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Unleashing what Remained Unsaid#2-END*NOTEpg42* (Page 44)

SimplyNice IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 April 2009
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Posted: 07 May 2009 at 2:53pm | IP Logged

HEYYYyyyyyyyyyyy NJ!!!! , hru SWEETY?

Oh My God.u must hv gathered from my prev comment dt i did infact hd n inkling of this,hope m not sounding lyk a freak or a it wz just,there wz this feeling dt d plot wz winding up.& in dat dt desperate,sensitive moment i came up with the most Absurd suggestion of my ENTIRE LIFE(all thx to woching pogo for a week cz of my darling intelligent brother),& wich u even considered worthy of mention?!! lyk SERIOUSLY??? LOLZZZ!! NJ UR A SWEETHEART sachi!.here i wz thinking dt perhaps ul banish me from the thread forever or worse,chase me all over the world to peronally share ur veiws on my stupidity or even ignore me compltely bt u replied & appreciated!!MY GOD NJ i wz LAUFING LYK A MAD WOMAN ON the logic u gave me!!strange bt SOOO TRUE!!.i must confess,i wz kidding so plz dnt consider me insane thou i do kinda bcum a total nut sumtym bt hey,iznt dat how every normal & sane person shd b once in a while?lolz..dunno wether m making sense..erm..(just wanted to do this cz love this expression alot wn u use it hehe!!),plz consider it my moment of pure weakness wn i wrote dat suggestion.& yet the next part wz AMAZING & hd n air of finality to it,wich i agree with u COMPLETELY wd not b THE same if u do a all happy ending thing ends at just da ryt place.still,as m only human,& always want more, i hoped dat u cud sumhow manage to extend it cz really althou ur prev fics were outstanding,this fic is really specail for me.for one,it got me out of my hide out remember?lolz.& trst me i felt safe being the silent spectator& yet u brot me out,for wich,i cant thank u enuff cz its great here.initially i wz still uneasy bt u really made me feel at home&embraced me lyk a frnd.thx alot yar &dats wat makes u THE BEST.i dunno how u do it,tok2us all,manage ur lab work&write a brilliant story with such true emotions,dat too,so refined dat u make us ACTUALLY feel dat v r present THERE inda scene ourself& can see&feel all of it clearly.i pretty much agree with ur dat dz nt stop me from going thru n emotional turmoil.happy+sad.happy dat the end wz toooo beautiful & rightly dun & sad cz it Ended yaaaaaaar...ab kya hoga mera?...
ur 23J part..but before dat
THANKU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH NJ for wishing me & the GIFT!!!M soooo HAPPY!!dntwry yar...atleast u were quicker dan my brother who got me THE TALES OF BEADLE THE BARD for my birthday(yes u guessed it ryt!! i hav bin a DIE HARD HARRY POTTER FAN & LOTR FAN so i collect everything n anything related)...anyways cuming bak to da part,TRULY IT WZ JUST AMAZING GIRL..from the moment atul gav armaan his ring till the end it wz just mesmerizing.althou vivek wala part wz sudden n came as a shock,(& m GLAD & RELIEVED dat u dint apply here my idea,it wd hav bin a disaster lolz).The starting wz great,specailly wn it came forth dat gappu had stolen ridzis ring for the size&anjy xclaimed to wich armaan replied sooo cutely dat I DINT WANTED TO MESS THE SIZE!! lolzzz!! &armaan wz actually thinking of going thru his hororscope of da day!!& dn wn he wz told abt Muskaan,the way dat scene wz all felt real.& dn wn he caught his frnds lukin at him in dat way as if he's a psycho who'd cut himself in da washroom!!hahahaha OMG i cdnt stop laughing..the way u got rid of vivek for good...& than the end wala wz xtrememly touching yar beautiful..*sigh* a beautiful end to a beautiful story.
NJ meri jaan, i cant thank u enuff for this magnificent journey,i had a fabulous time reading.thanx alot sweety for making my time soo enjoyable.& m REALLY lyk REEEEEEEEAAALLLYYYYY lukin forward to ur future fics,dats sumthin wich is really got me all xcited again aftr all da mixed emotionz.
loved this fic to bits!!this journey hz bin a HELL of a journey for me.
thx alot yar&love u loads
u stay happy & healthy always
untill ur next fic...
keep in touch sweety.
till than...
PS-waisay i want u to kno dat i wz nt able to comment before cz i got promoted to KHALA on the very next day of my its bin hectic lukin aftr sis&Tiny& wn i did get da time my faithful laptop decided dat it wz time to try out sumthin new & stoppd being faithful2 me..(know wt alot of ppl i kno r suffereing from the same ailment of laptop-going-mad-thing.its nowadays getting really common)lolz..

