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('._.Her wish is Command._.) Note Pg 49 (Page 33)

nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2009 at 12:56am | IP Logged
update with in 2 hours

nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 January 2008
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Posted: 15 May 2009 at 1:40am | IP Logged
Recap: ~

Armaan: ~
Plz dad let me sleep u go i m perfectly fine.
(Said while half sleeping)

Prem: ~ No way get up don't waste time i m waiting for u get ready in 15 min. & come downstairs.

Armaan: ~ I just hate to get up so early. Chale beta Armaan uthja warna dad will not going to leave u. Don't worry dad i have something for u. No one escape from A.B.
(Said and go to wash room)

And He come downstairs after freshen up & then both go to Jogging.

Part: ~ 3

After having Jogging both come back home.

Prem: ~
Mukti plz breakfast ready kar do mein fresh hokar ata hoah.Mere important meeting hai.
(Said going toward his room)

Mukti: ~ Acha Ji.
(Replied as she call him Ji.......)

Armaan: ~ Hi Mom! Hi Dadi!  Dadi where is Dadu.....

Preerna: ~ He is in lawn as usual reading his newspaper.

Armaan: ~ O.K.!
(Goes to meet his dadu)

Mr. Bajaj: ~ So my Hero is back from jogging...

Armaan: ~ Yup! u know Dadu it so tough to get up so early in morning... Dadu plz save me from Dad he kill.....
(Said while sitting near his foot & rest his head in his lap)

Mr. Bajaj: ~
But jogging is gud for health nah den........

Armaan: ~
But dadu we can do jogging on traidmill & don't need to get up at 4 or 5 o'clock in morning.....

Mr.Bajaj: ~ O.K. I will talk to ur dad. Now give me ur cute smile.....

Mr. Bajaj: ~ That's like my AB. Now lets go otherwise ur Dadi will going to Kill both of us.

Armaan: ~ Dadu aap Dadi sai itna darta hoah.....
(Said to tease his Dadu)

Mr. Bajaj: ~ Mein koi nahi darta tari dadi sai....
(Said with full confidence)

Preerna: ~ Mr. Bajaj aap sara din akhbar hi padta rehna. Aapki wajah say AB bhi late ho jaye ga.........
(Said while shouting from door)

Mr. Bajaj: ~ Nahi Preerna mein to aah hi raha tha yahi Armaan hi nahi udthna day raha.....
(Said while saving himself from Preerna Angry & put all balme on Armaan. On the other Armaan is laughingROFLROFL seeing his dadu is so afraid of  Dadi..)

Preerna: ~ Mere AB ko kuch mat kehna aap.

Mr. Bajaj: ~ Yea sirf tumhara AB nahi hai mera bhi hai.

Armaan: ~ Cool! mein aap dono ka huah now stop fighting... Dadi mere Aloo ka paratha.......
(Said while hugging her)

Preerna: ~ Acha chale ja tayar hokar aye mein panati hoah.
(Said while kissing Armaan)

Armaan: ~ O.K.! mein bas bahi aya.

 Preerna: ~ Aur aap bhi jaye.
Mr. Bajaj: ~ Aur meri Kiss..
(Said while making sad face)

Preerna: ~ Mr. Bajaj kuch toah sharm ki jiya apnaya puta ka samna hi.......
(Said while she got totally embarrassed)

Armaan: ~
Dadi that's not fare apko dadu ka saath asey nahi karna chahiya.

Preerna: ~ Armaan to ab mujse pityaga.

Armaan: ~ O.K! O.K! I m going & Dadu rember ur promise nah.......
  (Said & run to his room as he don't want to get beaten from Preerna)

Preerna go toward kitechen to make breakfast for Armaan....
Preerna: ~ Kaka nashta mein banati haoh aap jaye aur kaam kar ligye... 

Kaka: ~ Nahi betiya mein bana deta hoah...

Preerna: ~ Nahi Kaka mujhe Armaan ki pasand ka nashta bana hai..

Kaka: ~ Theek kai betiya!

She made Armaan favourite Aloo ka paratha. Armaan after getting fresh come downstair for breakfast. At breakfast table.........

