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('._.Her wish is Command._.) Note Pg 49 (Page 25)

Armi-Shilpa IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by nidha1983

Originally posted by Armi-Shilpa

Originally posted by nidha1983

update in next half an hour
Will be waiting di!!
i will update it tom some net problem is their sorry for wait to u tom promise
Koi baat nahi.....SmileSmile

Arteclectic IF-Stunnerz

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please do update nidhi waiting for it badly
nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

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Very Important Note: ~ Guys i m going to change Veena's name to "Tulsi" & Chetan's name to "Meher". And I dedicate this FF To Rohit as i m thinking to close this ff but he says if u started den not close so i m continuing due to him.

Recap: ~

Nandani: ~
Rid's kaha chote lagi hai mere bachai..
(Start checking & till den kashish aslos came to Nandani's room)

Ridhima: ~
Relax chachi mera chote nahi lagi... Woah Mom muje permission nahi delwa rahi thi Howard University mein M.B.A karna janah ki...

Nandani: ~ O.K. Don't worry i will talk... where u want to go

Kashish: ~ Mein batati hoah Howard University.. Right Rid's...

Nandani: ~ What ??? No way.....

Ridhima: ~ But chachi plz i want to. Aap bhi mom ki tarah....
(Leave while making sad face & go to room & sit holding her teddy bear again & think whom she convince)

Artistic Dividers

Part ~ 2

Ridhima: ~
Abh kya karo.... Mom is not going to convince everyone, not even chachi.... But mujhe jana hai..... Idea mein buddy ko call karti hoah den i say who say No to me.......
(Start talking with herself & got idea and she know if Buddy say yes den no one say No)
Call her Buddy to get permission.....
Ridhima: ~ Hi...  Buddy! Aap kaha hoah.....
(Said while crying)
Bubby: ~ What happen mere doll kyu ro rahi hai..........
(Asked while getting tensed & think as no one let her Princess cry, den what happen why she is crying)
Ridhima: ~ Buddy no one loves me....... Not Mom even not Chachi...
(Said while pouting lips)

Bubby: ~ Nahi princess everyone LOVES u Lot u know...
(Said to her)

Ridhima: ~ But den why r not they give me permission...

Buddy: ~ Ohh My Doll need permission. Bas itni si baat. I will give u permission for what u want u can..

Ridhima: ~ Paka wala promise Bubby! U r not going to change nah.
(Said while conforming)

Buddy: ~ Yaa Paka wala promise.
(Said while smiling)

Ridhima: ~ Thank U Bubby! U r the best..
(Said while dancing on her bed)

Buddy: ~
But u have not told for what u need permission.
(Asked as she did not said for what she need permission)

Ridhima: ~ I want permission  to go to Howard University for M.B.A.
(Said excitingly)

Buddy: ~ Oh No how can i give her permission for this....
(Start thinking about it)

Ridhima: ~ What happen buddy aap kuch boal kyu nahi raha.
(Said as to conform he is on call or disconnect the call)

Buddy: ~ Nothing Doll i will talk to u at home. O.K
(Said as he don't understand how he convince eveyone)

Ridhima:~ O.K. Ghar akar aap sabse baat karo ge nah..

Bubby: ~ Yaa.....

Come downstair

Ridhima: ~
Dadi...... Dadi......... I Luv u...
(Said while Hugging her dadi)

Dadi: ~ Aram seah beta chot lag jaya gi.
(Said while stopping her as she is running in hall as she got afraid she don't fall & even Kashish & Nandani come out from their room by listening Ridhima shouting.)

Kashish: ~ Rid's Relax beta gir jao gi...
(Said while try to stop her)

Ridhima: ~ Mom I m so happy........
(Start dancing with Kashish as she got permission)

Nandani: ~ Hum janta hai Rid's u got permission.
But apko chot lag jaya gi so plz don't do move like that...
(Said as she know she got permission from her excitement)

Ridhima: ~
Chachi give me ur cell mujhe ek call karna hai.

Nandani: ~
Yeah loah.

Ridhima dialed Nandani's office number.....

Ridhima: ~

Nandani's secratory (Preeti): ~ Yes Mam!
(Think its Nandani mam's call as caller id shows her no.)

Ridhima: ~
Mein R.G bol rahi hoah! kaal chachi ki koi meeting hai.
(Asked her and told her that she is not Nandani.)

Ridhima call herself R.G. i.e. Ridhima Grewal

Preeti: ~
Hi R.G.! How R U! R U alright mam says u r injured....
(Asked so much question non stoppingly)

Ridhima: ~ Relax Preeti! I m f9! Actually woa meine jhoot bola tha chachi ko bula na ka liya.
(She is totally embaressed)

Preeti: ~ Ohh! u know Mam she is so much worried & also afraid.

