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Unleashing what Remained Unsaid#2-END*NOTEpg42* (Page 45)

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Hey NJ
Sorry for the late comment
A great ending it wud have been good to see an epilogue but i guess u r right, the place where u stopped seems kinda perfect and in the end u r the writer
Congo u did a gr8 job with this fab story at every point, i enjoyed reading it thoroughly, waiting for ur next fic
Thanks Mini

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Dude! did i tell you i really like this fiction nj! you're an awesome writer and i love your work :P :P :P

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@ spammer  ... LOL
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Okay, here I am. This fiction tops my list of "FFs to be read in next 35 days"  Smile

The way I write comments - I read every part and under each part there are sections. Sections which mean a logical ending to a scene or a conversation and its drawn by you. Once I finish reading that section, I update my comment so that I don't mix things at a part level. :-)

~~ Edit 1 ~~

Prologue: Armaan is married, but not to Riddhima? Interesting. I am guessing there are series of flashbacks and non linear story telling then. Must be interesting but for a person like me a little confusing :-)

"Lovely". Really NJ? How cliched!! But may be that was the whole intention? Well, am on to next part now. But who left a message on R's phone? I wonder the setting of this story. Navy pier...the one I know and have been is Chicago. Lets see... Moving on...

~~ Edit 2 ~~

Part 1: Psychology and art? What a thrilling combination and a pair of contradiction. While one tries to find things hidden in deep crevices of mind, the other celebrates creativity and unique individuality of the mind. And they have photography classes in common. Nice. Okay so she does live in windy city.

The way you have introduced characters, little background about their ages and set a time line for the story was just brilliant. The ascent in her professional career and her choices with her personal life and everything else mentioned in few lines. :-)

R prefers to be ignorant about the who and the why. Even if she looks for answers and maybe in even gets some, she would still be wondering about new "why"s which would be born out of answers from earlier question.
If A is not just a memory, then what is he then? A missing organ?

~~ Edit 3 ~~

Part 2: I love what Gappu is in this story. And also love the fact why each character is there in the story. There is a definitive use of their presence and after every hundred or so words the influence of their presence, their emotions and their words or Riddhima (till now, at least) is obvious. The relationship which Gappu and Riddhima share is charming. :-)

I think the worst part of separation is not the actual act of breaking up but unknowing what they mean to each other. Even if one wants to mourn a loss of relationship, they should know what exactly are they mourning for.

Okay, so Lovely is a schizo and A has fake reports about her inability to bear a child. Isn't he robbing her of her motherhood? There might be a logical reason for the decision he took, but I am not sure how it sits with me. And it seems as if his marriage is a sham and he is only doing the girl and her (may be his too) a favor by agreeing to that. Sacrificial intent? Involving with a patient deep enough to be a part of her life? That's taking his career a little too far.  

~~ Edit 4 ~~

Part 3: Alright. So his friend thinks that it was unethical, but he is only consoling himself and perhaps Armaan too by accepting the fact that "somehow its resolved and whatever has been done is for greater good" Its either that or I am misreading the entire situation. Like I said, I am not happy nor do I agree with Armaan's decision. Lovely is a schizo and a suicidal. Or being suicidal is a consequence of her delusion?

Okay, I read the rest of the part in one breath. Though it was made obvious in earlier part that Riddhima was unaware of Armaan's intentions, why did he not give a reasoning for his departure. Maybe Riddhima would have gotten a closure or wait patiently knowing his intent. It still bothers me to see that he has left her hanging without a definition of what she means to him and without any answers.
I see his intent behind his marriage though I do not consent it. It could be my own personality which fails to see the intent or the fact that world gets more messed up with decisions like Armaan's.

~~ Edit 5 ~~

Part 4: Okay, I feel a teeny and tiny bit sorry for Armaan. He just doesn't think but he over thinks and that has cost him a future. Now I do know that he loves her but is just loving enough?

The way she tells him, the truth, I loved her that instant. I am all the way team-Riddhima now. No, not for the fact that she is the one on the other side of the tracks, but for the way she speaks the truth and other nonsense. :-) Gotta love people who are forthright, no? And not to mention, she uttered the exact words which I thought during last part. "philanthropy personified".

Riddhima is an extremely independent girl, is it not? Yet, when she is smitten by a guy and the guy leaves, there are many things she quit just to erase the memories associated with him. Its strange how the strongest of the people are affected the most due to heartbreak. The confident girl second guesses if she is not enough for the guy and questions her own judgment. I am glad Riddhima is getting back to her old self. I wish she had done it without Armaan's intervention though, but that's just me :-)

~~ Edit 6 ~~

Part 5: Cute. That's what I would call the interaction between Gappu and Armaan. And I am a person who does not believe in randomness and think that everything has a purpose and time of execution and here I would think that certain events are put in motion. It all started with Lovely's delusion which led to Riddhima which led to Armaan's retrospecting moments, leading him to buy flowers where he meets Gappu and I am sure there are more of these in future but I am glad that everything is being tied. The story started off with too many questions and loose ends and the rest of the fiction seems to be just getting a closure.

The interaction between the four is like old buddies meeting up and hitting on instantly with their respective friends. Its kind of nice, isn't it? Riddhima's acceptance is not surprising for me and if she hadn't I would have been disappointed I guess.

I like when Riddhima gives into being herself during the time and her soft confession of what she truly desires. Even if whatever she wants is something very mundane and simple, the joy she felt in the evening is very much real and she treasures it.
Woot...Gappu is a part of the conspiracy too? Interesting!

~~ Edit 7 ~~

Part 6: I am going to pat my back for my older observation. Armaan over thinks. A lot. Its nice to see his point of view, his dilemma and his confusion about her behavior like anyone in his shoes would be. But he is taking finding out the reason a little too far. It could be because of his profession itself which has taught him to analyze every nuances of human behavior, but for his sake, I just want him to let go and accept things just the way they are.
(I will be back for the rest of part 6 later!)

Okay, I am back after shopping for music and books! (Since I am in mood for trying new, I bought country classics and Rob Thomas's Cradle Song. And books...err... N. Gogol :-) I remember your...hesitancy in reading Russian authors :-) )

Its divine intervention no doubt, even if Chirag and Ritu are running interference every now and then to keep up the intervention up and running. I liked Chirag, as a character and as a friend of Armaan's. He seems to know when to intervene and when to back off. Ritu, the caring girlfriend of Riddhima, is a person that every girl should have in her life. The extent to which she goes to help her friend and her constant worry for her friend's well being is truly remarkable. And Chirag and Ritu interaction? Truly Bonny and Clyde!