Prem: ~ Loah aye gaya apka ladla aab nashta kara mein bhoot thak gay hoah aur mujhe bhoat bhook lagi hai...

Preerna: ~ Hain! Aab kar sakta hoah...

Mr. Bajaj: ~ Aagar itni subh subh uath kar jogging karna jayo gaye toah aseh hi hoga....

Preem: ~ But Dad jogging is gud for health....

Mr. Bajaj: ~ Theek hai toah tum jayo beachare AB ko kyu tang karta hoah; subh subh jaga kar. Kal se AB nahi jaye ga...

Preem: ~ But Dad
(Cut in between by Preerna)

Preerna: ~ Preem tumhara dad sahi kah raha hai..

On the other hand Armaan is so happy that now their is no need to get up so earliy.....

Preem: ~ As u wish.......
(Said irritatingly)

Preerna: ~ AB toah subh keh raha that kuch.....

Armaan: ~ Hain dadi voah mera friend hain nah Preet.

Mukti: ~ Hain kya hoah usay..Bhoat din hoah gaye ghar nahi aya.

Armaan: ~ Nothing mom actually he is going out of town so he need my help.

Mr. Bajaj: ~ What kind of help AB...

Armaan: ~ Dadu he says if his cousin stay at our house for 2 days. I said i will ask everyone at home den tell u. So kya mein usay hain bol doya...
(Said while making cute face)

Preem: ~ Ismein pochna wali kaunsi baat hai.

Armaan: ~ Really dad thanks dad i will call him and tell him.
(Said while hugging Preem)

Armaan call Preet and say he is coming with in 1 hour to pic his cousion & get ready to leave his friend house. And reach their after 20 minutes. 

Preet: ~ AB do u know what r u going to do..
(Get afraid to think what will happen now)

Armaan: ~ Don't worry nothing will happen i m just imagining how dad will react after seeing ur cusion........

Preet: ~ Nahi!!!!!!!!!AB uncle will through him out of house & also kill both of us ....
(Said while getting totally feared imagining prem is going to kill them)

Armaan: ~ U Don't worry! I will catch u tom. And i will take proper care of ur cousin. He is in AB's hand.

Guys don't stress to much who is Preet's cousin. Its Preet's DogLOL & Preem hates Dog'sAngry & its Armaan's style to irritateShocked his Dad or giving ShockesLOLLOL. He love to tease himWink.....

Now Imagine Preem's reaction when he see DogROFL...........
Let see what's going on at Grewal House.....

Sujal: ~ Kashish!
(call kashish for asking where is Ridz's)
Kashish: ~ Sujal ! She is getting ready & come for breakfast in some time.
(Said while coming out from Kitchen)
Karan: ~ Bhabhi! How do u know what Big B is going to ask u.
(Said while teasing his Bhabhi)
Rishi: ~ Kyu ki Bhabhi knows Big B very well.
Nandani: ~ U know Karan Bhabhi can read Big B's eyes and tell what he was thinking... They don't need word's.
(Said while accompany Rishi & karan in their teasing seation & also give Hi5 to Rishi)
Sujal: ~ Abhi bata hoah tum teeno ko....
And they all start smiling... On the other hand Ridhima is getting ready till that u guy's enjoy this Video.

Thanks to SunainaTM007 for making this VM on request

After getting ready she come down. Give hug & Kiss to everyone and wish Gud Morning......
Sujal: ~ So where is My Princess going today.
(Asked Ridhima after seeing her get ready)

Ridhima: ~ Nothing spl Dad I m going to meet Mehek. Den we both go to College to get Admission den shopping, Lunch & den Movie at end.

Karan: ~ So Doll aaj pura din busy hai. Magar Doll apne kaha tha ki hum shopping chalaye gaye.

Ridhima: ~ No Chachu we will go some other day.

Karan: ~ O.K.
(Said while kissing on her forehead)

Ridhima: ~ Mom Breakfast.
(Shouting from Breakfast table)

Kashish: ~ Lay rahi hoah.
 (Said while bringing breakfast with Nandani)

Tulsi: ~ Aaj tera liya mein Gobhi ka paratha banay hai.

Ridhima: ~ Waoh Dadi ur genius. Mom plz kuch pack kar dena mein Mehek ka liya lay jao gi u know nah she loves it.

