her at the moment. She will be introduced to one and all at the right time. I do not know whether she is an airhostess or from which airlines. You people should find out," he sidesteps the query smartly.

'Johnny Gaddaar' got him a lot of appreciation and now 'Aa Dekhen Zara' is also looking a lot promising. So has Neil upped his fee just like Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapur and others?

"You must ask this to the producer. I am under contract with Vicky for three more projects. These films too will be directed by Jehangir. How can I disclose my price secrets?" he winks, even as he signs off.

Zareena IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 August 2008
Posts: 25384

Posted: 27 March 2009 at 9:43pm | IP Logged
Aa Dekhen Zara: Fizzles out mid-way

Rating: 2 out of 5*

Starring: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Bipasha Basu, Sophie Chaudhary and Rahul Dev

Director: Jehangir Surti

Ray (Neil) is a down on luck wildlife photographer. As things start going from bad to worse, he inherits his grandfather's (Biswajeet) special camera which changes things overnight for him. The camera has the special ability to reveal the future through the photographs taken from it. Ray starts using it for his own materialistic benefits and starts enjoying life. He manages to get a girlfriend, Simi (Bipasha) who works as a DJ in a night club. But then his special gift becomes a threat for India's enemies and the issue of national security looms large. Ray has to keep the camera safe from the evil forces headed by one Captain (Rahul Dev). How Ray handles it all and what shocking revelation he has to face during the climax forms the rest of the film.

The film's 'hatke' plot works initially but falls flat post interval. The audience roots for Ray as he starts winning the horse races and lotteries thanks to his future seeing camera but then after his love angle and the issue of National Security gets mixed with the plot, the film drops pace and you lose interest. The post interval portions have been written without much imagination with convenient co-incidences coming up at regular intervals. There is a supposedly shocking revelation at the end but then it doesn't achieve the desired effect as by the time the climax arrives your mind is totally out of the film. To give debutante director Jehangir Surti his due credit, it doesn't appear like he is directing his debut film. He is technically brilliant and his shot taking is unique. Good aid also comes from cameraman Jehangir Chowdhury. Pritam's peppy numbers work but the pub song between Neil and Bipasha appears unnecessary and slackens the pace further. Shyam Kaushal's action is superb though, especially the stunt where Neil is thrown from the top of the terrace.

Neil is lovable as Ray but then the film doesn't offer him much scope to perform. Bipasha looks hot and fits the part perfectly. Rahul Dev delivers in the negative role. Sophie barring the bikini show doesn't get much chance to showcase her talent. Yesteryears actor Biswajeet in a small cameo is good.

The film tries to give you something new, but the lack of creative imagination while writing the screenplay, especially the second half, ends up making the film just about an average watch. Enter at your own risk.


Zareena IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 August 2008
Posts: 25384

Posted: 27 March 2009 at 9:56pm | IP Logged
Masand's Movie Review: Aa Dekhen Zara a tedious watch-

Rajeev Masand / CNN-IBN
Published on Sat, Mar 28, 2009 at 00:18, Updated on Sat, Mar 28, 2009 at 00:25 in Entertainment section
Tags: Masand's Verdict, Masand's Movie Review , Director

In Aa Dekhen Zara, Neil Nitin Mukesh plays a photographer whose deceased grandpa leaves him a camera that can take photographs of future events. At least someone associated with this film should have had the good sense to use this camera to foresee how this film was shaping up. Had they done that, they might have saved this movie from turning into the complete train-wreck that it is!

Like pretty much anyone in his place would have done, Neil uses the camera to make a killing at lotteries, the races and the stock exchange. His girlfriend's role is played by Bipasha Basu wearing a permanent scowl - perhaps she did use the camera to determine the film's fate after all. Anyway, when everyone from a dishonest cop to a greedy thug discovers the secret of the camera and wants to get a hold of it, Neil and Bipasha must flee the scene, landing up in Bangkok where they find the time to break into an item song at a Thai watering hole in between dodging bullets from their nemeses. The catch in this situation is thus - they may outrun their pursuers but can they overcome the fate that the camera has predicted for them?

Loosely scripted and full of inconsistencies, Aa Dekhen Zara may have an interesting premise as its starting point, but the film's writers fail to flesh out a foolproof screenplay, and don't even stay true to the film's own absurd logic. At the start we're told the camera only takes pictures 24 hours into the future, then suddenly it's taking photographs of events five days away! A photo warns Neil he will be stalked by his enemy on a flight, and yet a day later when that actually happens, Neil seems entirely unprepared. By the way these are just two instances that come immediately to mind.

Just when you thought the film couldn't get any worse, Sophie Chaudhary shows up with too much pancake, a plunging neckline and dialogues that could have only been written by a fourth-grader. Turns out she isn't who she's meant to be, and when you learn who she really is, you realize the writers have pretty much exhausted all their ideas.

For a thriller, Aa Dekhen Zara is awfully snail-paced, and every moment in that dark-room waiting for photographs to develop feels like real time. Neil Nitin Mukesh is stiff for the most part and fails to leave much of an impression. Bipasha Basu, saddled with a thankless role, can't do much to help either.

First-time director Jehangir Surti fails to inject that edge-of-the-seat excitement into this thriller, making it a long, tedious affair. I'll go with one out of five for Aa Dekhen Zara; believe me the future has never looked so bleak.

Rating: 1 / 5 (Poor)


Zareena IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 August 2008
Posts: 25384

Posted: 27 March 2009 at 11:11pm | IP Logged
Ek - The Power Of One and Aa Dekhen Zara Make No Impact

Saturday 28th March 2008 09.30 IST
Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

Aa Dekhen Zara opened to 40-45% response at the limited multiplexes it was showing at while single screens were 20-25%. The film is unlikely to score at the box office.

Ek - The Power Of One opened to around 35-40% at single screens and 10-15% at multiplexes. The film will also struggle at the box office with only small centres showing half decent collections.

Aloo Chaat is poor with a 3.25 crore nett first week. It was best around the Delhi NCR area but even still collections were low.

Barah Aana also grossed a poor 75 laks nett in week one .FLOP

Firaaq had very poor first week with around 75 lakhs nett in first week. FLOP

Straight grossed a poor 90 lakhs nett in week one. FLOP

Gulaal fell heavily in week two with 50 lakhs nett business. The two week total is a poor 3.75 crore nett. FLOP

Little Zizou has sustained well and has grossed nearly 90 lakhs nett in two weeks. Best in Mumbai and Pune.



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