There are so many ways the character of Riddhima is discovered both by people and by the circumstance. But by far, what Gappu thinks of her is the best. I think I have learned what Riddhima is all about from other people rather than being stated obviously. This makes her more real and more closer to people around and I can say strongly - Go Riddhima!

Okay, I confess I have not heard the singer or the song but it was definitely apt for the situation. But I had something else in my mind, a song by Johnny Cash. The thing between Riddhima and Armaan - I know they were pretty close five years ago but what was it exactly? The effect that his words have on her is not something two people, heck even two lovers would achieve those many years, especially if one is of Riddhima's personality. What they share is much deep and the connection is obviously still alive. I am now getting an impression that Riddhima is much complex than what she has been portrayed till now. I would agree with all the things that Gappu, Ritu would say but when it comes to Armaan, there is a certain level of uncertainty in her actions and to an extent she is driven by her primal emotions rather than the one which is nurtured and kept at bay.
~~ Edit 8 ~~

Part 7: I love the way how you make readers keep up with change in tones of characters, Riddhima's Hot N Cold (Yep..Kate Perry!) temperament. The ease in which Riddhima falls into a familiar behavior is a little surprising. But like I said, its Armaan and with Armaan every constant of her life turns into a variable. I was expecting Riddhima to understand that something would have gone with Lovely when Armaan doesn't turn up on time. I guess Armaan's last act of leaving without explanation has added exception in her rational thinking.  

Follow your heart, she says. Very Cohelo-ish. Armaan has eclipsed her completely. She is like a teenage girl trying to figure out if the guy she has crush on likes her back or not. The uncertainty in both her feelings and his, has her reduced to a vulnerable state. This is Riddhima fully unguarded.

Yes! Armaan finally STOPs over thinking and let go to be lost in the feeling. Things have been pretty good to him isn't it? Which means something really crappy is going to happen. :-(

~~ Edit 9 ~~

Part 8: "Something about the night was not usual.." I can name at least a dozen horror movies which has this line. :-) I know it was pretty much unintentional but I cannot help but think about Stephen King's Rosemary's Baby. The plight of Chirag in the beginning made me remember something similar from the book.

A suicide. Though I write about it, I dislike reading it elsewhere. Not because what it signifies but what it does to people who are left behind will tonnes of questions. She could have been in some odd delusion and ended her life and not to mention the fact that she was under deep depression. Armaan, of course blames himself. Perhaps I would blame him to an extent too. Not because he ignored her that night to be with Riddhima perhaps but for prolonging something he had no business to meddle with in the first place. Maybe she would have been alive if she stayed in an asylum. Maybe she needed constant vigilance, round the clock monitoring to ensure her emotional and physical safety. I blame him for trying to give her a sense of normalcy and sanity when she clearly is not. But then again, what is important in the end? A sense of freedom with a dash of insanity or a life of insanity with high life expectancy? No one would know this and either answer is debatable.

The conversation was bittersweet. Riddhima gets her answers at the cost of Armaan's peace of mind. I think Riddhima hit the mark when she says that she cannot "understand" everything. She expects things to be said out loud in open and she takes them with a pinch of salt. I liked her in this chapter even more than before. Her intelligence is endearing and what she has done will be appreciated by Armaan in future and not exactly at that moment. And he blames himself for what happened to Lovely. Not that I am surprised, but he actually says that to Riddhima and she hears him out.
Maybe all he wanted to hear from her was the usual soothing "its not your fault" and "its going to be alright" lines. The ones however fake they were, did give a semblance of peace.

And then he leaves. Again. This time his wife's death is the reason and to an extent I see his point in seeking solace in loneliness and in a surrounding dissimilar to the one he was in. But one whole year? Not sure what he is seeking of what he has lost to go on a journey for so long. Or he is giving into the moment where he feels that he is the root cause of all the problems around him and decides to plunge in for a deep dive. Guilt, is what is making him to be what he is. He needs to heal and in his mind, it is a solitary action. I wonder why he doesn't realize that healing from what he is going through would be faster and more effective when its done with a loved one; one who would take care of him, love him and help him to revive his vitality and strength. Didn't he do something similar in life? He is a psychiatrist and all his wisdom is shoved at the back of his brain and he gives into his emotions.

Like Armaan says, he is a human after all. But it seems like he is an escapist too.

This is my favorite chapter till now. :-)

~~ Edit 10 ~~

Part 9: Why the anonymity? I am sure Chirag would respect Armaan's wish and perhaps even lie to his friends about it. But Armaan is being distant. The conversation he shares with Chirag doesn't have the spunk which was there at one point of time. I don't think this has anything to do with Riddhima anymore. Armaan is trying to figure out lots of things about himself first and once he is done, he would move on to next set of people. I just wish he would say something to his friend rather than being evasive.
Gaurav would do him some good and perhaps even question his own motives and choices. At times I have felt that Gaurav is shaded very similar to that of Armaan. The differences in their behavior can be attributed to their upbringing but besides that, both are very similar at their core. If that is the case, then it should be interesting to see them talk once he comes to India. Was this intentional or am I misreading the character?

His back story explains a lot of behavior actually. The complexity of Armaan's character comes from the dysfunctional childhood and emotional turmoil he felt through all of his childhood. Many a times the decisions were actually done for him rather than him being the one who is partaking in it. No, its not because he could not, but because he would not. Maybe that is why he is such a good psychiatrist. He gives into his whim in calling Chirag but always hold back when its Riddhima. She deserves an answer. Yes, she would be mad and definitely yes she would feel betrayed by their combined emotions, but hasn't he learned his lesson? Even after all these feelings, if he just sits for few moments and psycho analyze them he would really see that everything he is feeling is about himself only and never anyone else. I am not saying its wrong, but the failure recognize it being in the profession he is, is tad disappointing. His avoidance of Riddhima is slightly grating on my nerves.   

Chirag and Ritu are definitely a sight for sore eyes. Its not uncommon when two people connect over the complex relations with their friends. But its very soothing to see them together and be happy like they truly deserve.

Gappu coming to India for football? Now there is a brownie point for originality. :-) I am waiting for their interaction. I love Gappu's enthusiasm and his sincere effort to make his aunt happy. There is something about that kid...

~~ Edit 11 ~~

Part 10:  I have never been to Calcutta in my life yet I felt a sense of familiarity in the words of Gappu's letter. I could see what he saw and his words were voice over for a series of images, video clips and old memories. His interaction with Muskaan was like watching out of a window where one could see a foreign scene yet connect with all of their past, present and future.