Kashish: ~ Hain mein pack kar deti hoah magar toah toah kha lay.

Ridhima: ~ Ya I m going to have it.

Karan: ~ Rid's ur going with Driver O.K. & don't argue. (Said while leaving for office with Sujal)

Ridhima: ~ But chachu! Plz mein kud drive kar lao gi. Paka wala Promise mein slow chalo gi.
(Said while making cute face)

Karan: ~ Tum aur slow speed. I know tumari slow speed kitni hoti hai. It's not possible every time u said like this if u has to go den go with Driver.
(Said strictly)

Ridhima: ~ O.K.
(Said while making face)

Karan: ~ Bhabhi plz take care of this that she take driver and even I told to driver he will go with her. If anyone let her go without Driver den u know nah.
(Said while giving warning to everyone)

Ridhima is not allowed to drive as she drives so fast. So for safety no one allow her to drive.

Now she is gone out with her friend for Admission. Armaan already joined the same college.

Mehek: ~ Chale R.G. Admission ho gi. Shukar hai Rab da. (Said while hugging her)

Ridhima: ~ Yaa! Anyways tum kah rahi thi ki P2 humein college canteen main milege. Magar mujhe toah nahi dikh rahi.

Mehak: ~ Hain usnah mujhe toah phone par yahi kaha tha.

Ridhima: ~ Aseh kar useh phone kar pata chale jaye ga devi ji hai kahan.

Mehek dialed P2 cell no. 981475**67

P2: ~ Hain Mehek mein aye rahi hoah yeah Nihal na mujhe rok liya tha. 

Mehek: ~ Cool yaa phir tere pas hamar liya time kaha.
(Said to tease her)

Till den P2 enter in canteen.

P2: ~ Phone band kar mein yahi hoah tera pas. Hi R.G.

Ridhima: ~ Hi P2! So where is ur Nihal.
 (Said while hugging her)

P2: ~ He is gone yaar. He has to meet his old friend Preet & A.B. You knows they r also joining us. And 1 more thing Nihal said me to inform u. Guys on Monday we r going to KULU-MANALI. And no excuse.

Ridhima: ~ That's awesome idea.
(Said while she got so excited)

Mehek: ~ Magar mujhe toah Mami ji se puchna paday ga.

P2: ~That's not fare.

Ridhima: ~ No problem P2 she is coming. Aur Mehek Aunty se permission layna mera kaam.
(Said while smiling mischievously)

Mehek: ~ P2 aur kaun kaun chale raha hai.

P2: ~ Nihal aur uska friends Preet, A.B., Preem, Heer aur hum teeno.

Ridhima: ~ But yea A.B. kaun hain as Preet ko to mein janti hoah.
 (Said to tease Mehek)

P2: ~ Don't worry Monday ko mile layna. Waise he is really hot.

Ridhima: ~ P2 shames on u yaar ek time par 2-2. Yan every day new.
(Said while giving Hi5 to Mehek)

Guys they all r come just to accompany AR in their trip. They r not part of story even the other couple's r not part of story just come according to AR Love Story need's.

P2: ~ Very Funny! A.B. mera bhai jasa hai.
(Said while giving angry look to both)

Mehek: ~ O.K.

Ridhima: ~ Guys let's go for shopping.
(Said while getting up)

P2: ~ Shopping?

Mehek: ~ Yup! Shopping den lunch & den Movie.

P2: ~ Which Movie? I don't think any gud movie released.

Ridhima: ~ Chale phir shopping aur Lunch. Aab chaley.

And they went for shopping den Lunch. Now Ridhima decided to drop Mehek and also talk to her Mom regarding Trip & get permission.

Mehek Mom opens the door and sees Ridhima and calls her inside.

Ridhima: ~ Namaste Aunty.
 (Said and hugged)

Mehek Mom: ~ Namaste Beta! Aaj yeah suraj kaha sai nikla tha.

Ridhima: ~ LoL Aunty mein apko milna aye hoah aur aap aseh kleh raha hoah. Soacha itna din ho gaye aunty ko nahi mili aur aunty ka haath ki bani coffee nahi piye.