SimplyNice IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 April 2009
Posts: 4240

Posted: 07 May 2009 at 3:36pm | IP Logged

UH OH......

GOSH I JUST REALIZED the amount i hav written!! i keep on breaking my own record! bt this is way too MUCH!!! Confused
acha another thing...NJ dear can u tell me ur current fics plz?plz pm me or just tell me da name if u cud haan?thx again!
Tcrzzz ALIA
namelesssr Senior Member

Joined: 17 January 2007
Posts: 686

Posted: 08 May 2009 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
Sly, sly NJ.... stringing us along with promises of an epilogue, and now this CryLOLLOL...

Jokes apart, this was a very well written story, and will always remain very close to my heart.Smile

Btw, what's wrong with Di I ask? I love it Smile. If you don't, go ahead with your preference, I'm sure I'll like whatever you come up with Smile

PS: Had written out a nice, long comment for you earlier, but lost it all to the vagaries of the computer Unhappy

Ladoo645 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 September 2006
Posts: 2997

Posted: 08 May 2009 at 8:53pm | IP Logged


The sheer joy of reading all your parts in one is unbelievably beyond ___________[seriously can't think of a proper word right now lol

Sigh, such heart warming of re-union u have written! Sigh like da thump! [aka heart beat lol]

The desperation, the need, the fulfillment of each other presence, and the simple pure essence, you had gotten everything in the airport scene  , that I feel  like I'm reading a Karan Johar script here woman!! Beautiful! And the passionate was worth every word you wrote Nj.

she could not get her mind rid of the fantasy of wanting to snuggle into him; the tan, half a shade darker as she had realized in the video chat was visibly so she concluded and it felt like the final touch to his undeniably great looks, the male touch.  Hehe, control Riddhima, Nj even u made me break a sweat here too! >.<

Yes the end of part 19 was completely touching, definitely in love for sure Tongue

Yes congrads for making this FF come to a second thread, as u deserved every post ClapClap

Yes Yes.....I do love Fish n Chips as well......Blushing

I loved the connection you have written between Anji  and Atul, very mature yet still loving at the same time, and yes Anji's concern about Armaan's previous marriage is completely natural ClapClap

about her being the only one in his life whom he gave the Shaka Pola, released her from the grip of his past for good. He had told her it was only her she loved, he had explained how his wedding in the real sense had never been one, but the fact that he had saved his family heirloom through all those years for her or no one else gave her the deepest sense of inner happiness. She felt special about herself, and proud of having him in her life. Like like every girl's dreamTongueI so mesmerised in this particular scene Nj, had literally left me breathless!

Man i just love the relationship between Gappu nad his Massi! Its so cheeky and refreshing, but still heart warming, and totally laughed my head off when Gappu Booked Armaan being in Ridz room, as he wanted the whole floor to himself !! Classic! ClapClap

Literally jaw dropping part 21 was!!!

@#$&^*#^% Vivek is a damn curse I tell you woman!!! @#$%@#%  Made everything upside down that bastered!!!!!!1 Arugh, I feel like murder!! X_X [and i mean it Angry] Poor Muski! Every things was goin perfect, till that Vivek bastred  ruin everything! Damit damit! Literally everything! It was a really heart-breaking part, it had soo much things going on! ....Hmmm He's a drug addict?......And the trauma you had placed Armaan under, of failing her sister, as Riddhima was still stubborn  for waiting for him...yet i was shocked at Atul's calm reaction of Armaan's return, as Angi's rational behaviour is completely reasonable, as a sister and a mother....And no doubt Gappu was a true sport!  It was written perfectly! ClapStar

Wow....chirag should've been the detective here, and the connection he's gotten to reach this creep! Damn that character!Angry

"I think I'll go talk so he can get some sleep before his early morning shift." Armaan said finally.

"How do you know the time for his shift?"

Gappu coughed from behind, with a violence that startled them both and as Anjali turned to thump his back a couple of times he glared at Armaan who looked away kicking himself mentally for the unintentional slip.

"I should go," he mumbled making his escape before something else came up.
Man I was laughing like a riot!! This was seriously a good one! Tongue

Sigh...."I love you" how do you do it woman, RM scene was utterly magical! Rahul's regret, fear, and love he had for Muski, eventho he is brave to confront her about her miscarriage, still thinking about her depression relapse earlier and all the confrontation and comfort you had written was Breathlessly taken as a reader Nj! ClapClap

The scene that touched me the most, was Angi and Gappu's mother-son bonding, lol it funny...thinkin prob had figured put Guppu actually had found a certain someone! Hehe

Alas the final part! Vivek dead?......serves him right i guess and yes it is another beautiful happy ending you have written. I loved the convo you have written, as it place your whole piece of ir FF to this one scene.