Gappu's perception is such a wonderful thing in this series and for that, only for that till now, I must applaud you and give you a hug (This is the first time I am voluntarily offering a hug who is not my parent or grand ma or brother or my closest friend Shubha). The way he spoke about Riddhima, from the eyes of a little boy, to a teenager and an adolescent who is rapidly growing to a responsible young man and now the way he talks about Armaan, the man who made his aunt's step falter and eyes soft, is just spot on. Armaan is a walking contradiction but more so an enigma. Armaan is the guy who has millions of things in his mind and if he wrote even half of it, he would perhaps be rich and famous, yet he stays stoic and almost unapproachable. I love the way Gappu feels so many things for the first time, the way he writes about it makes the whole thing even more endearing. What he feels and how he reacts is surreal and I solely wish to be a part of that memory.   

(I shall be back. Its John Cusack in Con Air and it simply cannot be missed. I will take laptop with me and finish reading page #1 and comment in mass :-) )

Who is Anjali's husband? Have you mentioned him and I have missed the line completely? I know I read fast and sometimes, it makes you miss a few words :-) If you have not, then no matter!

I am reading this para about Armaan and I got this thought. Would Armaan be as guilty as he is now if he was not with Riddhima the night Lovely died? As in, he could have gone out for his morning jog and she would have killed herself and would that affect Armaan this much? The guilt here is more in the terms of the fact that he found happiness outside his house and his life in a place where he never thought he would and with a person who he thought had lost forever.

NJ! Armaan's guilt trip has started to get annoying now. Really, the guy should simply pick up the phone, call and move on or be stagnent permanently. And now its affecting everyone around him. The little things that happen around us has such a profound effect on the psyche on people. Gaurav is embarassed and is feeling left out, Rahul and Muskaan do not know how to react to Armaan's impulsiveness and Daadu is just surprised. Who is to say these reactions will not be anymore drastic in future, given the way Armaan is going of late.

Its Vivek. I thought he was just a passing glimplse. But seems like he is here to stay and make Riddhima's life a little more complicated. Riddhima still expects Armaan to come back to her life. Even more so than before. They did not have many interactions during their second run but it must have been deeper than what they had with each other six years ago. She realized what it was like to be with Armaan outside the security of school. They are adults, professionals and have their respective successful careers and they shared a connection in her current life and that is what she cannot let go off. The connection which she shared with him in handful of moments in couple of meetings is stopping her from moving on.

~~ Edit 12 ~~

Part 11:  Her dislike for him was obvious since beginning. Its like that with some people I think. There is no solid reason to dislike them but they irk you just by existing. Vikram, for his part, in unaware of Riddhima's state of mind and is naturally attracted to her. And she, being in her state of mind, gets annoyed with everything that he has to offer. If Armaan were to wear a perfume similar to that of Vivek, she might like Vivek a teeny bit for that fact only! Yeah, people get irrational sometimes.
Okay after reading further, I actually like the character Vivek a little. He is perhaps what Riddhima is in her essence. When he likes someone, he would say it so. And when he means good, maybe he does mean good. Its not his charm but his forthrightedness which made her succumb to his reasoning. It will be interesting to see where this interaction would lead to.

So they see each other and the universe around them holds its breath. Well I do not know about the universe, but I did :D And it was not anti climatic at all. :-) I kind of liked the simplicity of the meeting; first watching out for physical changes and then cross checking their current expression against the ones from the memory. They do exactly that. Its endearing, its beautiful and its awesomely real.

Armaan likes being in love rather than love itself or so it seems. Its like being on a perpetual high, one which you cannot come down on unless reality slaps you silly. Missing home and missing people are so different. It was beautifully written and honestly, it was quite straight forward. There was nothing subtle about the difference in the way Armaan responds to Gappu, in this context, its definitely a good thing. Like I predicted before, I do love the interaction between Armaan and Gaurav (I cannot bring to call him as Gappu anymore. It just doesn't work for him anymore. Its like he has grown up a lot after Armaan left Chicago.) Armaan while answering Gaurav is kind of getting a clarity of his own situation and not to mention a different insight altogether. And this time I hope he saves himself a guilt trip and makes a move!!

So Armaan does get a hint even if it due to slip up by Gaurav. But I am glad he did.

And he tells her. There are no elaborate set ups, there are no candles or beautiful ambience to complement his words. Like Armaan feels, the words themselves are liberating and thats what he had wanted all this while. A liberation from his own mind, his dilemma and from perpetual second guessing of what could haves. No, there is no room for idyllic romanticism between them but only acceptance of reality.

~~ Edit 13 ~~

Part 12:  Armaan and Gaurav - really, really nicely written. The camardiere that they have, the common element in their life, Riddhima, took a back step couple of chapters ago. They talk like friends and the honesty in whcih Armaan recaps his conversation with Riddhima to Gaurav, made me choke on my tea :-) I did not expect it. But it seems Armaan is getting his old attributes back and since we have been privy to them, I think the chapters from now on is going to get very, very interesting.

Over thinking seems to be Riddhima's problem too. Or is it when it comes to Armaan? But she finally realizes that Armaan's confession is actually a part of the reality she is living in and not a dream.

Gaurav had it good. It was the perfect moment with the perfect girl for him. And they made through it. They are those nights which come with a signature magical quality about them. The day which leads to a day like this is definitely a good one and he had just the same. Everything had come to that one moment in the Ferris Wheel and she tells him exactly what he wanted to hear for a long time. No, the time was not perfect. It became perfect because of them.

(To be continued tomorrow)

Alright. I could not stop myself so I actually read the next sections too before I slept. But commenting on it only now as I literally wanted to sleep on it. I am super glad that Riddhima's acceptance was realistic and something I can see happening to people. All the moments, their arguments, her desperate avoidance, him clinging to his new found liberation and for their every sigh, it could not have ended any better than this. Its not about the confession itself, but the absolute certainty in which she invites him back to her life is exhilarating. I was literally cheering her - "Say it Riddhima! Say it! Say it!" when I was reading the ending part and boy she did! Last night I skipped few parts and if you were around me I would have hit you with something heavy for dragging to the nice parts. Okay, it wasn't dragging but I was fully impatient to find out what her reply was going to be. Knowing the precision which has been going on in this story, I knew that the confession was around the corner or at least Riddhima accepts things to herself aloud but the end was much sweeter than I expected. Her whole individuality is shaken by this man and all she wants in the end is his presence in her life which would make her what she always wanted to be.

Good part NJ!

