MM 15th W.Upd (Monica meets Mulloy)

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OOKIE DOKIE POKIE! Back with todays..Sorry for the days delay ..lool...had a busy Sunday of all days! Stern Smile haha...LOL we go then..Tongue

Recap: Monica is shown victorious over the Mathur case, and Deep Raj Mathur is dead. MM gives Monicas profile to the marriage beareu head Pravin Bhai. PB talks with Mulloy about Monica and introduces her that she is police officer. Mulloy gets happy because he will have a chance to con a police woman. Monisha recognizes that Mulloy is the guy police are after and follows him but falls prey to him instead and is murdered. Monica stumbles upon the case and Mulloy who is now disguised in a Sardarji outift gives a false description of a guy who he said murdered Monisha.
Monica introduces the new case she has stumbles upon to her chief with Rohit standing in the background. Chief gives funny faces of actually listening while Monica speaks. Monica gives the chief a portrait she had made from the false description Sardar/Mulloy gave her. Rohit is now seated and the boss asks Monica what she was doing at the restuarant. Monica says she was waiting for him and Rohit. Rohit says that she was actually waiting for me but ...the chief finishes his sentence and says, " but like always you forgot to go..right?" Monica actually seems relieved he forgot and didn't stand her up. She has the expression on her. The chief gives Rohit the portrait Monica had sketched and tells him to find the guy. While Rohit is looking at the description, Monica says she had a copy of the description sent to other police stations too. The cheif says good and tells her to give the info to Rohit and tells Rohit to get all the details within 3 days. Monica says that is her case and she already started work on it. The chief tells her that in this department he is the one to decide who handles what case. If there is a small case or the other worth her than he will give it to her, but for now this case if for Rohit. Monica asks whether he is suspicious of her capabilities. She is the one that solved the serial killer case. (Rohit is looking a bit uncomfortable stuck between a good friend/collegue and he knows she is right and has to support his chief..LOL Becharaa!) The chief gets up and says for the first time he has heard someone say that, "I have solved this case." For the legnth he as worked for the department no once has he said that, "I have solved the case" He has always said, "Our department has solved the case." Monica looks a bit ashamed for saying that. The chief says that in this department he believes in teamwork and is she doesnt believe in that then he will have her stationed in another department. A phone call comes and Monica leaves. She goes and gets the files of the case and gives them to Rohit and then turns to leave. Rohit says sorry for last night. She asks why he is saying sorry, I keep forgetting that in this department she is only a receptionist. Rohit says fine just tell me the witnesses name. Monica says she has already stated it in ACP's cabin and in the files. His name is Gaddar Singh..(Actually i think its Cardar..not sure..lets stick with Gaddar..haha...btw..poor this guy..I think he secretly likes Monica.Embarrassed and just tries to make convo with her..) After Monica says Gaddar Singh the scene shifts.
Gaddar Singh/Mulloy is in his Gaddar Sardarji outfit and is looking on the net. He looks at Monicas profile and pictures and says, "Very pretty (Baadi Soni) and his wife comes. Confused (OOKIE..soo..Im guessing thats his normal look for in the house. Im soo confuzed! I think that he even has a disguise infront of his wife! Confused WIERD...sorry..i myself am completly confuzzled with this triple disguise bit. Once I figure it out.. I will be sure to explain.LOL) Anywas, his wife comes and speaks in the punjabi lang and accent ad says whose pretty? Gaddar says that she is who else. The wife says yeah im sure dont even speak lovingly to me for a few minutes. After that small talk he asks her what happened with their family house. (Pind means family right? Confused loool!) She says it was sold and they got their check too and gives a paper saying something about it to him. He is happy to hear. She asks him another question..more small talk and in the process Gaddar ends up saying he will give her "mukti" (freedom) from this nightmare...and I think he is hinting at maybe murdering her. Ermm