Must say  I had the joy n tears reading this beautiful FF, and know you will make another one soon, which I wonder what kind of area you'll be doing on.Tongue


Nats xo.



suvi_rox1 Senior Member

Joined: 23 March 2009
Posts: 898

Posted: 09 May 2009 at 5:20am | IP Logged
hi naseem,i think u made a right decision cause if u dont wantr to continue further {sad}than its vry well choosen to be a closure...
i loved each n every prt,with all twists n turns n most importantly a ff which was so immotional n absolutely close to my heart which i will probably never forget n even if i do i had saved it in my txt so that i can read it once more at any point in my life n cherish my AR moments in future...this was one of the best ff ever..thats why i wanted u to continue bt with due respect i appreciate ur view..will seriously n whole heartedly wait fr ur nxt AR....FF....hope it will rule my heart the same way as this ff did.......will wait fr ur pm..
do Aadd me to ur pm list in advance
bye tc...hugsssssssss

pal234 Senior Member

Joined: 27 February 2008
Posts: 768

Posted: 14 May 2009 at 11:45am | IP Logged
hey naseem..gr8 endin..luv it dis way..i think epilogue wud end up d mystery, d possibilities :) had read d part long jus dint feel lyk commentin the last comment...was hoping 2 postpone it as much as possbl..sumehow i dnt like endings much...stories shd keep on going lyk a parallel world LOL
gr8 story hun Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap 
gr8 writing styl 2....luvd d way u exprssed d feelings of each character..nd i absolutely luv all ur characters...they are so beautifully sketchd nd so close 2 reality nd perfction....
nd u kno i kinda expctd ridzi to tell him herslf that she's gonna cum with him...but the understandin level u portrayd of her ws brilliant.. r u sumwat like her?!? Tongue
nd thnx for d last pm for dis ff... :)
spln IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 06 December 2007
Posts: 10942

Posted: 14 May 2009 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
@nij, @prasanthi, @robin, @sunaina, @mohini, @harika, @suvarti, @shriya, @suvarna, @mia, @princess4120, @anu, @urvi... thanks a bunch.... for having been persistently faithful readers, even more importantly, commenters :) also, for falling in agreement with my decision, despite, i know, for someof you atleast, the expectation of having read the epilogue :) love you guys!!!

@di... lolzzz no the reason to wish and change the 'di' bit was only cause of how (not) obvious and specific it is... just that nothing else... i'll think of something :) and soon!... and sly?? me?? :o *innocent google eyed look* :D

@alia... awww hun, loved reading all of that comment... by the way pogo with a younger brother.. the picture would be deja vu for me, except that i can nail it down precisely... its more like the 'been there done that' thing lolzzz.... but the secret is, and i think my brother knows it well, and i know he knows, but we both conveniently pretend otherwise :D, that i liked watching it... even all the million times we were just watching repeats... i only gave up when the channel... or maybe this was cartoon network, started a tamil version of stuff... my brother maintained fidelity, turned the system mute and saw the shows and the repeats even then :D anyways... the fic, writing it was much more than i could say in words... and ending it where i did, for me, for the first of the fics ive written, was precise and as it should be... technically at least... :D glad you enjoyed reading the thing... it makes writing all the more worth the effort, even though i confess for this fic, the simple fun of writing it was on many occasions ample motivation :) will start the new AR sometime soon, and inform you of course!!

@natz... you girl, always do this... leave me a detailed essay for several pending parts all at once, and then i can complain no more for the times your decide to go absconding :D loved the comment hun, wont essay you back... but its a pleasure to have regular loyal readers, who always come back to leave comments :) *hugs*

@palnika... yay!! you're here... i don't remember saying this to you through the course of the fic, all the times you left me comments and all the times you didn't... but the whole lovely sketch, although i started to delve into the side all by myself, was a a creation with tremendous support from you... unknowingly, when i wrote bits of her, i thought of your reaction to it... looked forward to knowing it as much... in a very valued way... glad you were ther to follow the fic through despite all the exams and interruptions here and there hun!.. :)
-Aria- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 29 April 2009
Posts: 3907

Posted: 14 May 2009 at 11:55pm | IP Logged
@ spln 
Its going to be next to impossible to give a detailed feedback on all your 42 parts here so here's my brief one instead. Let me start with the title, which I must say is one hell of an eye-catcher. I have been "silently" reading your ff all this while and honestly would have loved to read the epilogue that never was. Because this leaves you wanting more- wonderful reading.

Edited by olive_green - 14 May 2009 at 11:56pm

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