~~ Edit 14 ~~

Part 13: This part kind of reminded me of Infinity today. I don't know why but the closeness they show and the way they speak is exactly how I wish two people to be. Not riding away in the moment, having a semblance of reality and in case of Riddhima - inability to comprehend his presence in her life again in the way she has always imagined him to be. I don't know NJ, but the first section made me feel like I have watched this scene before one too many times and every time it ends almost in the same way. Her being parched after talking, him asking her to take a sip of water and the way he imagines her over thousands of miles just based on the back ground noise, it blew me off into their world. :-)

The way Gaurav has influenced Armaan is something he will never know. Its not just Gaurav himself but his relationship with everyone else has had influence on Armaan in one or other way. He knows his aunt well yet he cannot help being pessimistic. When it comes to them, the track record has not been really that great to actually think otherwise. I just like Gaurav now. The way he talks, his personality and the way he talks about his girlfriend; really, really well done.

I am not sure what I think of Armaan's background. Its complicated, its messy and its definitely because of himself that Armaan has turned out so well. Scars of the past are ugly and to hide them well from the world and live the life he led came with a lot of sacrifices and growing up faster than your peers. I like him for what he is today overcoming all the nonsense of his past. And I am glad that he is finally talking, getting it out of his system and giving Riddhima a chance to realize why he is the way he is. Aren't past a great window to our inner most dark places? Its good that he is being brutally honest and is not keeping anything to himself. This time, he is in for the long haul.

Chirag and Ritu are adorable. The couples in this story have a certain level of familiarity in them; like they are my friends or cousins or people next door. Each couple bring out something in this story and that's what I like the most. They add a shade a certain flavor to the mix which stands out yet never really overcoming the overall feel of it. I like that a lot!

So Vivek is not just a passing glimpse. You cannot have any character in this story which does not contribute to complexity, can you? No, I like this storyline for exactly that reason. I need to know lots of information and I have to keep up with the way characters are evolving and they evolve fast!
It would be interesting to see how Vivek-Armaan would work out.

In the beginning, I had mentioned that something set a certain event in motion and seems like everyone is getting closure of sorts. Many loose ends are being tied and many questions are being answered.
But most importantly, people have evolved.

~~ Edit 15 ~~

Part 14: Well, the conversation was nice. There have been rarely conversations this light between Armaan and Riddhima till now, has it? Even otherwise, the ease in which they talk to each other can be attributed to their solid friendship rather than anything else. They had to have that to have proceeded to being what they are today. I liked "them" in this part. Why would not I? There are still certain questions which have been left unanswered but I guess they are getting there. I wonder why you chose a neutral place for Riddhima when all this talking is happening. She is parked in some place where she has no business to be yet all her life changing moments are happening there. At this moment I am just glad that those moments are happening for her. At first glance of this story, it was evident that Riddhima is the victim because of Armaan's choices. But I am glad that I was wrong in that assumption. There are no victims, there are villains. There are simply people who acted in the best interest of people around them in trying circumstances. This hardly puts them in a pool of victims.

Okay, the last part. I have to be honest here. I skipped many lines. I think I got the outline correct but drama is just not my thing. I read the rest of the section superficially and I agree with Riddhima. He did take the right decision. But after everything is said and done and if they are where they are, then right or wrong does not really matter. Would Riddhima not forgive him if he had taken a wrong decision? No. She still would forgive him and perhaps be hurt for a little longer and time would heal her.
All of this would not matter to them as long as they had each other.

~~ Edit 16 ~~

Part 15: I was grinning all the way! Armaan was surely acting unusual. I love Gaurav more and more with each part. Muskaan is being a little oblivious don't you think? I think she would have been guessing by now that her brother is smiling way too much and is stuttering and stammering and like Gaurav said, acting like a clown. Loved their conversation NJ!

I agree. I dislike Apple too. :-) Oh well. I am so glad for Riddhima's happiness. Really. After six years of self doubts and unexplained disappearances, she finally has a shot at her own happily ever after. Oh now I remember the cheesy lines from Armaan in last part. I am not surprised that she likes it. When it really matters and its the person who really matters to you, then none of those lines sound cheesy. The person saying them would mean it and the person hearing them would believe it. As simple as that.

The practicality that Anjali has is something I can connect with. It could be because she has seen so much in a very young age and acted as a mother to her own sister.  Riddhima should have told her about Armaan. Not because saying truth lessens the in coming complexity but more because Anjali deserves it. As simple as that. The reason for Anjali marrying Atul does not come as a surprise. Her honest confession of how her husband loves her more than she might ever love him also fits her perfectly. When there is practicality involved, one rarely gives into their whims and fancies, is it not?

Coffee junkie? Reflecting something of yourself on your character huh NJ?

~~ Edit 17 ~~

Part 16:  I have a bad feeling about this. I know, very Han Solo-ish, but you get that vibe off some people, you know; fiction or otherwise. There are multiple ways of arriving at that conclusion but the most irrational one is the one which goes with our primal instinct. I still don't like Vivek; friends or whatever. You had mentioned a line about Riddhima being naive and sensitive and I am now realizing maybe you did have a point there. (Which is kind of corollary to the fact that I disagreed with you in the first place :-) ) She reads Vivek pretty accurately and finds out his intention early on. But she never gave a thought to how he got hold of their residence number no? My mind is still warped in this thought, one because I am sure you have not meant to have a plot hole and second, I am paranoid. Vivek still holds certain amount of affection to Muskaan as he addresses his dairy entries to her which is flattering in a creepy way. So given this and the history as told by Armaan, something is not right. Go Riddhima! She told him on his face that she likes someone else. Uff...I was worried a little there :-)

My favorite thing in your story is back again - Gaurav and Armaan interaction. I don't know why it tickles me so when I read about them. I read more than once just for the sake of feeling a sense of belonging with them, you know. It always leaves me wishing I was there with them as a some inanimate object witnessing their exchange and just glad to be a part of it.

I am glad that you did not leave Muskaan and Rahul out of the loop. I never really thought about them getting their ending, a happily ever after or at least peace restored, but you did! I knew that things don't end when you take another route to overcome a heartbreak. But I had naively hoped that they had resolved everything by now. Six years is a long time, no? But whatever. I am just glad that they are okay now. And they will be okay for a long time.

Hmm...Vivek...he has his moments.

~~ Edit 18 ~~

Part 17: NJ! Gaurav-Armaan talk was simply amazing! And I say this not because of the beautiful writing but for the way Armaan sees Gaurav as young Padawan :-) Whatever they were retrospecting, I hope they found their answers. Armaan's casual acceptance of Gaurav's place in his life altering decision was endearing.

The ease Armaan started to have with Riddhima is so cute! He has finally let go of all the emotional stuff which makes me less annoyed with him :-)

I don't like Vivek. Period.

(PS: Have you noticed the length of comments for the last part is considerably shorter? Well I am hungry and am waiting for pizza to arrive :S Will be back soon..)