Ridhima: ~ I know chach must be as she Loves me lot....
(Said smilingly and think she need to say sorry to Chachi)

Preeti: ~
 (As she also know that her mam love Ridhima more that Abhi & Atul)

Ridhima: ~ O.K listen cancel all meeting of tom which Chachi is going to attend.
(Said with full authority)

Preeti: ~ But R.G. Mam is going to angry with me i can't do this without her permission.
(Said as she is afraid of Nandani)

Ridhima: ~ Dear i m saying to cancel it so do it aur Chachi kuch nahi kaha gi iw ill handel it.

Preeti: ~ O.K.

Ridhima: ~ Cool & Thanks dear! Bye!
(Said to her while smilingly)

Preeti: ~ Bye!

Ridhima hang the cell and go toward nandani and hug her from back

Ridhima: ~
Chachi kaal aap mere saath shopping par chale raha hoah aur apki sari meetings bhi cancel ho gai hain.
(Said with full authority)

Nandani: ~ But mere meeting hai Princess.
(Said sadly)

Ridhima: ~
Woa thi chachi magar ab nahi hai. Meine Preeti ko keh diya hai she had cancel all ur meetings.
(Said smilingly)

On the other hand Nandani, Kashish, Tulsi get shocked.

Kashish: ~
What? But Rid's agar chachi ki important meeting ho toah.
(Said to her as she think today she also canclled meeting due to Ridhima and again Tomorrow)

Ridhima: ~ Mom kya meeting mere sa bhi jada important hai chachi ka liya. O.K. den f9 mujhe nahi jana shopping par.
(Said making sad face)

Kashish: ~ Rid's Listen to me.
(Said try to stop her from going to her room)

Nandani also come and stand in front of Ridhima

Nandani: ~
Who says meetings r more important den my Princess. No one is important den u.
(Said while hugging her)

Kashish: ~
Ab toah hase daye mere Barbie doll.
(Said while pulling her cheeks)

But Ridhima is not smiling till. So Kashish & Nandani start tickling her. As ridhima is so ticklish she can't take it and start laughing badly... After some time.

Ridhima: ~
Chach i have to buy so many dresses i need new dress for every day & of every color & also of every style. and also need matching shoes........
(Guys as u know some people have habbit to have matching shoes with Dress)

Kashish: ~ Don't worry tuhje joa lana hai ley lana. No have ur eat ur food as u have not taken anything from morning.
(Said while giving her food)

Ridhima: ~ O.K.

Tulsi: ~ So my doll need 365 dresses right .
(Said smilingly)

Ridhima: ~ No Dadi!
(Start smiling)

Kashish: ~ But u said u need new dress every day den 365 is needed.
(Said to tease her)

Nandani: ~ Right Bhabhi.

Ridhima: ~ No its not right u see some time we have to go to party. Outing, shopping den another dress is needed. So 370 nah 400 is enough Round figure.
(Said smilingly)

Kashish : ~ Gud sara ghar hi saath laye ja.

Ridhima start smiling.....

Rdhima: ~ After Lunch we r going to shopping chachi. Mom aap chalo gaye nah.

Kashish: ~ Nahi beta mujhe Mehta Aunty ka ghar jana hai. Unka Phone aya tha she is not well. mein apka saath kaal chalo gi promise.
(Said while kissing on her forehead)

Ridhima: ~ O.K. Mom.... Chachi get ready mein fresh hokar ati hoah.
(Said while going to ward her room)

Nandani: ~ Don't get late O.K. I m ready.

Ridhima gone to her room to chnage. But kashish is upset and even having tears in her eyes.

Nandani: ~ What happen Bhabhi why r u crying... 

Kashish: ~ Nothing bas aseh hi Nandani Rid's chali jaye gi vo kabhi itni dor gaye nahi na......
(Said & start crying more while hugging Nandani. Even nadani too is crying)

Nandani: ~ Bhabhi plz don't cry i know think when Boys know that Ridhima is going den what will happen u know nah Rahul & Abhi. i don't after knowing this how they react.
(Said with confused face)

Tulsi: ~ Beta Ridhima ko ek na ek din to jana hai hume yeah baat samajhni hogi.
(Said so that they can ready to face the truth sooner or later)

Kashish: ~ I know Mom hum log to samaz laga magar Bacho ka kya. vo to kethta hai jise Ridhima se shaddi karni hai hamar Ghar aya kar raha.
(Both Kashish & Nandnai start laughing while thinking what the kids want & which is impossible)

Tulsi: ~ Voh to Pagal hai ko bhi ladka aseh hi Ghar Jamai bana ga. Kabhi bhi nahi.

Nandani: ~ Don't worry bhabhi kya pata voah Ridhima ko Washington jana se rook laye jana se.
(Said it as kid's r last hope) 

Ridhima: ~ Chachi chale!!

After some time they reach Mall and start shopping & Ridhima purchase lots of dresses.

Larger view of your selected item on Promgirl

Ridhima: ~ Chachi baki shopping kaal kar now i m tired..
(Said with cute smile.)

Nandani : ~ Yaa! Even Sujal Bhiya & Karan's also going to back from office soon and if they don't find u den u know they got hyper.