Back at the police station. Two officers come in from Calcutta police and speak to Monica saying they need to meet ACP Rana (OOOH so thats his name! LOL...So guess I will call him Rana instead of cheif from now on..lool!) Monica tells them that he is not in office and will be back in 2 hours. They say fine they will wait and when they turn to leave they see the paper Monica is reading on the front page it has something about Monisha on it. The guys goes frantic and loony and flips about what happened to Monisha. Monica says who are you and what do you know about the Monisha murder case. The guys introduces himself as Kaushik Basu, the guy Monisha called at the restuarant, and his collegue. He says he has come from the Mulloy case that Monisha called us here for but now this happened. (btw..these actors...WOW! They overact man! LOL) Monica asks who Mulloy Rai is and they say, "A rascal, fraud, con-man" Kaushik says that he murdered his wife in Calcutta and took a big amount of money and ran. They says that Monisha called them from some art exhibit at a hotel about seeing him. Monica says, thats the same hotel where she was murdered. Monica asks when Monisha called them..and they say Exactly 9:18..(I think 9:18 is what he said..LOL) and Monica says and Exactly 9:30 is when she was murdered. Monica says that please come with me to meet Rohit Das who is incharge of the case. She takes them to his office and they tell him about what Monisha told them. Rohit takes the portrait Monica has sketched and asks if thats him and they say No. They take a picture of him out and show them what he looks like. Its the face that we saw of Mulloy when he was first introduced, long hair and mustache. Rohit asks Monica to help him and Monica says," Why and forget Im just a receptionist again?" Rohit says its your wish, Im talking about teamwork. Monica asks what she has to do.
Next scene, a house is shown. It's Gaddar/Mulloys. He is there and his phone rings. His wife comes in the background with his bag. Gaddar picks up and its PB. Gaddar says, "Gaddar Singh" PB says, "Oh thats the character your in? Ookie" ( this PB guy knows about his conning..Confused CREEPY!) PB says that he has to put up with all these girls moms. He asks Gaddar when he is coming to the Mumbai office. Gaddar says he is just leaving from Indore now. PB says good..once you arrive meet Ms. Mogre and Gaddar says fine.
Monica is in office ruffling through files in the Record Room. Rana is walking past and sees her and opens the door and asks, "Oye receptionist, whats happening here?" Monica gets up and walks out to Rana. They start walking through the corridor and Rana says that he is giving her a big task. Everything goes in mute.
Next scene Monica is sitting talking to someone and she says that Mumbai police would like to organize a program. The guy says Star Nights?. Monica says that some senior officers are retiring and they will be honored there. Mulloy is walking in his con/original look. The guy Monica is speaking to says the work will be done. Mulloy walks into the same restuarant Monica is in and sees her. Monica is telling the guy she is talking to that she wants money estimates and papers and all. Mulloy starts walking over. The guys says that their company doesnt write out stuff..and Mulloy interrupts and says, "Of course Mr. Kapoor." Mr. Kapoor (guess thats his name) says, "you?" He says that "you came into our office the other day about our accounts at the Income Tax office. He introduces himself as the Assistant Commissioner. Mr. Kapoor asks him to sit but Mulloy says that if he sits then you will get up. Mr. Kappor starts sweating and says he will brb and go the washroom. Mulloy says sure and excuses him. He sits down with Monica and says he wont be back. He says, "hi, Im Hruthrik Shroff." Monica says," You are not the income tax guy are you?" He says "no and your right. I had to disguise myself to save beautiful innocent girls like you." He tells her that he will give her a number to a professional agency to do her work. She thanks him and says that "We police officers, easily catch fruads from a far but no these filmy types." Mulloy thinks to himself that she already fell for my fraud, she couldnt recognize me. Then they start making convo. (OOH NO..hope Monica don't fall for this idiot..Confused even though she obviously willLOL) They even exchange numbers.
(Wink hmm..lool..what if Mulloy falls for Monica Confused That would be interesting! LOL) Then he asks her if he can take her for dinner. Monica says, " I ..." He says he never said today. Maybe some other time. They have already exchanged numbers. He takes her leave.