Okay, I am back after eating half of pizza and my hunger satiated :-) Vivek has erotomania by any chance? He sure is acting like that! Obsession is a pretty mild term for the feelings he has for Riddhima. I am glad that Riddhima finally told Anjali that she has found someone. But I still don't get the reason why she does not disclose names. Well, I am sure I will get to know about it in future parts.

I read really fast, but all this writing is slowing me down! :D But its okay. I don't think any of my writing - one shot or a part of a series is this long! I need to count words once I am done :D Well, anyway, back to the story.

She is impulsive when she talks to him. She tells him whats on her mind and generally gives into the sensation. Really like the way they converse. The awkwardness is gone and everything is out in open. There is some mild hesitancy form Riddhima, I sense. I can be wrong about it completely but I cannot point a finger or give you an exact instance, but I feel that something is off. Or it could be just me.

You know, I find more things to talk about when there is way too much of angst like in earlier chapters but when things are going great, I feel there is little to say. :-) Do you think that is weird?

~~ Edit 19 ~~

Part 18: I am really impressed with the way you have written case notes. I am guessing its counseling/therapy notes? But why though? He goes through his own struggle, his own state of mind, revising them in his mind which is triggered due to the case. Or its the normal retrospection which everyone does after a tiring day? The connection that Armaan and Riddhima has is something else, entirely. They can be together, as in at one single point of time and go on about their work with zero distraction, both engrossed in their own work. But now here they are, separated by thousands of miles and in moments like these, they bombard heavily on their minds and drive them to distraction.

Chirag and Armaan's conversation is honest. I see where Chirag is coming from, but in that moment of impulse during Lovely's death, Armaan did whatever he had to do to keep his sanity intact. I am glad Chirag does not hold this against Armaan and they talk to each other, really talk, for the first time after Armaan comes back from Chicago. Whatever Chirag is going through, I hope Armaan is there to help him out. And its really nice to see Chirag telling Armaan what is on his mind. There are no pretenses nor are there any emotional mumbo jumbos. Just an I-need-you and thats enough for both of them.

Gaurav has changed a lot from the way he began in this story. Maybe a few months ago, he might have told Minnie that he would return the call later in the morning. I would like to think that this evolution in Gaurav's maturity is due to his association with Armaan and the way he has seen Riddhima and Armaan progress from whatever they were to what they are now. There have been many conversations with Armaan, many instances where he has gained a perception about people and relationships from the older man. Their interactions, as I have mentioned many times before, is simply wonderful. The hesitation that he had, the hiccups he had seemed to have all smoothed out and is now responds like an adult.

I was asking the same question. What have you done to him Riddhima? :D Seriously, the guy is a walking puddle of goo. She calls him and he sometimes hyperventilates like a sixteen year old. Apart from all these, its nice to know that she is the calming force in his life. She does not take crap from him when she thinks he is being unreasonable. They share their strength, their wisdom, their rationality when they feel that their partner is lacking them or in dire need.
Right this moment, I like the author more than any of these characters :D

Muskaan is such a sweetheart. She is an emotional one, is it not? She gets attached to people quickly and is hurt when they are in pain. I guess that's why she had such a trouble getting over Vivek and the reason why he affected her as much as he did. Rahul, for that part takes credit. She is really lucky to have him in her life. She would have ended up as a bitter and cynic woman and perhaps depressed too had it not been Rahul. Her bonding with Gaurav is instantaneous not because they share the similar trait of pranksters but for their way of finding happiness in simplistic ways and smallest of things.

Gaurav is my favorite character in this series. The way he has evolved from a teen to what he is now in a such short span of time is simply marvelous.

~~ Edit 20 ~~

Part 19: Ah! The reunion. Definitely a memorable one. What is with them which makes them so endearingly familiar? I might have asked this question before, but even after so many parts I haven't been able to pin point a certain aspect of them. It is the entire package - them, their emotions, their romanticism and everything which is left unsaid to their faces. Its that unsaid part which made the reunion all the more sweeter. Everything has happened over phone and irrespective of whatever they have talked about, the thrill, the change in emotions on their faces, the mannerisms shown during their confession, is solely missed. The section is definitely long and for me it was like reading a movie script. the aspect which was stuck in my mind was Gaurav and Armaan walking towards terminal exit, laughing about something Riddhima would do. I know it is not the important aspect of the entire section but the image of them kind of stuck in my mind. Of course Riddhima loved the surprise, even I did. Wooh...all angst seems like coming to an end. :-)

(I am back to watching re-run of Con Air, John Cusack, so back to being slow at reading and writing.)

Okay, I have to tell you this. Anjali's musing - "...way of making people at ease around himself.." Reminds me of a certain sparkling vampire by the name Jasper :D I know, I know it was never your intention, but come on NJ, why will I miss an opportunity to take a jab at you? You know I am not a nice person! :D

Got to love Gaurav! Really!! The way he talks to Riddhima, their banter, their inane conversations, everything has a delicate undertone of trust and friendship. Nice.
And for the first time, Armaan misses home. He mentioned before that he never really missed home but its inhabitants. Now he does. This is how far he has come.

The ending section is all happy and nice :-) So less words from me on this one! I am glad he finally told her on her face. Romantic, yes?

~~ Edit 21 ~~

First of all, congratulations on new thread :-)

Part 20: I liked their first sort-of date NJ. It does not really matter if they go on something official/formal one. For them, all those things that usual couples do - date, wine and dine, movies and ice cream sounds so immature and I like them seeing this way; - in their own comfort zones and all over each other spaces. The familiarity which he has around her is not something which he has carried from their earlier friendship. He has earned it after everything they had gone through in the past year. That's what makes them, them. Armaan pulling a stunt like this - ensuring that Riddhima is alone in the house when he visits her? It was so out of character for him, yet it was something that he would do. :-)

I think I need to take a break here. Maybe because everything is going so well for them. Like I mentioned before, its hard to comment when everything is nice :-( Yeah, that's me, the sadist.

I shall be back again tomorrow with a fresh perspective and a fresher mind :-)

Okay, I am back.

Trust Armaan to do something romantic. He made her a part of family so easily. Well, its not totally unexpected but it was nice thing to do. (Armaan on DMG did something similar, yes?) But what I like here in this series is that there is a back story for every little thing. There is this thing about them which is not all that special. I mean whatever is happening between Armaan and Riddhima is something I have seen it between many couples, real life or other wise. But the way everything arrives at this moment with them seems so magical and perfect. I think the build up which is happening for all the parts has made me feel this way. I think. :-)

Ah! Gaurav is awfully sweet. And a typical guy. Only a hardcore fan can ignore his girl for a game, right? He is so cute!! My vocabulary is not being fantastic right now and words are deceiving me! Anyway, I like Gurav and Minnie and they seem like younger version of Armaan and Riddhima only both haven't gone through what their elder counter parts have. Either that or I am reading way too much into the situation. Oh well, this is what happens when I come back to this after reading a CF. (I hate you Kiran, for that!)