Ridhima: ~ But after taking Ice -Cream. Lets go see their is Ice-Cream parlour.
(Said while dragging her to Ice-Cream parlour)

And after having Ice-Cream they reach home and relifed as they r not late as no one reached home. After Half an hour everyone is back without Mayank.

Sujal: ~ Hi Guys! How's ur day.
(Said while hugging Ridhima sideway)

Ridhima: ~ Dad u know i have done lots of shopping with chachi.

Sujal: ~ Really. So hamari Princess na kya kya liya.
(Shows everyone their clothes.)

Karan: ~ U have taken shoes and watches.

Ridhima: ~ No. Aap nahi gaya tha nah so how can i buy Wates & Shoes.

Karan: ~ Don't worry we will go tom evening O.K.
(Said while kissing her forehead)

Atul: ~ Rid's tuna decide kar liya konsa college jana hai tune M.B.A. ka liye.

Ridhima: ~ Bro Bubby will tell u about that. I will check what Mom is doing in Kitchen.
(Said & get up to toward kitchen so that now no one stop her to go. Coz no one say no what Buddy said)

After sometime Kashish call everyone for Dinner. And they start having Dinner and Meher said in between..

Meher: ~ Sujal Ridhima ki admission Howard university mein kawa dena.

Karan:~ Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa????????
(Get totally shocked)

Sujal is not saying anything he is shock.

Karan: ~ But dad how can we live without her.

Abhi, Rahul & Atul didn't said anything.

Till den Mayank is back from his friends party & wish everyone hi and come next to Rid's and pull her hair

Mayank: ~ So give me my 50000 Rs. I know u have lost the bet hurry up Rid's....

Ridhima: ~ U r wrong bro u have lost the bet i got permission from Buddy. So now u have to give me money not me.
(Said while start dancing as Mayank lost his bet)

Mayank: ~ Impossible no one allow u to go Howard University. Not even Buddy.

While other r watching that its just a bet and ridhima is not going anywhere only Abhi, Rahul & Atul know about this.

Karan: ~ Mayank tu toah mera hatho se gaya.
(Start runnig to catch Mayank)

Sujal: ~ Agar tune ise chod diya toah i will kill u Karan.
While Mayank is running to save his life from his Chachu.

Kashish: ~ Rid's yeah sirf ek mazak that do u realised hum log kitna pareshan tha.

Ridhima: ~ Sorry everyone!
(Said while touching her ears and showing her so cute face)

Let see what Armaan's is doing

Bajaj Mansion:~ hspace5

Armaan's Bedroom & attached Bathroom: ~

We see a Guy is sleeping peace fully on his bed very peace fully but all of sudden alarm beeps* * * * . He get up and off the alarm after 15 minutes Music system start and playing song to know which song watch this Video...  And imagine Armaan at the place of this star...

He agin get up half asleep and start finding remote so that he can off the Music system after 5 minutes he got remote and off the music system. After 15 minutes his dad come and says Armaan Get up u don't have to go to jogging don't become lazy see it already 5 o'Clock.

Armaan: ~ Plz dad let me sleep u go i m perfectly fine.
(Said while half sleeping)

Prem: ~ No way get up don't waste time i m waiting for u get ready in 15 min. & come downstairs.

Armaan: ~ I just hate to get up so early. Chale beta Armaan uthja warna dad will not going to leave u. Don't worry dad i have something for u. No one escape from A.B.
(Said and go to wash room)

And He come downstairs after freshen up & then both go to Jogging.

Artistic Dividers

What Armaan is going to do?
Will Armaan & Ridhima go in same college?

Artistic Dividers

Hi Guys!Hug
How R U!Tongue
I wish u all r Gud.Wink
Guys I have updated Part 2 after a long long time. Plz guys reply and tell how it is as ur reply means lot to me. Sorry for taking so much time.

With Luv: ~

Artistic Dividers

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nidha1983 IF-Sizzlerz

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 Prearna's Bedroom: ~

Mukti & Prem's Bedroom: ~

Rishi's Bedroom: ~

Rahul's Bedroom: ~

 Mayank's Bedroom: ~

  Abhimanyu's Bedroom: ~

Atul's Bedroom: ~

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Arteclectic IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 April 2009 at 11:19pm | IP Logged
wow awsome [part lookig for ward oh ridzi is allll apple of their eyes i m looking for ward to next part and what an mansion yaar awsome
-Dreamy_Girl- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 April 2009 at 12:30am | IP Logged
Wowwwww Nidha Excellent update part.
Haila itna bada mansionShockedShockedShocked
Thanks to Rohit because of whom u are continuing to write the ff.
Do continue Nidha
piya2025. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 April 2009 at 12:34am | IP Logged
Just finish reading..
OMG di...its an excellent part,.but what a mansion huh *shocked*..its sooooo big hehe..
i'll wait 4ur next ur next update..
its going great *hug*
love u di
lilangel_soumya IF-Dazzler

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hey nidha di,
awesome part
the dresses were very beautiful
mansion is so big yaar
thanx 4 d pm


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