Mehek Mom: ~ Tu beth mein bana kar liye.
(Said and go toward kitchen & Ridhima also follow her)

Ridhima: ~ Aunty aap ghar mein bor nahi hota sara din. Mein toah bhoot bore ho jati hoah.

Mehek Mom: ~ Nahi beta pata hi nahi chalta kasey time beat jata hai ghar ka kaam mein.

Ridhima: ~ But Mehek toah bore ho jati hogi nah.

Mehek Mom: ~ Hain kabhi kabhi.

Ridhima: ~ Aunty apko phir kahi ghumna jana chiya. Nahi toah Mehek ko bejna chiya.

Mehek Mom: ~ Ghumna kaha jana beta tera Uncle ka pass time hi nahi hai. Aur Mehek ko kis ka saath behjo.
(Said while giving coffee to both as both r sitting in kitchen shelf.)

Ridhima: ~ No problem mein usay apna saath lay jati hoah. O.K.

Mehek Mom: ~ Kahan.

Ridhima: ~ Kulu Manali.

Mehek Mom: ~ Magar tera uncle sa bhi toah puchna hai.

Ridhima: ~ Woh apka kaam hai uncle ko mana bas mein usay lay kar ja rahi hoah. Aur Mehek tayar rahna don't get late. O.K . Aunty mein ja rahi hao Bye Mehek, namaste Aunty.

Hi Guys!
How R U! I wish u all r Gud.......

I have updated Part 3 of Her Wish is Command. Guys this is my dedication to someone very spl. I call her ANGEL. Know u guess who she is.

Still i have not added AR meet but for that i need ur view. How u want AR meet.

1. AR meet and have fight.
2. One of them have crush on other.
3. AR meet and fall in love at fist sight.
4. AR meet and become best friend.

So u all have to tell what u want. For that i will open a poll u tell me what u like.

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piya2025. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 May 2009 at 1:54am | IP Logged


Wow.. great part di.. Clap
Enjoyed reading it:)

I think its d best part among all Smile

Cont soon :)

Love u

Edited by piya2025 - 15 May 2009 at 2:11am IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 May 2009 at 1:58am | IP Logged

aww m very sorry dii for the delay..............Confused

n now coming to the part..
aaahhh the part was just awesumBig smile
both familes are soooooo sweet wowww loved them...Big smile
hahah prem gets irritated wid dogs n armaan wanted to tease himm aww that was sooooooooo cutee.....Big smile
totally totallly the part was amazingBig smile
n now AR gonna excitedly waititng for that n i think if they become best frens after meeting that wud b niceBig smile
anyways thats up to u how u want to continue n m sure u'll make it wonderafully
thank u sooooooooooo mcuh for the pm n yaa do contine soooooooon
lov yaa

Edited by SuKaSh - 22 May 2009 at 12:54am
AKForever Goldie

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Posted: 15 May 2009 at 2:29am | IP Logged
hey great part.. continue soon..

thanks for the pm..
frnd.of.frndz Goldie

Joined: 05 November 2008
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Posted: 15 May 2009 at 2:38am | IP Logged
Hey Nidha..
awesome part..
Armaan getting a dog for irritating his dad was funny..
Finally AR are gonna meet..
would be waiting for the next part eagerly..

Thanx for the PM..

k_anjali12 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 March 2009
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Posted: 15 May 2009 at 2:55am | IP Logged

hey dearSmile

        nice part..............
        thanks for the pm...................
         plzzzzzzzzzzz  continue sooooooooooon............................

Edited by k_anjali12 - 15 May 2009 at 3:52am
SunainaTM007 IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 April 2008
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Posted: 15 May 2009 at 3:53am | IP Logged
thanks for the pm...the part was awesome!!!!!enjoyed reading it...really nice!!
the way armaan was teasing bajaj and prerna was really cute...
and the way armaan thought of teasing was cute as well as funny...
and loved riddhima's family's concern for their princess...cho sweet!!
so armaan n riddhima are in the same college..interesting...
and the talks between ridzie and her friends was cute...
and sooo ridzie and armaan gonna meet in kulu manali...i would love to see them become friends...
awesome part once again....
waiting for the next one...

Edited by SunainaTM007 - 15 May 2009 at 4:14am

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