Ritu and Armaan? Now that's an interaction which will be amazing to watch. They are in opposite end of the spectrum and they just are different. You know, two people who know instantaneously that they can be very good friends but nothing more or nothing less.

Minnie is smart. She is getting questions out of her mom. But isn't she quite young to be thinking about all these things? Or is she just looking for approval for the man she loves? I guess she is just seeing a probably future with Gaurav and people around her. Nice introspective streak the girl has.

When Muskaan says "May Kaali ma be with you", in my hurry I had initially read it as "May force be with you" and for a moment I thought "Is NJ for real?" :D So I had to retrace the lines and I found something else entirely. :-) Its the final showdown between Armaan and Vivek then, huh? Should be interesting to watch. I don't like Vivek for what he has done now but initially, he was pretty charming and impressing. I wonder how he transforms from one to another? Or is he the representation of both good and evil in a human wrapped in handsomeness and tied with charm. I wonder what is seen when the package is unwrapped.

~~ Edit 22 ~~

Part 21: It is a showdown then. I feel as if I am now reading Tom Clancy novel. :-) Hard to write comments for since its thrilling and everything, but am gonna try!
:-( Muskaan has suffered enough, and now one more trauma to the list? This is so not cool :-(
If mention of Vikram has done this to her, then what is the extent of damage that he has managed to inflict upon her if this is the kind of reaction it instigates. I am unhappy for Rahul who is the hapless victim in all of this. The guy has lost more than anything than anyone and all because he chose what he believed in most. This is where he differs from Armaan. While Armaan got played by people and fate, Rahul made conscious choices all along. He could have married another girl, but he did not. He chose to be with Muskaan. His patience has been tremendous and he has always given Muskaan the happiness she deserves. But this is such a hard hit on him.

Where the heck is wrong with Armaan?? Racing to catch the bad guy! Ugh! Trust him to be a superhero in this moment.

~~Edit 23 ~~

Part 22: When did this story start being a nice thriller? Really? No, I have absolutely no issues with this and I am enjoying it immensely as this is my genre and the one which I adore to read especially if its this well written :-) Riddhima initially made a comment on Ritu for being in FBI did she not? I am now in agreement to that argument. Ritu, really hit jackpot this time. This is one chapter where almost all the characters of this story are here, right? People from Calcutta to Mrs. Douglas. Its nice to see Armaan somehow making it through. I hope Anjali gets her answers soon else Riddhima is in trouble. But I like the way how Anjali is giving Riddhima her space. Her maternal instinct is taking her to the mother hen mode and she is being protective. With all this, she goes to Gaurav to find out more. I am glad she isn't like many who pester their kids/siblings for more details when those people just want to wallow in their worry, delving into depths of their mind and reliving the last moment spent with their loved one over and over again.
And so Armaan is back after his fun excursion. I so dislike when men act all cavemen like.

Ooohh...way to much of tension.! Next part is going to be absolutely thrilling!

Nice going NJ. This is such a complete story. I know how its going to end but you have managed to add in so many elements and give a true grand finale!

~~ Edit 24 ~~

Part 23 - N: I am not surprised to see Atul being the over protective dad. Riddhima would also think the same and Armaan is expected to know about it now. Even though Muskaan and Rahul finally get the closure they so deserve, it came with a heavy price. Muskaan might be finally over Vivek. Rahul must have been fighting with Vivek's debris and his residue in Muskaan's life for a long time now. I wonder how the poor chap felt through the whole ordeal. Muskaan is really, really lucky to have him in her life. Its hard to justify the pain of a father whose wife lost their child in miscarriage. Most automatically sympathize with the mother for her loss both physical and emotional. But with father, its hard. The protective member of the family takes care of the mother and tries to bridge the loss that they have just encountered. All he can do is to give solace and love the mother even more than before. For that, kudos to Rahul. He is successful in elevating her pain and giving her the promise which they both deserve. It may not be a happy ending for them, but its a foundation for happier beginnings.

In that moment, I wish Gaurav had come clean with his mother. Not with all the gory details, no. Just a hint of a girl in his life. Anjali deserves that much. I was not really happy with Riddhima not being honest with her sister. I guess its sort of backlash for the primary role of a parent which Anjali performs that her role as a sister is dissolved. She is right when she says that these are the things you share with your sibling. Gaurav replaced her for that role. And when you have such a close sibling like person and a woman no less, Gaurav never really went to his mother to confide in. Have you observed this? Its true in my case too. My brother is younger to me by five years so he dumps all the bullshit of his life on me. Not that I mind, but its just that my mom misses out on lots of things. But now given our own stressful careers, he calls moms in all odd timings and shares few of his thoughts with her. But I am glad Gaurav knows certain things about his mother now.

I don't know why but I don't feel like reading Armaan and Riddhima romance. I liked everything else in this part, (23-N), but not them. It felt just odd to read about them. I wished they had just sat together in silence or something. But I guess it was required for the story to progress and well there was Gaurav bits there so I am not really complaining.

And you leave this part with a cliffhanger!!! Eeks!

~~ Edit 25 ~~

Part 23 - J: Okay. For first few paras I thought I missed a part or something. But realized that my reading was indeed correct. Anjali's reaction was really surprising. I was expecting her to smile at Riddhima and glare at Armaan and then giving into the moment after few minutes. But still it was nice. Everything is coming to an end and I can feel it. I know that this is the last part but its not about that. Its about things coming to a full circle. Its about issues being resolved, questions being answered and endings seen to persisting problems. You know, that sort. I never really liked that feeling. I know that it always means that a new cycle is about to begin and there will be new beginnings, happiness, newer set of issues and everything but the season is coming to an end. Like autumn. And its hard to let go. And now, I really got to get back to story.

Vivek dies. And that's pretty harsh. I cannot justify it, but maybe he deserved it. Just maybe.

You know NJ, I have to take it back when I said that I don't like reading about Riddhima and Armaan. The ending is exactly what it has to be. I think this is "the" moment which every couple looks for. The moment that defines the whole dance which they performed to arrive at this moment. Armaan finally realizes what he wants from Riddhima. Of course Chirag spells a little for them but they finally realize it on their own. She realizes first in the way she supports him and asks him to be there with Muskaan. She realizes what she is for him and it does not really matter if they are parting for few months or weeks. Once she has that trust and the faith in their relationship, their parting seems a temporary discomfort rather than something to be worried and thrown tantrum about. She is extremely mature about it and team Riddhima celebrates that :-) And Armaan finally realizes that he needs her; always. Its as simple as that.
So they fly home together.