Outside Mulloy says where is his car to the worker outside. The guys say give me your plate number and i will have it out. He gives him the number. When the guy goes to get it, Mulloy gets a not pad and sees the next car coming, write its plate number down. They guys gets out and Mulloy pretends to be vallet and takes his car. After turning the car around to leave he sees Monica coming out. He drives over to her and asks her if she wants a lift. She gets in and says nice car. They are driving now and he says "its stolen, I stole it to impress you." She says,"oh really and you lie well too. " (D'oh Aree dumbo..she is falling for him!) He says ," You have to lie, nowadays who believe in the truth?" ( to che! lool..gotta agree on that!) Officers then pull there car over and tell them to come out.
They tell him that there was a complaint filled that says this car was stolen. He says that he is the one that filled the complaint. His car didnt show up and in tension h filed a complaint. They can ask Inspector Gaikwad if they dont believe it. He then says to Monica that her police force is very vilgillant. They officers look at Monica and Mulloy says she is in the Homocide department. They salute her and leave.
At home Monica comes  in and her mom stops her. She starts doing her pooja. Monica has the funniest face on her. She then asks what all that was for. MM asks her what she thought of him. Monica says who and walks off and she MM says , " Hruthrik" Monica is taken aback and says how..and MM says she talked to PB at Sai Marriage Beareu about you. Monica says to her mom that one day she will leave this house. She says, "When you two know that I dont like all this then why do you ..?" She walks off.
She looks in the mirror and is wiping her tika off and thinks of Hruthrik. She says "his name is wierd and he is wierd but definitly interesting right Monica?" (OOH NO! She fell for him!Ouch) Then Rohit calls and tells her to come to office.
She arrives there and sees Kaushik and his collegue eating and staring at they telly. They are looking at all the people that entered the hotel that night. Monica looks along and after a few faces she sees Hruthrik/Mulloy enter. She says she knows him and he is a friend of hers.
Mulloy is sitting with another wife and apparently he is gujju now. He has his long hair/mustache disguise on. They crack jokes in gujju. (She says he looks like Undyu LOL) Anyways, Monica calls and he goes to speak to her in a diff room. She says she called him because of the tape in which he was in and she uses the word "aap". Mulloy says for her to refer to him as "Tum" because he is sensitive about his age and is only 21. Then his wife comes down and says, "himesh" (How many names can this guy have? To many for me to remember..Wacko) He tells his wife to shush and Monica goes on about watching surveillance tapes of Arthur hotel, but his wife starts going on in gujju that her Himesh is talking to other girls and stuff. There is a bit of a struggle and Mulloy cuts the line so Monica doesnt hear. Monica dials again and this times they are back in their room and Mulloy puts a pillow over his "wifes" mouth to muffle/suffocate her. He answers Monica and tells her that he threw a phone at the hotel staff because they wouldnt stop bothering him. She says, "Anger management?" He says, "yes what can he do he is so stressed with handling so many people in diff locations and all.." Monica asks when he is coming to Mumbai and he says pretty soon as his work is almost finished where he is. She sets a meeting with him for the next day at 2 pm..and he says done. At the same time he finished suffocating his "wife" and screen splits into 2. Monica and Mulloy both put the phone down. End.
Precap: Monica is shown chasing Mulloy, and Mulloy is also shown speaking to PB at the same time. Confused Ookie. He is saying to PB that he will show Monica her real status. He is going to take her property and everything. Monica is then again shown shooting at Mulloy and Mulloy shoots at her. (dont think she sees his face though)
Rating 8/10
I thought it was a good watch. Monica showing interest in the good guy she sees in Mulloy well for her its Hruthrik. The story seems good, but confuzing at the same time. I think we can give it a chance. The episode had thrill to it. Got to see how creatives this villain is and he seems promising. Over all a good watch.
---btw..I smell a love triangle/quad-angle brewing. Rohit/Monica/Mulloy--Harry on the side? Wink
Have a good week guys! See you with the next on Saturday the 21st!
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Thank you.. these seris and the updates are really good. Thank you
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Thanks!! Rohit is the reporter guy right?
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Thanks alot.....was a good epiLOLWink
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wow so much update!
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nice job
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ilove harry in this show
hes adorable =)
i hope he doesnt die!
too bad there are no more telecasts, it was an interesting show
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