~~ Edit 26 ~~

I loved this story. And I am glad that you took it to a completion worthy of the initial storyline. Every character got their ending and there are no characters which have not influenced the main protagonists in one or the other way.

Thanks for writing this NJ. I enjoyed it immensely.


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@Sookie.. I am super duper glad to see you here..TongueBig smile,

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*woot woot*

*rubs eyes*

lol sookie, u were serious then, :D lets see why your 'psychoanalysis' of the fic shall amount to... i'll get back to answers, then? simply cause, i'd rather u give me ur entire built up picture before i intervene, anymore than being the writer here way... not that ur the easy to infulence kind, but i dont want to put u thinking on anything that i couln't promote with the fiction itself, u agree :)

we'll conference, after ur done... and yes, i recall, someone reads very fast!

nj :)

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Some good my constant advertising skills have brought ya, huh NJ? :D Her comments are lengthy, and they should be, the time she took to get to this...Sookie, um glad your hooked AND here :P


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much delayed, but i wanted to sit at doing this once and for all, and honestly, no better excuse... just cut me some kind slack - being nice, civil people call it LOL

Prologue: Lovely was cliche? aha! seriously, i'd have thought a nikki/anj/muski would fetch me that... lovely seemed most unlikely! either way, no the intention was only to arrive at the character i wanted her to be, couldn't think of anyone to fit... in retrospection i suspect i should have had an entirely new name... oh well!

Part 1: Psyche and art seemed interesting to me as much... more than anything, they were fields i could A) combine, B) explain, C) fit the bill with... u know what i mean, now that the story has been read... as for a missing organ - do u think lack of possession or underachievement can overshadow that? and the exact opposite make up for more than it? ques, ques, ques!

Part 2: i like your analysis into stuff. G and R being charming felt like a personal compliment (*smiles*) as for the unknown, lack of expressing, lack of seeking... i figure, nope i believe, its the greatest barrier in most relations ... and obv this is fiction i'm giving them the second chances, literally... can't say the same about life always, eh? communication, is a tremendous link - the do or die kind... writing unleashing got me closer to believing, that confrontations are the hardest resolves and easiest resolutions... it seems escaping is convenient, but forget the consequences, the entire dead weight of it alone... is something that should fall small before confronting... easier said! ... again, confrontations can't always go right, this is 'just' fiction!

Part 3: You're bang on! his decision finds no more consent with me than with you, sympathy in the least. we create our situations, more than anyone and anything else, and then... well, mostly we try to escape... thats two big blunders, right there! ... but you see, my protagonists, as i intended for them, are not always right... so often you don't need bad people around, only bad decisions... and when bad people are around, its all the more reason that decisions would not follow suit... btw to answer u about ridhima left hanging... the most unfair of his deal in regards to her is the fact that he never expressed what she is to him, but he also did by no means conceal it well enough, eh?!

Part 4: ahah! now you're talking cliche! done it without the guy, and become the hard heart harder headed strong (detached) career girl eh? too hurt or bruised to figure it all out? no... the point was not her wait for him to resume normalcy, but the person she is... with all her independence, she isn't denying logic, and shes definitely not running away from facts.... well she is, but she can't eternally... its exactly her dilemma, she would rather be past and done, but shes not the kind to move on without answers, and in seeking them she doubts herself, loses perspective and direction several times, thats elementary, ain't it? and team ridhima! :D not that i'd expect any else from you!

Part 5: yeh, there's no point bringing flowers for the heck of flowers, they're too whimsical, i might as well use the florist! :D and yes again, the entire idea was to start narrating somewhere in the middle of what has happened and what will... it keeps the pace on! ... about ridhima's regular wish... too bad we keep forgetting the basics make us most happy... the dreams we seek become not too impossible, but too vast for us to enjoy weaving and processing them... the whole idea is lost... i think...

Part 6: and you're talking of armaan over thinking! :D i hate falling out of char when going for the char... hes, lets say, wired like that... and somehow, so is ridhima... they thoughts are triggered by the same and different things... chirag and ritu were for me the cliche definition of ideal friends, i only tried to undo the regularity in them by truly sticking to it! :D as for armaan accepting things just like that... really, like ridhima he can't.. much as he'd like to! or i wont let him... i couldn't not just to progress the story, but to stick to what i thought i wanted him to be! and yeh, shes a complex girl... the kind made complex by standing contradictions!

Part 7: I was considering making her understand or guess the lovely connection too, when i first wrote it... but then i tried to re think... it is what you say, the teen girl trying to mature... somewhere she has grown out of her adolescence in every respect except the obvious, cause the lessons and experience which should have aided her learning have remained highly incomplete and she has not given them alternate chances... she has hence, the trite way, neither been there nor done that... u know? and armaan isn't always helping her understand, sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not... and premonition was rather pointed out, you shouldn't have missed, of course... btw gogol? :S yeh, whatever!

Part 8: heard this one?
Oh, what a tangled web we weave
When first we practise to deceive!

the worst among such webs is the one we weave for ourselves, we allow ourselves, 'time to think-solace-solitude' but the thin line between that and escapism is so easily crossed, it is what eventually makes his stay in calcutta something semi permanent... and he may have really wanted to be told it was alright, maybe he had wanted that exactly not, hence his previous silence over the issue... but he definitely did not need that... ain't it good in her own turmoil ridhima still managed to assure he didn't get what would do him no good? he was in error, not as he blamed himself, but as u did, and somewhere in keeping lovely with himself he was keeping his shield alive not hers... somewhere, then, all along he knew his decision had just been incorrect... he was after all only early 20's, with too much too tackle! and no, that still doesn't justify... personally as i writer, i never sough to justify this armaan, right upto the end... u can't undo ur wrongs, u can only hope to achieve redemption as far as possible...

Part 9: Gappu in creation as a character was least planned and something like 'serendipity' it was only after i saw the ridhima-gappu bond chape that i knew what it was i had to do there... and it was accidental that the former even happened... secondly, he wasn't, a shadow to armaan really, but he was on the same plane in a different dimension! :) armaan's anonymity is more his lack of trust on self than chirag, and his giving in to call chirag, not ridhima is a sign of who he thinks he needs to escape more, or paraphrased, who he thinks he has caused to suffer most... ironically he is not undoing it, only furthering the process!

Part 10: so, when i read vikram seth, a suitable boy, i fell in love with a few things... calcutta was one, and i had never been to the city before that... when i saw the city, it was what it had been for gappu, for different reasons... for gappu the shock was more from lack of knowing what to expect... for me it stood in contradiction... i was (And im widely travelled as far as the country goes) just simply shocked with the state of affairs, especially with the most basic dealings... but it surprised me, how the dream of an image i had formed of the city the image in my head from reaind still seemed to dominate... guess i can't explain... there is a charm about the city, seth's words instilled, more than anything else, it was like i could see everything in a different light... and well... i reckon in that sense i hold Gappu's letter dear! if i met that man, i'd tell him this one's for him and his work! .. and his city! i could have done something from armaan's view, but gappu was the easiest, i had been him! ... also, lol this may amuse u, i actually got facts in place during a chat with my brother before getting to this stuff, just you know! if there is one link in unleashing i have been heavily in debate about in my head post its completion, its vivek... some day on some impulse, when i think of a whole better alternate track, i shall undo it i suppose... or maybe i will continue being lazy... still, for now, it fits!

Part 11:
the glimpse happened, as i still recall, from what happened at the house that night i was writing this part, i scraped what i had done before and re did this... one of my house mates made us talk to her 3 year old niece on the web cam... showed her our entire house... bla... not like i'd never had web cam conversations before, but... well something just struck! and acceptance, really was the whole issue all along... all they needed kind!

Part 12:
for this i can only say, i'm flattered, literally... you actually seemed to have liked a confession... they seem to matter, and i seem to believe i suck at them many times... more than much else, i'm glad, and relieved, you think it was real! that matters for certain!

Part 13:
reminded of infinity, hmm... i reckon then we must have a common grey cell, at least one, neither had read the other piece when we wrote, eh? an d redundant words, i can deal with, brevity isn't mine, but redundant characters are plague like... as for gaurav's influence on armaan, somewhere even as he does not know or think, it is for him seeing a different person he could have been himself... more than ever it makes him realize what he needs to take control of and fix in his life... vivek, shall be back, sigh!

Part 14:
if you didn't think or guess while reading, i was getting rather tired of gathering the multiple lose ends i had created myself... to be honest i was so exhausted it was a strain to maintain accuracy and still answer it all :D but yeh, together is the conclusive word, underline it!

Part 15
yeh, the light vein of this part was a break i gave myself, for the most, leaving scope to continue on the treachery of plotting again, next part on! :D

Part 16:
Ridhima's wariness of vivek is from the feminine instinct that he likes her, just that. her carelessness in being suspicious is from her knowledge that she has nothing for him... its like an i dont care call you would make... and armaan's presence in her life seems to have eased her tense nerves n responses to what she would otherwise snap at... u know?! gaurav armaan :) i like doing those bits too, anything with gaurav in fact! hes a score over armaan for me, for obv prejudiced reasons!

Part 17: 
you weren't getting brief at all, go scroll back up and check you will agree! however, i agree, there is nothing to write or ponder about happy peaceful parts.. funny enough, cause my brother asked me after reading this thing why i had to mess so much in something that could be plainly resolved by being honest in words... and i had answered then, that i had a story to tell... what could be told in two lines as once upon a time and happily ever after, needs a content, after all?!!

Part 18 :
Right this moment i like the author more than any of the characters... i promise you, my smile touched my eyes :D as for the rest, im glad u enjoy the lighter vein of resolving issues for the bit... they are slowly undoing the knots, in relations, in character complications, and as u say evolving... chirag was ALWAYS the honest one... in his words, hes only, thankfully, sensible enough to await his moment to express thoughts in real words... its the one way you can be a best friend, and the only one perhaps...

Part 19:
Romantic, yes?.. yeh, i reckon! i dunno how many were out for my blood in the writing of unleashing, for the 'lack of AR' as they called it... for me, they were all over... they were always, in all ways responsible for everything and everyone who shaped into the story, wont u agree?! onto next, me too! :)

Part 20:
You read a CF in between? wow! some honor that bestows me with (yes kiran, that was horribly back stabbing on our part, *pouts*) as for G-M, the are just teens... i think in some way, the teens believe more than most lovers other ages, that they are meant to be for life! idealistic thinking, or what! when i was writing the chars, i was pleased with myself in how much similarity i could show between chirag and armaan, and ritu and ridhima, as pairs... of individuals who could and would bond as friends... and yet i think i managed to keep that difference alive, where, not just for names, but for chars, one would see why RC and AR are paired as lovers as they are... do you agree? May the force be with you?!!! ahahaha! okay, just a traditional version of it, i used, really... ignore me being 'backward' :D

Part 21:
i dunno what to reply with here... it was just a random part i had to write... u know? the filler? but necessary kind? RM were sort of prime, cause well, underlying the entire story, is what armaan muskaan had!

Part 22:
Did you really think that was cool? i did mention, im not convinced about the vivek segemnt to unleashing... and yet! if only i knew a smarter way of creating the scenario without a human villain... i told nij, i think i suck at creating them, i just don't get entirely real...

Part 23N - J:
RM was that part of the story wherein i somehow wanted to stamp the fact that i wasn't going to make it all right... i think i tired of 'ideal' happy endings... the hopeful, look forward to newer horizons seem more appealing, and hold greater intrigue... btw u said something about ridhima having held back slightly post confession, u did have that one answered eventually, eh?!

Atul, Anjali in their own rights to me were elders, not aged, who can be, and are real... i thought i could identify with some in my own life... and gappu treating ridhima as his dump, oh yes indeed! a bonding with the elder sibling (Which she wasn't technically) is such a thing... it amazes me sometimes, flatters me too, and at very rare occasions leaves me guilty as how my parents can be a second for my brother, second to me... ! as for the closure... i was also hoping, yet again, that AR would not be the 'we kiss and make up couple' ... although literally that may sound it... but you know, all that scope... like a long way to go no matter how long you've come... i kind of like the ending... the only one i like 'like' in most stuff i've written...

thanks for the effort in commenting sookie, thanks because i mean it. i don't know if i can say the same about my persistence... ! but here i am, and it was very gladdening to have all this feedback!

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Let-It-Go 16 3177 21 February 2010 at 8:35am by -afsha-
Unleashing Wat Remaind Unsaid-Pt19/pg144/note-p151

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Author: spln   Replies: 1201   Views: 91815

spln 1201 91815 21 February 2009 at 10:10am by sanayq18
AR FF My Love story part4 notepg 2


Author: xarmaanx   Replies: 14   Views: 3661

xarmaanx 14 3661 02 October 2008 at 12:39am by yogzz
Unsaid Emotions - Part 2 uploaded!!!!!!!!

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Author: krazy_khyati   Replies: 81   Views: 9616

krazy_khyati 81 9616 06 September 2008 at 12:03am by pinky901

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